The Dam chronicle. (Cascade Locks, Or.) 1934-1934, July 27, 1934, Image 5

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A 10 (irn rn l reduction on all
Knwlrv »•( lumlier was announced I Brief Resume o Happenings
ot the Week Col ectsd .or
Saturday try retail lum lirrm rn of
ilie M h | ( olumliia district, follow
Our Rraders
m« a meeting Friday inglit in the ,
Ipwid Itlver Thu Inland Km-
o fiiirs u( the Cascade Lo ck *
plr« W aterw ay * association baa
l.umlier coin|iany,
V E T E R A N S o f f o r e ig n w a r s
pain Site l*oat No. 3051
('«•cade Lock*. Oregon
Making a lour of lit« ra il* « )« of
< ana<la and lit« Called .mates la
li »a tiraci« Jon«-*. Iloljrhrsd. Wales,
■ ho r«r«til|y » a t w |w lr4 aa "rail
way qtifo-n" by ih« railroad work-
•ra of tb« I'nllr<l Kingdom Around
hrr i «-' k la tier ’ • Italo of offlr*.“
fiday A fte rn o o n a n d E v e n in g
August 3
President Roosevelt will apeak at Bonne-
nllr Dam n l i o t i t 3 o‘c ItK k Friday afternoon.
ledantr will atari i m m e d i a t e l y after the
2 S H
HOP GOLD donated by L. W. Sherman
ALT HEIDELBERG donated by Jim Merrill
fl»oot la N « ^ « r
n it« Indugi ry «M etí t«x>med laat
) « i r and l»«>tt>«<t in m ore « a y a
lh a n t.t.r, « a a lit« production o f
ri| .l..» l« r* Mor« lh an a q u a rte r o f
a b illio n |«>und* o f b lastin g p*>«<ler.
i||naitilir anil o th er high m | i | i « I w > i
• e r r to rrid i out an ln<-reaee o f W
per re n t o t e r lir e .
Mining and
q u arry in g acco u n ted f..f the great
r r |iarf t>f Ih« e tp lo siv «« pmduewd.
using W tx-r r e f i t of tb« so ra ile d
p erm issib le etpl«»«l»rs. M t*-r ren t
o f II f I xh r » i 1 » i r » a n i V2 I wr
reni o f ih« b issi ing powder.
Big Scala C o tiwmini
Tb« « o r Id a tarerai itwlmii« r»iin
I ah) la In Hollywood and Ita rbl«f
I iui I a t h la Ihr dressing of mori«
product Iona Antodi Ila «aal stork
there ar« 11 <• ■ i (una ami a«orda,
(.‘a lita i «o rili of n>«dala ami liti,
‘••I .-.• in i-'« • ''M ainine «Irluslly
every type of «Ireos « o ra In ih«
«••rid atm-« ib« «arlif-at itine* —
l'o lllr r a Wcekty.
Ca.vcaJe Locks Lumber Co.
All grade* of Cedar and Compo*ition
The kind that la*t a lifetime.
Our PAINT will make your old .hack look like a newborn babe.
We carry a large aa.ortment of—
You may be looking for a ROUND POLE for your curtain* or
doket. We have a large a**ortment of MOULDINGS.
See our SMALL STEP-LADDERS for u*e around the hou.e. 0l*o
we have a .mail *tock of IRONING BOARDS for your pre**ing
L. Owen, Local Manager
Portland Telephone AT 6524
kelailers have fell for vimetmie |ifiies wrre oul of line with
Keneral tondilions and at (heir
«onfrrrnir took action to correit
the situation. The redu< lion d«ie*
tmt apply to shinnies nnd building
I hose in attendance at the con-
Irrrtur anti llie yards and mills
rrpresrnird were: Mr. Frrrznr and
Mr Mauser, Mauser I.umhrr
com|>any | Owen, Cascade Lock*
l.umlier roni(iany; Mr. Klinger,
Bridal Veil l.umlier company; Mr.
Mansur, Contracting fc Sales coin-
(any; Mr Anderwm, Central
l.umlier company; Mr. I’rtrrann,
Ibinneville l.umlier ioni|>any; Mr.
Mlrn ami Mr. Muirhead, of Lum-
lirr I’romotHin, Mr. Clark, Tum- l.umlier comiiany; Mr.
I'arr, f’arr l.umlier romfiany; Mr.
Allen, Allen l.umlier company,
Mr Tauney, ( ojirland l.umlier
«-»*•-red «--I an Invitation to Preat-
ili-nt Km m o « 11 lo view th« Colum­
bia river and the flonnavlll« dam
from tb« dc< 1.» of a river steam ­
Forest P ro v e T om ato blight
haa lilt tom ato pal tie» In W a sh ­
ington county aerloualy. No aat-
I* factory control method haa b a g
developed. The blight la a vlrua
Infection, transm itted only by the
b««-l leaf hopper.
Kugene |n ro-operatlon with
the national administration In It»
home building campaign the Ku-
g«n* retail lumber dealer* have
agreed to make a reduction In the
price of certain grade* and dim en­
sion» of lumber.
Approximately 2 4 0 0
Ion* of raapberrle* have been
handled at the Gresham B erry
Grow» r»‘ cannery ro far this aea-
The total tonnage will ex-
c< e<j 2 5 0 0 . Of the tonnage receiv­
ed, 20 per cent, ha* been (hipped
east. 25 per cent, canned and the
rem ainder cold-packed.
C ran ia P ass It la estimated
th at 7 0 0 0 ton» of an approxim ate
total ton n age of 12.S0O car» of
Hogue IIIw-r valley B a rtle tt pear»
h. » lie n »old to the et
LAST HOP A SUCCESS prlrea running from 122 SO to S3S
One of the most pleasant dames , per ton T he total number of ear*
chipped will bw about the sam e aa
of many given in reernt weeks was last year.
that held Saturday night at the
Craigmont hotel under auspices of
the ( handier of C ommerce.
Saturday night the (handier will
sfatnsor another dance at Merrill’s
l«avdi<>n A splendid orchestra has
lieen emfdoyed for tl»e occasion
and the music (ironuses to lie the
equal of that found in the lietter
dame halls in Portland
Krvrnue from the dance last
Saturday night, like the returns
from the dance tomorrow night,
will lir used in cleaning up the de­
ficiency in the Fourth of July
celebration finances. Both Mrs.
Finlay of the Craigmont and Mr.
Merrill are donating their ilance
This wrrk there will lie no
dame other than the one at Mer­
rills pavilion ami hope is express­
ed by officers and directors of the
i handier that everyone nukes an
effort to attend, for it is in this
way that the few obligations still
outstanding can lie wiped out.
Portland Pianist Coming
l.ucile Cummins, Portland pian­
ist, announces the ojiening of a
studio in Cascade lawks August
IS. Miss Cummins is prominent
in Portland musical circles, where
she is known as a composer as
well as pianist ami teacher.. She
plans on lieing in Cascade lawks
at least one day each week, and
will give both private and group
Miss Cummins has had consid­
erable experience in organizing
and conducting orchestras and is
interested in organizing one in
Cascade lawks. Anyone who can
play an instrument of any kind
wili lie nvited to join. For infor­
mation as to lessons write or call
at 2tiH0 Ravensview Drive, Port­
land, or any inquiries left at this
office will be forwarded.
Beginning next week Mrs. Aino
l errington will write the news of
the Bonny Villa district for the
Chronicle. The Chronicle is anx­
ious to cover this news in detail,
and to that end is placing a box
m the Bonnv Villa C.rill where any
items may be left for Mrs. Fer-
Pugen e
Blanca Heed Hill will
be dowag<r queen for the Pioneer
p. rade at Kugene the latter part
h She will ride la
t i n linch pin wagon In which ahe
was bore at the foot of Mt. Hood,
October 2. 1 8 5 0 , when her parent*
were crossing the plain» to Ore­
gon. T h e wagon 1» now owned by
Cal Young.
Astoria T he south jetty re ­
pair job at the mouth of tbe Co­
lumbia l i t e r I* nearing comple­
tion. T he trestle-w ork, extending
I f. -t I n t o the (ici-an. Will
prol ably be completed Ju ly 14.
Of the < 0 0 .0 0 0 ton» of rock to be
dumped under Ihe co n tra ct, there
1» still about 2 5 0 . 0 0 0 ton* lo be
P a trick l a y , (Oil, Visit*.
Salem - Oregon'» oldest man,
P atrick Kay. 1 0 3 , who Uvea n ear
McM innville, was a visitor In S al­
em last we« k. F ay was m arried
when 40 years of age and la the
f a th e r of 13 child ren.
lam g-t iiXM-d Mill lieopena.
K la m a th Kail» —T h e o l d e s t
sawmill In K la m a th Kail*, the
Ackley Bros plant, was started
up last week a ft e r being abut
d wn for th r e e or four year*. T he
mill, which can cu t about 6 0 ,0 0 0
fe e t dally, la operated by Joh n
and H arry Ackley.
Couple Has Ninth Son.
H a .n lrr W h e n a son was born
lo N«r. and Mrs. Held Davis here
last « ck th e personnel of an all-
b ro th e r baseball team was co m ­
pleted. at leai t If they so desire,
fur the baby was th eir ninth son.
with no girl* In the home. T he
oldest son Is about 14 and will
r t a r t to hglh school this fall.
Klr*t W aterm eion Shipped.
P en d leton
Tin* first shipment
of w a term elo n s tre m the Irrlgon
Irrig ation d is trict has gone out
. ml nicb n »hippinc will be In full
: wing In a n o th e r week. T he ton-
n <* per a cre will be lower than
norm al b ecause of high winds and
1« it. S e t t l e r s are conserving th eir
w nier so th a t It will hold out un­
til (ho end of the season.
ri n g e r n a i lt Studied
Fing ernail* nre tiring studied by
the Georgetown university medical
students for the relation that ap-
I irently e xists between the cysteine
in sulphur containing compound)
In the tHl I la and arthritis, of
much remains unknown.