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Handy Carrier.
The accompanying illustration is pre­
sented in the hope that some one may
be assisted in lightening the farm la­
bors by the use of this ensilage or ma­
nure carrier. The illustration is taken
from Farm, Field and Fireside. G G G
is a track of iron such as is used for
barn doors, and F a car for carrying
the manure or ensilage.
Fasten the
track securely to the celling either
ahead or behind the cows, acording as
It is desired for use in feeding or in
stable cleaning, running it the whole
length or clear around the stable as is
most convenient, the carrier being so
constructed that the wheels will turn
on a curve in the track. Four carrier
wheels are bolted in pairs to the blocks,
A A, and hung to the track, the blocks
runuing close to the track to prevent
the wheels jumping off. These blocks
are bolted to a heavy scantling, B B,
under them, to connect them a single
liolt only being used In each block, thus
allowing the wheels to turn the curve
in the track as referred to above. D is
a crossbar above the car and to which
the car F is hung by rods, II H, the
lower ends of the rods booking into
staples near the bottom of the car.
There may b a rod from the crossbar
D to the back end of the car to steady
It until ready to dump, which can be
done easily by simply unhooking this
rod. C Is a heavy swivel connecting
the timber between the two pairs of
Jim and John were townsmen and chums,
and went out to see base ball. It was a
red hot afternoon, and the bleechers were
like frying pans at breakfast time. Jim
had a bald head and John hajl a crick in
the back They sat for an underdone roast
and laughed at everything. Jim’s Itultl
spot was a shining mark, like a brass door
plate. A stray ball, tierce and sharp, from
a false bat. struck the spot and ploughed a
furrow. It dazed him. Jim's eyes and face
looked like a sick owl’s, ami John laughed.
He laughed an hour straight along. The
game ran late into twilight. Meanwhile
had shed his coat, and a cool damp
acre as of wheat, and the straw is ac­ John
draft got in its work on his back. The time
cepted as food, being better than that came to leave, but John couldn't. He
from wheat. It is supposed that the couldn't bend or get up. Lumbago had set
labor of growing beans takes away the in, in its worst form. He laughs best w ho
laughs last and Jim had revenge. But
profit, but if the labor of growing beans they got down town to J ini's room, when
and wheat is conqiared it will be found he said, “Here’s something all those ath­
that lieans can be grown at the same letes use for hurts and ailments, and it's
the best known cure for lame back.’’ He
cost as wheat, as better machinery for rubbed it on John’s back and some on his
growing and harvesting beans can now own head. They were both feeling cured
be employed than formerly.
Some and comfortable from the use of St. Jacobs
which Jim always kept in a handy
years beans bring twice as much as Oil,
place. He was a spoil himself and knew
wheat, and they are grown in a much what was best. They went to bed. John
laughed in his sleep. Both rose in the
shorter time.
morning fresh as daisies; t hen J ini laughed
To Prevent a Horse Kicking.
The illustration shows a device to
Nebraska’s New Ballot
he used where a horse kicks his stable
The new ballot law of Neliarska,
companion. It is made from one-inch
galvanized iron tubing. The two cor­ passed last winter by the legislature, is
ners are screwed together with a re­ causing some confusion, as it revolu­
turn coupler. Pins go through holes tionizes the manner of arranging the
In the upper ends and are attached to ballots. The tickets will be printed in
separate columns, with a pictorial de­
vice at the head, and not a single col­
umn, with the names of the candidates
arranged alphabetically, as heretofore.
The choice of judges and clerks of elec­
tion is also vested in the county judges.
The changes are so radical as to create
a fear of trouble at the November elec­
Artesian Water in Sahara.
Something; that WM1 Interest the Ju­
venile Member» of Every Household
—Quaint Actions and Bright Hayings
of Many Cute and Cunning Children.
A Hoy’s Vacation.
Little Tommy Doodle and his mother
spent a week
At Gran'pa Doodle’s farm, where Tom­
my tumbled in the creek
And got his lungs so full of wet be
couldn't get his breath
’Till poor old Gran’ma Doodle had been
frightened most to death.
He ate some poison berries that be found
along the lane;
It took a doctor half the night to soothe
aw ay the pain.
He tried to ride a "kicky” colt—a risky
thing to <lo—
'Twas ouite a little while before they real­
ly brought him to.
One of the most important results of
the Egpytian expedition up the Nile
has been the discovery that by sinking
deep wells water may lie found in the
desert in many plaoea where its pres­
ence had not been suspected. Not only
will this give a secure basis for mili­
tary operations, but it is possible that
water may be found in sufficient quan­
tities to serve for irrigation, in which
ease tfce Sahara may l>e turned into a
flower garden. Its aridity comes from
no material sterility of the soil, but
simply from lack of moisture.
Schilling's Best tea is the
best you can get for anything
like the money it costs.
Schilling's Best baking pow­
der is the best you can get at
any price.
A Schilling Company
San Franciaco
Take for a nervous headache a cup of
moderately strong tea with two or three
slices of lemon, infused.
The stomach that is not turned thus by a
shaking up on the “briny wave” must l>e a well
tortifled one. The gastric apparatus can be ren­
dered proof against seasickness with that stom­
achic so popular among travelers by sea and
land Hostetter's stomach Bitters. It defends
the system against malaria and rheumatism,
and subdues liver complaint, constipation and
C atalog F ree .
and we
Pay Freight
roumaine <
To make white soup use veal for Send
Bl El.L
stock, and beef for brown stock; to LAMBERSON
color amber soup use a little burnt
HUgar, jiiHt enough to make the desired
amber shade.
He stuck a stick into a hive of bees—oh,
sorry day!
| We are asserting in the courts our right to the
exclusive use of the word “CASTOK1A,” and
lie couldn’t see a thing until the swelling
.. pi rcHHR S CASTOR 1 A,” as our Trade Mark.
went away.
Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
He teased the goat to see if it was cross
was the originator of “ PITCHER’S CAS TORIA,”
as he had heard;
They had to work with him awhile before the same that has borne and does now bear the
fac simile sign.* ure of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on
he spoke a word.
Patent Medicines
at Cut Rates...
WQ vd ARD, CLARKE à co.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists, Portland.
every wrapper. This is the original “ PITCHER’S
And then he elimbed a cherry tree—just CASTOR 1A ” which has been used in the homes
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
like a boy—and fell
And btoke his arm, and—sakes alive! you I Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
| /Ae kind you have always bought , and has the
ought 'a' heard him yell.
His mother took him back to town to get signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the
wrapper. No one has authority from me to use
a little rest.
But Tommy says of all his life that week my name except The Centaur Company of which
Chas. H. Fletcher is President.
was far the best.
March 8, 1897.
A Tole of Two Bears.
All about the territory, resources,
RCPiiery and the new gold Helds and
how to reach them. A Hue book
ot 125 pages with many beautiful
illustrations, maps, etc. The latent
and most accurate Information.
Mailed to any address for 50 cents.
WELLS PUB. CO.. Portland, Or.
ing the stomach,
pepsin; vou may
nave tried all these
remedies and only found relief from Indiges­
tion, Catarrh of the Stomach. In trying DYH-
PKPTICURO you will Hud a CURE. Price,
|1. On receipt of same will deliver it to your
nearest express office free of charge. Agent,
Persons who suffer from the cold
Once upon a time two lieiirs lived to­
Taking off the hat or cap as a sign of
should wear loose olothing in chilly
reverence or respect was mentioned in gether in a hollow tree. It was a long weather, remembering that two thin
time liefore any white men came to tills
the time of Caesar.
garments retain more heat than one
In Larue county, Kentuky, it is said country, and the bears were a great and thick one.
that Charles Williams has grown a powerful race. One of these bears was
....FRANK NAU....
a handsome fellow, and he liked to go
Portland Hotel Pharmacy,
bunch of white blackberries.
Sixth and Morrison street,
visiting and to lie in tlie sun and to eat
The readers of this paper will be plenaed to
It is said that in the best districts of dinner regularly. The other bear was a
learn that there is at least one dreaded disease
China the tea crop will average from quiet fellow, and most of his friends | ! that
science has been able tocure in all its stages
j and that is catarrh. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is the
300 to 400 founds per acre.
said that lie was very stupid. Every only positive cure now known to the medical
the woodwork of the stall. A cord is
Bears have been so thick around day while ills brother lolled comforta­ fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis-
fastened to the device for raising or
I ease, requires »constitutional treatment. Hall’s
lowering as required. When not in Idaho that it has been said there was a bly under a gooseberry bush he would Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly
go out into tlie forest and find a huge 1 upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys­
use it Is raised and is well out of the
tem, thereby destroying the foundation of the
way of everything. In use, it does not
Over 4,000 frozen rabbits are an­ oak. Then lie would stand up on his disease, and giving the patient strength by
interfere at all with the animal’s nually exported to the London markets hind legs anil scratch tlie rough bark building up the constitution and assisting
■ nature in doing its work. The proprietors have
movements, except to prevent his be­ from Victoria, Australia.
witli ills claws until they were as sharp so much faith in its curative powers, that they
ing too free with his feet and legs.—
as needles. It was hard work, and the offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it
The one thing for which lace paper
fails to cure. Send for list of testimonial»,
other bear laughed at him for doing it.
Orange Judd Farmer.
F. J. CHENEY, &Mo., Toledo, O.
may be used and be considered good
Sold by druggists, 75c.
"What's the use of sharpening your
Pills are the best.
Plowing for Wheat.
claws?” he asked. "Game's plenty,” and
When plowing for wheat it will be
Marriage at midnight, the ceremony then lie would go back to sleep again.
If you should spill grease on your
better to let the plow go deep, then har­ being performedbbv a coroner, is the last
That winter was long and cold, and floor cover it at once with corn meal or
row tine, fallowing with a land roller, Kansan eccentricity reported.
when the two bears came ont of the try baking soda. Moisten the sex la and
which will leave the surface in excel­
The tea plant is said by Chinese hollow tree in tlie spring they were rub it on the grease spots with a cloth.
lent shape for the drill. The seed can writers to have been cultivated in that both thin and hungry and cross. Tlie
be put In deep and the land may again country from at least 3,000 B. C.
handsome fellow went down to the HOME PRODUCTS AND PURE FOOD.
be rolled with advantage, but the most
creek ami trieil to catch some fish for
All Eastern Syrup, so-called, usually very
The gossamer iron made at Swansea, dinner, but the ice was so thick and I light colored and of heavy body, is made from
Important of all is the plowing and
“Tea Garden I/rips'* is made from
Some farmers object to Wales, is so thin that 4,800 plates are slippery that his dull claws made no I glucose.
Sugar Cane and is strictly pure. It is for sale
by first-class grocers, in cans only. Manufac­
deep plowing, as they clnim that the needed to make an inch of thickness.
Impression on It. A little inter his broth­ I tured
by the P acific C oast S yrup C o . All gen-
fertilizer is kept nearer the surface,
Near Alvord, Iowa, a can of stamps er came down and dug a hole near the | uine "Tea Garden Drips** have the manufac­
Destroys Physical Energy.
and that loss occurs of plant food dur­ which were stolen from the postoffice waterfall and caught a great many fish turer’s name lithographed on every can.
Takes the Snap Out of a Man.
ing the winter, but where the subsoil at Lester, in that state, two years ago, and ate them. The handsome bear, who
For binding of cut and wounds al­
Robs Hint of Ambition.
is compact there will be no loss from was plowed up recently.
was iHith cross and hungry, began to ways use linen, not cotton, as the
deep plowing when a thrifty crop oc­
Makes Him Weak and Nervous.
fibres of cotton are flat and apt to irri­
cupies the soil. Deep plowing also les­
Nothing hurts a man’s vitality more than
“I never have any luck,” he said. tate a sore place, while those of linnen
Varicocele. It drains the menial vigor as well
sens the liability of the plants being
“You're the lucky one of the family.”
the physical force, and the man who has it
are perfectly rounded.
thrown out by frost, especially if the
is only half the man he ought to be. Nothing
“Luck.” snld the other, who was feel­
cures it so quickly as Dr. Sanden’s Electrio
roller is used.
Mrs. Chas. Klng^B Experience.
ing comfortable after a full dinner. “It
Piso’s Cure for Consumption has been a Belt, which is now arranged especially for this
wasn’t luck nt nil.
1 sharpened my family medicine with us since 1H65.--J. K. trouble. Its work is done quickly, the worst
A woman's body is the repository of
cases yielding in one or two months.
No More Runaway Horses.
claws Inst fall while you were sleeping Madison, 2409 42d Ave., Chicago, 111.
“I bought a No. 6 Belt last March for Varico­
Let not the most timorous of her sex the most delicate mechanism, and yet in the sunshine.”
wore it every night until I was en­
If the glass stopper becomes fastened tirely and
most women will
cured of my trouble. I had Varicocele
fear any longer to handle the reins.
for eight tears, and I have not now the slight­
Let not the vision of a horse tearing
A Boy Should Learn
symptom of it. Yours truly J ames C. G ill ,
order just as if
the neck of the bottle in hot water for est
To let cigarettes alone.
madly down the
Russellville, Or.”
it were of no con­
a few minutes. This will generally
To be kind to ail animals.
road any longer
I loosen the stopper.
sequence. Their
To be manly and courageous.
affright her. Mr.
backs ache,heads
To ride, row, shoot and swim.
o t i
Try Schilling’s Best tea and baking powder. 353 West Washington St., Portland, Or.
throb and burn;
To build a fence scientifically.
Please mention thia Paper.
Paris, with what
they have wander­
Tb(*re is nothing so repulsive as un­
To fill the woodbox every night.
seems to be partic­
and PILES cured: no pay un-
ing pains, now here
derdone game. Be sure it is well done
To lie gentle to his little sisters.
ular consideration
> til cured. send for book. Dus. M ansfield
and now there; ex­
, 338 Market St., ban Francisco.
I in the cooking.
To shut doors without slamming.
for the feminine
perience extreme
To sew on a button and darn a »to
fears, has invented
lassitude, that
an apparatus war­
-------- BUY YOUR--------
don't-care and
ranted to stop the
To do errands promptly and cheer­
shuts off his air . mud career of the
alone feeling, ex-
horse most
To shut the door in winter to keep the
ity, nervousness,
nestly bent upon running away,
cold out.
Direct from (he manufacturer and save middleman', profit, a.
It looks somewhat like a woven wire
To shut doors in summer to keep the
we undersell them all. Our garments are custom made and not
nothing to help themselves. These
like those thrown together in New York sweat-shops, where filth
muzzle. It extends over the horse’s
flies out.
and disease reign. Our garments are guaranteed as to durabil­
face from just above the mouth to just indicate womb complications.
ity and style. Onr prices on fur t apes range from SH upward.;
To wash dishes and make his bed
Fur Collarettes, from Sil upwards; Neck Boas, from 7fic up­
over the nose. It is connected by
when necessary.
wards; genuine Alaska Sealskin Garments made from S150 up­
bands with the reins. When the fiery pound will relieve all this trouble.
wards. Write for Information and catalogue.
To have a dog if possible and make a
M rs . C has . K ino , 1815 Rosewood
steed begins to go a little too merrily,
companion of him.
Leading Fur Msiiutsrturrr,
Philadelphia, Pa., says:—
• Oil Veil ICICI,
yiili-.l N».. Portland. Or.
the rein operating the muzzzle Is seized
•‘I had bearing-down feelings, back­
and the animal's nostrils are thereby
Yournc-ters’ Joken.
ache, burning sensation in my stom­
compressed, while his mouth is closed.
A minister who lined to preach in
He may take the bit between his teeth ach, chills, headache, and always had
had a little hoy. A few days
or not Just as he pleases, but with the black specks before my eyes. I some­
times had four and five fainting spells t>efore his father left the city to go to
prospect of Immediate suffocation be­
his new parish one of his nelghlmrs
a day. I had several doctors, and tried
fore him he abates his speed and con­
said to the little boy: “So your father Is
sents to be driven at the rate which
going to work in New Bedford, is he?”
to take Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
his driver chooses.
The little l>oy looked up wondering.
I Compound, and I never had anything
give me the relief that it has. I can “Oh, no,” he said. “Only preach.”
Farm Notes.
A lady taking tea at a small company,
Every farm has a place for sheep truthfully say it has cured me.”
being very fond of hot rolls, was naked
that no other stock can fill.
to have another. “Really, I cannot,”
Food wisely fed will always come
she modestly replied. “I don't know
back doubled if fed to a good animal.
how many I've eaten already.” “I do!” |
It is poor economy to keep young
unexpectedly exclaimed a juvenile up- I
stock unless It is kept growing every
Power that will save you money and
start, whose mother allowed him a ¿cat
make you money. Hercules Engines
at the table. "You've eaten eight. I've |
Make It a rule to sell as little feed
are the cheapest power known.
How to Attain It." been countin'."
as possible and to buy as little as pos­
Two little brothers, aged respectively
fire, or din. For pumping, running
A Wonderful New
Thorough grubbing Is the surest way
4 and f> years old. fell in willi a stray
Medical Book, written
or farm machinery, they have no
of getting rid of elder, sassafras and
for Men Only. One
copy may be had free,
equal. Automatic in action, perfectly
some cruel person, hail of Its tail scarce­
eealed, in plain envel­
Teach the young horses to walk well
ly half an inch remaining. “Poor little
safe and reliable.
ope, on application.
and a good foundation is laid for the
kitten.” said the younger one. “Who Í
Send fur illustrated catalog.
faster gaits.
has cut off its tail? I wonder If It will
For want of sufficient moisture a
65 Niagara St..
grow again?”
To which the elder
tree may starve with its roots in the
gravely remarked: “Of course it willi
midst of plenty.
Don't you see, the root is there?”
Always keep the plow sharp; it
A little 4-year-old was taken on a !
Hercule» Special
makes better work and is easier for
visit to grandmamma in the country. !
Bay St., San Francisco, Cal.
<2% actnal horsepower)
both the team and plowman.
There, for the first time, he had a near
We carry the mo«t complete line of Gymnasium
One advantage In using the drill or
and Athletic Gooaa on the Coast.
view of a cow. He would stand anil
seed sower is that the seed will be
look on while the man milked and i sk
Send for Our Athletic Catalogue.
distributed more evenly.
all manner of questions. In this way
A light daily feed of oats can nearly
he learned that the long crooked
• 18-820 Market St.. !»an Francisco, Cal.
always be given to the weanling colts
branches on the cow's head were called
at this time with benefit.
horns. Now the little fellow knew of
When the tools and implements are
only one kind of horn, and a few days
stored away be sure that they are ,
Get them at K. J. BOWEN’S. 201 and 208
after obtaining this Information, hear­
Front street, Portland, Or. Al«o agent for the
properly cleaned and painted.
ing a strange kind of bellowing noise in
•• • Portland, Oregon . • .
The best system of cropping are in­
the yard, he ran out to ascertain its ;
variably those which call for the
cause. In a few minutes he returned, [ A. r. AsMST(Osa,u..B.,Prin. J. A. Waaco, Sec'y
most thorough preparation of the soil.
Rr«t tannins mill In the world. Beery farmet
with wonder and delight depicted on J THE BUSY WORLD OF BUSINESS
■hould have one. Write lor prices.
Feeding, watering and grooming
his countenance, exclaiming: “Mamma, firsB profltable ea play asea I ta hand radi of o«r gradaatet, sad
regularly will aid materially in keep­
will ta iban asad a more. Bead for oar catalogas.
X. r. X. U.
No. 4». ’ST.
mamma! Oh, do come oat here! The |
Loara what aad bow we leash. Verily,
ing the horses in a good, thrifty con­
Xl’HKN writing to advertleers, pleas«
cow’s blowing her horns!”
dition.-Farmers' Union.
IT mentios thli paper.
wheels and the crossbar D.
By the
handles the car can be easily moved in
either direction upon the track.
Roving Turkeys.
A flock of roving turkeys may not
cost, their owner a great deal if his
neighbors are patient and uncomplain­
ing people, otherwise they may cost
him a lawsuit and damages, or, at least
a big lot of unneighborly feeling. On
the theory that* turkeys can get their
own living and are not great eaters,
they are too often left wholly to their
own resources. Tills neglect leads them
to wander far and wide for food, to
commit depredations in neighbors’ gar­
dens and truck patches, to fall a prey
to the wrathful stranger’s club or dog,
or perhaps to change homes to that of a
farmer who treats his poultry with
greater generosity. It Is good policy,
even at this season, to keep faithful
watch o\ er the flocks, to notice where
they roam in the daytime and where
they stay at night, and whenever they
come about the premises to make
friends with them by throwing out a
little grain. The turkey crop will not
be ripe until Thanksgiving, but it will
be well to cultivate it now.—Farm Jour­
Hot Weather Milk Can.
A can is here shown that has been
highly praised as a hot weather milk
receptacle. It is closed tight and capped
over at the top, so
that it will not
spill the fluid even
if upset. The pic­
ture shows a sec­
tion of the inside.
The tightly cover­
ed funnel - shaped
receptacl e p r o -
jecting down Into
the can contains
enough ice or Ice
water to keep the
milk cool at the
same time that it
prevents the milk
from being shaken and churned aiiout
so much as it otherwise would be, thus
causing it to keep sweet longer.
Harness that Fit.
Whenever a working horse is sold
the harness it has been accustomed to ;
work in, if at all a tit, should be sold
with it. This is especially true of the
collar, against which the pull mostly
comes. If there are inequalities in the
collar there are probably calluses to
x-orresnond on the horse’s shoulder and
nick. A new harness, though it may
seem to fit all right, may liear harder
on places not properly toughened by
contact with the collar. In a stable
each horse should have Its own collar,
for by use each animal has become
adapted to the one he has been most
accustomed to wearing.
Grow Navy Beans.
try that
that la
Is one crop grown in this coun­
Is never up to the demand, and
white navy beans. As many
of beans can be grown per
What Neglect Leads To.
<1 \
Hercules Gas
Engine Works