The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, September 07, 1893, Image 4

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And now There camé frequent tidings
of onébattlç after another, but always
fuïiowèa speedily by tejégrams front Rose
to fissure the anxious hohie friends that,
although the first lq tho conflict and the
lust to leavo-tho field, her brothers thus
far had been mercifully preserved un­
harmed. Dunbar's horse had once been
shot tinder him, but ho escaped without
injury. His bravo men, however, had
suffered terribly. More than 20 of
George’s gallant 100 had fallen, and 13
more were now in tho hospital, watched
over by their gallant captain's sister with
a tenderness and hearty sympathy that
made her like an angel in their midst.
Then cams another pause,during which
the regiments had leisure to fill up their
broken ranks, recruit their exhausted
strength and restore order again in their
camps. But it waeonly the quiet of the
tempest while it gathers force to burst
again upon the earth with fury and deso­
Our friends at the farm had enjoyed
one of those quiet, delightful Sabbaths
that July sometimes bestows after a se­
vere thunderstorm. Toward evening all
were on the veranda watching the shad­
ows falling over tho clover fields, whilo
the sun edged tho grand old hills with
fire as he slowly sunk to rest behind the
dark mountains that overlooked the plac­
id lake.
Just then u horse's hoofs were heard,
and tho next moment a horse and rider
were seen rapidly approaching the house.
It was an uncommon occurrence on the
Sabbath, and every face betokened alarm.
As the rider halted at the steps Mr.
Newton rose and received a dispatch.
The boy lingered ono moment and then
rode quickly away. To how many does
the sight of a telegram bring fear and
forebodings of evil, even when from busi­
ness necessities they are of frequent oc­
currence, and how one not accustomed to
receiving them shrinks from the first
glance of the contents! Thus stood Mr.
Newton, while every eye turned anxious­
ly toward him. His own face was very
pale and his hand trembled when at last
he opened it. As his eyes took in the
message a heavy groan burst from his
lips, but he instantly controlled himself
as Ills wife and daughter exclaimed:
“Qh, my boys!” “My husband!”
“Be brave, my dear ones. It is from
Rose. A feprful battle at Bull Run. We
are shamefully beaten. Eustace slightly
woupaed, but George and Ralph are
missing. Come—come to me quickly!”
Ah, was not this a bitter cup? How
will they bear it? The noble father,
the tender mother, the loving bride
and sisfer and the dear younger brother!
Their faith and trust in God must be
strong indeed to carry them safely
through these deep waters!
Lilian was the first to speak.
“We must go at once, dear father.
Eustace will be well cared for, but Rose
edfcdunsel and support immediately.”
C o .
l their vigilance, and they yielded to fa-
ligno and whisky, which soon completely
overpowered them.
A guard uut placed over him.
had much anxiety on ltiy account and
many fears that I might not bo able to j
rise above the cruel disappointment that — It is almost a dully occurrence that
jams so suddenly upon me. I do not ' some tramp warkman comes along so­
pretend that I have not suffered very liciting work that can be done by resi­
bitterly. But it was tlie pain of mis­ dents. <)ne day it is a tramp plmtogru-
placed confidence, the knowledge that ' plier with an old camera tuking botch-
what I had thought a priceless treasure ’ cd up views of residences or stores, and
was worse thAn dross, a thing to loathe
»nd scorn. It takes tiuio to banish re­ selliug them at prices equal to those
grets for sucli impoverishment, but the charged by our established photogra­
love so unutterably squandered can phers, who cun establish reputations
never be renewed. From the hour that for first class work, and live here, pay
Jasper Grenville joined himself to trai­ taxes here ami help support the com­
tors against Ills country his power over munity. Then again an umbrella re­
me ceased. Ho is now a prisoner, taken pairer or tinker solicits work, or a sign
by a scouting party in tho rash attempt writer hastily brushes letters utterly
to obtain a clandestine interview with
me. I am thankful that it did not fall at variance with all rules of type foun­
to my brothers to capture him, but it is dry designers. They get good pay for
well that his efforts against our country their botched work and tlie local
painter goes hungry if there is no other
ire ended, at least for the present.
“Lillian, my sister, you look at mo in employment. Another class that de­
lad surprise that I speak of him so cool­ serve to be met witli a shotgun at the
ly. You think me hard and unfeeling!” door is tlie traveling men who take or­
“Ab, no, Rosiel But 1 cannot under- ders for shirts or clothing and then go
itaqd Low a love so strong as yours was
can bo so totally annihilated, even if tho to San Francisco or Portland probably
object prove, as Grenville lias, utterly till orders from stock on hand at prices
far above those of our local merchants.
“Ab, dear sisterl If this had been of
These and other classes of the tramp
the common order of Bin or worthless­ business men or workmen should lie
ness, there might have lingered some discouraged. Their wares are gener­
shades of tenderness, but for tho son
who would trample upon his mother, ally unsatisfactory and the employ­
the traitor who would betray and de- ment is had at the expense of people
itroy liis country, there can exist no who reside among us.— i’ltf/enr Gtutnl.
feeling but entire indifference. X es—a
stronger one than that—detestation.”
The Wilaon Bill.
“And what.” interrupted Ralph, “do
you Imagine that Grenville hoped to gain
The following is the bill that carried
by a disguised entrance into my sister’s in the house by a vote of 239 to 110:
presence? Why, to persuade her to leave
us and allow tho first rebel chaplain to An act to repeal a part of an act, ap­
proved July 14, 1890, entitled “An
marry them mid then convey her to his
act directing tlie purchase of silver
southern home! Or, if slio thought that
was asking too liiucli, to secure her prom­
bullion and the issue of treasury
ise to be liis when tho south lied subdued
notes thereon, and for other pur­
“How did you learn this?” asked his
Be it enacted, etc., That so much of
father in amazement.
“When captured, ho was marched close the act approved July 14, 1890, entitled
by our camp and urged his guard to pro­ “An act directing the purchase of sil­
cure mi interview with our colonel. Eus­ ver bullion and issue of treasury notes
tace met him and brought back an ear­ thereon, and for other purposes," as di­
nest petition for one word with Rose. rects the secretary of the treasury to
Suspecting Grenville imagined our sad purchase from time to time silver bul­
reverses had somewhat disheartened us,
and that ho might also flatter himself lion to the aggregate amount of 4,500,-
that a sight of him would revive her love, 000 ounces, or so much thereof as may
our littlo heroine consented to go with be offered in eacli month, at the mar­
Dunbar. It was well that I was off on a ket price thereof, not exceeding one
scout. I could not have borne his as- dollar for 371.15 grains of pure silver,
suranco so quietly as Rose and our Eus­ and to issue in payment for such pur­
tace did.”
chases treasury notes of the United
“Well, ho understands me now, my .States, be, and the same is hereby re­
dear parents, and will never, I am sure,
entertain so wild a hope again. That he pealed; but this repeal shall not im­
suffers I do not doubt, and for the suffer­ pair or in any manner affect the legal
ing, though deserved, I am sorry. But ho tender quality of the standard silver
clioso this crooked path against all our dollars heretofore coined; and the faith
entreaties and has no ono to blaino but and credit of tlie United States are
himself. We will not waste this short hereby pledged to maintain the parity
reunion by any more words of him. I of the standard gold and silver coins of
thought it best to tell you this nt once
that all the rest of our time might lie the United States at the present legal
undisturbed. One of tho old good night ratio, or such other ratio as may be es­
hymns, papa, if you please, and then we tablished by law.
will go to rest that we may lie prepared
The Clay Books of Nineveli.
for great pleasure tomorrow.”
Whilo Rose and Ralph were on their
Far away beyond the plains of the
visit home Dunbar had been sent with a
strong forco to disperse an encampment Mesopotamia, on the banks of the river
of rebels whoTiad stationed themselves Tigris, lies the ruins of the ancient city
inconveniently near our lines. Ho was Nineveh. Not long since huge mounds
successful in his mission, had routed of earth and stone marked the place
them completely and taken many prison­ where the palaces and walls of the
ers. During tho time that this party proud capital of the great Assyrian em­
waited about the union station they had
with them many females of the baser pire stood. The spade and the scraper,
sort, who had often been surprised in at­ first of the French and then of the En­
tempting to lure our men outside the glish. had cleared .all the earth away
lines, but great watchfulness and strict and laid bare all that remains of the
regulations had given them little en­ old streets and palaces where the proud
princes of Assyria walked and lived.
Oil their way back to camp the next The goJs they worshipped and the
day, having scattered tho rebels, a wom­
an, feeble and ragged, camo out from books they read have all been revealed
the wood near tho roadside, holding a to the sight ofa wondering world. The
dirty rag on a stick as a flag of truce. most curiousof all curious things pre­
George, who first noticed her, halted. served in this wonderful manner are
She advanced and 6tooil before him, the clay books of Nineveh. The chief
earnestly gazing into liis face. Sho could library of itie city was contained in the
not have been more than 23 or 23 years palace of Kouyunjikr The clay books
old and must have once been handsome. which composed its contents were sets
Meeting no look of recognition, Blie
dropped her eyes for a moment, then of tablets covered with very small let­
raising them again with a half despair­ ters. The tablets are all oblong in
shape, and when several of them are
ing, half defiant look she said:
"I would speak with your colonel. I used for one book the first line of tho
have something to say to him.”
tablet following was written nt the end
George galloped to where Dunbar rode of the one preceding it. The writing
and reported this request. Tho regi­ was done when the clay of the tablet
ment halted at a sign from their com­
mander, who rodo back with George to was soft; it was then baked to harden
where tho figure still remained like a it. Each tablet was numbered, just as
statue, immovable. When they reached librarians of today number the books of
her, tho searching look which had so dis­ which they have charge. Among
turbed George was fastened on Dunbar's these books are to be found collections
face and with tlie same result. Tlie men of hymns, descriptions of animals and
gathered near with looks of wonder, birds, stones and vegetables, as well as
mingled with suspicion, that she might
bo acting ns a decoy to somo rebel am­ of history and travel.
When all was quiet and deep sleep set­
tled down upon the captors, slowly and
painfully, stiff from many blows and
bruises, Ralph succeeded in dragging
himself clear of tho slumbering guards,
passing ono who had thrown cap and
overcoat near where he lay in his drunk­
en Btupor. It took but a moment to
disguise liimself in a rebel's uniform, and
greatly rejoicing to find a loaded revolv­
er in the pocket silently passed beyond
tha guarded tent. Then the rash boy,
remembering that ho had seen a number
of .(raptured horses fastened nearby as he
marched to the prison tent and sure that
ho recognized Eustace's horse among
them, delayed till he could judge by liis
ear ot the position, then crept skillfully
among jhe trees to tho spot where they
were tethered. Prince’s low, welcoming
whinny revealed him* before Ralph, by
thd fitful moonlight, could bo sure of
his exact locality. Instantly unfasten­
ing the halter he sprang into tlie saddle,
which remained as the master had fallen
from it, and dashed fearlessly away.
Evidently the sentry was half asleep
or had not distinguished the littlo noise
he made from the stamping and restless­
ness of so manv wearv and unfed horses
around Hun, but leaving tlie swamp
where they wero tied and passing, as he
must, the tents a guard sprang forward,
presenting liis musket, and demanded tho
countersign. Not daring to use his pis­
tol lest ho should too soon rouse the
sleepers within, the only answer ho re­
turned was a well directed blow, which
staggered tho man, giving Princo free­
dom to rush forward. The sentinel re­
covered himself immediately and fired,
but with an unsteady hand. It wassufli
lient, however, to rouse the men, and in
a few minutes he could hear the con­
fused and fierce call to arms. Many
random shots were fired, but the good
Steed carried the bravo boy gallantly,
and ho was ioon beyond their pursuit.
‘Yes, my darling. But there is no
Early in tho morning after this dark
train that we enn reach till early Moil­ and perilous ride Ral{4i once ventured
dry morning.
to halt nt a house by tho wayside and
“My dear wife, you ate not well. I ask for a picco of bread and a cup of
dread this rapid and exciting journey milk, which were given him, whether out
for you. Will you not remain at home, of respect for his borrowed uniform or
leaving Lillian and myself to do what
from a kindly heart ho could not judge,
we can for our children, yet keeping you and twice ho stopiied to give the faithful
informed by daily telegrams?”
In the early morning Alfred returned. Prince a good feed of grass and draft
of pure water. When at last the camp
“Good news. I telegraphed to Rose as with Eustace's regimental colors flying
soon as I reached the city and received
this answer not 10 minutes before I was opened on his sight, it was tho happiest
obliged to leave,” handing the dispatch moment of liis life.
Twice had Dunbar in tho midst of a
to Ills father.
furious assault been brought face to face
“George safe with us. Eustace doing
Grenville. Tho first was but a
well, but Ralph is a prisoner. Let Al­
fred come with Lillian. Father and passing glance as in tho rush of battlo
mother can do nothing toward Ralph's they swept past each other. Tho last
wasonly a few moments before Eustace's
fall. A rebel aimed full at him while
Great was tho joy at this releaso from giving an order, but in a moment a cav­
part ot their fears, but it was with diffi­ alry officer dashed to tho soldier's side,
culty that the mother could be persuaded threw up his arm by u quick movement
to relinquish the i<lca of going hefselr. of his sword, as if by accident, and with
She at last consented on one condition— a . ad look raised his cap to Eustace and
tjiat her husband should accompany Lil- wheeled off in nil opjiosito direction.
lifUl, leaving Alfred to supply his father's That officer was Jasper Grenville.
place at home.
Ralph had also seen him, and burning
Mr. N ewton and his daughter reached with indignation, guided only by tho
the camp without any delay, sending impulso of the moment, endeavored to
--------------- ----------------------
back by the magic wires an immediate reach him and in that rash nttenipt was bush. She heeded them not nor turned
Mesic» Finds III r I. Tariff Costly.
report of their safe arrival and tho com­ surrounded mid taken a prisoner.
her eyes from Eustace's face as if to
fort their presence gave the anxious chil­
Mr. Newton mid his daughter returned compel a recognition. Ho remained si­
There hits been a report lately that
to tho farm, mid time sjK'd on, bringing lent, wondering to what this would tend, Mexican manufacturers were to be ask­
At noon the next day camo the fol­ weekly reports from absent ones and till, her strangely earnest gaze becoming
ed to make a loan to the government,
meting out full measures of quiet enjoy­ irksome, ho spoke abruptly:
“Ralph is safely with us. Expect a ment for those at home, crowning their
“Well, woman, what do you wish? i in return for which they would Ite
letter the next mail.”
guaranteed against any lowering of cus­
toil with great success and more than have no time to loiter.
The letter came in duo time, as fol­ tho hoped for remuneration. The har­
toms duties. But it appears that the
vest had been carefully garnered, and
government is Hot disposed to aban­
“Dunbar's wuuud in tho left arm, the sales wero rapid. Tho family were
don its policy of tariti reform when es­
from a bayonet thrust, was slight, and beginning to look forward Io tho winter
timates by impartial people show that
would not have kept him from his work as a period of less severe toil, bringing
increased revenue may be expected
a day, but at tho same time he was leisure for much reading, and, of more
from substantially lowering duties on
knocked from his horse, rescued by his valuo than all else, a reasonable hojie
cotton textiles, paper, drugs and other
men and carried from tho field.
that their children might bo able to se­
“George and Ralph have been wonder­ cure a few days for home, as tho slow
articles, the consumption of which, if
fully preserved. Their regiment was and seemingly sluggish efforts of tho
less highly taxed, could be considera­
among tjie most fearless and daring.”
various corps mid divisions to recruit
bly augmented. The protective policy
In a letter to his wife Mr. Newton would indicate there was littlo expecta­
has proved very costly in decreasing
thus describes how Ralph appeared in tion of active service during tho winter.
revenue, and prices have not been less­
the Union lines:
Ono cold and snowy evening tlio fam­
ened to consumers, regarding whom
“Yesterday afternoon as we were ily wero gathered around tho cheerful
President Diaz says:
seated in Eustace's tent a loud shout from tire, when without a word of warning
his men outside brought us all upon the Roso and Ralph walked in mid were
“They have as much to be consid­
grounds. Great excitement was mani­ clasped in their parents’ arms. Somo
ered as the manufacturers.”
fested by all, and repeated cheers from minutes of joyful greeting and glad sur­
the front sounded strangely out of place prise passed before Lillian could gain an
Burglar« In Diving Suit««.
“ ll’cll, «oiiKin, what do you wish?"
where all but a moment before had been answer to her inquiries after her hus­
quiet, moody or despondent. As tho band. Then slio learned that neither
“And do yon not know me, Eustace
men saw tho colonel leave his tent they Eustace nor Gcorgo could bo spared, as Dunbar? Am I so changed by misery
The Bank of France is not entirely
made way forus to pass toward tho front, their regiment was ordered to join tlie that yon do not recall Estella Le Barron, I free from nervousness regarding tlie
and in tho distance we saw that a horse­ army nt Vicksburg, with M) days for or are yon so prond and scornful yon will • ability of the burglar, and guards itself
man riding furiously was tho occasion preparation. Tho brothers had urged not stoop to notice me in my misery and | in a very careful manner. Every day,
of the excitement. The Distant Dunbar Rali'h to obtain a short furlough and ac­ min?”
when the money is put into tlie vaults
espied him he exclaimed : ‘Look I Surely company liis sister on this visit, lieariug
Tho men with natural delicacy fell
I cannot bo mistaken. That is Prince, their loving greetings, whilo they tarried oacfc, for tncre werQ some among I in the cellar, masons are waiting and
but such a uniform—who can the rider behind to expedite arrmigenieiits.
| George's company who Came from their . at once wall up tlie doors with liydraul-
be?' It was their colonel's well known
A real home siqqier was prepared for : home and knew of the Le Barron tragedy. i ic mortar. Water is then turned on
horse the men had cheered so heartily, tho Moved guests, and whilo seated at
“Oh, Estella! And is it thus I find ' and kept running until the cellar is
but they now stood anxiously waiting for tho familiar board all caro and anxiety yon? And how came you, with all your I flooded. A burglar would thus have
a nearer approach to recognize the rider. was dismissed from their minds. If Lil­ faults, among the enemies of your coun­ to work in a .living suit and break
“It was but a moment's suspense be­ lian's heart yearned for her husband's try?”
’ down a cement wall before lie could I
fore, without checking his headlong presence and the parents missed George's
“I have no country, no friends. The
speed, he strippedtho rel»'l coat front his thoughtful attentions, it win carefully ' villain for whom I forsook both has cast ' even start to loot the vaults. When ,
the officers arrive next morning the I
shoulders, threw it from him and raising concealed during this meal. Onco more me out to destruction.”
the cap from his head tossed it high in gathered in tho cheerful parlors, ques- i “Estella,” interrupted Dunbar when 1 water is drawn off, tho masonry torn
the air to fall in the ditch beyond, with tiens flowed continually, but not so ab- ' he saw how reckless she was of exposing down and tlie vaults opened. The treas­
a full, joyous'Hurrah!'which was an- sorbingly as to prevent tho parents from I her own shame, “come with ns to our ures of the Bank of France are much
swered by the most deafening cheers. giving Rose's looks and words careful ; camp, and when there I can procure you •letter guarded than any others in tlie
We all recognized that voice. Rose attention. They were soon satisfied that a safe and respectable shelter where yon ■ world.
sprang forward, crying 'Ralph! Ralph! no corroding sorrow was preying upon ' can secure kindness and friends even yet
my darling brother!’ as he dashed into their darling's peaco. True, sho was in if you choose to deserve them. I can no
lia* appeared in Berlin
our midst flung hiiuself from the pant­ many respects greatly changed. Tlie j longer remain idle here. Will yon come
in a colony of Polish workingmen.
ing horse and clasped her in his arms." strange, sa<l experience of her hospital ' «nd trust an old friend?”
The letter still further explained that life had given a maturity of thought
“I know not where you propose taking The German capital was preserved from 1
on the first night of Ralph's capture and expression that was singularly con­ me, but I nm sick, homeless, starving—I a visit of the pestilence last year by her
those who had charge of the prisoners en- trasted with her bright, girlish face and have no choice lmt submission to your incomparable cleanliness, and there!
i sipped in a wood not many milee from figure. Years of home lifo could never direction.”
will l>e no alarm now. The great city
Bull Run, being nnable to proceed far­ have developed the strength and enthusi­
is in districts to facilitate drainage.
ther and confident that our army had asm of her character as tho last two
been too greatly dispirited to rally suffi­ months had done
A Berlin scientist who has made some Instead of making a sewer of the little
ciently to regain what they liad so need­
Tho bond between herself and twin investigations into the social habits of river that runs through Berlin, and |
lessly loet. From the first Ralph was brother was even stronger than when in the Komleli negroes in Central Africa which, if treated in the ordinary way
<lefermined to escape before he reached their home life. No sluulow of conceal­ says that their affections are much would he an intolerable nuisance, the
their prison honse. A guan! was placed ment ever came bctwcvii them, and !
than is the ease with civiliztd sowerage is driven by force pumps to
over him, who abused and insulted him without words they seemed to under­ stronger
people*. Vary frequently after the loiw iminen-w fields of sand a few miles dis­
in the moot heartless and nnnatnral man­ stand each other's hearts instinctively.
of a wife, a child or a favorite animal tant. and these are fertilized, while the
ner. He assumed meanwhile a weary,
When it was time to retire, Rose said. they commit suicide liecause of grief, City is purified.— Hrookiyu Stanrinrrl-
dispirited manner, and at last appeareti "Stay a moment longer, please. I have a j and their usual way of doing so is to
to sink Into the heavy sleep of greet ex- few words to say b re retiring.
wade into the water and let a crocodile Vnion.
; _
exhaustion. This after a time relaxed i "I know, iny dear parents, j ou liars devour them.
Or Mile«* Nervine for N«rvou? Prostration
Inquiry by an Orif/nnhui reporter
with regard to hop areas immediately
Joining Jnde|>endence,noneof the yards
being more than two miles away,shows
the following result: Sixteen growers
last year had 107 acres in hops and this
year it is 4S0. Last year it was estima­
ted that Polk county had a total of 080
acres in hops. If we are to Judge from
the increase in acreage here the total
this year will be near 2000acres. Since
it takes about five pickers to handle an
acre of hops, the number of pickers nec­
essary will innount to 10,000 in Polk
county. Last year the yield was esti­
mated at (101,020 pounds of hops, and
this year a safe estimate would lie 1,800-
000, wihch, if sold at 20 cents a pound,
will bring $300,000 into this county.
The average yield will be a little less
bur will be made up in acreage which
was not tit to pick last year on account
of lice. The approaeliing hop picking
season is bringing hundreds of idle men
to town.
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Its merit» to
Just closed the most pro«s|‘«-r.>UH year m
its history. Wide range of studies. I lio
“ For several yearn I ha„
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the State Fair Grounds near Sa­
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1893, anil continuing one week.
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billing fill's oil lliiih'ii h
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frigs» st., Cor. ■Wahlngpm, Fortapd. Or.
Will be paid as premiums for Stock, Poul­
try. Swine, Agricultural Products, Fruits,
Native Woods, Minerals, Worksof Art and
Fa'.cy Work, and for Trials of Speed.
Through Tickets to all PoiN
Tlie Easter« states, CaBahirM
Wisconsin Central li
Direct Line
Quick Dispatch,
Low Freight Rates.
( Northern Pacific R. R. Co. Lt
Two Through Trains!)
For Information and free Handbook write to
MUNN A Co.. 3C1 B koadwat , Naw Yomr.
Oldest bureau tor securing patents In A mérita.
Every patent taken out by us Is brought before
the public by a notice given tree ot charge in the
Scientific American
Prices of Admission.
Attached to all ThroughTni
Between Portland and Corvi
Mail Train Daily, except find
Portland ... 7 :3O a ill McMinn'
McMinn’.. 10 :10 a m Corvallis. ,
Corvallis .12: :55 p in McMinn' ÿ
McMinn’... 2 :.">(> p in Portland,
At Albany and Corvallis con«
trains of Oregon Pacific.
Express Train Daily, exceptSuj
4:40 p m.McMnn ..:j|
McMinn’... 5:45 a m|Portland...«
Can be obtained at lowest rates from I
Wilcox, Agent. McMinnville.
Asst. G F. tfi
PAVILION open four evenings during
the week, with good music in attendance.
NEW PvEGl'LATlON TRACK are corn ed-1
ed to he among the most comfortable and
best on the Pacitic coast.
day. There is entered for these contests I
the best field of horses this year that has:
been on the grounds for many seasons.
Valuable ami handsome improvements I
have been made on the grounds and build­
‘■r .
s :.XI a in Roseburg..
7:00 a lii l'orilaiKl.'
Albany Local, Daily, Eiceptlu
p in Albany
Albany...........<l:30a in Portland
(No Change of Cars)
Has been revised and improved for the ben­
efit of exhibitors.
Entries fur premiums close al 3 y. m. the
first day of tlie fair, and exhibits must be
in place by 10 p. in. of said day.
lll'im s:un, Jn)
gant new dormitory and
“r,,‘ ft.
the campus, where students will renne
personal supervision.
They increnseappetite, purify the whole
eynU ui and act on tho liver. Oik1 IleunsSmull.
Bold by Druiwistsor «mtl y n>»> frce<
Leaves San Francisco...
July II, 21, 31
Leaves Yaquina........................
July 5,16, 26
This company reserves the right to change
sailing dates without notice.
Men’s Season Tickets.
....................... $2 1
River Steamers.
Women’s Season Tickets.
I t
Men’s Day Tickets .
.Steamer “Hoag” leaves Portland, Wed­
Women’s Day Tickets
nesday and Saturday ato a m.
Race Trick TicketDaily
II. ('. D ay , Gen. Agt.,
Women to the Race Course. Free.
Salmon Street Wharf, Portland.
Children under 12 years. Free to all.
1). IL V avghn , Gen. Agt,,
Send to the Secretary at Portland for a
San Frnncisco.
Premium List.
.1. T. APPERSON, President.
IL E. MULCAHY, Gen l Supt.,
J. T. GREGG, Leeretary.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Largest circulation of any scientific paper in tho
world. Splendidly illustrated. No intelligent
man should be without it. Weekly, S.'I.OO a
fearj 11.50 six months. Address MUNN A CO.»
USUSUEK3, 361 Broadway, New York City. ,
Ç r * î £J
ß 25p
7 15p
4 05p
7 05p
10 O ki
lv M innen polis ar 84É
St Paul ar! 80M
Duluth arili IM
Ashland ar 8IM
Chicago .
Tickets sold and baggage checked th
to all points in the United Statesindi
da. Close connection made in(’hici|
all trains going East and South.
For full information apply to vow
est ticket agent or to
Gen. l’asa. and Tkt. Agt.
I Hl— I
tislng Agrn-'i ut I
That Desirable and Most Beautifully Located Property Know
Pleasant Home Additi
To McMinnville
With the only complete bicycle plant in the world,
where every part of the machine is made from A to Z, is it
any wonder that Victor Bicycles are acknowledged leaders?
There’s no bicycle like a Victor, and no plant so grandly
complete as the one devoted exclusively to the manufacture
of this king of wheels.
Situate anil adjoining the BAPTIST COLLEGE ai
minutes walk from the main street of McMinnville; By taking«
sideration the Fine Avenues and Streets, the Sightly Situation anil
ly Surroundings Pleasant Home addition furnishes the grantet
most convenient property for those desiring a beautiful home. PI«
Home is subdivided in four acre-blocks anil is sold on reasonable*
For information apply to WM. F. BRIEDF.NSTEIN, Sole Agwt
Cor. Third Street and Railroad. McMinnviUt
!,( fflj
it the condition of yours? Is your hair dry, harsh,
brittle? Does it split at the ends? lias it a lifeless appearance?
Does it fall out when combed or brushed? I, ,t f„u 9f dandruff?
Doe^y our scalp itch? Is it dry or in a heated condition? If these
avo tonto of your symptoms be warned in time or you will become
In valuable Presents to hu Given Awajt
1 ■ 1 55
57 South Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y
h X nple ,
115,500 gOLLED GOLD V,H c H a ;;;.- lun APi TELLS
I : . 'Ate
1 1 5,500 large
261,030 P rizes , amounting
to ..............
$1 *
1ho lj C*
^^0o, thC” Prt“» ">
LS f-lovr:
.'J? „Vle next greaten number of
........... 1O0LD’
...A qt
of SPEAI 'ill U) TAfit°S-,«Dg m 11,0 cr::t '
31 *° wU1 «“vs to cull 1 POCKET
One reason why .ShW’x Emulsion of Pure Nor-
wegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites of Lime
and Soda has had such a larue sale is because it is
“Almost as palatable as milk;” but the best reason is
that its curative properties are ” Unequalled. It cures
the cough, supplies the- waste of tissues, produces
Scott'» Emulsion cures Coughs.
Colds, Consumption, Scrofula,
and all Anaemic and Wasting
Diseases. Prevents wasting fn
children. Almo-t a, palatable as
milk. Met only the geimlne. Pre­
pared by Scott A iowno. Chemists b'e .i
Toth Sold by all Druggists.
stem wi ;; dixo e ;
I>HFl\t)ETArn',1‘,K "" ,he
,100 Tool®
number of SPEAR fig \r>E ta T”? ““ u" .!.h® .ncxt ■"•‘“J
..1D0 F®
Tomi Number ot Min for this County, 23«.
WM. Sich P<wkio°ro5Sin|1n.,?»£”’lveAbc,orP feniiary 1st, ISM, nor
County, state, and Numbe r
,nnrk"'1 plainly with Nam "«
«nmoer or Tags In each package. AU charges on packa^
plug tobacco i.red1*K<jnEI'i£^'w '" more qualities of Intrinsic value th’“ ’,’yt
11^ -wcetrst. the tough„t, the richest.
A trial Will convince th" rn.,"i is
'’‘«»rent In flavor from any other
shape and style on eart h wmk
It 1» ihe largest »Hern«
people. Try it, and particTt!«£?tKTh J"H.htt" "»“«•>«■ the
VsO 0
at piece of 8PFAHfir. !? ,he c?nte«t tor prizes. See that a TIN TAO'*Jjl
11 HEAD you buy. n,nd In the tags, no matter bo»
Very sincerely,
' mm^UuTyPSereFebbfijly'ji^^®J>rl”‘
‘hl* rounty ,'“1 **