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Brother Qarduer IntlmatM That H« ts
Perfectly Satl»ned With Thl» World.
Thw Oorgwoua Struoturs Lr«ct«d by ths
PruHlKwix Hawaiian Monarch.
How tho Exiled Emperor of tho Frond
Fared at St. Helena.
—The fewer our wants ths ncorot
we rciembi* tho gotb.— Socrates-
—Revonge is sweet, but it leaves s
bad taste iu tho mouth.— Philadelphia
—Doubt others more and yout'sel:
loss, aud you will h ive mote back-bone
to sell.—f’omeroy s Dernrorat.
—How mueli better is tiio love that
Is ready to dio than the oenl that is
ready to kill. — Thomas T. Lynch.
—All men try to get tlie earth, but
tiio oartli gets them. This is not a joke
it is tlie grave truth.— Peoria Trans­
—Many men have a knack of making
ami saving dollars, but know abso­
lutely nothing about tlie best things oi
this life.— Drovers' Journal.
—Good temper, like a ummer day,
shells a brightness over every thing.
It is tho sweetener of toil and tin
soother of disquietude.—-V. Y. Herald.
—Always on top: The hat.— Cham­
pion City Tinies. Always under foot:
Tlie shoe. All, ha! Wo can do this
sorto' tiling,too.— Cincinnati Telegram.
De Baggs—Ponsonbv, me boy, what
do you do in this weather to keep cool?
De Baggs—By
Jove! 1 don't know but that's a good
idea.— Pil'sburgh Dispatch.
—Tlmy Were Botli Shoers.—
M. Charles Mon*«let has discovered
Thefoundntion stone of Iolaui Palace
1 was laid with full Masonic ceremonial in the memoirs of Careroe, a famotu
(Kaliikaua being a prominent Mason) cook, some interesting detail* of tli<
on Queen Kapiolani’s birthday, the llfo of Napoleon at St Iljluna. Hi liai
last day in tho year 1879. It stands on given those to th* world, after oxpress­
an immense block, dose to the heart ol ing a conviction that it is not without
the city, bounded by King, Richard and interest "to know what a tyrant oar
Napoleon’s household staff
Likelike streets and Palaeo Walk. The eat."
palace itself covers an area of 140x120 taken with him from Franc*, included
foot, being thus nearly square. It con­ a maitro li’liotol, a cliof d’ofiloo, a head
sists of two stories and a basement. It cook and a pastrycook. Four Chino«
has a large central tower and a smaller servants were added on tiio arrival ol
tower on each of tlie four cornel's. tho exile mid Ids attendants nt tin
Tho nationality of this sup
From tho base to tlie top of the central island.
tower it is 84 feet high. Tito original plomenttiry staff is cause ot grief Ic
"M. L -page (tilt
surmised cost was $o0,<X)0, but l>y 1880 Caremc. who says:
$15,000 had been expended and a fur­ chiof cook) was doubtless tiio lirsl
ther appropriation of $89,000 was French cook to find himself in such f
asked to complete it. Then it* comple­ difficult positi. m —four Chinuso mon t<
tion was promised for 1881, but at its assist him in bis work! I repoat it,
opening in 1883 the whole affair was tho position is tho worst tlmi
found to have cost •840,000. It is built could try a purveyor for tho table;
of brick (cemented) from designs by still, liioy set to work witli tiio four
Apparently Napoleon was
Baker, remodeled by C. J. Wall, and Chines -.
the exterior is elaborately ornamented, not a tronblcsonio animal to food. lit
while the interior is—well, an artistic liad a particular liking for blood pud­
surprise. In all there are forty rooms, ding, and they lot him have all ho
and considering that all but those in wanted. Odier favorito disltes were
the basement are seldom used, it will fowls a la Merongo, such outvie* ns
puzzle tiio reader to imagine what could bo fried vol-au-vonf, and, being
could bo arranged in so many apart­ an Italian, mncctironi in all styles ol
ments. But tho Hawaiian Kamehame- serving. lit ha I also a weakness fot
Jones, lie keeps a blacksmith shop)
has were powerful and had many visit­ pastry and side dislms composed of
His wife a poultry pen;
Hi* brenlL’ast usually
ors, besides which Kalakaua himself sweetmoats.
Jones, he shoes tho horse.
And hts wile she shoes the hen.
has been almost found the globe, and coiisistod of a porridge ntailo from
— Whitehall Times.
the foundation of decorative order* sorrel or from any tiling else, provided
—Up in the choir tlie tenor was mak­
brings about tho promulgation of still it w as cooling; breast of lamb well
broiled and served witli thin gravy; a ing lovo to tiio soprano in muffled
more decorative gifts,
so that loluni
smn’.l roast, fo
voice, while tlie preacher was waxing
I’akieo is literally loaded with curiosi­
but those eloquent in tlie pulpit below. "You're
ties, both novel and ornamental. Tlie soinolimes ve
were good fot a dear!" the young man Itad whisper­
front or state entrance to tlie raised oil tiio
a partridge, ed. “A doe, rather," the soprano
palace, winch entrance is only usod on nothiug. For
ent roes,
a smiled back. “Oil, yes," returned the
very special occasions, is on King
Indispensable tenor, “you’re tiio do, fa mi.” She
street, nearly opposite tlie Government
Sir Hudson killed him with a look. — The Farmer
Entering tiio palace this sweotmoats and pastry.
Low provided tiio niaterials, anil, of and Manufacturer.
way, then, tiio visitor conies first of all
course, these were detestable, accord­
—Less 'than a score of years have
to it very broad hall leading from this
ing to Ctrome. who says: ••Tito poor passed since tlie founding of tlie First
entrance, each side of the staircase,
cook for tiio Emperor was often made Congregational Church in Springfield,
and then right through to the back or
unhappy by receiving a loan fore-quar­ already they have a strong
palace walk end ot the building. Tlie
ter ot boef, while tlie Governor kept tlie and flourishing college of conspicuous
first room to tlie right of this hall i is
liind-rpiartcr for himself. There was promise, and five churches with an ag­
tlie throne room, and here is enough
no game on tlie island. Two or tliree gregate membership of 554.
conglomeration of the barbaric and the
times n year partridges and phensants
modern to mystify the beholder. All
The population of Great Br tain isa* the
would come, but the Governor would
round tlie walls are well executed por­
grab thorn for liis own table, and sent pre-»-nt in nient being added to st the r »'e
traits of tlie former Kings of Hawaii,
of at least >,' (0 persons a day, or iu words
very few to tiio Emperor.” Napoloou of tlie registrar g neral, " it receives every
and at tlie extreme end a portrait
had his wliims. One day lie ordered a ten years an exce-s equal to the whole
which iHitlt tlie King and Queen have
"soldier’s soup.” Tiio cook, astonish­ population ot London. ’
often siletiiiy gazed upon, it is an oil
ed, (li t not think it necessary to answer
painting of Kaaliunninu, it wife of the demand literally, and made a soup
Kamehnmeha tlie Great, who after liis
with very litllo brea.l, and so light
death, became Priinu Minister mid was
With evory advance of emigration Into the
that tho beans could be soon. Na-
virtually monarch during the short polenn w as not so easily humbugged, far West, a now demand is created for Hostet
tor’s Stomach Hitters. Newly peopled regions
reign of Kainelimnelia H.
lie sent for tlie cook.
uro frequently less Balubi lous than older set­
Knpiolani oiijeets to her name (“Cap­
"I believe that you were a soldier?” tled localities, on account ot the miasma which
A Young Woninu Who f.esrne.l Typo-Writ.
tive of Heaven”) ns she looks on this
"Yes, sire.”
Ing for n 1'urpo.e.
lines from recently cleared land, particularly
savage dame’s determined features
"Then you must know very well along the banks ot rivers that are subject to
A daintily-clad liltlo woman—she
and longs to emulate her. But her that tills is not a soldier’s soup. »I "
fresli ts. The agricultural or mining emigrant
was one of tlm best operators as well as
spouse know* that those despotic times
learns, when he does not already know,
"Excuse nto siró.
I baliove—I soon
the prettiest—whom 1 hail notic <1 sev­
that the Bitters ufford the only sure urotoetion
have long since gone by. Here, also, thought—”
against nuila is, und those disorders of the
eral times in a down-town type-writing
are the marvelous royal feather robes,
stomach, liver and bowels, to which climate
"That will do. Make mo a bolter onanges,
office. was missing from her desk tlm
exposure, and unaccustomed or un­
tlie gorgi-oiisuess ot which no one can one to-morrow."
healthy water or diet subject him. Cons ■
other day. Tlm plump, prosperous
imagine. The robe used by Kalakaua.
quei.tty. Iio places an estimale upon this gri at
Tho cook did not ropeht tho per* household specillo and preventive eoiniuensu-
looking head of the establishment
and exhibited in this throne room, is formanco, and th) next day served a ru
’e with its intrinsic inerita und is careful to
smoothed down some rebellious rod-
tlm identical mamo (mantle) worn bi soup so thick witli bread and beans keo I on hand u re.-torativo and promoter of
dish-brown locks ns slm explained, to
so Implicitly to be relied upon in time ot
tho grout first Kameliameha.
It is thrat a spoon could b> stood erect in it. health
iin accompanying clatter and bang, as
eleven feet in width and fivo feet in Napoleon was satisfied, but ho ate
if tlm whole alpliabot wore out on a
Massachusetts pay« for maintaining her
length, and made entirely of golden very little of it, and nover citllod for convicts
tj 800.(110 per year more than they
spree: “1 didn’t expect to keep her
Un tilers from tlie Oo, or royal bird. it iignin.
And then Caromo pro­ produce.
long,” slm said. "Shu camo to inn n
Only two feathers are found (one un­ pounded this pliili sopliical query:
year ago to learn tlie business, and lior
der each wing) on each bird. As it •‘What was tho purpose of this groat
mother—she wore diamonds — came
takes a thousand feathers to nmko an Captain in ordering a soldier’s soup?”
For “worn-out" “run-down” debili­
with her half apologizing for the
ordinary necklace, what a vast quanti­ Another time Napoleon ordered from tated Brliool t ackers, milliners, seam
daughter's whim. Tlm two of them
ty must this rolte contain! And this is his Chineso retainers a d liner of stresses nonse-keepers ant over-wo ted
wore gowns that turned tlm Imnds of
women Generally, Dr. 1 ierce’s Favorite
B it Ito could not Prescription i, tlie best < f al rest'raiice
tlm whole office, and looked as if tliev not. only the collection of a lifetime, Chinese vianils.
tonic.. It is not a “Cure -1- ' but adoiira-
lrn.1 money enough mid to sparo. it but the combination of tlie hoards of touch it. — Scrib ler's Magaxtne.
b y lu'flls a slnz en« s of purpose, l>«-iuu a
eight or ton successive chiefs. At the
turne■d out when I was iu my
in st p-tent Specidc for nd I no»* Chronic
Weakne-ses a d Di-eases pec liar to
new appnmtiees confidence a lit­ opening of Parliament this robe is
spread upon the throne as symbolical
worn n. It is a power'u . general as v ell
tic that
engaged io
u eiine, tonic and nei vine and imparts
of royalty, but. nt. other times it is al­
student — an
vented in Kugiuiitl.
vg-rand strength to the whole system,
ous one -ami they wanted to marry as
A now system of bool milking line it promp ly cure- weskne-s ot stoma-h,
said that Kalakaua was once discov­
indiges ion, bloating, weak ba lr, nervou-
soon ns hn was admitted to the liar.
perfected In which tho mothod of pro tritiou, debility and Hleep'essness, in
ered alone in tho throne room witli this
• Papa' had absolutely refused his con­
scouring the soles, uppers and insoles ei her sex. Favorite rre-cription is sold
sent, nntl 'mamma' frowned on the robe around him gesticulating and together is tlm exact revorso of tlm by druggl-ts under our positive guaran­
whole thing. So what, does my lady do voicing fortli vowel* to Ids ancestors ordinary wholesale systoin. In tho tee See wr.tpper around l>oi t'e. Pri.-e
81.00 u bottle, or six bottle« for
blit get permission, without assigning like a child witli a new toy. Kalakaua hitter tho uppers aro attached to tlm 83.00.
any reason for the freak, to learn type­
A large treatise on Diseases ot Women,
in-oles by small tacks, the points of
writing alio is studying short-hand, been firawing $25,000 a year since he which in tune protrude into tho wear­ protuse-y ill-strated with col-red pla-es
numerous Wcod cute, sent for ten
too having taken tlm idea into her
er's foot, li sides which their use is ac­ cents in stan ps.
paid Ills Queen, liis and her staffs and
head that, if she and her law student
e a, \\ orld ' s DrsrENSARY M bdi -
tlieir household expenses. Although
cai . ASSOCIATION, 10J Main felrett, Buf­
chose to marry when the time camo,
the King has mt interest in tliree sa­ Tho solo is I lien scored or channeled falo, N. Y.
she could support tlm family until tlm
loon* mid has some good property in round to recoivo tiio st it ehi ng, by
appearance of some fees. Tlmy had
Th s country pay s every year about »22,
land, and certainly often helps sonic of which It is, of course. weakened and
the knot tied a < ouple of days ago, tlm
0 for the patent msdiciues wh ch it
his poor subjects, yet tlie mass of this its water-resisting power greatly re­ 00O,<i
household powers to tim contrary not­
wealth goes for tlm Poi feasts and Hulu duced. In tho "Ab Intra" system the
withstanding. and aro taking a week’s
OFFER KO. 174.
dances, in which Ids predecessors also tack* arodeftly put into tho insolo by
holiday somewhere down on tlm shore.
FREE 1—To M erchants O nly :
reveled. Even when tlie white people a handy machine, tho flat bonds of
She told me she should bo ready for
Set (knile. fork and steel)
are now Invited, the old name of Luau
in satin linen case Address at once, X.
work when alm camo back, and I think
(native feast) is used, mid tlie gyra­ of tIio insolo and toward tho wearer’s W. T ansill & Co., 55 State Street, Chi
eh* will. Sim has been earning $7 a
feet. Tlm insolo is limn placed on the cago.
tions of tho finger round tiio calabash
week, and is about expert enough to
Inst with tho points upwards, and the
of stiektaro form the principal event
get $10 now. That will help them out
Hula dances are even given in the upper is placotl over thorn and
for awhile, though 1 fancy her husband
made fast by means of a hollow tube,
John I. Wood, of Stratford, Ont, was
palace grounds, but under great re­
won’t leave her hero long." Tlm next
strictions, and shorn, in the presence with which tho operator passes down cured of cramps in the legs by wearing
question in the matrimonial market,
tho leather over tho point of each nail, AI.LCOSK’ s .P o ROVS Pl.ASTERS.xMr. Wood
of Europeans, of their dominant feat­
some folks say, will bo: "What is her
l'lte solo M Ilion placed over tho pro­ says:
ures. Be* Kiiliikaua on a state occa­
■alary?" or “Has she had a raise uf
truding points ot tlie nails and ham­
Some three months ago I was taken very
sion, and, fairly corpulent as lie is, he
late?"—AT. I’. Letter.
mered down, a few smart blows serv­ sick with severe pain in the small of my
seems hardly to hste room to hold his
over the kidneys. The paio was ex-
ing to secure tlm solo to the upper and
medals and decorations—al] one blaze
cru iatlng. I applu d an A llcock ’ s P or
Quite Different.
Ol'S Pl. aster over the affected egion and
of useless glitter. But creep down to
unite 1/lint It require* tools and great ha i lelief almost within an hour At the
tho Union saloon early some evening.
lime, i conjunction with t his trouble,
People who most relish gossip take There you will see his Majesty King force to separate them. Tho secret of same
I had very great nervous di-tu-buie.
a very different view of it when it is Kalakaua of the Hawaiian Islands, sit­ this great cohesive power lies in tiio atl'e.tiiir my legs with c amps so I could
directed against one's own reputation. ting before a toddy, dressed in an old form uf tho nail, which has a shoulder n>r elv sleep. Meet'ng with su h su.-cess
"What an extremely candid person blue sorgo suit, with a cheap straw hat near its point and in section resom- with my back I applied a p suit under tlie
knee on each leg. and In threw dais was
Mrs. Higgins is," said Mrs. Robinson. on tlie back of his head, and looking, blcs a t open harpoon. Hincc, when compl-tely cured, and have never been
"Seo how she exposed those Simkinses ah! far happier, after all. — Boston driven into leather tho latter closes troubled In cither way since.
over the shoulder of the nail and de­
■ml Wilkinses."
Th re are 40> Mirino1 bishops la Utah,
fies all but tho most severe efforts to
-A------- —■* a —
"Ye*,” said Mrs. Jones; “but if you
1423 priests, 2w74 teache's mid «Sit deacons.
could have heaixl what she said about
—A writer in the Nineteenth Century extract it. After tho solo has been
you yesterday"—
proposes tho estslilishinont of a well- secured tho boot is finished in the
¡•(Tensive b eath vanishes with the use
"About nto?"
endowed kitchen college for the ays- usual wav. tlm time occupied in fixing of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
"Yes, about you."
tomatic training of domestic servants.
G-n A. V. Knuts the cava rvmsn. is in
In the ordinary machine-boot process.
"Well, I never! The idea of her
—In the morning when you awake,
Nebraska, colonel of th • Eighth Infantry.
talking about mo! I won’t- believe accustom yourself to think first ti|»oii Tlie value of tlm systoin is strongly
another word she says!"— Youth's Com­ God, and something in order to His attested by practical hoot manufact­
urers, and it appears likely to oflect a
service; and at night let Him close
To the Editor: —
market! change in the condition of tho
Please inform your carters that I have a pos­
thine eyes.— Jeremy Taylor.
wholes ile boot manufacturing trade.— itive remedy tor the above named disease. By
It. timely use thousands of hop I,-«a casts have
—Gain a little knowledge every day: London lime».
b cn permanently cund. I «ball be glal to
one fact in a day. How small a thing
»end two hotlire of mv remedy vast to any of
—Tlteni ar* 2,000,000 mon engaged
readers who have eonsnmpUon If they w ill
in the building trades in the United
—Like those fair New England lakca. e<-nd me their Ex pre— «n t P. O. addre-a. '
■ by. Three thousand six hundred and
greened around with meadows, of T. A. SLOCl'M.
M. I . IM IVarl St. New Tors
fifty facts aro not a small thing.
translucent depth and »liver sand, on
—The cost of th* rcc*nt coke strike
—There ar* seventy-six guilds in whose surface armies of* white lilies.
A b Article nf True Vlerit...
to the men and operators is estimated
London endowed by wealthy benefac­ gold> n-crowned. unfold to the »un. sc “Brmcn's Bronchial Trochea" »re the
at •2.000,000.
tors for th* lwnetit of different trades
popu'ar article in this >-o -ntrv or Eu
the Christian's heart should be. All rone tor
—Tliero aro 108 cotton mills in th* The annual income of those endow
Throat Diseases and Co mhs, and
this popular.ty is ba ed upan re» merit.
South. Georgia hands th* list with S6, ments amount* to fl, 000,000.— Ch eag
is hoao.s.
into life like those white lilies, and
Tennessee comos next with 27, and Ala­ Advance.
Jeep amid the blossom petal* should
bama 20.
—In ridding to one temptation the
—A physician living near th* soa way is opened for so many; nothing be seen the golden crown of lor*.—
■ay* that during tho part five year* he trill serve us day by day but a humble BcecAer.
has noted the hour and minute of death trust tn Him who is able to keep n*
— It Is a great gift to be born rkh in
The beet cough medieine ia Pino's Cure
in ninety-three patients, and every on* from falling, and earnest striving to
the eves and cara Some men have for Consumption. Sold evervwhere. i'c.
has gone out with the tide, save four watch as well as pray__ Rural New
carried before them an endless proccs-
who died suddenly by accident
Gen. St neman exGosernor of Califor­
<ion of beauty. There aro charms for
—It is reported that a rich American
—The New York Chinese Mission has them n here other* perceive barren­ nia, ow.:i large iirasiu* lands in that Stat -.
is about to establish a paper factory at between 4.000 and 5,000 Celestial* In aos» There is a concert in the air all
“Golden Me tical Discovery th* great
Ran Mils Potosi, Mexico, with a capital i»a Sabbath-school* About sixty have he limo for those whose ears are tuned blood purifier.
of at least •500.000. The principal ma­ Joined the various churches. The first iright. Trees harp for them, wind*
A German farmer name I S-hooks was
terial awl will be "lwchugilla,” a I Sabbath-school for th*** people wa* roil their tone« musically, and bird*
found burned to Heath at U m U o * s , N*K
fibrous plant which grow* abundantly founded In New York sight*** y*or* •nd inserts Ail up th* orchestra.
ia that s.rtiaa.
NR -
al .'Mr- IhrfcNA
_ __
“I wish do world would let me alone
fur a couple of weeks," said Brother
Gardner, as tlie echoes of the triangle
died away. "It has got to past
whar’ 1 am constantly lookin’fur sun-
thin’ to happeu, an* it is w atiu’ oa my
"ELory Monday mawnin’ we kin
look in de pa;tors fur au item to de ef-
fouk dnt do cholera atu sartiu to reach
dis kentry.
"Oa Tuosday mawnin' we kin ex­
peck to find dat somebody lias dlskib-
ere l a new comet, and dat said comet
ar' gwine to switch his tail around an’
kn ockdis kentry all to smash.
"On Woduos lay mawnin' wc ar*
purty Martin to tin I a medical report to
do olTe-k dat cousumpsliim Ims in­
creased fifty |>or cant, in dis ko itry in
do Ins’ iiio y’ars, au' dat cull'd men
nil obor do kentry atu droppin’ dead
wid heart disease.
“Thursday mu de reg’lnr day fur
predictin' tidal waves, cyclones au'
litianshnl panics.
"Friday ar' sartin to bring de nows
dat do coal fields of de world will lie
exhausted in about 252,000 y’nrs, ebery
stick of wood bo gone a y’ar later, mi1
dat de cull'd populmshuu kill prepare
fur a sorrowful time.
"Saturday oands up do week wid a
railroad slaughter, a big hotel flail, a
steamboat eollisliun an' de statement
dat do germs of yaller fever liev ii|>-
pearod in watermollyons. Dis puts us
all in tt good frame of mind, mt' whim
we go to church on Sunday an’ li’ar
de preacher tell how glad wo otter be
dat we ar’ 'lowed to lib frow de week
we foci dat lie has struck do key-note.
"I tell you, I dotin’ caro two cents
whether do sun am 93,000,000 miles
from de airtli, or only 92.990.000. 1
(loan’ know whether do moon mn itw
habited or not, mt' I (loan* propose to
lose any sleepobor it. Dis kentry may
bev 2,000 mile( of coast exposed to de
attack of a furrein iron-clad, but I ain't
gwine to git up one miltit airlier in do
mawnin’. it may be dat de intelleek-
tual standard of de world 1ms decreased
ten percent, in (loins' deettde, lint l'se
gwine to keep riglit on buyin' do smim
grade of codfish from de same grocer.
Insanity may bo gainin’ ground at de
rate of livo por cont. per y’ar, hut me
an' do ole woman am gwine to stnoko
de sa.i.o kind of torbaek -r an' soothe
our bunyoiis wid do same nmko ob
salvo."— Detroit Free. Press.
-- —
If a gentleman by
the name of Day
volunteers to throw
the light of his ex­
perience into the
iarkenod places of
misery, so that
others may go and
do aa he has done
and enjoy life, may
it not be reasonably cafied
As nnt^W. OkuXni«-. whol
“bom® time ago 1
In «uccaeaful operatiun «inc«
all »«cuori« uf tho Nurihwe»? cVd* M
buauioM meu and leading
of ita cUk* on th« Coast, it < fferi Pri , ’ll
tnatrucuon, day and evening tlii0u<|JL7j * ty
Arithmetic. Writing, ('t-ncjH icr,*e
Banking, Shorthand,Type-writing, Buiine»0*‘‘'fa
Fumi» »nd all Common School Branchia *8?^
of all »gc*
both »exci admitted*
CaUlogue free. Armstrong and
(hr To*a a Day, Sample« worth «i?"
JkK Linea uoc under tho horwfL
U* Varu*« SArmr IU ik II oldkr C o Hou 1
suitablo lor Oranges, Lemoim, Olive«, p. i
Rananus, Strawlierrlert and early Vt
sale on long cre«llt. $1.25 to $8.00 Der »».** i
ieice of the pain. Also a letter from Mr. H.
M Convene, of I he
Warren (Mass)
Herald, dated July
J, ¡¿<87, as follows:
“In response to
yours of June 22,
would say that in
1880 my wife had a
severe attack of
rheumatism in
shoulder and arm.
the oi Uinory kin-la, and cannot 0« »01111» k i
so that she could
lion with the mulfitudo of low
shim, or phoaphato powders. 8»4«“lr ‘"
not raise her hand
¡¿mBAiixotouDita Co..loS»u* b:,out,N. Y.
to her head. A few
applications of St,
Jacobs v/ll
cured nvi
permanently, and she has had ns return or
it.’’ Another case is that of Mr. R. B. Kyje,
Tower Hill, Appomattox county, Vu.. who
writes, November, 1886: "Was afflicted for
several years with rheumatism and grew
worse all tlie time. Eminent physicians
gave no relief; had spasms, and was not ex­ Are AlwAj. rstel »» the best Potatoes. We have .
pected to live; was rubbed al! over with St. largo consignment, anil more to arrive. Price to-day
Jacobs Oil. The first application relieved, i at Store or on Whart, 1 cent per pound; Early Rose,
the second removed the pain, continued use
cured ine; no relapse in five years, and do as 70 cents; Peerless, 80 cents. Sweets vary from 1 to
much work as ever.’’ These are proofs of tlie 1} cents per pound. Prices vary from week to week.
perfection of the remedy, and. taken in con
n -etion with tiia miracles jicrformed in other Wo are always the lowest It will pay you to buy
cases, it has no equal.
| Potatoes that will Keep all winter and please every­
Absolutely Pure.
Qfin e«*»1» of Hcctul
ÔVV F ìhmui - cm . FlHtiiias ani’i?
Clcei-H tretiteli aiiceeHHIully
UHc or knife, w IIhhi t>u»t iù.
ViHltH noverai Interior tow,,.1?
lor cil-cil lara. J. II. • I Ik I
No.2 llekuni'H building. 1‘urll.,'!
Habit Cured satisfactory before any
I rol. J. ». B.UTO.S, SIU S.rt. CI.S...U,<A
The Oriffinnl and Only G<-n«lai
Safe and alwayi Reliable, flrware of worth lea« Initm-
IntiiHDensablo to LADIES.
Aak your DriarttyS
“Chlchcater*« EntfTlsdi" and take no other.or
(■tempo) to ua for pariloular* in letter by retnraZi
Cln* taken the
t’>i' saie» ut tlui c¡.4í|
Cures In
^1 TO 5 DAYH. ty
Guara < >1 not <o
caua. oiri.iuru.
Mfd only by th«
huts Cbtsiul Co.
k CincinnatiJB|
k, Ohio.
By -Mail. (Se
Msda by J, P. Alien. St. I *ul, Minn.
By return mall. Full Description
Mo-slr'K hew Tailor sjuleui of l>re»n
Cutlln«. MOODY 4 CO.. Cincinnati. 0.
ISinnlZ FOB ALL.-S30 a wen* nuU eipous«
WStrfK Paid. Valuoble outtit and particulars
If UII l\ fre0. p. o. VICKERY, Augtuta, Me.
Flour is lower and
Sugar higher this week, but send for latest list to
SMITH'S CASH STOHK, 115 and 117 Clay
Street, San Francisco, Cai.
Self-Playing Musical Instrument.
Plays Classical, Sacred, Dance and all the jiopular mu­
sic < f the day correctly. Price from #15 to ty‘-75. Write
Kohler & Chase, San Francifioo, for catalogue.
ttAlitl, I
I Cl IN W A I Gabler, Roenish llanos: Bur
det Organs, band instruments. Largest stock
of Sheet Music and Books. Banda supplied at
Kastern prices.
9fiR Post. Rtrrtrtt. Snn Fran Murn.
When I say cure I do not mean merely to »ton them
for a i iine and then have them return again. I mean a
radical cure. I have mado tho disease or !• ITS, EPIL­
EPSY < r FALLING SICKNESS a lit«-l<>ng snvly. I
warrant my remedy to cure the worst canes. Because
others have failed is no reason for not now receiving 8
cure. Send at once for a treatise and a Free Bottle
of mv infallible remedy. Give Express and Post Office.
II. G. ROUT, .»1.
183 Pearl SR. New York.
t«anrd Sept, und March,
each year. »(T 31» pa«eB,
inclie«,with oiler
3 600 UloBtrattons — a
«’hole Future Gallery.
GIVES Wholesale Prices
direct fe ronsnmert on all good« fol
personal or family use. Tells how to
order, and «Ires exact cost of every­
thing you use, eat, drink, wear, or
have run with. These INVAL’.'AllLE
BOOKS contain Information gleaned
from the markets of the world. W'e
will msU a copy FREE to any ad­
dress upon receipt of 10 els. to defray
expense of mailing. Let ns heal from
m J
Wo have to keep it moving to
prevent being over-stocked.
tlie public aud iKmtaJ
.ittiolig tho leedinfikrt
iciue.t ftheo ldom.
Wa.le eipreMlyLrtuJ
durnogementi of tho »¡»J
organs. The contiaaonnJ
through the parts num J
tltem to health»aeth.1, M
advertised to eureaili!t|l
head to toe. Illaforthtrt
apeclfto purpot».
For circular» giving ft
formation, addret»Cbwnu
tria Left Co., )uj WyJ
Street. Chicago, 11 ~
It you are ready to order Dry
and will moke lowest carload prices In any reasonable
quantity desired.
C bu won th«*ü\"i
Fruit for winter sales or use, we have it new ill store,
aun,se uaivgtuiujl
This BELT or --mJ
body who eats them, even it a traction higher than
the common kinds.
Bohl by Druwleta everywhere. Aik for “cud
tor’s English” I’emyroyli 1’111».
The Van Moncisca
Young, mlddle-uel J
old. single or minU J
Mid all who luffwwiii]
Nurvoui Debility, Swi
torrhea, Seminal Loa
^Sexual Decay,FaiiiMlJ
; ory, Weak Eye«, Lrtl
Energy, also Blood ■
’ Skin DiBeaeee, HnH
Eruption«, Hair Ihl
Bone Pains, 8 wtd
Sore Throat, Ulzsen 1
fecte of Mercury, Kitt
and Bladder Troobl
Weak Back, Burning Urine. Gonorrhea, Gleet N
ure—prompt relief and cure for life.
Both Hexes C ouhu H C'onfldentlalli
182'’' dk 229 Wahartb Avenue* Chicago* Ill*
N. P. N. U. No. 2'15 -S. F. N. U. Na Ä
The Youth’s Companion
FOR 1888
t ¡
A Remarkable Volume
Increased in Size.
Finely Illustrated.
400,000 Subscribers.
Eminent Authors.
Special Article* of great interest, written for the Companion, will appear from ths following
Eminent Authors of Great Britain and the United States:
Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone,
Professor Tyndall,
Gen. George Crook
Archdeacon Farrar,
Gen. Lord Wolseley,
Clara Louise Kellogg,
Justin McCarthy, M. P.,
Louisa M. Alcott.
And one hundred other well-known »nd popular writer».
Six Serial Stories,
m «X euro rx iW8,
J. T. Trowbridge, C. A. Stephen»,
200 Short Stories; Tales of Adventure
Illustrated Articles of Travel; Sketches of Eminent Men;
Historical and Scientific Articles; Bright Sayings ;
WOO Short Articles; Anecdotes; Sketches
of Natural History ; Poetry.
she ot tlie paper ^almost^nèdi’alï
an^vtre^i’fe01 ** P'TC" ’**rly *Tery
HOU., without any ajv.ucs In tbe mbscriptl“
datlu« 1888- Increailng th#
8m0UU‘ “*d V"iety ot chol<w rtadin« aad IUuâlrï'
Two Millions of People Read It.
»enVui tNi'shp’wlth’n^ T'd »UT 0UT and
• nd «1,75 in
and p- O. address
Registered Letter or
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tr3n' w,,wil1 »end the
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A $2.50
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The Double Holiday Numbers
For Thanksgiving and Christ
Flctarw, Which ar* * feature of the Comneror'V
**Ch’ Wlth C‘J’ortd
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*nd Full-pn^e Frontirpie«
* •On"“n^
... PERRY "«ON 4 CD., 36 Temple Place, Boston, Mass.
Specimeu Coptr* and Colored A^.
......................................................................................... ......
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