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    Our Latest New Steel Cruiser.
walk nor stand. The doctor became
The San Francisco, a sister ship of convinced that the condition of the
Under the recent act of congress the
O regon .
little creature was due to the abnormal
plans for the three new tattle ships are the Philadelphia, built at the Union
narrowness of the head, which hinder­
18, 1890
ed the natural growth of the brain.
When Secretary Tracy issued his circu­ trial trip in the Santa Barbara channel,
Ataut the middle of May last he made
lar on the 1st of July inviting proposals on the California coast, on the 27th of
a long and narrow incision in the center
to construct the ships, further details August, with results which were ex­
------- Dealers In-------
of the skull and cut a portion out of the
were promised for the information of tremely gratifying to her builders, as
Do American Girls Put on Their
bidders. The promptness with which well as to the Bureau of Construction of
Stockings Differently from
“dura mater.” The result of this oper­
the call was published and the general the Navy Department, after whose
All Others?
was something astounding. In
plans were announced has given much plans she was built. The run was for
There are more ways than one to dis­
four consecutive hours, during which less than a month the child tagan to
tinguish an American giri from her Eu­
The act provided that the three ves­ time the average speed maintained was walk. Now she smiles, interests herself
ropean cousin. It is not alone her
should each have aliout 8,500 tons 19-516 knots per hour. ‘During a por­ in everything around her, aad plays
Erricson anil Ships.
piquant accent, nor yet the much ma­
displacement. The actual plans coin­ tion of the run, however the water got with a doll. A tolerably bright little
ligned “starry banner voice,’’ whieh
The first device of man for carrying template aliout 9,000 tons displacement, into the ducts which supply the current child has taken the place of the idiot.
mark the fair daughters of Columbia.
himself and gotxls upon the water was with the same limit of cost, whieh is of air used in a forced draught, and the
Asleep With Jackson.
The American gifl may ta, and usu­ probably the raft. After it came the $4,000,000 each, exclusive of armament fans began to force water into the furn­
ally is, by the way, as rosy as an Eng­ trunk of a tree, hollowed out to in­ and speed premiums. This will allow aces. This caused a material loss of Colonel Henry Kyd Douglas, open­
lish lassie, as dainty asa Frenchwoman crease its buoyancy. Next, perhajis, a length of 382 feet on the load water speed, and it is claimed that, making a ing his oration on the Southern Memo­
and as demure as the most of flaxen in the series of devices for conveyance line, an extreme taam of 69 feet, and a proper allowance for this accident the rial Day at Winchester, Ya., not long
frauleins, but there is one unmistakable by water, was the canoe made of bark mean draught of 24. The hull is to be azerage spied would exceed 19-7 knots since related this little incident: “The
sign by which she may be recognized. or skin stretched on frame-work. Then of steel, unsheathed, with bracket fram­ iier hour, which would make the record morning after the unveiling of the I,ee
As the literary lady's maid exclaimed boats were made of pieces of wood ing, and double liottom from armor of the San Francisco higher than that statue, as the sun rose over Richmond,
despairingly, “The trail of the serpent stitched together with thongs or rojie. shelf to armor shelf fore and aft.
of the Philadelphia. The contract for its first rays fell upon a row of figures
is over them all; they every single one later came lioats of plank, Isilted to­ The armor at the water line is a belt jlie vessel provided that the builders wrapped in gray blankets and sleeping
of them sit on the floor to put on their gether with inserted ribs and decks, or of steel seven feet in breadth and eigh­ should receive $50,000 additional for around the statue of Jackson in Capitol
stockings.” That lady’s maid was right. half-decks.
Last in the series that teen inches thick, with an added one each one-quarter knot attained over 19 square. As the sun grew brighter ami
They do. What is more than that, they ends in the ship was the vessel, the and a half inches behind the. wood knots per hour, and they therefore earn the bustle of life moved the city, one by
“actilly glories in it.”
frame-work of whieh was set up and backing. The transverse armor at the $100,000 over the contract price, which one these figures unrolled themselves
from their blankets—here a grayhead,
“Sit on the floor?” exclaimed sweet the planking of the hull put on after­ ends of the belt will lie fourteen inches was $1,426,000.
Geraldine, as the ever-affectionate Brit, ward. The idea of a decked ship once thick, while from the licit, to the main
This is the second vessel of our new there a graybeard—got up, yawned and
ish public have christened pretty Geral­ reached, the next step of progress was deck there is five ami a half inch armor navy which has been built upon the stretched themselves in the morning
dine Ulmer. “Of course I sit on the to increase the size, capacity, and pow­ on the side, backed by a bunker of coal. Pacific coast, the Charleston having air. Just then a citizen passing by
floor. No sensible woman could think ers of propulsion of the floating house. A curved three inch armoredjjdeck ex­ had her trial trip a few months ago, said to them, in anxiety: “Heavens
of doing otherwise. It's comfortable,
The earliest representation of ships tends fore and alt from the ends of the and all the castings made there, and the men! could you find no other tads in
it’s easy and it’s—well it's American.” are those found in Egypt, which carry water line licit over the engines and finish and staunchness of the vessels Richmond last night'.” ‘Yl's, there
Lillian Russell, no longer the Airy us back to some three thousand years boilers, its edges meeting the ship's have lieen declared to be as perfect as were plenty of places,’ answered one;
Fairy Lillian of her salad days, still sits before Christ. The ships of that day sides below the water line. Above this ever went into an American ship. Ex­ ‘all Richmond was open to us. But,’
on the floor to don the soft silken hose were already of considerable size, car­ deck come the heavy redoubts and bar­ perts declare that the San Francisco he turned his eyes toward the silent
of comic opera. She opened her big rying a large and varied cargo. They bette turrets, protecting the loading po­ has finer lines than those of any other face of his chief, and, with a throb in
violet eyes wide when she was asked had masts and sails, and the war-ships sitions of the guns. It is clear, there­ vessel of the new navy, and that for his throat, added, ‘we were 4iis boys
why she did it. “I sit on the floor be­ had a ram with which to run down an fore, that these vessels are to lie heavily this reason, and the strength of her and we wanted to sleep with the old
cause I choose to,” she remarked, with opponent. Steering was effected by armored, in the true modern sense.
tailers, she should also be the swiftest man just once more.’ ”
a very imperative turn of her stately paddles, four or five in utiuitar. The
The battery of each vessel will mark vessel among the new cruisers.
Another on Mr. Ocliiltre.
throat. That is the reason Miss Russell Phoenicians, the English of that period, a great advance over anything yet at­
The dimensions of the San Francisco
does most things, it is said.
“While in Jefferson, Tex., a few days
greatly improved the structure of ships. tempted in our navy, consisting of four are: Length over all, 328 ft.; length on
That dear, delicious little dumpling The ruins of an Assyrian palace rep­ 13 inch, four k inch, and four 6 inch load line, 310ft.; breadth, 4!» ft.; draught ago, I heard an anecdote ataut Tom
of an Ida Mulle just giggled that fasci­ resenta Phoenician vessel of two banks breechloading rifles. The 13 inch guns forward, 16 ft. 9 in.; draught aft, 20 ft. Ochiltree,” remarked F. M. Johnson.
nating giggle of hers, that makes her of «sirs—a bireme—of the period 900 B. will lie in barbette turrets, 17 inches 11 in.; displacement, 4,088 tons; horse “It was when Tom, having lieen ad­
dimples play hide and seek with her C. Shields hung along the side con­ thick, and with the armor inclined so power, natural draught, 7,500 horse, mitted to the bar, was taken into part­
eyes, ami said: “I always do the easiest stituted its armor. The Phoenicians as to oiler a resistance of 19 inches to forced draught. 11,000 horse. The ves­ nership with his father.
The first
thing I know. I guess that’s why 1 sit are credited with the invention of the horizontal fire.
The tartattes. and sel has a protective deck for its full thing he did after taing formally in­
on the floor to put on my stockings."
bireme; and also of the trireme, or ves­ shields of the 8 inch guns will lie 6 length, sloping down to its sides aliout stalled was to request his father to get a
To any one who sees her do it, the sel of three banks of oars. The latter Inches thick, and those of the 6 inch four feet below the water line, the slop­ sign. Ochiltree Sr. ordered one, and in
easiest thing they know is to fall in love was the Greek ship of war of the tast guns 4 inches thick. The secondary ing sides lieing two and a half inches due course of time it came and was
It was the long ship—the batteries will include twenty-eight thick and the top portion one and a nailed to the door. It tare the legend:
with the atisurd kitten with her roguish period.
“Ochiltree & Son.”
ship of war par excellence. With it guns, consisting of twenty •» pounder half inches thick. The machinery and
free and arch eyes.
“When Tom came into the office
Mme. Adeline Patti is not exempt. were fought those notable actions so anti six 1 pounder rapid-fire guns and ail the vital parts of the ship are below
She, too, sitteth in lowly attitude and well described by Thucydides. Later, two gatlings. Twelve toqiedoes will lie this deck, under which, along the sides, that day, his father asked him how he
pulls on the cobwebby hose which are hug»' vessels with four, live and even earned.
the space is used for coal bunkers. The liked the sign. Tom said he didn’t like
her delight. It is one of the few, the 'sixteen banks of oars were built, the
The speed will be at least fifteen vessel also has a double bottom and it at all. Whereupon the old man told
very few things which her maid does last mentioned, however, lieing merely knots, maintained for four consecutive many water-tight compartments. She hint to order another to suit himself.
the expensive toys of wealthy’kings. hours, and produced by twin-screw is driven by two three-bladed built-up Tom did so, and when the old man re­
not do for her.
The Marquise Lanza, elever writer, The vessel of the period of the war tie- triple-expansion engines of 7,000 indica­ screws of fourteen feet diameter each, turned from a trip a few days later he
brilliant conversationalist ami charm­ twecn the Athenians and Pelopon- ted horse power under natural draught. and two horizontal triple expansion en­ was, to use a mild phrase, somewhat
ing woman that she is, strokes her neslans were paopelled by both oars At least 400 tons of coal will be carried, gines. She has three hollow masts astonished to see hung over the door a
queenly blonde head reprovingly when and sails, the war-ships relying princi­ and the act of congress requires a coal with two military tops for Gatling new, daringly lettered sign informing
she is asked the why and wherefore of pally on their oars. The Homans used endurance of about .5,000 knots at the guns, and her armament will consist of the public that within was the office of
“Thomas Ochiltree & Father.”
the reprehensible habit. But she does the Corinthiansquinthian quinquieines most economical rate of speed. There twelve six-inch breech-loading rifled
it just the same, just for the same rea­ until the fight at Aetiuin showed that will lie a single military mast, with two guns, four Hotchkiss revolving cannon,
Antiquity of Free Masonry.
son that she does everything, taeniise the light Liburnian galleys were tatter. tops, and there will be an armored con­ one one-pounder rifle, and two Gatling
These galleys were blrentes and fully ning tower. The biffs for these vessels guns. She will require a crew of 300
it’s womanly and natural.
Free masonry is an institution of such
The habit is infectious, too. English decked. The mediaeval galley differed may be on plans provided by the Navy men.
antiquity that its origin and earliest his­
women laugh at “such a ridiculous from the ancient in the use of longer department or on those submitted by
tory are enveloped in a daze of doubt,
Unseen Worlds.
American fad, don’t you know," but oars and peculiarities of construction the bidder.
says the Illiutartcd A meriean. Modern
they soon catch the idea, as the gentle that enabled more titan one man to lie
One of the latest achievements of research among the archives has failed
Not less interesting in its way is the
man remarks in the topical song, and' employed upon each oar. The stroke protected cruiser of 7,300 tons, in which . astronomy is the discovery that Mizar, to definitely determine the date of the
was thus slower than in the tíreme, speed is the chief object aimed at. Al- ■ the central star of the three forming organization of the craft, there taing a
down they go on the floor.
It fell out on a summer’s day that a but more powerful. The introduction though the act of congress calls for the the handle of the great dipper, is not difference of many centuries between
It Is Smildirxg' “C p
group of idlers stood on the beach at of muskets and cannon in lieu of spears very high rate of twenty-one knots, only a double—as has long been known several periods during which it has And.
Newport, watching the gentle tathers aud swords led to the building of Chief Engineer Melville has been plan­ —but that the principal component has been thought by various students to
Soon Lots will be scarce and Command a Higher Price
who disported themselves in the surf. larger ships on the modern models for ning to secure twenty-two knots, al­ a second companion which the telescope have been established. Some declare
A splendid creature in a stunning bath­
though only twenty-one will lie guaran­ has never revealed. Several photogra­ that the masons engaged in building
ing dress passed on her way to the three-decker was reached. The intro­ teed by the contractor. For this pur­ phs of the spectrum of the principal Solomon’s temple formed an order from
duction of steam as a means of propul­ pose no less than 20,500 horse power, or star have been taken at the Harvard whieh the present order is descended;
Price Ranges $50 up. For full particulars applyfio
She was statuesque, she was magnifi­ sion brought in further changes, and much more than double what is requir­ observatory since 1887, and a study of others claim still greater antiquity for
the use of steel instead of wood for the ed of the new battle ships, will be need­ these has disclosed the curious fact that it, and advance arguments tending to
cent; she was the Langtry.
49 Stark St., Portland, Or.
“Now, what is the reason," quoth a hull has wholly altered the old forms ed. Coil boilers have lieen thought of the most distinct one of the photograph­ prove that the pyramids of Egypt were
Real Estate Agents, McMinnville
McMinnville Flouring Mills
gilded youth, "that Mrs. Langtry’s and proportions of ships both for com­ for a part of her boiler equipment, and ed dark lines undergoes a process of raised by the fathers of Free Masonry.
tathing suit Is always covered with merce and war. With the use of iron the new device of three screws, each doubling at regular intervals of fify-two Well authenticated manuscripts show
for the construction of ships, naturally
connected with a separate triple-expan­ days. This is explained by Professor that the fraternity existed in England,
A gloomy Benedick stood near. He came the idea of converting the ships sion engine, as in some of the latest Pickering by the supposition that the in the old city of York, formerly called
withered the gilded youth with a glance into a floating fortress by thickening French and Italian ships, is reiied upon chief star Mizar is itself a double hav­ the Roman's Eboracum, as long ago as
her sides.
A departure from the to aid in producing the expected speed. ing components revolving around their the tenth century, and it is recorded
of scorn.
“She’s Americanized,” he said, "and merehanteer type was the immedi­ The chief protection for this vessel, in common centre of gravity in 164 days, that the Saxon king Athelstan granted
ate result. But as the walls of ships addition to its great supply of coal, the lines in the spectrum of the two a charter to masons, empowering them
she puts on her stockings last."
The gilded youth stared vacantly lie- were thickened the penetrating power which is 750 tons, arranged in bunkers stars lieing displaced in opposite direc­ to hold an assembly once a year.
of cannon was increased, and this led so as to shield the machinery, will be tions when one star is moving toward
fore him.
“I suppose you know what you to the use of special constructions to an armored deck of aliout four inches i and the other away from the earth, and
mean,” he said, at last, hopelessly, “but give the ship the quality of an unsink­ maximum thickness. The armament ! coinciding when the stars are in con­
able platform, presenting a small target of this cruiser is inferior to that of some junction. The rate of motion is estimat-1
I do not.”
Accession to the strawberry leaves to the enemy. The progress made in smaller but less swift vessels, the main ed to be 100 miles a second, and the two
has not altered the Duchess of Marl- the last fifty years in the construction, battery consisting only of four 6 inch I ks lies are separated by a distance of
Isirbugh one jot. She still dings to lier propulsion, armoring, and navigation rifled breech loaders and eight 4 inch 130,000,000 miles though in the most
old habit and plumps gaily down like of ships was largely due to Erisesson’s rapidfire guns. Like the three battle powerful telesi'ojM' they appear as one
the veriest plebeian when she puts on inventive genius. If he did not invent, ships, and the two other large vessels star. If the calculations are correct,
he introduced the screw as a means of recently contracted for, she will have a second magnitude Mizar has forty times
her dainty hose.
There is a daring damsel and a lithe, propelling ships—a step of progress licit of woodite or an equivalant materi­ the mass of our sun. A similar invest­
yclept Cannencita, who is as different which, by discarding sails, has revolu­ al on the slopes of her protective deck. igation at the Potsdam observatory has '
from other girls in this as in all things. tionised the sailor’s calling. He first,
Taking together the three battle ships confirmed the belief that the variable!
That gleaming will-o’-the-wisp stands in the construction of the Princeton, this very fast protected cruiser, the fast brightness of the star Algol, in the head I
straight up, and balances herself merri­ placed the “vitals” of war-ships—en­ 8,100 ton armoured cruiser, whose con­ of Medusa, is due to passage liehind a
ly on the tip of one glancing toe. Then gines, magazines, etc.—below the wa­ struction was awarded to Cramp & Sons 1 dark body. This star shines steadily
she holds her plump foot straight in ter-line, out of reach of hostile shot. two months ago, and the 5,500 ton un­ for two and one-half days, then with
the air and pulls on her stocking as The ex|H-dlent of using a forced draught armored cruiser, whose construction at reduced brilliancy for tour and one-half
nonchalantly as if there was no such to quicken the fires of ships was his, as I the same time was awarded to the horn's, the changes taking place with
thing as equilibrium or centers of gravi­ was also the telescopic-smokestack and . Union Iron works, the work of the, great regularity. Photographs of the
the device for using centrifugal blowers ¡
ty in this worid.
present summer will be represented by spectrum now show that the lines are
Mrs. Potter sits on a chair, and a for purposes of ventilation. To the half a dozen of the finest vessels of their' displaced in one direction when the
very easy chair it is, too, with cushions Princeton lie introduced the novelty of class in the world, whose completion | star is at its weakest, and in the oppo-!
and a place to lean that red-gold head a 12-inch wrought-iron gnu, with a may lie looked for in 1893, or in 1894 at site direction after that moment, as
of hers when the cares of state weigh tand shrunk on at the breech, a device the furthest.
would occur were the star alternately
too heavily on her brow. She is leisure­ for taking up the recoil of heavy guns;
approaching and receding from the
>eaf Drinkers.
ly in all things, is the society star, and an automatic gun-lock, andan instru-;
earth in revolutions in an or bit around
she will not be hurried in her toilet, l>e ment for determining distances. Among ! 1 lot's whisky make a man deal'.’ I' some unknown object. Calculations
it ever so late, and audiences ever so his other inventions connected with ! believe it does,” said Tom Stewart as show that the bright star and its dark
navigation were the self-registering
he leaned over his bar. “You will find companion must I m * of nearly equal
When the stage manager grows “deep-sea lead, until recently in univer­ men who when sober will hardly sjieak size, with a total mass about two-thirds
troublesome ami reminds the pretty sal use, and improvements in tubular above a whisper, talking as loud as a that of our sun, and separated by’less
. "¡''7 to Protect their Contents against Poth Fite an:'
Ericsson's system of
despot that time is fleeting, she simply steam boilers.
steam calliope when they get a few . than 3,000,000 miles. It is a unique and
waves her lily hand languorously and movable torpedoes, operated aud steered drinks in them. I wonder whether, not easily conceived fact that a hot sun
murmurs something to the effect that from the shore hv means of compressed they think other jieoplc are deaf too should have so near a cooled moon of
all s
afe and ock
air, was an important contribution to
“time was made for slaves.”
when they get to shouting at a man nearly its own size.
Facto: >. <.'IN<*y\ ■»
The pretty page with the dimpled
sitting across the table as if lie was a
SAL.ECS1« XJM - • .
chin, whose mission it is to sing bal­ line must affect profoundly the condi­ block away. I have seen a man with ; Queer world! Queer people! Here
lads and stir havoc in the hearts of the tions under which naval operations a good load aboard, call a friend off; are men and women by thousands
New York City; Portland. Me.; Bosten; Phdiui-’’*
Johnnies, has dreadful times getting will henceforth I k - conducted. The De-1 into a corner to whisper a secret into suffering from all sorts of diseases, bear­
-ouisville; St. Louis; Kansas City; Omaha; Minm
into her tights. If she is little and stroyer, a small vessel with a gun in his ear as loud as if he was talking ing all manners of pain, spending their
San Francisco; l-a* Angeles; Sau. Dr^o;
-lender and of a graceful shape she can the low under the water-line for firing ' through a telephone. lie, of course, all on physicians and “getting no bet­ FOB THOSE WHO CA1W0T POSS1BLT CALL FEB-
Richmond. Vc..: Milwaukee. VVi> ; E’-.o; .
get in fairly well; but if she is inclined submarine torpedoes, was among his ! believes that he is whispering or talk­ ter, but rather worse,” when right at 8OXALLT, HOME Tit EAT HEXT PLACED WITH­
to l>e plump, woe talitle her. First she last works. His creation of the Moni-* ing in an ordinary tone all the time, hand there’s a remedy which says it !
sits down, frowning darkly at the tor type of armored war-ship is, how­ and honestly too, for when the proprie­ can help them because it’s helped thou­
thought of the struggle tafore her. She ever, the achievement by which he is tor tells him to talk lower, he'll look up sands like them. “Another patent-1
The most speedy, positive and perma­
h.*« ot,
pulls on the feet of her rainbow hued best known. As early as 1854 he de­ surprised and say, ‘Why, I’m not talk­ medicine advertisement,” you sav.1 nent cure for Catarrh of the Head, Asthma,
tights. She pulls them up very ginger­ signed for Napoleon III. a partially ing loud.' If some one will invent
and all Throat, Bronchial, Lung, Heart,
ly, for fear of “making a ladder" in the submerged armored vessel, with guns whispering whisky he will get all the medicine is Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical I Stomach, Liver and Kidney Affections,
side, and then she strives in her might inclosed in a revolving shot-proof cupola trade of the saloon proprietors who Discovery, and it's different from the] Nervous Debility, etc. Consumption, in
its various stages, permanently cured.
fenpr Th* follow?.
- -y
and pulls and tugs heroically. When placed centrally on the deck. On this don't like their customers to howl like ' ordinary nostrums in this:—
D r . A born ’ s O riginal M ods of T reat ­ yi-
It does what it claims to do, or it costs I ment aud his M edicated I nhalations
she has them up smoothly she tiesa* design substantially was constructed in
Commanches or to pound the table or
gives instantaneous relief, builds up and !
baud about her waist so tight that she 1861 the famous “Monitor," which the bar till the glasses rattle. This you nothing!
about th
is nearly cut in two, ami joins them fought the Confederate iron-clad Merri­ argumentative whisky is worse than '
! an n«»>.
down over that. They pull her over mac in Hampton Roads, in March, | the old squirrel whisky that used to gist $1.00 for a tattle. You read the I nervous, debilitated and broken-down I
i h
dreadfully, but she cannot sit down to 1862. The Monitor type has since be­ make a man go out in the woods and
constitutions, old and young, invariably
gain from teu to thirty pounds iu from
rest. That would wrinkle the knees, come obsolete, being rejected principal- climb a tree."
buy another tattle, and perhaps anoth thirty to ninety days.
so she grumbles, and shivers and de­ ly on account of its poor sea-going qual­
er. If you don’t get tatter, you get
A Queer Sort of Bank Book
clares with ringing feminine oaths of ities, but Ericsson justly divides with
velous cures have created the greatest
“as sure as I live,” and “there’s no use the designer of the Merrimac the honor
astonishment on the Pacific Coast and
“Here is anothercuriosity,” be con­
talking,” that she never, no never, will of having inaugurated a new departure tinued, producing a stick two feet in thing is that so many people are willing throughout the Amerioan continent, dur­
the past twenty-five years. Asthma,
I day anything Imr skirt jiarts after this in the construction of ships of war.— length and curiously notched and to ta sick when the remedy’s so near at ing
— AT----
Catarrh of the Head, and all Throat, Bron­
Baltimore Sun.
chial and Lung trouble instantly relieved,
split. “There are seven notches,” said
Relief of the Idiot.
also Ear Diseases and Deafness often cured
The every-day girl, who has uothing
Galena, Ill., the home of Grant, was he. “This is a certificate of deposit is­
permanently at first consultation. D r .
to do but be good and look -pretty,
Dr. Lannelongue, an eminent speci-j A born ’ s essay on the “Curability of Con­
a rival of Chicago from 1845 to 1850. It sued by the bank of England over 100
knows naught of these trials. She just was considered the “future great" city years ago. A stick was taken notched alist in the children's hospital, Paris, i sumption,” and i treatise on “Catarrh of
GEO. S. TAYLOR’ Ticket Ayt.
throws herself carelessly on the rug l>y of the west, but of recent years it has and split. < >ne piece was given to the has just succeeded in the effort to give | the Head,” with evidences of some ex­
her grate, shakes tack her hair from begun to decay, and at present it con­ dejiositor, who had to produce it and intelligence to a poor little idiot. The ' traordinary cures, mailed free. Call or
Corner First and Oak Sts.
her face, yawns, a little, inspects her tains only 8,000 jieople, though it once > notch the other piece to get his money. child, a little girl four years old, had a address
Fourth and Morrison StPortland, Oregoa.
pink toes meditatively, glances in the had 30,1)00.
It defied forgery and fraud. This stick deformed head, only ataut one-third
N otb .—Home treatment, securely packed, sent by
miror, smothers another yawn, and
represented a deposit of £7,000. It and the size of an ordinary little one of her express
to all parts of the Pacific Coast, for those who
Newspaper Advertising Bureau,
I is on file in PhiladcIplitA
pushes her toes into the pretty hose, th it terrible congrí. Shiloh's Cure is the the striking piece were given me by an age. She never smiled, never took no-1 cannot possibly call in person.
| at the Newspaper Ad ver-
It) Spruce St., New York.
rtlsiiig Agency uf Meswrs.
rihe doesn’t know why she does it that | remedy for yon. Sold by Roger- Bros.
officer in the Bank of England.”
tice of anything, and she could neither ALL INVITED TO CALL FOR FREE CONSULTATION
Send lOote. for lUO-Pago Pamphlet
way any more than she knows why
she carries her purse in her hand in­
stead of in her pockets. No amount of
training will cure the American girl of
the pretty childish way. For in the
most “cultured” boarding school of the
effete East, the moment the rising-bell
sounds, there’s a bounce, a jump, then
a plump! aud every single girl in that
school is on the floor putting on her
stockings. It’s a way she hath. A
pretty way and a taking, and who so
rash would cure her if he could?
---------- —♦♦♦----------
New American Ships of War.
Columbus Buggies, Bain Wagons,
Oliver Chilled and Steel Plows,
Scotch Clipper Plows,
Flying Dutchman Gangs and
<¡z co.,
East and South
—VI \ —
Southern Pacific Route
Express Tyains Leave Port la ml Daily
While You Wail,
llosebuig Mall Daily. .
Albany........ f
East. North
1» m Albany.
a m Portland
Between Portland and Corvallis.
Mail Train Daily, except Sunday.
Portland .
30 a mi McMinn' 10.10 A in
McMinn’ 10 10 a ml Corvallis. 12:10 p iu
2 d, ]> !u
Corvallis 12 55 p in McMinn'
»> 56 p m Portland . 5 -.‘JO p m
At Albany and Corvallis connect w
trains of Oregon Pacific.
Express Train Daily, except Sunday
4 :40 p m McMnn .. 7.2.5pm
5:45 a in]Portland. 8:20 a in
Through Tickets to all Points
For tickets and full information regard­
ing rates, mans, ct< cull on the Company's
agent at McMinnville.
Asst. G 1 A P Agt
Omaha, KanB»« City, nini all .Mliumn I
River Point.
Its magnificent steel track, unsurpas*«*«!
train service and elegant dining and
sleeping cars has honestly earned for it the
title of
The Royal Route
Others may imitate,but none can surpass it
Our motto is "always on time ”
Be sure and ask ticket agent-* for tickets
via this celebrated route and take none
.\V 11 M EAI». < • A
No. 4 Washington street, Portland, Or
bom Terminai or Interior Toinlx the
Is the Line to Take
To all Points East & South
It is the DINING CAR ROUTE. It runs
Every Day in lhe Year to
'No Change of Cars,
I tollliHised
(unsurpassed )
(Of Latest Kqnipment, ;
Best that can be constructed ami in
which accommodations are for hoi
ders of First or Second-cpiss Ti< k-
• t'. ami
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
napers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Tourist Sleeping Cars,
For accommodation of second class passen­
gers attached to express trains
4 :00 p
Pullman IliifUt SlHjiers,
ZBvLsr ZToTxr Before Too Insite.
K:00 a ni Roseburg.
i»:00 a m| Portland .
Albany Local, Daily. Except Sunday.
Portland. 6.00 p m SanFrancisco 7.45 am
San Fran. 9:00 p m Portland
9.35 am
Above trains stop only at following sta­
tions north of Roseburg: East Portland,
Oregon Ci tv, Woodburin. Salem. Albany,
Tangent, Shedds, Halsey, Harrisburg, .Jun­
ction city. Irving, Eugene
A Continuous Line connecting with all
lines, affordiug direct and unin­
terrupted service.
Pullman 8lc< | mt renerrations can ta tecur-
<■>1 in advance tliron.1i ativ agent of th. road
Through TirkMx
r"ai"1 fron'8,1
lirai IX hl
mid Ettroix- can ta pnrcli.M d at anv ticket
office of tnu conntan.v.
Full information concerning rate*, lime
of train*, route* and other detail* fnnti.lied
on application to anv agent, or
A*-t General Passenger Agent.
Genei.l Office Of th. Cemimny, No, Itl
First St.. Cor. W&hington, Portant), Or.