The Oregon register. (Lafayette, Yamhill County, Or.) 18??-1889, February 24, 1888, Image 7

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t'lttsburgb iron World says
iburgb steel-makers have e*
for the Caro of
agencies for the sale of the
Catarrh, Catarrhal Deafness and
el0f steel suitable for making
Hay Fewer.
in Europe, India and Australia.
The microscope has proved that
M hare been so considerable
aotically guarantee an Mtab- tb«M disease, are oontogicus, and that
$,|e. Steel has been sold In they are due to the presence of living
ilon with an English-made arti- parasites in the lining membrane of
e same price.
the upper air passages and eustachian
investigation as to the height tubes. The eminent scientists, Tyn­
Wr clouds, made in Sweden,
dall, Huxley and Beale endorse this,
e auspices of the Royal Solen-
and these authorities cannot be dis­
iety of Upsala, shows that
puted. The regular method of treat­
occur liiost frequently at heights
ing these diseases lias been to apply
ty-throe hundred and fifty-five
an irritant remedy, weekly and even
lock In the summers of 1884 daily, thus keeping the delicate mem­
, the loftiest cloud observed at brane in a constant state of irritation,
was forty-one thousand feet allowing it no chance to heal, and as
the earth's surface, or nearly a natural consequence of such treat­
lcs-tf r. Ledger.
ment not one permanent cure has
ring five school years the director ever been recorded. It is an absolute
Royal Deaf-Mute Institution at fact that these diseases can not be
a has made semi-diurnal cared by any application made oftener
ints of the height and weight than onoe in two weeks, for the mem­
children under his -«are, and be brane must get a chance to heal before
a number of coincidences be- an application is repeated. It is now
rariations in their weight and seven years since Mr. Dixon discovered
in the temperature of the air.— the parasite in catarrh and formulated
bis new treatment, and since then hie
w Traveler.
copper mining business baa remedy has become a household word
to s very low ebb in Russia. It in every oountry where the English
rted that out of 1,758 copper language is spoken. Cures effected by
in the Ural Mountains onljr him seven years ago are cures still, there
fighters being worked. The de- having been no return of the disease.
Bo highly are these remedies valued
I the iudustry is attributed to the
ction of the surrounding forests that ignorant imitators have started
consequent scarcity, of fuel, UP «verywhere pretending to destroy
|a pararti« of which' they know nothing,
in oonjuuttion with great difli- aa peiwoiw vr* WU1VU tllCJ AUU1T UUltUlUgf
by remedies, the result of the applica­
of transport.
tion of which they are equally igno­
« expected fortunes
rant Mr. Dixon’s remedy is applied
only onoe in two weeks, and from one
elauland a Maffleian Awake and
to three applications effect a perma­
Find Themeelvee Blob.
nent cure in the most aggravated
nday night I was poor and Tue»- cases.
was rich,” said Mr. Charlea H.
Mr. Dixon sends a pamphlet de­
n, a few days ago to a Courier scribing his new treatment on the
er. That he had very recently receipt of stamp to pay postage. The
address is A. H. Dixon à Son, 303
poor no further evidence waa King street west, Toronto, Canada.—
to convince the reporter than Scientific American.
lmost poverty stricken home in
The Last Sqwecae.
he had been found in Russell
Some ingenious man has devised a
; that suddenly he had been scheme of using again the halves of lem­
rich the reporter had written ons that have been squeezed to make
Lemonade. The invention should be pop­
in his possession, as had also ular in the two cent lemonade and soda
heffreen, who,kwith well founded water stands of the east side. The used
t showed his visitor a receipt, lemons are put In water and mixed with
by tbe cashier of one of our acid under pressure. Not as much juice
tbanks'for a negotiable order for can be got from them the second time,
nds of dollars, which had been but they are real lemon skins, and that
goes a good way toward satisfying the
ited for collection that very day. popular prejudice agakist lemon juice
I am indeed a fortunate man. taken oat of a bottle.—New York Sun.
I bad faith and knew it would
'How many
About i.SOO words are all that are used
sooner or later.
ren bave I* There is this little in ordinary talking and conversation, al­
though there are some UU, 00 words In the
■aid the elated speaker pointing English language. Different authors vary
pretty black-eyed little Jewess, In the number of words they uije, but the
ps ten or eleven years of age, difference is slight. Shakespeare found
fite others, besides a daughter t.OOj words sufficient for ail his Works.
is married. Yes, I have had a
h time of it, and had it not been
e hope of some day having just
luck I. cannot tell what I should
done. LI left Russia five years
with my family, thinking I should
no trouble at all in making a
living. I found it much harder
t along than I thought I should,
ing spectacles and eyeglasses,
h is my business, is very hard
k, there are so many doing the
thing, and many days I made
ney at all.
here is one thing though, my
d. I have always made money
gb for, and that was to buy a
et each month since I have been
in the Louisiana State Lottery,
sir, you see what has come of it.
I told my wife,” continued
animated speaker with chuckle, “I
uld get it some day, and I have,
r. Scheffroen seemed very anxious
the public should know of his
I wish I could tell
ry man in Boston to buy a ticket,
I have told every friend I
e seen, and many of them have
y taken my advice. Yes, put it
e Courier by all means, let every-
A strange incident
y know it.
nected with Mr. Scheffren’s draw-
a part of the second capital prize
1100,000, and one which would
m to indicate that nothing had
er to prevent him from getting it,
the fact that, although he ordered
ticket several weeks before the
wing, by some accident or other it
not reached him as late as five
lock on the Monday afternoon im-
diately preceding the Tuesday on
ich the distribution of prizes took
ce, and it was the new ticket that
ordered al that late hour by tele­
ph which proved to have on it the
ky number.
On the same day that Mr. SchefTren
w his fortune Mr. C. Fredericks, Of
rman street, who held another part
the same ticket, was also equally
riched. Mr. Fredericks, who is a
veling magician, was away from his
idence performing with a dramatic
mpany when the reporter called,
d therefore could not be interviewed.
ough however, was learned about
to assure one that the money was
much needed as it waa welcome.
ith none of his cards, or any of hie
r magic paraphernalia has he ever
uced such a wonderful transform-
ember 13 with the little engraved
let issued by the Louisiana State
ttery Co.—Boston (Maas.) Courier,
*Bunr nov mieuno*.
IH SaooitD Avx., Nxw Y om , Jan. 8, IBM.
I deem it my pleasure to teetlfv to the
phenomenal effects of B handrkth ' s P ills
upon payself. In eradicating from my sys­
tem the moat aggravated form of indiges­
tion. the attacks of which were nearly aa
severe as spasms. After a costly mediail
treatment two box, a of B handhbth ’ s
P ills have put me in a better oondlUou
than I have been for years.
F ilank W. GiLLk-rr.
A mild sage tea with a little hay rum
added is one of the beet of preventives for
hair falling out.
Come to the bridal chamber, Death I
Come to the m ther. when she feels
For the first time, her first-born's breath.
And thou art terrible.
The untimely death which ahnually car­
ries off thousands of human beings in the
prime of youth, la Indeed terrib e. The
first approach of < onsumptlon la Insidious,
and the sufferer himself la the moet un­
conscious of its approach. One of the most
alarming symptoms of this dread disease
is, tn fact, the ineradicable hope, which
lurks in the heart of the victim, prevent­
ing him from taking timely steps to arrest
the malady. That it can be arrested in
its earlier stages is beyond question aa
there are hundreds of well-authenticated
cases where Dr. Pieroe's Golden Medical
Discovery has effected a oomplete cure.
A piece of soft flannel is better than a
brush for removing dust from silk dresses.
. In IMO “Brown'» Bronchial Trochee"
were introduced, and from that time their
success In Colds, Coughs, Asthma and
Bronchitis has been unparalleled.
Cod Bless the Duke of Argyle
The most distressing forms of itching and inflam­
matory diseases of the skin and scalp are instantly
retievud and permanently cured by the C uticuza
R bmuiu , when al] others fail.
S oap , an exquisite Skin Beautifier, prepared from •ulia&T.~to my MW.----- bWfM t in Ckiwcaa - -
I took wven bottl«., with th. Cun-
it, externally, and C uticuoa R esolvent , the new Rum i km
Blood Purifier, internally, cure every form of tor­ ctbx and Soir, and the rwult 1, a permanent
I would wait and we It It would
turing, disfiguring, itching, scaly and pimply dis­
eases of ths skin, scalp and blood, with loss of eomo back, but It hna proved all you aald It would,
do, ao I will aay God blew you and ycura
■X. A. HLOÇU__________
heart ML. New Yosa hair, from infancyofd age.
THO8. L. OKAY, Leavartown, Ohio.
I have been cured of a most unbearable itching
I, John J. Caw. D. D. 8., having practiced den-
Canton flannel make* excellent dish sldn disease by the C uticuka R kmzdizs . They
have enabled me to escape year« of. suffering. NCI »try in this country for thirty- '.five year*, and being
You may use my name as a reference, and any one well known to thouaaada heranbouta. with a view
to help any who are afflicted aa I have been for the
That great American Jury, the people, Mo want« to know about my caso may rigbt me, jwat twelve yeara, toetify that the CuTicua. llu
have rendered a unanimous verdict in izdosing stamp. 47 Grove Street,
Providence, R. L
BDiu cured me of Pwriaala, or Scaly Skin, In
favor of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative
Pellets, the standard remedy for bowel
I am a canvasser, and one year ago I was badly eight days, after the doctor, with whom I had coo-
and stomach disorders, biliousness, Bick afflicted with salt rheum, so that I was unable to aulted gave mo no help or ecouragemenL
headache, dizziness, constipation and walk. 1 tried the C utiouza R zmbdizs , and they
N cwtom , N. J.
JOHN J. CASE. D. D. 8.
sluggish liver.
entirely cured me.
F. E. PERRY, Rome, N. Y.
Keep flour aud meal in a dry place.
Sold everywhere. Price, CuncvzA, 50c.; S oap ,
25c.; R zsolvemt , $1. .Prepared by the P ottmr
Consumption and Wasting in Chil­ D rug axd C iismical C o ., Boston, Mas«.
jt£T Send for “How to Cure Skin Diseases,” 64
dren. Mcott’a Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver
illustiations, and 100 testimonials.
__ _
Oil with Hypophosphites, is a most valuable pages,
food and medicine. It creates an appetite for
food, strengthens the nervous system, and DIMPLES’ blackhead«, red, rough, chapped and
builds up tbe body. Please read: *T tried I I Ifl oily skin prevented by C uticuza 8 oap .
Scott * Emulsion on a young man whom Physi­
cians at times gave up hope
Since he has
been using the Emulsion bls Cough has ceased, WF «
gained flesh and^streiigth, and from all appear­
ances his life will be prolonged many years.”—
J. S ullivan , Hospital Steward, Morganza, Pa.
ne in ;
Sour ■
a fw saw#
Try them
wonderful results.
siû sg aoftfd, '■ once,
and forever after you
will recommend them. Price 25 Cts. a
vial, or five for 11.00. Sent by mail or all
druggists. HbBB’s M eoioine C o ., Prop’s,
S an F rancisco , O al .
Nine-tenths of the persons who suffer
from sleeplessness have cold feet. The
Bhorteand, Type-writlna,
remedy suggests itself.
ud Tslexiaphy rtl tor tffk
Ou n UU Lñítóía
Nerves.—-'Everyone of the thread-like nerves
has each a latent power to cause excruciat­
ing pain, the limit of which is simply the
limit of human endurance,"and N euralgia
has n few of these fibrous torments all puls­
ing painfully at once.
Subtile Pain.—Nothing is so subtile in its
approach; nothing so flagrant, acute and
distressing, and certainly nothing yet dis­
covered so completely subdues its ravages
and so permanently conquers its pangs as
that above mentioned.
Symptoms.—Neuralgia is defined to be a
nerve disease, the chief symptom of which
is an acute pain, intermitting, which fol­
lows the course or the nerve branch affected.
he undersigned has established in
Sant* Barbara. (JaL, * place for curing Diabetes,
Meili tus, Sugar iu the Urine, and all other diseai^mib
e:t to cure by these 3pringu--BUch as, affections of the
ver, Stomach, Bowels, Lung«, etc., on the Carlsbad
plan, under the direction of DR. SCHNEE, the cele
Srated Physician, who hascured these ailments in a moet
astonishing manner. L. HOLTZ, M. D , Physician.
Surgeen and Accoucheur, Cor. State and Cota Streets.
Cor*« in
nr a-«ay th.
Treatment.—Apply S t . J acobs O tl frequent­
ly, gentlv rubbing the afflicted parts; apply
to the whole extent of the nerve soreness;
keep up a gentle friction until a burning
sensation is produced.
Sold by DruygieU and Dealert Everywhere.
Big G has given uni ver*
sal satisfaction in ths
cure of Gonorrhoea and
Gleet. I prescribe it and
feel safe in recommend­
ing it to all sufferers.
Decatur, III.
PBIffE. tl.OO. -
Bold by Druggists. '
The best PIANO on «
Haines Bro.‘a PI A
PATTI’S pseference.
Musical Department A L. Bancroft A Co., Re*
moved to 182 Poet Bti. San Francisco, Cal.
To •« a Day. Sample« worth $1.50, FREE-
Line« not under the hoizeeteeti Write B« fw -
stzz ’ s S afety R bim H oldem C o . ,Holly, Mich.
MUa. By Mail. Ha Mads lr J. F. ADsa, St. Fail Was.
For "worn-out,” “run-down," debilitated
school teachers, milliners, seamstresses, house­
keepers, and overworked women generally.
Dr. Pieroe’s Favorite Prescription is the best
of all restorative tonics. It Is not a “ Cure-all,
but admirably fulfills a singleness of purpose,
being a most potent Specific for all those
Chromic Weaknesses and Diseases peculiar to
women. The treatment of many thousands
of such cases, at the Invalids’ Hotel and Surg­
ical Institute has afford«*! a large experience
in adapting remedies for their cure, and
Internal congestion, lnflamma<
and ulceration, it Is n apoelfic. It
Is a powerful general, ns well ns uterine, tonic
The Ortwin«! and Only Oewwinn.
treated at home, through correspondence, as
successfully as if bore In person. Come and
see us, or send ten cents in stamps for our
M Invalids’ Guide-Book,” which gives all partic­
ulars. Address: W ob W’I D ispbnsaby medi ­
cal A ssociation , 063 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.
la the result of this vast experience. For
and nervine, and Imparts vigor and strength
to tbc whole system. It curve weakness of
etomaob, Indigestion, blontlng, weak back,
nervous prostration, exhaustion, debility and
BleepleaanoM. In either sex. Favo rite Prescrip­
tion is sold by druggists under our posUlta
guarantee. Bee wrapper around bottle.
This eminent Specialist still continues to treal
with the same success as of old all Special, Chronic.
Nervous and Private Diseases of both sexes. Send
for the “ Ladies’ Guide to Health," and his book on
“ Special Diseases,” which are free. Call upo
address P. ROSCOE McNULTY, M. D., 11 Ke
Street, San Frameisco.
stair off Eighteen Bxperienced an* Skill«
rul Physicians an* Burgeons.
Patients treated^here or at their homec.^Many
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription
£&*8eud for circular.
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Instituts
In washing cotton goods with a satin Ing. BANCROFT BUILDING.
finish, use borax water to restore the gloss. 723 Market St., San Francisco, CaL
—bite, and free from chape aiW-’
M All DO redneaa, by uaiug CunevaA Soar.
See Ant is ill Piano advertisement.
ranks are constantly recruited from the vic­
tims of nervousness and nervous diseases.
The price of the boon is a systematic oonrse of
Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters, the finest
most genial of tonic nervines, pursued with
reasonable persistence.
EaUer. pleasanter
The Most Successful Ma­
and safer this than to swash the victualing
chiné Made.
department with pseudo-tonics, alcoholic or
the reverse, beef extracts, nerve foods, narcot­
3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and
ics, sedatives and poisons in disguise. ’Tired
16 First Premiums.
Nature’s sweet restorer, balmy sleep,” is the
Hatches all kinds «rEggs.
providential récupérant for weak nerves, and
Made In All Sizes.
ibis glorious franchise, being usually the con­
Write us for Large Illustrated Cir­
sequences of sound digestion aud increased
cular Free, describing Incubators,
vigor, the great stomachic which Insures both Brooders, Houst«, How to raise Chickens, etc,
is productive also of repose at the required
Addrttt, PETALUMA INCUBATOR CO., Petaluma, Cal
time. Not unrefreshed awakens the individ­
ual who uses it, but vigorous, clear headed
and tranquil. Use the Bitters also in fever
and ague, rheumatism, kidney troubles, con­
stipation and biliousness.
Camelline improve« and preserve« the oomplexion.
UfilinQ aon-
T by Q kbmba for breakfast.
Wakelee*8 Squirrel and Gopher tkxtermi-
nator Try it, and prove the best is the
Awaits that countless army of martyrs, whose cheapest. Wakelee & Co.. San Francisco.
A torpid liver and bad digestion bring
on dyspepsia, constipai! >n sick heada -he
and biliousness. Hobb'a Little Vegetable
Pills act directly on the liver, and will cure
all the above complaints. Only one pill
a dose.
The Cuncoaa Ruom have |>ertnaneutly
cured mo of danaruff and facial eruption, a hen al!
•ther remedle. hal tailed. For nlno month, my
head baa been entirely free from the allghtoat eigne
of dandruff, and my akin la w clear aa when I wee ■
e boy.
LOU THOMPSON. New Britain, Conn.
If afflicted with Sore Eyes, use Dr. Isaac
Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it 25c.
Walking advertisements
nenia for Dr.
Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy are the thousands It has
Two years ago I was attacked with
cannot tell you what I suffered. I was the most for­
lorn spectacle you ever saw. Charles Kennedy, of
this place, showed me your pom. biot on skin dis-
PRICE 91.00,
232 Kearny St., San Francisco
| \
J'/', thirti- Underwear, Suspenders,
Hosiery, Gloves, Neckwear,
I \
/ I
Collars, Cuffs, Eta
Bend 10 oents In stamps for Dr. Pieroe's largo
Treatise on Diseases of Women two pages,
paper-oovored). Address. W orld ' s DisrzN-
bart M sdioal A ssociation , M3 Main Street,
Buffalo, N.Y.___________________________
- ,77"
- stiwt LIVES
Illustrated Catalogue, with* Rules
for Self Measurement. Mailed Free.
Fl I A Rl ft ft
Premiums. 25,000 in use,
P| ft |\| I |X 20 -♦'eBr8 Eotabltohed. New
| I ft 11 UVl patented Steel Tuning De­
vice, in use In no other Piano, by which our Pianos
stand in tune 20 years, good for 100 ; not affected
by climate. No wood to split, break, swell, shrink,
crack, decay, or wear out; we guarantee it. Ele­
gant Rosewood Cases, 8 strings, double repeating
action; finest Ivory keys; the Famous ANTISELL.
Call or write for Catalogue, free. T. M. ANTISELL
PIANO CO., Manufacturers, Odd Fellows’ Hall, Mar­
ket and Seventh Streets, San Francisco.
Billons Headache,
Dizziness, Constipa­
tion. indigestion,
and BIllonsAttacke,
eromptly cured by Dr.
•lerce’« Pleasant
Purgative Pellets. 2S
cents a vial, by Droinristo.
Hardy Northern Grown U L L U v
From Minneapolis, Minnesota, are the best, beczus«
they are earlier and the most-productive. Take no
other until you try them. Fof sale by all leading
dealer« on the coast throughout the country. Trade
supplied by
Seed Merchants, AM and 4M flansome Street, Han
Francisco, Cal.