The Oregon register. (Lafayette, Yamhill County, Or.) 18??-1889, January 06, 1888, Image 6

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8 m 4, lUd aa*4 ladlfferaat Drl
B»Mom Terror Com to« Ito to
Ditearout Stylos of
a Four-ia-Haod.
The plane:* Lad all tot, and I had to ba sat­
isfied with a view "of a fixed star, which ia an
excellent objert for tearing tt»e optical proper­
ties of a lent, but very «niniereauntf other­
wise. as Ux iar< st telescope can mats little
ixuptcwaioa on a fixed star; do dskcinie
seen, merely a »peck ef light The star ee-
lected was a small one. and letre’y visible as
* a pals, minute object. On looking at it with
this magnificent instrument its wonderful
light gathering powers ware at once evident.
.uv *tar sh«.nv with tbs ____
f«jr thv
luster and w.«.
lancy of aueiectr.c light. It was an object
which brought out all the lin perfect joes of
ifr Clark
the gto. and to the eyas < of 22_.
___ I_____
Lis sous many ware evident, and, >t *as scud,
two months' work was necvsaary to correct
them. During the trial the ¡ens were lowered
end five men revolved the glass iu its fitting
Ou lie being pieced in jmmi U ou again ene of
the «out was about to make auvtbectert when
the oM man shouted: “Wait, boys, ki her
cool •
I waa curious to know wi:at th» o<ld
mean, and Ah a Clark explained that the cor*
reel on was ao delicate that the . eat from the
I an is of the five men toe meted .aw
of Ito objective would change toe currt*.U mb ,
so it'bad to “cool ’
In a «-on versa ti<Mi with Mr Clark on the
advantage* of unmetoe tetoaccpet such as this
one. Jieaduj it ted that the teles'--pea of niod-
crate aperture, say from ten to fifteen
inc tie*, wen- |>rrf,rable for general ure even
for the bi cst purport*.
He spede wiih
pride of » a an instrument be bad made,
with whiet : e bad seen all that could La aessi,
»cssal toleaoorea Only nue dw-
cove-y tom
made aita the Wasi.ingt;«;
telescope«’* t wenty-aix ixjcu*s '.iroeter cuimi:
ite many ' **’ « <4 use The Russian Pulkova
inatraiuei . dawivered by the •Clarks w 1862.
Las never -vn heard from, and th<we who
rxpect»Hit*.aie and extraordinary reet.t*
from the Lick thirty-«ix inch objective will
probably be disappointed These huge lek-
•copra are great’ light gatherer« and usef u
for photographic and spectroscopic w«»rk :»ut
their definite'!»» of the surface of the inoua
and the planes are dis*«pi«»:nt*ng
A story is told of a French MUoaosMT whr
traveled hundreds of miles to look taruu^L
the great R aw telescope. When ass ad wna:
be would like to *»■<■ be called for the pua»n
Sahirtr. which was then in good pasruou Un
looking through the teleer.'pa and finding uw
wretch*! dt fimkou, of the ol jeci he said
"Vou tfll me I Eire looked al th* pinna:
Saturn, *» I must believe I have km* so; but
I "n not aware of the fact.’'—John Mnreah
in New York Sam
JTtXr - m T h -. Z-MrtH ¿¿V- t
O< • diff«-« eta. an. GilU- and Ab-dta,
rtW- «be munien-rt ot U m > Han.
about lb. CriMriou. Wh« «brta * • fa»ortw Tb“* ’^«b«
e-ploy«l •• *«* *“r
Au-rn. b«r. AfKr H oek«A ull 1 or !-> «■>««’ •» Now«-a»d lb«r oceup^on 1»
iXrk >n tbe nnr.inj lb- n-crtcaUma ‘■"‘««1 uppu by iMeir companion. In penal
one of tbe stzhts of tbe city and tbe traveler • servitude as a gooi one, for it is easy, and
« - H» d.or-r tb— i. k * alw enable, tbnu .o pick up bit. of totmeeu
S^rUMin anrotber nnuMr n-ppany.
«“• mid ««ta, inelwbng
EL- be -«.Id 1- lesuUni by
mkiniit-t -trena They am there bv -ou
• bank memeugvr at Manelllea, u
mnd<lbe -i.w»lks airf aren the «n« Kwif doing well a. a «ore clerk, an.i hope, on.
AM Wth Pie. .!►> tbo- who nxn. to be ■«*/•«“»• “S’* £
prer^ nnen. gddrd ronth lol boar, ^e, «He <k>-> >>> Xew Caledonia a, . colonist
ch.ffli<. Ezhinr. »wearing nd tilling m On. o< tbe iimat eomforlabW aai t ft nr in g ot
OM ran «urnali. 1» tbe mid. at Uw tM. the convict, u Fenayrou, u. cbemiU of tbe
beaded ciriu»be
Tbe "bobbw.- mort- Boulerard Mairturrlwa, wbo led tbe low o(
among them to keep’ er er, body .1« moring -« wife into an auibuUi at Cha on. and tbe.,
and watching for b.n.oatbrmka of wbicb
hlg> ia * '»u<d.tror'ow. manner,
they have few to reprere. but other oActel This criminal * has passed * through * the various
categoric» until be arrived among tbe first
funicuons he dees not assume.
oMivicte He has a a^are in a farm,
I Turning from these tbe visitor, with much class
new maker for rrficcuoo. walks to bis hotel. which he and his-wife superintend, and be
It matters net in woat direction it may be. ■ baa under has order* some of Ute tower clas>
strange figures of wdmen will flit aerase his of criminal His life sentence has been
pathway, mriou» inquiring faces will be un­ commuted to one of twenty years. Tbe doc­
expectedly thru<t into bis own. and vague tor who was condemned last year for Laving
f«Mvm ia* obscure corners will ol> seut poisoned game to a colleague is giving
terve him as In- strays through toe other« ise teUsfaction; and hopes to be able to attain
deserted street a Beware of tbe owe who ad- the privileges accorded to Fenaym«.
On twe whole, tbe educated criminals, even
I drrwto you. Do not reply if you can avoid
it. but under no cirvmtotancea »top and par­ those who are undergoing sentences for seri­
crimes, are highly sjxjken of by tiie gov­
ley with her, for vou invite one of tbe moat
common dangers that London offers tbe ernor of Noumea, and tbe most unmitigated
t rascals are the Paris gamins, and tbe brutish
«ranger within its gate-'.
Let me take anjJ*usrmtion furnished from peasants or laborers, most of whom are mur
t^e private experkshore of a gentjeman from ‘ dereny Every year a certain number oFthese
not amount to uiucb Iwyood wooden r
Pitteburg who lodged jn RusteH square, and has to be* shot down. Tbe official who uses
tree«, stack« of aavh Umber, watermelom. who strolled home from the Gayety theater Ihis revolver against tbe convicts is tried as a
tornutliry by a court ...r-rtml *ud.cqulM«i.
baManas and swart potaioe*. ctone pouted by
< * -
suaw bate, and a geewai suggvsu o of big- He ha>i just tarred into Redford square when
The number of convicts is 10,000 or more,
ness. freedven. undrs» airi doc t-caradmert
m encountered a woman standing hesitnt-
lt seemed to me an well that there was a iugL< 00
corner, peering in each direction i and there are in addition 240 female convicts,
hketieto* between the A omv scan type <d char- aa one who had lost the way. “I beg your who, however, *eie sent but to Nc-umea of
acwr ar>d tbe A bu . a^t. Ttotoame iwr. air twrton. sir; caa You tell me tbe
to Ihto ! their own acqprd iron» tbe Maison Centrals
<4 L«M>e>ty. and $»xne of the >ame epenair Midland station! I fear I am lost," she said, I of Paris for tbe purpose of marrying first
seif assert ivenetn sirurs me; toe sam^curiota Tbe pod to American stopped. Yes, although pdwte ■iii»4»wneniw Tfisas Women tow'ste»
oHiJ^uuxM. <4 u:Li?<rianiMn ard spirit.1*1 a stranger, be could and would tell her the I pervised by nuns. ' There are,on the island
ixy. an 1 tbe power of adaptability: («rticu ; ^ay—fo.iow tea street around Ru»H square JOO warders. Tbe number of first class con­
iarty to l«e uotioni ifi" the «ornesi -yf, i*.<t ’intotToFurn place to 8L P&ncras'church— victs amounts to 1,600, and some of them,
race*— much. too. I ihiiigtr. of tbe same tbe firs: Cburcti on tbe right—tam to the I ’ike Fenayrou, have been b JI q wed U> send for
ongmaluy and maiv^uto wav of j«iung* right tcere and the Midland station would be :b£ir w*»*«. The state furnishes them with
Liiiigs: morn abo c4
Marsh atorax>Mi in «¿£t>L He «as walking part of the way igricu«>--al implements, food, and even a
and wntaxton <4 ever^kiag
Bm ani «¿«Id explain further As they croased few hea.1 * eattle, when they are ¡«rmitted
enme iriitivaieii A pwrx&aut-i<- « fc ;«< m I men- Bedfoni square they chattel easily until they ¡ to begin farming, and they genensliy con-,
iiontd this fancy <rf m^e d*.i tx< ilkr to ;ne came to ¿¡s kdgwijs. where be stopped and rrive to do well. Another class, apart Trum
/ lii tbeotbers, is coin|>oaed of skillei tiaie»-
I itoux that tecy tookmi npoa
* Yon can't mte your way now.”
Ausiralsa as
u; a szate of i«artarfe'>n;
‘‘No.’’ «be replied.
Thank yoo. much •nen and" mechAi:Tw,“m u- iclans. and even ae*
mgurtsi u>e teal Amen- obliged; but you can't go in unlere you give tors. These have a savings bank of their
can mnixAixwi wa$ tne eoocentrated n»ui: me £3.'^* And she gefl bi’Tween lum and the Iown. a kind of club, and'are almost too pros
pen us for convicts. Tbe i<aii«ismen are said
of deiibt-cate aptoccton fixan everything <4 door
goevi utv^red ip ihe cc«in*e *4 many rev.tu-
"Five premds, my good madam! What to be as good as<t|i«My regimentalperformers
and they play progciftime* of select (Music
lies. Eojvjkr. be sa>d. had e-matai an expert- ftef*
tu nih civdsaaXMai. t«ui Aroerki. meai^sg
“F5re pound«. Yon have beguiled me to t>efor* the governor’s mansion twice a w<*k.
the Ututed States, tari t*k«n btre ready walk wr.b you. asssulted me and tried to in- .•esidee giving occasional concerts. Prom
ma ie. aud baa ntprc-Ttd ujkm . h .-—Teaipie dace me tv r aae to your rooma Five pounds, ‘ this ix will be seen that the life of, mafiy con­
... —„/JL^
er I scream for be?p." An invalid wife with- victs is far better than that which is Jed by
L.xxuands in the slums of Paxu.jiAJ«i k up
wpMhir that, suca beiiig tiie case, numerous
. transgressors against Lue law of the laud, ui-
-■nding those who commit the most temi-k..
'runes, should view with iougiug and delight
. l^ir dispatch to New Caledonia^ by the ctom-
1 n t man<4^xe of tbe jTesioeut of the republic.
" — LoQiton Teiegrapu.
“It stands to reason, doesn’t it, that
go at top rpeed all tfes_toeî 1
aiar can't do it. and I don’t æe why
should be expected to do an impoa
But you can’t |>erbU?ide some la«lie» <
bey keep on flicking tbe animal i
whin and nasging at him with tbe r
d) tbe woi id aa if be were a coutn
‘You «peak of bad drivers. JIow <
je rew lavir
“It can only be dorie with the dr
Mibflc coiireynneeK and licensed driv
•rally. You don’t trust a steam boi
«comet ivc tea man unW he knows
handle it. do you! Of courue not. Ti_
«hould you trust him with a horse thatfs
just as dangerous as any high pressure I
^hat ever was built? . Why should a ma
«ants to earn his living by driving bor
m called upon to prove that he can do:
“Look at those cab drivers we>
Why, pome of them don’t know and
•are wbero or how they go. They on
hind vehicles and pop out uppri people,
.’rightening them to death or (¡ririD|
•hem. Then there are tboee fellowi
In va two and three horse wagons,
bow some of them turn corners. Asa
however, men who drive heavy _veh»
«dre careful, because of the weight
•hem ami tbe room they need to i
•urve. but these light cart chaps are
is bad to îtipy-maki’ thewi.Mwl cai><
when fttefTe »ess. are worse tfci
Hansoms aie comingAnto fashion nowh
riry. and if they're n«tIlooked«after tfi
be a regular tfl^hrto p^de^trian.% altt
•hev’ve got an easy job liecan^ t^ey «fr
behind tbe whole of tbe thing tiiey 4
The worst of them is. that they i<x>k on*
and drive another, unless they’ve g*<a [
mside. ami then thVy go as if the devj^
RehindTbem^. which lie ought to be, vfci
•good rhsu«,<Af crffrhiug up wkh them.*_
‘•What do you think about‘style* ial
“That there's as much difference in th
(here is in walking or'doing nnythngt
A regular cnacbman's driving is not fl
¡ike a swell's handling tbe nbbona 1
gentleman tito xpair or a single befatej
Family man. iu grekv baste, rushes into he rarely moves Lis left hand away fna
• drug store -L'g piawd'n—chemist's. “Can front of him at tbe height some where*
* you put this up for me right away| In an tbe fourth button of bis wai-tcoat, wfife
‘ awful hurry ” Drug store man reads pre- whip laid across his hand under his tir
1 *'Tiptioa an>i lurm tteie., “I'm afraid I can’t osmg the first two fingers of his right
’ ¿0 it today. Sir; I—I think we are out of wily upon the reins. And be mustn't t
Mxne of ita lugredieuto" Man of family teiffly, I'Pt as easy as if be were boll
’ taxes tack paper and re-axis:
cambric handkerchief or a lady’ç fai
course Fm spanking of a man who site '
Lac • -Half i iktren saf&y ptns^_____________
Torve nutmegs;
-------- his annual. There can be eniy eeete
A p3<in»i of Wert Chester butter;
driving a buggy, and every man d
Oue quart cki-r v inegai :
■ sens* knows bow to do that, if he can
-11 •
Two yards white flannel;
st all.
“How about-a four-in-hand T
f f needles-;
A box of Roogh on Rats.*
“I think that very few gentlemni
This was thè shopping list his wife had learn to do that properly. It is a l
k given him- Then the prescription for him- coachman's business at the best and 1
that oe had got from tbe doctor must done in coachman's style. Yoif see,
have been toe paper be threw out of the win­ such a bunch of ribbons in a four-l
dow. Toss does Jane W. Nemesis, avenger that a man's mind is pretty well oc
at law. keep ber glassy eyes nailed upon tbe and be must put it into the work, jwt
1 n-An uh j nee is toe n> st watching.
ing enough to spare to manage tbei
That's a'study in itself. How very f«r
, .,-^AbvgaiF wanx^.to know what is the best can flick a fly off a leader's ear and!
way io nd to room of flies. Go into tbe next same motion of the wrist make the late
nxkn and try to read. Abigail: they'll follow itself round the stick in graceful rin^
you. every last buzzing, crawling, Uckling the main part of the lash is tbe only
loop left bagging, as the part near fit
beggar of 'em.
comes up under his right thumb, I’ve kb
men to practice that trick for weeks
“I>’. me tell you," said tbe contributor,
the coach and when they tried it on th:
“about my first foem." *T haven’t time.’’
thing get tbe whole affair into such al
sasd the editor, gently^ but with a tinge of
it looked like a Chinees puxxia*-
wmnnesk: “but I'll sit here all night if you’ìl that
V^rL- Rl.r
teU me about your last one."—^rooklvn
The cn arv ltKUMU colored iiuptist church
metnlws in the »* Hither» rtates.
Dr. Richard S. Storrs. of Brooklyn. t«s-
ao.vpted the presidency of the American
mto-Haiary board.
A visitor at a <hun*h in a lag northern
city, whose members are almost all nth and
f arel, aim I therefore conservative. dcecribed
it a> tie “Church of Retired i'hrcCuuis.'’
Tlie ten rent fun« I for the Memorial •'•Lurch,
collected by Dr. Edward Juitwm in iTwm rr
• 4 his father, Adonirnm Judvou. the |*>»rr
mtwhemrv in India, now amounts to Marty
, ejx«- v
The Prv*byterum synods of New York and
lYnrrylvania agreed Last May to take harge
of the weak churches within tbwr 1»’ qd *X
ami n*lM*ve the Board «4 Home Missams e<
their Mip{w«rt. There is a deficiency now in
l»4h M auds in the funds evdketoi for this
Nearly KX’ miwj<mariRs are leaving Eng-
Uixl dunng the next two months in cnuxv-
Uou with the Tinrch Mwcxeiarv iotht . the
t'hurvh af England Zenana muason. and
kindred evangelical urganualHiua IM the*
just fifty p» from the Cbarvh Mi*>mary
toCNCy atoor, csetor asclsrscal or lay nuanoo-
aix>. ni’to.bwn, au3sa*uiane*‘ wives or
Sevtaa wxwbecK
■Ah. driving isn’t as easy aa it I
fltoraey man’ Itegaa. Thors ars
iownright idiote trusted with
whips, axai it’s a wonder there are
scodenta than there are. Borne of I
realias the uangvr and more of t_
•are. Wolf grown boys arealway
bo dreaded Bitting behind borne, i
-tally in crowded itreete. for there
to a power of mischief to other pec a
country roads they caa rarely hurt '.
Nit themselves I don’t mean fast <
because it isn’t often such fools are
with speedy cattle Yet a man may
œid hurt or killed by a etow anin
es by a fast trotter. The dri,
mean ft what I call *«loppy* driving,
the rrtna hang half toose over tbe dasbl
ami tlie animal u never under oontrol
ifter ah accident baa happened. Tli*n.
»me e< tbe fools I’m speaking abou
with such a tight rejn that they st«
ureutatiou round the horse’s mouth, au
ought as well try to pull up a cyctony
tempt to check even a slow heart iu tLa
when he’s frightened an«i starts to run
Women don't, as a rule, drive well, all
tome of tlxm do. They’re too fi.Fgety
tog the reins and slashing with tbe
rbeyTv worso than flies, some of the
servons horse, and nearly all of the:
too much continuous work out ot an
with tew PM
Oxidised silver takes the lead in
buckles for every day wear.
A disr of oxidized silver is orntefi
with a spider or other insect.
The^sniall buckles for low cut
of Etruscan gold, or of gold ami cut dN
In garter clasps, two daisies in tel
overlapping each other is a faverite <M
A buckle for evening wear is of silwr,
outside e<lgv being ornamented with ft
mc-nots in enamel.
Rhino stones set in silver make
buckles for evening wear. There ate
I fine wrought buckles in silver.
A very pretty pair of clasps is o,’5
with a design of four leaf clovers, ■■
iXher pair has a checker board patt*
In gobi, an ivy vine in green enaiaH *
fective. These claapa havaa ¡witeali
i:tg, so tliat there is no danger ctf tbdr I
ing u ' k U xk