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■\77"ill ZExHïbit ufì-t
HARDING &. HEATH, Publishers.
One Copy, per year, in advance.........
One Copy, six months in advace....
$2 00
1 00
Entered at the poetoffice at McMinnville
Oregon, as second-class matter.
T he advertising R ates of T he T ele ­
phone -R egister are liberal, taking in
consideration the circulation. Single
inch, $1.00; each subsequent inch, $.75.
Special inducements for yearly or semi-
yearly contracts.
A ll C ommumicatioxh M i st B e S igned B y
the person who sends them, not for pub­
lication, unless unaccompanied by a "non
deplume,” but for a guarantee of good
faith. No publications will be published
unless so signed.
* * *
Jon W ork N eatly A nd Q uickly E xecuted
at reasonable rates Our facilities are
the liest in Yamhill county and as good
as any in the state A complete steam
plant insures quick work.
♦ * »
A ddress A ll C ommunications . E ither F or
the editorial or business departments, to
T he T elephone -R egister , 'McMinnville,
S ample C opies O p T he T elephone -R e <- is -
ter will be mailed to any person in the
United States or Europe, who desires one,
free of charge
* * »
W e I nvite You To C ompare T he T ele ­
phone -R egister with any other paper
published in Yamhill county
May 31, 1889.
Earl Dudley, who was caught in a late
raid <?n a London gambling house, reached
his majority only a few months ago and
lias already gambied away $209,009.
Mayor Grant, of New York, has ap­
proved a bill of $1000 forthe breakfast fur­
nished President Harrison and guests, fif­
ty in number, on Board the Dispatch
between Elizabethport and New York.
This would have fed 4000 poor jieople at
When a United States Supreme Court,
made up of five Republicans and only
three Democrats, decides that the depre­
dations of a Confederate rai<l were acts
of “legitimate warfare,” and not of rebel­
lion, it is time for Joel Benson Foraker,
of Ohio, to solemnly inquire if he has
lived and howled in vain.
William II. Campbell, an old fashioned
democrat, who has been postmaster in a
Vermont town for four years, has just
stepped out, and his wifo, a staunch re­
publican, has been given the commission,
while William becomes assistant post-
master. Take it all in al), it is a nice
little arrangement as the times have
turned up.
Dunra ven’s new yacht, built to capture
tlie American cup, has l>ecn beaten by
tliree other English boats. Englishmen
profess to regard her as satisfactory but
we do not see what encouragement it can
give them to believe that the Valkyrie
will stand a ghost of a show with the
crack American sloops. The yacht that
takes the cup away from America must
be 4 world-beater.
Last Monday the supreme court of the
J J .1
I nited States rendered a decision declar­
ing the Scott law constitutional and valid.
Justice Field rendered the decision of the
court as follows: The power ot the exclu­
sion of foreigners being an incident of
sovereignty to the government of the ’/I?
United States, as a part of those sover­ W ■h’?
eign powers delegated by the constitu­
tion, the right to its exercise at any time
when in the judgement of the govern­
ment tlie interests of the country require Of Intellectual and Refined Amusement. Rich
it, cannot be granted away or restrained
Rare as the Feasts of the Fabled Gods.
in behalf of any one. The powers of the
government are delegated in trust to the
I nited States and are incapable of trans­
fer to any other parties. They cannot be
abandoned or surrendered, nor can their
exercise be hampered, when needed lor
the public goed, by any consideration of
private interest. The exercise of these
public trusts is not a subject of barter or
contract. Whatever license Chinese la­
borers may have obtained previous to
the act of October 1, 1888, to return to
the United States after their departure is
“Prodigious, Overshadowing and
held, at tlie will of the government, re­
Is the verdict of all beholders.
vokable at any time, at its pleasure,
and proudly placed before the
whether a proper consideration by our Created
The Greatest Corps of Distinguished Per­
people bv the consolidation of the
government by its previous laws, or a
proper respect for the nation, whose sub­
jects are affected by its action, ought to
The most important union of
have qualified its inhibition ami make it Gigantic, sweeping and brilliant centraliza­
tion of
aplicable only to persons departing from
the country after the passage ol the act, Sterling and World-Endorsed Enter­
are not questions for judicial determina­
tainments !
tion. If there be any just grounds for
Of all Cotemporaries.
complaint on the part of China, it must
be made to tire political department of
our government, which is alone compe­ ALL OTHER SHOWS COMBINED!
tent to act on the subject of the rights
and interests created by the treaty, which
r> <
have become so vested that its expiration
or abrogation will not destroy or impair.
Olympian i Festival
for Infants and Children
“Caatorta is k > well sdaptcj to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me.”
H. A. Aacsca, M. D.,
ill So. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Cwtorta car^s Coltr. Constipation.
Stomach. loarrhtoa. Bruckatioo,
1 Sour
Kill» Worm», sire» Bleep, and promoBaa 41-
Without injurious medication,
T bs C umtaub C omtaxv , ff Murray Street. N V.
That is deserving of more
than mere mention, and
2 Biggest Shows on Earth 2
Why? Because, when style
GREAT RAILROAD SHOWS and quality are to be found,
why select from odd sizes
or inferior goods?
1S6II. The Ohl Reliable McMinnville Pioneer Bitot anti Shoe Store. 1SSI.
Has seen its SOtliJ birthday, I am thank­
ful to my Friends ’and ^Patrons |for past
friendship Hoping to merit a continuance
of the same. I will continue to sell BOOTS
and SI10ES*at prices that will convince the
public that jt will pay them to call and ex­
amine Goods and ascertain Prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
Eureka of Canvas Entertainments !
No Trouble to Show Goods.
No charge made on Sewing Rip on Goods
»ught of me
Opposite the Grange store.
B est A ssortment I n T he C ity . O n Win: hl *.
Administrator's Noth*«'.
Notice is hereby given that L. F Hall, as
administrator of the estate of B C. West­
fall, deceased, has tiled his final account in
the county court of Yamhill county. Ore­
gon. and said court has fixed U| m > ii
TUESDAY. JULY 2d. 1889,
Of Amity, and is now ready to
at the hour of 1 o’clock p. in. of said day at
receive customers
the court house, in McMinnville, in said
The business will be conducted with the county, as the time and place for hearing
n tention of pleasing everyone, and wo ask the same.
Therefore all ¡arsons are hereby notified
continuance of the public patronage.
to appear at said time ami place and show
cause, if any there be, why said account l>c
not allowed and said estate finally settled.
Dated this 31st day of May. 1889
I/. F. HALL.
Administrator A foresail!
F. W. 1 i \ i -\.
Attorney tor Estate.
i May 31:2I)
Want It
Have Is en purchased by
The last report of the statistician of tiie
agricultural department confirms the ac­
cepted estimate of the ratio of exportation
to home consumption of agricultural pro­
ducts. We export about one-tenth but
this includes tobacco and cotton, whieh
are plantation rather than farm products.
It would be interesting to know how large
or how relatively small, a part of our
food products is sent abroad.
The report shows how slight can be
the influence of the Liver]xx>l market, of
which free trail» rs talk so much, upon
the price of American wheat. The truth
is that Europe alone raises half the wheat
grown in the world, and more than twice
as much as is grown in America, includ­
ing Canada and Manitoba. And still so
great is the number of European perstMia
employed in industries other than those
of agriculture, that Asia, Africa, Austra­
lia and America are called upon to supply
the defiency between the demand for and
the supply of wheat. The statement con­
veys its own lesson; a proper develop­
ment of our mining, manntaeturing and
mercantile and marine resources cannot
fail to secure a home market for every
bushel of Americam wheat. A few years
ago Germany exported wheat; her in­
creased trading and manufacturing pop­
ulation now consumes all that her farmess
can produce. Tlie United States has
supplied Europe witli 95,000,000 bushels
of wheat yearly for 10 years past, which
is about two-thirds of the whole amount
demanded to make the difference between
its home demand and homo production.
The larger the volume of wheat, or any
other farm product exported from the
United States to Europe the smaller will
be the price paid for it.— Chicago Inter
The Oregon Pacific intend to push their
road to a completion, it seems, as they
have advertised in the large eat tern pa-
pet's that they will sell $5,000,000 of O.
I*. R. R. Co. first mortgage f> per cent,
gold bonds, due Oct. 1900. The bonds
are secured by a deed of trust to the
Farmer’s Ix»an and Trust Co., trustee,
covering the franchises, road equipments
anil alt lands belonging to the company.
Following this is a long advertisement of
Oregon and from appearances we should
judge that the O. P. R. R. will lie com­
pleted in a short time and a through line
from the east to Yaquina City will be in THE SWELLING PENSION LIST.
operation. So be it.
Washington dispatches announce that
the $82,000,OCX) appropriated for the pay­
“The American Klein,” whose perfor­ ment of pensions this year has already
mances in Samoa are not receiving the been exhausted, with six weeks more of
attention of the Berlin Conference that the fiscal year to bo provided for. The
unofficial German papers foretold for propability of a deficiency is therefore
him, has been examining the Panama converted into a certainty, and the expec.
Canal at the instance ot the New York tation—perhaps the boast—that it will he
World. He furnishes to that paper the able to dispose of over $100,000,900 be­
result of his observations on a trip from fore the first of July seems likely to be
Aspinwall to Panama, together with il­ realized.
lustrations of the work and country at
In any other country than this, or with
various points. lie finds that hardly a a people less indifferent than ours to
third of the work is done, at a cost of what becomes of the revenues, the extra­
money that represents a billion dollars ordinary growth of the pension fund tinder
for the completed canal, and already the combined efforts of the claim agents
thousands of lives. The wreckage on and the political demagogues would be
Panama Canal is even more dismal than startling.
In 1878, thirteen years after the close
that in Apia harbor, yet hardly more
complete than has lieen predicted from of the war, when the claims would natu­
rally have begun to diminish, the appli­
the first.
cations allowed had deceeased from a
A report of the commander of the rev­ maximum of 50,000 in 1860, the year
enue cutter Corwin, just received at after the war, to about 11,000. The dis­
Washington, contains a story of tone bursements had fallen from a maximum
quite uncommon in such formal docu­ of $33,000,009 in 1871 to $26,000,000. Last
ments. He tells of finding at Plover Bay year, 23 years after the dose of the war,
in Behrings Sea, a little girl 8 years old the applications allowed were over 60,000
named Pelurza, the child of a native including the survivors of the Mexican
woman who married and was deserted war lately [tensioned, and the disburse­
by a white man. The little half-breed ments this year will be at least $90,000,-
has dancing blue eyes, bright yellow hair 000.
This sum exceeds by $27,000,000 the
and is in every respect very much of an
Anglo-Saxon. The captain makes the total ordinary expenses of the federal
suggestion that something be done to re­ government in the year liefore the war.
move the child from her heathenish sur­ It equals tho cost of the standing army
roundings. On the same day this report of Great Britian (180,000 strong) and
tho cost of
was published complaint was made to nearly equals
the Humane Society of New York that a great German army (almost 500,000
girl of the same age in that city has been strong). And with Corporal Tanner in
for months locked alone in a room, for charge there is no telling where it will
twelve or thirteen hours every day while stop.
her mother was absent at her work. It
may lie wondered whether this little one’s
I’ostmaster-General Wanamaker has
eyes are dancing and which is the hap­
lately been interview'd upon the question
pier the Christian or the heathen.
of reducing the rate on letter postage to 1
Bids for three new cruisers, under au­ cent per ounce. It appears that he is
thority of the act of congress last Sep- not yet prepared to recommend it. He
temlier, will be opened on the first of says that when he took charge of the
August in the navy department. The Post Office Deprrtment he thought 1-cent
vessels are to lie modern in every partic­ isjstage was very desirable, and should
ular of construction and ornament. /I be established at once. Since then, how­
speed of eighteen knots an hour will be ever, he lias learned something about
required, and they are to be finished in the condition of the service which has
two years at a cost not exceeeing $700,000 ' caused him to hesitate about recommend­
each. Great Britain has illustrated, in ing the adoption of 1-cent postage. He
the creation of her immense navy, the has discovered, for example, that there
truth of the maxim “the more haste the are many places in the country whieh re­
less speed,” and would now lie glad to ceive mail but once a week and that not
have in gold sovereigns, the cost of many I always regularly, and lie has reached the
of her ponderous and unwieldly war conclusion that what is most needed by
ships, that she might use it in the con­ ! all concerned for the present is frequent
struction of more available vessels. The and regular service from the Post Office
United States, taking advantage of an Department rather than reduction of
era of profound peace has looked on rates. This conclusion of the Postmaster
while other nations have experimented General will be somewhat disappointing
with iron clads and their armament, and to a large class of jieople who have looked
now goes to work deliberately and intel- to see a reduction of i>ostal rates made a
igcntlv to create a navy such as she may feature of the work of the present admin­
need for purposes of offensive or defensive istration. The efficiency of the service
warfare and tiie result, judging from the undoubtedly stands in need of improve­
fruits of this policy tnat are now afloat, ment, but the near future should also
will be satisfactory.— Oregonian.
see a reduction of rates. A portion of
The aliove is the first praise we have the surplus might be expended with
ever heard for the democratic party profit in the work of bringing about 1>otl>
from the Oregonian.
My stock of Clothing em­
braces the Latest Styles and
est Price of any ever bro’t BISHOP & KAY
to this county.
Positively first time presentations of
Eixty-Five New
Thrilling and Electrifying Aerial Acts! By
unequaled Lady and Gentleman Artists.
Exclusive Acts !
The finest and most accomplished new
Equestrian Features that ever thrilled
an audience..
Ever shown under canvas.
The Gallant, Daring and Chivalrous
Spacious Circus Rings anil
Brilliant Circus Organizations! v
Thrillingly and vividly exemplified each
day and evening
There certainly is no better advertisement
for a stock of Clothing than a PERFECT
FIT, and that is what I will Guarantee any That They Are THE
one who selects a suit from my stock, rang­
ing in price from 86. to 830. Come and ex­
amine my Clothing and Hat Stock before We are Just Whooping them Out
Clothiers of Yamhill
The best and most impressive
Jocund and Jolly Clowns ! The best in the
Free Street
That ever delighted the people. The “Chil­
dren’s dream of Fairyland,” an enjoyable
episode of the (¡rand Procession.
Unrivaled and Daring Gymnas­
tic Exploits
Leading Circus Celebrities from Five Conti­
nents winning the meed of applause!
By the best and largest troupe in the world
Heavy, Latest Shades, Neatest Patterns in 21 inch BIRGE,
New and Excellent Quality, at 10 CENTS per yard, Just Re­
ceived 20 pieces.
Timber Lami, Act .IniicB, 1K7H
Notice for Publication.
l.»xi> o .' kice . Oregon City. Or., (
M aix -I i Mil, 1889.
Notice i. hereby given that -in compliance
with the provisiona of the act of eongrena ol
•lune 3. Is’S.entitle! “An act for the nale M
timber lamia in the i>tuie» ofCalifotni», Oregon.
Nevnrla nml Wa-I>ingtoii territory,” Elmer K»-
pey. of Portland, county of Multnom»li, state ol
Or, liaa tl.ia day tiled in thia office hi«-worn at ate
nient No.43U,for tlie imreham* of the nw j of arc.
No. 10 in townalrip No. 2 »outh, range No. «
went, a d will otter proof to allow that the laid
nought is m< re valuable for it« timber or Mono
than lor agricultural pnrwovea, arid to ratal»-
liali hia claim to aaid laud before the Itegi.ter
ami Beceiver of thia cilice nl Oiegon t’ity, Ore­
gon. ou Wednesday, the .'»th day of Jun“. 18uii.
lie nanien ae wititesaea:
W K Ranynn. W W
l>p y, B Gri(n ami M i' Naartay. allaa l'"tt
land, Multnomah county, Oregon,
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to lile their
claim, in thia other on or before said Sth day of
•lune, Isu'.i.
Marl.', 15
Notice of Final Settlement
3d and B Sis., McMinnville, Oregon
Prices Always Lower Than
All Competitors.
We have a
To Select From.
The only Hippodrome of modern days de­ Chariot Races. Roman Standing Races,
serving the tideI
The most complete and] thoroughly organ­ By expert daring lady and gentleman Jock­
eys and Charioteers
Existing anywhere or in any country.
The only successful act of riding, driving
and grouping
Everv resource exhausted, and nothing left
to be desired in ring entertainments
35 Horses hy a Single Equestrian
The Greatest Masters of the
All tlie acknowledged and recognized
Champions of the Circus World !
When we talk about one we talk about the other.
OUR LARGE STOCK of New Goods means Good
News to every buyer of GROCERIES in McMinnville
In unified and glorious association.
“The Children's Dream of Fairylaud,”
All the marvels and mysteries of the brute A delightful episode of our daily Spectacu­
lar Street Profession.
creation—Beasts Birds and > eptiles—
shown in our stupendous collection.
The only Leviathan Pair of
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goods with prices away up.
Larger Tents and Railroad Trains
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dented Special Features !
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them. They Will be a Constant Satisfaction, because you got them at
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pendous Tented Exhibition !
ifeville and Novel Entertainments!
An<l Gladitorial Combatants, in friendly
The death of Allen Thorndyke Rice
brings to raind the fact that the noted John
A cure for leprosy has been found, Randolph, of Roanoke, was once Minis­
says Mr. Clifford, the last European to ter to Russia. When Gen. Andrew
visit Father Damien. It is gurjun oil, Jackson became President there was a
the produce of a fir tree which grows strong pressure upon him to provide
plentifully in the Audaman Islands. It for the erratic and brilliant statesman
was discovered by Dr. Dougall, and Mr. from tlie Charlotte (Va.) district. Gen.
Clifford was “assured by Sir Donald Jackson was an astute politician, and he,
Stewart, who was then governor of the no doubt, thought the further he removed
islands, and who has sent me the official Mr. Randolph from the active scenes of
medical report, that every single case in political warfare the better it would be
the |Aice was cured by it. The lepers for the success of his administration.
were convicts, and it is therefore pos­ He accordingly sent his name to the sen­
sible to enforce four hours a day rubbing ate as minister to Russia. To the sur­
the ointment all over their bodies, and prise of his friends Mr. Randolph upon
taking two small doses internally. In his confirmation by the senate, accepted
some cases the disease was of many the appointment. It is amusing in these
years’ standing, and the state to which it days to read Mr. Randolph’s letters to
had reduced its victims was indescrib­ his Virginia friends as published by his
ably dreadful, yet after eight months the biographer. It was not the negotiation
sufferers were able to run and use a of treaties or the solution of international
heavy pickaxe, and every symptom of questions which perplexed his diplomatic
leprosy disappeared. Father Damien mind, but whether he must appear be­
fore the Czar in knee-breeches and wear
tried it, hut too late.
a sword. Mr. Randolph was thin to at-
| lenuation, and he manifests in his letter
i a most decided aversion to wearing knee
I breeches. In those days no person could
In reversing flic adverse decision of appear at court that did not do so, and
Commisionei Black upon the application probably the ‘‘Child of the Roanoke,” as
for a jiension in ease of death by delirium lie has been called, found himself unable
treineus of a man who had suffered no to coi>e with the situation, for he unex-
disability in the army, Commissioner jiectedly resigned the post after a brief
Tanner said it was possible that the man service and returned to the United .States.
might nave contracted t! e habit of drink­
John Hay is to receive $15,000 a year
ing in the army, becoming a drukard 25
years later. There is no evidence that I for editing the New York Tribune during
tlie man ever drank in the army. The Whitelaw Reid’s absence. This is very
$80,009,009 a year in pensions now, will small pay for the wear and tear it must
easily be multiplied several times under | be on a man's conscience to publish the
|colnms of falsehoods that paj>er dot's
four years of Tanner.
daily.— East Oregonian.
3sÆc^Æinn.'^7'îlle, Oreg'orx.
Notice ia hereby given that John E. Hub-
hard as administrator de bonis non of the
estate of Nathan Westfall. deceased, baa
filed his final account as such in the county
court of Yamhill county. Oregon, and said
court has fixed upon
at the hour of 1 o’clock p. m of said day at
the court house
at McMinnville, in
said county as the time and place for hear­
ing the Mme
Therefore, all persons are herd» ,’ notified
to appear a said time ami place and show
came. if any there be, why said account I m *
not allowed and said < state finally settled.
Dated May 7th, A. 1)., 1889
Administrator Aforesaid.
F enton A F knton ,
Attorneys for Estate.
May 10 13:17
Sherifl’’« Sale
No Trouble to Show Goods.
By virtue and authority of an execution
ami an order of sale duly issuml out of the
circuit, court of the state of Oreion for
Yamhill county, on the 29th day of April.
A. D ,188!), upon a decree of foreclosure
duly rendered, enrolled and docketed in
the clerk’s office in said county on the 26th
Remember Our Old Motto:
day of March. A I)., 1889. in favor of J W
Ingle, plaintiff, vs Jesse Yocum. Nettie V
Busby. \V <; Busby. John Dempsey, Kate
Dempsey. Geo Y Davis, ('aroline Davis,
Eliza)»ctli Yocum, Clura B Delashmutt,
Austin Yocum. Jesse Yocum Ada Yorum,
Katie Yocum. Belle Yocum, James Yucuni,
ElmiraYocum Branson. Geo Branson, Mary
Minerva Yocum Branson, 1 N Branson,
Nina Hendrix, Lyman M Noble, Nancy
Noble, ix’vi Zumalt, John Zumalt, Abra­
ham Zu m al I. J P Zumalt. < H' Y ocum , Ann
M Yocum, Thompkins Yocum Eliza J Yo­
cum. and all the unknown heirs at law of
Minerva Yocum, deceased, hv name un­
known heirs; W C Hembree. J J Butler, L
Bettman. Edgar Poppleton, J Prevo and D
B Provo, partners as Prevo Bros., flxjuisa
V<M-um Walter Yocum. Carrie Yocum,
Has just received another carload of the JU3T
Yocum ami Ellen Hall, defendants,
for the sum of four hundred and forty-five
forty-one-hundredth dollars < $445 44-1<Nn
at 8 per cent per annum, and six hundnsl
and si x dollars ($606) at 10 per cent i»cr an­
num. ami $5o. attorney’s fee. ami costs
taxed «at $134.00, and to* me duly directed
Direct from the Factory. This ia at know led and
delivered. 1 did on the 2d day of May.
ged to be
188!), (as by law provided) duly seize and
levy upon the following described real
premises, described iij said decree, to-wit:
As a reference, ask any of thow» who areu.-ing town of Dayton, Yamhilll county. Oregon.
Now, therefore, by virtue of said execu­
As I have put, on over 400 Squares in Yamhill tion. on
and Polk Countie«. I am prepared to
do Job work of all Kinds, from n
A. J) . 1889,
Tin (.’up to the moat
at the hour of 11 o’clock, a. m., at the court
house door in McMinnville, in said county
ami state, 1 will sell al public auction the
above desc ribed real premise's of defendants
to the highest bidder for cash in hand to
I Carry a Full Line of
satisfy said decree, costs ami ac cruing costs.
Dated this 2d clav of Mav, A. D., 188!».
May 3:17
Sherifi*of Yamhill County. Or.
Tailor Shop in Full Blast.
Ths kttt fc th Least Maty.
o. o.
Elalmralc Galvanized Iron ('oiniee.
and Farm
Slrerifl’s Sale.
By virtue ami authority of an execution
Hell the and oriler of sale duly issued out of tlie
circuit court of the state of Oregon for Yam­
hill county, on the 27th day of April A 1).,
188!», upon a decree of
duly r-ndereil. cnrolleij and dorkrted in
the clerk’s ofiic.e of said court, in said
county, on the 30th day of March, A. D .
LvC). in favor of Robert L Rtove. plain
an<l against Benjamin D Perry, Sarah J
Perrv. J W Watts and J W MH'onnell. de­
fendants, for the sum of fgJOand interest at
the rate of 10 per cent p( r annum from the
If bo l»c wire and call for your tickets
11th dnv of November, 1.887. and $100, at­
via the
torney’s fee. and costs taxed at $6 00. ami
to me duly directed ami deliver<«d. I «fid on
the 1 *t «lay of May. A. !>.. 1889. ( as bv law
directed;duly levy upon the following de-
s« ril»ed real pro|»crty, described in said de­
cree, to-wit:
Ih ginning at the sontln ast corner of a
tract of land formerly owned by Wm L
Toney ami E A Toney, in the city of Mc­
It is positively the shortest and fin »<t Minnville, Yamhill county, Or«*gon. ami l»c-
line to Chicago and the east and south and ingthe southwest corner of JI A Tucker’s
the only sleeping and dining car through land, and running thence west fJO feet;
line to
thence north 200 feet; thence east Go feet;
Omaha, Kannau City, and all MiHHouri thence south 200 feet to the place of begin­
ning; all in the city of McMinnville, Yam­
River Points.
hill county, state <»f Oregon
Its magnificent steel track, unsurpassed
Now. therefore, by virtue of said execu­
train service and elegant dining and tion, on
sleeping cars has honestly earned for it the
title of
A. I).. 188!»,
at the hour of 10 o’clock, a. m., at the court
house <loor in the citv of McMinnville in
Others may imitate,but none can surpass it ' said county an«l state, I will se ll at public
Our motto is “alwavs on time ”
auction the above described real premises
Be sure and ask ticket agents for tickets ! to the highest bidder for cash in hand to
via this celebrated route and take none | satisfy said decree, costs and accruing costs.
Dated this 1st «lav of Mav. A. I).. 1889.
No. 4 Washington street. Portland, Or
May 3:17
Sheriff of Yamhill County. Or
Rule is to do the Best Work.
Beat Goods at the Least Prices../^
to: S; MA teay,
I have just received a Full and Complete Line of
these SHOES, guaranteed to be the best and'cheapest w m re
in the market. ALSO—A full line of C. M. Hend r-
son & Co.’s Gents' Boots and Shoes, and Ladies' and
Misses' Fine Shoes.
Cenerai Merchandise.
At Extremely Low Prices.
Carlton, Oregrcxi.
The I loyal Hout e