The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, September 24, 1891, Image 3

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    Ifc New Goods are Now Here and Every Department in our Store is Full.
Out stock of Hats, Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Gents Furnishing Goods, Etc. are all complete and we will posi
tively sell these goods at Less than Portland Prices.
Do us the Favor to See Our Goods and get prices before purchasing.
Before Hon. R. P. Boise, judge of the
circuit court for Marion county, at
, chambers, Monday the writ of proceed­
ings instituted by the Union Pacific
against the state board of railroad com­
missioners were heard. By the writ
the Union Pacific asked that the board
be ordered to certify to said court the
action had by the said commission in
the matter of establishing rates for the
said company, and to likewise certify
whether or not in revising the said rates
any evidence was had or received by
the said board as a basis, and if so to let
the same be certified. The board mov­
ed to quash the writ but Judge Boise
overruled tiie motion and the order was
made as prayed for. This entails a
large amount of work upon the com­
missioners,since the board is command­
ed to appear at the first day of circuit
court for the October term with the cer­
tified information asked for. This in­
formation is very voluminous, covering
reports and tax rolls for several years.
This order of the judge will bring the
matter squarely to issue as soon as court
meets.— Statesman.
Roswell P. Flower, the democratic
Governor Campbell opened the Ohio
campaign at Sidney last Thursday and candidate for governor of New York,
the way he discussed the tariff and sil­ was not bom with a silver spoon in his
ver questions was in every way pleas­ mouth or nursed in the lap of luxury,
One Copy. per year, in advance................. |2 00 ing to the democrats. The republicans as many suppose. His father was a
One Copy, six months in advance.............. 1 00 cannot fail to be struck with the sound­ clothier in a small town in northern
ness of his logic. On free coinage he New York, and Roswell began life for
Entered at the postoffice at McMinnville said : “But the entire democracy desire himself, as a clerk, at the age of 14.
Oregon, as second-class matter.
to see this done with honesty, and as While thus engaged he studied out of
speedily as existing conditions will per­ business hours enough to graduate from
T he advertising R ates or T he T ei . e -
fhone -R egister are liberal, taking in mit. We do not intend that this sub­ the high school. After working a while
consideration the circulation. Single ject shall go undebated, neither do we in a brickyard and at other manual la­
inch. $1.00, each subsequent inch, $.75.
Special inducements for yearly or semi- intend that our enemies shall divert us bor, he became a clerk in the Water­
from the decisive issue of the tariff. town postoffice at the age of 18. Six
yearly contracts.
Jo» W ork N eatly ’ and Q uickly E xecuted The Ohio democracy proposes to defend years later he learned the trade of a
at reasonable rates Our facilities are bi-metalism, which is the right of both jeweler,which he worked at some years
the best in Yamliill county and as good metals to unlimited coinage. Although with good success. In 1863, when he
as any in the state A complete steam
we may differ among ourselves as to was 32 years old, a rich brother-in-law,
plant'insures quick work.
the means of reaching such coinage, we Henry Keep, died, and left his estate,
* * *
R esolutions or C ondolence and all OniT- most emphatically do not believe in the worth $4,000,000, in Flower’s care. To
uary Poetry will be charged for at regular
doctrine enunciated by the Ohio repub­ better administer upon this great prop­
advertising rates.
lican platform, which indorses the erty he removed to New York, where
A ll C ommunications M i st B e S igned B y
the person who sends them,.not for pub­ amended coinage act of the last repub­ he became very successful in business
lication, unless unaccompanied by a “non lican congress. Under this law paper for himself.
de plume.” but for a guarantee of good
In 1876, when Mr. Tilden was elected
faith. No publications will be published certificates are issued, but no silver will
unless so signed. <
be coined save in the event of the re­ president, Flower was chairman of the
A ddress A ll C ommunications . E ither F or demption of such certificates. The law state central committee. In 1881, when
The countries adjacent to the United
the editorial or business departments, to is designed to stop the coinage of silver. Levi P. Morton resigned his seat in
T he T elephone -R egister , McMinnville, These certificates are practically ware- congress to accept the position of min- States appear to take turns in going in­
house receipts for so much bullion, and ister to France, Flower was elected to to internal convulsions. No sooner does
S ample C opies O f * T he *T elefiione -R egis - are based upon its daily fluctuations in fill the vacancy, and has been returned the news that Chili has quieted down
tee will be mailed to any person in the
United States or Europe, who desires one, the market. If any dollar could be since. He came quite near being nom­ get officially confirmed than news
more thoroughly a shoddy dollar than inated for governor in 1882, when Cleve­ comes that Hayti, Guatemala and the
free of charge
* .
land was nominated, and again in 1885, Sandwich Islands are preparing to take
Wr. I nvite Y ou T o C ompare T he T ele ­ these pig-metal paper certificate dollars
* * when Hill was chosen. He was then their turn at being stirred up.
phone -R egister with any other paper it would be difficult to describe.
published in Yamhill county.
♦ The Ohio democracy would invoke nominated for lieutenant-governor, but
If Sarah Bernhardt would'come to
the legislative and treaty pioneers to declined, and Jones was put on tiie
Klamath county she’d rake in over $40
All tubicriberi who do not receive their undo the great wrong they have perpe­ ticket by the committee.
paper regularly will confer a favor by im­
the first night. She is said to be tall
mediately reporting the tame to this office trated and to aid, so far as lies in their
power, to restore silver to its proper The bureau of engraving and print­ and thin, and tall, thin folks pick up
place and use. They believe in the doc­ ing is turning out a large quantity of wonderfully in our climate. We should
Thursday, September 24, 1891
trine of the party from Jeffersort’s day, the Windom $2 certificates, which are like to go huckleberrying with Sarah.—
that both metals should be equally used t. lie put in circulation on the first of Klamath County Star.
“Press day” at the Portland exposi­ as money. They have in their platform October, to take the place of the coun­
Take T he T elephone -R egister .
tion was a grand success, so those say demanded the free and unlimited coin­ terfeited Hancock certificate; which
who were present.
age of both metals, for the reason that will be retired as fast as they come into
they do not believe that either of the possession of the government.
The council has made a move in the metals alone furnishes a sufficient basis
sewer question, and if the cost is not for increasing credit transactions of the
The Dardanelles incident has called
considered too high, we will probably world.
fresh attention to the danger to the
have sewers in due time.
“They desire the subject to be dis­ peace of Europe given by Russo-Turk­
cussed by the people, and believe it will ish relations. The historian, Edward
The second rush for land in the In­ be disposed of honestly and intelligently A. Freeman, who is perhaps the best
dian territory which occurred on Tues­ by the next democratic national con­ informed student of the Eastern Ques­ aiuaiMaanHRiKKXssxiaDca
day shows how eager people are to get vention. They indignantly resent as tion in the world, is preparing an arti­ Afflicts half the American people yet there is
only one preparation of Sarsaparilla that acts on
something for nothing.»
insolent and untrue the charge that cle for the Forum on the Peace of Eu­ the bowels and reaches this important trouble,
they desire to restore the free and un­ rope, in which he will set forth the del- and that is Joy’s Vegetable Sarsaparilla. It. re­
Balmaceda, ex-president of the Chil limited coinage of silver in any manner cate relations of all the European gov­ lieves it in 24 hours, and an occasional doso
lan republic, committed suicide at the except in that which will make every ernments to one another regarding this prevents return. We refer by permission toC.E.
Elkingtou, 125 Locust Avenue, San Francisco;
Argentine legation in Santiago last Sat­ silver dollar as good in purchasing danger point.
J. II. Brown, Petaluma; II. S. Winn, Geary Court,
urday morning. This was a cause for power as any other dollar, and worth
San Francisco, and hundreds of others who have
great rejoicing and all Chili donned 100 cents, as it is to-day, wherever the
Senator Raley of Pendleton is favor­ used it in constipation. One letter is a sample of
holiday attire and shouted songs of tri­ American flag may cover it.”
ably spoken of as a candidate for con­ hundreds. Elkingtou, writes: “I have been for
umph over the tyrant’s death.
gress on the democratic ticket in the years subject to bilious headaches and constipa­
tion. Have been so bad for a year back have
second district at the election next had to take a physic every other night or else I
The people of Salem will make an
June. His legislative training and the would have a headache. After taking oh bottle
endeavor to raise the endowment of We do not believe the chamber of attention he paid to his constituency, of J. V. 8., I am in rpleudid shape. 1: has done
Willamette University to $100,000. Sa­ commerce nor the glittering array of to say nothing of the reputation he wonderful things for me. People s.uiilarly
lem can well aflord to ds this, as the the bucolic press who ostensibly favor made for honesty and efficiency while troubled should try it aou be convinced.’’
school is the very best advertisement the opening of the upper Columbia to at Salem during the last session, will
the town can possibly have. It draws cheaper transportation with the sea­ make mim more than a strong candi­
better than the asylum and peniten- board are at all in earnest; if they were, date. The district is so hopelessly re­
tiaiy combined.
instead of windy declamation, still­ republican, however, and so thoroughly
,i Nt I ottle.
hunts after available railroad routes, dominated by Portland jobbery and in­ Mos: modern, mort
same price, $LGJ, six ïor Î û .G j .
A Chicago man has a theory that the and clamor for their neighbors to sub­
fluences, that there is small prospect of
same methods by which rain has been scribe some money to do it with, they
an honest man getting into congress
produced in Texas may be utilized to would petition Governor Pennoyer to
from that quarter.
prevent frost by making a dense fog, assemble the legislature, and each vari­
and he has written a letter to Secretary ous community interested standingover
The N. Y. Mail and Express prints
Rusk asking that experiments be made. their representatives with clubs to keep this special from Washington : “James
In these days it does not do to say that them from defaulting, pass a maximum G. Blaine will soon after the first of the
anything is impossible.
freight bill and the thing would be new year notify his friends and admir­
The October Forum will contain an done once for all—not only for the re­ ers, who are now urging his nomina­
article on the prevalence of gambling gion round about the Columbia river, tion for the presidency, that under no
in the United States, in which an eflbrt but those far fastnesses that now have circumstances could he accept such an
is made to calculate the enormous pro­ no hope of riddance from railroad im­ honor, and that he is for the re-nom­
portions of the “business.” The writer position ; it would make Rogue river ination of Harrison. This information
will present much evidence to show dance a can-can with the Grand Ronde is given on the authority of a man
and Powder river and Umpqua would whose name is national, and whose
that we are a nation of gamblers.
cavort a highland fling in ecstacy at position, as to Harrison and Blaine, is
The opening of the river would cer­ the same deliverance as would electrify unquestioned. He is a man who has
tainly be beneficial to the whole of a small portion of Wasco, Sherman and charge of the northwest for the presi­
Yamhill county. McMinnville has to Umatilla counties, should the present dent, and has the fullest confidence of
both interested parties. This situation
pay more freight to and from Portland scheme prevail, which it won’t.
than Corvallis, which is a much great­ Now, gentlemen of the chamber of has lieen known to the president for
er distance from Portland. The latter commerce, bucolic press, and the big some time. Blaine postpones the noti-
having the advantage of competing and little fry et id genus omne, who fiication for good and sufficient reasons,
lines of transportation. Herald. want to accomplish results to ameliorate best known to himself.
the condition of the country, the gov­
Shall McMinnville have a democratic ernor stands ready and willing to sec­ McClellan’s ixtpularity with his sol­
club? The party throughout the union ond your efforts. He approves a max­ diers is said to have been due to inci­
is being organized for the campaign of imum freight bill; a comprehensive dents like this : When the Army of the
next year, Oregon is a republican state, one can be drawn covering not over a Potomac left Harrison’s Landing its
and Yamhill is a republican county, hundred lines, which the wayfaring inarch was along the north bank of the
but an efficient organization of the man, though a fool, can understand, James river to Newport News. One
democrats will do much to encourage and the legislature can in a day do evening a creek was reached and in the
our fellows in the close states and to re­ more than the present projects will ac­ effort to cross its muddy current, single
complish in the next fifty years.
file, over the log that lay across, much
duce the radical majority at home.
If you are in earnest petition the gov­ delay and confusion were caused.
Judge Pipes has issued an order that ernor to convene the legislature, and “Wade right through, men !” a voice
all the earnings of the Oregon Pacific prepare stuffed clubs to use over four called out in the dusk, and more than
railroad from this date be applied to representatives out of five of the dis­ one discontented “vet” answered back,
the payment of the employes ; and sec­ tinguished gentlemen who now claim “That’s all right for us. Why don’t
ond that Col. T. E. Hogg appear on or you as their constituents.— Sunday H77- you wade through yourself?” No
have not, you have doubtless sick­
sooner had the officer heard this re­
before October 20 and show cause why eomc.
ened yourself unnecessarily many times by
proach than he leaped from his horse taking pills for tiie blood, kidneys and con­
he should not be removed, on the
ground that he bad not obeyed the pre­ HOW FOREIGNERS PAY THE TAX. and did set the example of wading. stipation.
As a regulator of the blood it heals sarsa-
vious order of the court in paying the To audiences of Ohio voters Major And when he climbed up the bank, wet parila,
if taken in half teaspoonful doses.
employes. Judge Pipes has done his McKinley with endless reiteration de­ and dripping, a mighty cheer went up
clares that he believes in making for­
duty.— East Oregonian.
eigners pay our governmental expenses
Notice of Final Settlement.
The Philadelphia Ledger, George W. by taxing the goods they send us. One There is one marked difference be­
Child’s paper, repudiates the republican of his chief organs, however, calls upon
In the county court of the county of Yam­
state of Oregon.
ticket of that state and calls upon the the people to rejoice because the Mc­ time and those of March, 1889. Then In hill,
the matter of the estate of William C.
people to support the democratic candi­ Kinley law has reduced the receipts at
Mason, deceased.
dates as “the clearest, most direct, ear­ the American custom houses from $3.62 one. Every fellow that could get him­ Notice is hereby given that the under­
as the executrix of said estate, lias
nest and energetic way” to accomplish per capita of the population last year to self before the public by means of news­ signed,
filed her final account of her administration
necessary reforms. The Ledger has al­ $2.59 this year. In other words Mc­ paper interviews did so, many of them of said estate in the county court of Yam­
ways stuck to the republican party, Kinley has relieved the foreigners of to their everlasting regret. Now every hill county, Oregon, and said court has set
the 3d day of November, 1891, at the hour
through evil and through good report, paying taxes to us to the amount of one of them is on a "still hunt.” You of 1 o’clock in the afternoon of said day. at
I the county court room at McMinnville.
till now, but the Quays and Bardsleys $1.03 for each man, woman and child
county, Oregon, as the time and
have been too much for even its endur­ in this country. There seems some­ ters anything of this sudden influx of | Yamhill
filace for hearing said final account. There-
ore all persons interested in said estate are !
thing wrong about this. Why this
hereby notified and required io appear at
tender solicitude for the foreign tax­ reason that those of them who have ! I said
time and place and show cause if any
There is not one who is not glad that payer? If he is going to pay our taxes not stopped at the private residences of there be why said estate be not finally set-
said final .account allowed and said
the American farmer is receiving more the more he pays the merrier.
! pains to keep their names from the | i executrix
for his wheat this year than last. Some
This notice published by order of the
of our republican friends are claiming The origin of “windfall" in the sense public registers of the hotels at which ! Hon, Win. Galloway, judge of said court
four week as by law provided
that the McKinley bill does it. But of “good luck” dates from the time of they are domiciled, and have besides ' i for Dated
this 21th»dav of September, 1891.
any reasonable man knows that Amer­ j William the Conqueror. It was then a requested the clerks, and even the
Executrix of said estate
ican wheat must be had by English
| Ramsey & Fenton,
and French people or they will go hun­ ; forests. Only such could be gathered circumstances to let any horrid news-
Attorneys for estate.
gry. If the tariff laws were based on as the wind had blown down; hence a paper nten know that they were in the
or others.wno wisn to examin»,
the legitimate needs of the government ' heavy wind storm was hailed with de- house. But the newspaper men knew 4J flUCDT|C?E?3Q
e Ll> I IvEillW this paper,of obtain estimates
the farmers would receive a double ■ light by the peasants as so much good it all the same, as they usually do on advertising space when in Chicago, will find it on file at
benefit, get more for their wheat and luck, and from this comes the modern everything of any importance that is 45 to 49 Randolph St , ■ AQf. 0.711(11110
th. A<9crti6ng Agency ct LUltU tt I tlulwAw
j application of the expression.
going on.
buy their necessaries cheaper.
HARDING &. HEATH, Publishers.
It will cost you nothing to look and may save you money
G bo . S aitkr .
F. Z irkel
There are a good many Leaks to be stop­
ped by every family, the greatest of these is
Haveopeueda new stock of Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods in their
new building, one block west of the First National
bank, opposite the C. P. Church.
Our Tailoring Department is supplied with a fine stock of Piece Goods, wide
we can make up to order on short notice and at low prices.
To stop a Large Share of these Expenses is to
Without Surrendering Anything in Quality.
This can be done if you Trade at the Right Place.
"STou. Want T’ G$© to
There lias Just Been Harvested a Magni­
ficent Crop, and in view of the large sales
that are sure to follow A. J. APPERSON lias
purchased in the East
at McMinnville.
They carry the largest stock of
Ever Brought to this County.
Also, Parlor Suits, Lounges and, in fact, everything usuallv found in a first-
class furniture store. We have also en route a carload of Bed-Room Suits,
Lounges, Tables, Book Cases, Mattresses and Parlor Suits direct from the east.
We propose in the future to deal largely with the factories, enabling us to offer
our goods lower than we could if we dealt with middle-men. Come and Inspect
our goods and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
This Stock Includes:
Dress Flannels,
Water Proofs,
Hosiery, Underwear,
and a full line of Ladies' Furnishing Goods.
Ill Gents’ Goods our Line of
Fruit Growers, Attention!
Is Exceptionally Large and Fine
5,000 ACRES
-------- OF THE--------
And Station-
ery at Prices
that will
Finest Fruit Land the Willamette Valley
To be Bold in tracts of from 5 to 50 acres at $30.00 an acre and
upwards; one-fifth down, balance in I, 2 and 3 years, at 6 per cent, per
annum. Most all of this land is under cultivation; over 400 acres now
in full bearing fruit trees. All this land is within 3 miles of Amity.
Over 700,000 pounds of fruit shipped from this point last year.
For particulars apply to or address
The Largest Stock of
Fall and Winter Goods
A Vegetable
This One Thing We Do!
F. W.
fentok ,
In the Circuit Court of the Rtate of Oregon.
for the County of Yamhill.
J. C. Streeter, Plaintiff,)
C. E. Mayer,Defendant)
ToC E. Mayer, said defendant, in the
M c M innvillk ,
O regon .
name of the Slate of Oregon, you are hereby
If You Make a Blade that shall bo both a razor and a carving knif it
required to ap(>ear and answer the com­
will certainly not be a success as either. It will not shave as well
plaint filed against you in the slxive action,
on or before the 28th day of September,
as a razor nor carve as well as a carver. You will lose a little at
A. II., 1891. that being the first day of the
each end in trying to cover both. What is gained in variety is
next regular ts-rni of said circuit court fol­
lowing the expiration of the pul>li< atiou of
lost in effectiveness.
this summons, or in default thereof ilia
plaintiff will take jiidgmcut against you tor
Take Another Example at home. The Opposition Boot and Shoe Store
the sum of $2291.34. together with interest
has only one aim. All my thought and time and study is focused
on $1192,26 thereof, from May l.'.tli, 1861. at
the rate of one and one-fourth per cent per
on one single product, BOOTS AND SHOES.
month, ami the sum of $7 80. costs anil
outside and
disbursements taxed and the coats and dis-
hiirsement« of tlii- M lion and for an ord.-r
of sale of the real property attached in the
entitled action.
This summons is published in tiie
A large and fresh invoice of gro­ riisxz-Rc.iRTKn for six successive weeks,
an order made by the Hon. R P. Boise.
ceries on the inside which defy by
Judge of said court on the 14th day of July,
competion in quality or price. The A.D., 1891, at Chambers atHalem. Oregon.
largest, finest and cheapest invoice 7-23
Attorney for Plaintiff
Ramsey & Fenton,
This is an Age of Single Aims.
Of Decorated Queensware
Goods Delivered Free any place
within One Mile of the City, all
Hours of the Day or Night.
Having purchased nearly
all the World there ia but one care,
Dr. Hainea* Golden bpeciflc.
In addition to our already large stock, direct from Eastern and California manu­
factories, all these goods are bought for cash and will l>e sold on a small margin.
I [
S ales and ¡J mall P rofits ”
Is the law, and that is just what we propose to do. Come early and see for
yourself. A large stock to select from, full in all departments.
ever opened up on the coast. Teas, In the Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon,
Coffees and Spices of Schilling's for the County of Yamhill.
Plaintiff |
Best. In fact everything in the Mary Crawford,
Grocery line, as Good as the Best William Crawford, I>ft )
To Wm. Crawford, the above named de-
and as'Cheap as the Cheapest.
fendenant, in the name of the Stale of Ore­
We mean what we say. If you gon. you are hereby required to ap|>ear and
answer the complaint filed against vou in
don’t believe it call and sec us.
the above entitled court, ami cause'on or
It can be given in a cop of tea or coffee withont
the knowledge of the person taking it. effecting a
apeedy and permanent cure, whether the patient iea
moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Thousanda
of drunkards have been cured who have taken the
Golden Specific in their coffee without their knowl­
edge. an<l today believe they quit drinking of their
own free will. No harmful effect results from its
administration, (’ureg guaranteed. Send for cir­
cular and full particulars. Addrees in confidence.
G ulden S pkoimc Co., 1» Race Street, Cincinnati. O
(Successor to E Johnson )
Keep« oh hand a fine stock of foreign and
domestic wines, Honors and cigars
Thanking you for past favors and hoping to merit a continuation of the same, the celebrated Weinhard Lager, always
I remain, Yours,
fresh and cold. Give him a call
liefore tiie first day of the next term of the
above entitled court to wit; the Fourth Mon
day of Septemlier. 1891, that Iwing the 28th
day of the month ami the first dav of the
first term of said court next succeeding six
weeks publication of this summons upon
you, you will take notice that if you fail to
appear and answer the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief prayed for in the
complaint, to wit; the dissolution of the
marriage contract now existing lietween
you and plaintiff" and for the custody
of tje minor child.the issue of the marriage
of plaintiff an.l defendant, and for such
other and further relief as to the court may
seem just and equitable, and for the cost
and disbursements of this suit. You will
take notice that this summons is published
for six consecutive weeks In the Tri.KFHOAE
R egister by order of Hon. If. P Boise.
Judge of the altove entitled court made on
the 5th day of August. 1891.
Glenn O, Holman.
A 13-34
Attorney for Plaintiff