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HARDING k HEATH, Publisher«.
Copy . p«r year, Inailvance ............ ♦*
Oca Cap y, ala months in advanea.............
Entered at the poatoftieeat McMinnville
Oregon, an second-claaa matter.
r.1 ' t ;1■
—*--------- — ~—
KaaoLUTioxa or CoNooi tst i: amp all O bi >-
narv Poetry will be charged lor at regular
advertising rates.
HAMri.K Cort«« Or T hk I'M.«Hl">«
rra will be mailed to any person in the
United States or Europe, who desires one,
tree of charge
L. I’. Fisher, Newspaper advertiaiiug
agent, 21 Merchants’ Exchange, San
Francisco. is our authorized agent. This
paper is kept on lile iu his office.
All tubicriberi who do not reccire their
papii- regularly will confer a faror by im­
mediately reporting the tame to thio office
Thursday, Saptember 7, 1893.
John J. Ingalls lues concluded to re­
enter politics. Poor Kansas.
Pennsylvania ranks first In the cigar
outputjof the country. New York,Ohio
and Florida follow in the order named.
To attempt to vindicate the McKin.
ley bill through the financial depres­
sion is a farce that the people will not
The corporations of the state that are
now raising freight rates should be
made to pay a'tax proportionate to the
The democrats of the house east 13»
votes for the rejieal of the Sherman act
to 77 against it. The affirmative demo­
cratic vote was 28 more than the total
vote of democrats, republicans and pop­
ulists against it.
If, as John James Ingalls says,
Washington is “a vast conspiracy
against the solvency of men and the
chastity of women ” he ought to be
thankful that he was removed from
danger before he was either bankrupt'
ed or betrayed.—cVe«' Yo/-/; Woolrl.
When all the water power of the state
of Oregon is distributed over the coun­
try through a wire what a hum of
industry will be heard. There is enough
power within ten miles of McMinnville
to run all the factories now at work at
less than one-half the present cost.
There is only one explanation of the
prefent altitude of evening Telegram.
Its editor wanted an office and failed
through incompetency to get it. He is
now endeavoring to let the adminis­
tration know where he is at. The ad­
ministration should purchase a lot of
insect powder and use it.
Our business men can receive their
freight by steamer to Dayton and from
there to their doors by team for less
money than it costs them by sending
it over the Southern Pacific Twenty
cents per 100 pounds,by river and team
is the rate. Let all use the river and
our draymen. It will keep a portion of
the money at home and will probably
bring the monopoly to its senses.
. J. C. Cooper administers a well de­
served rebuke to T. T. Geer, who is de­
sirous of calling the legislature together
and repealing the “soldiers’ lioine bill”
that was passed during the last session.
The article from the pen of our towns­
man appears in the Statemnan of Salem
Mr.Cooper makes one mistake and that
is when he describes Geer as a “stal­
wart among stalwarts.” If he uses the
expression in a physical or sarcastic
sense it is right.
The ll’c/cotm has given the evening
Telegram a very appropriate name.
The Rebel 17//expresses more of the
make up of its columns than does the
title that it actually bears. When the
editor is charging at the head of his
cohorts in the revolution he is trying to
arrange to settle the «silver question;
when the editor is booted, spurred and
begobbled with gore or feathers
by a long suflering reading public;when
the first monkey can hold a conversa­
tion with him; when the first glimmer­
ing of sense appears in the editorial
column of his paper—the ]>eople will
rejoice.______ ________
When the United States does not
need or use foreign gold In o|amit.g and
building up its industries, that mo­
ment will it lieeome the dictator of the
finances of the world. Then the bal­
ance ef trade hi our favor growing out
of the exchange of our productions for
those of foreign countries will amount
to a gain of actual capital to us, and all
countries trading with us would pay
tribute tlie same as if we were exacting
an indemnity tlie result of a victorious
war. Until American citizens and cap­
ital can do this, foreign unit» will,
to a certain extent at least, govern the
business of this country.
wrong for the republicans to keep burp­
ing away ttpou the same old campaigu
tactics. The democrats have fully
three years in which to right matters,
and if the republicans insist that the
present depression is due to fear regard­
ing the tariff’, w hen business becomes
brighter the democrats will claim all of
the credit and assert that lietter times
are due to whatever changes in the tar­
iff laws they may have enacted. This
country is as rich as it was six months
ago. The harvests are bountiful, ths
needs of consumers are just as great,
and as soon as congress enacts tlie prop­
er laws 1 look for a complete restoration
of confidence which will cause the tide
of prosperity again to sweep over the
Business houses and banks that have
failed are now resuming busiuess.
Manufacturing industries are starting
up all over the land,in many instances
resuming with increased help. The
papers are now' nearly as full of re­
sumption news as they were of failure
two months ago. There is no reason
why the business of the country should
not go forward the same as it has for
years past. The bountiful crop has es­
tablished a credit for the farmer, and
the persons who have been starving
themselves with money in their pockets
should now feast. Confidence is return­
ing in the great money and manufact­
uring centers and this great section
should not be behind. It suffered less
than any other portion of tlie United
States, and there is no reason why its
people should play the part of martyrs
to their pockets.. There has been much
rash misrepresentation of the true con­
dition of affairs. There is just as much,
¡foot more, money in this section than
there was one year ago. The banks
have more money on hand than they
ever hud and the shrinkage of deposits
does not represent money annihilated-
The money withdrawn from banks is
now in the possession of the people and
is actually doing the holder nil injury
because the hoarding of money through
loss of confidence has 1 w-en the cause
of the financial depression. All indica­
tions point toward ail early return of
prosperity on a solid basis. (food times
must return again for it is impossible to
keep the American people in their pres­
ent condition. The people of this sec­
tion have the remedy in their own
hands, as all that Is necessary to do
business is to do business. There lias
been no^failure here and the crop is
larger than it was last year. There is
not one busiuess element lacking that
we had last year, except confidence.
The prophets of evil have had theirsay,
now let common sense assert itself.
It is worth while to consider why
each of our 419,600,000 silver dollars
buys as much as a gold dollar, though it
is intrinsically worth but 55 cents. Of
the $419,000,000 in silver the intrinsic
value is »230,450,000 and »188,-550,600 is
—nothing substantial. In every silver
dollar 45 cents are wanting, their place
being supplied by the government’s
virtual promise to give 100 cents in gold
for the 5-5 cents'worth of silver which
has the dollar stamp on it. If the gov
ernment should be unable to keep this
promise—if the »100,000,000 of gold still
ill the treasury should be exhausted—
our 4419,000,000 in silver dollars would
pass, it is believed, for but »290,450,000.
The silver dollar would cease to buy as
much as it does now—as much as a
gold dollar. The poor man, who went
to bed with »10 in silver dollars in his
stocking would wake up some fine
morning and find it shrunken to »5.50
or less. A like shrinkage w ould affect
such of the »1.50,000,000 of silver bullion
treasury notes as are noxv outstanding,
and the $346,000,000 of greenbacks, to
say nothing of national bank notes, de­
posits in banks, insurance policies and
other moneys people have coming to
t-hem. The Sun recently showed that
some »900,000,000 of our national cur­
rency is kept at par with gold by the
presence of a gold reserve in the treas-
nay of but »100,000,000. As long as any
of that redemption fund is left, one dol­
lar will probably be as good as another-
Let it be exhausted and nothing will
stand between the holder of currency
and loss, except the “credit of the gov­
ernment,” which is variable. The day
of equal dollars will be past.
The recent panic came when the
public saw that holders of Sherman
treasury notes had used.them to draw
»49,000,000 of gold out of the treasury
for export and that there was danger
that the whole »100,000,000 of gold
would be thus draw n out and exported.
People «heading the arrival of a 55-cent
value for all dollars but gold, began
Tlie Chinese question must be settled to prepare for the worst. Many crowd­
in this country very soon. During ed to the bank to get their money out,
prosperous years the people are all at fearing a general crash. Denders be­
work and do not complain. But dur­ came frightened. They hoarded their
ing the present depression every China­ cash and thus created new disasters.
Mr. Cleveland assembled congress in
man that has a job is looked upon as a
usurper of American rights by the man extra session to re|>eal the Sherman act
who is unemployed and is in want of iu order to stop adding more light sil­
bread. An eftort has been made to ex­ ver currency to the »900,000,000 of cur­
pel the Chinese from California, and rency which the treasury noxv with
but Monday 56 of the Celestials were difficulty keeps at par xvith gold. The
evicted from the hop yards near Butte­ burden upon the small redemption
fund in the treasury is already heavy
ville, in this state.
The Chinese will not assimilate and enough, without adding »40,000,060 to it
while they are an industrious and in­ this year, and so on indefinitely. To
telligent class, the place in our indus­ stop adding to our silver currency xvas
tries occupied by them could no doubt the obvious means of keeping the silver
lie filled by Americans in a manner xve have at par xvith gold. It would do
that would prove of more benefit to the more. It would allay the fear that xve
are approaching the silver basis. We
The Chinese have the run of the can carry and keep at par a definite
w hole county, while the Americans in amount of silver money— 419,0<X>,000
China are confined to treaty portsand silver dollars, the »1.50,006,000 of Sher­
are in greater danger should they leave man silver notes and »77,006,000 of sub­
these places than is a Chinaman at any sidiary silver; total »646,000,000. France
point in the United States. We cer­ by refusing to coin more silver keeps
tainly are under no obligations to tile »700,006,000 of silver at par xvith gold.
Chinese government to treat Its citizens We can do as well, if no more silver is
better than the American is treated in bought, if no more silver dollars are
China. We are not heathens and the coined, if the volume of greenbacks is
preservation of the lives of Chinamen not materially increased.
The “credit of the government” is
should lie undertaken with the same
spirit as is our own. At the same time good for a certain amount. In 1870 it
this race of people is a disturbing cle­ xvas not good enough to keep »346,000,-
ment, and if everyone of them were de­ 000 greenbacks at par xvith gold. This
ported in a peaceful and humane man­ year the greenback dollar was worth
ner, even at the expense of all commer­ but 85.6 cents. In 1879 the »346,006,000
cial relations with China being brokeu, of greenbacks then outstanding xvere
the country as a whole would lie lietter brought to par only by putting »100,-
606,000 of gold in the treasury, pledged
Everyone has the light of social in­ to their redemption. If so much gold
equality, the right to determine the was needed in 1879 to keep »346,000,000
class of ]x-ople that he is to associate of greenbacks at par, lioxx- much is
with, and this government being but a needed in 1893 to keep »900,000,000 of
collection of individuals, the rights ]>os- paper and depreciated silver currency
sessed by the'people are the rights of at par? Our »100,000,000, it seems, will
the government. If having found that do it if we stop our silver folly. Other­
the citizens of China arc not fit associ­ wise the “credit of the government” is
ates for its should say to them endangered. There is no magic in our
“Go!" And if they would not go,would “credit.” The silver or paper dollar
not obey the laws of this country, the will not continue to buy as much as a
government—not the people individ­ gold dollar unless plain people can see
a gold dollar somewhere to redeem it
ually—should make them go.
xvith. Redemption is the touchstone
of sound money.— Baltimore Sun.
The following figures, regarding the
standard number of working days per
annum in different countries, apjieared
in n Polish ptqiar: The inhabitants of
central Russia labor fewest days in the
year, namely 267. Then comes Canada
with 270, followed by Scotland with
275, England 275, Portugal 283, Russia
Poland 288, Spain 296,Austria and Rus­
sian Baltic provinces 295, Italy 21'8, Ba­
varia, Belgium, Brazil and Luxemburg
300, Saxony, France,Finland, Wurteni- I Thomas Dolau, president of the Man
At the present price ef wheat, calcu­
burg, Switzerland, I»enmark and Nor­ ufacturer’s club of Philadelphia, a re­ lating 5 bushels to make a barrel of
way .302, Swollen 304, Prussia’and Ire­ publican, of course, and a protectionist, Hour, the wheat would cost »2. This is
land 305, United States 306, Holland 308 has published a letter in which he counting nothing for the 166 pounds of
and Hungary .312.
takes issue with the hide-bound parti­ middlings and bran that will also be
sans who have licen industriously mis­ produced from the »2 worth of wheat,
The suggestion of John Brisbine representing the causes of the present and yet the people are forced to pay 90
Walker, editor of the Votmopolitan condition. He declares liis lielief that cents to »1 per sack or »3.60 to »4 per
magazine, that the world's fuir build­ “confidence will lie restored to the fi­ barrel for Hour. This is beginning to
ings 1« not torn down but rented to nancial community by the repeal of the cause people to stop and ponder, and to
manufacturerste lieeome workshops for purchasing clause of the Sherman act,” inquire, “why are these thus?” Surely
the display of the latest inventions and and scouts t he idea that fear of tariff it cannot be laid to the Sherman law
processes of American energy and legislation has occasioned the loss of nor the tariff question.— Italia* Tran»-
geuius, is one ef the greatest thoughts confidence. His own language is:
generated by this magnificent unveil­ “I believe that the depression is al­
ing of American progress. As he says most wholly due to the silver policy. If David B. Hill’s statements "I am a
it is “Chicago's opportunity” to lieeome the nlarm was due to the victory of the democrat” and “I am a bimetalist,”
art, literary and industrial center of the democrats, why was it not manifested must have been ma«le on a legal holi­
United (States, but it is also America’s last November? The people knew then day and are therefore x-oid.
"opportunity" to become the art, com­ as well as they know now that it was
Specimens of quartz xvere shown at
mercial, money, industrial and moral I within the power of the new adminis­ Hillsboro, taken from Clearwater creek
center of the earth.
tration to repeal the tariff laws, yet no a branch of Gales creek, which, to all
uneasiness was felt. In fact, in the appearances, indicate rich deposits of
That electric line to Dayton and the woollen business, everything went copper and silver. Prospecting is now
Willamette should be built. What along swimmingly until the first of being carried on by Wiltrout brothers
would it earn per year if all the freight July. Orders came in good and strong ami others, and excitement is runniug
coming to this city was hauled by it at i for fall goods. The situation was like high. Considerable prospecting was
the rate of »1 per ton? It has .been es­ this, Manufactures had the benefit of done in the same vicinity three years
timated that the business men of this the McKinley act, which kept out for­ ago by T. M. Hines, of Forest Grove,
city pay to the Southern Pacific Co. eign competitors, while they were able but at that time no paying quartz was
»25,000 per year for freight alone. Willi to buy raw material at lower prices fountl ami the prospecting was nlian-
our business men owning an electric than during the previous year. < ’ondi- doned until spring, since xvliich time
Hue, this money would be paid back to tions were thus favorable and with the the findings have been very encour­
thair pockets and would remain at good demand ex-crything was prosper­ aging
home. With late motors a car can ous until the «ilver craze upset the
Mile«’ Nerve and Liver rille.
reach Ihiyton in 15 minutes, and over country.
Act on a new principle—regulating
this level country six or eight tons of
He asserts also that the depression in tlie
liver, stomach and bowels through
freight can be hauled easily. The pas­ ; the iron trade is caused not by fear of the nerves. A new discox-ery. Dr.
senger traffic would be considerable, ' tariff revision, but by overproduction. Miles’ Pills speedily cure biliousness,
and during the winter months the road He warns his own party of the probable bad taste, torpid lix-er, piles, constipa­
would lie used by the farmers in ship­ Í consequences of its foolish seare policy tion. Unequaleil for men, women, and
. children. Smallest, mildest, surest! 50
ping produce, in preference to hauling . and takes a hopeful view of the future. | doses, 25 cents. Samples freest Rogers
it through tlie mud.
“It appears to me that it is entirely Bros.
the Circuit court of tlu- «tute ot Ort-
gon'loTŸaiuliiïl county :
" Sidney A. Burnett |
B. Wiley, ’,,,,
«ndt C, ’.ß-»
V B. Latham, Em­
ma U- J.athain anil A.
F. Risser, doing busl-
neu UpJer ‘lie
name of A F. Ri»»®f
buslnes« under the
said defendant, uliove naaicd .
Are now located in their new store one door East of
the First National bank and have opened up their
New Fall Goods,
Which as usual are not equaled in this county for
quality and assortment.
On Account
Of the hard times they have* marked them very low.
Don’t fail to see them before buying your fall clothing.
Hats, Shoes, etc.,
As yon can positively save money bv doing so.
The house of Henry Simms east of
this city on the Dayton road xvas, xvith
its contents, destroyed by fire, Monday
morning. Mrs. Simms was at work
picking berries some distance axvay
when the fire xvas discovered. No
known cause for the fire can be given,
unless it started from a stox’e in which
afire was left.
JJORSES are Trained for Speed and Broken
to Drive.
“For Years/’
Says C arrie E. S tockwell , of Chester-
field, N. H., “I was afflicted with an
extremely severe pain in the lower part of
the chest. The feeling was as if a ton
weight was laid
on a spot the size
of my hand. Dur­
ing the attacks, the
perspiration would
stand in drops on
my face, and it was
agony for me to
make sufficient
effort even to whis­
per. They came
suddenly, at any
hour of the day or
night, lasting horn
thirty minutes to
half a day, leaving as suddenly; but, for
several days after, I was quite pros­
trated and sore. Sometimes the «attacks
were almost daily, then less frequent. After
about four years of this suffering, I was
taken down with bilious typhoid fever, and
when I began to recover, I had the worst
attack of my old trouble I over experienced.
At the first of the fever, my mother gave
me Ayer’s Pills, my doctor recommending
them as being Wetter than anything ho
could prepare. I continued taking these
Tills, and so great was the benefit derived
that during nearly thirty years I have had
but one attack of my former trouble, which
yielded readily to the same remedy.” •
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mnss.
Every Dose Effective
Final Settlement,
Notice is hereby given that the under­
signed as the executor of the estate of Wil­
liam A, Detmering deceased, has tiled his
final account as such in the county court of
Yamhill county, state of Oregon, and said
court has set the 3rd day of October, A. D.,
at the hour of one o’clock p. m of said day
at the county court room at McMinnville,
Yamhill county, Oregon, as the time and
place for the hearing of said account.
Now therefore all persons interested in
said estate are hereby notified and required
to appear at said time and place and show
cause, if any there be, why said account
should not be allowed, said estate finally
settled and said executor discharged.
Dated this 28th dav of August, A. D.
Ramsey A Fenton, Executor said Estate.
Attys for Estate.
In the Circuit court of the State of Ore­
gon for Yamhill county.
Christena Knight,
Plaintiff. |
John night.
Defendant, j
To John Knight, the above named defend­
ant :
In the name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby notified and required to appear
and answer the compiaint filed against you
in the above entitled suit in the al»ove en­
titled Court by the first day of the term fol­
lowing the expiration of the time prescrib­
ed in the order for publication of this sum­
mons, towit: Monday, the 23th day of
September, 1x893; if you fail so to appear or
answer for want thereof the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief prayed for
in tlie complaint herein, to-wit; A decree
dissolving the marriage contract now ex­
isting between the plaintiff*and the defend­
ant, and for such other and further relief as
mav lie just and meet in the premises
This summons is served by publication
thereof for six weeks by order of Hon. M.
G Munly, judge of the 4th judicial district
of the state of Oregon, acting for the ,3d ju­
dicial district, dated August 9th. A. D. 1893.
Attorney for Plaintiff*.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon,
for Yamhill County.
Alma Johnson,
riaintifl*. |
J. W. Johnson.
To J W. Johnson, defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon you
are hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint filed against you in the
above entitled suit on or l»efore the twenty­
fifth < 2.5th ) day of September, A. D., 1893,
that being the firat day of the term of said
court following the expiration of the time
scribed for the publication of this sum­
mons. and if you fail so to answer, the
plaintiff* will apply to the Court for the re­
lief asked for in said complaint, to-wit
A divorce from the marriage now exist­
ing between you and plff*.
This summons is published by order of
Hon. M. G. Munly. judge of the Circuit
Court of the Fourth District of the State of
Oregion in Chambers
Dated at Portland, Oregon, this 7th dav
Angnst, 18A3.
Attorney for Plaintiff
M c M innville
track .
Stable room will be rented to those wlio wish
to do their own training.
Track in Fine Condition,
And is the Ideal track of the State for Train­
ing Purposes.
Plenty of Good Water and Shade.
Parties interested are requested to call at track for terms, etc.
A. T. HARPOLE, McMinnville, Oregon.
In the Circuit court of the State of Ore­
gon for Yamhill county:
8. H. Dorrance andj
J. G. Dorrance, part- |
as Dorrance (
A. Dietrich ami M. .
I.. Gove,
Defendants, i
To M. L. Gove, defendant above named: -
In the name of the state of Oregon, You
are hereby notified and required to appear
and answer the complaint filed against you
and the other defendant in the above entit­
led suit in the above entitled court, by (lie
first day of the term following the expira­
tion of the time prescribed in the order for
publication of summons, towit: Mondav,
September 25th, A. D. 1896, mid if you fail
so to appear ami answer said complaint for
want thereof tlie plaintiff will applv to said
court for the relief prayed for in tlie com­
plaint herein, towit ;
For a judgment ami decree againt said
defendant A. Dietrich for tlie sum of »1 Io. 10
witli interest thereon from November 14th,
1892, at the rate of 8 per cent per annum,
and for »2.00 for filing and recording said
claim and lien, anti for »25.00 attorneys
fees in said suit, and for costs anil disburse­
ments of action.
And for a decree foreclosing the lien up­
on tlie building and land described in tlie
complaint ami an order of sale thereof, to­
wit: A certain building situate upon lot
lot No. 7 of Wynooski subdivision of tlie
Samuel 1), Snowden D L
in T .3 8, 11 2 W
of the Willamette Meridian as tlie same is
platted and recorded in book 1, page 19
Records of Town plats of Yamhill County.
Oregon, together with said land; and also
a decree that the lien and interest of the
defendant, M. L. Gove, is subsequent ami
inferior to tlie lien of plaintiff, and that tlie
defendants and each of them and every
person claiming by, through or under tlieiii
or either of them be foreclosed ami forever
barred of all equity of redemption in and
to saiil premises or any part thereof, ami
■ >r such other anil further decree as mav
uc meet and equitable in the premises.
This summons is served by publication
thereof for six weeks by order of Hon. E.
I>. Shattuck, judge ot the fourth judicial
district, of the state of Oregon, acting for
the judge of the third judicial district of
said said state made August 9th. A.I> 1893
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In tlie Circuit Court of tlie State of Ore­
gon for 5'amhill county:
Cliclialent Valiev Bank, a Corporation,
Joint Atkinson and J. D. Carter.
To Joint Atkinson, defendant above nam­
ed •
In the name of the State of Oregon : You
are hereby notified and required to appear
and answer the complaint tiled against vou
in tlie above entitled action, in the aliove
entitled oourt by the first day of the term
following the expiration of the time pre-
scribctl in the order for publication of this
summons, to-wit: Monday, the 25th dav
of September, A. D., 1893, and if you fail so
to appear or answer, for want thereof the
plaintiff will take judgement against vou
for tlie sum of »50 in t'. coin, xvith
interest thereon from April 30. 1893, at the
rate of ten tier cent per annum, and »10
stipulated attorneys fees, and for the sum
of «35 in U. 8. gold coin, with interest
thereon from April 16. 18!X3, at tlie rate of
ten per oent per annum, and »10 stipulated
attorneys fees and for the cost« and dis­
bursements of action.
This summons is publishe<l for six
weeks by order of Hon. Geo. H. Burnett,
indtreof said court.dated Aug, 2, A. I>.
Jxo. J. Srincia,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Ii) the Circuit court of the State of Ore­
gon for Yamhill county:
Frank L Dailev, 't
Homer W. Dailev,
To Homer W. Dailey, said defendant:
In the name ot the State of Oregon You
are herebv require<l to appear ami aitswer
the complaint tiled againstyou in the above
entitled suit on or before tlie 25th day of
September A D. 1866, that being the fourth
Monday in 8eptembcr,1893 and the first dav
of tlie next regular term of said court next
after the service of this summons by publi­
cation thereof ashy law provided; and if
» 80 m ans«;er for want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to tlie above named
court for the relief prayed for in the com­
plaint filed in said court in the above enti­
tled suit, to-wit:
For a decree dissolving and annulling the
marriage contract now existing between
the saiil plaintiff and tlie «aid defendant
and for an order of said court awarding the
In the Circuit Court of the «State of Oregon, care and custody of Florence Dailev Ho­
W Dailey and Hattie Dailey, tlie mb
for Yamhill County,
nor chiklren of p aintiff and Mfd defend­
Addie M Morris,
ant, to the said plaintiff during their mi-
nority and for such other and further re-
Sha.' aPPear 5° thc court to be meet
Daniel Morris,
th.equity anti good conscience
This summons is published by ordet of
To Daniel Morris, the a love named de­ the lfon Geo. H, Burnett, judge of said
iemr Orel? or',er, n,la<,e “t Chambers at 8a-
4 h<'ar’' ‘la‘e ,h# ,8,h <la>’
In the name of the State of Oregon you oUiliy
are hereby notified and required to appear
and answer the complaint filed against you
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
in the above entitled sub, in the above ‘en­
titled court, by the first day of the term
following the expiration of‘the time pre­
scribed in the order for publication of this
summons, to-wit: Monday, the 25th day
In tl>e Circuit court of tlie «tala of Or.
of September, A. D. 1893. and if you fail to eon for Yamhill conntv.
so appear or answer, for want thereof the
plaintiff* will apply to the court for the re­ ■ F. M. Glover, j
lief prayed tor in her complain« herein to­
wit: A decree dissolving the marriage I „
contract now existing between the plaintiff’ j William Roof. |
and the defendant, ami for such other and
further relief as may be just and nieet in To William Roof, said defendant ■
the premises,
Tnis summons is published by ord<*r of
Hon Geo. H. Burnett. Judge of said efrurt.
Dated. Jolv 20, 1893
Atty, for Plff.
Notice of Appointment of Adminit. ) niM: theXlerr^?orfUt[1T ’
I llron flil s„‘ro"',f
'*’■ '*’•
Notice is hereby given that the under­ I
signed ba* been by an order of the cotintv
court of Yamhill county. Oregon, appoint­
ed administrator of the estate of Janie« Mc­
Kinley, deceased.
Now therefore, all perron.« having claim«
again«: «aid estate are hereby notified to
present the ««me duly verified with proper
voucher«, to the underriimed at hi« re»i-
dence, near Sheridan, in Yamhill county. I
I Oregon, within «ix month« from the date
of this notice.
I Dated July 11th. 1-«B.
Admini.trator of «aid E«tate
Ram«ev A Fenton. Attys for Estate.
the plaintiff will take judgment aaain't1*01
for the sum of
burse.tnent« of this action »n.t i*
This fuimmons is ^crvpti i«v n.««» it «t
Groree' J’i
•aid ..rd r made at-<'hamhere.“ t‘¿25’
j«27 \
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
In tlie Circuit court of II,, a. v
gon, for Yamhill i.Hum
Andrew Full and Gen...
William Bond, Hannah
left, Alice O. Sliurtli tf Mil
ton Hampton, Mrs. Miiti.n
Hampton, J. D. Nadi | j,
V- N“"1'.
A. Ann« nt’
Mr«. J. A. Arment, H«-i,rv
L. Clark, George I, sin,, I
onds, Elmer P. Dixon, wj.
ley B. Hastings, J. < x|l)r
ria, T, It. McDonald and
Yniiiliill County. On-gon
To William Bond. Hannah Bomli- 1
W. T. Hhurtletf. Alice o s “i1“* J
ton Hampton, Mr- Milton it'
1>. N’a.1., 1. B. V. Nash j‘ “'M
Mrs. J. A Arment, Henry |'*1
George I,. Hunonds, Elmer Frit
ley B Hastings l.c.
....... 11
theplaintiite above named will apply
In tlie name of the Stale of
prayed'!«“"'^ tlie'e-'mplabit filed in »aid are hereby required to appear airLU
the cpnililaint filed against youi».k!?i
ctiurt ill the above entitled suit, will«h
b7ofra: decree’ inliivor of plaintiff» and entitled suit on or la-fore the
Septemls-r, A. D. 1'*9-3,1 lulliieig,a,.Tji
day of tlie next regular t.-rniof «aidhS
court next after tin- service of th31
mons by publication thereof as |,v
vided ; and if you fail so to answer
S,lFor a decree in favor of the plalntlfl. Bill- thereof tlie plaintiffs will api,|ytoh?3
nuv A Burnett, and against the defendants named court for tlie relief pra;cjv~JB
??BAi "tlm.iim.d G- -«< >«m
complaint tiled in said , our( ¡.. J" *■
entitled suit towit:
the principal sum of $l,0U6.’’9»u i niie
For a decree in taxor of thei>laint»l
States gold coin with interest on said su
at the rate of ten per cont per annum from against tlie said defendants. Wiili.,„ M
the 10th day of December, 1890.
and Hannult Bond, in U.S. ¿ oh S*!
l-'or a decree ill favor of the plaintiff*- • j • tlie sum of »3,590.1 st xvitli
Wilev and against tlie defendants '• 1 • at tlie rute of ten per cent per amuin3
Lathain «‘I'lEtiinia G. Lathan» tor ti e the 1st dav of Mar«I, A. D1
principal sum of two thousund dollars go d cree and for the further sum ltf
coin with interest thereon from the 6tu day torney fees herein ami f<»r the ('o«tsj
of December, 1890, at the rate of seven and disburHCinents of this suit and for alii
one half per cent per annum less the against ull the said defendants herehB
amount to be decreed to be pa d to th« closing thc mortgage of 8aid phintiJ
plaintilt Sidnev A. Burnett, as asked for in scribed ami pleaded in said coiuphiSB
'■'^are^e^nf^r'oftbenlaintlffsan«! herein and for an order of sale of thed
premises therein described towit:
against all the defendants to tins
The donation land claim of Elwaril
4 losing the mortgage deed pleaded in the Geary and Nancy M. Geary biswife^B
the complaint filed in said suit acoordmg Nos. 65 and 62, notification No iijj
to law, and for the sale of the real premises township 3 touth of range 3 west ofl
Willamette meridian, in Yamhille J
described in said mortgage, towit:
Situate and being in
amhill county, and state of Oregon, containing3&J3|
state of Oregon, and bounded and described of land (saving and • \< ' pling froqfl
as follows towit : Being a part of the do­ conveyance 80 acres of said land hertj
nation land claim of Owen 1. lurnei in conveyed to Herman and Annie
sections 30 and 31 in township 5 south, by deed recorded on pages 88 and88ofg
range <5 west of the Willamette Meridian ume “8” of the records of deeds for 3
and bounded as follows: Beginning at the county), the tract covered hysaidn^M
northeast corner of .said donation lanu containing 240.92 acres of landind
claim; thence west 13.46 chains; thence except about one acre heretofore convj
south:« degrees west 1.70 chains; thence to school district No. 23. Yamhillco3
west l,06>i chains to pott; thence south Oregon Y to obtain funds with which
76.40 chains to south boundary line of^ said and satisfy said principal sum of
donation land claim; thence south
de­ and interest thereon from the first £3
grees east along the south boundary line ot March, A. D. 1892, at the rate of
said donation land claim to the southeast cent per annum and said $300.00 attornS
corner of said donation land claim ; thence fees and the costs and disbursenienhl
north 80.00 chains to the place of beginning this suit and said sale, for a decree fora
containing 120 acres more or less and being barring all interest ami lien which said j
120 acres off*of theeastend of said donation fendants or eitlufr oi them have in oruia
land claim and being the same premises said real premises or any portion thenj
deeded and conveyed to said Emma G La­ and declaring the lien of said piain3
tham by Lewis II. Kirkwood and wife on by virtue of said mortgage, prior in tig
tlie 6th day of December. 1890, and that the ami right to any claim or lien that dS
proceeds of the sale of said real premises of said defendants may have in or
be applied,
said premises or any portion thereof,
1st, To the payment of the costs and dis­ for such other and further relief in |
bursements of said suit and of said sale;
premises as ¡may seem meet witheoi
2d, To the payment of said $200,00 attor­ and good conscience.
neys’ fees;
This summons served by publicafij
3d, To the payment of the amount found thereof by virtue of and order of the Ha
due and owing to the plaintiff’, Sidney A. George II. Burnett, judge of said coa
_ said order made at chambers, at Sala
4th. To the payment of the amount found Oregon, and bearing date thc 19th dap
due tlie plaintiff, C. B. Wiley;
July. A. D. 1803
5th, To the payment of the sum of $26.00 '
taxes upon said mortgage.
Attorneys for Plaintift.
For a decree against all said defendants
forever barring them of all rights and equi­
ties in or upon said real premises and every
part thereof, and authorizing the sheriff*
making said sale to put the purchaser of
In thc Circuit court of the State ni Oul
said premises in possession thereof, and gon, for Yamhill county:
for such other and further relief in the
Martha Shadden.
premises as may seem to the court meet
Plaintiff. 1
with equity and good conscience.
This summons is served by publication
C. A. Blaue, Minnie!*
thereof under and by virtue of an order
made by the lion George II Burnett, Blaue, Jacob Ganow, Ber-
judge of said court, said order made at
Defendants, j
chambers, at Salem, Oregon, and bearing
To C. A. Blaue. Minnie Blaue, Jacob■
date the 18th dav of July. A, I). 1893,
now, Bertha Ganow ami J. W. Doty,»
Attorneys fpr Plaintiffs.
In the name of the State of Oregon, Ya
are hereby required to appear and a:i.*vn
the complaint filed against vouintheil»«
entitled suit on or before the 25ih day (I
In the Circuit court of the state of Ore­ September, A. D. 1893,thatljeingthefonM
Slonday in September. 1893,and thefirstdi
gon, for Yamhill county:
of the next regular term of said court rJ
R W Phillips.
after the service of this summons nponva
Plaintiff, j
by publication thereof as by law prorid«
and if you fail so to answer for wantth?!»
William Roof and ;
the plaintiff will apply to the abon
M. Collins.
named court for the relief prayed for in til
Defendants. J
coinplaint filed in said court in the abn
To William Roof and M. Coilins, said de­ entitled suit towit: R
fendants :
For a decree in favor of the plaintiffa]
In the name of the state of Oregon, You against the said defendants C. A. Elul
and each of you are hereby notified and re­ Minnie Blaue for the recovery in gold«
quired to be and appear in the above entit­ the sum of $390.00 with interest ther«
led action in the above named court and ans­ from the 1.5th day of March, A. D. 1^2. 4
wer the complaint filed therein againstyou the rate of ten per cent per annum and«
by the above named plaintiff, by Monday, sum of $50.00 as attorneys fees and fo. lift
the 25th day of September, A I). 1893. that costs and disbursements* of said suit a«
being the first day of the next term of said for a decree against all said defend«
court following the expiration of the time above named for the forclosureof them«4
prescribed for tlie publication of this sum­ gage deed held by the said plaintiff and J
mons, and you are hereby notified that un­ fully’ pleaded in the complaint filed in*«j
less you answer said complaint, as above court in the above entitled suit, andforjl
required, for want thereof, the plaintiff will order of sale of the real premises dewuij
take judgment againstyou for the princi­ in said mortgage, which said real prenii«
palsum of four hundred and fifty’ dollars are described as follows towit:
($450.00) in United States gold coin with
The homestead claim of C A Blaue.J
interest thereon, in like coin, from the 1st township 2 south, range 3 west, in Y mm ]
day of December, 1892, until judgment at county, state of Oregon, being part of «j
the rate of eight per cent per annum, and tion 28. towit: The southwest quarterj
for $«>0.00 as attorneys’ fees herein, and for thc southwest quarter and lot No. 4 of
costs disbursements of this action, and for tion 28, in said township and range,
an order of sale of all property attached in taining54 acres, and also the following!
this action.
scribed real premises towit: The sontH
This summons is served bv publication east quarter () of the southeast quaitM
thereof by order of Hon. George H Bur­ of section 29, in township 2 south, rangtl
nett, judge of said court, bearing (Late of west, in Yamhill county, state of OrqJ
July 22, 1893.
to obtain funds with which to satisfy
several sums above named and dneffl
J11-' _____
Attorneys for Plaintiff* plaintiff, and for a decree of said courttaj
ring all the interest and lien of allsaidjj
fendants in or upon said real PrennJ®?]
portion thereof, and for such otW
and further relief as may’ seem to thecow
equity’ and good conscience. !
In the Circuit court of tire suite of Ore­
This summons is served by
gon, for Yamhill county:
thereof by virtue of an orde r made by ®
The First National i
Hon. George II. Burnett, judge of
Bank,of McMinnville,
court, said order made at ('hamwP.*
Salem. Oregon, and bearing date JulyIW
A. D. 1893.
W. Roof,
• Defendant. J
Attorneys for Plaintiff-
To W. Roof, the above named defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon, You
are hereby required to appear and answer
the cotnplaint hied againstyou in the above
entitled action on or before the 25th dav of
In the circuit court of the state of
September, A. D. 1893, that being the fourth gon for Yamhill county.
Monday in September. 1893, and the first Frank M. Stewart,
day of the next regular term of the above
name«! court after tlie service of this sum­
mons upon you by publication, as bv laxv
R.A Stewart, W.H.
required, and if you fail so to answer, for
E. Taft, W. |
want thereof the said plaintiff will take
iS^ent 1?gain-st y°u ,or ‘he »uni of W. Evans, Fanny F.
»890.24 gold coin together xvith interest and the Mitchell,
Lew- j
•hereon from the first day of November. A.
«««¿Y*’ ir1 ‘?irate of tcn Per (>ent PPr an- is & Staver Co , a cor­
num, and for the sum of »<.00 as attorneys
fees in said action, and for the costa and
«hsbursement, and for an order of sale of To W. W. Evans ami Faimy Evans.
the at ached proi>erty heretofore duly at-
fendants above named:
ta£,hed tn the above entitled a< tion
In the name of thc state of ".re?°n'LJ
.1 rl‘t» »tinimons is served by publication and each of you are hereby notified afrVj
thereof l>v virtue of an order of tlie Hon quired to appear and answer the cotiipR
1H' Bu,;nptt- jullKe of said court; nlc<l against you and the <4her defend*^
i’V.adc- at Chambers, at Salem, in the above entitled court by the first
Jui? a d m“nng da'c tllc 13,11 ,lay of of the term following the uxpiraUonwH
time prescribed in the order for PnWf,x*
of this summons, to wit, Monday,*“**“
day of September, A. D. 1893. an'*1[J*^
__ Attorneys for Plaintiff.
fail so to appear or answer, for wantwj
of the plaintiff* will apply to sailvoon
the relief prayed for in his compin'11’’
For a judgment and decns*
Iti the rircuit court of tire State of Ore-
gon, for 5 amhih county :
defendant. R.A. Stewart, for the
$6.50 in F.8. gold coin, with interest Jber* .
L. Bettman.
from October 16. 1891. at the rat<of“Jr
cent per annum, and for the suni ol R.
attorneys fees, and for the
Win. Roof,
bursements of this suit: and ior a
foreclosing the mortgage
To Wni. Roof, said defendant:
complaint, and for an order cf sa*e0B-g
In the name of the state of Oregon Yon mortgaged real premise«, to-wit: i
are hereby required to appear anil answer part of the d. 1. o. of W. 8. Ayers
.':nt fl ei1 a8»>'>"t you in tire above Notification No 5774, claim No. fiOP’u
entitle«! aetton on or before tire 25th dav of hill county Oregon, being bounded an
September, A. D. 1813. that being thefourtl. scribed as follows, to-wit: ConunewjL
«taToA’’. ‘n 8eP'<’,nb,1 r- »«»■ «nd the fire the nw corner of said d. 1 c. and run'y,j
day of tire next regular term of the alive thence east 37.67 chains; them e
nam«xi court after the «ervie, of thfe «ui chains; thence went 37.67 cbainit 1
mon« npon you l»y publication »71 7 i™" north 22.50 chain« to the place of R
required, atxf if yo«j fti| ro to in «we 7
ning, containing 8.5 acres iwre or
want thereof the plaintiff will t-tirl1/ i
also for a decree barring and *ore<7jJ
ment against yon & the .am
said defendants and ea- h of them
¿,tUnr!^t'™ persons claiming by, through or
M.mo7,Mfto7X,W'\m a‘?'- them or either of them, of all equiv®* g
demption in or rignt to saM ]’rf n’k.
b "tner
tlie cost« anil di.hure.-mint«^^"ai.l“^- f°r any part thereof, and for
further,relief as may l*e meet and
and for an order of sale of
in the premises.
property heretofore duly attachei
This summons is served by
above entitled action. 3 “w,lM In the
thereof for six weeks by order of p®.
This summons is served hv rx>,i «•
G. Manly, judge of thc t h judicial'»J'j
of the state of Oregon, acting for the «
h -"
«aid order made at ib»mbere.
/hamb^re ”‘.'1 m .T'”’ dicial district, dated August’’th, A-f’
JuT^n" ,*ari"«’«“’ £%h‘
J MO. J.
Attorney f<
R ambf . t *
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
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