The Oregon register. (Lafayette, Yamhill County, Or.) 18??-1889, November 02, 1888, Image 6

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Last Wednesday 8upt. Downing,
of the Oregon penitentiary, received
■ i
F eask 8. H ashing , P ublisher . from Washington the pardon of a
United States prisoner confined
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1888. there since 1885. “After reciting
the reasons for granting the par-
don,” says the Stateeman, “the pres­
ident concludes: ‘Now, therefore,
F ob P resident ,
be it known that I, Grover Cleve­
Grover Cleveland,
land, president of the United States
Of New York.
of America, in consequence of the
F ob V ice -P resident ,
premises, divers other good and suf­
Allen G. Thurman,
ficient reasons me thereunto mov­
Of Ohio.
ing, do hereby grant to the said
Robert Maher a full and uncondi­
tional pardon of the unexecuted
The question of extending the
portion of his sentence.’ Then fol­
narrow gauge railroad from Airlie
lows the signature, ‘Grover Cleve­
to Yaquina bay is now being agi­
land,’ in the president’« characteris­
tated by farmers and business men
tic chirography. The form of the
of Polk county. Their object in
I pardon was evidently made out by
bringing this project to the notice of
the publio is to secure concert of a clerk; but its wording doesen’t
seem to have suited the presidential
action on the part of all interested.
idea of finished 1 diction, for the
Tbe advantages to be gained by the
words ‘of the unexecuted portion of
farmers and shippers along this
his sentence,’ did not itypear in the
line are worthy of thoughtful atton»
original, but are added by an inter­
tion. San Francisco is the real
lineation of Cleveland’s own writ­
produee market of the whole Wil-
ing. No better example of his well
lalnette valley, and any scheme
known scrupulous attention to the
that promises to reduce the freight
details.of the minor affairs of his
on that produce should receive sub­
great office could be afforded.” It
stantial encouragement by those
has ever been President Cleveland’s
J ho hope to be benefitted thereby.
rule to see that all things are just
oik county is not alone interested
right before they leave his hands.
in this scheme to reduce freight
charges and save money to the
There is no tariff on the laboring
)x>ckets of farmers and others; man’s sweat. There is no tariff on
Yamhill is not too far off to receive the importation of men who come
a fair share of these savings, and it into open competition with the Amer­
would be a good move to join the ican workingmen. The capitalist
friends of Polk in giving this project goes into the open markets of the
a good start. A public meeting to world and employs the labor at the
lie held at Dallas at a future day is lowest price for the American wage
lieing urged, and an invitation will earner stands in the open market
bp extended to all who ma/ be in­ with the million of men who are
terested to attend and take part in seeking a livelihood, and there is no
the deliberations. There is not a tariff that protects him.— Corvallie
fanner or merchant in the southern Time».
I>ortion of this county who should
not interest himself in this matter, » Senator Stanford, of California,
and an opportunity is now given to who is one of the owners of the
manifest such interest An ex­ Southern Pacific railroad System,
change of views on this subject is contends that there are less desir­
invited through the columns of this able classes in our midst than the
Chinamen, and points to Irishmen.
Every wdtkinginan should stand by
Cleveland and the Scott exclusion
Tbe republicans following the cue law, and do so nextTuesday.
of Blaine are toiling that Secretary
of Treasury Fairchild is depositing
pulic nionoy in banks controlled ex­
The World has never beliqyed
clusively by democrat«.
There that a secretary of the treasury
could not be a more silly and stupid should have the power to handle an
thing told. In the first place there enormous surplus at his discretion.
is not nearly so much public money
But congress has given the secre­
in private hands now as there was tary this authority, and by refusiug
* under the administration of Presi­ to stop the accumulation of a sur­
dent Arthur; in the second place it plus has -forced that official to
is not true that there is any partial­ adopt the only two ways open to
ity shown on account of politics, him for releasing somo of the
race, color or previous condition of money, as the sole alternative to a
The Indiana Sentinel financial panic.
shows that there are at the present
Mr. Blaine criticises Secretary
time 81,141,000 of government mon­ Fairchild for depositing s.ome of the
eys on deposit in national bank« in surplus in national banks, where it
thatstate, of which amount 8802,000 “druws no interest." Mr. Blaine is
are deposited in four “republican nothing if not disingenuous. He
banks,” tho balance, 8279,000 are
knows that the money could not
in two “democratic banks.” Any earn interest for tho government
national bank in this country can anywhere. He knows that the sec­
get a deposit of government money retary has bought Bince April bonds
by making the proper application to the amount of over 873,000,000,
and furnishing the required security. paying 813,000,000 in. premiums-
Let the truth be told, and keep tar­ And he knows, for Secretary Fair­
iff reform in mind.
child has so stated, that the money
Judge Thurman, notwithstanding deposited was given to any bank
the misgivings of the republicans, that would put up the security for
has stood the trials and excitement it, irrespective of politics and with­
of a very lively and interesting out partiality.
John Sherman, when secretary
campaign remarkably well. He
has made speeches in several states, of the treasury, deposited "tn desig­
and held receptions without num­ nated banks—almost wholly repub­
ber. It is fair to presume that in lican—a third more than Secretary
the event of hie electioHlhe United Fairchild has now placed within
»States senate will have the pleasure reach of business men. Did Mr.
of his presence for the full term. Blaine object then? Never a word!
There is hardly a doubt, however, —N. Y. World.
of the election of Cleveland and
Why this enterprise, so important
The cry that the war tariff is
to the people of thia city, has not
ttill in force is boeh. The tariff
been completed many years ago,
has been revised several times since
we suppose is owing to the compar­
the war closed. It may need furth­
atively undeveloped condition of the
er reduction. “ If it does, it must be
country through which it is to pass,
reduoed along protection instead of
and to the fact that the main line
free trado lines.— O. C. Enierpriee.
was sufficient for the accommoda­
The revisions since the war have
tion of all. But the rapid way ip
generally been in the interest of the
which this region i« filling up with
--t classes and against the masses.
people makes the demand for the
Now it is proposed to change the
completion of that division very
programme and give the people a
urgent, and now that the 0. & C. is
__ _______
in the hands of the Southern Pa­
Judging from President Cleve- cific it is probable that so small
laiul’s own words, we gather that he and yet so important a gap in their
a for taking the duty off from raw road will be closed in a short time.
materials and from articles that go In fact, we believe, and have cause
to build a single ship—a departure to believe, that in the early spring
hich would convert America into the work of completing the division
formidable competitor of this will commence, and that by the
, both in shipbuilding and first of July next, it will be brought
trade.— London to a junction with the main line at
this place. It is sure to come, and
itor DeYoung said last June that within a few months, and when
h Harrison’s Chi­ it does come it will inaugurate a
carry the Pacific season of prosperity for thia city
such as no place in the Willamette
Tmxe Orearon. ZRea^ster
A writer addresses a letter to the I i (From our ItogularCo»rMpood«»t.)
Salem Stateeman, which we take
W ashington , Oct. 19, 1888.
pleasure in reprinting as follows: , > Representative 8. 8. Cox made a
I note you declare your favorite personal explanation in the house
I, the undersigned, will sell at Public
project of * woolen mill at Salem regarding the charge made by the Auction at my farm, three railed west of
would be destroyed by the election New York Tribune that he had Amity, cn
Saturday, Nov. 3, 18S8,
of Cleveland. Others familiar with been sending campaign documents,
the business hold contrary opin­ other than portions of the Cougret- The following desribed property, to-wit?
One wagoo; 1 binder; 1 Champion
ions. Jesse Metcalf of the Woon­ tional Record, through the mails
mower; 1 4-«ection iron harrow; 2 plows: *
socket mills, Providence, Rhode
; 1 hack; 1 eart; 2 brood
under his frank. Mr. Cox pro­ mares; 4 drill
geldiugs; 3 two-year olds; 5
Island, is among the largest manu­
nounced his signature on the pack­ yearlings; 4 cows—one milch cow and 3
facturers of New England. Some
age in possession of the 7¥t&uge a dry; 5 calves; 6 brood sows; also 3 set
of the papers reported that he was forgery, and stated that he had work harness; 1 set hack harness; 1 set
single buggy harness, and other things
alarmed over the Mills bill, and had always been particular in franking too numerous to mention.
stated that he expected to reduce
documents, as he had opposed the
I have just received a Full and Complete Line of
the wages of his operatives if it
All sums under |10 cash in band; all
restoration of the franking privi­
passed. A frjend asked.-him to lege. Mr. Cox also read the report eunos over $10 a credit of twelve month«, these SHOES, guaranteed to be thie best and oheanest
a ithout interest, will be given on notes
in the market ALSO—A full line of C. M. Header
give the facts about the matter, and of the postoffice inspector, who with approved security.
I cut the following from his reply: made an investigation, which shows,
son & Co.’s Gents’ Boots and Shoes, and Ladies’ and
Misses’ Fine Shoes.
“I never said that I expected a first, that the indorsement of the
reduction of wages under- any cir­ name of 8. 8. -Cox was a forgery;
ftt X j X j X j U ste of
cumstances. I am certainly in favor
Qrtÿon. I
second, that 8. 8. Cox did not au­ Dayton,
of the Mills bill and of free wool. thorize the use of his name; third,
Under the present tariff we have that it did not appear that the
practically free trade in our spring package was authorized to be mailed
At Extremely Low Prices. ~
goods, and yet we continue to run, by anyone either at the national or
LovRget, Bed-rooa Seto, Spring Mat­
and at a small profit. With free state democratic, headquarters in
tresses, Tables, Chairs, Eto.
Ga.rltozi, Oregon,
wool and 40 per cent duty, we New York; fourth, that the investi­ A Complete Stock at Reasonable
should have all the protection that gation as to who forged the signa­ ___
’ p2fe8;
the most selfish'interest ought to ture of 8. 8. Cox is practically de­
ask for, and far more than the con­ feated by the attituds of the Tri­
ER. riant fnrninhed and estimate«
made on «hort notice.
10 23
sumers ought to grant us. More bune in refusing to deliver up the
than that wquld be a premium on package in which the forgery ap-
Are now receiving
ignorance and laziness.
• •
, pears. Mr. Cox then mentioned
in Ladle«. Mine.,
With free wool, we have not half the fact that- unfrankable matter
.nd Children*.
Bhoea.nd Slipper*
enough machinery -in this country had been sent through the mails
It carri*, thè And cheaper than can be
---- -
Beat Fitting Goode
obtained this side of
to supply the demand for goods, under the franks of Representatives
We keep constantly on hand
Portland. Give
and certainly we could not expect Hovey, of Indiana, and Kean, of 5
us a call. ,
lower wages with such an increased New Jersey, and Senator Quay.
-A. Tuargre Stoclr of
demand for labor as would result. Mr. Cox stated that he brought the
In the event of the passage of the matter before the house with a view
Mills bill I have promised the pres­ to having some action taken which
wher. Gent., Youth« .nd Bo», c.n find *njr-
4 ■
ident to erect a new mill, as I can would prevent this violation of tbe
thiog in boot, .nd .hoe. that you want; and
price, m low .. yon .re paying for poor cheap
conceive of no more profitable in­ franking privilege in the future.
good* that
mat you
yon h.»e
nave to
vo throw
turow .w.y «roi«re
before yvu
TU. viniaiu« ra ...».
I get th
well broke _ to - , your foot. Il^thebesf
................. / ♦ THE YAQUINA ROUTE
vestment for our stockholdes.”
Mr. Cox, who has just returned
-, ’ d
This is no campaign talk, but it from New York, is perfectly de­ Queensware,
is business by one who understands lighted with the political situation.
• *
— 1.1
the business he is talking about.
He said of New York: “The demo­
in Yamhill County.
In 1870, Senator Allison, of Iowa, cratic vote has largely increased by
Harris & Haney.
the author of the senate tariff bill the very heavy registration. It is
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
just reported to that body, was a impossible to predict majorities, but
Canned Goods
member of the ways and means Mr. Cleveland will have a good one.
committee of the house, and in a The vote will be much heavier than
In fact almost
speech upon the subject of the tariff in 1884. There will not be any ap­
spoke as follows:
preciable amount pf trading. Cleve­
225 Miles Shorter—20 hours less
Dear to the Feminine heart,, a nd
“I will say with regard to the land and Hill l^ilj getjllie full Vote,
time than by any other route..
duty on wool and woolens that I re­ the mayoralty squabble will not
O“First claw through paaseoger and freight
To man, woman or child'can be procured Portland and San Frttncisco line from Portland and all pointe in the Wil­
gard it not as an intentional fraud, hurt them.”
lamette valley to and from San Francisco.
but as operating as though it were
Senator George, who recently gave
a fraud upon the great body of the notice that he intended Sailing up
Time Schedule (except Sundays).
Ex pre** Trains Run Daily
, And all from One Firm, whose name
Albany. .1:30 ptnlLeave Yaquina 6:45 am
people of the United States. I al­ his motion to discharge the finance i« a warrant in itself of Fair Treatment BETWEEN PORTLAND AND SAN FRAN- Ixjave
Leave Corvallia 1:40 pMtLeaveCorvallhlOJS ata
Arrive Yaqulna5:30 pm|Ar.*ive Albany I1U0 an»
lude to the woolen tariff—a law. the comniittec from further considera­ and Square Dealing. Our
O de C. train* connectât Albany and Cor­
1« now in and we Portland LKATB
effect of which has been to materi­ tion of the bill providing for the use Coll Ctnplf
............ 7:00 pm San Francisco. .7:45 am vallis.
invite intending pur­ San Francisco. 8:05 pm| Portland.......... 10:50 am
above traîna connect at Y aquina with
ally injure the sheep industries of of hand presses only in the printing chasers to give us a call and nrnfl.
Local Passenger Daily, except Sunday. the Oregon Developement (,’o’a. Line of Steam-
Yaqniua and San ErancUco.,
this country.”
of government notes and securities,
Sailing Dates.
In the same speech Mr. Allison and to pass the bill, has announced taken in exchange for goods, for which Portland.......... 8:05 am Eugene. .2:40 pn>
we will pay all the market will justify.
Eugene............. 9:00 am (Portland.... ...S:45 pm
From Yaqoma. From San Fran.
remarked upon the home market that at the suggestion of the plate
Wil la me lie Ya P) Not 6th
Nov 1st 8 a m
R ot 18th
.Nov 12th 4 p m
idea as follows:
... «e
N<hn¡24 cb.
10 a Pf m .
printers he will allow the matter to --------------- 1------------------------------ 7----------
Tourist Sleeping WM.
ilia mette
Val .. ’y f
“But I am told that we must go over for the present.
For accommodation of Second "Class passen­ sailing dates without notice.
legislate so as to furnish a home
Senator Allison has offered a con­
gers attached to express trains.
N. B.—Pamengers from Portland and.all WH-
The O. Ac C. R. II. Ferry makes connection ame|te Valley Points can mako-close connec­
market for our agricultural pro­ current resolution for a congression­
with all the regular trains on the East Side Di­ tion with the traina of the Y aquina Kounat •
ducts, and that this can only be al recess from Saturday to Novem­
vision from foot of F street.
Albany or Corvallis, and if destined to 8an
Francisco, should arrange >.o arrive at Yaquina>
done by high tariff. . Anyone ex­ ber 19th. There are quite a num­
tbe evening before date of aall tig.
Jk .
Passenger and freight rates always the low*;
amining the subject will see that ber of senators who favor a regular
Between Portland and Corvallis.
eat. For infoimation, apply to Messrs- HUtM;
Mail Train, Daily except Sunday.
our agricultural products increase adjournment, but it is probable that
m ANACO, , Freight and Ticket Agent*,
and 202 Front street, Portland, Oregon; orU
more rapidly than trar population, the recess will be taken.
Pcrtland .
7Snam rt Joseph... .10 05 a m
St Joseph
10 05 a m Corrali!« ....12 25 p m Acting Gen’l. Frt. ft Paas. Agt., Oregon Pacifi*
so that if we do not export these
Corvall s .
130pm StJoMph.... 3 52 pm
It. R. Co , Corval is, Oregon.
• Secretary Vilas has found it'
. 3 52 p m Portland......... 6 15 p m
C. H. HASWELt, Jr.,
products in their natural condition, necessary to use some very plain
1 At Albany and Corvallis connect with trains Gen’l. Frt. ft Paas. Agt., Oregon Development
we must do so by converting them language to the sixty Sioux Indian
Co., Montgomery street, 8an Fratrtflfco, Cak
1 of Oregon Pacific.
Express Train, Daily excopt Monday
into manufactured articles, and ex­ chiefs, who have been in Washing­
port the Reticles. But this cannot ton nearly a week. They came here
Portland.......... 4*50 pmlMcMninnville. .8 00 pm
.......... 9 00 pm
be done under a high tariff, for «]; to state their objections to the
nations will buy manufaett:«.
Ast G F ft P Agt
M exican M usta . xq L iniment , Penetrai"
treaty by which it is proposed to
•jfcffiiiêi lai Wil if JBUirGTsTohdertv-. i ¡tv it «
ducts where they are the cb
sell 11,000,000 acres of their reserv­
and the nation selling lh<
¡4 ation. Their principal objection
w.ll.elected .tack ol Bio»*« .nd Tin­
ware,, nd propoM. to m H cheaper than any
will control the market. I his rule was that of the price—50 cents an houMln
the county. Every thing kept on hand,
repairing don. ..tiafsctorly, and wilhonl
excludes our highly taxed manu­ acre—was not enough. The presi­ end
factures, made from highly taxed dent then authorized Secretary Vi­ Bept.M, t-f.
O regon .
materials, from the markets of the las to say to them that if they L afayette ,
----------- f—
world, although we have natural would accept tbe treaty he would
advantages possessed by no other reoommend to congrcBS to so change
the act as to prescribe that »11
Mr. Allison proceeded to show land taken during the first three
Oregonian Railway, Vd, Line.
that the high duties on wool and years shall be paid for at the rate Lafayette,
woolens injured the sheep raiser as of 11 an acre; all inAbe next two
well as the manufactures, and that years 75 cents, and after that 50
Until further notice trains will
under the operation of those duties cents an acre. The Indians were
arrive and depart from Lafayette
mills engaged in manufacturing asked to accept or reject this pro­ Soap«. Comb, and lirruhe«. Tmaami, Boppor­ as follows, to and from Portland.
fine woolens “had been compelled position, but they refused to do ter.. Shoulder Brace. Fancy and Toilet Article.
4 L..T.
B-oke ud Stationary, Clock .nd Watha.,
P.rttoad....lHOaa Alrli.............. a m
to abandon business or manufacture either until they could consult their Elated and Gold Jewelry
UnndM .... 130pm Shendan Jo. 11 l(i a ■>
the coarsest fabrics.” Mr. Allison people. Secretary Vilas told them Patent MedlciM., eto., Family Medicine*.
GOODS WARRANTED AS BE PRESENTED BhtrMan Jun 3 39 p m Dundee... . 2 15 bib
woujd now increase a System of
AirUe(arriv) 8 25 p m Porthad (ar) 4 45 p tn
they must decide the matter or he
For faith*r information apply to the Com
taxation he then so vigorously- de­ would end the whole negotiation.
T. C. Steplxexxs,
oany’« Agent at Lafayette, or address General
nounced. The demands of the j Senator Cockrell, in his speech
o«ce. coraer Second & Pino 8to., Portland Ogn,
party are thus exacting, but they on the tariff, made the republicans
cannot destroy the truth or force of squirm as he poured vollies of sar­
casm into their ranks. In describ­
past utterances.
ing the republican tariff bill, which
proposes to increase some rates and
Zuatfasrett«, Oregrezu
reduce others, he called it a “double- Keep. • Arate I m . .torà of walehe.. clock»,'
edged sword, keen on both sides.
and ipMtaele. and Mito at nop recede*!
To cittaens of the Pacific state« Thore was a ‘fat’ to be ‘fried’ out of ¡.wolry
«1 lew prioee.
during the past week, and reported the manufacturers; those on whose Watoboa, Clock. And Jewslry repairing a apw
mlty—AU work warn.tod.
expressly for thia paper by C. A. goods the duties were raised were to
01». a. a oall.
Snow & Co., patent lawyer», oppos­ be forced to contribute to the repub­
ite U. 8. Patent office, Washington: lican campaign fund in order to
keep them up, and those on whose
Oregon—Wm. L. Gilson, McMinn­ goods the rates were reduoed, were
ville, grain separator; J. W. 8upre- also to be forced to contribute so as
nant, Astoria, out off sawing ma­ to have the rates increased.” He
chine; Samuel J. Myrick, Helix, charged that the bill, instead of be­ FEED AND BALE STABLE,
grain header. Washington terri­ ing pressed into its passage was
T. B. NELSON, Proprietor,
kept open with the object of thus
tory—W. A. Ladd, Colfax, whifflo- “frying tbe fat* out of tbe manufac­
I as rrwtnf io farntab
tree hook; L. O. Lander, Tacoma, turers.” “And rumor hath it,” he
jack; 8. J. Saxon, .Colfax, fence added, “that th« frying pan was carriages , 8 A ODLE HORSES. nans 8
poet. California—Patrick F. Dund- kept not far fron the room of the MS .Torythiog in the L-v.ryhir.-ta good .h.p i
•nd on short notice.
committee, so that
on, San Francisco, steam boiler; senate fina
I.B with a. win U m
when the man
go there to beta
of rara we .tteau*.
D. B. Rowland, Mt. Shasta, vibrat­
make their
they also
Good anti eenM Br'vaNMWtayaB,
y has ever bad before.—June- ing propeller for boats; G. W. 8Urr, have an opportunity to visit the fry­ T
” *** »rj*«1». on Jofcrere Strata
Ml. CM.
ing pan.”
General Merchandise
The Lafayette Shoe Store! LUBRICATING «
¿Oils! Oils! Oils!
Men’s, Boys’ and Youths*
Of all
Is the Place
And Furnishing Goods,
To go for Foot wear
Southern Pacific Company’s Lines
At Bedrock Prices,
Pullman Buffit sleepers.
Mustang Uniment
Narrow ßaoiB System.
J. M. Kelty,
Portland 4 Willamette Valley R’y
Watchmaker and Jeweler,