The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, June 29, 1888, Image 1

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w. Do.r N«rth of Mr or Third and I Su ,
mcminnvillk , or .
92 0»
I 00
Thrw: months
VOL. Ill
s, A. YOUNG, M. 0.
The Great
Transcontinental Route.
tata Pacific Ratal
Physician & Surgeon,
M c M issvill «,
O bxuob .
*“o residen<;« on D street.
rail, promptly aiuwered day or night.
------- VIA THE-------
McMinnville, Oregon.
Henderson Bros. Props
Cascade Division’ now completed,
making it the Shortest, Best’
and Quickest.
The Dining Car line. Tin, Direct Route.
McMinnville, Oregon
No Delays. Fastest Trains. Low­
est Rates to Chicago and all
Dr. J. H. NELSON, Dentist
points East. Tickets sold
Rooms over First National Bank, in Mc­
to all Prominent Points
Minnville, Oregon.
throughout the East and Southeast.
Charges Moderate and Consistent
Through Pullman Drawing Room Bleep­ Has the latest Discovery for the Painless
ing Cur,
extraction of Teeth.
Reservations can be secured in advance.
Stairs in Adass’ Building,
To East Bound 1‘axNengera.
Be caefnl and do not niak» a mistake
but be Bure to taka tlie
Northern Pacific Railroad.
And see that your tickets read via
THIS LINE, St l’aul or Minneapolis, to
avoid changes and serious delays occa­
sioned by other routes.
Through Emigrant Sleeping Cars run
on regular express trains full length of
the Ims. Berths free. Lowest rates.
Quickest time.________
General Office Of tlie Company, No, 9
Washington St., Portland, Oregon.
Great English Remedy.
Murray’s Specfic.
W. IT. Boy d, M. IT.
The Provincial Prize Horse
The only
----- IN-----
Patronage respectfully solicited
A guaranteed cure for all
nervous diseases, such as weak
¿^memory, loss of brain power,
hysteria, headache, pain in the
back, nervous
wakefulness, leucorrhoea. uni­
versal lassitude, seminal weak­
ness, impotency. ami general
R. T .. loss of power of the generative
□•Tors iaxing,organs, in either sex, caused
by indiscretion or over exertion, and which
ultimately lead to premature Trade Mark,
Physician and Surgeon,
old age,insanity and consump­
$1.00 per box or six
M c M innville ,
okegon boxes for $5.00,sent by mail on
price. Full particu­
----- [O]-----
Office two doors soutli of postoffice. Res­ lar« in pamphlet, sent free to
idence two doors from railroad on Third every applicant.
street All calls promptly attended to, day
or night
J BOXES to cure any case. For
every $5 00 order received, weAfter Taking»
send six boxes with written guarantee to re­
fund the money if our Specific does not ef­
fect a cure
Address all communications to the Sole
If so be sure and call for your tickets
via the
Kansas City, Mo.
Sold by Rogers A Todd, sole a rents
Asst General Passenger Agent.
First-class accommodations for Cemmer
cial men and general travel.
Transient stock well cared for.
Everything new and in First-Class Order
w ni ms,” “ Will MILTON
stand the ensu­
It is positively tlie shortest and fin >»t
line to < liieago and tlie east aud south and
the only sleeping and dining car through
line to
ing season, beginning
April 1st and ending
Its magnificent steel track, unsurpassed
train service and elegant dining and July 1st, 1888, at his
sleeping cars has honestly earned for it tlia
title of
old stables in M’Minn-
Where you will find tho best of
The Ltoyal lionte ville, Oregon.
Wines and Liquors, also
Others may imitate,but none can surpass it
Imported and Domestsc
Cigars. Everything neat and Clean. Our motto is “always on time ”
T. M. F ields , I’ropr.
Be sure and ask ticket agents for ticket!
via this celebrated route and take none Single service,
The St Charles Hotel. No. 4 Washington street. Portland, Or. Season,
Sample rooms in connection.
o------ o
J. M. H ulery , Prop.
Is now fitted up in first class order.
McMinnville, is opened
Omaha, Kama.; City, «nd all Ml.ivurl
River I*ulut,.
Mrs. H. F. Stuart,
Accommodations as good ub can be
fonn din tlie city.
S. R. MESSINGER, Manager.
Apr. 13, 3m
Wi'io;ht Bro’s.
Dealers in
Hair weaving and Stamping.
On, of the Most Interesting Sights of a
Ceutral American Town.
Opposite Grange Store McMinnville. Or
Stalls are arranged on portions of
three sides of the plaza, and almost
»very thine is exposed, calculated to
find a quick sale with the natives of
lifferent hamlets who have come upto
Cartago for the purpose of exchang­
ing the productions of their gardens
for moat aud groceries. Seated close
together on the ground, chattering
amicably among themselves.
women lav snares for pulmonary com­
plaints. No mattor If the ground be
wet from heavy rains, there the wom­
en crouch for hours on the damp soil,
thinly clad in long, full skirt and
shawl, impassive as statues, apparent­
ly heedless of their by ! no means
healthful or pleasant position. The
very absence of comfort renders the
plaza of Cartago all the more pict­
uresque. for tho local coloring is
stronger than in the modern market
place of San Jose. All around are wom­
en wearing shawls over their heads, tho
heavy folds for some unaccountable
reason being surmounted by a big
itraw hat. They have peculiar meth­
ods of calculating the amount of your
indebtedness, which are as trying to
the patience as they are primitive and
amusing. Five dozen oranges at five
cents a dozen will be not dos reales,
but five cincos, and to find change for
even a half dollar is more than the
purchaser of small wares can prevail
upon any man. woman or child to do.
The anona may be laid down and the
oranges relinquished, but there is no
sign of interest visible in the face of
tho girl, who shakes her head at
sight of your small bill. The
way is to supply yourself with small
O ie is always supposed to cheapen
any thing one may wish to buy, al­
though many an apparently poverty-
stricken old man will keep his price
in spite of your evident intention of
moving on should he refuse to come to
terms. But, while at one stall pine­
apples may be offered st fifteen cents
apiece, the next man will give choicer
fruit at half the price. At times, ow­
ing, perhaps, to his living nearer the
town, and the roads being bad, some
fortunate huckster gets a corner on
potatoes or cabbages; and then one
may cheapen in vain: tlie merchant
stands in front of his suddenly-valti-
sble stock and refuses all attempts at
cajolement. — San Francisco Chroniolo.
Harness, Saddles, Etc, Etc,
Repairing neatly don, al reasonable
Wright', new building. Corner Third
«lid F streets, McMinnville. Or
Proprietor of the
Caveats, and Trade Marks obtained, and
all Patent business conducted for MODER­
U.S PATENT OFFICE. We have no sub
agencies, all business direct, hence can
transact patent business in less time and
at less cost than those remote from Wash­
ington. -end model, drawing, or photo,
with description, We advise if patentable
or not free of charge, Our fee not due till
patent is secured
A book, "How to Obtain Patents,” with
references to actual clients in your State,
county, or town sent free, Address
The leading
Third Street. McMinnville Or
C. A. SNOW & CO.
Opposite Patent Office. Washington. D C
Shaving, Hair Cutting and- - - -
- - - - Shampoing Parlors. M’MINNYILLE NATIONAL
All kind, of fancy hair cutting dona in Tranaacte a General Banking Business.
tha latest and neatest style
President,............... J- W- COWLS,
All kinds of fancy hair dressing and hair
dying, a specialty Special attention given Vice-president, LEE LOUGHLIN.
Cashier.............. CLARK BRALY.
Ladies' and Childrens' Work
I also have for sale a very fine assort­
Sells exchange on Portland, San
ment of hair oils, hair tonics, cosmetics, etc
s I have in connection with my parlor, Francisco, and New Ù ork.
! tho largest and finest stock of
Interest allowed on time deposits.
Office hours from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m
Apr. 13 tf
Ever in the city.
g^THtRD S tbxkt M c .M ibxvii . lx . O rkoom
These revolvers are an exact
dupiic-i.e of tae celebrated
.83 Caliber, using
no longer costs
Ei ?ctia2,
FULL nickel plated , rubber handle .
waaa»Txn iwn « »'««T
For «ie by Hardware and Gun Dealer, everywhere.
—Young man (getting off street car)
— “Ht-re is my fare, conductor; you for­
got to ask me for it” Passenger—
“Who is that young man who just got
got off, conductor." Conductor—“I
never saw him before; some crank. I
guess. It takes all sorts of people, sir,
to make up the world.”
—Mrs. Finnigan—-‘He's no better,
doctor. You towld me to give him as
much of the powder as would lay on
sixpince. I hadn't a sixpince. but I
g»ve him as much as would go on five
pinnies an’ two halfpinnies, and it's
done him no good at all, at all.”—
Funnv Folia.
J“’ —
ivrATlLlTJ Magazine Rifle
_a.,-i, «M
le STT of th« fttlOWlni
M.S. for an '’T'Vinn’T YT “IXraiw. k.ll.r-1, MJT«
(NOT on MUI».
.nd wtur than «r
,or ’’"7 u*'
»relü-a, Can
Bax 1M4 G*
Fruits of Experience.
Kn.w It To. Wall.
Life Insurance Superintendent — Great
“Have you eomething in the shape of a
Another $100,000 gone on Mr.
tonio and streugtuenerr inquired a tired
looking man stepping into a drug storei DECKING OF THE HEAD ANO DRAX- Strongman, dead at 40
WHAT ZURICH UNIVERSITY IS DOING “Pve been riding all nigat on the cars and
Secretary—Yes, sir, and the president of
the Thirty Mile a Day association 1« very
I've got to brace up for a day’s running
We’ve got $50,000 risked on him, and
around the city."
“Yes, air," said the clerk, briskly, produo- The Male 8avage*a Love ot Personal Or* then there’s Bully boy, the champion sprinter,
A Dissecting Room Full of Lady Students. Ing a bottle of patent medicine, “there'i
just buried, $30,000 gone on him, and we haJ
namentation— bawulng ArtlMlic Taste.
$500,000 risked on stroke oars, pedestrians,
The Scalpel lu Taper Fingers—Entliu" nothing better than this— ‘Dr. McSlim’s In
Maeculiue Attire in the Middle Ages.
pugilists, etc., all dead within a week.
■Iasm In Scientlfle Work—Au Intereat­ vigorator’—fifty cents a bottla"
“There isn’t a moment to loose. Telegraph
“Thunder I" exclaimed the jaded looking
ing Sight-—A Discussion.
all the agents to insure the sick and dying,
man, with extreme disgust. “1 am ths
The bead has aiwuyv been the test of taste
The workshop of a medical college I But, manufacturer of that stuff.”—Chicago
I d aivlUzed countries. where tai Jordon» ob if we don’t get more invalids and fewer
in place of spectacled young men with long buna
tains and millinery ineuns more than a athletes well be swamped.”—Omaha World.
gowns and sharp scalpels, there are a score
tength of rnnge ami a string ot beadx. sleeves
. A Chance Still Open.
Family Trust.
of girls robed in protecting overalls and
nave run the nemis hard, and skirt« have
deftly dissecting the subject« before them.
made a good third Shoes too. have uot
That’s what 1 saw in the preparatory school
i lean out of it. and ornamentation has been
to the medical branch of the Zurich univer­
as a congeries of minor little imps frisking
sity This year a better idea of the femkle
about the bigger competitors for the wreath
medicaJ student may be gathered than ever
of mingled feather«, flower«, iaoe and jewels,
before, because the number is so much
made and ottered by the genius of bail taste
greater, and. as the number increases, each
From the earnest times when man first
individual is freer in her actions, for she feels
rtnd* that be has hands and can use them hr
she excites less attention. The clientele is
duts part of bis newly acquired powers into
growing yearly For this season the total of
the decking of his head and the draping ot
young ladies studying this branch in Zurich
ms fat's» Now he twists bis hair into inon
is forty-four, against thirty three last sea­
<trous shape«, standing out from bis seal)
.ike a hunchbacked aureole, now he contents
Don’t think this dissecting room is an ab­
Himself with a more symmetrical nimbus
solute place of horror The bodies are di­
wnereof each snaky stiffened ray extends be
vided into their several parts before the
vond the breadth of bis shoulders. Anon he
students approach them, and each young
sticks a few feathers among the clay daubed
lady has her chosen portion to operate a {»on.
HHMK. and anon be lets it hang down in
This reduces the uncanny appearance to a
;reasy elf locks to his neck, taking care,
Old Friend—And how are the boys getting
considerable extent, for no bodies entire are
nowever. to travesty the natural shape of his along!
to be seen lying on the many slabs or tables.
»«ad by fillet«, winch bind on to it every kind
Proud Father — Splendidly, splendidly.
At one table where 1 stopped a delicate and
>t frightful and ungaiuiy excrescence, or he They both live in the same town and both an
spirituelle yound lady, bolding in her gloved
■amt» bis face in patterns of red and yellow getting rich.
hands a razor like knife and pair of fine
aid blue, or makes that paiutiug permanent
“Glad to hear it, very glad. The eldei
pinchers, was cutting at a «dismembered head,
vith tattooing needles and indigo, or be one, 1 remember, learned the trade of shot
studying the organs of sight, probing into
langs heavy weights in his ears or destroys making. What is the other one!"
the cavities of the brain and plucking useful
Young Mr Diplomat (at Washington
ne shat« of his under lip. or does something
“He’s a corn doctor."—Omaha World.
thoughts from what to me was a ghastly party)—1 am so sorry, Miss Naive, that you asane with his teeth, or in9ome way distorts
trophy And yet her delicacy of treatment, have been dowu to supper. I had anticipated md disfigures himself under the name of or
Forgot Themselves.
her unmistakable enthusiasm, her evident the pleasure of acting as your escort
mmentation and with the idea of making
“My beautiful Choolia, 1 neffer tire of
comprehension of every stroke she made, re­
Miss» Naive—Oh, tbauk you, Mr. Diplomat, iiiiiself a very smart fellow indeed.
moved that feeling from me in a few mo­ but—er—1—have only been down once.—New
In savage life it is the brave who thus luking at your lofely hair I"
The young couple sat in tho elegant parlor of
ments, and 1 lingered, watching her quick York Sun.
.marten» hiinaelf up with most intention
a hotel, enjoying a tete-a-tctei They were on
movements as intensely as I would any
The Rud Dog Did IL
ordinary scientific experiment.
walking on the same road, but in a narrower their wedding tour Julia Van Sian kins, the
There were seven or eight boy« and a dog groove, and with more modest mien. The tieautiful Pennsylvania hairsos, who had met
“Yes,” she said, in reply to my question
suggested in virtue of a slight acquaintance tight in an alley off Second street yesterday ¡»rave is the one who is “en evidence:” the the distinguished foreign nobleman. Count
I had with her, “1 muke the eye my spe­ as a policeman happened along, and aftei <quaw baa «imply to work for his comfort de Bergamot, while on a visit to her friendi
cialty, for 1 believe, in addition to being one clubbing the dog« apart he said to tlx
md I »ear chi'htren to keep the tribe alive in the metropolis, bad yielded to the Impul­
of the most interesting points to study, it is largest boy:
But he must strike terror into the hearts of sive ardor with which the count pressed bis
likewise a more potent factor than is gen
ms enemies, a» well as make himself an object suit, and ufter a brief courtship the two were
erally believed in the health of an individ­ this.”
>f admiration to the docile females, who ac married Life looked blissful and romantic
“Well, you know," replied the boy, “I wai oept him at his own valuation, and are wooed to the ecstatic young couple, and a future
ual 1 have known persons to suffer from
severe headaches ^ud pains in the back who coming up the alley with my spotted dog exactly as birds and tieaata are wooed—one full of rose embowered vistas, endless moon­
have attributed the trouble entirely to spi­ That boy there waa coming down the allex part by the display of masculine charms, light reveries, and the dreamy dolce fai
nal disorders, when, as a fact, it arose from with his black dog.”
another part taken by fon^e. Hence he niente of fur away tropical Edens, whose
“And you knew the dogs would fight, of
existence was guessed by both but unspokei
their eyes being out of focus. They actually
pranks himself out in paint ami feathers—in
could not see out of one eye, and yet they course.”
the teeth and daws and skins of the wild by either, rose before their rapturous vision.
“Oh, no, sir. When we came up to eacli t»easts he has overcome—in the scalps of the
Tho head of the beautiful bride rested con­
did not know it. It seems incredible, and
yet any intelligent oculist will substantiate other the dogs began to play We were talk enemies he lias slain—in this rude attempt to fidingly on the shoulder of her husband, the
Count de Bergamot, and at the sound
what I say. There is no doubt that persona ing about going a »fishing when that boy express a dawning artistic sense, and that
have been the victims of nervous prostration over there came along with a little red dog.’ botch at ornamentation which is disfigure­ of his voice she looked up.
“1 am glad, my dear count," she said,
“Where is it I
brought on by a difficulty with the eyes of
ment and notemiieiiishment—tn this way and
“Run away, sir. His red dog began tc that he makes himself a love worthy object
‘that my hair pleases you."
which they were ignorant« but which a very
pick a fight with my dog, and then the black to the girL* of lus tri lie, a model to be here­
Lifting the lovely bead from his shouldei
easy operation would have removed."
A little farther on a diflciple of this glori­ pitched in. This let the red dog out, and after imitated to the boys, a terror to bis the noble foreigner ran his fingers througt
ous art stood over a partially cut leg, from away he went."
foes who count his deeds of prow ess by his the wavy masses of her golden hair for a few
“But why didn’t you separate them!"
moments in silence, and then with a defer
which she was stripping the skin and flesh
questionable trophies, and something tin
“Then who’d get the money !”
and explaining the muscles, as they pre­
measurably hideous and disgusting to all ential, suggestive inflection of voice he at»
“Money! Bo you had money up!"
sented themselves, to the several new schol­
civilised lolk with whom becomes in contact. sently said:
“Why. after they got to fighting each of ui
“Have a shampoo, sir!"
ars who stood about her, intent upon her mo­
This lavish personal emi»elliHhment of the
Recovering himself as bls bride looked at
tions. There was no hesitancy in her incis
male savage continued far into the days of
“Then 1 want"-----
ions, she cut with a clean stroke, and every
When the middle ages were him with a start of surprise be drew from
But be didn’t get one of them, and while h« the weijge tietween classic times and modern his pocket a rather lean wallet, took a bank
time the blade fell just where it was in
tended. She was graceful and emphatic in halted at one end of the alley to breathe after days we hud mail clad nights with plumes of note from it and handed it to her.
“My tear Choolia," he said, “let me haf t<
her treatment of the subject, and under bis run the mob appeared at the other and portentous »tee and sweep, or close fitting
ready tongue the relations of the various the referee announced:
skin dresses left nothing to tie desired in the happiness of gifting you my first present ol
“Being as this mill was interfered with by way of simplic
nerves, tendons and muscles she exposed
and something in the way pimnonishl"
The fair bride took the note, looked at the
were made clear and carried their full mean­ the police I shall decide it a draw, and the of modestv. wlfue the modicum of human
-takes will go to buy oranges for the crowd.r
figures that indicated its denomination, tap
ing to the expectant audience at>out her
force, which ran never tie got rid of, ex
in a mechanical way on the canter
[n a distant corner a young woman and
pressed itself in parti colored legs, and shoes
several male students were discussing an ab
that were surely the design of some maniac table, and called out in a shrill voice:
“Ca-a-a-sb 1”—Chicago Tribune.
normal growth discovered by one of them in
No Thought For the Morrow.
at large Hate* and cloaks and purfled
the trunk of a one time sturdy Frenchman
Green Grocer—What is it now, my little breeches—pointe ami tags and lace frills at
Simply ThaL
resting upon their particular slab There dear!
I the wrists and knees—biota which would
appeared to be considerable difference in
He wan apparently making a bee line for
Little Girl—We’ve eaten up the strawber nave carried a small child in the upper gap—
opinion prevailing, and 1 remarked with a ries, and mamma told me to bring back the curfa* wigs that were intrinsically as ugly police headquarters. His clothes were torn
certain elation peculiar, perhaps, to my sex, box and-----
as a Zhiu’s clay daubed iwnibus—waistcoats and soiled, hie whiskers full of cotton bat*
that the young woman held her ground ana
“But, my dear, 1 don’t want the empty that came nearly to the knees—breeches too ting, his hand« cut and bleeding, and the
bbr idea stubbornly, and the young men paid box."
tight for practicable sitting—every kind of officer who met him promptly exclaimed:
due and proper attention to what she fi*e-
“Right down to tho first corner, aud then
“No, I know. Mamma said she wanted 11 absurdity wmcn bad taste could invent and
queDtly said.
tilled with new potatoes, we’re on a regulai tolly consent to wear, have we poor silly turn to the left. The sergeant will bear your
I next noticed a fashionably attired damsel, eating spree at our house.”—Omaha World.
numans undergone in our seal for fashionable case."
wearing a promenade dress and having every
“VVhat case!"
martyrdom and only quite of late years has
indication of being in the mode, who, pro­
“Don’t you want the gang arrested!"
Re Could Understand IL
the masculine common sense declared itself
tected only by a small white apron plentifully
“For what! No oue has done anything to
»noe for ail in favor of simplicity and demo
“You have studied the Russian languagef
decorated with varicolored ribbons, was cut­
•ratio unity, and a costume that is useful me."
“No, but I think I can understand it."
ting and scraping at an arm, baring the
“They hnven’tl Why, I thought from
“If you haven’t studied it you certainly ind possible to all alika
muscles with an ease and dexterity that were cannot understand it.”
But even now our exquisites torture them your looks that”-----
certainly natural, and could never have been
“Oh, come off! Tm simply moving lute
selves in tight boots and tighter gloves, in*
“I believe I can, though."
wholly acquired. At first sight 1 judged this
well as In guillotine collars; while tiiat per another house.”—Detroit Free Press.
“What makes you think thatr
apparently wordly and giddy creature was
“I am constantly reading letters which art •nnial high hat. which will not fade down tn
prompted by some morbid passion to amuse written by typewriter operators." — Ne­ its roots whatever the cold blast of criticism
An Annoying Lowe.
herself in this manner, but when 1 asked the braska State JournaL
nay blow on it, is the true aurvivai of tlx
professor who accompanied me, he said she
<avage's wondrous headgear Which bring«-
was the most skillful manipulator of the
•i, round to the fioint of our paper—the te»;i
What We May Expect.
scalpel among all those then attendant, and
Collector (some years hence)—Twenty-flvi uf the head—that last stronghold of bad
could strip a muscle as cleanly and as beau­
• aste and folly -that stumbling block of tto<
tifully as an established surgeon. On the dollars, please.
estiietically weak. Here we have k «till n
Widow—Why, what for!
street one would take her for the average
“Was not your busband struck by light fore«. With the comfortable, useful, unflm-
shopping butterfly, with refined featuresand
lemocratic and national txxiy clothing <•!
uing last week!"
a rosy, semi transparent skin.
then. we have still this remnant of barbarisr
“Yes, he was."
The professor further assured me that the
this reminder of the time when the men a
“1 am collector for the American Electri<
women were particularly dexterous in hand­
the world made their hair into hiinehtim .
ling muscles. Their small, taper fingers gave trust. Twenty-five dollars, please."—Oinahi aureoles, wore feathers such as we see li
them an advantage over the males, and their World.
Altiert Durer. or full bottomed wigs as n
eyes were quicker to detect details and uituu-
A Gonscl.ntlon. Child.
ne time of Queen Anne and the first thre
After once becoming accustomed to
»surges of England, and wrecked themseive­
The Minister—And what kind of man
the use of the scalpel, the women are more Flossie, do you think you will marry whet
in this fatal rock which is to goxi taste whn
patient than the men. and they prosecute you grow upl
Sintiad** bland of loadstone was to all th
their researches more persistently
ships that sailed thereby -New York Honx
Clara— Why don’t you answer, Flossief
It was to me very interesting to watch th«
Florale—I hardly know, sir; 1 don't think Journal
girls mingling with tbeir male colleagues it’s right for me to think about inarrlag«
and studying with them the terrible mystery until Bister Clara Is out of the way.—Life,
of human construction. There was no
Mistress- Why, Bridget. I thought
room of a society girl whose nam>
j;>cosenes8, no loud talking or unseemly
Knowledge of Human Nature.
I c'mld mention, but tnny
The od»: were going out this afternoon!
mirth. All was quiet, orderly, strictly in
Bridget- -Shtim, ruum, oud I lntinded to,
First Burglar—That would be an easj thing»» upon the walls ami lying scattered
the line of business. The young lady to
shout are a wonderful mystery tc the unim but It’s not mesilf that ran foind ms musio
whom I have referred was the only one who bouse to enter.
Second Burglar—Mighty pretty girl jur dated A variety of cigar* sii«|»ended from roll, bad cess to itl—Texas Siftings.
gave any suggestion of the outer world, and
th* mantel by different hued ribixins, or a
sbe was eccentric, she was a genius and as­ going in. Wonder if she lives there!
Plants and Babies.
“Guess so, she went in without knocking? bunch of cigarette» attached to a picture
sumed the privilege of geniua
Doctor—I’m afraid you don’t take the baby
“No use trying that bouse, then, rnosl frame by meails of a huge ribbon bow, these
Her companions were robed In all conceal­
out d<x)ni often enough.
ing white Mother Hubbards, tight at the likely the old man keeps a big dog."—OmAhs art ea-uLv known for what they are. but a
Mother— Nonsense. She catches cold every
pretty little box of» the toilet table, with the
neck and tight at the waist, otherwise falling World.
inscription “Cremated July 14. ISN7,”calif tiiMc she goes out Pin sick of this air bath
unbound from shoulders to feet, beneath
Preparing fur the flport.
!> m rnauy a guess The open lid discloses n foolishness.
this, clothing as little cumbrous as can b«
Friend (to Bertie»-1 suppose you knqw »leap of gray axbea, with another inscription
“But, my dear madam, you know flowers
worn. The modern bustle is, of course, for
your father and 1 are gcJng fishing tomur
Mount Desert. July 14, 47 ” It I» the as bee can’t get along without sunahine”—
bidden, and corsets are discouraged. Th«
“Well, flowers can’t get along without wet
row, Bertie!
of a cigai smoked by the fair owner during
freest action is sought and anything that io
Bertie—Oh, yes; pa i9 getting ^ady now. « mild flirtation ot the last season. A parcel feet, either "—Omaha World.
terferct > cast aside The robe« are made
Friend—Is be! Digging bait, I presume I of canes tmphier won in fencing matches,
rather more clinging than loose, so that each
Bertie—No, sir, he’s reading Munchausen. 'wnipiee a prominent wall space, and a velvet
Didn't Catch That Boy.
student fills the smallest place sbe well can.
—J udge.
piarque mounted with pipes ot all kinds,
Gentleman—I suppose you make as many
Superfluous clothing, in other words Is
from common clay through cot» and briar trips up as down during the day, don’t you,
barely tolerated, and upon the bead is worn
Ready for tho Fray.
wood tr> meerschaum, art souvenirs of gentle sonny!
a white turt»an.
Washington Hosteas (giving an evening
New Elevator Boy—Yea. sir. In the morn­
The male students do not hesitate to openly ►arty»—J an tea, are the ambulance« at ttM meo frtemfe Ail sorts ot riding whips rias
it he c«i taSD from a large vase. a pair of oars ings when the people are going to work all
declare tbeir opposition to the preaenca of door!
marked “Isles of Kboals” are crossed over the tripa is up, and when they close up in
women in the medical profession, and ye€
the door and a genu inc fishnet is draped the afternoons all the trips is down,—Judgsu
when brought in contact with them in th«
>ver a piece of statuary Them are quit«
operating room they treat the females with ¡ounce supper. — Life.
•ommon souvenir» of vacation delight» and
In Boaton.
the utmost deference and respect. - Zurich
*et».lei recollections, but many of the girls
Cur. New York Star
Customer— I wonkl Ilk. a pair of trouser.
A Well l»e«erved Fate.
vie with each <Hher in collecting oddities
Floor Walker—Trouser»» Yea, str. About
Countryman (to dentist!—Tbe tooth next te One of them exhibit» a tiny Ja|»anew tiowl
"Whet. Seen Too OfU"
what price, sir!
riwrr «anv.
Customer—Oh, three or four dollars.
Dentist— Yea. It acbea tn sympatby.
Floor Walker-John, «how thu gentlemsa
Fond Young Mother to proud young
Countryman—Yank It out. durneecb syn>
fntberi — Albert, dear, did you bear lb. sweet.
to the [suits counter. — Fhiladelphla Call.
prwioua darling cry bia dear littte «yaaout
I nt>UD<
last nightl
A leading Question.
Incontrovertible Kvldenee.
f-rvud Young Father— I thought I beard
“For hlcosigti. hold th. hrrwth," write« a
our angel twitterl
C lari be I—Have I not had all the chain
(Ttlwn -tû littis boy)—b your father in. gentleman who pretenda to know wbat to do
sacown BABT.
when other people don t Will the gentle­
She— Albert, you unfeeling wretch, to hoar
man tell <M how m let go of Ute hiccough
that chill «creoching all uigbl and never
long enough to get a firm gnp on the brtoihl
offer to take him I
— Minneapoll. Cri tax
Teo Late.
Ho—l<et the little demon howl)— DaCToit
A Chine«« almanac, nearly 3,000 years old. ma tnat he wouldn*t be l«u*k until sbe bad
Free Preaa
baa been dim ovenxl. its dwruvory comet <n| through ~lmnin housa Mebby It’s huai
loo lata, bijwever, to supply cirrus clown» nam. an m«U»y It’s ptaaaum l du* k*ow ••
with fresh jufces for ibis saasou. - MlnnssoU B«n«r*s Baaar
Third Street, between E and F
NO. 10
One square or lees, one insertion........ .....$10$
One square, each subsequent insertion.... 69
Notices of appointment and final settlement 6 0$
Other legal advertisements. 75 rente for first
insertion and W cents per square for each sub*
sequent insertion.
Special business notices in business columns,
10 cento per line. Regular* business notlu«s, 5
ceuto perline.
Profamional cards. $12 per year.
Special rate« for large display “ads."