The Oregon register. (Lafayette, Yamhill County, Or.) 18??-1889, December 30, 1887, Image 7

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There la a vast amount of twaddle
It has been frequently remarked that
talked and written about the bad man­
ners of the period. The crltlos of our the Jewish raee has a wonderfal
A man known aa “Long” Taylor was times are howqver, only the awperfielal power of adaptation to all climates.
A gailor named Peter Canon waa drowned off Coleman’s wharf, Beattie. observers, for mangers are as good as Jews are found in all parts of the
Jill, wera introduced »• follows;
drowned at Empire City.
The Belmont hotel, at Loe Angeles, they ever were, only they are leas con- globe and seem to poesess a remark­
The poatofAce at Herman, Douglas Cal., was destroyed by fire. L^s, splosons and obtrusive. That positive able facility for aediatstisation. evea
tv Dolph—Fo» the admission of th»
ntory of Washington into the county, Oregon, baa been discontinued. $100,000; insurance unknown.
rudeness from men to women are more under the moot unfavorable oireuss-
A chair factory will soon begin op - Conductor Boee was killed in the noliiwable now than formerly, is true slanocs. Mesopotamia is considered
fo «storing to the United 'States erations at Salem, employing from
the mother country of the Abrahamlo
oollission on the California Central enough. This follows naturally the family; as well »s the cradle of the
¿to lands granted to tbe Northern thirty to fifty men.
construction train near Loe I Angeles.
human rsoe. Borne years age a small
toe Railroad Company
The liferaving inspector» reoom­
Francisco F Iletencourt. ' » des cerns of life. When the gentler sex colony < f Jews were found in the an­
to, repealing the pre-emption and mend that a life laving station be.
toes into bnslnesa it must expect to be
cient city of 8enn-tr, in lhe south of
her culture law»-
established at Newport.
blew his head off with a shotgun at dealt with on business principles, and Mesopotamia, and in the city of an­
Uo for tbe forfeiture of wagon-road
itoomea into contact with men who
Subscriptions aggregating
over Ban Francisco.
□is in Oregon*
have had no relations with women aside cient Babylon. Of the seventy fam­
to) to set apart lauds tor • public 1100,000 haie been raieed in Portland
firs: from those of their own homes. Men ilies oomposing the oolony. one
k in tieVifiamette valley, Oregon,
cl aimed to be descended from King
The order of November 28, 1887, drowned at Ban Franoisoo. He leaves who are polite at home and who are Joachim, the rest from the house of
to,, fo encourage the manufacture
discontinuing tbe postoffice at Molalla. a wife and child.
¿ m J for modern arts aqd armor.
LivL A colony of Jews appear to
Clackamas county, has been rescinded.
Mi<4rae) Bsrry, 5»yesra of -g«. fall their offices, and the atmosphere of have settled in - China about the begin­ *
to> to provide heavy ordnance.
Iso' for the erection of a public
The warehouse of J. M. Molntoeh 4 froru the baloony in front
------ for the preeeiioe of women. But it is ning of the third osntury of the Chris­
it of
of , his - * house
ding at Portland, #500,000; Salem, Co., at Waldo Hills station on the at Ban Francisoo, and died
__ from the
also true that gentle women arcnow tian era. under the dynasty of Has.
injuries received.
In 1704 Father Gonsnni. a Roman
mcqtipg with mor» ill-brad men than
Iso, to establish an assay office st wind. The warehouse contained 20,-
At San Fjanclaco, Pdatoffice Clerks they used Ur See hi the days of the Catholic missionary, found seven Jew­
and. for the erection of 000. bushels of oats, all sacked.
ish families near Pekli).
Hannan and Meagher were discovered
dings and the necessary apparatus.
Lawrence Wilhelm committed ani- to be afflicted with smallpox, and were “gentleman of the old sohpgj-"
In 1686 a Portuguese Jew of Amster­
. t ,i >> ,
dam, named De Pavia, discovered a
;y Mitchell—To amend tbe act of cide at his home, on tbe Scholl’s ferry sent to the peet house.
feet of Jews -in Cochin China
rch 3, 1867, restricting ownership road, near Portland, by shooting him­
Edward H. Dav¡4, a sailor on the
reri estate in the Territories to self in the temple. He had been ill British ship Victoria, fell off the wharf fine manners is larger than it ever was. oording to a tradition preserved among
for about a year and a half and was at Nanaimo, B. 0., and was drowned It is also true that the other class is them, thev were descended from a
aricau citizens.
mor» numerous, and it unfortunately tribe of Jews who had quitted Pales­
to>, abrogating all treaties with the .out of his mind.
before tbe boats could reaoh him.
oonaiitutes an important part of the
nets Empire, so far as they permit
Captain Young, of the engineer».' at
J. B. McDonnel was arrested at Bar. human family. It occurs to us that age tine on the destruction of the second
coming of Chineseinto the United Portland, reports that a log boom at Francisco for having in his possession
temple. From their long residenoe in
cs, and absolutely prohibiting the Coquille City, Oregon, interferes with a block with inteqt to use it, for coun­ and weakness are as renderly cared for Cochin they had become completely
«7 except »» to diplomatic, const!- the paBsage'of the steamers that carry terfeil
These ,are not the same as
terfeiting Bank'or England notes.
much deference to superiority-, although (he Malabar Jews. The Jewish trav­
and other officials. ’
the United States mails, and that tbe
there is not so much servility, and po- eler Benjamin, sometimes called Ben- >
Iso, authorizing the Secretary of navigation oi the Coquille river is im­
Treasury to establish life-saving peded by settlers felling trees in the dead in his rcoffi in a lodging house at ’ liteness is less elaborate. We certainly jamin II., discovered a oolony of Jews,
T|San Francisco. Two wounds in his would not ratnrn-to the formal lan­
ions at tbe following places: One stream.
head lead to A suspicion of foul play. guage of compliment that obtained in evidently of Persian origin, in Hin­
r or at the mouth of the Umpqua
di stan. They were known as “Bi by­
Mrs. Elizabeth Miner, the female
Henry F. Price, of. Ban Francisco, the last century and ths century before, Ionian Jew»,” on acconnt of their hav­
r, Or.; one between McKenzie smuggler, appeared before the bar of
d'aud Peterson'» pdiqt, and one at the United States District Court at who Re* been starter for the Butter and, while we speak of the ‘'gentle­ ing migrated from Babylonia. They
y’s Harbor, W. T.
Portland to answer to a charge of street cable road for several mdnths, man ortho old suhpol" with a certain observed the essential rites of Juda­
committed suicide by shooting himself. reverence, we do 'nqt imitate him, and
ism. and strictly avoided intermarriage
ly Manderson—For a public' build- smuggling opium. She plead guilty
Joseph Taylor,a watchman. In the we would not have any of his traits ex­ with other seets. In the beginning of
Judge Deady then
r st Omaha to cost, including site, to the charge.
cept the kindliness and self-respeot the seventeenth century a Jewish col­
fined her $150 and further directed
' .
that she be confined in the Multno­ the dock, striking the timber» as he which arc the foundation of all fine ony settled in Cayenne, in the West
|y E<lmund>—To provide for the mah County Jail for one day.
He was taken out but died manners.
Indies, one of the most inhospitable
iblishment of a postal telegraph,
Th»excuse for th« current criticism climates in South America.
As a result of the investigations of shortly afterwards.
a the Edmund telegraph bill of two
A freight train on the eastern divis­ of superficial observers is furnished by | Cayenne was sibsiqnently eon-
the swamp land agents, 150,000 acres
ts ago.
of land, at a rough estimate, will be ion of the Central Pacific broke in two. two classes of the commuuity. Tile qnered by the Freuch, who made it a
Iso, for allowance of a bounty of
A portion passed under a bridge and
3j per month to all men who lost to the State, but titles to the lands a barkeman named David Chugg fell man who drives aback and the man \>tma1 s-ltlement. and the Jewish ool­
who 'blackens your boots have nqfi the ony wub forced to retire fo Surinam.
in the army during the war.
polUeq »««of tin- old day. simply be­ Notwilbs ending frequent - perseou- arisen over swamp land matters from the care and was killed.
Iso, for pensions to all who served
since 1860, will be largely settled. It
In a collision between freight and cause ’they have' hot the servility. lions. Jows are still found in Persia,
ing the war.
passenger tridns at San Bernardino, There was no genuineness in the old- more especially to the south of the
to>, for amendment of the c< nati­ is expected that patents for land» de
clared swamp will be issued by tbe Cal., engineer Thompson and fireman fashioned servant of the people, and Caspian Sea, where the soli is very
on allowing Congress to pass uni-
u laws on the subject of marriage government to the State immediately Gaffney, of the freight 1 were killed, there was in the breezy maunerg of tlie fertile but the climate very unhealthy.
after tbe submission and examination Several cars were destroyed
by fire.
old-fashioned fireman.
Our hack The principal oity is Balprosb, whore
of these reports.
ras- drivers are quite as polite as the cab­ shout one hundred and fifty Jewish
.Iso, for an amendment to the con-
... J«, bies of London, and as polite as all tainilics reside in almost complete iso­
lotion preventing the manufacture,, The steamer Yaquina City, which
Ipanish woma
woman rude men will be who feel that they lation. Thoy trade with their brethren
portátil n and sale of intoxicating went ashore on the rands near the Cal., dance bouse by a'Bpanish
entrance to Yaquina Bay, and is now named Isabella Andress, who WM jeal­ afie independent of their employers. in Grent Tartar», and are engaged in
uon in the United States.
.Iso, for Abe admission of Dakota a total wreck, waa owned by the Ore­ ous of his attentione toanrAlier woman. We
can’t consider the manner» Ih • wool and silk trade or in the sale
ths organisation of a new Terri- gon Development Company, and had
The hotel at Crescent, a «ranl^set­ of the atreet when we are talking »foilions. They, too, trace their ori­
been on the Pacific Coast only a few tlement pear Loe Angeles. coLing about the manners of the day. gin from the Baybylonian captivity,
r of Lincoln.
years. - She waa built by John Roach
our examples lor, according to a tradition still
ly Stanford—To require ten years’ 4 Sons, at Chester, Pa., in 1877, and $10,000, was blown down by a terrific We
entailing the death of Mrs. among [W'ople who pretend to govern possessed among them, their an­
dence before foreigneta can declare was christened the Western Texts, windstorm,
Arnold and her 10 year old daughter, fheir relation» toward one another by cestors settled in Persia in the time of
ir intention to become citizens of being intended for a Galveston packet.
, United States, except in the care She was an iron ship, 231 feet long, 34 recently arrived from the Essl, and the code of the polite world. The Nebuchadnezzar, and did not respond
wounding more or less seriously aijt-
those arriving before the age of 21 feet beam, and 16 2 feet depth of hold. teen hotel guests, many of Whom met second class whi^, give an excuse for to the appeal of Ezra to return to Pal-
criticism is oomposed of the dudes and istine. ’Their mode of life' resembles
ira, when residence oí six years only Her tonnage was 1,210.98 gross and
with miraculous etaapes.
Anglomaniacs—the people who are the that of the "Persians in general They
all be required.
934.11 net.
Her draught waa 12 6
A special from Paradise, Nev., says: ostentatious members of an osten­ kohl the beard in high esteom, and
Abo, for the establishment of a feet. She had on but sixty tons oi
They have
- tj - t Mt this piece for his tatious'and thoroughly sham society. wear long, flowing robes.
Merrach . jij
larantine station at San Francisco.
freight, and 300 tons of rock ballast
Ako, granting to the State df Cali- when she went ashore. Her lose will ranch, six miles away. Not t>acliing It is not pleasant,, we own. nor teveral synagogues, and obtain scrolls
mja 5 per cent, of the proceeds of be quite severely felt by her owners, home searoh was instituted and his encouraging, to hear wide-trousered it the law from Bagdad. The cele­
>h sales of public lands in that State. The Yaquina came to the Pacific body; frozen stiff,'#»s found a taBa find largp-bustled youth address one brated African traveler, Mungo Park,
frbm'his home; 4lS wasin old resi'
ri- taiother M If thdre were no difference (onnd a colony of Jewish families in
By Cullom—For a pension to the Coast in the summer of 1884, and has dent of the valley, and a prosperous
Ü0U8 of sex. “‘Old Chappie” is well enough die heart of Africa, about eight hun-
dow of Gem John A. Logan.
in Its sm'all way, but “Old Girl" is not Ired miles from tbe const. It is no
tween Yaquina and San Francisco,
By Tnrpie—For the admission of the- without any serious accideut ever hap­ A chambermaid *
we)l at/dip*1 niMculine lips, for it be- ftmbt this peculiarity of the Jewish
alee of Washington and Dakota.
toffins a familiarity that is damaging race which Induced a French writer on
pening heretofore. The vessel is val- hotel noticed a'I
By Hoar—For the ereotion of s ued st about $200,000. It is under- from the balcony to a room occupied toihe femininity of the woman ad- “Medical Geography” to express the
-i- 'drpssdd. And yet even dudes have »pinion that: “It is questionable
mument to Negro soldiers and sail- stood that the insurance was $100,000 by Joseph Schmidt, - >ung Germa/i.
When ’ the floor wt
.mned Sdlfrfiidt Belter manners than they seem to have, whether the crossing of human
who gave their lives for the pre ter
__ ■ -----------------
confers on
ion of the government.'Mrs.
Mrs. Charles
Charlen H. Thompson and her was found lying on his book, in a pool apd are entitled to much more respect ronetant advantages in relation to
Llso, a bill to facilitate and develop ni(>ce Mi(l,
lbeth KemleyF were of blood, having cut bis throat with a than they receive. They have manly
resources of Alaska, and to open , foun(j
in bed in a private lodging penkuife, whicu was found lying on a virtues, and underneath their rude fa­ ,he species;. for the Jewish race
miliarity they have elements, of good moms in :i wonderful manner capable
overland commercial route between , houge in Hwn French co, having been table.
Oscar Heym, acoountant in the breeding. They are often kind and >f adapting itself to every change of
i United States, Asiatic Russia and asphyxiated by gas. The ladies ar-
an. ti
a survey to be rjve(j frOm ohico. Mrs. Thompson’s Occidental wareh >use at San Fran­ charitable, and. in serious matters, they slimate, while others are soaroely able
.« bill
k.n directs
de of a route for the construction husband is baggage-master at that cisco, shot himself in the breast, in­ are considerate. It 1« true that they to boar the least cliauge.".
The Jew is found in every part of
t railway by the most feasible route place. The key of tbe jet had evi­ flicting a wound which will prove have au insolent toleration for those
m the northern boundary of the dently been turned accidentally. The fatal. A shortage of several hundred who are not of their set, but they are ■.he world; InEuropo, from Norway to
ited States through British Oolum- room was filled with gas when tbe dollars wisfonnd in his noeou Ms re­ appreciative of the talents of the lower Gibraltar; in Africa, from Algiers to
and Alaska, Io a desirable harbor bodies were discovered.
cently, and it is supposed this led to orders, whether they bo intellectual or Jape of Good H»pe; in Asia, from
the southern coast of the Alaskan
his suicide.
Chinese papery give details oi - the hie
The world can affogfl to lie Joehin to the Caucasus; from Jaffa to
¡a. W
: "
W muscular.
Jr ■ ’ a ** W W
intula, on Behring sea. It is in- disaster occasioned by the Yellow river
A man by the name of Murray went amused by the dude, for, after all, he Pekin. He has peopled Australia, and
Jed fc begin at or near Spokane overflowing its banks in the province to a lodging house at San Francisco does not set the fashion of his time. ins given proofs of his powers of ac-
la, on the Northern Pacific road, of Ho-Nan, and the complete inunda-- and engaged a room. Later there was The best society of our modern Amer­ dimatization under the tropics, where
I run north on the eastern side of tion of the oity of Sching Chou and a smell of escaping gas, which was ican life is outside of him and beyond poople of European origin have con-
Rocky mountains, deflecting west- ten other populous cities. The whole traced'to Murray’s room. There was his comprehension, and that socioty Is Itantly failed to perpetuate them-
■dly for a branch line to Sitka, the area is pow a raging sea ten to thirty no response to repeated knock« at the
soundto^liacore, audits iuteraspirse is lelves.—JeicisA World.
in line to Me continued north and feet deep, where it once before was a door, whish was finally forced open.
t to a desirable harbor on the Alas- densely populated and rich plain. The Murray was lying dead on the bed and as agreeable and polite as has been that •À
Rich Tunisian Jewesses. ’
peninsula. One hundred thoue- statement is made by missionaries t^egMW.. turned half way on.
The opening of the Suez Canal has
dollars is appropriated for the thkt millions of Chinese are homeless
A construction train on the Atchi­
made its mark on Malta It being a
aud starving. The newly gathered son, Topeka A Santa Fe road, consist­
—Dr. John VansaM. of the United great port, of entry as,well as a coaling
kilph reported favorably to the crops of herbs and trees are all swept ing of ten cars, on which were between
ate a bill from the committee on away. “Bread, bread,” is the cry of fifty and sixty men, ran into some States marine hospital at St Louis, station, foreigners from all parts of the
unerce for extending the port of thousands. Mat huts are being erected stationary flat ears, at Los Angeles. claims to be the first to have taken East make it a rendezvous. Of a fine
ry at Portland bo as to include as fast as possible, but tbe misery in­ The construction train was backing up photographs by the light of fireflies. evening can M seen Turks, Greeks,
He placed twelve fireflies in a three- Armenians, Persians, East Indian na­
*i Portland.
creases owing to cold weather.
for a load of sand, and as no signals
A dispatch from Szn Francisco says were displayed by the .train of flats ounoe boule, covering its lauash with bobs, and many other nationalities.
fine bobinet The average duration of The most picturesque oostumes ware
Jas. Briggs, a sailor on the British
iarmg the petitions presented to man-of-war Triumph, which arrived the engineer did not see the latter in the flash of each Insect was half a those of some Tunisian women (Jew­
House by Morrow, of California, from Esquimalt, was tried at the latter
second, and the Inmmous area on the esses), dressed in a fabric of fine striped
force of the collision broke the first
e the following;
port for insubordination, and sentenced car of the construction train in two. abdomen was about one-eighth of an silk of various colors, bound from the
ankles—each leg separate to the waist;
«solutions of California Wool to eighteen months’ imprisonment in Of four men in the shattered car, Tom Inch square. The time of exposure was then's sort of vest, with sleeves of the
protesting Portland, Eng., prison. During the Rose, acting conductor, was instantly fifty flashes.— Science.
same material. In place of a bonnet, a
—We learn from the Pittsburgh Iron species of skull-cap was worn. They
inrt a repeal or reduction of duty voyage to this city he was kept in killed, and Captain (filbert, night boss,
irons. When he was unironed this Bill Griffith, brakeman and James World that Pittsburgh steal-makers had fled from Tunis, as they were im­
l«o, a resolution of the Chamber of evening to take down the beds he Kelly, laborer, all received serious and have established agencies for the sals mensely wealthy, and attempts had
imerce of San Francisco, recom- leaped through the gun port into the perhaps fatal injuries. *
of the fitter grades of steel suitable for been made to carry somo of them off
iding the appropriation for repairs bay, swimming four miles to one of
making-cutlery in Enrope, India and into captivity for the sake of a big ran­
the wharves. He was arrested in an
Some time after their arrival
he Hartford.
Anitrnlia. Theit sales have been so som.
‘Iso, a petition of the Chamber of almost nude condition by an offioer,
considerable as to practically guarantee many of those ladies assumed the Euro­
imerce of San Francisco for sea and taken to the receiving hospital,
an established trade. Steel has been pean dress, and they were really a nice
where he will be detained until claimed railroad, discharged the men employed sold in competition with English-made looking civ*» of women, who would
t defenses.
make many a Saratoga belle blush with
^o, resolutions of the Chamber of by the proper officials. The escaped
steel at the same prices, and, the World envy. Tim males, as a class, were a
■nerce of San Francisco, asking prisoner tells a heartrending tale of contract with the company.* Mr. Ben­ says, “the prices, nnder the circum­ fine, noble-looking lot of men—who
■n appropriation for the laying of cruel treatment by the ship’s officers, nett had a contract for forty miles east stances, were entirely satisfactory to wore the T irkish drees, ineluding the
■J>le from San Francisco to the and says two other sailor» also de- frjm Albany, and Mr. Hunt had a the producer».”
tea.— Jiallu Leiter.
I contract for the next fifty mile».
ssrtod th» ship.
th Farralone Island.
ta a
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