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her up on a mossy log, and then deftly
l ways with the same resalt, till he and as gently as possible cut out the
“Ah, but every out» isn't a dryad."
“No. I’m especially engaged for the in illy gave up In despair, and came barb. Of course it was painful, but two
summer in that capacity,” she said, near to believing that he had never been or three little gasps were all the sign she
They were summering in the Sant« airily acknowleding his meaning. "When lost in the redwoods, but had falleD gave, and they cut him to the heart.
Cruz mountains, the most delightful I’m at home," she continued, thinking asleep on an enchanted hill-side (as He tore up his handkerchief for a strip
place in the most delightful state in the previous confidence called for a like re­ Grimm's people do) and dreamed the to wrap around the little bleeding toe.
Union. The days were long, but full of turn, “I’m Miss Amy Desart, of—welt, whole thing.
“And now,” he said, as gayly as he felt
It was late in September of the follow­ to be consistent with a bad conscience,
the interest that extended rambles and everything in general. We’re nomads."
“I’m most happy, Miss Desart,” he be­ ing year before John Westwood felt able "fishermen always carry their catch
sylvan discoveries confer. A tine
stream, in which one could wade or gan in the stiff manner some people to take his annual vacation from busi­ home, I belive, and you can not walk."
bathe to heart’s content, kept up its adopt when acknowledging an introduc­ ness cares. But the days grew so warm
She yielded to this arrangement, say­
ceaseless conversation, like the hum of tion, “to find in you an angel unawares,” that he determined to break away from ing, “It isn’t far—I had just started out
near and far voices. How beautiful in he concluded with regained ease. “And the hot pavements and ceaseless noise of to wade up stream for ferns.”
the early morning was the light falling —and,” he went on mischievously, “I the city, for a week in the mountains.
So Paul and Virginia wise, carefully
on the ranks of giant redwoods; and think I was bitten by a rattlesnake some But where? There were mountains over the stones and up the road he bore
north of him, mountains east of him, his sweet burden, to the door of Hepsi­
surely there never was a bluer, ( time this morning.”
She turned in alarm and met his eyes, mountains south of him. He had only dam, where many explanations were the
purer sky than that bent above it all!
Amy Desart, book in hand, sauntered in which he could not repress a twinkle. to choose. The mountains to the north order of the day.
down a leafy path, on which faint rays | “Why, you said you hadn't seen any.” , were the Marin county branch of the
Mr. Desart gave him the long deferred
“I didn’t see one, but I'm sure I must Coast range, of which Tamalpais is the letter, and they all forgave him for
of light from the far sky sifted down
through the redwoods'odorous branches, I have heard a good many, and one could most prominent feature. But Tamalpais capturing Amy so cruelly. But at his
glinted on their scarred trunks, and fell easily bite me and I not pay much at­ is visible from the city, so they wouldn't wedding, some months later, he confided
like silver arrows into the rich shade of tention to it, you know, in my per­ do The same fault attached to the to his friends at large that it was the
mo mtains to the east, that rise from the finest catch he had ever made; and none
the forest. The book she carried was a plexity.”
She regarded him carefully, felt arid San Joaquin plains. Mount Diablo who saw his lovely bride questioned the
pretext. The day was for dreaming, and
he was
a gentle­ was heir great feature, and his infernal statement. And Amy declares no one
what printed page could charm the eye, sure
the majesty was plainly visible from the city. can ever say that she “angled for a hus­
when there were a thousand distractions man,
tempting the curiosity and challenging mischief in his eyes a great exhaustion, To the south were the Santa Cruz moun­ band.”—K. L. Carnarthen in Overland
the admiration of a healthy nature? If that brought out the silver 'flask without tains, in whose depths his short-lived Monthly.
romance of a year ago was enacted. It is
a bumbling bee, a vagrant bird, a clump further misgiving.
Trouble on th© Pacific Slope.
“I came off at 4 this morning, without not strange that ignoring the charms of
of yellow violets, or a broad “golden
The topography of no other part of
back” were enough to speak to a poetic any breakfast," and one could see his Mendocino redwoods, which necessitated
soul, «r charm an artist’s eye, who could weariness was real. “You know,” he a day or two of steamboat travel, and the world is so adapted to de­
tire of watching the grander beauties of added, excusing himself, “I expected to steeling his heart against Donner lake velop dangerous floods and subsequent
a redwood forest, or weary of the sud­ be back at the hotel by 6 with a deei and the snowy Sierras (which were periods of water famine as that of Cali­
den glimpses through opened boughs of for breakfast.”
rather far off into the bargain), he de­ fornia, where the natural conditions are
“You are staying atF----- ?” she asked. cided to seek the bracing mountain air destroyed, and the sheep industry of the
the sublime blue mountains? So a book
was quite a useless thing to Miss Amy F----- was a village on the line of the in the Santa Cruz range. F----- was state is actively engaged and has been
only a few hours distant from the city, actively engaged for many years in de­
Desart, but at the same time her railway, about a mile distant.
“I have been there for the last week, and yet the place was a wild, untrodden stroying the balance of power held by the
habituul companion.
She was aroused from her lazy dream­ but intend to return to the city to-mor­ wilderness—a wilderness possessing the forests upon the water supply. Count­
ing by a loud halloo. Indeed, she was row. I suppose you can show me the great advantage of accessibility. One less herds of sheep, cattle and goats are
not immediately aroused, for the hal­ way to F-----?”
had only to strike out from the station driven every summer up from the
“Oh, yes. I am so glad it was full,” at F—•— in any direction to lose himself parched valleys into the moist mountain
looing had been going on for quite a
respectable length of time before her she said irrelevantly, as he returned her —as he had once proved—in a virgin meadows and woods. They have de­
drowsy consciousness stirred to the ef­ the empty flask. “You must have been and primeval forest.
voured every blade of grass and stamped
fect of something unusual, for halloo­ very faint. We are nearly to the path;
He had no hope of meeting his quon­ out and gnawed away every bush and
ing, save for owls, was by no means and Miss Desart’s compliments, and will dam acquaintances again. If they had young tree along the whole length of the
common in those silent depths. Once Mr. John Westwood deign to partake oi been down at all, he felt sure they had Sierras. The reproductive power of the
aroused from her summery stupor, she an informal lunch at Hepsidam?”
flown before that. He assured himself forest is thus seriously impaired, if not
“Mr. John Westwood accepts with that he would not have wished to meet utterly ruined.
listened with growing interest.
Tho calls continued at intervals, paus­ due informality, not to say that them, for they had treated him shab­ Nor is this the worst feature of the
ing, seemingly in expectation or hope j he jumps at the chance. But bily. It was a most contradictory im­ situation. Overpasturage of the woods
of some reply. Miss Desart concluded, where and what in the name pulse, then, that drew him the very first has destroyed the grasses and the
as she heard no responsive halloo from of the redwoods is Hepsidam?”
day of his arrival past the redwood shrubs, and now for the purpose of in­
“Hepsidam—as the name signifies—is cabin. If he had hoped for any sign of creasing or renewing the supply the
any other part of the forest, that the
call was from some one lost in the wil­ ‘a place in the wilderness,’ rented during his will-’o-the-wisp friends, however, he shepherds are setting fire to the forests,
derness. As soon as her half somnolent the summer months to campers for a was disappointed. No sign of life was which by shading the ground check the
brain had formed this conclusion, her small stipend. We have been down about the place, and he avoided it in his growth of herbage. A hundred forest
voice took up the idea, and when an­ every summer for three years. But future rambles.
fires may now be seen upon any summer
other desperate and far away shout came here we are.”
The large streams that flowed through day from any of the high California
to her ear, she answered with a musical
the forest were famous for trout, and tc mountains slowly eating away, what
call from her vigorous young lungs, at beside her. How fragrant and cool tho trout-fishing he devoted himself, as was once the noblest development of all
the same time going in the evident di- j woods were. The broad, leafy path offering fewer opportunities for getting forest growths. The animals are graz­
made one sigh with pity for those who lost than hunting the wary deer. Sc ing, moreover, and the fires are burning
rection of the sound.
She was heard, for a responsive call were bound to tread the stifling streets with rod and line, a plentiful supply of upon the public domain of the United
came in slightly louder tones, so she of the city. They soon reached the cot light literature, and a sportsman’s lunch States; and the government is indifferent
knew that, whoever it was, he was ap- ■ tage, which was not far from where basket well filled, he would start out foi to this destruction of property or unable
proaching her voice. Making a trumpet they struck the path. It was an idyllic the day.
to prevent it.—New York Sun.
repast that awaited them. Mrs. Desart
of her hands, she cried, “Lost?”
He was impartial in his choice of
Agassiz and the Student.
The answer came quite distinctly, evi­
streams, and often angled in the one
The writer well remembers his intro­
dently trumpeted in the same manner, ter, and Mr. DeBart was full of bonhom- that flowed near Hepsidam. He choose
mie and unconcealed delight, at meeting that one to-day, and made his way u( duction to the late Agassiz and how he
She lost all her languor. Here was any one so recently from the city.
the stream for a long distance by leaping learned his method of investigation.
Having undertaken the study of
“I wish I had had the good luck to from stone to stone, or by walking the
something of lively interest to occupy
lose myself in this vicinity a week ago,” mighty length of the redwood trees that natural history, I went to the professor
her time. “Who are you?" she called.
“John Westwood,” came the answer. said Westwood, regretfully, as he was lay, as they had fallen, in and across the and asked him where to begin. “Ah,”
taking his departure, considerably later stream in every direction, and by wad­ said he, “so you want to begin,do you? All
“Of San Francisco,” he continued.
Unhesitatingly she plunged into the un­ in the afternoon.
ing with his water-defying boots iu the right, here is a bluefish; now take it, dis­
sect it carefully, note all you see, and
“Well, you can find your way here beautiful smooth stretches of water.
dergrowth and trui'kless wayof the woods,
her guide the voice, which kept up a easily now, and we shall be glad to see
At last he reached a plane he judged come back to-morrow at the same time
rather one-sided conversation—if that you at any time,” said paterfamilias, favorable alike for angling and for read­ and report.” Off I started with my fish.
can lie called a conversation—as she only cordially.
ing. It was a redwood trunk, soft with Yery carefully I went about my dissec­
answered occasionally to show him that
“Thank you for your kindness, but my mossy growths, hid among mighty tion. In an hour or two I fancied I
she was coming. She had no fear of vacation ends to-morrow,” he sighed.
boulders; and from this shelter his knew all about that fish, but as I was
being lost herself, for she had, time and
They all joined him on his walk hotel­ line could play on a smooth pel>- not to report until the next day I kept at
agrJn, roamed in the deepest and wildest ward, to make sure of his taking the bly pool that promised lots of trout. 1 it, every hour, finding something new.
parts of the forest, which was full of right turns and angles which were to Here he ensconsed himself comfortably, I went to the professor at the appointed
landmarks for her.
take him to F-----, and it seemed to him baited his hook, flung his line out into time, feeling proud and confident that
“Out hunting-and-lost-iny-way,” came that Amy was even more beautiful in the stream, propped the pole up near my natural discernment, for such I
slowly and detachedly to her ears.
the tender twilight than before. They at hand (which may be a scientific way was pleased to term it, had ^enabled me
She stopped anil said .o herself : “I've parted from him as warmly as from an to fish, but was quite in the way of a to master the subject, and that I should
a mind to leave him to his fate. The old friend, with cordial hand shakes all lazy young man), stretched himself at well acquit myself in my report. The
idea of desecrating this sacred place around, and Mr. Desart told him to run full length on his broad divan, chose the professor listened to all I had to say,
with a shot-gun 1”
down any Sunday when he wanted a most conversational novel his pocket and in his quiet way remarked: “So, so,
However, she proceeded to the rescue, breath of the redwoods—an invitation bore, and was soon deep in its pages.
very good, but not all.” To make a long
determining to give Mr. John Westwood cordially seconded by Mrs. Desart, and
Behind him rose an absolutely perpen­ story short, I kept at that fish for a
a caustic piece of her mind, when once shyly by Amy. They stood and watched dicular cliff, many feet in hight, dotted month, always the same answer, “very
she had discovered him. (It is safe to him till he reached a bend in the road, from top to bottom with waving “five good, but not all. How I hated that
say here, in parenthesis, that she forgot where he turned and waved his handker­ finger” ferhs. They were of such dense fish at the end of the first week. How
her cruel intention long before she came chief, at which three handkerchiefs flut­ and large growth that no portion of the it did smell! I did not want to touch it,
up to him.) She picked and crashed her tered in response, then the bend in the rocky wall was visible, and down and Hew into a rage at least a dozen
way through the bushes for a mile, it road hid him from sight. They turned through the tops of the redwoods hun­ times, and yet each day I found some­
■eemed to her, but distances are decep­ back on the path with rather a lonesome dreds of feet above, and over the living thing new, and so on until the end of
tive when you have to work your way.
feeling, for this bright young fellow, green curtain, the sun sent his flicker­ the month, and what there was then
At last, he, waiting, gave a halloo whom they had not known a dozen hours ing rays. The trout were wary, and about that fish that I did not know was
which sounded absurdly loud, when before, had proved such a jolly comrade gave him plenty of time to get inter­ not worth knowing.—Electrical Review.
right on the heels of it the bushes parted, for the few hours of their acquaintance, ested in his book, which, being a lively
How to Skeletonize Leaves.
and a radiant wood-nymph, to be sure, that they honestlyregretted his departure. summer novel, caused him soon to for­
The usual method is to soak the leaves
in a becoming costume of bull lawn, And though they would have disclaimed get the shyness of the denizens of the
the soft, loose draperies of which she indignantly, and with truth, any sug­ stream. So in turning a page it acted for a long time in rain water until they
had caught up to protect them from the gestion that they had suffered ennui be­ quite like a shock to his nervous system are quite decayed, but those who have
brambles, revealing thereby the stiff em­ fore his appearance, still they began to when he saw his pole bend, and sud­ had considerable experience in the work
broidered rutiles of an immaculate skirt, look forward to the possible Sunday denly show symptoms of falling head­ recommend a quicker method, the im­
and faultless feet shod in neat French when he would come again. They long into the stream. He caught it mersion of the leaves in a boiling alka­
walking boots. But her cheeks were might have had visitors in abundance, with the mental ejaculation, “It must line solution, the time of immersion to
Hushed, her eyes were dazzling, and a of course. But, though not by any be a big one to pull like that!” and be regulated by the character of the
cloud of shining hair rested lightly on means selfish people, they were still not straightway his book was forgotten. He Various leaves and the nature of the
epidermis to be removed. When it is
her white forehead. Her wide hat, gregarious to any extent.
lifted the |>ole and carefully began to
pushed far back on her head by some
Their unsocial instincts were probably draw in the line, at the same time ad­ seen that the green part of the leaf is
saucy branch, served as a frame to a be­ due to their fondness for traveling, and vancing to the edge of his nook to see dissolving put the leaf on a flat white
earthen plate and cover it with clear
witching face.
the ease with which they had always his game.
water. Then, being gently squeezed
She beheld a tall young man in been able to gratify that fondness. Amy,
An exclamation of pain greeted his with the fingers, the membranes will
hunter's buckskin, leaning on a rifle. in fact, could hardly have told which effort to tauten his line, and there on a
His brown eyes wore a shade softer than was her own country. She was as rock in the brook he beheld his catch. begin to open and the green substance
usual, from their weariness, perhaps. familiar with France and Germany as He gazed in consternation It the sight of will come out at the edges. The mem­
His face was clearly cut, and a dark America, and Scotland she has always a girl seated on the rock, and bending branes must be carefully taken off with
moustache adorned his firm lip.
loved. But since they had discovered over a rosy bare foot, which bore in the the finger, and great caution must be
For more than a moment they gazed the redwoods of California, she was in­ pink ball of a tiny toe a cruel black fish­ used in separating them near the middle
into each other’s eyes, then laughed and spired by their grandeur to quite a hook. His effort to draw in the line rib. The skeletons must then be
After thanking her en­ strong patriotism, for, though cosmo­ must have caused her acute pain, and thoroughly bleached bv exposing them
he said: “I
had politan bred, she was California born.
called forth the moan which smote on to the fumes of chlorine gas. If to this
no idea of compelling a young
The next Sunday, John Westwood his ears. Her head was bent, and her vapor be added that of peroxide of
to my rescue. I thought it was a boy could hardly conquer his desire to hands were busy trying to draw out the hydrogen the fibres of the leaves are
strengthened, so that they can be readily
who answered me, and fully expected to visit his new friends. But he ugly barb.
—after being dried by pressure
see a ‘barefoot boy, with cheeks of tan,' felt that it would be better taste to
“This must be another‘Lorelei,’" he arranged
instead of-----” he hesitated.
let one Sunday elapse between his thought, “and these woods are surely bet ween folds of tissue paper—in bou­
“You will see no barefoot boys around visits. He was not very much expected, haunted. I'll be carried off by a pixie quets.—Boston Transcript.
here," she said, hastily. “There is too to he sure, as they did not look for him next,"
Mesmeric Trance for Alcoholism.
great a fear of rattlesnakes."
Iwfore two or three weeks. But in that
He hardly knew how to offer his ser­
A suggestion is made by The Journal
“1 have not seen any."
week, Mr. Desart received a telegram vices—as he was evidently unobserved,
“Maybe not, for they are not fearfully that demanded his immediate presence it was awkward to break the silence. of Inebriety which is sufficient to open
prevalent, or I should not be here. But in New York. And in a few days this But of course it was only fair that he up a new field of reform work. Hypnot­
once in a while you come across an ugly family, always prepared for such emer­ should help this damsel in distress. He ism, or a form of mesmeric trance into
which individuals of a peculiar tem­
fellow. I always go armed myself," she gencies. were on their eastward way.
was just essaying “Allow me," when she
said saucily, producing a tiny, silver- I Mr. Desart, as politeness demanded, suddenly rose, without having extracted perament can be thrown by a person of
mounted flask from the depths of a ca­ wrote a note of explanation and apology the hook, and attempted the feat of more positive mental qualities, is pro­
pacious pocket.
to Mr. Westwood, whose address he in- I walking on her heel. Then raising her posed as a method of treatment for the
It was but a glimpse of the flask he tended to transcribe from the San Fran­ eyes, she saw him helpless and guilty alcohol habit. The theorist claims that
tlie patient can be hypnotized and while
caught, for she plunged it back iini>a- cisco directory. His intentions were before her.
in that condition made to realize the
tiently. as if she resented the impulse of good, but when they had left New York
"You!" she cried faintly, and let her
and were far out on the Atlantic, he dis­ skirts drop quickly over her feet, horrors and perils of inebriety. A shock
“If you will follow me—," she said covered the still unaddressed note in one whereat the former became as wet as the to the brain centers is thereby imparted
which is said to effect a permanent
of his many pockets.
change in the patient's character.—
"With all my heart. I love the woods, I It is unnecessary to dwell on the dis­
“You t" he cried in rapture; for it was Chicago News.
but began to feel I should never get out appointment and surprise of Mr. West­ she! no strange pixie nor Lorelei, but
of thia. I have been wandering about, wood, when in high spirits he set out on his dryad of a year ago. “Can you ever The silver ore found at Abingdon,
seeking a path which I could follow any­ the woodland path, only to find a de­ forgive me ?" he asked in deep contri­ Mass., assays 11 per cent, silver.
serted house at the end of it He re­ tion. “Let me take out that « retched
where for six mortal hours.
“It's easy enough when you know the peated tho visit at odd intervals during hook."
Society does not want noble soul«.—
1 She offered no resistance as he lifter, Balzac.
i Ute rest of tbe summer and fall, but *
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