The Telephone=register. (McMinnville, Or.) 1889-1953, August 06, 1886, Image 1

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Publi» and Proprietors.
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$2 (X)
^urnson'i Building. McMinnville. Oregon.
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as second-class mutter.
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Th" man who in these days buys trees
tition of it».<>
from the tree jieddler deserves to be
Now the bonny, blithesome bonnet.
With the tu ry flowers upon 11
She il wear unto the quiet ehuiVas on 8unnj
And she’’.1 mark the envious glances
From the wives her hat entrances,
those whose husbands bonnet-bills have
not the cush to pay.
Oh! she’ll pretend she's praying,
VVInle unto herself she’s saying.
~I know that Mrs. J. would like to have a hat
like mine!
And I Know that Mrs. Denvy
Is just dying with her envy,
And wishes that her bonnet was Just similarly
“But Pin really not attending
'Io the service, and ’tis ending:
I’ll h*e me homeward now unto dear Charlie,
and we'll dine.
And I’ll send to Mrs. Denvy,
For she's poor, and green with envy!
A charming Easter bonnet costing just as
much as ini lie! ”
[She really sent it.]
ess in th- !
Rome families of Jerseys are no better
than ‘scrubs,’’ and a poor Jersey bull in
rstaiul that j a neighborhood will spoil the reputation
th of their I
of the breed.
health and
Bakota farmers are growing flax for
same time
fuel this summer. It is said a ton of
the reault
sickness di
flax straw is worth more to burn than a
ton of soft coal.
11 a feoU*j|
It is remarked that “the
various de-
-*iis remaraeu linn
me various en­
tails and processes in dairying may be
cojnpared to a chain which is no stronger
ion, andi
than the weakest link.”
I or drink
of nerve
The cultivation of any crop that will
ver enough
completely shade the land, such as cab­
food, then
bage squash, corn-fodder sown thick,
•ine. And
will kill every root of witch grass in one
¡e nervom
the combi
, protagoa I
Counterfeit butter if ruled out of all
K E ss EXCI,
the public institutions of Paris by the
a prop«
for feebit I authorities, it having been found not to
• reinedj.'B satisfactorily fill the place of butter with
r bottle ul the sick.
: WoodariS
Small chickens should never be kept
or fed with old ones; they are ant to be
injured. Have two or three yards and
rural separate
Iron cui
aeparate them according to size and
' 'Clean out all the rose bushes by tak­
md itchiml ing away the old wood and then shorten­
•st cases« ing the stronger shoots one-third. The
I suiter tas growth and appearance will be greatly
i Pile
improved thereby.
he itchi
jig Young chickens need animal food.
ly for Pi
When it fails to do them good it is in
rid noth
flpnsojuence of the common fault of
d by 1
of price,
over-feeding. Thev cannot bear large
rations of rich food.
». Early gardening lengthens the grow­
ling season and permits at times of two
crops on the same land, as turnips may
follow peas, and time is thereby gained
tot putting in late crops.
'Do not plant the stumps of calibage to
grow seed from. You may thereby get
cabbage seed that cost nothing, but like
most other things got without expense it
will be worth even less than it costs.
England buys $19,252,884 out of the
$20,805,824 worth of bacon .we export; of
hams, $2,455,980 worth out of the $3,231,-
509 ; nearly half of the $.3,462,538 of pork
nething be and
about one-third of our surplus iard.
^Hybrid ]>er|>etual loses should be well
pruned back and old or weak shoots i
mould be cut out entirely. The strong
shoots should not be left longer than
three or four buds or joints from the
. • ,C!ows which give most and richest milk
need most careful feeding, and excessive
stimulation of milk glands causes garget,
and often milk fever. Many a valuable
Jersey cow has been destroyed by trying
to force an unnatural butter yield.
£■ Vegetable and animal lives in no way
differ in principle; there is a perfect
analogy between the two. All plants pos­
sess real life—they eat, drink, feel, sleep,
breathe and secrete—in short, perform
NeuraM ¿11 the functions of supply, repair, de-
velopment and reproduction.
e.,rtf. H
■ e \ tm
When more or less moss is seen on
re . id - j
fruit trees it may be taken as evidence of
lack of thrift in the trees. Flourishing,
growing trees should not carrv this mark
«decay. Asa remedy, and to stimu­
late vitality, it is recommended to scrape
<ff the moss and wash the bark with
eak lye.
». i
r in
The best varieties of lettuce for sum-
use ore the yellow butter and the
White summer cabbage. In a deep.
^Bfell-enriched soil they stand the heat
•ell and remain for a long time in a con­
ition for use. These varieties form
irge heads, and on this account are ob-
sctionable to some persons.
English farmers first learned the bene-
cial effects of phosphate on turnips. It
s equally good for cabbage either in seed
>ed or after transplanting. For cabbage
|t has a specific effect in preventing the
Hisease called club root, which is apt to
prevail where cabbages are grown more
Ehan one year on the same land.
[ Profit in farming consists in devoting
.most of your land to grass and stock; in
nnaking large quantities of manure, and
applying it to a small portion of culti-
ivated land, giving high cultivation. In
■this way more grain, roots, &c., will be
»raised one year with another than can be
fl I
[raised on the whole farm by the usual
[skimming and half cultivating process.
[Here is success in a nutshell. Your
[farm and pocket will grow fat; no mis­
stake about it.
Insects in the hen house increase very
rapidly during the hot days in summer.
[When a hen spends much of her time
[picking and nibbling among her feath­
ers, she is afflicted with parasites, and
I needs immediate attention. Lime wash
i and kerosene are the two cheapest and
most reliable insecticides for use in the
henhouse. They should be used liber-
, ally. For setting hens Persian insect
I powder, sprinkled among the feathers
and in the nest, is safer than oil, lard or
[ sulphur. It is also used for laying hens
if applied after they have gone to roost
in the evening
The population of Wheeling, W. Va.,
was increased by 1335 persons during
the past year.
Tho Solemn Scenes Witnessed in
the Churches of Munich.
A rosy Hush, a deeper glow, then
warm, golden sunlight blest the morn­
ing hour in Munich, Bavaria, on one
Good Friday preceding Easter, that day
of days in Germany. From the early
hour of four o'clock the streets had
been filled with pedestrians, but the
scene was unfamiliar. A noticeable
air of inattention to surrounding
worldly objects, a look of deep solemn­
ity, and even sadness, characterized
the countenances of the people, as with
prayer-books in hand they hurried on to
pay their devotions in the various
churches. The women who at that
early hour were daily seen with laden
market-baskets, from which usually
protruded fish and soup-bones, were
r.ot then thus equipped; fqr the peopie
were not to break their fast until the
sun had set. None staggered under
the weight and height erf enormous
loads of fuel. The rugged old milk­
woman, who, with her two bla< k goats
and clumsy wooden-wheeled wagon,
rattled over the pavement each morn­
ing with music of wooden shoes and
rattling tin cans, had relinquished her
accustomed employment, and, exchang­
ing her long whip for devotior 1 book,
joined the worshippers.
“How very odd !t seems,” said a
petite, piquant American girl to her
two companions, as, having made hasty
toilets they gazed out into the street
upon the throng.
"Why, actually, here is the proprie­
tress of the itinerating lacteal char­
iot, not in her bright red dress and
white cap, but in some dark stuff, actu­
ally unaccompanied by her goats. Do
you know, they say she leaves her
goats, enters, says her praters and
comes out to find her steeds patiently
waiting? And here, to-day, she is even
going to do better than that. What
are we? Why tarry we here idle?”
“Pagans, real heathens, if we don't
soon join their ranks,” replied the
other maiden, and so it came to pass
the joyous girls and their staid auntie,
as chaperone, sallied forth to gaze upon
what were to so many people solemn
First, they made their way through
Marion Platz to the exceedingly beau­
tiful Allerheiligen Kirche, or Court
Chapel. Stepping from the dazzling
sunshine outside, its darkness seemed
really sepulchral. From pavement to
ceiling the walls were draped in som­
bre folds of black with gilt festoons.
Innumerable waxen tapers glimmered
and dispelled the darkness. At the
farthest end of the room was a sepul­
cher or cave, representing a tomb hewn
out of solid rock. In the center was a
•pace or opening, in which lay an im­
age of wax representing the body of
Christ. The tomb was covered with
green leaves, plants and wreaths, with
white and scarlet flowers in great pro­
fusion. Over the tomb were two life
size silver angels, with beauteous shin­
ing wings.
At the two ends of the grave were
stationed two soldiers, with large silver
helmets or hats. They wore uniforms
of pure white, trimmed with light blue,
long white gauntlet gloves covered
their hands, in which they held long
spears upright, so motionless and im­
moveable that it was only after the
closest scrutiny that they were recog­
nized as of real flesh ami blood. These
guards were relieved from duty every
two hours by two others who were the
exact counterparts of the preceding
ones. The atiUMM “f a death chamber
prevailed, save when some poor peni­
tent souls, overburdened with grief,
gave vent to their feelings by audible
wails and moans. A feeling of contri­
tion, devotion and awe, crept over the
throng, and became inseparable from
the hour and the place, and as our
American party emerged from the
sacred precincts, the quizzing, saucy
eyes of the younger ones were dimmed,
ami the chaperone, with reverent look,
carried not as she entered her “Baed­
eker” prominently, but, almost uncon­
sciously yielding to the spirit of the
place, bad stowed it away beneath the
folds of her mantle.
Feelings of interest as well as of curi­
osity determined the trio of sight-seers
to do as every one seemed to be doingr,
and visit as many of the churches as
practicable, and ere long at the Fraun
Kirche, in the subdued light, there
were listening with thoughtful faces
and rapt attention to the “Miserere,"
which was very impressively sung bv a
choir of altar boys m the gallery. The
youngest of the party, as her cameo­
like face made a light silhouette against
the dark, massive carvings of the wall
•nd the high-backed, antiquely-carved
NO. 16
chair in which she sat, with a ray of
light falling full upon her from a high­
ly-colored window, and with the won­ IVhal Manual Training Will Do For the A Captain Tells How Easy It la to Sink a 4 Type of Americans Remarkable For
Young Men of the Country.
Powerful Vessel.
drous melody filling all about her,
Their Language anil Habits.
An exhibition has recently been held
Captain McKay, of theCunard steam­
seemed the veritable St. Cecelia in
When the railway was first opened
in New York City, under the auspices ship Catalonia, has made some startling
Ludwig’s Kirche was tne next one of the Industrial Education Association, statements concerning [collisions at sea, through this region a young man es­
tablished a fruit store at one of the
visited. In the recess over the tomb
which has brought the subject of the which are particular pertinent now. He ttations, and as part of his stock laid
therein three hundred and eighty
manual training of young people more has followed the sea thirty years, in a bunch of bananas. One day a na-
lights, set in shape of crowns, besides
dozens of colored lights below. Hashed prominently before public attention twelve of which he has passed in the live mountaineer entered, Arrange-
than any amount of pamphlet literature Cunard service, and consequently has nients generally struck him with sur-
and shone.
At St. Boniface the grave was the could possibly have done,’for by show­ had considerable experience. On be'ng prise, but every thing else was soon
most elaborate of any of the churches. ing what the children have already ac­ asked if it was possible for a wooden
It was surmounted with beds of flowers, complished, the possibilities of the fu­ vessel of small size to cause a danger­ forgottou in an adhesive contemplation
of the mighty aggregation of fruit.
tropical plants, and a flowing fountain, ture are conclusively demonstrated.
ous break in an iron steamship, he re­ Finally he turned away with this note:
while far back in the tomb lay an im­
The exhibit was made up of individual plied:
age of Christ.
“Why, bless vou. yes. It all depends “Blame me if them ain't the darnedast
contributions and of collections sent
Ten churches were visited by our from the different industrial schools upon how she is struck. Every vessel, beans / ever seen!”
party that day, in each of which was thnoughout the country. They included no matter how strong, has her weak
While here we hud occasion to ex­
found an elaborately prepared Holy i very department of labor—drawing, places, and if she is struck in a certain tend our acquaintance with native
Grave or “Heilige Graver,” and an nllpliling, wood and metal working, re- way she is badly damaged. You would types. Two young men came to the
impressive service with devout wor­ i pousse and leather work, printing em- be surprised to know how small an ob­ hotel, bringing a bag of small, hard
shippers, devotees who, from early brd'.dery, sewing and even plain cooking. ject will do a serious injury to a steam­ peaches to sell. Slim, slab-sided,
morn till eve, with but slight intermis­ Competition for the prizes was limited er. A barrel of lieef, weigliingtwo hun­ stomachless and serene, mild and mel­
sions, as they went from church to to pupils under fifteen years of ago and dred pounds, if striking a steamship in
ancholy, they might have been lotus-
church, knelt on cold stone floors with­ to those living within twenty miles of her vulnerable parts when she is mov­
eaters, only the suggestion of poetry
out breaking their fast.
New York.
Many of the most com­ ing nt full speed, will plow right through was wanting, and they had probably
The next day had little to distinguish plete educational exhibits, however her side. So will a floating spar, or never tasted any satisfying plant what­
it from other days save at nightfall, but came from cities at some distance, thos [ even a buoy. A schooner, such as the
Their unutterable content
our party, interested with the scenes
one that struck the Oregon, would cut came not from opiates, but from their
of the previous day, planned another from the industrial schools of Philadel­ into a frigate or a line-of-battle ship. If souls. If they could sell their peaches
phia, Chicago, Worcester, St. Louis.
tour of the churches.
the Oregon had liit the schooner stem they would be happy. What they
Confessional boxes were all filled New Haven and Cleveland being par­ on she would have gone completely
could not sell they Could as well eat,
apparently, being closed, save one far
over the sailing vessel and scarcely and since no bargain was made on this
down the aisle. Into that our venture­ the different steps in manual education started the paint on the steamer. The
some maiden sacrilegiously entered. and showed a thorough systematizing Oregon when loaded weighs roughly occasion they took chairs on the hotel
veranda, opened the bag and fell to.
It was a little box, with barely space that promises the most gratifying re­ nine
when One of us tried to catch the mental at­
thousand tons, and
The New York
for om to kneel beside a partition. A sults for the future.
you put eighteen million pounds titude of the Benjamin of his tribe,
small iron grating, about one foot public schools were not very well rep­ in
square, was inserted in the wall on a resented, but the exhibits from many of of nineteen miles an hour, something while the other studied his bodily pose.
“Is that a good 'coon dog?”
level with the penitent’s face, when the private institutions were worthy of breaks if it encounters an obstruction.
"I mighty good 'coon dog. I hain't
This was particu­
kneeling. On exploration intent, the thoughtful study.
1 remember several years ago, when I never seed him whipped by a varmint
visitor knelt, to peer into the apart­ larity the case in the display of mechan­ was in command of the Batavia, that yet.
ment beyond, when the voice of a Fa­ ical and engineering models.
“Are there many'coons in this coun­
Few men of the present untrained one morning about four o’clock we
ther Confessor, in close proximity was
struck a fishing schooner on the banks. try?”
heard saying: “Well, daughter, I am generation could compete with these We we”' clean over her. and the officer
"Several ’coons.”
ready," as standing with bowed head, boys of fifteen years and under, in the of the deck said that he could scarcely
“Is this a good year for’coons?”
he awaited her confession, which came accuracy and finish of their wonk. The feel the jar.
The passengers never
“A mighty good year for 'coons.
not, for ignominiously she had turned Gfamercy Park Industrial School ex­ knew of it until we told them at break­
hibited a very fine model of a suspen­ fast in the morning. The schooner The woods is full o’ varmints."
and fled.
“Do 'coons eat corn?”
At the Theatiner Kirche there was a sion bridge, made from full-sized draw­ went to the bottom in no time, but we
“’Coons is bad as hogs on corn,
dungeon-like place, with an iron gate ings at a scale of one-sixteenth of an did not st rt a bolt.
Had she struck us
and fence, which was called "All inch to the foot. This was the work of just right she would have disabled us. when they git tuk to it.”
“Are there many wild turkeys in this
Souls’ Gate.” On a shrine just inside, seven boys, all under fifteen, and se­ Now, the Oregon was struck amidship,
was an image of the Virgin Mary and cured first prize. A very perfect little right at her coal-bunker, and that was her country?”
“Several wild turkeys.”
Christ. The face of the Virgin wore a model of a stone-cutting machine, made weak place. Going at the rate of speed
"Have you ever caught many
most agonized expression, in her hand by one of the pupils of the Amateur she was, and meeting such solid resist­
was a very beautiful lace handker­ 'I ««clinical Uniou, and designed to show ance, something had to give. She filled ’ccons?”
“I’ve cotched high as five 'coons out
chief, which incongruous as it Beemed the manner of dressing marble, sand­ amidship, and when she sank, falling to
to be, had been placed there by some stone and other of the softer building such a depth and striking on her bow, o’ one tree.”
“Are there many foxes in this coun­
devotee. The face of the Christ im­ stones, was awarded the second prize in the weight of water broke her back, par-
The exhibits of the i tibularly as she was already weakened try?”
age was so disfigured and almost de­ this department.
"Several foxes.”
void of paint, that it was simply hide­ Hebrew Technical Institute and the by the collision.
“What’s the best way to cook a
ous. Out of that room was another Yottkers public schools also contained
“Our rules about a lookout at night ’coon?”
iron gate opening into a cell dark as much that was ingenious in the way of are very strict, and had the schooner
“Ketch him and parbile him, and
The ex­ been provided with proper i'glits I do
night. It is supposed that all souls on models and mechanical toys.
their way to the better land pass that hibition was open for a week, and was I not think the aecideut, would have hap­ then put him in cold water and soak
him, and then put him in and bake
dolorous way. A number of very des­ I I wrToessed bv at least seven thousand pened.
Tiie report says she showed a
The bulk of the unsold con­ white light, and if this was so she was him.”
olate, poverty-stricken mortals knelt persons.
“Are there many hounds in this
there, with iheir faces pressed close to tributions has been transferred to the doing what she had .no right to do.
the iron gate, and with tears streaming training school of the Industrial Asso­ Only steamers carry a white light, and country?”
“Several hounds.”
from their eyes, prayed fervently for ciation, and will form the nucleus of a that at the mast-head.
They have also
Here, among other discoveries,
discoveries. was
the souls of friends of whom they bad permanent exhibition. Arrangements a red light on the port and a green light
been recently bereaved. One poor old have already been made for similar ex- on the starboard side. Sailing vessels a linguistic one—the use of "several"
crone, bent with age and toil, with face | hibitions in several neighboring cities. carry only the side lights. It is a in the sense of a great mauy, probably
an innumerable multitude, as in ths
and figure expressive of the deepest | It is confidently believed that this move­ singular fact
the majority
suffering, moaned continuously, until ment for the manual training of Ameri­ of collisions at sea occur just before day­ case of the 'coons.
It appears that in part they are
our St. Cecelia dropped several coins can citizens, which has pushed its wav break. One of the reasons for this is
into her hoary palm, when the poor in the face of so much opposition anil that the side lights, which are lit at sun­ sprung from the early hunters who
creature’s gratitude became as out­ indifference, is now established on a set, begin to burn dim toward morning. came into the mountains when gams
spoken as the gift was unexpected. firm foundation, and by making in- On vessels where the discipline is not was abundant, sport unfailing, living
Following the benefactor upon her j dustrial education a recognized feature very strict there is the feeling that day­ cheap. Among them now are stilL
knees, she, in her curious patois, reite­ in our public school system, will give light will soon come, and it is not worth hunters, who know the haunts of bear
rated her thanks, and told her bow she us a generation of skilled native me­ while to trim or replenish the lights just and deer, needing no dogs. They even
now prefer wilu meat—even “ ’pos­
had lost her only son, her stay and chanics^— Midland Industrial Gazette.
for an hour or so, and they are allowed sum” and “ ’coon" and ground-hog -
support, and that the poor pittance she
to burn low, or even go out. There is to any other. In Bell County I spent
could earn, did not enable her to pay
where the danger comes in, and, as I the day in the house of an aged wom­
for masses for the repose of his soui.
They Disappear«-«! Before the Encroach- sa d before, the majority of ocean col- an—eighty years old, in fact—who
Radiantly she exclaimed: "I have
I sions happen just before day-break,
input of the White Man.
was a lingering representative of a
enough. He will be saved; I shall say
I think the Catholics are right in iso­ and are largely attributable to neglected nearly extinct type. She had never
a prayer for you many times.”
side lights. The officer in charge of the
The active duties of the day being lating their converts. To teach a Kana­ Oregon could easily have avoided the j been out of the neighborhood of her
concluded, the people, as with one con­ ka and then send him back to his tribe, schooner had he seen her, and she would birth, knew the mountains like a gar­
sent, turned their thoughts to the one is simply to give him new powers for have lieen seen had her lights been in den, had whipped men in single-
great coming evening event of the mischief. He will throw off his clothes, proper c< dition. Captain Cottier is a handed encounter, brought down many
a deer and wild turkey with her own
evening—the Resurrection, not a single
most thorough seaman, and has been in
one in some chosen, highly favored kill somebody to prove his mettle, and the Cunard service for fourteen yea' s. rille, ami now, infirm, had but to sit in
tomb, but, as the attending Italian use the skill that you have developed in I succeeded him in the command of the her cabin-door and send her trained
Count expressed it: “They will have circumventing his neighbors. I am Catalonia. He has made many trips to dogs into the depths of the forests to
resurrections all over town to-night.”
speaking of the wilder islands which are this port, and has a host of friends in discover the wished-for game: a fiercer
woman I never looked on.— Janies
At the Court Chapel there was a still in the tribal state.
The Hawaii Boston. These unfortunate occurrences
procession in which the King appeared. group has passed out of that; the Samo­ will happen, and all wo sailorscan do is l.ane Allen, in Harper's Magazine.
A dense crowd waited for over four
to pray that we may bo kept out of such
hours. Carriage after carriage rolled an is passing out of it, the process being scrapes.”— Boston ’Transcript.
up to the gateway, and deposited the
Farmers can raise their teams
nobility who were to occupy the gal­
leries. At length music was heard, England, America and Germany, in
Watson Haney, a negro ferryman cheaper than they can buy them.—
and through a window in the passage,
classically known as Sharon, was ar­
between the palace and chapel, the Tribes are always at war with one an­
— Fig Cake: Make an ordinary laver
raigned before court.
procession was seen. It seemed to other, till one has so thoroughly got the
cake. Stew the figs until tender, then
consist of priests arrayed in the most upper hand as to make all resistance
lay them between the thin cakes. — Bos­
ton Budget.
gorgeous embroidered robes. They hopeless; and the labor traffic keeps up charged with a grave offense."
“Whut’s dat, jedge?”
entered the church and the service be­ this state of constant war.
— Amateur jo'ners may derive com­
“You know very well what it is, fort from the knowledge that nails aud
gan. What were the further exercises are sold to the "black birders,” whom
there, none save the royal family or tho High Commissioner seems more committing an assault upon Harvey screws, if rubbed with a little soap are
those who had friends at court, was powerless to check than v are the Peters.”
easily driven into hard wood.
captains of cruisers in the days when
“W’y, jedge, dat wuz all er joke.
privileged to know.
—Apple Tapioca Pudding: Pare and
Pay­ Me an’dat man is alius progicin' wid
After a time the people passed out, they could act independently.
core enough apples to fill a dish; put
entered their carriages and were driven ment is always in muskets, powder each uder. He broke dis neah laig into each apple a bit of lemon peel.
away. Those who then secured a being a sort of small change: and wars wunst an’ I didd't think nothin’ o' it Soak one-haft pint topioca in one quart
glimpse of the interior, saw that all are therefore far more exterminating ’ca'se I knowed dat it wuz only a ot lukewarm water one hour; add a
than they were when men had no joke."
was dark and the grave empty.
little salt: flavor w th lemon; pour over
From the New
"Yes, but after you had broken his api les. Bake until apples are tender.
The following morning the sun rose weapon but a club.
bright and beautiful, but already the Hebrides come the best workers, and arm you stuck a knife into him."
Eat when cold with cream and sugar.
“Yas, sah, but dat wuz all er joke. — The Household.
churches were radiant with light. there the drain has been so severe that
Flowers, beauteous, fragrant ana in
—In cloudy weather grass dries but
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