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    y / est side telephoni
The Corker Morder Case.
As a special inducement to new sub­
scribers, we make the following offer:
Every person sending 11s $2 cash will be
given the W est .S ide T elephone for the
balance of the present year free.
isequvilent to It months for $2. We
are ambitious to make our subscription
list greater than all other papers of
Y amhill county combined, It is rapid-
ly approaching the point.
Those wishing to subscribe for the
c,.,.lifitoNE may do so through the fol­
ding [lersons:
J. M. Kelly........... . • ....... Lafayette.
i; W. Sappington I
North Yamhill.
j. L. Castle
H’. A. Graves................ ......... Sheridan.
Ü j„ Simpson................ .............. Amity.
0 Ü. Davis.................. ......... Bellevue.
s, Williamson...........
B urned to D eath .—Friday morning
I Agents at otuer points in the county
last, the little 6-year-old daughter of Mr.
Lili be announced soon.
and Mrs. James Kohn, living in the
hills west of town, met with a fatal ac­
cident by playing with fire. It seems
third district .
that the children while their mother
R. P. Boise.
Geo. W. Belt. was out, were amusing themselves by
i'noceuting Attorney
throwing papery in the open fire and
R. P. Bird. watching them sail up the chimney. In
.1. W. Watts. some way the little girl’s dress caught
It. It. Laughlin,
F. N. Little, fire and she ran screaming to her grand­
C. Lafollett father, in an outer shop.
He tried to
I. Liiugliiirv. tear the clothing from her and failing in
J. S. Hibbs.
Geo. Dorsey. this picked her up and carried her to a
G. W. Briedweil. trough of water in the yard and thus ex
T. .1. Harris.
k|„ rill’
W. W. Nelson. tinguished the flames. But the little
Irene lire”
Wyatt. Harris. one was horribly burned almost to a
J. A. C. Freund. crisp. Dr. Goucher was called and did
fdittul Supt .
J. D. Fenton. evetything possible to alleviate her
I). G. Narver. pain, but it was impossible to save her
life, and she died Saturday evening and
was buried Sunday. Her grandfather
the boss ”
was badly burned about the hands in
Itecomniendation ice can his efforts to assist the little unfortunate.
dive you as to accuracy in com- The stricken parents have the heartfelt
of the community in this
loundini prescriptions is our sympathies
fearful loss of their household pet.
arde. trade in this line.
The Druggists.
F inished .—Cooper and Booth have
finished a working model of their en­
gine and last night attached it to Jones
& Co.’s boiler to see if it was a success,
TELEPHONE W HISPERINGS. and it is decided that it was. It is de­
sired by the owners that no description
Fresh roasted peanuts at H. H. of this engiue be given until application
for patent has been filed. But we may
say one thing: It is the most compact
Anil the new subscribers continue to engine of its power ever built, the entire
tome in.
working machinery being all placed in­
For a square meal goto the St. Charles side the rim of the flv wheel and revolv­
ing with it.
-only 25 cents.
Lots of passengers on the west side
trams, these days.
Look o'ut for the musical McGibney
[amilv December 14.
John Hulery returned Sunday from
Ms Eastern Oregon trip.
0. G. Davis, of Bellevue, favored ns
with a short call yesterday.
Prof. C. C. Linden, of the Willamina
schools, called on us Saturday.
The La Camas paper mills were burn­
ed Saturday night. L ors $95,000.
The firemen are making preparation
fora grand lime at their Thanksgiving
I All the goods left by our late departed
[saddler, Al Young, have been levied
| Mr. Soper, of Soper Rros. Willami-
rna, was in the city yesterday and called
[on ns.
I Mrs. D. H Turner, of Portland, came
pip Saturday evening on a visit to friends
land relatives.
A large number of visitors were pres­
ent nt the public school exercises last
I Friday afternoon,
I George Cornet is the efficient and gen­
tlemanly artist in Welch’s Tonsoral Par-
Jlore after August 6.
Thomas Turner returned Saturday
from an extended visit to Missouri and
other eastern states.
I Hon. R. R. Laughlin, of North Yam-
Nil, favored us with a very pleasant
kail, Saturday, and left orders for job
I Mr». Frank S. Harding will go to As-
koria this week to join her husband, who
ps in the employ of Snyder Bros., of
[that city.
I J. T. Plant, agent for W H. Hooker A
Fo.. was in the city Saturday, and made
his a nleasant call, and contracted for ad­
I On-
furniture man, E. B. Fel­
been making some decided
Btnpmvements in the arrangement of
Jib office.
I Vinegar, 25 cents per gallon, in large
pr small quantities; -sweet, cider, 15
kents per gallon, at the cider mill of
kino. J. Sax.
| Lawrence end Kellct are building a
little residence on the rear lots
»wned by the (miner gentleman, in the
(eastern part of the city.
Yon can save mnnev by handing vonr
|Snhsc-infion for any paper or magazine
po Chas. Grissen. He is local agent fo
Rhe American subscription Co. 42t4
I Th» insepurables, “Link” Gortner and
[ Lick” Booth, came tip from Portland
Saturday evening.
Ulysses returned
Monday, and Gortner is getting rest-
I Mi»» Annie Dielschneider bad a plea»-
pnt gathering of her young friends at
r’ father's residence, last Friday eve-
Music, games and a social time
"'.is indulged in.
I I art ,|o<irin< f,np jop Work should
K "ore to call at the THLKPUbNE nffi'-e.
I »fan -how yon samples that cannot
excelled ¡n Yamhill county, and our
Prices always remain the lowest.
I °'lr thanks are due to all those sud-
P’ri ,e s who returned ns papers of the
[Rte of Oct. 22. They contained the fu-
Peral notice of Boughton Everett San-
l'r*. and were wanted bv relative» of
I The body of a man was discovered in
f'f '¡Hard hotel ruins in Portland Sat-
Lr j morning. He had evidently been
Pmrdered the night previous, and was
t°rrih]y cut about the body and his
Bands. No clue to the murderer.
Lth*e'ite** home news from Portland
Ept Marple, the suspected murderer
L ' °rker, has jewelry in his possession
P ' e belonging to the unfortunate Emma
who was murdered in Portland
December 22, 1.885. and he is suspeet-
r“ that crime also.
B orn .—In Amity, Or., Nov. 6, 1886,
Y the wife ot E., a 13 pound
J,n Happy Valiev. Nov. 4, 1886. to the
t of Ks,ey Powell, a son.
‘n McMinnville. Or., Nov. 5, 1886, to
H. C. Edwards, a son.
C owardly .—One of the most coward­
ly things that can be done is that of try­
ing to injure anyone through anonymous
letter writing. We were shown a letter
of this character a few days ago written
to a young lady of this city, warning her
against going with a certain gentleman,
as he was not worthy of her company.
The writer did not sign his name, and
thereby branded himself a defamer of
a character better than his own, and a
H aving a G ood T ime .—Through a
private letter from John Hulery, who is
visiting his eon George tn the Walola
district, W. T., we learn that he is eti-
bying himself. He says that in one
day be killed five deer, two wolves, one
bear, eleven wild geese, twenty-six
prairie chickens end one hawk. This is
coming it pretty heavy, but from a man
ot John’s integrity we known there can
be no doubt of the truth of the state­
N ot in C alifornia .—We clip the fol­
lowing from the Eugene City Register of
November 3d. It will be news to many
of our readers: “Mr. C. F. Houghton,
late of McMinnville, will organize a com­
mercial school in the room in the rear of
the First National bank. He is worthy
and well qualified, and there is no other
accomplishment that pays so well as a
good commercial education.”
To C orrespondents .—Our correspon­
dents will please try to get their copy
in by Mondays and Thursdays—the day
before each publication. Supplies of sta­
tionery will shortly be sent out to all
our correspondents, and we hope you
will make use of it. Use the envelopes
we furnish as they are phiinly directed
to the T elephone , McMinnville, Or.,
and then no communications can be
P leasant T ime .—A large number of
our young folks attended a party given
by Mr. and Mrs. XV. C. Hembree at
their residence one mile south of town
last Friday evening, in honor of the re­
turn of their daughter Rosie from the
east and the birthday of her aunt Miss
Mary Carlin of this city. A very pleas­
ant evening was spent.
W orse than S prained .—Some time
ago we mentioned the fact that Don Gates
was suffering from a sprained ankle.
It proves that Don was mistaken in
what ailed he has been confined to
his room for some time with inflamma­
tory rheumatism in both feet. We are
glad to note that he is now able to be
around, though still on crutches.
V isitors .—The band acknowledges a
pleasant call Monday night from Misses
Annie P. Young, Aggie Johnson, Nettie
Henderson, Ella Bangasser, May X es-
sey, Tillie Bangasser and Mrs. M. Shad-
den. Their presence is always a wel­
come pleasure. Call again.
S till I mproving .—Charlie Fleming
has taken out the old cup rack used by
Wyndham, and replaced it with a small­
er but much neater one. and added a
sideboard to his already fine shop, and
now has as neat tonsorial parlors as
anyone could wish.
N ew B oat .—“Uncle” Andy Shtick
has just finished a fine skiff in the rear
of Bangasser's old store. It is about 18
feet long and well built, and will lie the
“boss” for ducks on the Yamhill this
S erenade .—The Custer Post Band
was out serenading on last Monday
night, paying their respects to their first
namesake. Master Roy Grantison Cus­
ter Turner. The excellent music was
appreciated by all who heard it. Thanks.
Billiards at the “Orphan’s Home” 15
cents per tram? of 34 points; 20 cents for
50 points, and 25 cents for »50 points
when one player discounts the other.
H. II. W klch .
College Notes.
Our IN eijrlibors.
Farm for Sale.
The prevailing topic of Yamhill coun­
XVhat shall be done with the negli­
: The Win White place 2‘i miles east
Happy Valley.
ty these days is the murder case of D. gence of our youth in regard to educa­
! of this city is in my hands for sale. Thia
I. Corker of Lafayette. Suspicion rests tion? We urgo their parents to send
farm consists of 280 acres of land well
November 8, 188«.
upon one man, strongly supported by I their children to school; but we forget,
and can be had for $25 |>er
Frosty nights with cold mornings lias
circumstantial evident-, and the pent up | too often, that there is a radical dispoti been the order for the past week.
acre, if sold before December iBt.
feelings of an outraged community is tion on the part of the children to ne­
Terms very easy. Also some valuable
Mrs. McPhilips, accompanied by her
liable to explode at any moment, with glect all ibe advantages that can be af­
property can be bad w ith the
d lughter Rosa have left us for Eastern personal
farm cheap, good 4-vear old horse, (>
a vengeance swift and speedy in its ex­ forded them. The sacrifices made by 1 Oregon.
head of cattle, 50 full blood merino
ecution. It were better to let the strong earnest and well meaning parents are by
Seeing inv items made their appear­ sheep, 1 new wagon, some bay, sheaf
arm of the law assert itself by systemat­ no means appreciated by many boys and 1 ance in your paper, thought I would oats and household furniture.
ic methods, particularly when it is pos­ girls. This negligence becomes painful. ' write again.
C. W. T almaoe ,
McMinnville, Or.
sible that an innocent man is made a The love and devotion of a faithful | Miss Mark, teaching in the adjoining
victim of misplaced suspicion; and in mother cannot overcome it. The stern-1 district, visited with Mrs. Casey Satur­
this case, while it is true that strong er virtues of a loving father fail to coun- : day and Sunday.
circumstances would seam to point teraet its influence. Prayers and tears | Mr. Perry, of Davton, bought the
The best salve in the world for cuts,
to accused as the guilty one, the better alike fail. As a rule girls are more like­ llopfield farm and brought in a band of bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
judgment of the people should be coolly- ly to be urged in the right direction than cattle one day last week.
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
invoked to temper the justified wrath boys, though they are by no means free ' Miss Sweet was obliged to dose her corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi­
of a community so grossly shocked as I from fault in this d reetion. Look at school last week in consequence of the tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac-
this has been. The investigations were , the average boy of fifteen years. Full school house undergoing repairs.
tion, or money refuuded.
Price 25
continued yesterday al the court house 1 of life everything around him is attract-
O. B. M erry .
cents per box. For sale by Rogers A
in Lafayette under the direction of Cor­ ' ive. The world has allurements for him.
oner Narvei.
He is ambitious and full of ardent feel­
REV. XV. FISK KF.Ql'A. of Aurora, 111.,
The first witness called was Alex ing. On account of inexperience lie is
save; “I have used Gilmore's Aromatic
November 8, 188C>.
Westerfield ; testified that he knew the trying every new thing, and fixing his
Wine mid find it an excellent household
man-Marple; that he sometimes worked mind upon nothing. The walls of a I Mr. Mattev is building an addition to remedy that none ought to do without. For
tor him ; that Marple had left his coat school room are like prison bars to him h's home. He intends to enlarge his sale by Rogers ,t Todd.
in his office from Friday till Monday, It must be admitted that this is a dan- store room and increase his stock as his
asked what made her complexion so clear
trade demands it.
preceding the murder; did not notice
beautiful. She said it was by using
the coat particularly; could not tell
(ms Marple has been, arrested foi Gilmore's Aromatic wine. For sale by
who matures into manhood, must pass
whether there was blood on it or not.
at a Chinaman and his bonds Rogers A- To<ld,
Mrs. Marple, mother of the man un­ through it. It is not the best plan to shooting
fixed at $1000. lie has been unable, as
MltS. I., LOOMIS, of Elba. N. Y.. writes
der suspicion was called ; testified that let the child have his own wav and stay yet,
to furnish the required bonds, I ence us that she was sick for six months, was in­
she had lived with her son for three
to try Gilmore':: Aromatic Wine,
years ; that she was at home with her out of school. This might bo ruinous. be lies in jail awaiting the action of the duced
mid four bottles cured her. For sale by
daughter-in-law the night of the mur­ Neither is it tiest to be rude and compel next court.
Rogers & Todd.
The murder of Corker is still clothed
der ¡that her son came home about 9 him to do what is distasteful. A child
REV II. II. EWELL, of Pavillion, N. Y.
o'clock and was positive that her son should be taught from infancy to value in mystery. No arrests have been made
of Gilmore’s Aromatic Wine; “I be­
as no positive clue has been discovered. -ays
was not out after that; that they had
to he u im st desirable remedy to be
The coroner’s inquest will be resumed placed it in
lived at Independence and French
every family.” For sale by Rog­
I’rairie and other places prior to coming ing, our youth may be tided over the this morning at which it is possible ers <fc Todd.
to Lafayette. That her son came heme dangerous quicksands of indiscretion, something may be disclosed.
several nights before the murder, and | and landed on the safe and immovable
Last Thursday evening a son of Mr. sutler from Female weakness mid Debility,
said he bad been engaged in a row with
will find Gilmore's Aromatic a positive
(lie Chinamen, and lie wished her and rock of a liberal education. Vigilance Nels Christensen of West Chelialem, cure. For sale by Kogers Todd.
his wife to say lie had been at home al! should be the watchword of all who cure was shot in the throat by one of .1. No­ GILMORE'S A ROM ATIC is a great suc­
the evening playing cards, in case they for the youth of our land. Parents, ble’s sons. It was purely accidental and cess, therefore we challenge the World to
were questioned regarding his where- 1 teachers, guardians, be vigilant in seas­ was brought about by fooling with a self­ produce its equul as a restorative for wom­
cocking revolver. The boys were at the an. For sate by Kogers A Todd.
abouts the night before. That her son
had talked of blowing up China houses in on and out of season, everywhere and i chool house and were carelessly hand­
REV I. M. DERBY, of Linden, N. Y..
ling a loaded revolver, when Noble
different parts of the country. She always.
says; “The Gilmore Aromatic Wine prov­
swore positively he had no blood on his
Rev. P. Holman from Dallas was pulled to hard on the trigger and it ed a great blessing to my wife.’, For sale
hands the night of the row with the down spending the Sabbath and visiting went off with the above results. Dr. by Rogers it Todd.
Chinamen; that they bad spoken of the hi3son and nephew who are in the col­ Littlefield was called and found the
wounded man very weak from loss of
blood found on his jumper at the time lege.
he had brought home the liog's head.
The missionary society held its regu­ blood. He dressed the wound and at
That when informed of the murder at lar meeting last Friday evening. l’rot. last accounts he was doing well.
the breakfast table next morning, had Crawford sang a missionary song of bis
said he had an idea who did it, and own composition, which was highly ap­
would tell when the time come; that he preciated by many.
Our Solid Men.
hail a chest with tools in it.
Students are required to attend church
Court then adjourned till after dinner. once each Sunday. They may elect
Yamhill county has 182 tax payers
First witness called after dinner was their own place of worship.
Mr. Dixon. Testified he knew Marple;
Last Saturday night was the coldest who pay taxes on $5,00C and over; 140
had seen bun Otten around Corker’s of the season. The mercury was down who pay on $6,000 and over; 112 who
to 28 degrees.
pay on $7000 and over; 92 who pay on
Bert Eastman was then called and
Elmer and Dudley * Purvins were up
pay on $!)400 and
testified that he had talked with Marple Sunday. The boys look first rate. Their $8000 and over ; 74 who
the night before the murder.
He was old chums were glad to greet them. over; and 56 who pay on $10,000 and
then showed a coat and recognized it as They are not coming back to school this over. The number who pay on $5000 is
the one worn by Marple at the time.
too large to give in full, but we publish
Mr. Houston was called and testified
The chemical and philosophical ap­ a list of those who pay on $10,000 and
that he was positive he ha 1 seen Marple paratus came last week. The selections
in the store of deceased on the afternoon seem to be good ones, and those study­ over as shown on the assessment roll
before the murder; that he lived across ing chemistry and phisics will find the for 1886, as follows:
the street from the house occupied by apparatus an advantage.
R J Lancefield............... ...............$18,228 Carries the Largest and Best Stock.
Marple and his family; that the house
Mr. Edwin Russ deserves credit for S G Reed...................... ............... 76,840
was dark at 7 »[clock Monday night; his nntiring efforts in securing the mon­ Joe Watt........................ ............... 14,540
in Yamhill County.
that he did not hear any noise in the ey tb invest in apparatus lor the college. Reuben Gaunt............... ............... 10,000
An effort is on foot in another direction J J Henderson............. ............. 18.036
Marple’s shoes were here brought in to raise $500, to be invested in a library Robert Henderson....... ............... 12,100
and carefully examined by the jury, and apparatus next year.
D S Ilolman................... ............... 10,04”
with the aid of magnifying glasses, and
Look out for new arrivals next week. G M Raleigh.............
.............. 10,200
traces of blood were found upon them,
Mrs. Taylor, visiting on Collegeside, T J Yocum................... ............... 10,660
but this, in our opinion, can hardly be returned home Thursday.
F & .1 M Bunn............... ............. 14,760
taken asevidence against him, as lie had
Mrs. Auburn Yarneburg. an old N I< Sitton...................... ............... 12,825
been all over the room in which the j student, is visiting her parents, Mr. and R R and L (' Thompson ............... 36.323
murder was committed on the day it Mrs. Cozine.
A L Alderman............... ............... 13,315
was discovered, and was liable to have
Why not have a public meeting of the J M Belcher................... ............... 11,120
stepped in the blood, which was thick college literary society this winter? The Bird & Gates ............... .............. 10,925
on the floor.
regular meetings of the society are be­ Estate of A B Henry.
Mr. Haney was called and testified he coming interesting.
Edgar l’opplelon
had gone intoCorker's store the morning
Old students are always welcomed at .1 T Williamson.
................. 10,856
before the murder; that Marple was sit­ the follege. New students are soon A J Apperson
............... 12,795
ting by the stove ; that he (Marple) had made to feel that they are at home.
.1 G Baker...................... ............... 31,256
said, “Good morning, cold this morn­
Mr. Bruce Palmer made a short visit J C Braly
............... 72,561
ing;” that he asked Corker if be could to his home.
J ackson .
... 111,045
Mrs Sidnev Burnett
change a $20 gold piece ; Corker said he
Wm Campbell
............. 16,920
would see and went to chest ii^ his bed
Win Chrisman
Colfax, W. T.
room and took out purse; poured ten or
.1 F and A E Cook.
.. . . . 11.929
twelve $20 gold pieces into his hand
............. 35,929
.1 W Cow 1 b
E d . T elephone :—Thrice welcome is .1 S Hibbs..................... ............... 15,425
turning tl:em over one at a time and
saying lie could not make the change. the T elepiioe us it comes to us on its W D McDonald............. ............... 29,642
Testified further that after the murder semi-weekly rounds of information re­ James M<Thillips . . .. ............... 25,119
he had asked Marple if he remembered
........... 11,3:16
A K Olds
seeing him (Haney) in Corker’s store garding the old home and its people. Oregon real estate ( 0
R. McKUNE, P rops .
that morning; and that Marple said he Long live McMinnville! Long live the T .1 Shadden
......... 19,248
did not see him there; that he (Marple) T elephone !
Mrs M Shadden .
.............. 13,127
had not been in there that day.
Territorial election is just past. All David Stout ............... .A......... 10,837
Transitili Slock WillCared l’or!
Mr. Clark, blacksmith, called ; testi­
Thomas Turner
............... 10,093
fied that he had made tools for Matpie county returns are in, showing a com­ .1 Wisecarver
at different time ; had never asked him plete republican victory in this (Whit­ Yamhill county bank
.............. 29,800 Teams and outfits furnished parties wish-
to go to the coast, at reasonable rates.
what lie done with them; that Marple's man) county. Territorial returns are TC Davis......................
wife and mother had stayed all night at not complete, at this writing; but X’or- Wm Laughlin............. ............... 10,040
his house two different! nights since1
Wm Roberts
______ 10,805
the murder; had talked about the mur- 1 bees election is conceded by all.
Win Capman................. .................. 12,435
Here, for the first time, your corres­ P M Scroggins . .
der on each of these times ¡that Mar pie's
mother had said that Marple’s wife I pondent lias had the pleasure of wit­ Joseph Kiikwood
............. 25,363
—Harness at the—
sometimes had fits and hie I at the nessing an election in woman's Buf­ Wm Miller.....................
mouth; that she had Inul one : lav o, '
............... 13,455
E F I.nmson
two before the murder, but had i
bled j
S W Dodd
any. That all the blood on Ma, pie's graced by the presence of the ladies, and Dundee Mort. Co........
........... 65,412
—at absolutely—
clothes had come from a hog’s head or they may be seen parading the streets < )regon Mort Co........... .............. 11,150
beef’s heart which he had carried home at all hours of election day. Of course American Mort. Co... ............. 11 ,<0
the maids and matrons of old A’amhill American Freehold 1 and and
a day or two before.
Sheriff Harris was next called and cannot
Mortgage Co........... ............... 16,650
testified that he bad over heard Marple was the injury done them, when New ling. Mort. Co.
............... 18,325
Buggy Harness from $12.00 and upward.
talking to himself; that he said he
.............. 153,1.18 Team
O A ( R R
Harness from $25.00 nod upward.
(Marple) ought to have six months for
Or. railway Co. limited ............... 78,250
I have also something entirely new in the
rocking Chinamen ; that in the murder man’s suffrage, and the advantages or
line of sA'eatpsds.
case they had no evidence against him, disadvantages arising from it, the writer
A Verdict liianiinous.
My terms are CASH, or notes that can
except the blood on his clothes, and has not, as yet, been able to form an
be turned into cash.
that he would tell them he had had the opinion. The sentiment in favor of it
W. D. Sult, Druggist, B
nose bleed; that Marple had told him here is verv strong; so strong that the
Having Bought the—
he had been engaged in robberies in writer would hardly feel sale in express­ fles: “I can recommend Electric Bitters as
Portland anil that he once sand-bagged ing bis belief that woman’s suffrage is the very best remedy. 1 Ivery bottle sold
a man; that he accused Bert Eastman not wholly productive of blessings. has given relief in every case. One man
and several others of the murder; that Colfax is nominally a prohibition city, took six bottle'«, and was cured of r’*euma-
Marple had advised him to send the but only nominally such. Local option tisrn of 10 years’ stan< ing.” Abraham
detective home ; that he was doing no was carried here, but has since been Hare, druggist. Bellville Ohio, affirms:
Bnsines« of Logan Bros. A Hender­
declared unconstitutional. So the liq­ ‘ The best selling medic •ine 1 have ever
good in Lafayette.
handled in mv 20 vears ex perience, is Elec-
son. 1 am ready to do all kinds of
Several oihe.r witnesses were called uor traffic is in full blast, and its evils trie
Bitters " Thousand of others hava
but their evidence was of the same char­ are apparent. This is an illustration of added their testimony, s< that the verdict
and Delivering
the fallacy of prohibitory laws and is unanimous that Elcctr e Bitters do cure Trucking
acter as that given above.
Marple was then brought in and testi­ whisky jmiges. The writer believes, all disease* of the liver, kidneys or blood.
—At Any Time.—
fied that he often was in Mr. Corker’s however, that such prohibition as we Only a half dollar a bottle? at Rogers A
Delivery Wagon Always Ready
store; swore positively that he was not have here is preferable to none, in as Todd's drug »tore.
in there the div before the murder; that much as every saloon is known to be
Give Mr a Trial.
he did not see Mr. Haney in there; that open in violation to the expressed will
he did not see Mr. Houston in there;
that he had not been in the store for necessity, in ill repute.
Great excitement has lieen caused in the
several days before the murder; that he
Perhaps a few quotations of prices vicinity <if Paris, Tex., by the remarkable
did see Corker change money for a far­ paid here for common necessities, would recovery of Mr. J. E. Corley, who was so
mer once; that he did not come down help our old friends to appreciate the helpless he could not turn in bed, or raise
town Monday before noon; that he had blessings that flow so freely in old Yam-
his head; everybody said he was dying of
been sent to jail once for striking man hiil. Wood, pine. $5 to $7 per cord, ap­ consumption.
A trial lx»tt!e of Dr. King’s
with his fist: that he had never been in ples, 2(85 cents per pound, potatoes 1 New Discovery was sent him. Finding re­
Next U> Yamhill County Bank.
the penitentiary; that he knew he had a cent per pound, and all other fruits and lief, He bought a large bottle and a box of
bad reputation.
His evidence was vegetables high in proportion, No hard Dr. Kings New Life Pills; by the time he M> M i . xxvili . k
somew hat contradictory and he coriect- woo 1 to be had at any price, Verily, bad taken two boxes of pills and two bottle*
ed himself several times.
this country is not much like Webfoot
__ ____ ! of the Discovery, l;e was well and had The Largest and Finest Stock ever brought
to Yamhill County.
After this the inquest adjourned until And now while the valley is probably gained in flesh thirty-six pounds.
Trial bottles of this Great Discovery for
9 o’clock to-day, when other witness«« getting hack into her element, and wat­ Consumption
will be examined, among whom is a er flows freely and mud flies abundant­
man who will testify that Marple was ly, here the days are bright, the skies
sent to the penitentiary at one time for are blue and the du«t blows in clouds, physicians
laid; Neuralgia was the i»ravcr
stealing a Watch. It is probahi« the in­ School» are prospering, chid mornings <»f a deuaaMwl
nerve for healthy blooo. Vse
Price» to the Bedrock.
vestigation will continue for »eve:al are corning, Colt <x is booming and her Gilmore’s Aromatic Wine fur die blood.
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