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---- Issued-----
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A Synops s of Mei sures Int’odaced in the
National Legislature.
A Column Devoted to the Interests of Farmers
and Stockmen.
Devoted Principally to Washingtou territory
and California.
If a hog is worth having on a farm,
Last month the famous Drum Lum-
Building. McMinnville. Oregon,
then he is worth feeding until he is at mon mine, Montana, produced $190,-
Senator Dolph introduced the fol­ his best.
000 in gold.
alin«<-e A: Turner, lowing: Apetition of many citizens
You cannot make your scrub pigs
In fourteen out of thirty-three coun­
and agriculturists in Corvallis, asking weigh 350 pounds at nine months, but
Fubliiher» and Proprietor».
ties in Washington Territory, the
the passage of house bill No. 2933, es- good breeds can be made to do it.
tablisliing an agriculturist experi- I Avoid top ventilation in the poultry office of Superintendent of Schools is
held by women, five of whom are un­
year................................................... ... .|2 ou mental station.
house. It will cause croup, swelled married.
K months........................ . .................
head, closed eyes and other diffi­
A car of fruits for the citrus exhib­
-, —
Idaho Railroad company the right
7red lathe Postofllce at McMinnville, Or., of way through the Cœur d’Alene re- culties.
ition from Central ai:d Northern Cali­
as second-class mallei-.
Chickens can be fattened in twelve fornia, left Sacramento for Chicago.
, I servation.
Following is the substance of reso­ days to two weeks if they are kept in The car was well lined to protect the
a partly dark place and fed all they fruit from the cold.
v. V. JOHNSON, M. D. lutions submitted by Mitchell :
will eat.
A gold nugget weighing thirty-five
N orthwest corner of Second and B streets,
Texas horsemen are enthusiastic pounds, troy, on exhibition at the
employes at the Cascades have been over the success of the cross of the banking house of Wells, Fargo & Co.,
by Capt. Powell so reduced that great French draught horse with their na­ San Francisco, is worth $6,000.
be found at his office when not absent on pro-
was found at Siem City, Sierra county,
numbers of ineti ceased work and tive Texas mares.
,n4l buatness.
Dr. Loring Bays that nothing but a California.
were hired by the Noithern Pacific
horse should be called a thoroughbred.
Terminal company ; and
Louis Holz, 60 years of age, an old
L ittlefield & calbreath ,
W hereas , The wages of some sixty Cattle of that class, he says, should be resident ot San Francisco, was found
pure bred.
I dead in his bed, death having resulted
[ysicians and Surgeons, st< ne-cutters were reduced to $1 44 called
All profit from a dairy cow comes from asphyxiation. It is believed he
while of this sum they were compelled from the food over and above that neglected to turn off the gas before
Calbre&th. M. D.. office over Yamhill County to pay $4 50 a week for board ; there­ which is necessary to sustain the mere retiring, as the jet was found turned
. ............. _, Oieg«)
functions of life.
fore be it
R. Littlefield, M D., office on Main street,
With proper care and skill a well-
yette, Oregon.
Besolved, That the Secretary of War
Maurice Nugent, a candymaker
be directed to inform the Senate as to selected Hock of the right kind of was shot and killed in a saloon on
s. A. YOUNG, M. D.
the truth of the allegations of the re- sheep can be made to pay 100 percent Howard street, San Francisco, by
j ports, and if said reduction of wages on their cost every year.
Thomas Bailey, a widely-known char­
High-bred horses cannot be worked acter. This made the fourth murdei
has had any effect of reduction of
Physician and Surgeon, work.
in the collar, because their shoulders in a week, and the seventh within six
W hereas , It is alleged in public are so sharp-pointed and slanting weeks in San Francisco.
Ice »nd residence on D street.
All calls promptly
j prints of Oregon that a steam vessel, that the collar will not fit over them.
The California & Oregon Railway
tered day or uight.
[ known as “The Cascades of the Col-
A farmer at New Hope, San Joaquin is now completed to Edgewood, to
l umbia,” was built by the United county, has harvested 50,000 sacks of
point it will be operated on the
foR. G. F. TUCKER, i States engineers at a cost of $70,000 potatoes from 500 acres ot land, and which
1st of January. Heavy rains have al­
ready begun to fall in the north part
| use at the canal and locks; and it is crop.
of the State, and the work of construc­
further alleged that such vessel is not
Eggs from hens that have not fully tion is much impeded by frequent
Ice-Two doors east of Bingham’s furniture used on said works, but is being used molted do not hatch well.
This is the slides.
on jetty works being constructed op­ season for disappointments with the
ligbing gas administered for painless extraction.
An attempt at arson, robbery and
posite St. Helen’s bar, some eighty hens, but much can be gained by pro­ murder was attempted near Cotton­
miles from the canal and locks ; and
wood, Cal., at the residence of Mrs.
W hereas , It is further alleged that plenty of grain.
Ludwig, a wealthy widow. Mrs. Lud­
Take a common pail and cut holes wig’s brother, who was sleeping in a
a steam launch is now in use as an ex­
cursion boat for army officers at Van­ down the side from the top and fill room up stairs, was awakened by the
couver, said launch having been con­ the pail with water. This keeps the smell of coal oil and smoke.
II and |2 House. Single meals 25 cents.
structed by the direction of the United water free from sun and dirt, and the ing down stairs he found the house on
8>mpls Booms for Commercial Men States engineers and paid for out of poultry can easily put their heads in fire. He succeeded in extinguishing
money appropriated for constructing and drink whenever they desire.
the flames. Five gallons of coal oil
the canal and locks ; audit is further
A writer states that he had the best had been used to saturate all the lower
alleged in public prints that the cost results keeping grapes when each rooms, evidently with the intention of
of maintaining these boats is about bunch was wrapped in apiece of paper, burning the whole family. The per­
$10,000 a year, which sum, it is al­ packed in boxes holding one bushel, petrators had packed three valises
leged, has been paid out of the approp­ and the boxes kept in a place where with jewelry, money and valuables,
riation for the Cascades ; therefore, the temperature did not fall below 55 but dropped them in the yard and
be it
fled. One of the domestics has been
degrees above zero.
UpStairs in Adams' Building,
Resolved, That the Secretary of War
on suspicion.
i be directed to advise the Senate as to
An Eastern paper publishes the
breeding from the poorer specimens.
the truth of these allegation or charges. If you have not already culled your following improbable story: “Prob­
Mitchell presented the petitions of flocks attend to this soon.
Weed ably the most remarkable instance of
settlers of Lake county, pray­ them out.
Set the imperfect ones declination of a high political honor
ing for a resurvey of townships thirty- aside to fatten by-and-by. Select the is instanced in the case of John W.
nine and forty south, range twenty- best cockerels and the finest-shaped Mackay.
A private letter received
The Best in the State.
four east, and to re-establish the mean­ pullets tor sale or for future stock from Nevada says that Mr. Mackay,
pared to furnish music for all occasions at reason
able rates. Address
ders of Warner lake. The petition birds as breeders.
who is a staunch Republican, was re­
that when the survey was made
Raising cows for the dairy is very cently tendered in a written commun­
ROWLAND, alleges
by the government a large portion of much neglected by those who should ication signed by every member of the
Business Manager, McMinnville.
said townships were located as Warner give it their attention. No dairyman Nevada Legislature, Democrat as well
lake, which is so recorded on United can be successful who purchases his as Republican, a unanimous election
States maps; also that large numbers fresh cows. By the UBe of thorough­ as United States senator to succeed
of settlers have located on said lake, bred bulls the yield of the herd can in Mr. Fair, whose term expires on March
Mr. Mackay declined with
I a portion of which in reality is high a few years be largely increased, while 4 next.
and dry land. A bill was introduced the method of purchasing cows as re­ thanks, saying that he had no am­
in conformity with the petition.
quired admits of no improvement bition for public life, as his whole time
Corner Third and I) streets, McMinnville
I was occupied with his private affairs.”
Mitchell introduced a bill granting whatever.
to Spokane and Palouse railway com­
The crop report of the department
pany the right of way through the of agricultuie BayB : December returns
d’Alene Indian reservation.
of average farm prices, by counties,
The House bill for the relief of the show a material reduction as com­ —A crank is the man whose
survivors of the exploring steamer pared with values of the crops of 1885, iifler from your own.
—A Ju emle Atroc tv: "Why don't
Corn has
'he Best Rigs in the City. Orders Jeannette, and the widows and chil­ in wheat, rye and barley.
leaf?” "I will,
dren of those who perished in the re­ made an advance nearly equivalent to roti turn over a new Can
t do it this time
mptly Attended to Day or Night,
pa. in the spr ng.
treat from the wreck of that vessel in the percentage in reduction in quan- of
year, you know.
the Arctic seas, was taken up and
—In Burma ed tors receive elephants
rather than with small grains used Ur inpayment for subscr ption. In this
Dolph introduced a bill appropria human food, and the average isslighty country the paper itself is about all the
ting $100,000 for an assay office at higher in value than last year. The elephant the eJilor cares to keep in
Portland, and Mitchell a bill granting farm value of corn was 33 cents per stock.— N. V. Sun.
bushel last December. It is now 37
a pension to Enoch G. Adams.
—Table-forks have been in use 400
Strictly Temperance Resort.
Senator Williams introduced an cents, 1 cent higher than the crop of years and yet people can be found in
amendment to the sundry civil ap­ 1884. The average for the previous every boarding house who have not yet
food(t) Churoh members t> the contrary not
propriation bill to appropriate $150,- five years was 44.7, and for the ten discovered that they have been invent­
The ed.— Ch cago Ledger.
000 for a public building at Los An- years prior to 1880 it was 42.6.
average December price for wheat is
- They have been maki g new figures
69 cents, a reduction of 3 cents from on the coal supply, a id it is now be­
rplinns’ Home
lieved that it will take 11,000 years to
Herman introduced the following: the average value of the last crop, and exhaust
the supply, even if you don’t
Authorizing the employment of a
tonsorial parlors ,
sift your ashes. — Chicago Her ala.
clerk at all United States land offices
—Hungry Guest—"How is this? I
where the maximum salary and com­ them on the fire as quickly as possible ordered a steak and a poached egg. I
“»ly first clam, and the only parlor Ulte shop In the
missions of the register and receiver after peeling, as exposure to the air see the egg. but where is the steak?”
city. None but
If anything Table attendant "Lal's all ri -ht. sah.
shall exceed $3,000 each tier annum. then turns them dark.
•t-ciaRR Workmen Employed.
The register and receiver to employ happens to delay your canning them De steak ain under de egg.”— Phila­
such clerk for their joint use at a after they are peeled, pour water over delphia Press.
dooriouth of Yamhill County Bank Building.
salary notexceeding $1,500per annum. them and this will preserve their white­
—The cheering news comes from
M c M innville , O regon .
To establish a lighthouse at the ness. When you put them in the ket­ Nice v a Harvard University that Tut­
H. H. WELCH. mouth of the Coquille river, at a cost tle, add just enough water to keep tle’s comet of '58 has turni d up and
T ttle
not to exceed $40,000; also a light­ them from sticking. There is no use been ide-itifled in France
■Good-nature. like a bee, collects its house at or near the mouth of the adding sugar till you unseal them for now appreciates the value of advert •-
from every herb.
Ill-nature. Umpqua, at a cost not to exceed $60,- table use. Some persons can fruit very Ing.— Bufalo Express.
a spider, sucks poison from the 000.
successfully by putting it in glass jars,
—Sa d Bobby to the minister at d n-
«test flowers.— Boston Globe.
By Dingley—To protect theinmates pouring a little water over it and then ner: “Can a church whistle?” “Why
■It makes the mind very free when of National homes for disabled soldiers, setting the jars in a flit vessel half, do voj ask.” "Cos pa owes twelve
give up wishing, and only think of and forbidding the sale of distilled and filled with cold water. This vessel is dollars back pew rent, and he savs he's
nn? what is laid upon us and doing fermented liquors within the limits of set on the stove, and as the water in goi-ig to let the church whistle for it"
it is given us to do. — George Elliot.
it grows hot, it heats the contents of — Columbus Dispatch.
any home.
—• They have discovered footprints
■No Norwegian g.rl is permitted to of By
You will also have to
Ryan—Appropriating $100,000 the glass jars.
• » beau until she can bake bread, for the erection of a monument to the heat some of the fruit in a small ves­ three feet long in the sands of Oregon,
supposed to belong to a lost race.” It
the consequence is t tat she is an
soldiers and sailors of the war. sel to fill up the glass jars, aa the fruit s impo-s ble to conceive how a ra e
pt >n this culinary art long before negro
3y Guy—For the free importation j
that made footprints three feet long
masters the art of dancing, painting
; cannot at the first attempt put on a could get lost — ' hirago Tribune.
.htful-looking objects on plaques, of machinery for the extraction of ; screw-top perfectly tight.
It has to | —First boy: • They say yo i are a
3 spoiling brass by hammering it.— cane juice.
Bv Millard—To repeal all duties on l»e screwed on several times before it coward a lazybones a—a—a” Sec­
«real rUness.
No matter how ond bov (interrupt ng): “Dovou know
sugar and molasses imported in Amer­ is perfectly secure.
tightly you may think you have se- what they call you?” First bov
"fer a milk pudd ng put one quart ican vessels.
mflk on where it w II cook slowly,
The Committee on Public Lands i cured them at first, you will find their • What? ’ Second bov: "They don’t
•h half a t -acupfu] of rice and stir it favorably reported to the House a bill tension relaxed twenty-four hours call, they just whistle!”— Go'drn Dags.
’ the milk, and occasionally stir to establish a new land district in later, when you must again screw
—It is sad Sara Bernhardt’s two
until twenty minutes before using; Eastern Oregon, to be known as the them, and it is well to examine them great ambit ons are to write poetr
n])P'1-* * tabl spoon fill of sugar and a Harney District.
also the third day after canning to and grow fat We fear Sara is reacti­
bl niece of bu,t"r, and bake twenty
Fisheries reported see if they do not need some addition- ng after the unattainable. Poets sel­
utes. This, somet me« called poor fa vorabb" Dolph’s bill appropriating «1 tightening.
Keep the cans for dom grow fat It takes a great deal
• • pudding, is whole-ome and pal- $•»0
--- -----------------------------------
» /iara urhorn trnii
jjy 1P~ of fine engineering to grow fat on
000 ’’for a salmon hatchery — on »k..
the i I « seven
days where you caiTi
~™- It is better to be three hours Columbia.
I eighty cents a week. — Chicago Hews.
«ookm<r —Boston Globe.
Mins Hotel of McMinnville.
'cry, Feed and Sale Stables,
NO. 59.
A Proo«»» by Which Fresh FUli Can Ba
Freterved lor Many Months.
An important step in advance of the
preservation of food, more particularly
fresh fish, has been made by Mr. August
R. Roosen, of Hamburg, who has in­
vented a process which promises very
largely to conserve and cheapen fish
supplies by preventing the wholesale
waste which frequently occurs in fish
markets. The process is very simple,
and can be carried out by any ordinary
fisherman. It consists in placing the
fish directly they are caught in a steel
barrel, a number of which may be car­
ried on board fishing-smacks or other
vessels. The fish having been placed in
the barrel it is then fUled up with an
antiseptic solution consisting of boraclc
acid, tartaric acid, salt, and water, the
proportions being three per cent, of the
antiseptics and ninety-seven per cent of
water. The barrel is then closed by
menus of an air-tight lid fitted with a
small valve connection, to which is tem­
porarily attached a tube from a small
hydraulic hand pump. With this pump
water is forced into the barrel (the air
being at the same time expelled until
the gauge indicates a pressure of about
sixty pounds per square inch, when the
tube is disconnected, and the operation
of packing is complete, the pressure
from the inside closing the valve and
keeping it closed. To open the barrel
a small stop-nut is first unscrewed,
which relieves the pressure, the lid is
then taken off, and the contents of the
barrel removed. The process has been
under practical trial for about a year,
and having proved to be in every re­
spect a success, a private demonstra­
tion of the invention was given recently
at No. 63 Cornhill, London, to a num­
ber of scientific and other gentlemen
interested in the question of food pre­
servation. The demonstration was con­
ducted by Mr. A. Swierzchowski, as
representing Mr. Roosen, who has done
much in perfecting the practical details
of the invention. A cask containing a
number of tine salmon, which had been
caught at Montrose and placed in the
solution on July 12, was opened and the
fish taken out. The flesh was perfectly
firm, and on cutting a fish in halves it
presented every appearance of having
been freshly caught At a luncheon
which followed this salmon was pre­
served. some grilled and some bottled,
and the perfect flavor and quality of the
fish were unquestionable. One of the
visitors slated that in order to satisfy
himself he had followed the salmon
to the kitchen, and had seen it
frilled and brought up to table.
t should be stated that the anti­
septic solution is perfectly harmless.
The casks hold about three hundred
pounds of fish each, and the operation
of expelling the air and putting on the
pressure only occupies about ten min­
utes. On being discharged from the
vessels the casks of fish can be for­
warded to the inland centers of con­
sumption, where they need not be
opened tint 1 the contents are absolutely
required. Or the casks may be emptied
from the ship and the fish sent up by
rail in packages, as it is stated that the
fish will keep fresh for several days af­
ter being taken from the casks. A
great economy, too. will be effected by
adopting water carriage for the fish
thus preserved instead of transit by
railway. Among the many practical
tests to which the process has been put,
fish preserved by it have been sent from
Norway to London, and from Shetland
to different parts of Scotland. The in­
vention is not confined to the preserva­
tion of fish, although it has hitherto been
tested mainly in thw direction. OnJuly
1 a steel cask in which a quantity of beef
had been placed under pressure on Feb­
ruary 5 last was opened at Copenhagen,
some having been boiled and some
roasted. It is stated that those who
partook of it pronounced the flavor in
both cases to be perfectly good. It
would thus appear to be a very impor­
tant invention as regards the preserva­
tion of fresh food, particularly fish.—
Chicago Times.
Humming Bird*« liberation from a
Bather Tlffht Neat.
In an oak grove in California, a pic­
nic party camped under a tree in which
was a tiny nest, with a little female
humming bird sitting thereon. She
was fed by her mate very devotedly,
and the pair excited the interest of tin
whole party. It was at my sister'*
earnest request that the nest was un­
molested. Afterward she went alone
—weeks after thinking to find )<>img
birds, which she was anxious to see.
The bird sat in the nest, but no tiedg
lings were there. She could not In
scared away, and in the effort to sei
into the nest, the twig was snapped,
and bird and bough fell together. '1 hen
it was discovered that tne bird was
caught tightly by the feet in the nest
lining. The nest was taken several
miles to a house and had to be torn te
pieces, bit by bit, until the threads
which held the bird were carefully mi
wound. The bird was put under a
tilted glass case to recover the use of
her legs. She remained there several
days, became quite tame, and her mat,
not being at hand to feed her as he ha<
done while she was in the tree, she at,
honey that was put into her glass
house, and apparently relished it high
ly.— dneinnali Commercial.
--------- -♦♦♦----------
—In the I niversity of Berlin there
are 16 lecturers on theology. 24 on law,
105 on medic'ne, 14 on metaphysics, 10
on mathematics, 53 on the natural sci­
ences, 7 on the political science«, 23 on
history, 11 on art, and 36 on philology.
In all there are 289 professors, doctnbn
and teachers in the University. Ten
lecturers are common to two faculties.
A Pie» for Temperance in Ut* ÜK
Medicinal Preparation*.
One of the most interesting of th#
papers read before the State Sanitary
Convention was in the form of a warn­
ing against intemperance in the use of
drugs. The writer. Dr. Frank Wood­
bury, of this city, has permitted the
publication of this uoteworthy contri­
bution to popular knowledge in ad­
vance of the annual report of the con­
vention. and It Is certainly worthy of
careful study. The habit of taking into
the system drugs of whose ultimate
effects the partaker is either ignorant
or suprein. lv careless has grown very
common of late among a large class of
people who are usually credited with
more than ordinary intelligence. Dr.
Woodbury's experience leads him to
the conclusion that it has attained to
such considerable proportions as to
command attention and consideration
from all medical practitioners. He
finds the physic-tippler and medicine­
bibber ev< rywhere—not the solicitous
and over-anxious citizen, who, with
every slight cold or sore joint, rushes
off to a doctor for a course of constitu­
tional treatment, nor altogether the
devotees of narcotic and stimulant
drugs, but a great mass of people who
use almost every description of real or
pretended medicament without knowl­
edge and without stint. Even the com­
paratively harmless and innocuous soda
water fountain has been diverted to the
use of the physic-tippler, for upon in­
quiry Dr. Woodbury found that power­
ful tinctures, extracts and elixirs, as
well as potassium and sodium b.-omide,
soda mint, sodium bicarbonate, acid
phosphate and aromatic spirits of am­
monia, were regularly served out to
patrons of soda-water fountains in the
drug stores. Probably very few of
these customers could give a logical or
pathological reason for this form
indulgence in
mixtures, which might or might
not prove harmless, but which,
in any case, could not bo classed as
remedial agents. For over-medication
is a danger against which the physi­
cian guards no less carefully tnan
against the earlier stages of an acute
disease, lie knows when to adminis­
ter mid when to withhold.
But the
slave of a habit of drugging often per­
sists until an enfeebled digestion and
a collnpsi I nervous system sound im-
erative notes of warning.
In the immense increase noted of
te years in the preparation of nar-
otic and alkaline drugs, as well as in
the continuous accessions to the
amount of money invested in making
patent medicines. Dr. Woodbury finds
reasons for believing that the praotice
of medicine bibbing is more than keep­
ing pace with the growth of wealth
and population. Especially has there
been increase in the demand for »hose
drugs that act specifically upon the
nervous system. But few years ago
the bromides were little known or
used; at I he present time it is esti­
mated that over two hnndred tons are
annually used in this country. Chloral
hydrate has been in use but fifteen
years, yet its consumption in Europe
and America now amounts to many
hundreds of tons each year, while of
the opium products, of ether, chloro­
form and the iodides, there is a con­
stant flow from a severely-taxed yet
apparently exhaustless source of sup­
ply. Dr. Woodbury tells of a formula
for a mixture containing chloral wliieh
he saw conspicuously posted behind a
druggist's counter. It was found on
inquiry that the posting was merely a
matter of convenience, since the calls
tor tiie mixture were exceedingly fre-
pieiit. Alcoholic mixtures he learned
were similarly redemanded, often for
months after the occasion for their use
had passed away.
Intemperance In
drugs and medicines, it appears, is no
less common than are other forms of
seif-indnlgence. — I’hiladelphia Record.
—A Yalo concert the other night was
for the benefit ot a Japanese young
man who, being too poor to pay bis
way, has been able to get into the good
graces of the collegians, and will now
go smoothly through the Sheffield
course. At the concert the Jap wore a
big nosegay and sang a song.— Hart­
ford Post.
— ■•Mother our teacher want« ns to
pionounce ‘route’ 'root.'”
that « correct. Mary.” "Grnc ousl
Then wo might as well enll about’
all ot ’ Hold on! I’ll fix her. The
next time she tells me to call t 'root’
1’1) sav. 'I was list aboot to call it
root Ms« Chalk.’” — Exrhange.
—Two St Albans men were <r«ott<a>
Ing material use 1 for bulling pur­
poses. and. among the re<t laths.
fa - t that the j price
’ Comment ' * ng
F8 —
.. - tbe
- — —
' ' h n g 1 i. . on i
of laths win comparatively
ef them remarked: "I don't «eo what
in the wo Id keeps laths up.” when a
third pa tv. who never lots a chance
go when he «ees It. made the simpl i
replv. “Nals ”— Ve s n ter
—The English dairymen feel the com­
petition of American and Danish pro-
diui rs so sharply that the Chrshiro
Chambers of Agriculture has decided to
establish a model dairy and school of
dairy-farming. The English producers
have almost lost their own market from
a neglect to pursue the scientific meth­
ods followed in other countries.
—Rev. Mr. Makepeace, ot Andover,
Mass., gave the Congregational minis­
ters in Bo-ton some advice in discussing
“the responsib lily of the church forthe
entertainment of the people.” He
recommended that the church “spend
less time in advertising the theater by
preaching against it, and occupy their
time in providing something better.”—
Bosl'tn Hera'd.