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Eo tired, dear soul, pray let as red.
It is not oft we fold our weary hands;
Unmindful of the working world’s de
Let’s welcome peace, our seldom guest;
A cold, gray wall by care caressed,
Forbidding before us grimly stands.
When smiling Hope breathes forth her
sweet commands,
The barrier at her glad behest
Will, like a bad dream, fade away,
And golden sunbeams flood the whole
Pathway of gloom.' Yes, it is best—
We cannot climb the wall to-day.
Then let us rest, dear, patient soul,
I pray thee, pray thee, let us rest,
—lone L. Jones, in (rood Housekeeping.
•kstob ut ths Man Who Gar* Bl. Ufa So
Mahs the Undertaking guocaatrul*
“How cold upon my passion blow« tbs
Over the old sweet fields—so sweet
that 1
Could wauder more, yet for all memory
Not sweet enough. Beloved, ah! have I
That all but these dumb fields look so un­
And I, without e’en one familiar face,
Must see the darkness in the sunny
And set my feet here, wandering still in
Then glancing up, If heaven might look
Upon his sorrow, one bright star he
But as he gazed his hungry eyes grew
And the star seemed so many worlds from
Heart sick, he turned; and in the pool
Lo! the same star was shining at his feet.
—MacMillan’s Magazine.
Brain Worker» Should Have a Large
serve of Energy
Our article is suggested by one in The
Lancet on “The Wear and Tear of Lon.
don Life,” ami we shall appropriate seine
of ita thong/ ts
Braiy work, even in its
highest fo ins, involves purely physical
acta as truly as does that of the muscles
of the stomach.
“Excessive thought
means crebral hyperannia as inevitably
as excels in the use of a gastric stimu­
lant means active congestion of the
mucous membranes of the stomach, and
just as habitual use of too irritating food
and drink may induce passive congestion
in the intervals, or the sequel of active
congestion of the gastric organ, so may
too |x;i-sistcnt and excessive brain work
tend to the production of a chronic en­
largement of the vessels of the enceph-
i” (the brain), “with whatever the
al fact in vol vet» or entails.”
•ifect similarity of law governs the
lopinent oi disorders of brain and
.y. Now, as seine have inherited a
*ak muscular system, and others a
fpeblu digestion, so still others, perhaps
in some respects brilliant, have a con­
genital inability for considerable or
prolonged brain work, and are almost
sure to Is? injured by a continued
t train. Tiie times demand in this coun-
* try, even more than in England, that
. bruin workers should have a large re­
serve of energy, and a capacity for pro­
ducing force almost indefinitely to meet
the demands of exceptional exigencies. Ju
our country many enter the professions
who are naturally equal to routine work,
but are wholly unequal to the strains of
comj)etition and to the multiplied and
varied demands which so characterize
our times. They constantly and peril­
ously strike the limits of their congenital
It is equally so in mercantile life. Not
a few, who are equal to a small business,
find out that they are not equal to a
large one only after both physical and
financial failure. It is only less so in
many other forms of business. Thou­
sands attempt more than they are equal
to, the continual pressure of which re
Sults in nervous exhaustion. Somewhat
akin to these are teachers in our common
schools. The early stages of every pro
fession and business make peculiar de­
mands on the nervous force.
And yet
thousands enter the teaching profession
who do not intend to. remain in it. The)
stay just 1 »ng enough to overwork, ami
to be injr red, in many cases for life. So.
also, our political system constant l\
brings forward new men who must tit
themselves for new and difficult duties
at an immense cost to the brain. The
physical condition of some of our public
men is simply a prominent illustration of
this fact.—Youth’s Companion.
Summer Drink* for the Country.
A little cider vinegar, sugar and a <l:isli
of ginger added to water makes a pula
table and refreshing drink even at a tem
perature at which water alone would 1»
nauseating. A tablespoonful of oatmeal
stirred into a pint of water also makes a
nourishing and palatable drink.
uwd in the Held the oatmeal and watei
Bhould be kept separate ami only nuxet
as a drink is needed. The juices of an.
of our small fruit, canned or bottled and
added to water at the rate of two orthrev
tablespoonfula to a pint of water also
makes a paintable drink, but as in the
case of oatmeal the mixing should Iw
done immediately before drinking. But
termilk, to those who relish it, makes a
cooling and refreshing drink when fresh.
Lemonade is always in order but would
bo regarded by many as tooexpenaive foi
regular use. Sweet milk either whole oi
skimmed, is also a refreshing and nour­
ishing drink in the Held, as is also cold
coffee without milk, and with or without
sugar.—Farmer’s Review.
Expression of the Eyes.
By the eyes we form our first impres­
sion of a person's character, and it is
very seldom that we change that fl ret
feeling, be it good or bail, without the
strongest cause. Every trait and quality
finds expression in these mirrors. Blue
eyes betray two antithetic characters.
Large and bright, they denote quick per­
ception and great susceptibility to ex­
ternal influences. In the gentler more
often than in the sterner sex they are
found coupled with fine, arched eye­
brows, in which case they indicate in
men a refined nature ami esthetic tastes,
and in women a lovable disposition, with
a predilection for dresa, music, and the
tine arts. It is a principle generally
reoognixed by physiognomists that beauti­
ful eyes lietoken a corresponding beauty
of character, amiability, trustfulness,
honor and devotion.—Household Words.
The Wheels and the T.lttle One«.
“Did you ever hear how old John
Knight said his father came to Georgia?"
remarked an Atlanta judge. "Old John
said that his father lived in the back-
woods of North Carolina, and the first
two-horse wagon he ever saw he took
after it. He became no absorbed in the
question of how long it would run !»■-
fore the big wheels overtook the little
ones that he followed itclearto Augusta,
Gt»., before he gave out and had to stop.
He didn't know the way hack and had
to stay.”—Exchange.
One Way to Keep I.rmnn* Fresh.
It is said that lemons can be kept
fresh for some time by packing them ii
dry sand. They should lie place«! in lay
ere with sufficient sand between them te
prevent contact with each other.
Jean Fabre, a Savoyard of hurnbls pa­
rentage and obscure birth, conceived and
executed the colossal work of piercing
Mount Cenis and uniting Savoy and
Italy. This gigantic scheme was earned
out in defiance of all the obstacles that
assailed its originators. After years of
patient, unremitting toil, without the aid
of the more perfect appliances of later
days, this extraordinary man completed
the tunnel and was proclaimed the con­
queror of mountains, the king of engin­
eers, the benefactor of his country. De­
sirous of obtaining the rest he had so
richly earned. Monsieur Fabre retired
into the peaceful, comfortable villa he
had erected, and prepared to live there
with his only daughter. He called it by
the curious and unusual name of La Re­
mise, the literary meaning of which is
“coach house,” and which is sometimes
used figuratively to imply cessation from
active work and retirement from the
world. He may have intended to imply
that he had taken his retreat and ex­ What an English Physician Has to Say
pected to live in repose. Apparently he
of the Ailment—A Word or Two.
had given up his procession when the ru­
The symptoms of biliousness are un­
mor of a new and even more stupendous happily but too well known. They dif­
enterprise reached his ears—the pierc­ fer in different individuals to some ex­
ing of the St. Gothard—a far more tent, however. A bilious man is seldom
difficult, far more hazardous eqperiment a breakfast eater. Two frequently, alas!
than the previous one. He was eagerly he has an excellent appetite for liquids,
solicited to place himself at the head of hut none for solids of a morning. His
the undertaking. The stimulus of a tongue will hardly bear inspection at any
great obstacle to conquer silenced his time; if it is not white and furred, it is
hesitation, and he consented to visit the rough at all events. The digestive sys­
mountain with the German and Swiss tem is wholly out of order; diarrhoea, or
engineers. After a minute examination constipation, may be a symtom, or the
of rocks, crests, and slopes he gave his two may alternate. There are very often
decision: “I shall do it,” he said, “if it hemorrhoids, or loss of blood even.
costs me my life.”
There may be giddiness, and often
These words were prophetic. Jean headache, and acidity or flatulence, and
Fabre began his colossal struggle with tenderness at the pit of the stomach.
nature. He fought inch by inch, hour The pain felt in the right shoulder would
by hour with difficulties of all kind; with indicate an extra bad case, but apart
the invasion of water threatening the ■ from this, there are aching pains and
newly-constructed vaults; with intense even stiffness in the limbs, with more or
heat suffocating the workmen; with pes­ less of cramps in the limb muscles, or
tilential atmosphere felling them at their burning in the palms of the hands, with
task. But these wore not his worst foes. hot, perspiring feet.
He had to struggle against the colleagues
There may be drowsiness and torpor
sent to him by Germany, men ignorant by day, and sleeplessness at night, and
of the soil, the locality, the mountain, i all sorts and conditions of mind, es­
whose petty jealousy and olistructing pecially irritability; fits of bad temper
opposition made his miasion exceedingly 1 that come on suddenly and go off again,
bitter and tenfold more arduous. At and that none are so thoroughly grieved
one time the scheme was about to be at as the poor patient himself.
given up, when Fabre, undaunted, inde­
Bilious people generally fly for relief
fatigable, redoubled his efforts, perfected to a|iorient pills, and there is no doubt
old machines, invented new ones, en­ that
afford temporary
couraged, rallied, comforted, nursed his relief by relieving the over-gorged liver.
men, and at the end of eight years of This really is antiphlogistic treatment,
unremitting toil was able to summon the : but it assuredly is not radical. When
German delegates and the representa­ a fish [Kind overflow's its banks, we may
tives of the Swiss government to let off a portion of the water, but after
see the tunnel opened from end to this we ought, methinks, to find our
end. He told them of the obstacles sur­ way to the other end of the pool and
mounted, the dangers braved, of his lessen the inflow.
whole fortune sunk in that herculean
Well, just a word about treatment
undertaking, crowned by such magnifi­ First and foremost then, in sudden bil­
cent success. Suddenly his words died ious attacks, that are often accompanied
on hts lips, he staggered and fell sense­ by great prostration, and by urgent vom­
less on the subterranean way he had iting, it is best to send for a medical
given the world. The strain had been num. Such attacks generally come on
too gr .at, and
the dark­ in the morning, at the time the body is
ness, through the crushing weight most weak. I do not think upon the
of heaped
rock and glaciers, the whole I should be justified in suggesting
brave, noble soul fled to the blue heavens medicinal remedies in this paper, for the
simple reason that cases differ so.
The ingratitude of quick oblivion has
Little good will accrue from treating a
well nigh forgotten his name.
His case like this, however, if, when he is
daughter has disappeared.
His hard- once more well, the patient returns to
gained earnings have melted away. The his old non-hygienic habits of life.
house he built stands desolate, the
“What am I to do then?” may be asked.
gardens are deserted, the smokeless 1 will tell you what you are not to do.
chimneys rise black in the clear air, and You are not to over-eat; you are not to
no trace remains of him who twice use sugar or fat to any extent, puddings,
passed triumphant, cleaving the stone as pastry, or cheese. You are not to touch
he went, through eternal night from one alcohol. You are not to sit in over­
land to another.
heated rooms. You are neither to over­
La Remise, such as it is, seemed the work nor over-worry yourself. And you
fitting abode for a great misfortune, but are not to shirk the morning-tub nor
neither the modest villa nor the aristo­ plenty of exercise.
cratic castle will, for the present at least,
What are you to do for the acidity?
shelter the exile of France.—London Abstemiousness, and regulation of diet
Cor. New York Sun.
and habits, will entirely banish it, and
Methods of Advertising in Paris.
One of the first things which strikes
the eye of an observant American trav­
eler in England and France is the differ­
ence in the nature of the wares adver­
tised in large letters on a blank wall.
Show bills of theatres and circuses are
seen in abundance on both sides of the
Atlantic of course, writes a correspond­
ent, but second only to these in importance
are the flaming advertisements in Amer­
ica of various tobaccos, in England of
various eatables and drinkables, and in
France of various newspapersand books.
In Paris a large (sister is likely to recom­
mend a new book or newspaper, in Ix>n-
don a new jam. or a new soda water, in
New York a new brand of tobacco to
smoke or to chew. The comparison is
not to the disadvantoge of the French­
man. Another thing to be noticed is
that the press is called upon to do public
work more often here than in England
or even in America. If there is a great
catastrophe the newspapers not only
open a subscription; they are also ex­
pected to organize an entertainment, a
performance, or a fete of some kind.
And the political newspapers combine in
groups as nominating conventions. There
was an election here in Paris the first or
second Sunday in May, and M. Gautier,
the successful
competitor, was an­
nounced as the candidate of the radical­
socialist press.—Cor. New York Graphic.
you will have the pleasure of knowing
that its absence is a sign of rejuvenation
of the liver.
If you but try a week of the treatment
I suggest, I feel convinced you will once
more feel a pleasure in life, and an in­
terest in all your surroundings.
But acidity often leads to rheumatism,
and on this subject I hope to have more
to say another day. I shall be quite sat­
isfied with my present paper if it put a
few of my readers on the right road to
health, and that can only be got at by­
seeking for and removing first causes in­
stead of treating symptoms.—Family
Doctor in Cassell's Magazine.
Accident« ‘Sahl tn be Epidemic,
Accidents are like crime, I believe,
epidemic. Down in Carondelet this is
more noticeable than elsewhere. Some
days, now. there are as many as three or
four a day for two weeks—accidents on
the railroad, accidents at the steel­
works. ami outside accidents.
then- will lie times when we don't have
as much as a crushed finger reported. It
may l>e that the weather, the atmos­
phere, has something to do with it, in
making |>eople more or less careful at
different times. I don't pretend to ex­
plain it, however.—Dr. Starkloff in
GI obe- De m ocrat.
A Diamond Kage *n Europe.
Just now there is a rage in Europe for
placing diamonds
single unset
Coinmenwmenta Should be Abolished.
The San Franciscisco Report wants to all
have commencement* abolished on the
This has
led to
the introduction
ground that they are out of place in a of the real diamond Brussels lace, in
country where free education is offered
which the gems are inserted quite safely.
to all. “The college commencement," In a lace fan shown in the Antwerp ex­
it says, “is a relic of the ancient time hibition there were 790 real stones.—
when the scholAr was a rarity and a dis­ New York Graphic.
tinguished person who must be treated
with exceptional honor. He generally
Alloy Which Expand* on Cooling.
was compelled to suffer hardships and
Most metals and alloys shrink or con­
privation in order to obtain his knowl­ tract on cooling. But an alloy which
edge, and he was treated with corre- will expand on cooling may be made of
•ponding respect upon winning. But it lead nine parts, antimony two parts,
is absurd for the state to furnish the bismuth one part. This alloy can lie ad­
children of thia state with a free educa­ vantageously used to fill small holes anti
tion, and then to make heroes of them defects in iron castings.—Chicago News.
for accepting it.”—Chicago Times.
No great man is great in his own
The London Athenaeum thinks the na­ mind, but is great in the minds of
tionality of ths author of a popular novel others.—Arkansaw Traveler.
is betrayed by the sentence “Was leaden­
Louisa M. Alcott has a tree named
heeled Justice clinching its Iron hand
after her in Princeton, Mass.
for another blowf*
World** Condition.
•I has been welkin’ ’round on top dis airth
mighty nigh my alloted time,” said Brother
Gardner as the band ceased playing, ana
yit some things are jist as much a mystery
to me as when I w as 20.
“How does it happen dat de folkse»- who
am head-ober-heels in debt put on de inoas’
“Why am it dat de man wid a head full of
brains inus' play second fiddle to a monkey
wi<l a jacket full o’ money I
“How doe* it come, dut while we purfess to
lub our napbor, nuthin’ tickle« us mo’d in to
h’ar he has received a set-back und mus' take
a cheaper house?
“How am it dat de man wid de biggest
di’inun pin an’ de woman wi I de moas real
lace on her dreqs git shot of dedr counterfeit
nickles sooner dan anybody else?
■ “Show me a party of fifty pussons gwine
to make a trip to Yurup, an’ I’ll pint out
thirty five who am stavin’ off creditors to do
•Wo complain dat servant gals (loan’ know
deir duties, an’ we eddicate our darter« to
ignore housework as beneaf ’em. De hi risi
gals of de next ginerashun won’t l»e to
blame if dey mix bread in de bath tub an’
mash ’taters wid a beer bottle.
“When de preacher gits up in de pulp t an’
«plains dat de African heath n am pinin’
fur tracks an’ Bibles we shell out de cash
wid hot fingers. When de widder calls at de
front do b to inform us dat her chill’en am
cold and hungry an’ ragged, we keep de casn
ketrfully salted down, an’ wonder if an au­
tograph album wouldn’t help de fam’ly pull
“Seems to me, as I lean on de fence an’
look ober de landscape, dat a good sheer of
dis world am wrong eand to. De shine of
brass keetches d<* eye whar’ silver am un­
noticed. A loud voice gathers a crowd
sooner dan sweet song. Society demands a
dress coat an’ a white shirt, an’ if dat de­
mand am satisfied nobody will ax the wearer
whether he has biu in state prison orde state
egis achur! Let us now purceed to dispatch
de routine bizness of de evenin’.”
Shindig Watkins desired to call the atten­
tion of the meeting to the fact that there
was a shoal in Lake Huron which had been
et down on the chart« by the government
^urvevors as “Nigger Head Shoal.” Ho for
one felt it to be a reflection on his race, an 1
he hoped the club would forward its protest
to congress.
“Brudder Watkins, do you call yourself a
nigger?” blandly inquired the president.
“No, sah—no sah! In co’se I don’t! Ise a
cull’d man, sah!”
“’Zactly, Brndder Watkins, an’ so am I
an’ all de res’ of de crowd. If dar’ am any
nigger who wan's to complain about dat
shoal let him go ahead; it am none of our
funeral. ”
Brother Watkins sat down, but he didn’t
look exactly like a man who had gained a
barrel an ! a half’ of valuable information foi
nothing.—Detroit Free Press.
c- ¡' i i-ajs fora Yeur'eaubscription to the
b.J (.tills w.Bkly Anie«-i<-aii Hural Hou»«».
Rochester. N. Y.. without premium- J“«
CheXt and Best Weekly in the WorkL «, IS columns, lb years old.
Holler you have oue choice trom o-ei l-*1
dltlereut Cloth Bound Hollar »
to aut) nu and paper one year, post paid .nooa
15c Extra. jO.tXXt books given away.
'iiiioug them are: I aw Without lawyer»: »»>”-
ily Cyclopedia; Farm Cyclopedia; I armers an 1
breeders' Guide; Common Sense in Foul
try Yard; World CydopedU; Dauelson s uled-
ical) Counselor; Boys’ Useful 1 as times, B
Years! Before the Mast; Peoples H-storj at
United States; Universal History of all Na- Free from Opintea, Fmetics and
tioas; Popular History Civil War
Any onk book and pa|>er. one year, all W«
paid, for »1.1.. only. I 'aper alone.
lion guaranteed on books and WoekW. or
money refunded.
Reference: Hon. C. It.
P zksons . Mayor^aob^en sam^papenk *-
1'ttK tilAKLES A. I OU ELEK CO.,
Without Premium. 6Jc.a year! KociiKsr k N. Y-
Jay Gouhl la building a sepulchre to coat
»85,(XXJ, to bury his bones in.
. Her face so fair, as iiesli it seemed not.
But heavenly portrait of bright angel s hue.
Clear as the sky. without a blame or blot.
Through goodly mivtsro ot complexions due.,
And hi her cheeks the vermeil red did show.
This is the poet’s description of a w oman
whose physical system was in a perfectly
sound and and healthy state, with every
function acting property, and is the envia^
ble cond ti u of its fair patrons produced
by Dr. Pierce’s “Favorite Prescription.
Any druggist.
Two men were fatally shot by George
Keifer at Milwaukee.
Irish May Flower
Irish May Flower.
The Genuine has Trade Mark and crossed Red
Lines on wrapper.
May and E lith are sisters, 4 and 5 years
old resp ctively.
May had been very
naughty, and mamma had taken her over
her knee to adminster corporal punishment,
when Edith suddenly pushed the door ajar
and peened in.
Turning her chubby face as far round to­
ward the sister a« the peculiar position
would admit. May said very gravely:
“Go right out, E lie! don’t you see Tin
it is ne dies* to add that mamma granted
a respite.—Boston Record.
Justifl >ble Homicide.
Male voice si- gin?—Go to sleep n.y ba-a—
ee bee; my ba-a—eo-bee—bang! bang!
Scene in court:
Judge—Prison« charged with murder
What are the c rcumstances of the case?
C<»un el—Mnv it please your honor, the
murdered man was singing-----
Judge—An air from the “Mikado,” per­
haps; ten davsat easy labor.
Counsel—No, your honor, it was Emmet’s
lu ’.la by.
Ju !ge— Prisoner is a< quit ed.—Bingham
ton Republican:
of the body enlarged and strengthened. Simple,
unfailing self-treatment. Full explanation,«,
erenoes, &e., sent sealed, free.
s J E1 A OTT CURED with D r . fiofiu,
ii & A4 ÏTC I H e . vht T omc , OH udri
remedy. If not at diwj
remit SH per bottle, 6 for«,
«a •
D i se ii se,4 al. ,,,iu, , t by 4‘ e ' x 0 press,
-p '*■ prepaid
PLso’s Remedy for Catnrrn in the
Best, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest,
Also good for Cold In the Head,
Headache, Hay Fever, &e. 60 cento.
The cheapest and most durable paint of the aft \
skilled labor to apply it. Always ready for uge. 8i
quire* no mixing or boiling. Preserves Bhinjlt rw
from'decay anti tin and metal roofs from rust J
those who contemplate using tin or iron send fur»
pie of our patent rooting
It is better than ckuerii
at one-halt the cost. By all means send f«r cktoisri
call and examine our goods.
310 California Mtrect. Sail FranciM
S'/X Rwe'sco
’Merit--Strength, purity.
Cure* Biliousness, costive nebs .
Dyspepsia, malaria ,Dis ideied
Stomach, L iver and Kidneys
T he B uwei . Regulator. Price,
75 cents, and
CARRIGREEN. Be*t dough
medicine known; Cures C olds
and Consumption.
Price, 75
RHEUMA, Indian cure for Tn-
flanimat-.ry Rheumat isin, A cii
and I’uins
Price SI
YAQUI CO., 624 Montgomery
St, San Francisco, Oal.
N. B. Th» se three remedies
are pleasant tn t <ke, mild in
action and TH H family medicine
of the age.
Whenover you feel an un jasinosg In the region of the
heart, a slight pain in tho shoulder,arm or under the
shoulder blade, or when you feel yourself abort of
breath when exorcising, or your heart ha* periods
of beating fast, you have heart disease, and should
take Dr. Flint s Heart Rencdv. $1.50, Da»criptive
treaty with each bottle, or mailed free.
C hicago , May 4.
Resenting an Interruption.
And Sportmen’s Goods.
Send for New Illustrated Catalogue forlig,
Phineas Jinks, Esq.
D ar Sir—Try charcoal or chalk. Thank*
for remittance. Hastily,
V. C orker .
—Chicago Rambler.
Favorite medic’ne* of the cele­
brated Irish Pbya'cian, Sir
Dominick Conigan.
May 3.
Dear Prof.—I notisel your adverticement
in The Howler and inclose ten 5-ct. stamps.
Flees let me into your sekret, for I want, to
lem how to rite without pen, i k or pen dl.
PniNEAS J inks .
2A. remove my store to 93 First Mtrm
where I will have more commodious amS
and bettor facilities for displacing niy exhwS
stock of
A Valuab’e Discovery—How to write with­
out pen ink or pencil. Send ten five-cent
stamps to Professor Vesuvius Corker, 37
Jones street, Chicago, and learn the valuable
P ewaukee .
Innncpnt Childhood.
Wholesale Agents Portland, Or.
“’Tain’t so,” triumphantly exclaimed Bob­
bie from his perch on top of a chair, gazing VAN President.
V ice President.
down on Algernon’s head.
SAM J GORMAN. Cashier.
“What is not true?” doubtfully asked hi METiePOLITAN SAVINGS BANK. PORTLAND
sister Maud.
Transacts a General Banking Business ; allows
interest on deposit* as follows:
“Why. you said Algy was so green that
On 3 months certificates 4 per cent
gras« was growing from the top of his head,
On 6 month* certificate* 5 per cent.
On 12 months certificates 6 per cent.
and (determinedly) there isn’t any there.”
director «:
How Maud explained the situation is un­
Judge W. W Thayer
H. W. Scott,
H W. Mo riante*,
Judge E. D. Shattuck,
Sylvester Farrell.
Dr W H. Saylor
On another occasion Matthew’s mother
Hon. Richard William*,
Dr. S. J. Barber,
Van B. DcLaahmutt,
I. F. Power*.
*ook him on her lap to impress upon him the
C. H. Dodd
luty of obeying his parents and being k nd ____________
t j his little brother. While receiving these
instructions Matth-w gazed at her with so
much earnestness that she felt sure a deep
imnression was being made on his young
mind. But. when she got through, the phas­
ing illusion was dissipated by his remark'n
dryly: “Your chin goes up and down so
funny all the time you’re talkin’.”—Detroit
Fre Press.
A little Rochester girl drew the picture of
a dog and a cat on her slate, and callin'? her
mother’s attention to it, sai 1: “A cat ought
net to have but four leg«, but I drew it with
six so she could run away from the dog.”—
New York C >mmercial Advertiser.
It is often very difficult to tell what kind
of a laxative to give a very young child
who i* suffering from constipation. The
only medicine which is at the same time
perfectly safe and pleasant to take is
Hamburg Figs. 25 cent*.
At all Druggists ; or address
J. J. MACK & CO.,
9 and 11 Front St., San Francisco, Oal.
N. P N It. No 153--3. F. N U. No. 229.
Machinery for Wells of any depth, from 20to J.OMM
for Water. Oil or Gas. Our Mounted Steani Drillingu
Portable Horse Power Machines wt to workinWmia*«
Guaranto d to drill taster and with less power tii«**
other. Specially adapted to dril ing Well* in
rock 20 to 1,000 feet. Farmersand others are ma* .!>•»
to ♦ l<> per day with our machinery and t^ols. NW*
business for Winter or Summer. W e are the
largest Manufacturers in the business- Send4ceo*i
Stamps for illustrated Catalogue K. A ddkk M,
Pierce Well Excavator Co., New York
Tke BUYERS’ GlU»**
lasned Sept, and
wl. year. «»'
3 500 lllnalratloa»-1
„b". Picture <.«1^
GIVES Wholreale Pn™
direct to eonrumcre on all K°“*»
peraonnl or family ««e. Tell»
order, and give, exact co.t ot ’’ <T
thing you u»e, eat, d*“*'
have fan with. Theae IN» *!>»»
BOOK.» contain information g
from the market*
will m«U a copy FREE
dres* upon receipt of 10 ct*«_ to
expense of mailing, het u* ne
g27 Ac 22» Wabaah Avenue. < alcare^
Not a Fisherman Himself, Perhaps.
“You are fishing with persistence,” said a
gentleman to an urchin who ha 1 thrashed n
stream without apparent reward a who e
aft moon. •
•’Ou. no, sir; on y j»st angle worms,” re
pl.el the youth p'easantly.
“I mean yon have a good deal of per
•everance,” explained the other.
“No them’s suckers; guess ye ain't nev-r
l.veti in these parta, hev ye?” The boy w««
not a little disgusted by the str inger’s ignor
auc». — Binghamton Republican.
Our Anglomaniac * Latest.
“ Tha: s a ni- e stick you're carrying. Job
son. W hat di I it cost you ?”
“Three pun ten. d ah boy.”
“How much is that in dollars?"
“Crush m« if I knew I nevaw count ii
dollar a They make it too dooce«i ere»»
plicated faw anything ”—Towi Topic«.
of ÿ*olntton of 1
$2fa‘Zi-Salö.:ln_R«'£.n',*r 1 '
to ba cloaed
ciòred out without
without’ reServe
re”?"e. ” rUXi- m“1* <x>mm<’n«i at ten o’clock a . m ..
proved mnrity Send for Catalogued Add^em^
C°h' baUnee on* } “r * UI”
■.T. FAIRRiVKtt.or H. WlIJtEy. rHal.nx Honoma€•-<**