The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, December 23, 1887, Image 2

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The Official Democratic Paper.
K.L.HEzVTH.......... ...
What has beeom • of the inten-
tions of the W. C. T. U. in regard
to est tblishittg a reading room, for
which they were soliciting subscrip­
tions four or five months ago? A
reading room is just what the
youth of this city need, it will
keep them from destruction, A
nice little reading room in that
liice little room in Braly’s building
would be awful fine. Could that
Toom he rente 1 f ir that purp >se, do
you suppose? Wc mean tho room
which the Y. W. C. T. U. have ren­
ted for the past four niontlu.
We have been trying to confirm
republicans and terrify democrats
and shall keep it up.—Reporter.
The poor little thing! “it has
been trying,” yes it has, but has
Hot succeeded in c infirming one re­
publican anil as for terrifying a
democrat, you are too small. As
you do not succeed in your endeav­
ors the best thing to do, is to take
a tumble and let up. Say E. L. E.
W. did you try and terrify a demo-
erat with“A Sunbeam’s Christinas?”
We wonder if one of those “sun­
beams” would light the city of Mc­
Minnville on a foggy night.
John L. Sullivan has issued a
The following is from the report
of the recrcthry of the navy, juttt challenge to Smith or Ivilrain for
published: “The British govern­ ♦5,000 a side.
ment and Canada together are pro- !
Russia endeavored to raise a loan
posing for the establishment of a
at Brussels and Amsterdam, but
line of firwt class steamers from
failed. Ibis goes to show that her
Vancouver to Japan. The subsidy
credit is not good.
is likely to be ♦300,(MK) annually—
£45,000 from England and £15,000; Tbe republican clubs throughout
from Canada. There will also be the United States favor the nomin­ I
contributed from the naval reserve I ation of Blaine for president, and so
fund probably Î5 per ton annually do the democrats.
for each ship constructed for the i
Oao of the finest calendars we
route, which will increase the sum
seen this season is the one is­
by ♦125,000. Under such compe­
by the I’cpe Manufacturing
tition it is quite easy to conjecture
It should be in every
what will become of the American
Hag and our resources in the way
of a naval reserve in the north Pa­
Irwin, who, with John S. Prewitt
cific.” Better squander some of the and fourteen others, conspired to
money which under a republican kill I)r. A. W. Powers,was sentenced
administration has boon pouring at Hollister, Cal., to life imprison­
into the coffers of this government ment in San Quentin. Prewitt will
from war taxes. The beans eaten be tried shortly, but the others es­
in the rebellion have been paid for caped.
by this time, so squander some for
protection, coast protection.
Four million dollars per annum
been offered the government of
The Herald is the only democra­
by a strong Chinese merehan-
tic newspaper in Grant county;
in San Francisco, in re­
another stirring reason for some re­
exclusive right to im-
publican papers to long and loudly
cry against its establishment. Ilav-
bcen accustomed feom early infancy
to governmental patronage, they s»
hate to give it up, that in democra­
tic counties they have resort to the
familiar, old “neutral”—“independ­
ent” political trick—“we don’t need
any political papers,” “party lines
are so loosely drawn,’’ [an ad­
mission that the lines are drawn,
just a little], “old issues being
dead,” [“still harping on my daugh­
ter”], etc.—but the old dodge don’t
work as heretofore; it is so trans­
parent that most any weakened
democrat can see through it, and
even they cry out when they see
the deceptive words, neutral and in­
dependent, “ah, that’s too stale,
when you stick such ears out from
the lion’s skin, we know you, and
don’t yon forget it.”—Burns Her­
The discovery was made at the
custom house in New York Satur-
day that four packages of silks and
other rich fabrics were obtained
Thursday from the public stores on
a forged order.
The contents of
the packages are officially estima­
ted to be worth ♦40,000. Indica­
tions are that the fraud was concoc­
ted, if not wholly carried out, by
clerks in the apprisers’ department.
A Common Cold
Uv v
Cirnnt), H amii tos C o .. B o .. Sept, 19. 's'v7.—
Tee followtiu’ 14 a era»» accmat of what your
8. S. s. hvdonefir our Ilf tl<-«laughter. Hai< I,
n< w four yi am old. When 12 months old a
lun’p.ippearp'lcn ner h> el,which *l>»wly grew
invg. r. 1hr family i»hy< cia!i ch light It wae
caused by a piece nt broken glass or needl'*,
but fa'lcd to brh>ganything to light. Tiie
child became feebler ail (he time, seeming to
lose the use of her «c and ¡1 r.iliy q.ilt walk­
ing entirely. T c m ddle
r an I thumb
of either hand Dec nil • enlarge I, (he ile h bo-
comlnx hard. The hip Jo.ut b • ’a no involv­
ed, so that when wv.-uicea m -nth* oil she
could not sta:i‘l, having Dot th»» me of lof
audnrrn P-rtial curvi.tureof the-pine also
follo wed. The nr. v ns xys em was wircked,
DiUscies c n-rafted, on4 there wa* general
wasting of t!(‘-i anl murde. At eighteen
moighs of are xhe wa* placed under tho
treat’.»ent -f a pro n nant physician of B >*-
ton, Mass., but at the end of ten m >nths.-h3
bad declined to such adegr e that she wa« in
t dying con lition. Tr.i* was in April, 1SC4.
Wetookihe elnhl away not knowing whit
to do. In this dreadful dilemma we were
over per-u.u'rvl by frfn is t » try “one b"t
th ” of S wift s S ign if ; ■. which we did, and
before ¡1 had ail been taken we saw a chan '<j
f.-r the bet ter in her syni; t >m<. Wa kept it
up, an<T have don»* so to tills day. an«l wlil
k■ ep it up. If Chr L »rd w.U«, for many «lay*
to come, for it has br >ught dying II i*.:l
to life, to vigor, t-» strength and health again.
The ashen hue of her cheeks h’«s changed to
a rosy tint. She is able to walk anywhere,
her languor and nielancho’y have passed
away, an l she I* now a blithe, cheerful, hap­
py romping child. Should you wlsii to in­
crease your testimonials of proof of the
virtue of S. S. 8., our names and what we
have raid Is but a portion of what we owe to
you, sliould you wish to u^e them.
Kindly yours,
B km . F. S wift ..
G ertrude E. S wift .
P. O. Box ce.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
T he S wift Si «< rrrc Co., Drawer T.Atlanta.Gx
For Sit Its by Rogers & Todd
Sheriffs Sale.
Is often tbe beginning of serious affec­
tions of the Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefore, tiie importance
of early and effective treatment cannot
tie overestimated. Ayer’s Cherry Pec­
toral may always bo relied upon for the
speedy cure of a Cold or Cough.
Last January I was attacked with a
severe Cold, which, by neglect and fie-
(luent exposures, betaine worse, Lnaii
settling on my lungs. A
soon followed, a...... npanied b. in
the chest, from which I suffered intense­
ly. After trying various remedies, with­
out obtaining relief, I commenced taking
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, aud was
The Best Qualities & Substantial Made,
Our new Fall and Winter stock of Cloth«
in(r is now on exhibition.
Our Qualities.
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy oavod my
life. —Jno. Webster, I’awtucket, I.. 1.
I contra-ted a severe cold, which
suddenly developed into Puenmoti:;.,
presenting dangerous nud o.e.tina.o
symptoms. My physician ordered tuo
use of Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. His tn-
structions were followed, and the result
was a rapid and permanent cure. —•
II. E. Stimpson, Rogers Prairie, lex.
Two years ago I suffered from a severe
Cold, which settled on my Lun-s. 1 con­
sulted various physicians, and took the
medicines they prescribed, but re civeil
only temporary relief. A friend induced
me to try Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. After
taking two bottles of this medicine 1 wai
cured. Since then I have given the Pec­
toral to my children, aud consider it
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and
Lung diseases, ever used in my family.
— Robert Vanderpool, Meadville, Pa.
Some time ago I took a slight Cold,
which, being neglected, grew worse, and
settled on my Lungs. I had a hacking
cough, aud was very weak. Those who
knew me best considered my life to Ito
in great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Ayer’s Cherry
Pectoral. Less than one bottle of this
valuable medicine cured me, aud I
feel that I owe the preservation of my
life to its curative powers. — Mrs. Anu
Lockwood, Akron, New York.
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral is considered,
here, tho one great remedy for all diseases
of the throat and lungs, aud is more
in demand titan any other medicine of its
class.— J. F. Roberts, Magnolia, Ark. tt
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral,
We are pre pt re I to offer the very highesr grades of texture to bo »f.'i
¡o"tled <it tiie price and we confidently believe that on this point wear,
wi'thuut competition, we urge a critical examination of these good».
Our Styles.
Thev show for tliemselve that they are the latest and nobiest. Every,
body wants Fashionable Clothing to keep abreast with the mode»,
costs our patrons nothing to do so.
Oui* Prices
We arc determined not to be undersold and we are equaly determin­
ed that no such bargains shall be obtained elsewhere as we offer, thii
means low prices to all wito come.
Special attention is called to our new line of Furnishing Goods, Ilat»,
Caps. Gloves, Trtinks, Valises etc. etc.
Entire satisfaction always guaranteed. We are also agents for the
BROWNSVILLE WOOLEN MILLS carrying a full line of their
Mens’ Youths’ and Boys’ Clothing, Blankets and Flannels, these good,
are so well and so favorably known that further comment is useless,
they simply have no equal. ’Remember our motto, —[THE BEST
The Clothiers and Furnishing Goods Men of Yamhill.
Family Grocery Store
Third St , McMinnville Or
Tiisro will allways bo found
— at —
No'icp is hereby given tluit by virtue of
(Successor to L. Root)
Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer & Co.,Lowell, Mars.
an execution and order of sale, duly issued
out of the circuit court of tbe state of Ore­
Bold by all Druggists. Price $t; six bottles, $5.
gon for Yamhill county, tested of date
All Fresh Good«, Gtoccriep, Flour, Ba­
November 15,1887, upon a decree of fore­
con, Glassware anti Crockery.
closure in favor of Roswell 11. Lainson.
Notice for Publication.
£C?*All goods delivered to purchaser in
plaintiff, and against Abraham Blackburn.
L and O ffice at Oregon City. Or., )
the city.
Caroline Blackburn. Henry II Murphy,
Nov. 19. 1887 \
Adam (¡rant and J II Ford, partners In
business in San Francisco, California,
settler has filed notice of his inten­
The citizens of Medford, southern as Murpbv, (¡rant A’ Co., Charles Wright, named
doing business as Charles Wright A Co.. .1. tion to make final proof in support of his
An Oregon fog is a terror, especi­
Oregon, have through the efforts of W Shelton, J. A. Ford, T. W. 1’errv, F. claim and, that said proof will be made
ally so when it settles down over
P. Hembree, II B Stevenson, M J. Peek before the county judge or clerk of Tilla­
the board of trade of seventy mem­ ham,
James McCain and II. JIurlev, part­ mook county, Oretron, at Tillamook, Ore­
McMinnville. Every 6 blocks a
on Tuesday. January 10, 1888, viz:
bers, raised a cash bonus of $‘2000 ners as McCain it Hurley. II. \V. Price. gon,
Edgar l’oppleton,
Matthew Blackburn. William O Hara, homestead entrv. No. L-
coal oil lamp tries to rustle through
the S W ' t of N E ’, N W % of S E
to be given to Gove & Co., of Port­ Mrs. Matthew Blackburn his wife, Libbie
Dealer in eggs, chickens, meats of all de­
the fog to light a pedestrian on his
Geiger, Albert Fdson. Robert Handkinson 1-4. and lots 1, 2 and 3 of sec. 5, T 2 8 R 10 scription, hides, tallow, etc., will pay cash
land, who will commence there on and Clarence M. Blackburn, as defendants, W
way homo but don’t succeed; so
He names the following witnesses to for all produce. A nice, neat place will he
rendered by said court, and enrolled
the first of January, the erection dulv
and docketed in 4he clerk’s office of said prove his continuous residence upon, and kept, and respectfully, a share of the public
crawls back in its holo and consoles
of, said land, viz : J Biggs, B
of a four-story flouring mill to cost county’ on October 1st 1887, and a judgment cultivation
patronage is solicited.
therein in favor of plaintiff and against S Thompson, 8 Earl and J. Earl, all of
itself by saying, “well, I done my
not less than $15,000 ar.d to be of defendant Abraham Blackburn,asin said de­ Tillamook post office. Tillamook county,
W. T. B urney , Regieter.
best, I am not good for anything
specified, for the sum of ($291)4.33 >, Oregon.
50 to 75 barrels per day capacity. cree
twenty-nine hundred and ninety-four dol-
and never was.” We would advise
Notice For Publication.
It is to be ready for work May 15, dollars and thirtv-three cents, together
with interest thereon from October 1,1887«t
Seven cars were overloaded
hiring a small boy to every lamp­
L\xti O ffice at Oregon Citv. Or , [
0 per cent.per annum, and ($250) two hun­
Nov,’ll. 1.887.1
post to shovel the fog away so that with excursionists from California
dred and fifty dollars special attorneys fees,
—Having bought the—
Notice is hereby given that the following-
and ($91 98) ninety-one dollars and ninety­ named settler has filed notice of his inten­
the feeble rays of the occasional
The assessor of this county, has eight cents, costs and disbursements. J, tion to make final proof in support of iiis
have levied upon the premises in said de­ claim, and that said proof will be made be­
lamp can be released from its pris­ bration. Every kind of business filed his assessment roll with the cree
specified and herein after described,
the County Judge or Clerk of Yamhill
on and spread themselves out over was represented from San Francis­ county clerk, for the year 1887. and will, nn Saturday, December 24. 1887, fore
county. Oregon, at I.iifavette. Oregon, on
at the hourof two o’clock p. in., of said day, Thursday, January 5, 18.88, viz: Jacob Will keep a choice line of meats, and do
a passerby oceasionell.y by way co. Nearly every man in the ex­ The gross assessed value of all at and in front of the court house door, at Hailes, homestead entry No; (1621, for lot respectfully request a share of the public’s
Lafayette, Yamhill county, Oregon, at pub­ No 4 of see 31 T58 R3 W
of exercise.
Anything confined cursion was doing his best to shove property of the county is shown to lic
auction, for cash in hand to the highest
lie names the following witnesses« to
duly sell in the order hereinafter prove his continuous residence upon, and
will grow weak. Our lamps around the trade of southern Oregon into be near six millions of dollars—The bidder,
named, said premises to satisfy said sums
of, said land, viz : G C. Dav­
It will not be deductions for indebtedness and so due plaintiff, costs and accruing costs, cultivation
the streets of McMinnville have San Francisco.
idson. Win, Fowler. J. T Asliam and 1’
and the several sums, in said decree speci H. Fowler, all of Wheatland P. O, Yam­
been confined too much. Mr. Mar­
exemptions allowed bylaw, amount lied due, said several co-defendants of said hill comity, Oregon
shall exercise them or some poor the trade of Oregon as far north as to about two millions of dollars, Abraham Blackburn, 1st. to-wit:
W T. B vrxey , Register.
wayfarer will fall down and break Eugene or Albany. Great efforts and the total taxable value amounts All the following parts of the donation
Notice For Publication.
land claim of A. R Elder and wife, claim
the crystal on his watch, and then will be made as can be seen by the to about four millions of dollars. ■ No (Min township 3, south of range 4 west
I. axd O ffice at Oregon City, Or., I
Nov.’10. 1,887.1
tho city will have to pay damages. business men who were represented This is a very good showing. An county of Yamhill, state of Oregon, to-wit: Notice is hereby given that
tiie following-
in the first train over the new road. extract from the assessment roll in I Beginning at the soul h east corner of said named settler lias tiled notice of ins inten­
claim, thence north 10 chains and 85 links, tion to make final proof in support of his
east 2 chains and 39 links, thence claim, atul that said proof will l>e made lie-
tabular form will be found in an­ thence
north 81 chains ami 33 links, thence west 17 fore the County Judge or Clerk of Tilla­
At the completion of the O. 4 C. other column.
and 31 links to center of county mook county. Oregon, at Tillamook, Ore­
The representative democrat, ia R. R., speeches were made by Pix­
road, thence south I degree and 30 minutes, gon, on Wednesday, January 4, 18S8, viz:
east 28 chains and 45 links, thence west- 36 Jolie, T. Turner, homestead entrv, No. 4572
Grover Cleveland, James G. Blai ne, ley, Irish an l Charles Cr oeker of
Iowa republicans are trying to chains and 50 links to west bpundary of claim for tii- N E ofS E I, .,f >rr 32. and N
This standard work is the only
is admitted by all tube the repre- California ' in which they all paid
thence south 13 chains amla.J links, thence
8 W >, .md 8 W 1, of 8 W
of sec, 33,
look forward to 1888 without a east 30 chains and 70 links to stake in cen­ of
National Cyclopedia of Biography
T 2 8 R <J W.
sentative republican. This ¡H the Oregon many complimentary re­
ter of county road, thence south 1 degree
He names the following witnesses to in this country, and worthy to rank
shiver of apprehension, They do and
30 minutes, east 55 chains and 51 links prove his continuous residence upon, and
team which most likely will run in marks.
Mr. Crocker in his re­ dot succeed very well, They are with center of county road to south boun- cultivation of. said land, viz: Sidney Mc- with the great national works of its
dry of claim, thence east 11 chains and 81 Curger, II. 1!. Moore. G Munsow. and kind in the Old World, now being
the coming presidential race, marks said that this road connec­
whistling in the graveyard of their links to place of beginning, containing 200 David Reasoner, all of Nestocton, P. O. prepared in England, Germany and
Cleveland in his message d ledami ted Portland and New Orleans by
acres save and excepting 62 acres thereof Tillamook county, Oregon.
own hopes. Iowa republicans have conveyed
Belgium, No name eminent in lit­
to J. 11 Carse, the deed to which
\V T. B i ' rxey , Register.
himself favoring a reduction of the one continuous lino of railroad 3,-
recorded on page 467 of book Q of the re­
succeeded in electing a governor by cords
art, music, science or in­
of deeds for said county.
tariff on the necessities of life. 386 miles long, under one organiza­
Notice For Publication,
vention will be omitted. Sold only
a pitiful majority of 1G61. And Also the following described tract to-wit:
L and O ffice at Oregon City. Or.. (
Blaine immediately had himself tion, with branches 5000 miles in
Being a part of the donation land claim of
by subscription. .
Nov. Io, 1887 f
yet they refer to this as a splendid A R Eider and wife, claim No (Min town­
interviewed and expressed himself length.
is hereby given that the following-
W. W. BECK, Agent.
victory. Would it have seemed ette meridian in Yamhill county, Oregon, named settler has tiled notice of his inten­
—But Drop Into—
as wanting a reduction on the lux­
“splendid” ten years ago? Repub­ and more parti« ularily described as follows : claim, and that said proof will he made lie-
Beginning at a stake in center of county road
uries of life, but in fact did not
Aftep all the kick made by the licans, if candid, must acknowledge running from the covered bridge across the fore the County Judge or clerk of Tilla­
thousands suffering from Asthma, Con­
want any reduction at all. This republican party about the demo­
North Yamhill river to intersect the county mook county, Oregon, at Tillamook, Ore­
that they are losing Iowa Gradu­ road
gon, on Tuesday, January 17, 1888, viz: sumption, Coughs, etc. Did you ever try
has drawn tho party lines close, cratic party not wantign Washing­
one and one half degrees east in cen­ Sidney McCarge?, homestead entry, No. 47.34 Acker’s English Remedy? It is tho best
ally, hut surely it is coming over to south
ter of road 28chains and 48 links from inter­ for lots No. 2, 3, 4 and 7 of sec, 5, T 3 8 R9 preparation known for all Lung Troubles,
and define two issues clearly, ( >110 ton Dakotaand Montana toenter the
the democracy. What is true of section of said road with the south line of W.He names the following witnesses to sold ou a positive guarantee at 10c., 50c.
is a reduction of tho tariff, which Union as is almost certain
the said Janies Johnson’s donation claim,
Iowa is true of other states.—Oma­ thence south 89 and one-half degrees, west prove his continuous residence upon and Geo. \V. Burt Druggist.
will give the laboring classes great that they will be admitted to the
.36 chains and 65 links, thence north .31 cultivation of, said land, viz: H. B. Moore.
ha Herald.
chains and 75 links, thence east 13 chains J T Turner, B. W. Turner, and (». Mun­
benefit. They will know that the Union. We will now listen for a
ami 17 links, thence south 5 chains ami 15 sow, all of Nestor ton, 1*. O., Tillamook
links, thence east 22 chains and 16 links, county. Oregon
coat which they wear is their own, change of base and a kick front the
We are a nation of pools and the thence south 1 ilegree east with center of
»V T B urney , Register.
and that they paid for the labor and go psayinlf that it is from policy poor printer sutlers from pool prices county road to place of beginning contain­
110 acres, excepting therefrom and Executors’ Sale of Real Estate.
And Connections.
material in it alone. They will they are admitted; that the demo­ fully as much if not more tnan any ing
from both of said tracts, the following parts
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to
have the satisfaction of knowing cratic party wants their electoral class of people doing a small busi­
an order of the County Court of Yaniliill
on June 22, 1885, to William L<»y(| by <leed county. Oregon, duly made and entered of
Close connections made at Ashland with
that not at least 50 per cent, has vote.
on page 32 of Volume X, of the record July 7, 1M7. the undersigned execu­ stages of the California, Oregon and Idaho
ness. The paper this is printed on is recorded
records of deeds o.f Yamhill county. Oregon, tors of the last will and testament of Lydia Stage Company
gone into tho coffers of a giant mon­
subjected to many pooling prices and now owned by Libbie Geiger to-wit: J Cook deeased, will, bv virtue of said’ or­
Being part of the donation land claim of
opoly, whose giant claws are stretch­
on Saturday, Dei ember 17. A D. 1887,
Only 13 Miles Staging,
The first through passenger train before it roaches the printing press. Alfred R Elder and wife, chiitn No (»8 no­ der
the hour of two o'clock p. tn. of said dav,’
ing nil over this hind and crushing over the newly completed Oregon The principal ingredient of its com­ tification 1582 and the donation laiu^ claim at
Time between
upon the premises, duly sell at public auc­
of Jn.« Ramage claim No 65 in township
for cash in ltand, oil day of sale, lots
the lifeblood from the laboring 4 California railroad arrived at position is wood and upon wood .3 south of range 4 west <»f Willamette mer­ ■ tion
7 ) seven and (8) eight, of block (, 10) ten. ol
in Yamhill county. Oregon, ami said Rowland's addition to the town or citv of
39 Hours.
classes. The other issue is one on yast Portland at 2 o'clock Sunday Pulp there is a pool monopoly. idian
part being bounded as follows; Beginning McMinnville. Yamhill county, state of bre
---- When I^ay that-----
California Express trains run daily
which the republican party base afternoon. It left San Francisco The insides of nearly every country at the northeast corner of the donation gon Title perfect Deed at expense of BETWEEN
, land claim of Alfred R Elder aforesaid, imreltascr.
A. J A i - itrsox .
leave .
nil their hopes and is in direct an­ at 4 o’clock Friday afternoon and paper in the state are printed by a thence west 55 chains and 80 links to the b EXTON A F extox .
C. H. C ook
(•'¡•tland 4'0 P. Ml Ashland 8:30 A.M.
' track of the Oregon A California railroad.
Ashland .5:40 P. M. I Portland 10.40AM
tagonism to the other, it advocates was forty-six hours en route, hav­ publishing house, whose prices are [ thence south 21 and a half degrees east to
Dated Nov 15, 1887
Local Passenger Dally, Except Sunilayi
where the said
•» track crosses
no reduction of the tariff laws, but ing been delayed four hours, Un­ fixed by co-operative unions. Every a the point
Have the most complete tailor shop on th®
west f boundary of said donation
Portland < „1
M 'Em.-ene'.7’2:40
r M.
that the people should still ¡tour in­ doubtedly the trip will be made pound of type from which it is land claim of said Alfred R Elder,
Don't Experiment
2:40 P
ithence south on said west boundry line
Eugene . .9:00 A. M.IPorltand 3:45 P M.
to the coffers of our government overland in thirty-six hours before printed was kiught at combination of said claim to a point 23 chains and You cannot afford to waste time in ex­
.38 links south of tlie north boundrv line of perimenting when your lungs are in danger
Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
and into the hands of trusts, mon­ another season passes.
onsuption always «cents, at first only a
prices, even of the setting of the this tract and 12 chains and 78 links south < cold
between Portland and AshianJ,
of the point
w here said track crosses said
opolies, etc., an amount more than
type when done by a regular print­ I west boundary
’“"te cheap imitation of Dr »isktyous and San Francisco.
tlicncc cast 53
5.3 chains
line, thence
enough to run our government and
and 22 links
Isnmdarv line of said King s New Discovery for consumption
link« to cast
east boundary
Brother Harding says in relation er must be paid at rates established I i am!
----- NONE BUT------
claim, thence north 23 chains and 38 links cough« and col is, hut lie sure you get tile Emigrant Sleeping Cara Between
enough to make 10,(MM) men com­ to the tax list not footing up as by the printer’s union. The same to
tbe place of beginning containing 136 genuine. Because he can make more profit
he may tell you he lias something just as I ort land and Ashland, Siskiyou’s
paratively rich by the amount much this year as last: “I told state of facts exist in the job de­ sol i to contain 122 acres more or less
giasl. or just the same
Don't l>e deceived
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Containing Over Twenty Tliousa
Articles on Prominent People.
Don’t Read This
Bakery and Grocery,
Oregon & California R. R.
Hungry and Thirsty. Crockery
and Glassware included.
Portland and San Francisco.
Williams & Hibbs,
AVest Side.
Fine Suits a Specialty!
First-Class Workmen Employed!!
All New Goods
Cheaper Than the Cheapest !
VSctv-e, tho.
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'■ " Hurt, .inisgist
or -V'rp’an«, but gives the child nat'irol
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