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Thursday iw ning just about noon,
Mrs. A. J. Smith of this city passed
peacefully away. She has been sick for
F E Connor
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1889. a long time with a liver trouble, which C W II F Burch
I’eter Durrant
ended with death.
Andiew Hoffman
F M Glover
G A Maddox
The kind of a friend the newspaper R AV Lancofield
II Sheldon
likes, is thj one who subretibes for it, R B Putman
J C AVilson
an<l not the one who comes in and wish­ J ob AVatt
J W Briedwpll, S
es the paper pros|>erity but contributes Chas Aller
T B Ladd
nothing toward its success, but on the E N Henderson
I (’ Robison
contrary borrows his neighbor’s paper to G M Patty
read. Such friends are good enough to
have when a person don’t care a snap Jas Agee
Sam Buel
whether they wish him success or not.— David Cona
J K Connor
One 3STig-Iit Only!
Ogden A rgui.
Jno Evenden
Isaac Dougherty
J R Martin
The Portland Business college, of Port­ J J Hende-son
AV L AVarren
land, Oregon, has made for itself an en­
The World Famous Violinist
viable reputation for doing thorough
work in all its departments. The princi­ AV Carl
AVm Geldard
pal, Prof. A. P. Armstrong, is one of our F P Hembree
D AV Laughlin
most successful educators, and is well AVm Merchant
D J Olds
And His
able to advise those seeking practical L C Thompson
John AVinneberg
qualifications. Note what lie says in C Little
AVm Messinger
our advertising colnmns concerning the N K Sitton
AV L Hanna
Will give one of their celebrated concerta in
J L Steward
McMiunviile. The Press and Public agree that
Last Friday, at noon, the pupils at­
Heine is wiihont a rival, and Madame Heine is
tending Muddy valley school having J R Owens
a Pianisto with few equals.
C H Vanghn
gone upon the bill back of the school Monroe Ramsey
Reserved teats for sale at Rogets h Todd’s.
F T Keyes
house to play, were attracted to where a AVm Parrott
Ney Ha’gey
soon found by positive evidence that a
AVm Clemens
Sugar cured venison for eale at Gris- skunk W’as there. Several of the boys Andrew Callinan
Hy Gates
were in for the fun. and after an hour B Gabriel
and a half’s work, theylreiurned to the
Heine, the blind violinist, Tuesday, school house with twelve full grown J A Lambert
J II Carev
Feb. 19th.
AV m Moor
Martin Miller
skunks, taken from one burrow.
Geo Dorsev
The school directors will hold a meet­ Josef Heine, . the wonderful blind Fred Crawford
J M Hamilton
L J Fletcher
ing to-night.
musician, with his wife and daughter, J M JoneB
G AV Knapp
Snow enow beautiful snow, you better
B F Lewis
I N Edmiston
and gave our people entertainments that C
git up and go.
C F Mackie
they can long remember. The professor
B F Morse
Heine the violinist at Garrison’s opera is at home on several instruments ; is a H F Morris
AVm P Palmer
house, Tuesday, Feb. 19th.
complete master of the violin, producing A
J B Riley
A M Peery
Jones Howell will superintend the melodies that will bring tears to the eyes Duncan Ross
J B Stillwell
of listeners or cause the most sedate to
erection of Booth’s blacksmith shop.
grow fat with laughter. His daughter is
Our exchanges will please put the T el - an excellent singer and his wife has few­ Oliv Abernathy
Jno Clemenson
bpiione -R eoister on their exchange list. equals on the piano.—.laloria Transcript. A N Cono
Cyrus Hoskins
Andrew Picket
G AV Mitchell
Go to G. 8. Wright, dentist, Braly’s
Almanacs for 1889 are out. Did you Cyrus Vaughn
Leander Winters
block, McMinnville, for first-class work. ever notice the poor chap who has taken
Jno Anderson
Ney Austin
The other day Addie Braly killed a taker, his position in the first picture in D N Brown
G R Bristow
fine large w ild cat on the Riverside farm.
Albert Heater
and scorpions and bulls and lions and
Lou Maddock is once more seen on the twins all around him? Did you ever
streets. He has had a long spell of sick­ notice that he was naked and his stom­ R P Bird
E Carpentei
Joseph Hembree
ach appeared empty? Well, that poor II Gatennan
M Ketty
Clark Braly has lost a very fine black chap used to edit a newspaper, and he
V Olds
and tan bitch. He will pay $2.50 for its became the sad wrock you see him,
Jobe Carey-
(J. tf) waiting for his subscribers to thresh and M C Rudder
Henry Hopkins
pay up and then died on promises that D E Fraser
A. J. Apperson will movo into the they would pay after they husked their L D Kimberlin
J J Martin
Burns property, formerly occupied by F. corn.— Ex.
M J Ramsey
J Mattey
W. Redmond.
m ’ minnville .
Are you interested in bee-keeping? If
Teeth extracted without pain by the you are you cannot do better than to send Hiram Adair s
A J Apperson
application of local anesthetics. G. S. to A. I. Root, Medina, Ohio, for a sample J A Axora
G L Baker
Wright, dentist.
W T Campbell
copy of Gleanings in Bee Culture, and C P Bishop
Hy L Clark
All the prominent business men of the his catalogue of apiarian supplies. Glean­ W T Baxter
B F Hartman
city have given up their business to ings is published twice a month at $1 per D O Durham
F Fuller
year. Mr. Root is the most extensive
monkey with a now puzzle.
J W Gault
manufacturer of supplies in the world, F Barnekoff
AV. T. Booth began to pull down his and employs during the busy season one W L Gilson
AV H Bingham
buildings on Third street, Monday, in bundled and fifty to two hundred hands. AV G Henderson
Wm Henderson
order to erect a fine 35x80 shop.
Wesley Houck
You will find him always prompt in fill­ 0 O Hodson
J S Martin
I. A. Macrum of Portland, was in the ing orders and thoroughly reliable. By C D Johnson
Wm Roof
city Monday, in attendance at the meet­ strict integrity and close application lie J O Rogers
B Clark
G AV Burt
ing directors of the McMinnville National has built up an immenso business.
L H Cook
J AV Cook
Tbe Reporter says that the McMinn­ J J Collard
O F Davidson
Wm. Martin has opened the neatest ville fire department is on the decline. John Ennerv
J 8 Hibbs
bar in the city at Cook’s hotel. It is Five years ago no more active depart­ Wm Holl
J R Longacre
stocked with the choicest wines, liquors ment than that existed ; but many of the S A Manning
G M McGuire
and cigars.
old stand bvs are gone, the citizens don’t
Wisdom Millsop
Wednesday l’eder Moller and Kristien
’s w hat’s the matter. Boys of MeM.
Nielson, natives of Denmark, declared that
R Beard
Thos Brown
their intention to become American citi­ stay with it. The eves of members of '73 Ivan Daniel
T M Goodrich
zens, before Clerk Hobbs.
and into the 89ties are on you.— Astoria Frank Hauswirth Phillip Mesner
C Obey
Ail persons interested in the camp Transcript. The T elephone -R boisteb J D Monthian
J M Bunn
ground near Gant’s bridge are requested will inform you that the statement of the Geo Perkins
T W Hayes
to meet Saturday, 23d of thi3 month, on Reporter in regard to the decline of the AV B Gilpin
AV F Raison
the ground. AV. L. Molloy.
fire department of this city, is untrue. A T W Perry
F D Stott
large amount of interest was exhibited Alfred Smith
Elder llauhnan ot Hood River, and at
P AV Morgan
the annual election of officers and all
late of Illinois, will commence a series
boys are determined to stay with It,
of meeting in the Christian church, in the
A S Bible
Chas M Agee
this city on Friday evening, March 1st. thus accepting the Transcript’s advice.
W m Chapman
Joe E Brown
The M. E. church south is having a
John Cronin, Sen John Eb: all
nice little fight on their bands. The
Sos Kinney
II S Maloney’
Benton Leader is engaged in the fray for not only had a Samoan difficulty last R L Churchman
Isaac Lambright
the opposition and blood flows every is­
John Townsend, Sr
8 Potter
their anger up becauso their old chief
The columns of T he T elephone -R egis ­ sold a white man $2 worth of timber. R L Booth
C E Fendall
ter are open to the people of Yamhill They drove the whites off the reservation Alf Wilson
Abr AVright
county on all controversies which will, who had gone there to cut the wood, and Ira D Stephens
John Green
defeat oppression and do the county for a day or two war appeared imminent. Abe Wright
D B Brvan
One of the Indians got shot in the neck D C Dougharty
T H Gilbert
H W Damson
Fritz, the photographer, is in town with a rifle bullet, and several whites
and you have only to seo specimens of got shot in the neck in a saloon, and
his work to know that he is a good work­
John A Campbell L C Forrest
man. Call on him, over Redmond’s
W Y Martin
anxious, and will now be more peaceable A P Magness
Smith Stephens
than ever. They also have a religious G AV Misey
Hy Hewitt
Since the clerk has been installed in revival there and while the services are
the new court bouse be has issued three going on hoodlums cut harness and do
papers for divorces, and there are two mischief. Runaways occur in conse­
prospective ones. He has only issued quence, Farmington is only a young Sam Brisbine
Hans Christensen
one marriage license.
place, a now beginner; what wilt it be Elbridge Fendall C Loder
E P Utter
Mr. Willis, of the Portland World, was when it gets its growth and comes of age? J C Nelson
A C Atkinson
Geo F Geigher
in the city last week in the interests of
J L Davis
P A Bates
his paper. He was formerly of the Che­
Sidney Root.
halis Nugget and will make the World
With feelings of gratitude towards the
prosper if rustling can do it.
McMinnville Fire department, and ad­
The regular meeting of the Woman’s
wife to Chandler
Christian Temperance Union will be held
at the Methodist church on Saturday, the monster during our recent fires, and AVamer, 11 acres in t 5 s, r3w;con
Feb. 16th, 1839. at three o’clock p. m.
witnessing the inadequate or almost use­ $275.
M xry V. Y oung , Secretary.
Add A. Launer and wife to John H.
less machinery with which they had to
8. A. Manning is improving bis prop­ work, the ladies of the Coffee cluh have Grimes, lOkr acres in 15 s, r 3 w; con
erty on the corner of D and Third streets. determined to give an entertainment to $250.
He has moved the wood building on raise funds to help procure better appar­
J. B. Riley and Sinzella Riley to Zeca-
Third street up close to the brick and atus.
riah Spangle, lots 7, 8, 15, 16, and the s
built a storeroom and workshop in the
To this purpose tbe club met at Mrs. w % of lots 9 and 14 in Dayton ; con $100.
N. Hodson’s and decided to hold the en­
Yamhill Lumbering Co., to James
Sam Hiss, of Chehalem, was in the tertainment on February 22d, the anni­ Setronen, 20 acres in d 1 c of J. R.
city Monday and stated to the marshal versary of the organization of the fire de­ Young; con $440.
that ho was sorry for the row of two partment, as well as Washington's birth­
Gus E. Detmering and Ella E. Det-
weeks ago and that hereafter he intended day. The literary entertainment is in
mering to Martha 8. Coutler, property
to behave himself. Sam is a good citizen charge of a very able committee.
The committee on refreshments will in McMinnville; con $700.
until whiskey gets the best of him.
canvass the city for donations. No one
Gus E. Detmering and Ella E. Det­
Tuesday two of the cemonters who is secure from the dreadful destroyer,
have been at work on the court house got fire, therefore we earnestly entreat mering to Mrs. Wm. F. Coutler, lots 1
full and held a set-to in front of Cook’s everyone to contribute something and and 2 in Newby’s addition to McMinn­
hotel. TLey were arrested taken before invite all to attend the entertainment. ville; con $350.
Mayor Manning, in the absence of the Admittance, lOcentB; supper, 25 cents.
Fred 8. Post to Alice E- Post,
recorder, and fined $10 and costs apiece.
terest in d 1 c of John Sargent containing
M rs . N ellie H odson , President.
S. H. Kingerv and mother, brother M rs . I. 8. C albreatii , Sec. Pro Tern. 160 acres, % interest in lots 2 and 3 in
sec 3 in t 5 s, r 3 w; con $450.
and mother of our lively commissioner,
arrived in this city Monday. Mr. King-
O. & C. R. R.. to H. M. Cox, 48.88
cry lives in Los Angeles, and Mrs. King-
Married in the Catholic church of East acres in sec 113 s, r 3 w; cou $122.20.
ery in Illinois. They intend to stay some Portland, Feb. 4th, 1889, by Rev. Father
II. M. Cox and wife to E. Morris Cox,
time and inspect this section thoroughly.
Fahaag, John J. Resing to Miss Dovie lots 1 and 2 in sec 1 t 3 s, r 3 w; con $250.
“I have used Ayer’s Pills for the past Hill, formerly of Yamhill county. The
Mary A. McDonald and R. B. Mc­
30 years, and am satisfied I should not
be alive to-day if it had not been for bride was well and favorably known in Donald to Wm. and M. J. Ball, 11.04
them. They cured me of dyspepsia when this county, being born and raised in acres in t 4 s, r 4 w ; con $1200.
all other remedies failed.”—T. P, Bon­ Lafayette. Following is the list of pres­
L. T. Davis and wife to Jno Redmond,
ner, Chester, Pa. Ayer’s Pills are sold ents : Silver cake knife, Mr. and Mrs. 15.79 acres in 14 t>, r 5 w; con $355.27.
by all druggists.
Coad; silver cake basket, Mr and Mrs.
John Lambert to the trustees of church
One of the world’s famous violinists Frank Schmitt; silver fruit basket, F.
will appear at Garrison’s opera house Terramoise; table spoons, Mrs. J. T. of the Evangelical association ofN A,t '4'
Feb. 19th. He is a wonderful performer Hembree; teaspoons, Mrs. J. AV. Hem­ of a a acre in t 4 s, r 3 w; con $1.00
on the violin and people should hear bree ; tea spoons, Mrs. II. M. Wilkerson ;
David E. Hollaway and Sarah E. Hol­
him. The people in Portland went wild tea spoons, Mr. and Mrs. McNamee; tea laway to Mary E. Moore and Chas. F.
over his playing. Prices for admission : spoons, Mrs. R. Schmitt; silver fruit Moore, lots 1, 2 and 3 in block 22 ot Ed­
Reserved seats $1.09. general admission stand, M. J. Gorman ; Berry dish and ward's addition to Newberg; con $325.
spoon, Mrs. J. E. Hembree; bouquet
75 cents, gallery 50 cents.
Jesse Edwards and wife to Alfred E.
Saturday, February 10th, a number of holder, Mr. and Mrs. Walter White; Moore, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of block 29 of
young potatoes wore brought to us.
Edward’s addition to Newberg; con $150.
They measured nine and six inches in pepper box, Cyrena Hembree ; silver
Jesse Hobson and wife to John Brown,
circumference. This is not an extraor­ tray and glass water set, Miss Maggie
dinary thing for Oregon. We have Bickett; table linen, AV. C. Hembree; 16 square rods in Newberg; con $106.
known peopie in Yamhill county to mush setts Mrs. H. A. Hembree; towels
Jesse Hobson and wife and Samuel
have new potatoes and green peas for a Walter, Clark, Nellie, Eva and Maude Hobson and wife to Geo. AV, Mitchell,
New Years’ dinner. The above men­ Hembree; Oil painting, Miss Rosa Hem­ lots 1 and 2 in block A in Hobson’s ad­
tioned potatoes were grown by AVm bree; funny box, Mrs. Jennie Coad; pair dition to Newberg; con $80.
of vases Miss Annie Ryder.
C. 8. Williamson and wife to J. T.
A strange disease, in epidemic form,
Isham, lots 7 and 8 in block 9 of Wheat-
broke out in the vicinity of Denver, a
land ; con $50,
small village ten miles east of Bowie,
All are intitled to the best that their
Texas, and up to date six deaths have
AV right’s Compound Syrup of Sarsa­
occurred. The victim is taken with a
parilla can be relied upon for all blood
slight fever, accompanied by a breaking have, at once, a bottle of the best familj’ diseases, skin affections etc. Sold by’
out on the wrists, which causes the vic­ remedy, Syrup of Figs, to cleanse the Rogers & Todd.
tims to become raving maniacs. Death system when costive or bilious. For sale
For Sale.—A fine milk cow and calf,
results in a few hours. Twenty cases in 50c and $1.00 bottles by all leading
enquire at this office.
were reported yesterday.
Garrison’s Opera House!
Musical Attraction
Tuesday Evening, February lihli.
Josef Heine,
Beautiful weather.
Good time now to sow your early gar­
den sass
Mrs. B. F. Blood is now recovering
fiom quite a sick spell.
I’rof. Griffith is this week giving a
course of lectures here on phrenology.
Farmers are improving these fine days
and soon there will be a number of acres
Mrs. Maggie Shadden of McMinnville,
was a guest of Mrs. C. Hendrix this
week. Come again Maggie.
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Edson has been quite sick but am
glad to say is fast recovering.
Last but not least Carlton is the place
to buy goods cheap, Call on AV. A.
Howe and be convinced of the fact.
He stayed until about 12 o’clock, and
when he heard the words “I’ll start that
young man,” took a B line for home.
The County Buildings at Lafayette Con­
veyed to that Town.
M edford O b ., June J5t, 1388.
The following is from the Medford Ad­
vertiser this week:
AVe regret to note the fact that the sup­
erintendent and salesman of the AVrought
Iron Co., who have been associated
with us for the past two months, are
soon to depart forane.v field of labor.
For when these gentlemen came amongst
us as strangers, we supposed they like a
great many traveling men did a reckless
business. We are pleased to say their
business has been conducted here in a
manner worthy of the respect and pa­
tronage of any community. Since they
have been at Medford they have sold and
delivered nearly two hundred of their
“Home Comfort Ranges,” deal in” ex­
clusively with the best citizens of this
(Jackson) and adjoining counties, and
we have heart 1 a number of purchasers
who have thoroughly tested the ranges,
speak of them in the highest terms.
They have circulated considerable cash
in this community and have always been
prompt to meet every contract. Success
will naturally follow any set of men who
conduct business as the gentlemen repre­
senting the Wrought Iron Range Co.
AVe, the undersigned citizens of Med­
Most all of the farmers are plowing
ford, therefore cheerfully recommend and many of them are sowing.
them to any community :
Joel Martin has been very sick, but is
J. B. Riddle, proprietor Riddle bouse,
M. E. Beatty & Co., real estate dealers. able to be about the house.
G. F. Merriman, leading blacksmity.
James McPhillips is staying in town
1). M. Crosby, deputy sheriff.
this week, and is gradually improving in
John B. AVrisley.real estateand farmer. health.
B. S. AVebb, hardware and groceries.
Neighbor B. McPhillips has gone to
Miller & Strang, hardware and drugs.
H. E. Baker, commission, warehouse. Big Nestuck, w here he will spend the
C. K. Fronk, agent O. & C. R. R.
R. Pryce, M. D.
Many apple trees are yet loaded with
I. L. Hamilton, liveryman.
Who ever saw that at this time
C. AV. AValters, confectionery bakery. apples.
of the year?
E. P. Geary, M. D.
The wheat and w’ild oats are very’
G. H. Haskins, druggist.
AV. S. Cooper & Son, harness, saddles. thick, as there has been no freeze to kill
Angle & Plymate, dry goods, clothing out the latter.
and groceries.
Mr ATernackea, formerly of Kansas,
This county will be thoroughly can­ but
of late one of our neighbors, will
vassed and every person will have a soon
move to Forest Grove.
chance to see for themselves the true
Elsia Wright is drainiug his farm
merits of the Range.
TESTIMONIALS FROM PEOPLE NEAR US WHO with tile. It is a good idea and many of
our farmers Bhould do likewise.
Mrs. Rennie Mulkey is visiting her
Below wo publish a few of the many
the testimonials oi people who are using parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Mrs.
the celebrated “Home Comfort” range. Mulkey was very ill, but is now better.
Home testimony, especially that of neigh­
Mr. J. T. Jolly is being visited by his
bors, is always the best:
father, Dr. Wm. Jolly, of Portland.
S hedd , Linn Co., Or., Nov. 19.
Miss Rose, bis granddaughter, will ac­
AVrought Iron Range Co -Gentlemen : company him home.
—I purchased a Home Comfort range I<
with a forty gallon high pressure tank
some two months ago and the more we
Elmira Olds estate; fourth semi-an­
use it the better we like it. It does all nual account approved.
that is claimed for it and more. It has
John AV. Murray estate; final account
proven indeed to be a “Home Comfort” to be heard March 5th at 1 p. m.
to us.
Yours respectfully,
Mary Hill estate; final account to be
AV. C. D avis .
heard March 5th at 1 p. m. Claims to
S heridan , Yamhill Co., Feb. 10th, 1889.
Nathan AVestfall estate : supplemental
AVrought Iron Range Co—The Home
Comfort range purchased from Mr. Ham­ inventory aproved. Petition to sell re­
mett some time ago gives entire satisfac­ alty to be heard March 5th at 1 p. 111.
B. C. AVestfall estate; petition to sell
tion. Respectfully, I’. M. S croggin .
realty to be heard March 5th at 1 p. m.
Z ena , O r ., Feb. 11th, 1889.
D. B. Putman estate; report of sale of
My range gives entiie satisiaction personalty approved. Final account to
You may use my name in any way you be heard March 5th at 1 p. m.
see fit in recommending it. Reap.,
Sixth annual report of the guardian of
.1. II. H awley .
Lena Bolinger allowed.
Geo. Hansen estate; sale of personalty
S uver , Polk Co., Or., Nov. 26.
The Home •Comfort Range C pur­ approver!. First semi-annual account
Petition to sell realty to lie
chased of Mr. Bradshaw is perfect and
my wife would not part with it at any heard March 5th at. 3 p. 111.
Israel Huber estate; petition of Thos.
price if she could not get another like it.
We have been using ranges for several B. Freeman for payment of his distribu­
years and pronounce the Home Comfort tiveshare granted.
Thos. I*. Austen estate; ]>etition for
tjie liest.
the appointment of Lucretia M. Austen
A. 11. C ollins .
granted. Bond fixed
Home Comfort ranges are manufac­ as administratrix
$3000. Bond approved and Wm.
tured of tbe best wrought steel and mail- at
Roof. Rohl. McDonald, Chas. Palmer
iable iron. The flues are all lined with
appointed appraisers.
asbestos, a material absolutely indistrue- apbointed
Ruel Olds estate; order of distribution
tible by fire. They are made by the approved
and executor discharged.
AVrought Iron Range Co., of St. Louis,
Henry Dunzer estate; bond of admin­
Mo., and are sold by them exclusively istrator
to the people.
James McGinnis estate; bond of ad­
ministrator approved.
Our Exchange*
The McMinnviile T elephone and R eg ­
ister have consolidated under the hy­
phenated name and w ill be issued as a
semi-weeklv. It is a good combination.
—Poll: County Observer.
The new consolidated Yamhill paper
is to be called the T elephone -R egister ,
Harding & Heath proprietors. They pro­
pose to do big things and as the Reporter
is bulging ahead, wo may expect to see
and hear of more vigorous newspaper
work in that county than ever before.—
The T elephone and R egister , two
democratic papers at McMinnville, have
done the sensible thing of consolidating
under one management.
Harding &
Heath, proprietors, are good newspaper
men and will dish up pabulum to the
democrats of Yamhill in tip top style.—
Salem Statesman.
The McMinnviile T elephone and tbe
R egister have been consolidated, and
will hereafer appear as the T elephone -
R egister . The proprietors promise a
fine paper for its patrons, and a large
outfit will be added, including a steam
power press. The new paper will be
democratic, as were the old ones.— Inde­
Tbe McMinnville T elephone and the
R egister have been consolidated, and
will hereafter appear as the T elephone -
R egister . The proprietors promise a
fine paper for its patrons, and a large
outfit will bo added, including a steam
power press. The new paper will be
democratic, as were the old ones.— Ben­
ton Leader.
The McMinnville T elephone and R eg ­
ister have consolidated and will whoop
up the democracy of Yamhill in good
shape. It will thrive, because the demo­
crats have always stayed with tbeir local
organ manfully, while the republicans
take it for granted that a paper repre­
senting their cause can make a go of it
anyhow and let a publisher work out his
own salvation. Glass is making a good
paper out of the old Reporter, and there
is plenty of room for the two in growing
McMinnville,—.1 storia Transcript.
A Gypsy Wedding.
Several days ago the village of Al­
bany, situated on the AVillamette river,
in tbe southern portiou of tbe state, had
a sensation. It was the marriage of a
gypsy queen to a dusky youth of the
gypsy camp. These people have been
camped near that town for some time.
For two days they were conspicuous on
the street, sometimes on ponies and
sometimes walking in a procession. The
bride was attired in a most extravagant
manner. Her bridal trosseau was made
by a fashionable milliner ami dress­
maker of Albany, and she was gor­
geously bedecked, a girdle of $5 gold
pieces being suspended from her should­
ers. A license was duly obtained and
they were united with religious cere­
mony. They made it a gala day and
ended by getting drunk in the evening.
For Sale.
The county cou:t ol Yamhill county
began its session on Feb. 11th. A long
list of bills were allowed for which we
have not the spa e this week to publish.
L. II. Baker, county superintendent,
was allowed to choose a room, suitable
for his use any where in the court house
and to purchase a secretary for the use
ot his office and also a suitable store.
The county court ordered that a con­
veyance be made to the trustees of the
town of Lafayette, in trust, for all tbe
county property at Lafayette, save and
except the iron work in the jail and ex­
cept the vault in tlie old clerk’s office.
Howard Succumbs.
Frank Howard, the desperate five year
convict who cut his hand off to avoid
work, has relented and now says that as
soon as he is able he will go to work.
His arm is paining him considerably
now, but AV. AV. Saunders, in the ab­
sence of medical attendants, carefully
looks after the bandages, and soes that
all goes well. Howard until this morn­
ing declared that his right hand should
follow his left before be would perform
labor, but calm afterthought and pain­
ful meditation have brought the convict
to a realization of his position and he
has decided to succumb.— Journal.
Bed Rock Prices.
Crockery. GI umwww , Cigar®, Tobacco« and
Candies Fresh frnits and vegetable« Ail pur­
chases delivered free in the city.
Farm for Sale.
Three miles from McMinuville, containing
260 acres; good spring water; 175 acres iu culti­
vation. Balance No. I pasture; large orchard;
fair improvements. Will sell all or part. Terms
reasonable. Address: P. O. BOX NO. 331.
February 8, 1889.
1-1 tn
For Sale.
300 bushels of fine Side Seed Osts, for
further particulars call at the residence of f.
Lebold, eight miles west ot McMinnville.
February 8,1889.
AVe handle, sell, and rent all kinds of
real estate, city and country property on
favorable terms.
AVe now have for sale the John Sax prop­
erty in, and adjoining this city at a bargain,
in lots to suit
Will sell on commission at auction all
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that classes of property.
Contain Mercury,
Office between G and 1) streets on Third,
A b mercury will surely destroy the McMinnville, Oregon.
J ames F letcher & Oo.
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucus surfaces. Such arti­
cles should never be used except on pre­
scriptions from reputable physicions, as
the damage they will do are tenfold to
the good you can possibly derive from lias the most complete stock of harness
them. Hall’s Catarrh Cure, manufac­ in the county. At present 12 set of sin­
gle harness, hand made, in prices
tured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.,
contains no mercury, and is taken in­
ranging from $12 to $30, and 8
ternally, and acts directly upon the
set of team harness as cheap
blood and mucus surfaces of tbe system.
In buying Hall’s Catarrh Cure be sure
you get the genuine, it is taken inter­ Can be seen on tlie hooks in my shop.
I have competant workmen employed
nally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F.
to do all kinds of repairing and to make
J. Cheney & Co.
jti^Sold by all druggists, price 75 any harness ordered I also keep a full
of oil and rubber robes, lap robes,
cents per bottle.
41-lm sfiick
horse covers, saddles, etc. A full line of
x---- - •
extras for repairs constantly on hand.
Tho people of this city must keep their
side walks in repair. At present there
are about two miles of side walk which
---- By»U sing----
will have to be replaced with entirely
new walk. Tbe owners of land know
this as well as 1, and now if it is not
built within 10 days I intend to order it
A’ou save 7 per cent, or, on every
in and if it is not put in immediately the
city will do so and a lien upon your Fifteen Dollars
Mdse. Bought
property will be the result. Sidewalks
---- You Receive----
are needed and they must go in. This
means business.
H. L. H eath ,
Street Com.
Grissen’s Cash Cards
$1.00 in Mdse. Free!
Remember at
Tax payers of Yamhill county will take
notice that the time has now expired tor
paying taxes without cost and that all
taxes now due the county are subject to
a forced collection. Come in and settle
with the sheriff anil save costs and ex­
penses of levy anil sale of property,
therefore to save costs and trouble please
call at once and settle up your tax bill.
McMinnville, Feb. 5, 1889.
T. J. H arris ,
Sheriff of Yamhill Co.
Bucklen’s Arnica Salve-
The Best Salve in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rlioum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erupt­
ions, and positively cures l’iles, or no
I’ay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded,
price 25 cents per box. Rogers^ Todd.
M c M innville dairy
Is now prepared to furnish milk at all
Per pint, one month, delivered morning or
evening, $1., per quart, $2
Milk saved seperato for children,
no extra charge.
C has . W. H olman .
“Large Sales and Small Profits.”
Farmers are busy plowing.
Dick still hangs on that front gate.
The mill will be ready for w ork in a
few days.
Puckerville is rejoicing over tho pros­
pects of a wedding soon.
Lewis Gilbert will move into the house
formerly occupied by Pierce Asberv.
AA’e are sadly in need of now sidewalks,
tLe old ones are becoming dangerous.
Miss Mattie Gilbert has gone to Mc­
Minnville to visit her friend, Mrs. Lu
Luther Newman of McM spent Sun-
dayed in our berg. The attraction seems
to be at the mansion.
Our worthy citizen, Fred Little, bade
us farewell Monday and started for Seat­
tle, where he will reside in the future.
The party at Mr. John Stallcop’s on
the let inst, was an enjoyable affair.
Quite a number was present, and all
seemed to liaye a good time tripping the
light fantastic until a late hour. Among
those 1 resent we notice I Miss Emma
Smith, Misses Mamie. Lina and Lizzie
Gilbert, Miss Alice Kidder, Mr. Luke
Morris and wife, Geogre and James An-
diews, Dick, Will and Sam Smith. Fred
and Geo. Balmer, Mel Woods, James
Pierce, Burr Kidder. Mr, Baily.
B lue E yes .
Upon the death of John Haney, passed
by the Lafayette llook and Ladder Com­
pany No. 1, at a meeting held in their
hall January 12th, 1889.
W hereas , it lias pleased the Supreme
Ruler of the Universe to remove from
our midst by death, our brother John
Haney, and
AV heueas , lie was a member of Lafay­
ette Hook and I.adder Company No. 1 in
good standing at the time of his death,
AV hereas , the members of the com­
pany are desirous of showing tiieir re­
spect to our departed brother and mem­
ber; therefore be it
Resolved, by the members of Lafayette
Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, that
in the death of our brother John Haney,
we have lost a genial and good member
and an estimable and honoied citizen.
Rewired, that these resolutions be
spread on the journal of this company
and that a copy of them be furnished to
the widow of the deceased, and also pub­
lished in the county papers.
Dated at Lafa’ette, Oregon, February
7th, 1889.
P. I’. G ates ,
AV. L. B radshaw ,
D. V. O lds ,
Use AVriglit’s Arabian Condition
Powders if you take pride in seeing your
stock look well. Sold by Rogers & Todd.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria
Worth KnoAvinif.
Mr W. H Morgan, merchant, Lake
City, Fla , was taken with a severe cold,
attended with a distressing cough and Tun­
ing into Consumption in its first stages
He tried many socallcd popular cough
remedies and steadily grew worse Wai
reduced in flesh, had difficulty in breathing
and was unable to sleep. Fnally tried Dr.
King’s New Discovery for Consumpion and
found immediate relief, and after using
about a half dozen bottles found himself
well and has had no return of the disease
No other remedy can show so grand a
record of cures, as Dr. King’s New Discov­
ery for Consumption guaranteed to do just
what is claimed for it —Trial bottle free at
Rogers & Todd’s Drug Store
Castoria is recommended by physicians
or children teething It is a purely veget­
able preparation, its ingredients are pub­
lished around each bottle It is pleasant
to the taste and absolutely harmless. It re­
lieves constipation regulates the bowels,
quiets pain, cures diarrhoja and wind colic,
allays feverishness, destroys worms, and
prevents convulsions, soothes the child and
gives itrefeshing and natural sleep. Cas­
toria is the children’s panacea—tlie moth­
ers’ friend, 35 doses, 35 cents.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no special men­
tion. All who have used Electric Bitters
sing the same song of praise.- A purer
medicine does not exist and it is guaran­
teed to do all that is claimed
Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver
and Kidheeys will remove Pimples. Boils,
Salt Rheum and other affections caused by
impure blood,—Will drive Malaria from tho
system and prevent as well as cure all Ma
laria fevres,—For cure of headache. Con­
stipation and Indigestion try Electric Bit­
ters—Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded.—Price 50cts. and $1.0»}'per
bottleai i.<fc Todds Drug Store. (5)
What Some of Its Leading
Farmers Say.
Martin & Sanders.
Dear Sirs:—I have used and
handled a great many machines
and I have found your Cutting Box
the best I ever handled or saw used.
A. J. B aker .
North Yamhill, Or., Oct. 3, 1888.
Martin & Sanders.
Dear Sirs:—The Belle City B'ced
cutter I bougnt of you last winter
gives good satisfaction, better than
anyother machine around here, it
cuts very fast for a small machine.
I would recomend the Belle City
before any other.
C. Z immerman .
McMinnville, Or., Nov., 20, 1888.
Gentlemen:—Yours of a recent
date duly received. In refference
to the Belle City Feed cutter, I
would say that my No., 3 is all I
could desire. I have speeded up
to aboui GOO revolutions, and it is
only a question of getting the hay
to the machine. I am well satisfied
in every respect. It has the only
practical feed I have seen, viz: the
two corrugated rollers.
A. M. W addle .
Mr. C. G. Scott, <f Carlton, Or.,
writes in refference to the Belle City
Feed cutter, it gives perfect satis­
faction and can reccomend it to any
one that wants to buy a feed cutter.
Carlton, Or., No., 17, 1888.
Me ssrs. Martin <fc Sanders.
McMinnville, Or.
Gentlemen:—Permit me to say
that the No. G Belle City Feed cut­
ter 1 purchased from you some time
ago has given me perfect satisfac­
tion, and in case I should ever re
quire another I would buy one con­
structed on the same principal.
Mr. C. C. AAralker a leading farm­
er of Polk county, writes of the
Following is the roll of honer of the
Belle City Feed cutter, I am well
Fairview school for month ending Feb. ;
pleased with the machine. I will
8, 18S9:
A Complete Stock at Reasonable say it is the beet fodder cutter I
Ida Fletcher, Eva Fletcher, Blanch
have ever used, being far superior
Derr, Ytol Reid, Lottie Reid, Dizzie
to the Baldwin.
Ross, Maggie Roof, Bliss Fletcher, Mor­
Lounges. Bed-room Sets. Spring Mat­
tresses, Tables, Chairs, Etc.
One brood mare, one span of good
work horses well matched, one yearling
colt, one three-year-old gelden. The
above can be bought on easy terms, for
further particulars call and seo me at ris Roof, Howard Kauffman, Clark Al­
McMinnville National Bank, time will lison, Forest Narver.
AI ho CONTliACTOK and Bl
be given until October 1, 18S9.
E. M. U nderwood .
KK. Plans furnished and estimates |
C lark B raly .
made on short notice.
10 23
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.