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    Yamhill County Reporter.
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FRIDAY, MAR. 29, 1895.
O ur exports of live cattle for Feb­
ruary show a falling off of nearly
3,000 head, due to the German pro­
hibition. The March showing will
be still worse, as France has joined
Germany in the embargo. This il­
lustrates how the Democratic tariff
policy is capturing “the markets of
the world.”
O n June 1, the city of New York
will celebrate the formal opening of
the Harlem ship canal. This is 8
miles long, 350 feet wide and 15 feet
deep, and has cost 93,000,000. It
connects the East and Hudson rivers
at the upper end of the city, and
saves 30 miles to vessels descending
one river and ascending the other.
The city has been trying to build this
canal since 1829, and has just suc­
ceeded in completing it.
Cuba, and Anuexatiou.
That is the probable explanation of
disaffection in the island, the govern­
ment's distrust of the volunteers
and the unusual reinforcements hur­
ried across the Atlantic.
Have you noted that the extreme
silver men, except the Colorado
senators, are opposed to the inter­
national monetary conference? The
reason is plain to the thinking.
They want to force free coinage 16
to 1 on this country alone; they do
not want silver rehabilitated in such
a way as to really increase its in­
trinsic value. Why? ,
What they want is a cheap dollar
that will enable debtors to swindle
their creditors. They insist upon
free coinage by the United States
without waiting for the co-operation
of the great commercial nations.
But it is not simply the men who
have lent money who would be
swindled. Every man who lias a
little pile of savings in a savings
bank would lose half its actual value
by this juggle with the “dollar.”
So would every veteran, every
veteran's widow or child drawing a
pension. The poor old soldier who
is receiving, say, $12 a month, would
still get twelve of the things called
dollars, but he could only buy half
as much with them. And so would
many other classes of people be
swindled, and the workingman most
of all.
If, through international rehabili­
tation of silver, that metal should
rise to $1.29 per ounce, the silver
extremists, the “cheap dollar" men,
would lose all interest in silver
They would shift their
ground to some other dollar that
was cheap and would contain an
element of fiatism. In other words,
they are not fighting so much for
silver as for a fiat dollar. In other
words, they want to change the
atcual value of the present dol­
lar, so as to swindle somebody.—
Toledo Blade.
Senator Morgan of Alabama, and
Governor Atkiuson of Georgia, says
the Globe Democrat, are not the only
Americans who would be glad to see
Cuba annexed to the United States.
Nor is the sentiment of that sort con­
fined to the south. It is as strong
above Mason’s and Dixon's old line
as below it. The attitude of the
north toward annexation has changed
radically since the war. Before that
time the absorption of Cuba would
have meant an enlargement of the
area of the slave territory and the
The Niagara Aerial Tramway,
addition of two or four senators in
While the harnessing of Niagara
congress to the defenders of slavery. may rank as one of the engineering
On that account the south advocated triumphs of the age, it certainly can­
annexation and the north opposed it. not rank as one of its aesthetic tri­
Emancipation having changed the umphs; but now a new scheme for
conditions has disarmed the north’s attacking poor Niagara has been
hostility to the project.
evolved, this time not in the interest
Of course, nobody wants the Unit­ of commerce or of manufacturing in­
ed States to secure the island by con­ dustry, but simply as a money-mak­
quest. All of our acquisitions of ing scheme based on the curiosity of
foreign territory except Texas have the public.
been brought about by purchase, and
The Aerial Tramway Company
the people of that region ceded their proposes to erect towers on each
country to the United States. The side of the falls, one in the Canadian
government bought the territory of and the other in the American park,
Louisiana and Alaska. Spain, rec­ and to carry from tower to tower a
ognizing her inability to hold Florida double set of steel cables, which are
if the people on this side of the line to be traversed by cars suspended
made any serious attempt to seize it, therefrom and operated by electricity
gave it up in 1819, the United States, from the American side of the falls.
as part compensation, assuming 95,-
The cars, which are to be open,
000,000 of claims of American citi­ cage-like structures, will traverse
zens against Spain.
Although in the falls about 30 feet above the edge,
the war of 1840-8, brought about by­ so as to give the sightseers a close
Texas’ annexation, the United States inspection of the water where it
conquered the region now known as takes the mighty plunge. The line
New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Neva­ will follow closely the brink of the
da and California, it paid Mexico American falls to Goat Island, the
$15,000,000 for it, and assumed $3,- prolongation of which direction will
250,000 of debts due our citizens by carry it as a chord to the Canadian
Mexico, and lateron paid $10,(MM),000 or Horseshoe falls.
more in the Gadsden purchase for
The state of New York and the
parts of New Mexico and Arizona, Canadian government have both es­
which were still claimed by Mexico. tablished parks for the preservation
It is by purchase that the United of the natural beauty of the falls,
States wishes to acquire Cuba. How­ which were fast becoming impared
ever, Spain’s outrageous conduct to­ by vandalism. When the necessary
ward this country may ultimately powers were obtaiued for the estab­
lead to the acquisition of Cuba by lishment of these reservations, everj’
lover of the beautiful in nature felt
Nobody can guess the price Spain relieved to think that Niagara • was
would ask for Cuba, but Buchanan, saved, but it is questionable if in the
Mason and Soule, the United States worst of its days a greater act of
ministers to England, France and vandalism was contemplated than
Spain respectively, in the Ostend the construction of the aerial tram­
manifesto suggested that the Pierce way. The natural conformation of
administration make an offer of $120,- the ground about the falls enables
000,000 for the island. This sum was the visitor to approach close to the
not specifically stated in that deliv­ edge of the falls and see to an unus­
erance, the amount being left blank, ual advantage the great cataract.
but other parts of the document in­ A nearer approach to its brink than
dicate that this is the figure the min­ that afforded by nature is not desir­
isters meant. Considering that in able, and the stretching of cables
1803 the government bought the across the chasm in full view, to be
Louisiana territory of about 1,100,- traversed by cars, will be the great­
000 square miles for $15,000,000, the est defacement to which the scenery
$120,000,000 suggested in 1854 for has ever yet been subjected. Those
Cuba’s 41,600 square miles seems who advocate the parks, and per­
sufficiently high. Enough of the haps worked for their establishment,
secret history of the dickers then will regret to see them surrendered
and in Polk’s presidency has leaked to such uses as the location for
out to show that Spain would not be towers of the tramway.— Scientific
induced to part with Cuba for that American.
amount. Undoubtedly it would ask
a much higher figure now if it would A Community without Vaccination.
agree to sell the island at all. Still
Dr. Kerr, writing from Rabat, on
Spain may have to part with it for the westerly shore of Morocco, states
less money some day. The United some facts that will serve to remind
States will not always consent to the anti-vaccinationists of England
protect Spain from the consequences of the condition of their own country
of her infamies by preventing Cuban before the grand discovery of Jenner.
sympathizers in this country from Smallpox makes fearful havoc among
making a descent on the island, and the Moors, with whom Dr. Kerr has
when the United States takes her lived some years. During an epi­
hands off the end of Spain’s power demic at Rabat over one thousand
on this continent will quickly come. persons died from that disease in the
The New York Tribune, comment­ course of two months. Rabat is a
ing on the same subject, says: The town on the Atlantic seaboard of
Cuban question is looming up in the Morocco having a population of
future of the United States as one of 26,000. Of the condition of the town
steadily increasing importance. Rec­ during the epidemic Dr. Kerr writes
iprocity satisfied temporarily all the following: “Often we felt it
classes in the island and allayed pop­ sickening when going through the
ular discontent.
The collapse of streets to see young men and boys
commercial union has revived with sitting at shop doors, flour mills,
tremendous energy the movement etc., covered with smallpox eruption,
for political union with the United in every way facilitating the spread
States. The competition of Euro­ of the disease. Every one thinks
pean beet sugar has reached a stage that it is impossible for him to es­
where the destruction of the cane cape smallpox, hence no precautions
interest in the West Indies is well are taken. It is painfully sad to see
nigh impending; and the weight of so many people who have lost the
taxation and the burdens of an eco­ sight of one eye, while many are
nomic system, which protects Spain blind altogether. One day not long
at the expense of Cuba, have become ago I paid a passing visit to a dourar
intolerable. The force of gravita­ or collection of tents outside the
tion toward the United States has city, and it was touching to see the
never been so strong as it is to-day. mothers bring their children asking
me to put the medicine in their arms
to prevent the infection. I vaccin­
The appropriations of Washing­
ated all the children in the village,
ton’s legislature amount to nearly
and although thej’ were surrounded
by smallpox, none took it. '
The grand jury has found a true
These conditions, given by Dr.
against the Marquis of Quecns-
Kerr as to the Africa of to-day, are
a simple repetition of what existed burv for libeling Oscar Wilde.
in England and Europe before Jen­ The Reid Packing Co. s plant at
ner's great boon to mankind was Kansas City was destroyed by fire
made possible.— Journal of the Ameri­ on Sunday, causing a loss of over a
I million dollars.
can Medical Association.
The St. James hotel, one of the
finest in Denver, was burned on
Saturday. Four firemen were killed,
M hat the Record ot the Weather
and the loss will exceed $40,000.
Bureau Show« for the Pa»<
Twenty-Three Year*.
Minister Thurston, minister to
Hawaii, has been recalled by Secre­
The following data, compiled from tary Gresham, on the charge of hav­
the record bureau records in Port­ ing betrayed diplomatic secrets.
land, cover a period of 23 years for
Little Rock, Ark., is the only town
the month of April, and should in that state open to drummers,
prove of value and interest in an­ owing to the quarantine against
ticipating the more important mete­ smallpox. There have been 93
orological elements, and the range deaths in that city, and there are
within which such variations may be now 37 cases of the disease.
expected to keep during the coming
All but one of the eleven prisoners
who escaped with the desperado
Blanck from the Seattle jail, have
Mean or normal temperature, 53
been captured. Blanck was killed
by two deputies in a hot battle at
The warmest month was that of
close range, in which one of the depu­
1881, with an average of 55 degs.
ties was wounded. Blanck had been
The coldest month was that of
the murderer of five men.
1893, with an average of 46 degrees.
Diamond cutters to the number of
The highest temperature was 85
were landed at New York by the
degs. on the 28th, 1890.
Twenty of them will be
The lowest temperatnre was 28
having come under con­
degs. on the 7th, 1875.
Average date on which last “Kill­ tract with New York houses, and as
ing” frost occurred in the spring, many more will be deported because
they are paupers under the immigra­
April 11.
tion laws. The contracting firms
are liable to heavy fines.
Average for the month, 3.21 in­
A young Japanese fired a pistol
shot at Li Hung Chang, the Chinese
Average number of days with .01
peace envoy and representative of
of an inch or more, 15.
emperor, on Sunday, wounding
The greatest monthly precipita­
in the face. Much excitement
tion was 7.88 inches in 1883.
and there were expressions
The least monthly precipitation
that Japan s cause
was 1.12 inches in 1885.
set-back. The
The greatest amount of precipita­
prompted by
tion recorded in any 24 consecutive
hours was 1.34 inches on the 2d, 1883.
In the German reichstag on Sat­
urday the president, Herr Von
Average number of clear days, 6;
Levetsow, proposed that the house
partly cloudy days, 10; cloudy days,
congratulate Prince Bismarck upon
his birthday. The proposal was re­
jected by a majority of 17 votes,
The prevailing winds have been whereupon the president and vice-
from the south.
president resigned their offices. The
The highest velocity of wind was opposition comes from the liberals,
44 miles from the southwest on the who believe Bismarck hostile to
3d, 1893.
German unity.
Both Brain aud Brawn.
An astonishing event has hap­
pened at the university of Oxford,
England. A Mr. Robertson, so the
story goes, won two fine scholar­
ships, the Ireland and the Craven,
lately. That of Itself was not so re­
markable. The scholarships of course
have to be won by somebody every
The extraordinary thing about the
matter was that Mr. Robertson was
a distinguished athlete in his college
and a member of the university crew.
It presents a combination of brain
and brawn unequaled, we are com­
pelled to believe, elsewhere in the
world. If athletes are going in for
study, there is no telling what may
happen. That the leader of a foot­
ball team, a baseball club or a stroke
oarsman has any sense outside of
such muscular accomplishments is
something not to be taken for grant­
ed at present. Maybe in the future,
however, we are going to have a
race of college athletes who will also
be fairly good, or even first-class
scholars, up in their Greek, Latin
and mathematics. If so, then the
scholarship will not all pass over
to the college girls’ side of the house,
as it now threatens to do.
And why, after all, may not a
j'oung man be a good student and a
good athlete at the same time?
There is no reason. It has merely
not been the fashion heretofore, that
is all one can say. Maybe it will
be hereafter.
The Curfew that Shall
Milwaukee had a million dollar fire
on the 27th.
Governor McKinley of Ohio will
visit the Pacific coast in June.
The Utah constitutional conven­
tion has decided not to tax church
Thaddeus H. Stanton has been ap­
pointed paymaster-general of the
army to succeed General Smith, re­
Governor Holcomb of Nebraska on
Tuesday signed the bill appropriat­
ing $200,000 for seed, grain and food
for the needy of the state, aud the
law became operative at once.
Attorney-General Olney has de­
cided that the printing of fac-similes
of foreign stamps is a violation of
the act of 1891, which inhibits the
counterfeiting of foreign obligations
or securities.
The settlers of Kern county lake
bed in California have asked military
protection against an armed force of
hirelings of the Kern County Land
company that is forcibly dispossess­
ing them of their land. The govern­
or has ordered prosecution of all
violators cf the law.
A contract has been signed by
Secretary Herbert for the construc­
tion of a submarine torpedo boat for
use in the navy, to cost $150,000. It
is expressly stipulated that the
United States shall have the optional
right to acquire the patent right for j
the Holland type of boat, the price
to be paid for the rights to be de-'
termined by a board of three naval
officers, the option to run until 30
days after the first session of con­
gress succeeding acceptance of the1
vessel. This provision is to give an
opportunity to enact legislation for
acquisition of the patent if desired.
Dr. Parkhurst Awheel.
The Rev. Dr. Parkhurst is one of
the latest acquisitions to the already
large number of prominent cyclists
in New York City. He has been
taking lessons for the past two weeks
at the hall of the Bidwell-Tinkham
Cycle company in Fifty-ninth street,
and is fast learning to ride. He will
get on the road before many weeks
are over. He goes at wheeling with
the same earnestness that he shows
in everything else, and thinks that
within a year everybody will ride
Captain S. B. Ormsby has been
Wm. M. Springer, ex-senator of elected president of the soldiers’
Illinois, has been appointed by the home at Roseburg.
president judge of the United States
court for the northern district of
Indian territory, and ex-Congress-
man Kilgore of Texas has been ap­
pointed to the southern district.
These judgeships are new offices es­
tablished by congress, for the pur­
pose of checking the spread of law­
lessness in the Indian territory,
which had become a refuge for rob­
bers and outlaws.
Tired Feeling
Means danger. It is a serious
condition and will lead to disas­
trous results if it is not »ver-
come at once. It is a sure sign
that the blood is impoverished
and impure. The best remedy is
Whichwakes rich, healthy blood,
and thus gives strength and elas­
ticity to the muscles, vigor to
the brain and health and vitality
to every part of the body.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla positively
Governor McKinley is traveling
in the south for his health. He re­
ceived a letter in Thomasville from
a hundred or more citizens of Geor­
gia, democrats and republicans alike,
pledging him the solid vote of
Georgia in the national republican
convention, and assuring him of a
fighting chance to get the electoral
vote of that state, provided he will
declare himself an advocate of free
silver. The letter intimated a de­
sire that the republican platform of
1896 might contain a silver plank.
McKinley replied that if the republi­
can party should declare for free
silver he would decline to become its
candidate, and would quit the party
A writer in the Ladies’ Home Jour­
nal refers to the establishment of the
curfew bell in some parts of Canada,
and thinks that if it prove successful
there, it may eventually be intro­
duced in some parts of the United
States. But the curfew is already
an established institution in several
places in California, and has been for
some years. In Oakland, for exam­
ple, the third city in California, the
curfew bell is always sounded at a
certain hour, after which all children
below a given age must be rounded
up and put to bed or otherwise dis­
posed of within doors.
It is alleged that the term “cur­
few” is derived from the French
words couvre la feu, (cover the fire)
and was originally sounded, after
the Norman conquest of England, as
—:) and (:—
a notice for the people to cover their
fires and retire for the night. There
is no doubt that a curfew properly
maintained, is a suppressor of hood-
lumism, and could be instituted with
advantage in all parts of the United thereby curing constipation,
States where the over-indulgent par­
ent is the most fruitful cause of dyspepsia, biliousness, dispo­
juvenile barbarism everywhere ap­
sition to sick headache and
“I suffered with tired feeling
and run down condition, and I was
generally out of order. I am now
taking my third bottle of Hood’s
Sarsaparilla and the tired feeling is
gone and I feel like a different
man. I recommend Hood’s Sarsa­
parilla to all who suffer as I did.”
J. F. R igbeckkb , Shaw, Oregon.
Only Hood’s
Spring -
Arriving Daily !
Hood’S Pills
When the electrical water power
transmission scheme at Niagara falls
is finished, it will be the greatest
enterprise established for such pur­
pose on the globe. But it is by no
means the first, nor was it when it
was planned. Already in the west,
particularly on the Pacific slope,
water power transformed into an
electrical current has been sent to
places where power was needed
miles away. The San Antonio (Cal.)
Light and Power company has for
several years dispatched power to a
plant 30 miles away. Scores of
other establishments in California
and other western states transmit
power from water falls electrically
over anywhere from 4 to 15 miles of
wire. The great 5000 horse power
dynamo made for the Niagara plant
is constructed on the latest idea of
Tesla. If power can be sent electric­
ally 30 miles, there is no reason why
it cannot be sent 200 miles. That
seems plain.
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Manitoba and the Canadian North­
west has reached a crisis in its his­
tory, and the storm which had been
hovering over the country so long
is likely' to soon break forth It is a
war so bitter that it may wreck the
federation of the dominion. The
Catholics are fighting for their paro­
chial schools with grim determina­
tion, while the Protestant majority,
with equal resolution, declare the
parochial schools, recently abolished
by an act of the Manitoba legislature,
shall never be re-established. The
excitement is intense.
1895 •
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