The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, November 11, 1887, Image 3

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—»i ■ I..... ....
W est side telephone .!
A brotherof Mr.Belehera, of Lafayette,
is visiting him irom*lhe east.
The following is the summary
of the election returns in this coun­
ty on the various ameniltuents.
Tho following is a commuuication re­
A. Odell was b-rilsd out the day before
Nebraska is u complete republican vic­
TELEPHONE WHISPERINGS. el-etion. Jack Hooper is etill in durance ceived from a resident of Willamina last
week to late for publication. We are I
Jn MiMiaaippi there was no opposition
I’rold- Hair’s of Cli'ngi'g
Will Holman who has been ettending sorry that we cuul.i nut allow it space
Corner lots for sale.
bition S't. ofc* Klect'ns to the democratic ticket
College at this place went home today. last week but can do so now.
The state of Pennsylvania will go repub­
liaiay day for election day.
He intends being gone a «ack or so.
E d . T elephone .
.......................... y e» T’O vrs no yes no lican by about 2600 majority.
Thanlcagiving on the 24th.
i The Editor of the Reporter is awfu
I feel very much like
The entire democratic ticket in Iowa is
i smart as is seen in his witticism of tl.e striking a few random blows ami if any I Bellevue...........
About time to go trapping.
61« lb 10Í 3.’ 79 elected by a small democratic majority.
Re ublicans and Democrate iu hie last
4* = 17 5* 1
of them sbouhl take effect upon sonic of j Dundee.........
Fresh roasted peanuts at
li. H. is. ,uo.
The election in Ohio was hotly contested
Its 1(1.
20i * 171
our well qualified citizens to introduce j I Kant
and gives a republican gain of about 5011.
A four horse team loaded with ladies
9; 2» 14 5: Oi
Souvenir Tea at Baxter & Rogers 75 and gr ntlenren came from Willamina to this thriving village to tbe outside world i Lafayette........
lllin* is goes republican by’ a less major­
, North Fork
131 14« •J. 27< 51 213
cents a jar.
attend the dance given to the citizens of it Would sot be a lick amiss. W«i liavn N. MeM mi vide
12i 12 11 22: »O’ 141 ity than furiuly. shoeing n democratic
| citizens here wall qnalifie 1 to place us ■ S McMinnville
17.’ I.'* t 26: 1 ?l 181 gain
Look at ths local of Mrs. Stuarts in an Yauihill County.
tot «I f L5X ?. 140
other column.
The rope that was used to hang Marple, ■ before the public as we deserve, But i i Sheridan .......
In Massaehubets the election is close but
4: L 1 A4 It
j Willamette.
5- 4L
10 7b 20 is republican, with a loss of 400 democra­
, West Chehalem
C. C. Linden of Willamina was in
procured from Sheriff Minto of Salem. youngest
.... county and i Willamina ...
10. 1 97 tic in Boston
village in ..
thia city Monday,
It has been used several liuus before. |
I second to any m the county, eight years I Total
Senator Allison of Iowa, emphatically
A numhor of Lafayette people were in
11». )7 i 31 111' 7‘* i 4 Hl
A very fine Chinese pheasant was ago the spot marked only by a bridge
i :5I
136$) refused to let bis name be used as a candi­
the city Wednesday.
found dead in a fence coi ner and brought
date fur the presidency
Tho finest lineof Tansill* Pnnch cigars to the city bv Andy Baker. It was the across the Willaunliu liver. Now we
Work on the new cruisers at the navy
can be luund at Rogers A Todds.
most pe fe< t b.rd tint lias »-ver I ec i have and boast of a fine school of about '
-Í i
yard has been sli pped
It ia said U.nt
Tbeie will he a meeting of the G. A. bi ought into town. It will be stulled. fifty scholars. Professor Linden has >
j t..ey will cost several thousand dullars over
K. at (irange hall, Saturday at 1 |>. m. . A single hottie of Avei’s Sarsaparilla ■ taught our school for three vea.e ami he ;
' tae estimate
The editor of the Register should slid- J will establish ttre merits of tlri. medicine may well feel proud of bis labors after i
as a blood purifier, Mwny thousands taking them frem the primer to what our
The Western Vuiuu Telegraph company
lac Ilia list or cotae in out of the wet.
■if peopfeare vvarly <«tred chronicdiseas-
thr» ugh its directors Lus )i.creased iis cap­
Tom Rogers and Waiter Durham in-! es by tire faithful «*e of remedy.
ita! stuck i5.U00?<00 This makes a capital
tend to take a hunt up the Willamette ( It is unequaled for the cure of scrofula. classes in the county. Our merchant e Carlton
stock of $86,200,UUI)
inteiest consists of two dry good slo es Dayton
Wong on ths J ettv —The work on
It is whisj»ered that Rev Charles A Ikr
and one drug store, R. L. Churchman i
If you want to advertise yonr proper-’
ry uf Wolverton England a ill be culled to
tv or busiuess apply to the T elkphonei the jetty at Fort Stevens still continues t carries on a large stock of general nier- j Sortii
and will until the close of the month.
1 till the pastorate «if l lymouth church, left
chandise and Soper Bros, ditte, Church­ North MeMiiini ille
vacaut by the death of Beecher
It will not ha Ling before the new
man Bros, curry a stock of drugs and |
An explosion of gasoline occured at St
trick of Dr. Tucker will be read» for oc-
medicines only excelled in Portland but I Willamette ___ _.
Louis on Nov, 1. wrecked a tenement
, ed in sufficient quantities at any tíme
little in quantity, un I none in quality
ho.ise and twelve persons were Luried in
All kinds
kinds of
of wrought
wrought and
a«d . i „¡.otltiation next ' ianuurv adequate ap-
West Chehaleni
Dr. Reese of Tennessee, ae are proud of
the ruins A large number of buildings
or February
.at iron
Apply to UJld p«t matteni’in sntisfadory
Cash on delivery. -Apply
1261 M l b 1 1 u th j vicinity were al*»o wrecked.
bis presence, he is an able and success- '
z.ttl toung.
| |or rapid progress next summer.— Is- ful physician. Dr. I. W. Ininan cont.nues
On November 5th, a sharp fight occured
You can get ionrof the fittest «combs ; to. ian.
P oking Tue W ork .—In another week between the Crow Indians and the soldiers,
hie practice tliroughoir the co 'itri Ws
n a neat little case, for 56 cents, a j
D l M asd F or F ruit T rees —There is have two blacksmith simps, and « ic wag it is expected tho track will Ire laid several braves, the leaders of the rebellious
Ingers & Todti’s. tf
a great demand fur iruit trees this fall. on shop uiiii all doing a lively business; through tunnel 14, by which time tire Indians were killed and four others wound
Mr. Marple, farther of Marple the con-
(resile work between tunnels 14 amllA ed After the battle all tho Indians except
tinned murderer was with his son all One order received try a nurseryman in one manufactury of boots and shoes, by
this vicinity a fow «lay since from South­ a thorough, energetic Gertniu, we win will also be completed, says the Yreka 20 returned to the agency
ly Wednesday'.
In Dakota the election was interesting
Journal of November 2. The track is
C. C. Poling will preach in the Cbris- ern Oregon, calle«! for 5090 prunes, 1099 more like him. Langdon & Cary are
from the fact that at this election the divis­
m church Sunday evening al 7:30.1 each of 5 varieties, and 1000 Bartlett doing a la. ge buriness in the flouring now laid to the mouth of tunnel 14 from
rervbody invited.
1 peartrees. Thsreisan immense num­ mill, mating lots of flour and a fine this side, but owuing to so tuany cut vrs, ion of the state was to be settled Division
will win by about 10,000
South Du-
Wc could find 1000 items but wej ber of trees being planted in Southern quality The saw mill is bo ug rebuilt requiring the rails to be bent accordingly kota goes solid for division The prohibi
II marge them ali inlo on«.- “Mc-J Oregon thia year an«l in most cases the A. Bailey says he is going to aid new the laying of the track proceeds very tion question will win by a small majority
nnmlier '•( varieties in an orchard issmalt
nnville has th« county scat.”
machinery and stock iris mill with line slowly. The speedy completion to con­
It is thought the cabinet will be recast
Rogers A Todd l«ve the agency for j The majority of fruit growers have be­ mo.ii.tain timber and be one of the boys nection with Portland now depends on the latter part of this month, Lamar will
come aware of the advantage of being
nsills Punch cigars. They are the, able to furnish par load lots of the same
again. Oar Gin mill is pretty well al- the track laying, as tbs tunnels and i go on the supremo Lench and postmaster
eel.r>cen' cig-r «. tiro marl-et.
tf <■ kind of fruit.—O.egonian.
vertiaed court weeks at Lafayette. Our trestle woik will be ready for tiie rails | general Villas will be made secretary of the
i..I Smith has reee vc<l Lis patent,)
as faat as tho track Uysrs cm gat to the ,
P reparing tor W inter ' s F un .—A town is situated in a fine healthy locality ■ infitriahej portions. There can be no [ interior It is thought that Don M, Dick­
m Washington, on Lis gang plow, it
inson of Michigan, will be the next post­
toboggan club has been organized at at the junction of tlie Willamina and doubt of the road being completed for
s issued on th 23th ol October.
master general, unless he declines the ap­
through trains by the 15th of this mouth, ■ pointment, which has been tendered him
iarnet Todd nepkov.' of Jan. Todd re- The Dalles. The liuiits of the age of
if not before.
nedfroma visit to (laiiiurtiia Í4Mt members has been fixed at trona 17 to 79
All the forces, except tunnel men, : A novelty in the newspaper line has en­
ok. He prefers this country to Cal- years, and abeut every one in tire city or 23 miles. We invite home seekers
track layers and trestle work builders. ' tered upon its career. .The new ventue is
within tlioae limits belongs to it. They
have suspended woik ami gone below, I called the Coast Seamans Journal and it is
?hc 8un lav Mercury is being sued I are building a slide, commencing on tho is worthy of being called ouftof thetiuost and in a few days more only one small : to be the official organ of the Coast Seaman’s
.. C.
_ _
of bluff baek. of the old mint and running in the valley.
libel by Dr,
E Worthington,
camp of graders will bo left to finish up ' Union. It is a five-column, medium sized
No M ore .
I’ov. fie is accused of committing
graveling and ballasting the track at journal, edited by Xavier 11. Leder,, and is
different points, besides loading and un­
angle of about#.) degrees, and the people
filled with labor news and statements of
loading gravel trains.
lines Ohls of Liiayette was in the. | of The Dalles will have lots of fun' scoot­
Sou h Precinct.
the grievances of the seafaring classes, the
Monday trying to talk the inside of ing down it when frosty weather comes.
A nother R ailroad .-Articles of incur-1 emancipation oi which is stated tube the
livery stable out doors. Ho Ji 1 not It will now be in order for Oregon City
Nov. 9
object of publication. The Journal will be
and Astoria to build slides as they have
The glorious rain cometli once more poration of the Newport and Yaquinu issued weekly.
and the farmers ars glad to see it.
e are now prepared to do job work of i
Chief Justice Waite, after giving the su­
tinds arid discriplion. If you want j A ssay M ade .—Dr. H. Smith of .Salem
The young people of this locality en­ with the secretary of state by A. J. Ray, preme court decision in the anarchists case
at job call at the office, look at sam­
recoived from Portland a statement of joyed a sociable dance at the residence
was the recipient of a box which upon
as d prices,
ford; principal office, Newport; capital . opening proved to be an infernal machine
an essay made of a quantity of quartz, of J. 1'. Jollle’s a few eveuings since.
s have seen the Astoria Daily
■ . i'|1(. jastice treated it as a hoax, as no > ex-
A. C. Davis and others recently sold -tuck, <100,000. The p: inc i pa ! object of
script and it is a nies, neatly print- taken from a lead situated on the north a cur load of hogs to a Washington Ter­ this incorporation . is
lit to
til bllilil
unii operate
n lur.t* ;
, .
build and
! plosion occurred when he opened it It was
xper. It is full of good local and
ritory man at the rate of four cents psr a railroad from Yaquina city to Newport ! afterward learned that the scheme was in­
i bit ion matter.
Oregon Pacific road. It was as follows: lb. gross weight.
Benton county.
vented by tw o unscrupterous persons for the
you are in McMinnville, and want 13.67 ounces of gold, or (231.61; 159) Mr. Rennoldsis improving his prop­
purpose of selling the story to the news­
>d meal or a good bed, go to the ounces of silver, or »143 25; total, »432 - oily by building a root bouse.
paper reporters. They have been arrest
) the Blood Horse races in Sun Francisco, ed, charged with conspiracy
•el hotel; only two blocks from the 19 to the ton. Dr. Smith states that he
business street.
will begin the development of tlie lea«l
on November 3,
the Oregon mar«
Miners’ wages in Nevada City for years
in the spring. The assay has been such other day in Mr. Jollies pasture.
Repstta won a three-qugrter dash. The have been $3 per day. Last week three
^Farmers and their families will as to convince him that “there's millions
The juveniles enjoyed a surprise party purse was (100. There were several
Mrs Stuart’s restaurant, opposite in it.” The lead being situated near the ) at A. K. Olds last Saturday evening.
strangers were put to work in the Provi­
range store, just the place to take road, it will be an easy matter to ship
start«rs Repstta, Grov«r Clevo'and, dence quartz mine at $2 50 per day, forty
J, when in town.
the ore to Portland lor reduction.—Sa-,
Edelweiss and Kenedy among them men waited oil the strangers and nutilied
with his engine for the neighbors.
llepotta eaiu« under the wire three them that they must quit working for les*
1 cause of the two fire« election day loin Statesman,
1 lengths ahead. Grover Cleveland, second thun the regular wages. Tho newcomers
i defective flue.
At the second
A F ine T ime .—A largo gathering of I It is reported around town by people I Edelweiss third ; time 1 :14.
i the flu« was drenched with water
promised they would, but went to work
people numbering at least 3<X), pazticipa-1 who wish to hurt my business that I
ell cleaned out.
again the owners of the mine assuring
ted in the festivities of tho first dance, ; voted for Lafayette in the election Tues­
The O. I*. Progressing.—A correspon them protection Reduction of wages in
S tppington and Perry Trnlltnger given by the Home Social Club, at the ■ day. 1 cun prove that such is a lie and dent writing to tho Boise Statesman,
this mine means reduction in all the others,
that I voted a straight, open McMinn­
into the cilv the night of election
G rant M c G uire . ) eays: The Oregon Pacific is progressing and the miners say they will oppose all
lire jevful news that Noth Yam- new furniture rooms of E. B. Fellows. | ville ticket.
id given a majority for Me. Mtun- An even eighty numbers weie sold, and ! Dr.J.II. Nelson, dentist, has has hung . as fast as uos.ible. The ncaront camp efforts in that direction
ten sets could dance upon the fluor at one ! out a neat sign.
: is about twenty miles from Vale, the
From returns received New York stak
time. It was a complete success in every :
of the funny things of ths election | particular. A lunch counter was run in ) The old St. Charles hotel has been ' county seat of Malheur county. It is democratic ticket bus been elected by a
tie challenging uf Jason Feters , connection and peisons wishing to eat or ' rented and preparations will soon begin ' not known, as yet, wherethey will cross plurality of from 80U9 to 15,000 This i>
f I. Olds of Lafayette. Mr. Feters drink could do so, for the small cost of ) to fit it into a first class house.
I Snake river, for a certainty, but inaDy owing in great part to the strength devel­
in a resident of this county for 42 ■ 19 cents. Every one oxpresses them- I
surmise that it will be above the mouth oped by tho democrats In New York and
selves well pleased with all the arrange- ■ Tim Fatty leaves to-day for tbs South­ oi Boise and follow up that river. It is Kings counties, where Cook, for secretary of
I incuts. Rooms in the rear were ueu«I for | ern states.
state, polled 55,000 more votes than Grant,
Ilex. Hudson of Ione Orezon is , cloak reotns, and social chats. The sum | W. I). Fenton is attending court at hoped that tho citizen! of Boiao will be republican candidate The latest returns
gat the Cook House and is he- taken at the door from the rale of tick- i
active in obtaining the right of way so show Grant to be leading outside of these
kered by Dr. Gouclrer
for, els, was $49.25 ; at the lunch tables, $25. : Lane county. He will be gone a week. checifully donated to the Oregon Short I I
two counties, but the majority does not off­
Ms. We bo;>e to see him well . 20. There were a few incidentals to I
Line for tlieroa«! troin Caldweli to Boise set that below High bridge One of the
City Election
irt time.
ed. which will be used in furnishing the i
to the Oregon Fa -ifle as an induce- political surprises was the great cut in Hen­
1 one of the crowned hea«ls have ; Od«i Fellow* hall w ith suitable furniture ' Saturday evening the citizens of this i ; same
merit for them to come to the capital and ry George’s vole, who only received 34,000,
it is immediately telegraphed) This is the first dance given by tbe Home I
against 68,000 last year Another striking
lie country. All tiie rest of the Social Club an«l wo predict as great a ) city went into convention for the pur­ thereby be refit b >lh Cahlwell and Boise feature is the increased strength shown by
Under the present management
in tlie world could die with the success of the ones in tho future. An pose of nominating a city ticket. After [ Citv.
of the Oregon Pacific they will take their t ie prohibitionists John R. Fellows was
ud not get a mention.
entertainment will he given bv this club . several ballot« the ticket was nominated Hue where the in luceinents are offered. ekcte.1 district attorney over Delancey
as follows: Mayor, Wortman ; Council­
if the small houses near the pub- every month, of different characters.
Nicoll, which was one of the great loca J
men, C. D. Johnson, F. Baruekoff, Wm.
Jcnas Boise I mhkovi . no .—Judge Boise, features of the fight in New YorkCity.
oi has been rented ami fitted up
A ssessment R olls .— In the office of Holl, Wm. Campbell, Geo. W. Jones, who has been suffering considerably
hool building. Last Monday 49
i were detailed for service in the the secretary of state clerks of the follow­ J. J. Collard;. Recorder, J. J. Spencer; during tho past two weeks from an attack
Street Notice.
’ under the leadership of Mis* ing counties have filed copies of the as­
Notice is hereby given that the city coun­
Marshal, Geo. W. Kaufman. In the of Rheumatic fever, is reported as stead­
sessment rolls of their respective couties, convention, Doug. Walker made a hard ily improving, though not yet able to cil of the city of McMinnville, at their next
meeting, to-wit: Monday. Decem­
the harsh, irritating, griping and Irom them it is learned that the run tor the marslialsbip. Ou the day leave liia room, and, indeed, being con­ regular
ber 5tli, A 1). 1^7, propose to pass an or­
nd« so often sold aa purgative amountsof taxable propeity are as fol­
widening the street across tne west
of election a ticket was got out by the fined a part of the time to his bed. end of Block
i, and correct the irregularities
No. 2, in Newby’s second ad­
Though it is probablo that he will be dition to the city of McMinnville, and that
iwels by the use ot Ayer’s Ca­
proposed widening of said
llis. They are invaluable as a
names upon it excepting tho marshal. nearly recovered by next Monday, to
street has been made and tiled with the re­
(2,844,124; Tillamook, (290,663 ; Colum­ They had put Doug. Walker in opposi­ i which time the October term of the corder
of said city of McMinnville. Dated
i when they Mant to pass away bia, (669,371; Klamath, (1,015,559; tion. The total number of votes cast at Linn county court was adjoin r.ed, it is I this l()th day of Nov 1S67. By order of the
J J.H’KN c BR, Recorder
I acquire a morbid appetite, Crook, »1,357,178; Baker, (1,617,683; the city election was 2lM>, necessary for not expected that he will be able to prr-
ipium, but energetic pushing Coos, (1.315,839; Lake. (1,600,294,36; acheice 101; Mr. Wortman received 194; side al the session. It is likely that of the city uf McMinnville.
men. who want to enjoy life Gilliam. (1,2(55,205; Douglas, (2,886,460; C. D. Johnson, 196: F. Barnekoff, 199; Judge Taylor, of the Fifth district,
Wm. Holl, 193; Wm. Campbell. 183; will take Judge Boise’s pl ice, a request
smoke Tansills Pnnch cigar, (
Malheur, (963,002; Josephine, (716,061 ; Geo. W. Jones, 164; J. J. Collard 191; to do so having been telegraphed to
I from Rogers <k Todd.
J. Spencer, 190; Geo. W. Kaufman, him.—Albany Herald.
Curry, (470,223 ; Multnomah, (2 1.454,405
one should attend tlie dance to Thirteen couutios have yet to filetheir 141; D, Walker, 54; Concilmen, Wee
Dokenkttls Ride.
id have a good time. Citizens
Davie, 2; E. Wright, 1; C. Grissen 1;
T o O miiia in three days .—Next Sun­
lilt county you aro invited ample rolls, and it is expected that they will do <>. 11. Adams, 13; F. Head, 1; J. H.
Up from the south on election day,two
s been provided for a regularold so soon. If the increase in the amounts Henderson, 1; Fur Mayor, Tucker 1; day ths O. R. & N. Company will adopt voters «ped in a two boss shay, from
ion. Bring your daughters your of the assessment footings over those of Recorder J. Deedy, 1;J. C. Cooper 1; a new time sclieilulc. There will Ire two Wheatland town in drenching rain,
id all your daughters beaux.
1887 is in the same ratio through the ro Wm. Galloway 1.’ The ticket is was vir­ pasaenger traina daily each way betweeu whether they had been to explain Du­
tually elected in tbs convention.
Portland and Umatilla. The Short Line rey a “figures’’ ami make ear plain,
two (20 greenbacks st Amity on maining counties, tho amount of taxable
with Dokenkal 15 miles swsy.
train will leave I'oitland tAsli street
day and the partv who picked property in the entire state will be in
Across tho vallny With spattering thud
is known and if lie will be lion- round numbers
wharf) at 2 p. m., arriving at The Dalles
(86,000,000, against
the horses «mote that Yauihill mud
»me forward with the money­
at 6:30, where supper will be taken. the votes that rode the wheels liehind
will be said. If lie does not pro-
Business in business. The time has
i « ill be Iregan ».gainst him im- by far the greattit, grin, its increase be­ come for you to think about buying your Passengers will reach Omaha just twenty inuat reach the polls ero closing tine.
I . V mphlkt .
ing over »1,7'0,009. It is found that millinery goods for the winter. There four hours sooner than under the pres­ The connly’s «eat with them destined,
counties containing the larger towns
ent schedule. The Northern Pacific and with Dokenkal lOmilesawar.
Ion A McGuire is tire name of a
are plenty inviting you to come. You the Walla Walla local will leave Asli
Tho stormbent firs stood still with
which lius sprung into exis j
intend getting as much as you can, and street wharf at 3 :30 p. in. (fifteen min fright. Potlectly dazed at the re< klees
ring ths l»st week. They have . is expected-that the stale board will
flight. The panting mares like a fly ng
< k of meat* mi 1 kwep a nice meet shortly to levy the tax for general the best you can for the money. It will utee later than now) but the limn from shell stung with llio lash of a Inng hazel,
«, and tlrey are ieaerving of a current state expenses ot 1888. The pay you to bo sharp and look for the Fairview east will be about the sama as I ovsr the hill* arose and fall, with Duk-
ths patro ag- of th» public. board will probably estimate the ordina store where you will get your money's
enkal fi ve miles away.
I p*y cash i .t all tlrey buy ami ry running »285,000; and in worth, and that is at Mrs. H. P. btuarl'a now. The west bound train on the
Times flying wheels, night's curtain
i ii for all that is bought of addition a deficiency of $50,000 in the millinery store, opposite the Grange short line will reach I'ottland at 1:31 p. lowered,
ainy's flving wheels o'er cul­
past years expenses, and special appro­ store, McMinnville, Or.
m. and the N'orthern Pacific anti Walla verts roaied.will cross« Yamhill o" river
priations made by the late legislature
Walla express will arrive at 10 30 a. in. Styx, before times hands shall number
’arker of Delmar, Iowa can be for which that body probably thought
For Sale.
as now. Sii|>erintendent Henry of the six for Barnhills seat will l>e in a fix,
rind the counters of 8. A. Man- there was money in the treasury, will
U. 8. mail eervi.-e is trying to secure the with Itoksndal one half mile away.
rih are store. He is a thorough have to be provided for. After estima­
Two Iola with good houae, well, and short line tiain, hut if the department
Ths flying mud their faces filled, st
man has bad 20 years of expe- ting the receipts of the state from miscel­
the business. He arrived from laneous sources during the year at (50,060 barn, situated in a deairable part of the decline*, mails for the east will he crossing streets were nearly spilleJ.
tonday night and is an old friend it will undoubtedly be found that at city of McMinhville Or. A good war­ “pouched” Umatilla. Under the new “Where's the polls” to crowds they cry,
He expresses bira­ least (350,000 is the total net amount rantee deed will l>e given to pnrehaaer. schedule the time for letters between “This wav.” they shout an<l onward fly,
ng well pleased with the conn- that must be raised by levy on (89,000,060 The terms are caah. For information Portland and the east is shortened one and you het they got thoro Ely, and
recially with Me. Minnville. of taxable property. This will make concerning thia property call at the T el - dsy for the round trip It is understood Itokenkal voted that day.
that Asssstant General Manager Burklv
the state tax above 4 mills, or over twice F.PiioME office, McMinnville, Or.
of the Northern Pacific is arranging to
morning at 11 o'clock the fire that of last year, which was 1 19 20 mills.
the lime on hie line, but will
Bnrklen’8 Arnica Salve.
ar the first time since it was
not have a new schedule ready by next
(hen upon investigation it was
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The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, 8undar.
there was a strong smell of At 10, 15. 31 25 cent, per copy, In handsome
Bruises. Sores, Viceré. Salt Rheum,
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paper binding by all the popular authors. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
I>e hose and engine boy* turned
Handsome cloth hmind gilt edge rolnmes Chilblains, (’orna, and all Skin Erupt­
•F ob T im D avs .—I will sell my re­
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the same authors, at the astonishing
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Price 25 cents per box. RofemATod d.
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Appleton’s Cycloopdia
McMinnville, Yainliill County, Oregon.
First Term begins September 7th, 1887 Tuition In l‘reparato:y Department $5 00 ;-«r
term; 111 Aeadeinic, »7 00; In Collegiate, (10.00 Instructions thorough and practical
A boarding hall will be conducted in the College building under the liiunagenreut of a
steward where good board can l e hud at 42.75 pel week. Those wlio prefer board in
privute faniiiiea can secure board from (2 75 to 44 00 For further information, address
Send lor Catalogue. A
Pioneer Hoot and Shoe Store
I am now receiving inv Fall stock of Boots
and Hines directly from the fuctory; select­
ed from the best material, and iuade by
w hite labor.
'Ä -
x"\-, — , Uv?*-
SSi-.Tr'*' • 1 will not sell boots that are made out of
-.» k - o
.- - j, leather that is tunned by the hot hciuur
process; for that leather is burned A man that thoroughly understands the quality of
the goods he sells, will be successful in business, and in due time gain the confidem*« of
the public
The bublic are respectfully invited tj ex imi io my stock and prices. No trouble to
show goods
No charge made for sc-wirg ii; s, on gcocs »hat I m II l‘< < t*> made to cider and re­
paired. opposite the Grange More Sign of the big Boot
1*. F B rowne
We guarantee our goods to be First Class,,,
and the prices as low as the lowest.
When you come to our store you will not
be disappointed for we advertise nothing but
what we can fulfill.
We are not winding up our business but
intend to keep right on selling Drugs Pat­
ent Medicines, Stationery, School Books, etc
ns long as the people of Yamhill county hoii
or us w ith their patronage.
When you come to our store w e guarantee
to give you prompt and courteous attention
and the lowest price possible. Very Respect-
2d Great Annual Clear
ance Sale
For the Next Twenty Days
Come early if you want,
the Best Bargains.
are now prepared to receive for storage, alt
M c M innville , M c M innville
crossing «nd carlton ,
O regon ,
Warehouses. They also offer to sell or lend
sacks at a low price. They bought their
sacks early in the season and it will hetothe
farmer » ’s advantage to call and sec them be­
fore making arrangements for storing their
grain of this season.
Long experience in buying grain gives
solid assurance that the farmer’sintcri sts will
be carefully guarded.
Their warehQiise has been fitted up with
new machinery and is now in
good con-
dition for saving grain.
< «