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she made up her mind to sacrifice her
own happiness for the Hake of this dear
“I pay my bill-poster more than any
The Marquis of Lome has hail 25 live
sister. It was very hard for poor Kate,
A Veteran Horseman Recalls his first muskrats shipped from Montreal to Scot­ leading man; he is a more important
but Hhe hail more confidence in her own
feature in the success of my show, and I
A. V. R. 8snaa,
Race.-Beating the Winner.
strength, both moral and physical, than
The late New Haven manufacturer am willing to bet that my play is billed
she hail in Isabel's; she felt that she
equal to Barnum’s circus.” These words
“I was just thirteen years old the tlay after whom the Yale lock is named left I quote literally from a so-called actor,
would lie able to rise from the blow,
ami ultimately to have the power of be­ I first put up money on a horse race,”
who was gleaming in diamonds yester­
Senator Sabin, of Minnesota, is a day on Union Square. <>ne hardly knows
ing tranquil ami happy. But Isabel, so said a portly man, with a conspicuous
stout man, with black eyes and a heavy whether to laugh at the insult offered a
frail anil ho delicate, she knew that it
Well, I knew a haunted chandler, where the would kill her to Hee the chosen of her brown beard streaked witti gray, as he black mustache.
He is 40 years old,
noble profession or to resent it.
tapestry is hanging
flicked a fly from the side of the horse good natured and shrewd.
Anyhow, it seems high time to call at­
In tatters on the dusty walls, and trails upon heart forever lost to her.
“But if Leonard Frankland liked he Was driving along the road, “and
There are some tilings about the Na­ tention to this nuisance and to point out
the floor.
Where dusky shadow» glide and dance, the Kate best,” said Eliza, “then there the amount wan thirteen cents. It was tional game which are difficult to under, the remedy. It is important that we have
midnight hours chasing,
must have been a double sacrifice.”
stand. For instance, the outs always more on the inside of the play-house and
Where moonbeam» are like spirit forms, that
thirty years ago. I wan living in the
“He liked her best at first,” said
occur in the innings, and when a game less on the outside. I say, take these
wait around the door.
Aunt Hannah, “yet there was a gentle, backwooda of Ohio, in a little village is called it is not a called game.
millions of dollars that are now thrown
When round the house the wild North wind ness, a loss of self-reliance in the char­ called Van Wert. A pleasant ¡road ran
That was a mighty particular burglar away on dead walls for the diversion of
with all its strength is moaning.
through it eant and west along a low who tisik a $20 greenback anil left 10 billy-goats and small hoys annually and
1 hear soft footsteps gliding up the wide and
discovered by such a person as Leonard ridge. To me the road and the ridge trade dollars. If he had taken the pay the legitimate actor, instead of the
polished stair.
And a figure of a lady, clad in raiment gray Frankland, to excite an interest which
trade dollars and left the the greenback bill-poster. Why cannot a legitimate
and flowing,
might soon ripen into love. I believe, terminated at another village called he would have been $11.50 in pocket.
show be run in this country as it is on the
Seems to pass into the silence that reigns
indeed, that it is not a common thing
for, ver there.
I)r. Willis announces the fact that continent or in the provincial town of the
for men who are remarkable for spirit and Cincinnati Canal ran through Del­
“mothers-in-law are not laughed at in British empire? It can be, and it must,
Then 1 take my darling’s hand in mine, and as and energy, to lie better pleased with
phos. Among other good farms along Persia.”
the shallow paases,
Same here.
lie must lie a sooner or later. For the people are al­
The memory of a bygone crime doth rise
the fine of the road was one belonging bold, hail man, without any hair, who ready coming to see pretty clearly that
ness and delicacy, rather than those
from out the gloom,
the bigger the bills the smaller the play.
to an uncle of mine named Jake Parmly. would laugh at his mother-in-law.
Though »<> long ago that lady lived, yet still similar to their own.
And this is the remedy I advise: Some
her weird she's directing,
A St. Paul paper says that a string of
“Kate affected more independence i One day in summer, alter school was
Still she walks, unresting, up and down that
|>earls is now the fashionable dress for years ago, when in Brazil, an American
»ad old haunted room.
show opened with flaming posters at the
ural to her, even hail her heart been at ■ spend bis vacation with me on the young ladies. Let us hope that in the
None can lay the poor pale spirit to the rest ease; anil she soon found that it began ¡ farm. I'll fetch him back with Home rush and worry of business the writer capital.
that she is seeking.
“Where is the man who plays the
overlooked a portion of the costume.
None restore her to the quiet tomb, where to have the effect she desired. Such un­ 'color in his face and the appetite of an
scene oil the yellow bill?”
restrained exhuberance of spirits offend­ elm-peeler hog.’ 1 looked at my father
The ancient custom of ringing the
still her ashes lie,
“Oh! wal, that man is sick, drawled
She must wander ever restless, ever moaning ed the taste of Frankland, ami he often with my heart in my throat until lie curfew bell has been resumed at Strat­
the American. “Prodine your doctor’s
in the silence,
Demi to all she loved and worshipped, yet
certificate or return the people their
Kate to contemplate the serene loveli­ the one to learn to ride a race horse, spearean admirers to know that the cur­
her sins can never die!
money,” replied the magistrate, “and
ness of Isaltel. If he could only have my uncle said. I had often visited my few is rung upon the bell that was tolled
consider yourself under arrest for obtain­
Ah! my sweetheart, you are happy, and I take seen the anguish that lay concealed be­ uncle’s farm, but it was only for a few at the poet’s funeral.
your hand ami clasp it,
ing money under false pretenses.” This
You hear no ghosts go walking in the still­ neath the mask of smiles she wore—if hours at a time, and I had scarcely been
The New York Morning Journal is the law and the enforcement of it in
ness of the night;
astride of a horse before that day.
says: “The man who can play on two
And your pure young life, unsoiled by sin, was for her to prevent the gay noteH of
“After I’d been there quite a while cornets at once enjoys a ‘regular old Brazil.
And I lay it down as the law here,
flows in an even cadence
some lively song from breaking out into I heard him ask his wife one morning toot.’ ” Precisely!
He has an old.
Your lovely soul lies ojien ’neath love’s calm
the moans of agony—but he neither if he should trust me to break a colt. fashioned blow-out himself and he sends that if anv one is induced to go to any
and tranquil light.
theatre by the bills and does not find in
saw or knew—he never knew, so well Ten minutes later I was seated on that
If 1 have a haunted chandler, where remorse did she act her [tart, that he was ever colt, stroking its mane before the kitchen the ear-drums of his neighbors on a that theatre all that is advertised on the
“bust,” too.
and dread are walking,
bills, he can demand and must receive
Never ceasing with their footfalls that echo otherwise than perfectly indifferent to door and yelling '.ike a wild Indian.
An official at the charity office of a back his money any time. And not only
‘You’ll do,’ said my uncle as lie came
through my brain,
small town one day had an application that, but it is his right, his duty, to have
I will keep it closely locked, my sweet, and go
“And did Isabel know ?” said Eliza. out. I’d been around that colt when
for help submitted to him, part of which the swindling manager arrested and
there very seldom.
he didn’t know it. The next day was
Nay! if thus you love me evermore, I need
read as follows:
“The unfortunate punished for obtaining money under
my birthday. Uncle Jake said he
not go again!
woman is the only daughter of a father false pretenses. This is a remedy I
tached to her sister.”
would go to Delphos. Ill the afternoon
who died childless, and toils to support earneftly recommend.—[Joaquin Miller,
Yet ghosts can “laugh nt locksinitlix," and
“I am glad that she <lid not,” Haiti there was to be a horse race on the
when we ait in silence,
her infant brothers.”
in Philadelphia Press.
My ghost in long gray garments ever stands Eliza, “it would have lieen ho Hellish towpath of the canal. We would drop
Clara Louise Kellogg will begin her
and ungenerous in her, if Hhe hail, to around and see that, too, bo that I might
my chair beside.
And she whispers, “Thus I haunt you, thus I receive Leonard F rankland’s attentions.” see what it was like. I remember the farewell tour in September. This is a
dog you while you’re living,
little earlier than her farewells generally
Cadogan, daughter of
A sin once sinned must live fore'or. I never
commence, but next year it. is expected William first Earl Cadogan, was married
strength, and, when one evening Isabel I saw it yesterday.”
really died.”
folded her arms around her and told her
“The two horses were soon brought that the Kellogg Farewell Company will at the age of thirteen to Charles, second
1 may shun my haunted chamber, but the wind that she was the affianced bride of Leo­ out. One was a broad-chested iron-gray not start till November. Thus the aver,
Duke of Richmond, aged eighteen. It
that aye moans through it,
is said that this marriage was a bargain
Breathes n]s»n our lives and chills our blood, nard Frankland, she felt calm and satis­ mare, with a flowing tail and mane. age will be maintained.
An Oil City young man was relating to to cancel a gambling debt between their
How, indeed, could she feel Her eouqietitor was a roan gelding,
aye, even at the feast,
For if we once (a ihscss a ghost, ’twill haunt us otherwise, when she knew that, had she rather lighter, and to my eye as awk­ an acquaihtance how successful he had parents. Ladv Sarah being a coheiress.
to our dyiD*'.
The young Lord March was brought
Ami none can lay it to Its rest, until our life herself lieen Frankland’s bride, she ward as a cow. The roan liad the in. been in his oil operations.
must have turned from the altar to stand side track, and took the lead from the
“Why,” said he, “I have two bank from college and the little lady from her
has ceased.
—[From All the Year Round.
beside a sister’s grave ? ‘How,’ thought start. There was a tremendous cheer­ accounts.”
nursery for the ceremony, which took
she, ‘could I have ever looked on my ing as he came under the pole three
“Is that so?” asked his friend.
place at The Hague. The bride was
wedding robe without imagining it to be lengths ahead. I was excited. I had
“Yes, and they are both overdrawn.” amazed and silent, but the husband ex­
stained with drops wrung from a broken a prejudice against the roan. Twitch­
At some of the Western fairs this year claimed: “Surely you are not going to
“There’s something I want you to tell heart?’ ”
ing my uncle’s arm I said: “Our Bill a “great secret” is sold in sealed envel- marry mo to that dowdy!” Married,
“And were Frankland and Isabel hap­ there can beat that gelding, can’t he?” opes at 10 cents apiece. The following however, he was, and his tutor then
me, aunt,” said Eliza Herbert, a girl of
fourteen, and she drew a stool close to' py,” asked Eliza, “after they were mar­ He looked at me and. grinned and then is the secret:
“Never buy an article took him off to the continent, and the
her aunt’s feet, and leaned her head in ried?”
turned away. The owner of tho roan, before examining it. If you had known bride went back to her mother. Three
“Yes, as happy as it is possible to be excited by his victory and by liquor, this before you would not have paid 10 years after Lord March returned from
her lap, ho that the whole cloud of nut-
brown curls fell over her black silk in a life where we can drink of no cup was prancing around shaking a handful cents for a worthless envelope when you liis travels, but having such a disagree­
that is not dashed with gall, and wear of money in the air, and offering to bet could have got a dozen good ones for the able recollection of his wife, was in no
“What is it?” said her aunt, passing no flower that does not conceal the worm $100 to $50 that the roan could outrun same price.”
hurry to join her, and went the first
her hand caressingly over the fair fore- or the thorn.”
anything In two counties. Uncle Jake
—-------- ------------------
evening to the theater. There he saw a
“Are they still living, aunt?”
head upraised to hers.
brought out $50 as soon as he could get
lady so beautiful that he asked who she
“Yes, and surrounded by a group of to the other fellows, and I unhitched
“I am almost afraid to ask,” Haiti
The Producers’ Marble Company at was. “The reigning toast, Lady March,”
Eliza, “but I wun’t you to toll uie why lovely and happy children.”
Bill’s trace chains. Bill was a clean Rutland, Vt., employs more marble cut­ was the answer he got. He hastened to
“I hope that dear Kate was married limed bay, with powers for running
you, who are ho good and so handsome,
ters than all the Italian quarries put to. claim her, and their life-long affection
and bo accomplished, were never mar­ to somebody that she liked a great deal which muHt have been plain to a horse­ getlier.
for each other is much commented upon
better than Leonard Frankland.”
man, but the owner of the roan couldn’t
by contemporaneous writers—indeed, it
“That would have lieen impossible, so see it. As I was getting the bridle hit
»A slight flush was, for a moment, per­
is said that the Dutchess, ■ who only
ceptible on Aunt Hannah’s cheeks, she never married.”
into Bill’s month, the roan’s jockey Louisiana at 25 cents per dozen, and survived him a year, died of grief.
“What! did Bitch a lively, handsome came along and said: ‘Say, country, they are said to be unusually flue this
which might have been occasioned by
Eliza’s compliment to her beauty and girl as Kate, without one bit of starch want ter bet any thing on yer crowbait '.” year.
Mr. Josiah H.
II. Stringly, forty years
A Georgia negro seventy-three years ago, was leaning on his ox-cart in front
good qualities, or a consciousnes of the about her, live an old maid?”
I wanted to light, but I fished out all
“She did.”
ridicule which a certain class attach to
the money I had, thirteen cents. old picked on his farm one day last week of the Baptist meeting-house of Oshkosh
“And what could she find to do to ‘Humph; I'll go yer twenty-five cents one hundred and eight pounds of cotton. when the steeple was struck by light-
the appellation of old maid.
It might,
too, have been caused by a blending of make her time pass pleasantly?”
agin it,’ said the boy on the roan.
The total shipments of boots and shoes nmg.
ning. Mr. Stringly was stunned, his
O> I
“What does your Aunt Hannah do?” After a canter along the towpath to from Boston to points outstde of New oxen killed, and the cart was apparently-
all these, or of certain memories which
the question called up.
She remained asked her mother.
warm Bill up, we were ready, and away England since January 1st, foot up 2,. annihilated. After recovering from the
“Oh, Aunt Hannah is different from we went for the starter. We got off on 117,542 eases.
silent for a few minutes, and then said :
effects of the lightning, Mr. Stringly
If she had been the second trial. My heart leaped up
“I will tell you, Eliza—I never had other single ladies.
It is said there are enough iron fur­ became a book agent and practiced that
married, I don’t know what I should and then stopped beating almost, as I naces iy the United States to produce all calling until about a week ago, when
an offer that exactly suited me.”
“How strange!” said Eliza when you have done, for if I have a new dress to heard the word, but I leaned over and the iron the country can consume, and an indurated swelling on his right cheek
are so easy to please, and aro so keen, make she always assists me; if my mu- whispered to Bill, and the animal just more, too.
attracted his attention. lie
He found that
sighted to everybody’s virtues, and so sic or drawing perplexes me, she knows laid down to his work. The wind cut
it was caused by a Jink of an ox chain,
blind to their faults.
Now, there is how to put me right, and if I am sick by ray face like a gale. I could feel
and on trying to pull the link out .ff
And then, you know, that my hair stood straight out behind tities of apples this year. The polyg. the cheek twelve feet of heavy
Aunt Margaret, who is not half as pretty she nurses me.
heavy- ox-chain
as you are, married to one of the beet, when you and father want to go on a my head. I could see the long, dusty
anil the missing ox-cart were recovered
this work.
the handsomest and the most noble- journey, she always keeps house for you, towpath ahead, and the sparkling water
—the latter in perfect condition, with
Stock-raising is assuming large pro. the exception of one of the tires, which
looking man in the world, Come, aunt, so that you never feel uneasy about the at the left, and between me and it a
There are was slightly corroded.
do tel' me all about it for 1 am tired of children while you are absent. It is the shadow that rose and fell regularly and portion in South Carolina.
This story
my piano, my worsted work and my luckiest thing in the world for us—and as rapidly as the motion of my own twenty-seven cattle farms devoted to teaches ns that we should never play
Aunt Margaret Waldron, too—that Aunt horse. Neck and neck we reached the
with lightning and should always tell
“My life has lieen a very quiet, un­ Hannah remained single.”
bend in the canal, and I was on the
A variety of cotton known as the Sene- the truth.
“Then yon are glad that your aunt outside track. There the roar of the gambia is attracting considerable at­
eventful one," said Aunt Hannah, “and
would, I am afraid, make a dull story; never married?” asked Mrs. Herbert.
crowd liegan to swell above the clippity­ tention in some quarters of Alabama. It
but I will tell you about some dear
“I am sure I have reason to be,” re­ cut of tho flying feet beneath us. I is said to turn out a pound to fifty bolls.
S pringfirld , Prince George’s Co., Md.
friends of mine, if that will do?”
plied Eliza, “and ho lave you—haven’t leaned over ti> speak to Bill again, but
Mr. Chiw. G. Addison, of the above place,
Great Britain has about 6,000,000
“Oh, yes,” said Eliza, “that will be you. aunt?”
I couldn’t say a word. 1 could only head of cattle, against 30,000,000 in states: “I sprained my right knee, causing
“Yes, reason to be glad and thankful, Htroke and pat his neck. lie answered America ; it has about 25,000,000 sheep intense suffering and the use of crutches for
the next beet thing to hearing about
yourself. There, I hear mother coming; to.”
it instantly. Then the tears came to and lambs, against about 50,000,000 in several week». T found no relief in other
remedies and finally tried the miracle of cure,
but that need not make any difference.”
“I knew so, for there is no other sta- my eyes, for I could Bee we were forging America.
St. Jacobs Oil Ina short time I could bend
“Eliza wants me to tell her a story, tion in the world that you would Is* ho ahead. The crowd around the stand
my knee—which had been as stiff as an iton
A forest mathematician has figured f°d layi ng aside my crutches and was able
Bister,” said Aunt Hannah, as Mrs. happy in yourself, or make others so saw it, too, and threw their hats into
out that there are enough pine trees to walk as well as ever."
Herbert took her accustomed place at happy.”
the air, and swung their arms, and
growing in the South to furnish the
the fireside, “and I have promised to
“It is not the station tlmt has made leaped, and danced, and shouted them­
t.he 1'"‘ of State» in
whole country with lumber for 250 years
tell her alsiut some old friends.
It is your aunt so happy,’’-said Mrs. Herbert, selves hoarse.”
wealth per capita, averaging 81,500.
to come.
an old story to you, so you can prompt “but because she early found out the
The old horseman stopped talking
New Hampshire manufacturers are ex.
me if I make any mistakes.”
true secret of happiness."
fora while, and, after drawing his hands
“Certainly,” said Mrs. Herbert.
“And what is the secret, mother?”
across his face, stared ahead over the perieneing the evils of cutting down the
l»r. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.: Dear
Many factories have stopped ir-I wrote you some time ago that I thought
“One of my friends,” said Aunt
“In whatsoever situation you are in, animal he was driving. “I have seen forests.
had a .««tv/.ov Tk........ . i
Hannah, “ vliom 1 shall call lsalx‘1, was to be therefore content.”
hundreds of races since, but I sigh in their wheels for want of water in the I had a owicer. There was a lar.-e lump in my
breast a» larw as a walnut, au.l had been there
the youngest of a large family of daugh.
“I would give almost anything to see vain for the thrill of a delight that my
four month»
I commenced taking vour
Iler form wax slight, her com- ' Kate ami her sister, and Leonard Erank. first race gave me."—[New York Sun.
A Maryland paper asserts that the
(.olden Medlc:il Discovery, ' "Favorite Pre.
plexion and features delicate, and she land. I don’t believe he was so hand­
money paid out for fertilizers in Hart­ (»enptioii and “Pellet." in June, and the
• limp is gone.
Yours greatfidly,
might have been called interesting some a man as Uncle Waldron is—was
I dkas 60 Y ears A ud .— 1 remember ford county, that State, this year, would
M rs . R. IL C lark , Irvington. Mich. I
rather than handsome.
Her sister, | lie, aunt?”
| the roars of laughter which the dis­
Kate, two years older, some called bet­
“Yes. he was handsomer than your cussion of Martin’s bill for the preven- twenty years ago.
,’“"1 H"M.V °f l’aris says America
ter looking, though.”
Unde Waldron is now; for Leonard 1 tion of cruelty toiipiimilxelicite,d. though
The Saverton Lithographic Stone is the (Iiisticrtt country he ever saw.
“Better looking?” said Mrs. Herbert, Frankland was then in his youthful I the wise and humane, of course, sup- Company of Ralls county. Mo., has re-
ATFor five cent». Well,, Richardson * <’o I
breaking in upon her, “she was the ‘ prime.”
Burlington. A t„ will send colored .ample, of
‘ ported it warmly. Much of the cruelty
most beautiful girl in town, yet beauty |
“I wish you would tell me who Kate | of the day proceeded from gross igno­ annually. Postage stamps are to be Diamond Dye», with directions.
was her least charm.”
really was,” said Eliza.
rance and consequent want of sympathy printed from Saverton stones.
Dujardin, Life Essenoe positively cures
“I believe you exaggerate a little. I
Her mother smiled and looked signi­ with suffering, and cats, I think, had all
Money is getting to lie very cheap in hysteria, and all nervous affootions.
sister,” said Aunt Hannah.
“When | ficantly at Aunt Hannah.
A Ioan of $¡25,000 on
cs,wcially hard time of it. Not only New York.
Isals‘1 wax sixteen and Kate eighteen, I
Eliza sprang up from the xtixil at her had they to contend with their natural
Heart Tonic relieve, pain about the heart.
mortgage, at 2 7 10 per cent interest, is
one Leonard Frankland, a young mer- aunt's feet, and threw her arms around enemies, rough boys and dogs, but the
reported. the loan being granted for one
chant, came to reside in the place. He her neck.
Dujardin'» Life Nssenee is T hs Gasar
erroneous notion prevaihai that to make year. The security is, of course, first- F bincb
N invi T omic .
soon became intimate with their brother, (
“Why, how stupid I was not to guess them good mousers they must be kept class.
who used often invite him home to take it was you all the time,” said she. “I hungry, whereas the truth is that a
F liss , roschsx, ante, bed-btup. rat», mice,
The largest amount of railroad con­
tea or spend the evening.
He van— I might have known that there was not
gy; «^poiuukx, Oleareil out by “ Rough on
half-starved cat has not the spirit to
that in, most persons thought him, singu- ' another person in the world beside dear I hunt. Besides which, few people seemed structed in any one year in Missouri was
five hundred and eighty miles in 1870.
larly handsome, anti that his manners ■ Aunt Hannah who would have acted so
i to have observed what delicate fi'olers
A J’*’' KF’”“”«». <>., .aya: “I haT,
were peculiarly attractive.
It wax not J nobly and generously as Kate. And I cats were, requiring food much oftener The average per year for thirty-one years,
prescribed Brown s Iron Bitters in several in-
long before it began to l-e whispered in ■ now 1 know, too, that Leonard and Isa­ I than dogs, and needing the basin of during which construction has gone on, suite?*
’ “d
"buin9d K”«l «•
has been one hundred and forty-five
the family, and among their more inti, bel were Uncle and Aunt Waldron.”
waterfortheirconvenience also, especial­ miles.
matt* acquaintances, that he wax partial
ly when milk was grudgingly allowed.
Dujardin s Life Essonce cures neuralgia and
An experiment in silk culture is about
to Kate. Kate wax not no blind ax not
nervoua headache.
-......... —
-------- —
A lemon tree on the farm of Thomas
to be tried on a somewhat extensive
to perceive it herself, and but for one
American companies have spent over scale in the State of New Jersey, about
tiling it would have made her the hap­ Kennedy, on Noonan's Lake. Fla., nine,
“ Mommi S wami W orm S tri r,” for feT8r.
piest girl that ever livetl. She from the teen years old, budded on a sour orange j $30,000,000 in railroads in Mexico, ami twenty-five miles from New York. Land t-JkoZ, 'SS*’“*“- Wort“’ co“**l»tion.
tirM hail seen that Isabel, though un- stump, has been in bearing eleven years completed over 1,600 miles of track, is to be purchased, divided into silk
Vonxcioux of it herxelf, had given her and yielded its owner a net average of | The English lines aggregate 353 miles, farms of three to ten acres each, and
Es*ne» om-jwn nrrmu <fe.
planted with mulberritv
heart to the fascinating Frankland ; xo $68 a year, the greatest yield being $106. , and the Mexican 635.
»■M*. MS of wmry.
Y amhill R eporter ,
And Sullivan’s, the leadiu- (<7
House of San Fraud»«, wifi
of their new illu.trated ■at.lu?L,““'<J|
list of fall aud winter »tyl.J*^ IM
C loak and Sorr H ouse , 120 Kearn
Dujardin's Life Easenoe uxaLM
young again.
St Loui. pay. «17,000 n^T^,.,
school fund than it receive» fropi it
“ BECAME BOUN d ' and WE lj ,,,
11. V. Ifferce, M. L)., Utear R4- i.
who had been ill for over two v«r
tried many other medicine., I „¿.»J’J
well by using your “ Favorite
Aly niece was also cured by it- nJvM
eral physician« had failed to do ¿2/H
Vour. truly,
TyogAe J.
Watcher’« »SUtioa ’pj
-------- —
---- -
A vocalist says that eating r,w . J
effective cure for sore throat
iff* 7iHe J1’“? *" <li“c,,“i«nted in OM|J
will seldom lx- happy in another " p : J"
constantly changing their home. fr„m J' '"1
M est and from North to South or llc7,
search of a healthy »tate. If they woll|n '
to be contented and to llse tho cetaS
Kidney-U ort when sick, they won!,I iT™!
better off. The whole system can b. i
a healthy state by this simple but dSU
, ^“ver ,wil>, Put "P «L25C.000 worth of ».
buildings in the »ext year.
---- -—-------
Boils, carbuncles and BcJds are elimin.^
bv using Samaritan Nervine. All ,lriI.°,;?f
Dujardin's Life Essence girei brain fon,
vital energy.
... .........................
“ R ociih on
Clears out rat»,
flies, roaches, bed-bugs, aut», vsrmi? d
rnunks. 15c.
-------- -
Thre.’millionaire Congrewmen li*e in I
------»-»»Ote ♦---------
Dr. Pierce’» “Pellet»” (the original “b
liver pill»”) anti no pain er griping. L’un
or bilious headache, sour stomach anti
the system and bowel». 25 cent, a vial *
The world consumes 2,000,000 tons of u.
bacco a year.
-♦ —------ -—.
Mr.. E. Forbes, of Potsdam, N. Y. write
"Samaritan Nervine cured my »tn of epi!t| *
Our little girl had the croup. We
Amnion'» Cough Syrup. It cured her. Hid
also used it for colds, and always with nJ
co»». It is a wonderful medicine, andeiM
family where there are children should kwpU
in the house, as it is the but, and a safe fanuhl
remedy.—Publisher Courier, San Jose ijl
A lbany . O b ., Feb. 4th, 1882.—Aaad
Cough Syrup has given general »atisfachJ
and we believe it is a good thing.
F obhhay A M ason , l)rtig.-nt<
Anil Coughs, “ Broum’e Bronchial Twctari
have a world wide reputation. SM »/j»
boxer. Price 25 cent».
- —,
The Connecticut uiilitia costs the State Sil
per mau por annum.
"Far more valuable than those golden a|,pla
of Heepcridos aro the life, Health and benS
of womanhood. Mrs. Pinkham'» VegeUli
Compound restores ami preserve» all thwe.
Dr. Rogers’ Heart Tonic cures palpitation
Dujardin's Life Essence is the remedy («
th» overworked brain.
Disease« of an exhaustive nature that have»
tendency to create an unnatural feeling such a
fatigue, lassitude and great weakness through­
out the system owe their origin to a lack of iroa
in the blood. Brown’s Iron Bitters will re­
store the blood to its natural, healthful condi­
tion. ' Get the blood pure by using this remedy
and disease will be quickly banished.
RsllevM anti cures
Soiatica, Lumbago,
Soreness. Cuts, Bruiltl
nrttss. xcuns,
And all other hodllr»*"
and pains.
Hold by »11
IMalora blrecwotw 1» I*
The Charles A. Voaeler U
iiawwm t. a . voaaiisswi
R.0U.WW »A, t.AA
and MALARIA. _
From th«‘»e sou rec 8 orGo three tourM«
the disease» of the human race- mew
symptoms indicate their existence:
Appetite, Bowela costive, ®ick
ache, fullnos^ a Iter catins, aversio»» w
exertion of body or mind, Fruot*»«w
of food, Irritability of temper» *7"
spirit«. A feellns of having neRle««
»«me dm?', Dizziness, Flattering
Heart, Dots before the eves.hUnlFe®1
ored trine, co.WHPATIO< andIg
rnand tho use of a remedy that actsrrrecn
on tho Liver. As a Liver'medicln- • T.vy*
FIT. LS have no equal. Their actionoawe
Kidneysand Skin is also prompt; remote
all impurities through tbeso three
engera of the system.”
tlte, sound digestion, regular «tnoh.aci
skin and a vigorous body. ’TrTT’S PDL
cause no nausea or griping not interie«
with daily work and are a perfect
Sold ewrvwlep.
Office, 44
G rat H air or W iiibksrh
Rtantly to a G losst B lack by a »in«*
plloarion of till. 1>TB. Bold by I>nw
or sent by exprea. on receipt of I1*
Offlc, 44 Murray Starct, Now