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How th« Baby Should Ba Looked After.
t /i
< The Result la Boeton.
Omaba Man (In Borton»—Will you pl«aM
tell me where I can •»» that statue ot SulU-
Borton Man-Sulliranl Sullivan! I b»
llove Gen. Kul^ran-----
“No, not that Sullivan. I mean"-----
“Ob, yea, tbe compoaer, Sullivan. Well, 1
haven't heani that any statue”—
“No, no. I mean Sullivan, the great Boo­
ton slugger, tbe one who met hu match in a
little bit ot an Englishman."
“Bag pardon, but if you stop to chat longer
I’ll b. late at till- meeting to ur range tor a
statue to Emerson."—Ouiaba World. -
■ ■■f
A Boelaly Ugkt. ,
“Brigsby would like to move in society,
wouldn’t bef"
“He doe» more in «ociety. I’ve »ren him
in the mo»efashionable parlor-in town.”
■Where wa» tbatC
“I mw him putting dowta carpet at Old-
boy Y r uidenoe the other day."—Nebraska
State Joa. ual
.......................... ....
" " 1 . .
■ ’■’V
Dominick McCaffery will not make any
matches in EuglaniL „
Captain Brewer, the American champion
shot, is defeating all comers in England.
George Hosftqer thinks Teenier the best
oarsman in the' world, and he regards Gau-
daur as a dangerous man when in condition.
4, Mike Cleary will go to San Francisco in
June to make a match with McAuliffe, the
heavy weight, wbo recently knocked 1‘uddy
Ryan cold.
Porter Ashe’s California stable will start
east in a few weeks. In it will come the
»-year old Kilgariff, of whom great things
are expected.
The regular racing season begins with New
Orleans, April 2. From that time on until
snow flies tbe gallopers will be chasing
Father Time around the tracks.
It is probable that Charlie Samuels, thf
crack Australian sprinter, who has defeated
Harry Hutchens and other fast oues, will go
to England the coining summer and race
Gent. Samuels < is a black man, a native ol
Capt. Bogard us. the champion wing shot
of the world, will not again compete fot
championship honors on account of advano
ing years. He has lieen champion of America
for seventeen years and champion of tbe
world UM» 188K——»------------- ------
j .
K .
s I I I
I I «
a I
Enthusiastic photographers are experi­
menting everywhere with tbe new magne­
sium powders, by which photographs of in­
teriors may be taken at night as well as by
day, so powerful is the light they emit when
Some of tbe heavenly bodies are incline^’,
to be fast. Meteorites sometimes attain a
velocity of 180,000 feet per second. When
pawing through the air at this rate the fric­
tion is so great that the air is heated up to a
temj>erature of 10,800 degs. F.
De Leon has been making an extended in­
vestigation of'the amount of iron in milk,
and finds that cow’s milk contains more of
- 41 hs constituent than either human or asses’
milk. In asset»’ milk he found ¡.0025 percent.
of iron, in human milk .0015 per cent., and
in cow’s milk .00U) per cent.
Now that everything is being done by elec­
tricity, it is not strange that the fisherman
should utilize it. A small battery is at­
tached to tbe rod, and near tbe hook is a
small electric light. The fisherman lights up
his lamp, and the umusual phenomenon at-
■ tracts the fish. The baited hook does the
Saffron, as is well known, is used to color
butter, nudels^lqaors, etc., that fine shade
of yellow which tbe public delights .in, and
takes to indicate unusual purity of the arti­
cles. Since the introduction of the aniline
colors, a number of them have lieen used in­
stead of saffron, being stronger and in tbe
end cheaper.
A kind hearted scientist announces that a
strong solution of cocaine will stop the itch
of mosquitoes and prevent swelling. It is
best applied on a little wad of cotton as a
strong solution or as a paste of the substance
nibbed up with a small amount of water.
Why not make little cocaine wafers and
stick them on as occasion requires^
To Moissan beldjjgs the honor of having
isolated beyond a doubt the elemeut fluorine,
which so many chemists have endeavored
to lure from its ffcrompanying substances.
As was expected, it is a gas. Even silicium
and boron burn in it with brilliant com­
bustions. Water is decomposed by it, cork
is inflamed, as are also alcohol, turpentine
and petroleum.
An ingenious idea has been hit upon by an
investigator on the preservation offruit
juices. He finds that the addition of J^Very
small amount of chloroform, about five to
ten drops, to two pounds of the liquid to be
preserved, acts as a most excellent preserva­
tive. The method is certainly a very simple
one, and such a small amount of chloroform
should be entirely harmless.
Doctor— Fashion Plate«—Hint«
for th« Household.
: I
? ? !¡
A French workman has succeeded tn pro
^facing artificial silk.
The highest recorded price for a 8tradiva-
rius violin is «aid to be
England ustw seventy pounds of sugar per
oapita; tbe United States fifty pounds.
. Stephen Webb, of San Luis, Cola, has ad­
vertised for “a wife wbo can milk a cow.”
Tbe Australian savages are passing out ot
existence taster than any other aboriginal
A man of Blossburg. Ta., owns line dogs,
seven cats, eight canaries, I wm white nuaa
and a mrmksv.
liw suggtawon mat tnw person mignc De aw-
covered m the annex. In tin* way th» fact
came out -the author vu a young lady.
Bo th» omy of Mira I’earson vu neces-
«arily ruled out of the list, and a prix» Of »73
wax awarded to a young gentleman instead,
while Mias Pearson dropped at one» from the
Bowdoin prize of »1U0 to th» humbler annex
prize of »SO, thux paying »70 outright tor the
hri.ih«r. of being
beinz a woman.
woman. —New York
iwrrr ‘ 01 Vaur.
cnminai iiegieci to
allow a baby to suffqr from chafing.
Tbe bead requires particular attention. No
daintiness in other re»i*cts can atone for tbe
disfiguring browu patches which are some­
times allowed to remain there. The top of
the head should be well washed with soap
and water every morning. If, in spite of
this, traces of scurf appear, the spots should
be rubbed at night with olive oil, and gently
scraped <»ff iu tbe morning. If the applica­
tion is not successful, it should be repeated
until it ia But there will be little trouble if
the matter is attended to when the brown
flukes first show themselves.
As tbe baby grows older and tbe teet h de­
velop, bibs should bo provided, if necessary,
to protect tho Crout of tbe dress from the too
------- -
The Manicure’» Outfit.
Odds and Ends or Information la wo.
(, and Otli.r llruniySi
The following are some .1.1- . ..
which it would be well for every oiwuT*'
A. C. Ante Christum. Before C'lsLil
A. D. Anno Domini. In the
A. U. C. Ab urbe eondita.
building of the city (Rome).
B. C. Before Christ
D. V. Deo volente. God willing.
E g. Exempli grntia. For ezamnU
Etc. Et eastern. And so forth. ” ’
Errata. Error*
H. M. S. Her Majesty's ship.
Id. Idem. The mine.
L o. Id eat That is.
I. H. 8. Jesus hominum Salvator ^.1
tbe Saviour of men.
Incog. Incognito. Unknown.
INRI. Jesus Nsixarenus, Rex Jn^^j
Jesus of Nazuretli, king of tho Jewa*'*|
MS. MAnuacript MS8. ManusmL.
N. B. Nota bone. . Mark well
P. 8. Post scriptuni. Written aftemJ
Pro tern. Pro tempore. For the tisT’*I
8. P. Q IL Seiiatus, wnahi^nui
Tbe Roman seiiat^jtjgj people.
Bq. Soqueus. Following.
Xmaa Christmas.
Another necessary adjunct to the dressing
As most’people like to have their clothe«
table is the little Parisian box used by tho
last as long and look as well as possible, a
and which maybe bought fora
tow hints on the care of clothe« may not
small sum of any chemist or perfumer. It
come amiss. All must admit that clothes
contains a I oat shaped implement, covered
that are cared for properly wiU outlast tho«»
that are neglected, aside from their also ap- abundant flow of saliva Unless carefully in chamois leather, and furnished with a
handle, and there is a tiny box of tine pmk
peoring better. It d(MS not matter how Gue watched, kept as dry as possible, and ruhlied
powder of a slightly gritty nature. You
the material may be of which they are made, I at times with a little cosmdiine, the chin and
breathe on tbe nails, and then sprinkle them
if they are dust grimed from carelcj*>neoi in
neck are apt to become chafed.
with tbe powder, and polish briskly on the
brushing, or ill fitting from neglectful fold­
Even a very young baby can be trained in chatnols pad. But before this process is
ing or hanging, they will never, make as
good habits in a way that is surprising to reached, j ou must first use the other little
good an appearance as those made from a
any one wbo has not done it. If its wants implement, which is of ivory, with one end
cheaper and poorer grade of cloth that has
are attended to at a certain hour every morn­ shafjed almost like a pen, the other fitted
been cared for.
ing, a healthy child will seldom soil a napkin.
There is no color that show» tbe dust Tbe training cannot be begun too early, and with a smalkbrush. In the center is a flat
file, on which you carefully shape the tops of
»»oner than black. If a smooth faced fabric, tbe habit should be firmly established before
the dust may l»e easily removed witn a brush it is six weeks old. It saves much trouble to the nails, rounding them off at either side to
follow the line of the finger. Scissors should
broom or bristle brush, or if left some time
the mother and discomfort to the child.
never bo used for the finger nails, as by cut­
unbrushed, it is not of «o much importance,
A little baby spends tbe greater part of its ting them you make the nails coarse and
for it may be removed at almost any time time in sleep. , It is as if nature were prepar­
before using, but if tbe cloth is corded or ing it for the battle of life by giving it as thick. With the ivory point you clean the
Tl»« Half Moon*« Crnig^
finger nails, and also gently push back the
rough faced, it is of the utmost importance
mueburepoee as possible before tbe struggle
to reveal the white crescent and to pre
When Henry Hudson, in RepleilU—
that it shall be brushed thoroughly as soon
begins, It should never be awakened unless
Mile<l up tbe river which bears his
as convenient After coming in from out­ it sleeps for a long time post the hour for its
side the clothe« are very aj»t to retain a good being fed. To rouse a sleeping chil<Tto grat­ vent the skin splitting and forming “hang the Halt M-x>n, lie kept a log |>ook. hl J
very curious document He anehoirt
deal of tbe dust of tbe street, and at such a ify the curiosity of visitors or friends is ex nails,” which quickly appear if the skin ad
York bay, and some ot his men
time, if poasible, they should be brushed tremely injudicious. As iVgrows older and beres to the naiL—The Lady.
eauiious enough to leave tbe ship’JTuz!
thoroughly ere putting away. First, the hat is awake more, a certain time should be
Following the Fimhlon Flat««.
were attacked by the natives and
or bonnetjnust be brushed well, trimming
fixed for tbe morning and afternoon nap,
The, patterns sent out by pattern houses Hudson luwsed up tbe river, noting (¡¡¿J
and all. If of felt or straw a bristle brush,
and for putting it to bed at night. If these are often absurdly elaborate. They are made rerent points by tbe way. By his (¿aZ3
such as is used i^r clothes, is tbe best, but if
hours are adhered to, they will generally
one,’ which is made especi- find a sleepy baby williug to yield to their up to extract trado and they do not represent one mav recognize Spuyten buyri| w '
of velvet a a liner
Point, Hudsoij mid othor places, whkh *
iclya purpose,
should be used. I< soothing influence. It is best from the first the best taste of fashionable people. While
ally for tuC-,
. .
it is of cloth a fine corn broom will do very not to darken the room, nor keep it specially pattern makers have done an inestimable then in a stat, ot nature, it i,’
well, and some also use thi* article for felt, quiet. Tbe child becomes accustomed to i good in helping mothers to shajie the frocks remember that when Hudson
Point the virgin forest grew who, J?
but generally it is too coarse, and is not as I sleep through slight noises, and they do not and clothing of their children, saving hours
good in any way as the bristle brush. In waken it. Tbe eyes should be protected of worry and vexation, >they have done a stmid the buihlings of tbe national
To-day West Point is hnkgSi
brushing a felt hat or bonnet, always brush , from a glare of light by placing tho head of
from the great cities the mania.forover elab­ the history of n great nation.
one way to keep it looking nice.
the crib toward the window.
oration in the dress of women ami children.
Hudson Mllod upto Albany and nt»J
After I «¡ing caught in a rain or snow
A baby should never be allowed to sleep
•torai with a felt hat, and it is wet, on com­ «with an older person. The best bed is a Everj’ mother naturally wishes her child to at tiuioi taking native, on board and^N
ing inside do not put it to dry without stationary crib, with woven wire mattress, look pretty and neat, and too many mothers taming them. One old man he mHtuJ
brushing. With the brush begin at tbe rim and a thin, soft, hair one placed over it. lured by fashion plates have spent hours of drunk. Tbe white men did not seem 1.^31
and go round and round, always the one This should be protected by a square of rub­ toil in making elaborate dresses for their however, to risk going on shore. TH» m |
way, brushing very hard, until the crown is ber sheeting; two must be provided, and the children, only to find, when the dresses were oiico or twice attacked on tho way, but 21
reached, brushing thia in the same way until one not in use hung in the opeu air aad sun­ fiuished, that they were ugly and unsatis­ firearms easily drove the natives amv al
There is but one remedy.
Let only loss was Hudson's pillow, wtiidit^9
you finish in the center the top of the crown; light every day. If there is the least trace factory.
then put i^away to dry and when wanted it of an unpleasant smell, the rubber should bo mothers take the goods the fashion makers managed to steal by climbing up to M1
will look almost as good as new. Never put washed with some disinfectant solution. Tbe provide, but avoid all elaborate designs, de­ stem ot the ship.
a felt hat away while wet without brushing, covering should be warm and fight. A signs which are put in merely to fllLout the
or it will be spotted when dry. Men’s stiff down comforter is the ideal for winter, if it I books. Make simple clothing for the chil-
Many people have a vague coneMJm J
hats may be kept looking nice if treated in is well aired in th<? sun every day or two. | dren, and enjoy yourself a rest from anxiety
the word “msthad^^S
this way after being out in a storm.
In summer an ample inusquito netting well
If tbe outside garment or wrap is of smooth raised on a pole, or susije.'.ded front a hook, c»imes from a neat, orderly household.—Wo­ they would be at a loss to explain. Thetni
was invented about tlie middle ot it. J
or corded mat?rial.jt should be well brushed should cover toe crib.—-3'izabeth Robinson man’s Work.
century by liauzpgarien, a profeswrufiB
ami bung away, but if rough faced, it will Scovii in Good Housekeeping.
in the university of Fianktwta»3
need to be taken into the air and well shaken
It cannot be «rat of piace here to suggest .^Odei^to denote the science of th.
In addition to brushing, to remove eveq a
Don’t Nesrl&rt tlio l inger Nalls.
the advisability of opening classes where particularly of art, as the most’perfect mi
I »art of the dust that is sure to adhere to it .
Because you live in the country and do children, girls esiocially, might be taught festation of tbe lieautiful Baumgvfa||
A dress, whether rough or smooth doth,
the science of walking. Mothers should be regarded by tbe a priori school of astbeticta
should be taken out into the air and shaken,
owing to its being next to impossible to get on the farm itaelf, is do reason why you I the natural teachers, but many who are rig­ to be the founder of the philosophy
into tbe crevices of the draperies, where tbe should neglect certain little niceties of life, idly careful in all other particulars seem ab­ The word aesthetics is from the Greek M
dust is certain to find a lodgment, with a such as the care of your hands and teeth. solutely indifferent on this important point
thanomai” (I feel). Baumgarten used Ml
brush broom or bristle brush. Never use a You probabiy Snll not be able to keep the In fact, after showing them navigation by denote all sensuous apprehension, indi^
1 means of their legs, duty is believed-to be at not absolute knowledge of things, butndi
brush of any kind on a silk drees, as a piece
of woolen chub will do the work a great deal only for dainty embroidery, but a few min­ on end, and no matter how wretchedly the is conditioned subjectively to tlw?p]ayofo|
better, mul w*fl not injure tije fabric, which utes each day spent in caring for them will I child moves the parent rests satified with sensibilities. Tbe term is not thus krict
a "brush geoorally does. It is a good, plan to show at'least that they are well kept, and . only spasmodic attempts at correction. confined to ttje limits of the beautiful,ttoj
Lai-.g heavy »tresses and wraps on the lihe signs of toil that cannot be eradicated you Whether the ungraceful wabble, the halting in fact w£ use it in this partial
once iu a while, when a stiff wind is blowing, need not be ashamed of. The nails can be I step and gainful stoop so commonly seen is Baumgarten regarde<l beauty the resntti
which will do more toward cleansing than all kept nicely trimmed; they cannot be even I attributable" to carelessness or unnatural tbe highest and purest aesthetic perception,|
Hie brushing that could be given them. To moderately long, but they may be shapely dressing, Certain it is tliat six out of every tbe realization of which die finer portiori
be sure, this not to be recommended for and pointed. Perhaps you cannot afford to j ten women walk abominably. To be upright our nature aspires, and to trace which thro«|
light, delicate material, but only for ftich buy the outfit of a “manicure,” but you un­ i and easy in one’s movements is only as na- tbe whole sphere of art was tbe wo£|
g»«ls as hold tSw dust. It is very important doubtedly have a pair of small embroidery ' lure intended, and unless deformed there is aesthetic philosophy.
that men’s d.i’k colored diagonal clothe« scissors; the file you mu<,t replace as best ! not the slightest excuse for the absurd loco-
should oe brushed frequently, for, if neg­ you may with the one in your penknife, or. ! motion noticed on the streets every day.
Three O1<1 Town«.
lected, it will be found impossible to remove failing that, with a piece of coarse sandpa­ | Why children are permitted to grow up
The oldest town in the United Ktatafcl
the dust, and if the clothe« are black, they per; and the chamois polisher, costing any­ i pigeon toed, round »houldered, crooked and
Augustine, the Spaniards having bniltafa
soon have the appearance of being off color where from sixty cents to $2, you can make awkward is a proportion left open for fur- therein 1565. They were a long whileabu
yourself. Take a child's block about an meh | tuer discussion.—New Orleans Times-Demo­
long ere they cfiould be.
but when it was finished it was a fine «d
Never turn a coat inside out when hanging thick and three inches wide by five long— crat.
:____________________ _ for the time. It is now Fort Marion,«
it up, or you will surely ruin the «St of the large enough to grasp it firmly—tack a bit *
garrisoned by United States troops. -J
The Family Medical Adviser.
collar. Where convenient, wire frames are ot' soft cloth for pending, and over that a
Jamestown, Va., comes next on the M
When you choose a doctor,"it is well to give
the best to use for this purpose, but tabling piece of the chamois you keep for polishing
having lieen settled in 1G07 by the EngH
these, hand the coat by the loop at the collar silver on one of the edges, and you have on him to understand that you are depending ; but Jamestown is not now in existence 1
with the right side out. Never hang a dre« article that may not be ornamental, but will upon him, and that you consider him already | was situated within the present limit««
answer every purpose.
! in a.certain sense responsible for the physical
up inside out, but if possible allow it two
Sol tea your hands by washing in warm well being of yourself and your family. The James City, Va., on a point of land projed
nails, son» distance aj*art. Hang it with
water with some good toilet soap for a few I late Dr. Alphed^ Benning Crosby well Said I ! ing from the north bank* of the Jam« rim
front facing out, by the loops usually placed
thirty-two nples above its, mouth. Tbe«
on the waistband at each side breadth. Thia minutes; then with the small scissors trim ' that his idea of a wise ¡»atient was “one who, ' croachmenta of the river have made it I
way of hanging a dress will keep the drapery the nails, rounding them nicely, and cutting j having selected an intelligent physician, holds island, and a portion of the site has bfl
! him personally responsible for his life.”
and plaits, if there.are any, in position, and
swept away. A part of an old church tow
Having selected your physiemn, then make
is the mode recommended by an experienced instrument (if-you have not a file) push back
! iiim in reality the medical adviser of every and some tombstones about it arethea|
ibvssniaker. Some have the loops by which
relics remaining.
to bang up their basque» on the waist line away ail the dead skin. Now apply your ■ member of your family. Take him into your
Albany is the third oldest city in thecal
insido of the collar, but the best authority polisher, and brush vigorously for a few home and give him the opportunity to be- [ try, and the oldest of any importance 1
come acquainted wit h the personal and family •
advise« them to be sewn one under each arm.
spend a few minutes in the use of the history and physical condition of every mem­ Was founded in 1623 by the Dutch, andM«i
The same nails used for the skirt are not gen­ day
polisher, and jour handswill repay you in ber thereof, so that ho may be able to trace in 1664 fojLtbe Duke of York and Albany. I
erally too far apart, but if they should be, ’
was originally surrounded by a stockade I the skirt nails, and another one driven their neat appearance for the time you have their hereditary tendencies, recognize their :
into the wall the distance wished* for the spent. A solution of oxalic acid kept in a predisposi dons, understand their peculiari- i
/ Does Sound Rise?
basque, can be use«!. Hang the basque first bottle with a glass stopper will remove all ties, and anticipate their weaknesses^nJ
It is frequently asserted that sound rii
and the sl^irt over it. ’Fo be sure, where stains of ink or fruit, and a match or a small short, to know their constitution. Having !
there is much trimming on a basque, or it is stick dipped in the solution and passed under this knowledge, he will be able to give them ! This is true, but not exactly as one ital
of delicate fabric which will not bear crush­ the nails will remove any discoloration that tile wisest advice in health, «nd the most I understand by the expression. Sound traw
ing, it may be well to hang it alone away does not come off with washing. There is a successful treatment in sicknew^Demorest's more rapidly through a dense medium tk
through a thin one. Its velocity at the I
from the skirt, but usually it is best to hang pink jiowder sold by druggists for phishing, ’Monthly.
level is about 1,160 feet per second. In wfi
both togetlwr. In a room having no closet but this may be dispensed with. If, how­
it will move at the rate of 4,700 feet P
or wardrobe, always cover the clothes if hung
Paper badgers’ paste is best made by first second; through iron at the rate of «1*
on wall with a cambric or cretonne curtain. best and not a spurious article. You should
This plan is excellent for covering clothes in have a pair of old kid gloves, or, better still, seating the water to the boiling point; then 16.000 feet. In high altitudes, where the I
a vloeet »¿so, and will save a good deal of wash leather, to wear when you are weeding ?*ld flour, stirring constantly to prevent the I is thin, it not only travels more stowlyl
wear from brushing, for "no matter how close in the garden, or doing any housework that ¿ormation of lumps. The flour should be .j decreases in intensity. But when one W
Yhe closet may be, dustw^ure to find aa^ete- will ylrnit of it. U speak with a.conviction sifted: into the water through a sieve to in- 4- sound through different deusitiMJf
Agitation phere the intensity or volume of the
t rance, and ns it must lodge some where, it born of sad experience, for I am a farmer's aire mor« equal distribution.
generally finds a resting place among the daughter myself, and never thought of car­ nust be continued until the beat »hall have I depends on the density of the atmoqfr
rendered the mass of the desired consistency. where it originates. Thus, oneataneten®
clothe«.—Boston Budget
I was old enough to care it was too late, and Ln order to increase its adhering strength, of 20,< 00 feet in a balloon may beartherqj
! ---------- X- I have found out that no amount of after
powdered resin tn the proportion of one-sixth of a gun on the surface of the
Triklng Care of the Baby.
cq^ecan make up for that early neglect,— to one-fourth of the weight of the flour sound originating in a denser atmoqw*
A baby that is not kept perfectly sweet and Cor. American Agriculturist.
should be added. Oil of cloves or a few drops while one directly below coul/i not
fresfi loses half its charm, and is defrauded
of carbolic acid added will keep the paste fired froy»tlie bdloon, because it would««
of its just righta. It should be bathed in
A Harvard Annex Girl*« Eraay.
from souring.—Chicago Times.
nate in a thin atmosphere.
warm water every morning, and, as it grows
In Harvard university the Bowdoin prizes
older, the temperature gradually lowered
A Monkey and a Dog.
are tbe highest rewards attainable for Eng­
The prevent flies from spoiling gilt frames
until at 5 months old, the chill is just taken
A little incident is told in Tbe MA®
lish dissertations, and they range from SltAf apd fitting brush them with a camel's hair
off the water. Most babies love their bath,
downward, bemg accessible to all students of Znish wet in water in which onions have about a monkey and a dog: A brarM’J
ami are more apt to scream at l*ing taken
tbe university, undergraduate or graduate. been belled. The flies have aristocratic intelligent terrier, belonging to « MM
out of it than when put into it If there is a
This, of course, excludes the young lady stu­ tastes, and wiU not go where they come in day discovered a monkey, belonging
shrinking from tbe plunge, a small blanket
dents of the Harvard annex, which has no contact with anything savoring of onion«
itinerant organ grinder, seated up* MR
can be spread on the tub, the child laid on it,
organic connection with the university.
within the grounds, and at once pa(^* »
and gently lowered into the tub. At night
By an accident an essay on the subject,
Lemons will keep good for months by sim­ for him. The monkey, who was ataw
it should 1» held on the lap and quickly
“The Roman Senate Under the Empire," ply putting them into a jug of buttermilk, jacket ami bat, awaited tbe onset m
ponged with a sponge, wrung out of warm
written by Miss E. B. Pearson, was submitted changing the buttermilk about every three disturbed tranquillity that tbe o°<
water. IU mouth should be washed with a
to the judges, Profea»>rx Torrey and Young. weeks. When the lemons are required for within a few feet of him to
•oft piece of linen dipped in cool water. AU
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