The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, December 17, 1886, Image 3

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Geo. W. Boise.
fesecutin« Attorney
Representatives I
School Supt...........
• • • ■
It. P. Hird,
J. W. Watts.
II. It. I.miulilin.
F. N. I.i'tle,
C. Lafollett.
........ I.. Lougbary.
J. S. Hibbs.
.........Geo. Dorsev.
G. W. Briedweil.
T. .1. Harris.
W. W. Nelson.
Wyatt Harris.
J. A. C. Freund.
... .1.1). Fenton.
. D. C. Narver.
telephone whisperings .
Hail, yesterday.
Beal Oregon winter rain again.
The mud on Third street is getting
Fresh roasted peanuts at II. II.
Tom Turner is putting a new addition
on his farm.
Bay your candies of C. Griesen always
fresh’ and pure.
For a square meal go to the St. Charles
-only 25 cents.
The Oregon legislature meets Monday
January 10, 18?>7.
Hon. F. N. Little of Moore’s valley,
■was in the city yesterday.
Band of Hope meeting at the M. E.
church to-morrow at 2 p. m.
Hon. R. R. Laughlin of North Yam­
hill was in the city Tuesday.
Can’t we have a new sidewalk on
tonrth street between B and C.
A new b-a-n-k adorns the corner ct
the first national bank building.
The balance ot the year free to all
Lew aubwibers. Subscribe now.
Try I he pure fruit extracts tablets,
kn<l other fine candies at H. II.
I If you want to laugh till your sides
kplit open, go to the minstrels next Mon-
May night.
I One or two signs were blown loose
from their fastenings Wednesday night
ly the wind.
I George Cornet is the efficient and gen-
Jlemanly artist in Welch's Tunsoral Par­
lors, after August 6.
I Mrs. Wyatt Harris and son of Amity
lave been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
looper of this city, this week.
T he M c G ibenys .—The appearance oi
the McGibeny family at the opera house
last 1 uesdav night under the auspices
of ( uster Post bund ot this city, was
greeted m ¡th a large audience.
reserved seat was taken, and long before
the doors were opened a large number
were waiting in the hall to obtain seats
in the gallery. It was one of the largest
audiences that ever assembled in the
opera house. The violin solo by Mr.
Hugh was a very tine performance.
Owing to the absence of Mrs. McGibeny,
who is the leading soprano, very little
singing was done, except by the little
ones. They are very well trained and
went through their parts admirably, but
we have children in our own midst who
can do and have done just as well. The
cornet duett by Mr. and Mrs. Frank, and
the ^taitette by Miss Allice, Victor,
Fied and Hugh, were excellently ren­
dered. If there had been more singing
by the older members we think the au­
dience would have been better pleased.
As it is the MeGibenys are certainly -a
musical curiosity, and those present,
generally, were very well satisfied.
T his T ime , B oyd W on .—The Lewis-
Boyd 100-yard foot race came off at the
Oaks at half-past 3 o’clock yesterday
afternoon, in the presence of about 100
persons. Boyd won by from two to
three feet. Time, a little over 10%
seconds. On account of the severe rain
storm the track was naturally very
much flooded. Lewis, who can’t be
beat as a starter in the United States,
bounded fully eight feet from the mark
at tiie start. Boyd came up to him
gradually and they kept together until
eighty f-et of the distance was run.
The race is claimed to have been on its
merits and was for $1000. About $3000
changed hands on the result.—Oiego-
nian. The people ot this state have had
about enough of this sort of business,
and are not slow to forget that they were
swindled out of $10,000 or $15,000 by the
Kittleman-Haimon race two years ago.
When foot racers want to get up sirjli
hippodrome races, they had better seek
some more congenial clime.
S tolen P roperty R ecovered —Tues­
day last, Marple, the man accused of
the minder of D. I. Corker, expressed a
desire to giv up some property in his
possesion. Accordingly Sheriff Harris
and another gentleman accompanied
Marple to his house, and took posses­
sion of some silver spoons, forks and
other articles, which Marple says lie
stole at Independence. Undoubtedly
Marple is the man who murdered Cork­
er, as evidence against him continues to
grow stronger anil stronger every day.
If lie can not be convicted of the mur­
der there is evidence enough against
him in other dircotions to send him to
I Several are complaining of slight colds the penitentiary for a long term. No
■nt the general health of the community leniency should be shown such rascals
Iras never better than at present.
under any consideration.
I Prof. Price came up from Carlton S hooting S crape at S tayton .—Last
Wednesday, and resumed his duties at Monday morning Tlios. Smith met Newt
me head of our public soliools.
Jones on the streets of Stayton, and
I The carpenter work on the new Star without any ceremony proceeded to
mills is about completed. The doors knock him down. He succeeded in do­
Ind windows will be put in to day.
ing so, bat Jones drew a pistol and be­
I Mr. A. D. Runnels, North Yamhill’s gan firing at Smith. Smith had not bar­
|opular druggist, was in town Wednes gained for any such treatment, and,
lav and favored us with a pleasant
thinking discretion the better part of
valor, he turned and ran. Jones tired
I Great bargains in all kinds of watches, three times at him before he turned the
locks, plated ware, etc., at the Me- corner, but he didn’t hit him. He only
■innville Jewelry store, Wm. TIoll, pro- clipped out a piece of Smith’s collar
with a bullet, as a sort of memento, us
I Elder F. T. Campbell will preach in it were. Bad blood lias existed between
Be Christian church, this city, next the parties for some time, but the imme­
■inday morning and evening, at the diate cause of the trouble is not known.
No arrests have been made.
■ual hours.
I Some of our local amateurs are arrang- C omet V isible .—A long tailed comet
Ig to give an entertainment at the opera has made its appearance in the horizon,
■»use sometime between Christmas and says the Statesman, and may be seen
lew Years.
every morning after 4 o'clock, until the
■ McGibeny must have a copyright on dawn causes it to sink into obscurity.
■at "town fool” story. Tho Albany
■erald gives him credit for telling it The location of the traveler through the
■ere Monday night.
cerulean dome is at the east north-east,
iThe Rev. John C. Fair will officiate at and though not very brilliant has a
■e Gopher valley school bouse next tail visible to the naked eye for two or
■nday, Dee. 19. Services will coin- three degrees, and with an opera glass
may be traced a much greater distance.
■ence at 3.30 p. tn.
The celestial visitor is known as the
■Clocks can be bought ac the McMinn- “ Barnard comet of Oct. 4tli,”and derives
■le Jewelry store cheaper than anv- its name from the discoverer and date
■>ere else. Come and see for yourself. of discovery!
I decltf
W m . H oll .
F or S ale C heap .—Forty acres oi
■Vinegar, 25 cents per gallon, in large
■ small quantities; sweet cider. 15 land, situated five and one-half miles
■its per gallon, at the cider mill of northwest of McMinnville, adjoining the
J. Sax.
Dave McCall place on the left. This
■The McMinnville Jewelry store is the piece of land is offered for sale cheap on
■gest west of Portland, and the cheap- easv terms. It is well fenced, contains
place to buy goods in Oregon. Wm. a living spring of water, ten acres of it
Bill is the proprietor.
has been under cultivation, and eight
has been slashed. Price $10 per
■everal valuable pieces of real estate acres
acre. For further particulars call at the
■ offered for sale in this issue of the T
■. zphone . Whoever first takes advan- elephone office.
■* of the offers will secure bargains,
S chool E ntertainment .—On Christ­
■he new medical college of Willamette mas night, at the opera house, will be
■versify, Portland, burned yesterdav given an entertainment in the interest of
■rmng. Loss about $20,000. It is the public school. There will be a rhe­
■posed to be the work of incen liaries. torical contest for a prize, in which
■he T elephone job printing depart- scholars of each grade will participate.
■nt is doing finer work, better work, The programme will also include a
■aper work, and more of it than any laughable farce, and other features not
■'r printing establishment in Yamhill vet fully decided upon. Particulars will
will be given in due time.
Billiards at the ‘‘Orphan’s Home” 15
I ncreased M ail S ervice .—It will be
■1" per game of 34 points ; 20 cents for good news to our Sheridan and Grand
■joints, and 25 cents for 50 points Ronde triends to know that the post­
^fn one player discounts the other.
master general lias advised Congress­
H. II. W elch .
Holiday Goods are going off like hot man Hermann that the mail service be­
■Mat Geo. W. Burt’s, and he don't tween the above two places has been in­
■* to run a lottery swindle to sell creased from three to six times a week,
■neither; the prices are so low they thus giving to the Grand Ronde section
what they are justly entitled to—a dailv
■ themselves.
■** Johnson’s minstrels peformed in
■'ey last night to a large audience,
FcN.—Plenty of amusement for our
■ rave entire satisfaction. We have folks before the old year dies. Lew-
■*me to-day to speak of the individual Johnson’s minstrels on the 20th ; Christ­
■its of t|le company.— Hailev, Idaho,
mas tree on Christmas eve ; school en­
tertainment on Christmas night; and
^fcey tell us that our old friend George one night between Christinas and New
made tracks across that field Years to be taken up by a local amatuer
^■’ould lav the Lewis-Boyd race far| dramatic company.
shade, when a couple of the boys
■behind a tree and‘‘yowled” at him
B irthday P arty .—A pleasat party
was passing.
was given Miss Nora Cooper last even­
C. Taylor is in the city with ing, at the residence of her father J. C.
^BT'arters at the office of Dr. H. V. Cooper, of this city, it being in honor of
^Bhnson. Dr. Taylor makes a spe-
hemorrhoids and other diseases her sixteenth birthday. A large number
^Be rectum. No charge for examina- of friends of the young lady were
(■ I ure guaranteed or no charge present, and a pleasant evening was
Roll of Honor.
Following is the roll of honor for Mc­
Minnville public school:
Jessie Young
Nellie Harrison
I eottard Ireland
Ralph Storey
Clyde Nash
Dennis Brown
Lu Leabo
Josie Gortner
Laura Miller
Nora Cooper
Asa Gant
Kate Leabo
Raymond SatchwellNettie Dickinson
Alsea Baker
Ola Burt
Lucy Baxter
Fred Stuart
Xerxes Gant.
,n loon
December 16, 1886.
Everybody reports having a fine time :
at the McGibeny concert and are well
Mr. White,of the Repo; ter, was in town
I would most respectfully announce that
I have leased the Chris Newby Flouring
A little bird whispered in our ear that l Mill in Happy Valley, have thoroughly
there was going to be a wedding in 1 overhauled and repaired it, and am now
readv to do grinding fur toll or cash.
town eie long.
Come and see me.
Mr. Wm. l'tiffitin has returned from 18m3
Pendleton, Umatilla county. Little to
frigid up there for Willie.
Mr. Link Wilson has returned. He
has been doing California this winter,and
says it's like going out of a furnace to
an ice house, coming from there here.
Cards are out for the grand Christmas
ball to be given here the 24th. A large
crowd is expected.
Show in town Monday flight. It will
be a hind of a “Jack-of-a*lanteni” af-
fa r.
M um .
Georgia Jones
Lucv Miller
Charlie Mallee
William Mintie
Clyde Rowland
John Sampson
Barrie Schanks
Minnie Sawyer
Charley Talmage Lasira Apperson
Ernest Henderson ArrttUr Burt
Allie Booth
Dotha Daniels
Beckie Humphrey
, Jamie Fellnor
Harvy Flieshhaiter Ernest Bingham
Birdie Hutchinson Minnie Howell
Myrtle Higgins
Lizzie Jaehn
Francis Ireland.
ÈXECUTORS’ notice .
d. sWAta—'
in Yanthill County.
all persons having claims against said es­
tate are hereby notified and required topre­
sent them with proper vouchers to said ex­
ecutors at McMinnville,Oregon, within six
26, 1886.
Owing to the change in our business months from this November
('. H. COOK,
we need all the money due us. So all
A. .1. Al’PERSON.
who owe us please call and Bettie at
Joint Executors aforesaid.
F enton A F enton , Atty’s for estate.
R ogers A T odd .
Home Produce Market
Corrected for the T klephone by Baxter A
Wheat, per bu
Oats, per bu
F lour, per bar.....................
Eggs, per doz................................
Butter, i»cr lb
Cheese, nest, per lb....
Apples, per box.................
Bacon, sides ........
8c@ 10c
shoulder .................
ham, sugar cured...
14 c
Religious Services-Sunday Next.
St. James’ church. Rev. John C.
Fair, rector. Services 11 a. m.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.
Friday evening services at 7 :00 p tn.
Seats free. All a.e cordially invited to
M.E. church—"Services will be held
at 11 a. m. and at 7 :00 p. m.
All are cordially invited.
R ev . II. P. S atchwell , Pastor.
Wonderful Cures.
Come and be Convinced.
Third Street Bet. D and E.
Jones & Co.,
—Proprietors of—
Nestucca Saw Mills,
McMinnville Sash and dimr Factwry.-
—Dealers in -
White and Red Lead,
Linseed and Lubricating Oils,
Varnisbos of all Description,-
Kalsomine, Spanish Whiting
Paris Whiting
Highest prices paid for all kinds of fat
P. & B. and Princcts Metalic’
Roof Paint, Venitian Red,
Spanish Brown, Yellow Ochre/
’ F. 8. KELLER.
and Hardware
Always on luind tie best quality'Of Beef,
Mutton, Pork, and
All Kinds of Meat
W. D Hoyt <t Co., wholesale and retail
Prices as Low as the Lowest.-
druggists of Rome. Go., say; We have
been selling Dr. King's New Discovery,
Electric Bitters and Bucklen's Arnica Salve
for two year«. Have never handled reme­
dies that sell as well, or give such universal
satisfaction. There have been some won­
SAM LIKENS, Proprietor.
derful cures effected by these medicines in
this etiy. Several eases of proliouueed
and carriage ironing of
consumption have been entirely cured by
every description.
use of a few bottles of Dr. King’s New Dis­
J. M. CHAPMAN, Pro.,
covery, taken in connection with Electric
Bitters. We guarantee them always. Sold
Carries a full stock of Furniture, of all*
Horse Shoeing
by Rogers A Todd.
kinds, Fine Bedroom Bets Mirrors,
Mouldings, Wall Papers, Etc., Etc.’
And plow work a specialty.
New Blacksmith Shop!
Furniture Store !
C. I*, church. Services at the usual
hours. Subject for forenoon discourse,
"That New Church.” Subject for even­
ing; "The deep mysteries in most fa­
miliar tilings.” Sunday school at 9:30
a. m. All are invited to attend these
services. Strangers made welcome.
T. 11. H enderson , Pastor.
Active Pushing and Reliable.
St. James’ (Catholic) church. Mass
Rogers <t Tadd can always lie relied upon
at 10:30 a m on the second and fourth
Sundays of each month. Sunday school tn carry in stock the purest and best goods,
and sustain the reputation of being active,
at 2:30 p. m. every Sunday.
J. S. W hite , Rector.
pushing and reliable, by recommending ar­
ticles with well established merit and such
as arc popttlaP.- Having the agency for the
celebrated Dr( King’s New Discovery for
consumption, colds and coughs, will sell it
Following is the programme of the on a positive guarantee. It will surely cure
Philergian society for next Saturday ev­ any and every affection of throat, lungs, or
chest, and in order to prove our claim, we
ening Dec. 18, 1886:
ask yott to call and get a Trial Bottle Free.
Philergian Society.
Music, Society.
Recitation, A. Mcl’hillips.
Reading, Mrs. Kuegg.
Song, Hallie Reid.
Recitation, Fannie Baxter.
Reading, Frank Lynch.
Song, J. J. Ray.
Reading, E. Russ.
Debate.—Resolved that intemperance
causes more suffering than war. Aff. A.
McPhillips and J. R. Haynes; neg L.
Maddock and Harry Kay.
W. P. H olman Sec.
---- o
A full line of-
Also manufacture the
Celebrated Oregon Iron Harrow,
Henderson Bros. Props.
First-class accommodations for Commer­
WANTED. A case of female weakness, cial men and general travel.
general debility or nervous exhauston that
Transient stock well cared for.
Gilmore’s Aromatic Wine wile not cure.
Sold by Rogers A Todd.
Everything new and in First-Class Order
REV. E. J. WHITNEY, of Clarkson, N.
Patronage respectfully solicited.
Y., says: Gilmore’s Wine for female weak­
ness stands without a rival. Sold by Rogers
A Todd.
----- MISS-----
great remedy for women and children, 128
doses for $1. Sold by Rogers <fc Todd.
Bncklen’s Arnica Salve.
a Iadv beautiful, because it gives her good,
rich blood Sold by Kogers & Todd.
quickly cured by Gilmores Aromatic wine.
Sold by Kogers A Todd.
LADIES, use Gilmore’s Aromatic wine, it
will cure you. Sold by Kogers A Todd.
W. ('.T. I
The members of the W. C. T. U. will
meet at the M. E. church next Saturday
December 18, at 3 o’clock p. tn. All in- 1
forested in the cause are invited to at­
L. A. B akek , Sec.
that are fretful, peevish,
cross, or troubled with
Windy Colie,
Teething Paiua, or
Stomach Disorders, can be relieved
at once by using Acker’s Baby Soother.
It contains no Opium or Morphine,
hence is safe. Price 25 cents. Sold by
G. W. Burt, Druggist.
F or S alk .—A piece of valuable pro­
perty situated just outside the city lim
Proprietor of
its, for sale at a bargain. Large house,
well built; several acres of ground for
gardening, and fruits of various kinds
nicely started, numerous outhouses,
All Kinds of
barn, etc. Everything in good order.
and Delivering
Property is situated on Collegeside.
Satisfactory reasons for wanting to sell. I Done to order. Constantly on band, Mill
For further particulars enquire at this I Feed, Flour, Wheat ami Oats. Also, all
! kinds of Wood, Shingles, Posts, Shakes,
fc I City Truck ui M Stw.
Etc. All orders left with us for Stowe A
i Brower s lumber yard promptly attended
IleRF.'s A CiiANCK.-We have for sale a to.
Delivery Wagon Always Ready.
small place adjoining town containg a
little more than an acre of ground; a 1 Orders left with Kogers A Todd, at City
: Drug Store, promptly filled.
good two-story house and barn ; well set
with small fruit trees; good well, etc.
We will sell this place at a bargan. For
father particulars enquire at this office.
The Milliner,
McMinnville, Oregon.
Ladies, please call and see my
In the City.
ft. MoKUNE,
P rop «.
Transient Stock Well Cared For I
Teams and outfits fnrfiishcd parlies wish-
to go to thO coast, irt rcasohftble riitcs.
Give me a Call
— Harness at the—
Lafayette Harness shop,
Garrison’s Opera House!
—at absolutely—
Monday, Dec. 20, 1886.
Engagement of the famous
Lew Johnson
Portland Prices,
Buggy Harness from $12 00 and upward.
Team Harness from $25.00 ami upward.
I have also something entirely new in the’
line of s * e»»t pads.
MyternHfsre CA81I, Or notes that cari­
be turned into cash.
COMBINATION Truck and Express
-^Having Bought tiie—
(Genuine Colored People)
King Laugh Makers.
Business of Logan Bros. A Hender­
son. I am ready to do all kinds of
—At Any Time.—
Delivery Wagon Always Ready.
Give Ma a Trial.
Groceries and Provisions. 100 Excrythlng
new and plrasing.
Prires Io Suit the Time«.
the Children. They are es-
Hable to sudden
Colds, Cowghs, Croup, Whooping Cough,
We gtrsrsntee Acker's English
Remedy a positive cure.
It saves
hoars of anxious watching.
Sold by
Geo. W. Burt, Druggist.
V jv X v FK. pedaliy
The Leading
Dry Goods House
Will have an early Fall Stock.
—Dealers In—
F. E. RUSS Livery and Feed stable!!
Baxter & Martin,
Undertaker’s Goods !
Store, one door pouth of bridge, Sheridan/
Third Street, between E and F.
McMinnville, Oregon.
itivecure for all those painful complaints
so common to all our best female popula­
tion. Sold by Rogers A Todd.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi­
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac­
tion, or money refunded
Price 25
cents per box. For sale bv Rogers A
REV. DR. FREELAND, of Fowlerville,
N. Y..writes ns that two bottle* of Gilmore’s
Aromatic wine cured his wife of nervons-
nes« and sleeplessness. Sold by Rogers A
Todd. *
Carries the Largest and Best Stock’
Two acres of land just across the creek
bv order of the County Court of
from town, near the college.
Will be
Yamhill County Oregon, C. IL Cook and
sold cheap on account of the owner leav­ A. J. Apperson, have been duly appointed
ing. Inquire oi J. Todd, McMinnville, joint executors of the last will and testa­
ment of Lydia J. Cook deceased. Therefore,
Birtie Shipley
Willie Johnson
Herbert Rowland
Ruby Bergevin
Robert Merchant
Lizzie Keller
Mita Sawyer
Mattie Patty
J ulia Talmago
Jessie Thistle
Lizzie Haitman
Cloe Force
Minnie Casteel
Pearl Kirxwood
The Lew Johnson Colored Company
showed to a large house last Tuesday-
evening, ami judging from the sponta­
neous ami prolonged applause that rang
out on the stillv night air, the perfor­
mance was greatly enjoyed bv every­
body.—I’eora, III., Daily Transcript.
-4-s that the undersigned has been duly
appointed bv the honorable county court of
5 nnihilt County, Oregon. administrator of
tiie estate of James Faiachiles, deceased,
and all persons Having claims against said
estate are hereby notified to present the
same to the undersigned at his place of
business, North Yamhill, with the proper
vouchers, within six months from the date
hereof. Dated November 12, ISsSG.
Administrator of the Estate of Janies
For Sale.
D ime E ntertainment .—The Young
People’s guild of the Baptist church are
to give a dime musical and literary en­
tertainment at their ehnren on Wednes­
day evening December 22.
A full pro­
gramme will he published next week.
Everybody cordially invited.
A rilling Done!
Chas Howe
Kate Gorman
Minnie Hamnett Lily Adams
A nt hie Wright
Cyntillia Fellows
Ina Cooper
Maggie Howell
lne zEccleston
Leia Vanatta
Eva Baxter
Nellie Satchwell
Mabie Towtisend Anna Townsend
Edalt Waitace
Gracie Stuart
Ida Groening
Lena Groening
May Gant
Walter Baker
Elon Wallace
Stella Patty
Forest Narver
Norman Terry
Fred Royal
George Howell
Claude Braley
Birtie Pounds
James Johnson
Mamie Stinson
Valeria l’attv
Minnie Schank
Cora Robins
Florence Hamnett
Sadie Gortner
Maud Hemstock
Gertie Kauffman
John Squire
All persons knowing themselves indebted I
tous will confer a tavur on us by hrlling j
and settling immediately, as all acJbunts |
! are now due.
------- Two hour*« of - —-
Boot mid Shoe Store !
Next to Yamliill County Bank.
Admission. .V) cents; reserved seats 75 M c M innvillz
O rzgon .
I cents. On sale at City Drug Store.
The Largest ami Finest Htork eVer brought-
to Yaniliill Comity.
SgiS <
thousands suffering from Asthma, Con­ Boot« and Shoes made to order rtml ncatl/
sumption, Coughs, etc. Did you ever try
Acker’s English Remedy? It is the best
preparation known for all Lung Troubles,
Pricei to the Bedrock.
sold on a positive guarantee at 10c., 50c.
, Geo. W Burt, lkrnggist.