The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, July 20, 1888, Image 1

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    hie telephone .
OCJ K A t À.
One Dcor North of oor .r Third and E Sts ,
M c M innville , or .
One year^.................................................... *? S
Six months..................................................... 1 (JU
Three months................................................
50 |
s, A. YOUNG, M. D.
Physician & Surgeon,
M c M is «VIU. b ,
O bkgon .
Office and residence on D street.
ealls promptly answered day or night.
w. v. PRICE,
Ip Stairs in Adams' Building,
VOI^ in.
'Tlie Great
CITY STABLES,! Transcontinental
Third Street, between E and F
McMinnville, Oregon.
Henderson Bros. Props
First-class accommodations for Cciumer
cial men and general travel.
Transient stock well cared for.
Everything new and in First-Class Order
Patronage respectfully solicited
Great English Remedy.
McMinnville, Oregon
Dr. J. II- NELSON, Dentist
Rooms over First National Bank, in Mc­
Minnville, Oregon.
Charges Moderate and Consistent
Has the latest Discovery for the Painless
extraction of Teeth.
W« IT. Boyd, M. D-
Physician and Surgeon.
M c M innville ,
O regon
Office two doors south of postofHce. Res­
idence two doors from railroad on Third
street All calls promptly attended to, day
or night
If so be sure and call for your tickets
via the
Murray's Specfic.
Mm Pacific ttii.
Tnd. M.rfa A guaranteed cure for all
nervous diseases, such as weak
„jmemory, Iocs of brain power,
hysteria, headache, pain in the
back, nervous
wakefulness, leucorrhoea, uni
versai lassitude, seminal weak­
ness, impotenev. and general
B.for. Taktn. 1089 of power of’the generative
Be0 i axing, organs, in either sex, caused
bv indiscretion or over exertion, and which
ultimately lead to premature Trad. Mark,
old age,insanity ami consump­
$1.00 per box or six
boxes for $5.00,sent bv mail on
receipt of price. Full particu­
lar. in pamphlet, sent free to
every applicant.
BOXES to cure any case. For
every $5 00 order received, weAft.r Taking.
send six boxes with written guarantee to re­
fund the money if our Specific doe. not ef­
the line. Beiths free. Lowest rates.
fect a cure
Address all communications to the Sole Quickest time.
General Office Of the Company, No, 2
Washington St., Portland. Oregon.
Kansas City, Mo.
Sold by Rogers & Todd, sole agents
Asst General Passenger Agent.
Will stand the ensu­
----- IN-----
ing season, beginning McMinnville, is opened
Omaha, Kansas^ City, and all Missouri
April 1st and ending
Biver Points.
Its magnificent steel track, unsurpassed July 1st, 1888, at his
train service and elegant dining and
sleeping cars has honestly earned for it the
old stables in M’Minn- Where you will find the best of
title of
The Royal Route ville, Oregon.
Wines and Liquors, also
Others may imitate,but none can surpass it
Imported and Domestsc
Cigars. Everything neat and Clean.
Our motto is “always on time ”
T. M. F ields , Propr.
Be sure and ask ticket agents for tickets
via this celebrated route and take none Single service,
12. The St. Charles Hotel.
No. 4 Washington street. Portland. Or. Season,
15. ¡Sample rooms in connection.
J. M. H ulery , Prop. Is now fitted up in first class order.
It is positively the shortest and fin !,t
line to Chicago and the east and south and
the only sleeping and dining car through
line to
Mrs. II. P. Stuart,
----- THE LEADER IN-----
Hair weaving and Skimping.
Opposite Grange Store McMinnville. Or
Apr. 13, 3m:
"Wri^lit Bro’s.
Dealers in
Harness, Saddles, Etc, Etc,
Accommodations as good sb can be
foun din the city.
8. E. MESSINGER, Manager.
Ex-Mayor Harrl.on, nt Chicago. Uaa n
Delightful Experience.
Repairing neatly done at reasonable
On our second day, being provided
Wright’s new building. Corner Third with a permit from his Highness, we
and F streets. McMinnville. Or
visited •‘Amber,” the old city, now
deserted- It lies in a rocky gorge, on
a narrow valley.
The mountains
around are crowded by forts and cas­
tles as dizzy and picturesque as any
Caveats, and Trade Marks obtained, and on the Rhine. Lofty walls climb the
The leading
all Patent business conducted for MODER­ spurs of the mountains and the old
U.S PATENT OFFICE. We have no sub castle sits superbly on the crest of a
agencies, all business direct, hence can high hill overlooking a beautiful little
transact patent business in less time and l >ke of clear water, on the shores of
at less cost than those remote from Wash­ which were several crocodiles bask­
ington. '-end model, drawing, or photo,
with description, We advise if patentable ing iu the hot sun. Our road lay
Third Street. McMinnville Or
or not free of charge, Our fee not due till through a wilderness of kiosk memor­
patent is secured
ials of the past dead. Little domes
A book, "How to Obtain Patents,” with
references to actual clients in your State, supported by the most delicate pillars
and prettily carved. Then we came
county, or town sent free, Address
to a lake of perhaps live hundred
C. A. SNOW & CO.
Opposite Patent Office, Washington, D C
acres, in the center of which is a largo
and tine ol<l palace, its lower arches
M'MINNVILLE NATIONAL now iu the water and its 1 alconies and
domes reflected in the placid sheet.
This water is dark and unhealthy, cov­
ered with all sorts of wild fowl and
All kinds of fancy hair cutting done in Transact, a General Banking Bu.lne... filled with crocodiles.
We counted
the latest and neatest style
President,............... J. W. COM LS, twenty odd of them. Beyond this we
All kinds of fancy hair dressing and hair
dying, a specialty ’ Special attention given Vice-president, LEE LOUGHLIN.' reached the foot of the gorge leading
the old city.
Cashier.............. CLARK BRALY. to Here
Ladies' and Childrens’ Work
we found one of the Rajah's
I also have for sale a very fine assort­
Sells exchange on Portland, San huge elephants, of which he has
ment of hair oils, hair tonics, cosmetics, etc
eighty, which was to carry us over the
O| I have in connection with my parlor, Francisco, and New York.
steep pass. His face was painted in
• the largest and finest stock of
Interest allowed on time deposits. Oriental characters. We made our
Office hours from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m obeisance. He soon came down on Lis
Ever in the city.
haunches, shot his legs straight out
Apr. 13 tf
KFT bibd S trbkt M c M ikkvill *. O rbgox .
behind, and on a short step-ladder we
mounted tbo mass of meat. Then,
with a motion which made Johnny
think ftelingly of the swell of the Pa­
cific, our mastodon trudged slowly up.
When he reached a particularly steep
place he groaned and grunted and
These revolvers are an exact
finally gave a whistle, which told me
-A. 0-0013
duplicate of tlie celebrated
that lie thought a Chicago two liun
dred-and-odd-pounder was more than
the law allowed. Along our up-hill
.83 Caliber, using
no longer costs
road gray monkeys, with black faces
and long tails, ran about the trees.
Some of them with their old-folk faces
made pie feel like saying: ••Be good-
natured. old fellow; 1 confess to our
kinship.” After passing the little
lake J before mentioned we were car­
ried up a very steep road into the
court of the old palace, which is oc­
casionally used by lhe Rajah for a few
Jays »1 a time.— Chicago Mail
_ The lady whopo*al to her husband
as the model for the figure of Freedom,
painted in the dome of the Capitol nt
WAiiAxno kqla X. is evebt nrarzer to thb
Washington, now keeps a boarding­
fiMITII « fe » v V ä SSOW.
house, and frowns upon the depart­
Fu. «Jo by Hardware «ad Gun Dealers everywhere.
ment clerks who ask twice for butter.
—Don't Wille n ’tier when angry.
It is too bad to put a venomous breath
in permanent form. Let your hate
MARLIN' Magazine Rifle.
breathe itself into God's sunlight and
Far la.--« „ ftm II
Th« g L H fH «be»**«
only «beolateir tait r.U «1 tU market
pure air. where t can be obliterated,
swallowed up in the glorious light and
forgotten. Don't put it where it will
live for years, a calm witness of your
wickedness and folly. Don't give any
Msrfe (hr .11 .:«-. ot <«rtr<l*-s -*««•
T.J m d“Tei.n. Ikiu
,ne such a clnb for thine head. Angry
tetters come back at inconvenient
ihct tui mu, pafu
times; they are a kind of venomous
Cheaper aod betur than «oy «tber.
Proprietor of the
McMtarille Jewelry Stere,
When from the vaulted wonder of the sky
The curtain ot tho light is drawn aside.
And I behold the stars in ah their wide
Signiilcance and glorious mystery.
Assured tluit those more distaut orbs are suns
Round which innumerable worlds revolve,—
My faith grows strong, my day born doubts dis­
How Pet Dogs Wear Harness wheu Out
And death, that dread annulment which life shuns,
for a Walk—A Pretty Imloor Costume
-------- VIA THE--------
Or fain would shim, becomes to life the way.
Which lh*prcN<»iits in Ita Cut and Gar­
The thoroughfare to greater worlds on high,
niture New .Style1*.
Cascade Division’ now completed, The bridge from star to star. Seek how we may.
There is no other road across tho sky;
The cut hero given illustrates an indoor
And, looking up. I hear star voices say:
making it the Shortest, Best’
[ costume that represent 1 in its fashion and its
••You could not reach us if you did not die.”
and Quickest.
—lieury Abbey iu American Magazine.
♦ '.rnituiv, leading styles. Tho skirt of this
• this costume is of heavy brown cashmere,
The Dining Car line. Tho Direct Route.
Circus Man Before King Umbaudinl.
(braided with the same color and trimmed
No Delays. Fastest Ttains. Low­
It is not often that circus “artistes” And with a flouiKX) thirteen inches deep, laid in
est Rates to Chicago and all
their way into the realms of a South African ; box floats.
chief; but w hen they ilo it would seem that
points East. Tickets sold
their reception is likely to 1» very enthusias­
to all Prominent Points
tic. A "strong man” from a Cape Town cir­
throughout the East and Southeast.
cus, recently journeyed to the far off regions
Through Pullman Drawing Room Sleep­ of Ama Swaziland, and there gave a display
of his skill and power before Chief Uinban-
ing Cars
dini at his "great place.” So pleased was
Reservations can be secured in advance. Uinbandini at the performance that heforth-
with dictated a testimonial gratis. Hero it
To East Bound Passengera.
is: "We gladly certify that you have per­
Be caeful and do not make a mistake formed at our Royal Kraal, Swaziland, on
but be sure to take the
rings, poles, chairs and sticks; that you hav<
also played with an iron tree, and also car­
Railroad. ried a large cannon on your back, and fired
it off your back in our presence. We were
And see that your tickets read via astonished
and gratifiod at the wonderful acts
THIS LINE, St Paul on Minneapolis, to that you and
little son performed. Wo
avoid changes and serious delays occa­ do not believe your
that you will ever die. Given
sioned by other routes.
our Royal Kraal this 9th day of Decem­
Through Emigrant Sleeping Cara run at
ber, 1887. Uinliandini (his + mark), King
on regular express trains full length of of
Swaziland.”—St. James’ Gazette.
fago ¡i Mimisi bitay, The Provincial Prize Horse
Tlie only
“JAMS mi W,”
Shaving, Hair Cutting and- - - -
- - - - Shampoing Parlors.
a Fortune
A Gypsy Band from Russia.
One result of Lord Randolph's visit to Rus­
sia, may be the advent in this country of the
famous gypsy band which is known by the
name of its leader and conductor, Nikolai
Shishkin. This Bohemian band has long l>e< n
one of the chief musical sensations of tlie Ft.
Petersburg season, and Lord Randolph hud
several chances of hearing it play during Lis
visit. He first heard it at the Flench ambas­
sador's ball, and was so struck by tlie unique
character ot both performers and music that
his curiosity was aroused. He sought and
gained an introduction to Nikolai Shishkin
himself, and took subsequently the great-st
interest in him and his band. Tho most curi­
ous feature of this gypsy band is the presence
in it of a nunilier of female gypsies, some of
whom are typical beauties. The more hand­ |
some of these musical gypsy damsels make
excellent marriages.—London Figaro.
Rushing Hi rough College.
But we cannot afford to Imitate England !
in the matter of education. We have no
lefrere class. Everybody works. And boys
rueu through school and the higher schools—
which we, by courtesy, call colleges—to
plunge into invoice l»ooks, to make briefs of
titles, to gulp down as much law as they can
before beginning the practice of what they
will learn by their exfierienco and that of
their clients’. As to the law—which ought
to be a learned profession—a long au 1 sound
preparation in the classics is almost a neces­
sity. Few young lawyers and few young
doctors have the time for it. But tor the
aspirants for success in the various forms of
business one or two modern languages are
absolutely necessary.—Now York Freeman's
For the front drapery arrangement, a
breadth of material on- yard and a quarter
^ido and ono yard five inches long is pleated
ii to tho band at tho upper edge and caught "p
- »a tho left sido. Tho back breadth, which is
»yards ten inches wide and one yard six
inches long, is ploated into the band, the ma­
terial being arranged in a largo box pleat in
i bo middle and in smaller flat one.« at the
sides .mid then caught in tho middle.
Waistcoat pieces complete tho f ronts of the
/«odieo, which is further ornamented with
rovers two and three-quarter inches long
Largo flat bronze buttons uro also used in the
ornamentation of the bodice. (See cut.) Such
braided ornamentations as here described
may easily l»o made by our readers, or braided
set3 njf.y be purchased for the purpose.
llui'ncHs for Dogs.
Tho dog has come to be an important fea­
ture bl the world of fashion, aud what ho
<hall wear and how to make it is therefore a
question of more or less interest. Tho pot.
dogs owned by ladies an t stmt out daily to
walk are commonly led by a leather or chain
leader attached to tho collar.
Hard on Au’ograpli Fiends.
Young ladies with a passion for autographs
will not relish the arrangement wliiiha
number of the poets and uutliors and other
celebrities of this and other countries havi
adopted of using a typewriter for all corre­
spondence, except in the most important and
private letters. A lady who lately wrote an
ingenious note to the poet Tennyson, asking
an expression of opinion on a matter that
could not fail to command his attention,
was deeply chagrined to receive an answer
wholly typewritten, including the signa
ture. If this is to be kept up it is quite clear
that the autograph hunter's occupation is
gone.—Philadelphia Times.
Horseshoe* for Bail Roads.
The Germans have invented horseshoes for
bad roads. This is how they do it. The
blacksmith, when finishing a horse’s shoe,
punches a hole in the two ends. When the
shoe is cold be ta;« in a screw thread and
screws into the shoe, when on the horse's foot,
a sharp pointed stud of an inch in length. ;
With shoes thus fitted the horse travels se­ ,
curely over the worst possible roads. When
the horse comes to the stable the groom un­
screws the pointed stud and screws in a but­
ton, so that no damage can hap;ten to the
horse, and tlie screw holes are prevented 1
from filling.—Home Journak
Preservation of Forests.
The preservation of forests from the depre­
dations of insects and aphides is largely de-
jiendent upon the spiders that inhabit them,
more effective work of this kind being per­
formed by them than by the insect-eating
birds. Examinations of the viscera of the
spiders kept in captivity show them to lie vo­
racious destroyers of these creaturers, and ns
they prefer dark spots in the forests, which
are the places most infested by vermin, the
results of their labor are very beneficial.—
Globe Democrat.
Tho liamo.-w hero illustrated is not only in­
tended for ornament, but also to prevent the
collar from pressing into the nock of the dog
*hen a leader is attached to it. The latter,
m the arraugomont shown, is put through <
ring let in tho middle of tho belly band of the
harness. Tho harness from which the illus­
tration is taken consists of four straps, each
tliree-quartera of an inch wide and long
enough to reach around the body of the ani
mal. Sometimes light c olored leather js used,
MHnetinies dark. Occasionally strips of rod
< loth, somewhat wider and pinked out at the
edge, are stitched on under the leather. The
stri])s are j >inc I and ornamented with gilt,
silver or nickel heade 1 nails. These harnesses
can be purchased ready made, though many
ladies prefer having them made to order.
New York Fashions for Men.
The following New York styles in men’s
clothing were recent!}' described in Harper's
Bazar: Businem suits are of dark mixed suit­
ings aud cheeks and stripes Uiut are not con
t ieous—indeed, aro almost invisible—pro­
dark gray shades, brown and red mix-
Water Proof Hook Hindleg*.
1 ures, black and brown checks, etc. These
A composition has been produced w hich ruitu may have a cutaway coat, fastened by
may prove valuable to book binders, having ' t reo or four buttons, aa the size of the
tor its purpose the rendering water proof of ..carer dictates, or else a four buttoned sack
leather, c-lotb, paper, etc. It is a mixture of • out; the waistcoat may have» a “step” rolled
water, silicate of soda, resin, alum, potash, , (notched) collar or a standing “step” collar;
fish glue, sulphate of zinc and sulphate of (h * edges are double stitched. Tiousers for
copper in various proportions. The applica Cicoo suits—and indeed for nil suits—are cut
tion is said to render tho material impervious ra lium wide and hang straight, but they nre
to the influence of oil or water, and, if a net cf exaggerated w idth, nor do they have
variety of ingredients increase practical ’ h * folded crease down the front and back
utility, should be very valuable.—Chicago which belongs to ready modo clothing. A
derk silk or satin scarf tied in a large knot, «
i Lk’.ck Derby Imt. and tan or mahogany col­
Market for Red Oak.
A profitable market has been found for the ored gloves with wide black stitching fire
poor, despised American red oak, that has w irn with business suits.
Tlioao dressy morning suits tliat are worn
been considered of no value at alk Ameri­
can dealers are buying up all they cr.n get in tho afternoon as well have a cutaway coat
bold of and shipping it to Liverpool. Tliers i and vest of black or dark blue •corkscrew
ths lumber is manufactured into fancy fur­ »•loth, cr of diagonal that is rot • ery wide,
niture and shipped back to New York, wl ore • >T else cf the crape finished cloth.
Tho frock coat suit is accejitcd as the *-or-
it is sold to wealthy people as the real Eng­
lish oak, and at pretty stiff prices, too.—Chi­ rect dcy dresa suit for formal rerejitions in
the afternoon and for day weddings, alike
cago Herald.
for tho bridegroom, ushers and guests. Fine
black diagonals, cork» rew cloth or chevi-1
She Though* So Too.
He—Do you know, Miss Mabel, I have dis­ —a cloth without facing—are used for tbo
covered why my brain is so active! She— I doubl • broasUd frock coat, which is of me-
No, Mr. Minuswit, what is your theory I He ’ diuni length, h fostencíi by four buttons, has
—It is because I *o often start a train ot corrlcd silk facing, is Ixxind with ribbon
thought. 8he— Ab, yes! Tbs “Limited.”— braiil and lined w<tb black satin. Tho vest
f the same cloth is singlo breast««! and me­
Tid -Bits.
dium high. The trousers are of dark stripes,
The World’* Way.
though slightly lighter troupers arc worn by
My friend, don't forget this—if yon lie a bridegroom and bis atterulants. White or
down, the world will go ont of its way tc very light ottoman silk scarfs, with a jewt led
drive errer yon ; but If yon itaud up and look scarf pin, and ¡$eai 1 colored gloves stitched
severe, it will give you half Uieroad at least with jjeorl, arc worn by the groom, best man
sn<l umíjcfs . The cuhí L* also v.ear light srsrft
—Uncle Ezek.
with tan colored gloves. A bign silk oat
The early bird catches ths worm, and It is completes a frock coat suit.
Dress suits for evening are of the finest
the early crocus that catches tlie uijiping
diagonal or Angola*, especially those
frost. Earlineas is occasi«maliy a Lwl habit block
f ir young men; Lroark loth is little uraed. Th»
—Pittsburg Bulletin.
j (facoat is <-ut with narrow swallow tai)
In .id k*w rolled shawl collar in K9bg continu
A "«potter” that should la «tamped eut— vus roil, < r it may be u noicbod collar if th-
w‘-artr prefeva ¿
The *mall|>»x.-BoaUm CummeruaJ.
NO. 13.
J. F Irwhift, of Oswego, N. Y., paid 110,000
for a Bibia
One of the business colleges in Cleveland
has a department of phrenology
There are laws against using profane Ian
guage by telephone in all states except Con
A barber at Rues. Art, while shaving s
man was seised with an attack of tootnicida
mania aud cut his customer’s throat fiou
ear to ear
At Denison, Tex., a belated passenger
emptied his revolver at the train that ha<
not waited for him, and was promptly takei
iu band by the police.
There is said to be only one survivor of
a once powerful Indian tribe in California
When he dies the language spoken by th-
tribe will become extinct.
Honesty is sometimes rewarded. A Nev
Orleans lad found a valuable sac he I, and
upon taking it to the owner, who bad advoi
Used the U ms , was made happy with a bran«
uew $100 bill.
Professional burglars are going the round-
of the country towns just now. it is then
usual summer begira, and the guardians o:
the [Mace anuuld be on the watch forsueb un
welcome visitors*
Ix»ss than one-half of the senators now ii
i»flice were liorn in tbo states which they rep
resent. Americans seldom emigrate out ol
the country, but Choy do a great deal of emi
grating at »out in their own land.
The managers of a western railroad which
is experimenting with natural gas believt
that it may yet prove not only the cheapen'
of fuel for the locomotive, but excellent f*w
beating as well as lighting the cars.
American authors are more read than the
English in Japan. Last year 85,000 Englisl
and 119,000 American books were imports
into that country, so that the old question
“Who reads an American book/” was fairh
The Zilvem Kruis, the fl>st Dutch man o
war to enter the Golden Get»«in fifteen yenr>
m lying off San Franciseo. She u a trainin
ship on her way to Ja|»an, China and th
Dutch colonies in India, where she will mat
a prolonged stay.
Miss Eliza Bliss, of Rehoboth, Conn., aui
plied a tramp with a meal. While she wa
preparing the food the trump sang “Nearei
My Ckxi, to Thee," aud at the same tiur
stole tho latly’s pocketbook and $25 Iron
tier bureau drawer.
The new Inman steamship, the City of New*
York, is warranted by her builders to b*
unsinkable. That is, one condition laid dowi
m the contract by the company was that sh<
should be unsinkable, although she is of Iron
and has a capacity of 10,500 tons.
A New England man has beaten the greer
goods sawdust men at their own game.
;ot one of their circulars, and in reply asked
for a sample of their goods. They sent hint
a genuine $1 bill, and the gentleman of Nev
England stopped the correspondence then
and there.
As a wedding party was driving through
the streets of a Pennsylvania town on theii
way to the church at which the ceremony
was to be performed, the carriages drov*
over a little girl, killing her immediately
The arrest of the party prevented the mat
riage, and it has been postponed.
'Hie smallest circular saw in practical us»
is a tiny disc about the size of a British shii
ling, which is employed for cutting the slit»
in gold [wms. These saws are about as thick
us ordinary pa[»er, and revolve some foui
thousand times per minute. The high veloc­
ity keeps them rigid, notwithstanding th*
Ijondon bankers have for a long timo l»eei
seeking to obtain an additional fifteen min
utes of gra<*e to get their checks through th«
«-tearing house after the close of business cue I
«lay. The clearing house has finally con
ce*led five minuU‘8, and it is said that tb<
»»ankers welcome even this as an almost in
estimable boon.
Near North Adams, Mass., two girls of b
and 10 went out after May floweis and lost
their way in the w<»ods. Home time aftei
• lark they stumbled upon a farm house ano
asked shelter, but were refused, so they wen
forced to remain all night in the woods, and
were found by the searching party at mom
n.g half dead from cold, fright and exhaus
A Montana newspaper says that the day»
of staging in the hills are rapidy de[»artmg
Steaiu is fast taking the place of horse and
mule power, and Pullman coaches are crowd
mg out the swayback stages of old. Tht
notei* Northwestern Trans porta tion com
¡»any has begun to dispose of its plant, aim
is preparing to hunt for business on the rap
idly receding frontier.
The five stones erected to mark “Mason
and Dixon’s line” between Maiyland and
Pennsylvania have just« had their annual
visitation by commissioueni, who re|»ort one
in good condition, one lost, one broken, on*
dislodged by mining operations, and the fifth,
which bears on one si«le the arms of Pennsyl
vania, on the other those of lx>rd Baltimore,
badly damaged by vandal relic hunters
A cobra bite has been cured Dr. Richards
as reported by The India Daily News, s>
handling a cobra with the intention of ex
trading some poison, when he was bitten on
the finger. He immediately cut it open t<
the bone above the wound, and applied per
manganate <»f potash, put on a ligature and
hurried off for advice.
Another doctor
opened the wound and cauterized it with
nitric acid, and Dr Richards has recovered
The pride of Kingman county, Kan., is a
bull that weighs 4,250 pound a
An alligator nest, found tn Rice creek
Fla., contained forty-three young saurian*
According to the naturalists wasps remem
b»jr the locality of their nests just ninety-six
There are 40.000 reptiles kept in one room
in the Smithsonian institution at Washing
ton. It is needless to add they are kept io
A greet snowy pelican, that had somehow
got woefully astray, was shot the other day
near Albany, Ga. The hunter says that “at
first be took it for a calf.”
A man In iXetroit was saved from a hor
rible death by the courage of two pet cats,
which cliuwed him awake barely in time to
escape from a burning building.
The statement is made that no lees than six
< pec les of North American birds have becon»e
extinct during the last ten years, and it is
claimed that English sparrows were ttw
main cause.
There is a man In Yankeebush, Pa., who
has two eggs laid by a Plymouth Rock ben,
on« of them measuring
inches long an<i
0% inches r»»un<i, the other 9 inebre long and
0% Inches round.
A Philadelphia drummer astonished the
[Maple of Omaha the other (lay by wearing a
live <’hainel«N>u as a watch charm The curl
orb little 11sard »« attached to a chain by
a thin band of gold wound about ita neck.
4ivl iMStled In the craaaea of the drummer •
waistcoat with every indication of coutenfr
One square or less, one insertion................ fl M
One »quure. each subsequent insertion.... 60
Notices of appointment and Anal set liemeat 6 90
Other legal advertisement*. 75 cent* for first
insertion and 10 cents per square tor each sub­
sequent insortion.
Special business notices in business column«,
10 cents per line. Regular business notices, 6
cents |ier line.
Professional cards. 112 per year.
Special rates for large display “ads."
ProfesAor Mayer llhwtrHies In a Pleasing
Manner With an Arrangement of
Floatiuig Magnetic Needles the Mutual
Kepulnlon of .Similar Bodies.
Professor A. M. Mayer lias devised an ar­
rangement of floating magnetic needles which
l»eautifully demonstrates the mutual repul-
siati of similarly magnetized l»odies A num­
ber of strongly magnetize<l carj»et needles are
inserted in small corks, as shown in the pros­
pective view of the picture here reproduced.
maykr ’ h floating needles .
When floating, explains The Scientific
American, these needles arrange themselves
in symmetrical groups, the form of the groups
qyigiug with the nunilier of needles.
One j»ole of a bar magnet held over ths
center of a vessel containing the floating
nee<lles will dis|»erse the needles, while the
other pole will draw them together.
Amcsthvtic Bullet.
An anaMtlietic bullet has been invented by
a German chemist which, it is claimed, will,
if brought into general use, greatly diminish
the horrors of war. The bullet is of a brittle
sukstaiK'e, breaking directly when it comes in
contact with the object fit which it is aimed.
It contains a powerful anesthetic, producing
inatantan»*ouMly complete insensibility, last­
ing for twelve hours, which, except that ths
action of the heart continues, is not to lie dis-
tiiiguished from death. A battle field where
these bullets are used will in a short time ba
ap[»arvntly oovsrvd with dead bodies, but in
reality merely with the prostrate forms of
soldhu-s reduced for the time being to a state
of unconsciousness. While in this conditiou
they may, the German chemist points out, bs
packed in ambulance wagons and carried off
as prisoners.
Tlie Maxim Gun.
The new anil really wonderful weapon
christened Maxim gun weighs over sixty-five
pounds, is mounted on a light tripod, which
can be lowere«!, raised, moved literally with
one hand as easily as a garden hose, and
which pours out automatically 6U0 shots a
minute. There is no crank to turn; there is
no labor of feeding. One man simply sets
the bullets going, and then directs it at will;
aking a whole regiment front if he likes, or
keeping the fire within a range of five feet or
five iiirbea. The basis of it all is the utiliza­
tion of the recoil force to fire the next shot.
Longest Tiinuol In the World.
It is claimed that the longest completed
tunnel in the world is ut Sehemnitz in Hun­
gary. It is 10.27 miles in length, with a cross
section of 9 feet 10 inches by 5 feet 3 inches
and is used for draiuuge purposes. The new
Croton uqnedit -t tunnel now in course of ex­
cavation near this city will be much the long­
est tunnel in the world. When completed it
will lie nearly 30 miles long, with a section
much larger than that of the Sehemnitz tun­
nel, being about Ifi feet in diainater. Twenty-
two miles have already been ex« avuted.
A Kemarkablo Mammal.
The aeromjNtnyiiig cut represents the top
of the skull of the remarkable mammal, Trity-
lodon, dew-l ilied by
Henry F. Osltorn,
of Princeton, in
Mci<»nce. It is re­
duced to two-thirds
natural size, the
genus l»eing much
larger than any
other h I t h e r t o
known from the
Mesozoic [»eriixl. In
‘he interval be­
tween the [»arietals
and frontnls (I an«l RKULL OF A REMARK-J
2) is soon the pari­
etal foramen fl),
which Ims exactly the same position and rela­
tions as in tlie lizard genus Bphenodon.
From the large size of the [»arietal foramen in
Tritylodon, which greatly exceeds that of any
of the recent luanis in actual diameter, and
compares with that of the labvrinthodonts
and shii ria ns. Professor Osl torn infein that the
primitive mammalia, of this family at least,
had a pineal eye of some functional size and
value. The facts here re»*orded are consid­
ered of remarkable interest to scientists, elid­
ing, as they <k>, to tlie rapidly accumulating
evidence for the reptilian ancestry of tba
Why Colors Cannot be Photographed.
Photography has never reproduced natural
colors. Nrfentists explain this fact by the
statement that color has no objective exis­
tence. It is simply the brain’s interpretation
<»f the rapidity with which the waves of a ray
of light I »eat against the retina. B*«ats more
rapl«l produce the «‘mation of the mind
known as violet; lieats !♦*■< rapid, that known
as red. Violet and re*l nre nothing but vibra­
tions of the ether until they reach the optio
nerve and communicate to that the vibrations
which the brain translates. To photograph
color is therefore as iin[MNsiblv as to photo­
graph sound.
Disappearance nt an Island.
According to the official newspaper of tba
Farve islands, the rock island of Muiiken,
hou th of Humlio, lias sunk out of sight. In a
word, one of tho most striking objwts in th«
Farve group, which has Iwn sailed part and
admired by thomands of people and played
an Important part in geographical literature,
has disappeared. It once stood seventy feet
almve the level of the sea, but the rock
gradually crumbled away so that the tide
washed over its surface. The sliallow water«
a roti nil the island formed dangerous currenta,
with fshlioa. or maelstroms, .which were much
dreaded by mariners.
A Tlnuse of Mraw.
A house constriK-tdl entirely of material«
marni tortured of straw is one of the promised
novelties to be exhibited at the forthcoming
American exhibition in London. Raid house,
which, according to Iron, is being made in
Pennsylvania, is to represent an American
villa two and a half stories high, and cover­
ing a spare of forty-two fret by fifty feet*
Apidrra A It rar ted by Kleetrle Light.
A Washington correspondent comments on
a specie* of spider that has «p[»rarrd slnre
the introiluctiun of ehwtric lights. It plys it«
craft dav and night. Everywhere its web«
are arm im|«rting a dingy, dirty ap[»earanra
tn rhe architectural orna men tat ion ouUhlo
and ceilings iuaida building» that ar» Uh^
mluaM.1 l.v s.lar-*> lertv