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    1> A A TON
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Harvesting is almost finished in this
eommnnity and now- the busy lium of
the thresher can be heard.
Messrs. Bateman and Thomson are
having their thresher repaired prepara-
t >rv to threshing out the golden grain.
There is music in the air. Tbe "wind­
ing of the mellow horn" may 1« heard
in our city at almost any hour of the
Tbe Carlton band boys gave a free
concert last Saturday night at Howe's
hall. Of course it was well attended, as
the hoys make excellent music.
The wheels of Mr, Howe’s warehouse
are humming once more. A slipit time
ago be replaced bis two old cleaners with
a new one, which lias a capacity of about
9000 bushels daily.
Two of McMinnville’s esteemed young
ladies, Alias Lou Lynch and Miss Etta
Cook, were in town last Sunday visiting
friends. We are always glad to greet
friends from neighlxtring communities.
We hoy«» to see others in itie near future.
J. F. Byers of Fairdale was a pleasant
business caller Wednesday. He reports
his sawmill busy, working a full forep of
men and ready sale fo'r all the lumber he
can make. "Business is double what it
was «.year ago,’’ he says, and naturally
.Mr. Byers is among the number who
believe that prosperous conditions have
come about once more.
Last Alonday B. F. Blood removed his
machine and repair shop to Forest Grove,
w here |ie wi|l conduct his business in
the future. The locatfon js not a new-
one, as he ran a shop there several years
ago. He retains many old friends both
in city and county. Carlton loses a
thorough and efficient workman, one of
the best fitted shops in the county, and
one of the most enterprising citizens,
Mr. Blood will move his family to the
Grove in two of three peeks.
Miss Kntcfi of Carlton ¡s visiting Miss
Josa Hoffstattgr.
The wheat market opened at "Octs.
The catup is booming these days, lfs
The brother of M. G. Tutibrd is up on citizens are.from all parts of Yamhill,
a short visit.
though pl course McMinnville furnishes
Mrs. Mohlenheart of Portland is visit­ the greatest number. Uncle Andy
ing with Mrs. E. Sease.
Baker is the oldest member of tbe camp
The first wheat to be hauled in was on and is making bis home with Henry
Eccleston and family. J. B. Gardner's
Tuesday by George Foster.
Mr. Bird Crabtree and wife of New­ i family occupy their residence and when
berg came to Dayton on bicycles last week. Mr. Gardner is present the big camp­
Some of the I'londvke's cohl ns well fire at night is always a success. Mrs.
as gold would be appreciated these hot Wayne Carlin, Mrs. E. F. Manning and
Mrs. Frank Rhodes are the widows in
camp. Rev. Thompson puts in about
J. B. Riley
one-third of the time with his family in
that his brother, .1. W. Riley of New
camp, the balance of the time on the
York, is dead.
road between there and McMinnville.
Mr. Fred Bertram basso far recovered Rev. Bishop of Portland has been the
from his recent illnese as to he up and guest of the Thompsons and pronounced
around in the house.
camp Jones a good place to he. Several
Mrs. G. W. Knapp and daughter, Vin- metnliers of the O. J. Leabo family, the
nie, of Eugene are visiting with their John
Redmond, Geo. Jones, G. A.
many friends in Dayton.
Prentiss, H. G. Guild and Andrew-
Miss Triphena Wilson, w ho is staying Martin families are comfortably domi­
with Mrs. S.W. Sigler of Portland and ciled there. Chas. < irissen and family
has been up visiting home and friends, were among the latest arrivals. Mr.
Grisseu was resplendent with cowboy
returned home Tuesday.
hat and bran new overalls.
Mrs. E. Spaulding of Dayton and Mrs.
Warren and Francis Dielschneider took
Chas. Spaulding of Newlierg, who have
care of eaeh other in u small tent for a
' been visiting with relatives in San Fran­ week but finally starved out. Last Sun-
| cisco, start home on the (ith inst.
| day’s visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Sam
j Threshing-machine men should not Manning, Mr. E. F. Manning, Arthur
take their engines and separators onto a McPliillips, Robert Henderson, Buck
bridge at the same time, as the average 1 Adams and Geo. Snyder. Miss Lillie
bridge of the county is not constructed Ball and Miss May Barnhart are spend­
I for such heavy weight.
ing a few days in the eamp of Mr. and
■ Jhe steamer Elmore made a couple of Mrs. Geo. A. Barnhart. Many other
trips to payfon this week while Capt. people are sojourning there lite names of
Short, who is one of the most ahle and ( whom the writer is not acquainted with.
popular captains on the river, took the Perhaps there are others who are know n.
Steamer Modoc tip ahove Salem to raise ' but w lio were not called to mind. The
the Gypsy which was sunk a few days : camp had been unusually quiet up to
last Monday night, when the spirit ot
C. D. I.atourette, a prominent attorney ‘ mischief took possession of the place.
and banker of Oregon City, with family | Tho result was that everyone w ho had
and a number of friends, stopped at the I retired for the night was required to get
Dayton hotel on tlmir way to Ocean Park I up, submit to having his face blacked
on Monday evening. Some of the young with charcoal, and join the procession.
ladies of the party made a call on Miss At 11 p. tn. there was not a white face to
be Heen in that locality, but there were
Faye Swick.
Wesley Carey, a resident of Dayton in plenty of luigbty tine looking colored
former days, who has been living in the I folks. The same night three of Rev.
Alsea country for a number of years, Thompson’s spring chickens disappeared
moved bacg last week and thinks Yum from the box in which he was fattening
hill is good enough for him. The citizens them. Some of the darkies douo gone
of Dayton are glad to welcome this re­ an’ stole ’em.
M th . Austin is on the s|ck list, Neu-
ralgia is the cause.
Eva Keys has gone to Tillamook to
spend several weeks.
Mamie Clark of Forest Grove visited spected family back again.
in this city the first of the week.
The whistle of the white warehouse an­
Airs. Simpson of McMinnville, visited nounced the fact that wheat hauling
jn tltis city a few days this week.
had commenced on the morning of the
Is winning deserved recognition us a leading institution of higher learning,
Afr, and Mrs, Howard of Portland 2d. The hum of the red warehouse,
First-class facilities and expenses as low as the lowest Opens Septem­
which has been recently painted and
were in this city the first of the week.
ber 15th, 1897. For the new illustrated catalogue, with full information,
shingled, will ha heard in a few days.
send to
E, W. Exon has charge of the former
visited the Burton family over Sunday,
and B. Gabriel the latter.
Carl Trullinger visited his grand-pa-
Not until the last four or five years
rentsin Hillsboro a few days this week.
has this section of the country shown any
Mrs^ T. M. Laughlin has returned
special adaptability for grow ing the finest
home from Tacoma after a sojourn of six
kind of peaches. Why the fact was HQti
.Monmouth, Oregon.
discovered before is a problem which
Dean of some answer by saying that the climate
F. E. Billington and Miss
Regular normal course of three years Senior Lafayette spent Sunday with R. Baird and soil of Oregon is changing. Others
year wholly professional Training department and family.
(claim, and we think rightly, that not
of nine grades with 2(H) children.
until recently did we discover the right
Instruction and training tn Gymnastics irjwedUA
John A. Simmons, spent most of the variety and locations most suitable for
ystem) and vocal music for public schools
| peaches. This variety, which is a gpo^
The Normal diploma la recognized by law as n week fishing.
state life cetriticate to teach.
bearer and is a large red, de'jc(o.u» free­
Light expenses. Tuition, books, board and lodg-
ng (approximately i $13-'» per year. Students board* hurt in the railroad collision, w hich oc- stone; is the Early C^t^rlo^te and does
not get r'pc until the last of August,. By
ing themselves, $110 per year.
curred Tuesday.
Academic grades accepted from high schools.
r. survey of the prcharils that are hanging
Catalogues cheerfully sent on application.
from here went io Cove Grclnird ha’e|- full t(i(s yea! and Rave borne for a num­
ber o( years past, ft would^cem in regard
nntting on Sunday.
io t|ie location first, that Hie land must
Sec Faculty.
Dean Tatrm is again behind the coun­ he either high or well drained with tile;
ters at Bgdwell's store, after a week’s ( aecand, to he more secure against frost
visit in Monmouth
the orchard should be located liehiml a
1 Yamhill Lodge So 10 0 uf H meets in Union
hall second and fourth Friday evenings of each
The Christian Endeavor society of : grove of trees on the west side of a hill
, month.
so that ti e sun wont shine iqion the trees
I C i ' ster P ost N o . 9—Meets the second and fourth Carlton visited .the society nt this place
Saturday of eaeh month iu Union hail at 10:30 last Sunday evening
until eight or nine in the morning; third,
a. m. on second Saturday and at 10:30 a- m. on
ith Saturday. All members of the order are
II F. Bedwell has purchased the Alar sandy soil grows better peachee than the
B aptist —Services Sunday 11 a. m. and I cordially Invited to attend our meetings.
tin property, and will soon move his common black land. A number of year«
E. F. M annino , Commander.
T :30 p. iu ; Sunday school 9:50 a m.; the
ago a man from New York was charmed
B F. C lvbink , Adjt.
family into their new home.
young people’s sooiety 6:15 p tu
Pray, r
Ei via. A ssembly No 1«, UNITED A btisans —
{ by some Yamhill peaches, and not know­
meeting Thursday 7:30 p m. Covenant
Charles Aforgan Ims returned home
meeting first Thursday evening before the Meet first and third Monday nights of each moot
ing that a peculiar soil and location were
at 7 30p. m. In I nion block
first Sunday of each month
from Tillamook, «nd he thinks “there’s
! essential, lie bought a large tract of Ipw,
It. W. K ino , Pastor.
.1. IV. BONES, Sec.
no place like home,” «fter all.
poorly drained land and set, it oiyt tp.
M kthodist E piscopal —Services every
Airs. D. P. Trullinger and son, Mrs peaches. As a conseqiieiice (1.9 ma<fe a
Sabbath 11 00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday
According to “Kansas City Jour­ Seward and Airs. Klar returned home
school 9:30 a m. Prayer meeting 7:00 p
failure and went Ipack tft New York de­
m. Thursday. D. T. St mmebvili . l . Pastor, nal.' a Kansas farmer who could not
from the coast Saturday evening.
claring tfiat peaches jn Oregon were the
p C omb . P bbsbytxriaw —ServiceseverySab- get harvest hands put this sign on
A. C. Goodrich left Monday for Salem exception and not the rule. Let the man
nrogrL* 8 ni and 7 30 P-
Harvest Lands wanted. 1 where he will take charge of Iqs (hypsh who |ms any double about this section of
”>• Y P C- E- Sunday 6 :30 his fence:
Ivow tn rayer meeting Thursday, 7 :.30 p. rn.
Hired girl blonde and genial. Cab­ iug machine, apd »ill reffifiin UfiW after ■ the county raimug peaches visit the or-
ruent tl "
E K. T hompson Pastor,
inet organ music in the evening. hafvest.
have dii
, *•
. 1 _
J chards uf Fred L. Poet and Joe Dorsey
i_..,t,ices ,n the Ubnsbanchurch Breach-
Eugene Sanderson, dean of the Eugene on the Willamette, or that of A. L.
in? JverV Lord’s duV at fl a m. and 7:30 Pie three tiroes a qqy. Three spoon-
p ’Jn Voting people’s nieeting at 6 30 p. i fuls of sugar with every cup of cof­ divinity school, preached at tho Union Alderman or Wm. Cain near Dayton,
in. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Prayer
Hammocks, featherbeds or church in this city, Sunday morning and and hie doubts will give place to excla­
meeting Thursday, 7:30p m,
mations of praise to Yamhill.'
F. A. P owkll . Pastor. l leather divans at your option for evening,
N. 8. Allen and family started Tues­
S t . J ambs E piscopal C bubcu —Lay-Ser­ sleeping. Rising hour, 9 o'clock in
Two of Dayton'« enterprising men
vices every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. in.
the Clondyke fever hard, and then
I the morning Three hours’ rest at day morning for the coast, where they Caught
To their homes they rushed with glee,
S t . J ames C
atholic First st., between i noon.
will spend the summer. Mr. Allen is in
Told how rich they soon would be.
O and II. Sunday school 2 30 p. nt. Ves-
I very- poor health and he will probably
—■«« — ——
Nowot the fever they are qtiite <;ur?d»
pers 7 30. Services once a month.
T. B riody . Pastor
Women at the bottom of it. : a.ssqi»*
Senator Tillman refers to Speaker i remain all winter.
Wm. Wertz, the phrenologist, has
V. C T. U.—Meets on every Fri | Reed as a baldheaded despot.
*Tea<her»' Tv^'Uluatiaii.
... . in reading room. Union expression recalls the rejoinder of an I gone to Hood River to deliver a series of
day at 3 p. m
Me M inx ' hie . Ont., July 28, 1897.
i lectures, and Wm. Buslate is the tonsor-
MnaK<Lta. Sec’y
! who had playfully referred to him as ial artist in his stead.
The regular quarterly examination of
fw-ised on——— -------
i being “barefooted on the top of his | A merry party of about tep ui our teachers will be held at the court house
ion I a. iff gFrRET ORpERg.
“Young man." he said. I young people celebrated Miss Della Mc- in McMinnville, Aug. ilth, i2th, and
ln.,l .
CBAPTEB NO, 12, O. E. H —Meets st . “when my head is as soft as yo.urs I
I Carty’s birthday, at her home weet of 13th. Examination will begin at one
With out in,« jd and 4th Monday evening
o’clock p. in., Wednesday, Aug. lltR.
■ham depth. Visiting memlwrs cordially in- ¡can raise hair to sell.''
town last Friday evening.
G. A. PRENTIHK, Schoo! Slipt.
ere«, th*-j,yFR
It is quality as wgii as piate that counts
*1i,‘rf'’v’W —iChartiy Lodge No. ~ meets first and
Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diar­
thMt Ftiday, ot each Aonlb. dJ6 p m. Lodge
teas. Will Kuns has the best in town
fcbota in Union block.
I for tbe money
J D BAFER Recorder
Th« Reporter and Inter Ocean one year for $1.35.
21ìc211innvtUe College***
M c M innville , ( iregon
Absolutely. Pure.
Celebrated for its great leavening
strength and healthfulness. Assures ba
food ngainst alum ami all forms of adul­
teration common to the cheap brands.
IIOVA1. BAKINl. rowllKK CO., NSW V0.7K.
The outlook for the Nicaragua can­
al project, is brighter, and there is a
prospect that something may be done
towards the completion of the great
enterprise. The administration will
undoubtedly favor the project. Indeed
every indication points in that di­
rection. The Chronical says that
“two significant things have ah eady
occurred. One is the appointment
of Captain Merry of this ci'y as
minister to the Central American
Had the president
wished to defeat the Nicaraguan
proposition or to keep it in the back­
ground he would never have picked
out the one man, aside from Wimer
Miller, whose name is most closely
indontitled with the canal project.
That he chose Coptain Merry is
proof, by the strongest kind of cir­
cumstantial evidence, that he will
try to have the canal built; and that
Captain Merry accepted the mission
is a sign of his full assurance of the
president’s intent. The new minis­
ter is not a man who would permit
his name to be. indeutibed with a
policy of canal delay or surrender.
The other significant fact is that in
Kral Ewtute Transfers.
picking out a commission to report
Week ending August 5th.
M A Hurst to N E Kegg lot No 8
upon the N’etraguan route the pres­
blk 2 McMinnville......................... I $ 050 ident has chosen men of the type of
J W Henry (sheriff; to J W Brjedc
Admiral Walker who believe that
well lot 7 blk 7 add, toAmity.
200 the two oceaus should b«i linked by
United States to Addipoiy Hush
a ship canal.
In this respect tho
120 a sec 4 t 5 s r 7.................. douated
commission differs from President
E .) Holt to E A Wright 4 a part
Cleveland's, which was made up of
of D, D, Deskills d I e t 3 s r 3 ...
men who were opposed to the u.->e oft
J I. 5(yera to D R .lackson s l.j of
funds or credit tor the
lot 3 Mk T Hurley & Large's add
to Newberg.......................................
190 construction of any kind of public
works outside of our own borders.
M O Lownsdale to Lois Lowns-
d.'ile 189.78 a t 4 r 3 w .
Mr. Cleveland undertook to give-
M O Lowusdale to C R Hillinger
the canal project a had name with,
277.20 a t 4 a U % W
investors; Mr. McKinley is at work
United State« to F W Haverland
to restore its reputation, and for
1 lit a sec 27 & 34 t 5 r 9 .......... donated
such a task there can be only one-
M .1 Crater to Elijah E Hutchens
ultimate object. That the situatUMi.
n e '4 of s e 'J sec 35 t 2 s r 3 w
is understood in Europe as we under
M .1 ('rater to D H Hutchens 28.50
it here perhaps does not prove
a sec 3& t 2 8 r 3. w.......................
much beyond t he fact, that the general
C F Jewett and wi. to M Teicle
tendencies of the new president are
tracts No 67 and 68 in Dundee
Orchard Homos No 2..................
600 becoming widely known. One indi­
J W Cook to A E Parker 40 a pt of
cation of the European belief is seen,
sec 2 t 5 s r 5 w .
$ 1600 in the eagerness with which foreign
HIS Terrell to S 8 Terrell
newspapers discuss the slender
9, 10, 11, 12, 13,' 14, 15, blk 24
chance o$ inducing the United States
Edward's add to Newberg
to. join in a European compact to
Mary 8 Mark to P J Fay 2.) a pt of
8 Cozine d 1 c in t 4 s r 4............
k build at Panama. They feel that in
this is Europe's last chance to get a
B Mority to Jno Kneite 120 a, oec
finger in the interoceanic pie. H the
15 t 2 s r 3 w............................... .
! plan fails the Nicaraguan enterprise­
Jno Lynch to M A Cobh a,(M a pt S
Cozine <1,1 c t kf 4.......................
will succeed. We, have reason to lie
M|ary J| nn4 Awi Hoberg to Jno ' F
i lieve that the next regular message-
Adaius 14$ a in McMinnville pt
' of tlx- president to congress will,
S Cosine <t 1 c t 4 r 4 w................
1400 make the Nicaragua canal one of its
j cheif objectives and that every effort,
I"rob»1e Court.
will follow, while a friendly majority
Estate of A. C. Davis. C. E. Person
assuied in congress to set the
appointed appraiser for Crook county in
on its feet. Fortunately,
place of J. J. Smith.
times in hand the merely
Estate of W. II. Smith.
Re)>ort. of
sale of personal property approved, final economical, or rather, the m.-rely
acct, tiled and Tuesday, Sept . 7th .set for penurious protest against so great an,
undertaking will not cut much of a
Estate of Jacob. W«»carver.
Petition figure. As a rule, nations are gen­
for adn)9a.a'JteiM«Ul ot dower of widow erous to themselves whenever they
feel that they cun afford to be.”
(¿oDtiuued until next term.
(■Blate oi Amanda E. Hagey. Final
account allowed and administrator dis
Estate of Chas. II. H. Hopkins, Fiuai
account allowed and administrate! dis-
Estate of John Crown., Same.
The McVortnick is, an it always has
been, the most durable binder on the
market,light running and easily handled
F. W. Sraxi eb , Agent.
August 31st
is the last day of the $1000
missing word contest.
Schilling s Best tea is
wonderfully fresh and fine.
Rules of contest published in 'arge
about the first and middle
Adolph Maltbies, the genial Dayton
of each month.
a »8
merchant, was in the city Wednenday.