The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 29, 1928, Image 6

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Columbia Gorge Motor Coach System
Additional service effective Apr. 1st., 1928
Reduced Rate Salt Lake City and all Eastern Points
Two Stages Daily making Eastern connections
Information cheerfully given pertaining to all
stage connections. Modem Depot in Dewitt Bldg.
On Oak, between 1st and 2nd Look for our New
De Luxe Stages. Depot opens 7.30 a. m.; closes 8.15
p. m. Make this your resting place while in town.
Time Table
West Bound
East Bound
Hood INver-Pendleton ........10.40 a. m.
Hood Mver*Bend. etc............. 12.60 p. m.
Hood Mver-Tke Dalles............. 2.50 p. m.
2 05 p. m
Hood River* Pendleton............... 4.50 p. m.
3.00 p. m
Hood River-The Dalles...............
• • • 7.50 p. m.
.6.05 p m
Hood River-The Dalles.......... 12.40 a. m
.8.10 p. m
Holiday« only)
Phone S2S2
March 21. 1228.
Mr. and Mra. T. A. Bolan received
a letter from their son. Ram, who re­
sides at Ran Fernando, Calif., telling
them of a visit to the stricken terri­
tory devastated bf the recent flood
which followed the giving way of the
Loe Angeles dam.
Mm. Mary Tompkins also haa a let­
ter written by her daughter, Mm. Fred
Ries, who with her husband and fam­
ily resided in Banta Paula. Rhe says
in part: “A big dam-00 miles from here
bunited at 1 :S0 this morning. We were
all awakened and told to flee for our
lives. We did—hundreds were fleeing
—then the water came and we went
, down where our houae used to be and
all is gone. Doaens of houses are gone.
A hundred policemen are here from
Loe Angpies. We are in one of the
finest homes In Ranta Paula with Mra.
Rhively, the banker. I waded In mud
above my knees and at last we found
what was left of our hous e -one room.
Found a few clothes but couldn't get
them out. The Red Cross is feeding
To show you how many
friends we have—at least twenty-five
care went down after us. Two of our
neighbor women and one man were
Nearby here whole families
were drowned. Don't get worried. The
danger is all over.”
Misses Iva and Irene Upson, students
at Reed College, spent the week end at
the home of their parenta, Mr. and Mra.
W. L. Upson. Thy were accompanied
by two girl frienda. Mine Eleanor
Mitchell and Mias Gladys Churchill.
Friday morning Mias Eloise Upson,
who teaches In the schools of Hunting­
ton, Ore., submitted to an operation for
appendicitis Mias Upson, who ta in a
hospital at Ontario, Ore., is reported
as making «atiafactory progress.
March Tt.
Mrs. Herbert Sprague of Seattle ia
here visiting her elater, Mra. H. -C.
Johnson, and brother, A. T. Hale, of
the Poatofflce etore.
Miao Lota McDonald, atudent at Mon­
mouth Normal, a teacher of several
years’ experience, was a week end vto-
itor at the Postoffice «tore.
Mire Marguerite J. Beck of the high
school faculty apent the week end in
Portland at the home of her parents.
Mice Edna Plog was a week end
guest of Miao Josephine Byara at Gold-
endale. Wash , the bone of Miao Byah’
Bev. and Mr». C. L. Dark were gueata
Tuesday evening at the golden wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mra. Bradford
Smith of Woodstock M. E. church In
Portland, where Rev. Dark aerved aa
During their absence from
home Mra. Dark’a brother and hta wife
will viait and care for the father, John
Announcement« for next Sunday at
the Methodist church are: Sunday
nchool, 10 a. m., Alllaon Fletcher, Supt.
Morning worship, 11 a. m.; sermon
subject. "The Path of IJfe." Epworth
League, 7 p. m. Evening worahlp, 8
p. m.; sermon subject, "Cleansing the
Temple.” Rev. C. L. Dark, Minlater.
Next Sunday will be observed a« De­
ctalon Day. For Easter Sunday, a com­
mittee haa been appointed and a pro­
gram 1« l>etng prepared for a part of
the Sunday nchool hour. For the hour
net apart for worahlp the nervier will
include reception of member« and bap­
Mm. Vincent Harris of Portland, who
with her bunband spent last week at
Mt. Hood, waa the guest of Mr. and
Mra. Pool Hanaen of Odell. Friday.
Mm. W. N. Weber had improved so
satisfactorily she was able to leave
The Dalles hospital Sunday and go to
the home of Mr. and Mm. J. P. Nanmes
for a few days’ stay before returning
to her home in Odell.
Saturday the following pupils of
Odell grade s< haoJUBlUy Cw a mnat ia m
James FergneouF Lettie Gerrtah. Kath-
arino Wbaatsr, Hazel Welnbrimar. and
Jack Manasa, met repreeentativw of
Pina Grove and Parkdale grade acboria
at Ptoe Grove. From three six pupUa,
one, Billy Ounntagham. waa satocted to
i eprerent Odell grade school at a dn-
clamatory program in Hood River Fri­
day night Billy"» subject was "King
Philip to the White Settler/’
Tuesday night of last week Rev. and
Mrs. C. L. Dark. Mr. and Mra. Pool
Hanaen, Mr. and Mra. C. R. McCoy and
Mire Beadell went to Pine TJrove to
take- the third and fourth degrees in
the grange.
Thursday, this, afternoon Mra. Pool
Hansen and Mr» Arthur Hansen enter­
tain the M. A D. club at the home of
Next Wednesday afternoon members
of the Ladles’ Aid society will be en­
tertained In the home of Mra. W. W.
Mrs. B- H. Nickerson ta assisting
Bickford A Davl» In tbetr store at
Friday, April fl. Mra. Ix>ui» Plog and
Mire Edna Plog expect to leave for Ban
Diego, Calif., for a three months* vtalt
in the home of Mrs. Harold Hague.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Beadell and fam­
ily are now at home In the Bproat prop­
erty in Middle Valley.
I«st Thursday Mra. W. F. Byars,
who had been visiting at the home of
her son, W. N. Byara, returned to her
home in Goldendale, Wash.
Mra. J. E. Ferguson went to Portland
this morning a delegate to the atate
conference of D. A. R. in session today,
tomorrow and Saturday.
Mra. Virginia Gllkeruon, student at
Monmouth, waa calling on Odell
friends during the week end.
Odell High School Notre
A photographer from the Markham
Ktudlo of The Dalles was here Thurs­
day of last week. He took a picture of
the student body and faculty. Each
student upon paying fifty cents may re­
ceive one of these pictures.—R. W.
Dally, strenuous practice is doing
much for the progress of the “Dutch
Detective," a real live play to be given
In the auditorium of the Odell high
school, April 12. Don’t miss it I - -
The initiation of the new “Knights
of the Orange O” members took place
laat Saturday night at Arnold Wheeler’s
home. Everyone had an enjoyable time,
especially the new member». They are
Bernard Farra. Ferris McCoy, George
Annala and Richard Walter. After the
initiation, thev were treated to a ahow.
-dS. T.
The junior« of Wasco high school
have sent an invitation to the students
and faculty of Odell high school, cor­
dially inviting them to attend their
annual Junior and senior prom to be
held Friday evening. March SO, at the
Wasco opera houae. We thank them
very mubh for the invitation, although
the majority of uh will not be able to
attend.—E. I.
The member*
members of the biology class are
now gathering and preoalng wild fiow-
era for analysis of 'them. This 1s re­
quired in this semester’s work.
many varieties of flowers grow here,
everyone should have a good collection.
—F. H.
The high school stage is now being
Al>out eight or ten new
lights will he installed: new curtains
will Hlso be purchased for the 1> h < k
draperies and front It 1« hoped that
these will be ready for the two plays
which are to be given soon.—F. H.
(From The Enterprise)
TTile community was shocked thia
week by the sudden death of Mm.
Grant Merchant, wife of the paator of
the Congregational church. Mrs. Mer­
chant was one of the best known women
of this. section, having resided in the
Bristol district several yearn before
moving to White Salmon.
Rhe had
taken a prominent part in the religions
welfare of thia community, and the
many friends extend their sincerest
sympathy to the femily.
last Sunday Mr. and Mm. Ar. H.
Jewett, pioneer residents of this city,
celebrated their AR th wedding anni­
versary. ^ir. Jewett Is 82 yearn of age
and Mm^lewett In 80 yearn. Their
guests were M and Mm. Romer» and
son. of Parkdale. Ore.; Mr. and Mm.
McIntosh, of Parkdale, and Mr. and
Mm. C. E. Mansfield and children of
thin city.
The Eyrie Inn, known aa White
Salmon's famous summer resort for
many yearn, has been purchased by
Dr. W. H. Warner of thia city, and
will be on the Amt of the month trans­
formed into a hospital
Mm. H. C.
Boykin, an experienced nurse, will be
In charge says Dr. Warner.
Only eight cam of large "lie New­
town apples and two cam of d'Anjou
pears remain in storage in the big cold
storage plant of the Underwood Fruit
A Warehouse Co. Two hundred car­
loads of fruit ware handled there thia
year and no repacking was necessary,
the washing process and packing being
ideal. Newtown apples now in storage
were found thia week to be in splendid
shape, the color beautiful and in the
finest eating condition.
Ruch fruit
when placed on t Mb« market. should at­
tract the attention of the consumer.
Big Food Demonstration
Meet your city and country friends
Saturday at the Grange Store, where
some of the big wholesale houses will
give a demonstration of many products
in which all housewives are interested.
Numerous articles of the best
food products will be given away each hour.
As a special feature, Corliss Bulger, radio announcer for Sperry
Flour Children’s hour will be with ub . We will also give you an in­
troduction to Princess Drifted Snow, one of the Pacific Coast’s niost
noted carrier pigeons. She was released by Queen Marie on her visit
to Maryhill
The following wholesalers will participate in the demonstration
Which was instigated by the Carnation Milk Co.— Carnation Milk Co.
Lang & Co., Swift A Co., Pacific Coact Biscuit Co., Sperry Flour Co.,
Old Fashioned Cereal Co., Dickerson A Co., Shredded Wheat Co., Nally
Food Products Co.
The Grange Cooperative Store
Telephon« 2151
The annual church meeting waa held
last- Wednesday evening. Reports of
the past year’s work were read and of­
ficer« elected for the coming church
the winter and are at home for the
summer on the Geo. W. Allen ranch.
Mra Dilley Is home' from the hospi­
tal. While her hand ta not well It to
very much better.
Geo Hand la holding a special sale
to reduce hta stock. .
Mra. H. H. Hann la on the sick list.
Mr. and Mra. Otto Cooke and chil­
dren of Portland visited Mrs. Cooke’s
brother. Chester Walton, and family
last Sunday.
Tom Davis and Dave Cooper apent
Rnndsv «nd Monday with their fam­
ilies in Parkdale. The snow made it
inconvrntaat for them to go to their
wnrk of road building near Condon.
Mra Rin Jones. Jr., ta having a siege
of sinus trouble.
Mr. snd Mra. Roy Locke moved to
Prineville last week.
Mra. Avon Button spent several days
la«t wook visiting Mends In Portland.
The Woman’s Missionary meeting
was held at the home of Mrs. Cheater
Walton last Wednesday.
William (Billy) Bmnllin and Hugh
McGilvra returned to Willamette Uni­
versity on Sunday after spending a
week with Mr. and Mra. W. C. Rmullln.
Mr and Mra. R. K. Rrikman. Mine C.I
M’ss Elisabeth Tanrille
»»"»v R*Mnhsns»r were all week
riritoes In Portland..
Mra Rer^tnor baa taken over
P'-Msl» Isnndrv rinco Mra. Dilley
not ben able to look after It.
March' 22.
Mr. and Mrs. Job Naldrett enter­
tained the following guests over the
week end: Their son, H. B. Naldrett,
of Hillsboro; their dangbter. Mrs. L E.
Rawson, of Portland: and their grand­
son. John H. Water«, of Beaverton.
J. Naldrett and E. F. Monroe were
the following members were r e e l e c t ed :
B. J. Mclaaac, A. M. Kelley and Chea­ Hood River business visitors the first
ter Walton to terre aa board of diret­ of the week.
March 20. I
Professor L B Gibson io to be com­
Mr. and Mra. H. F. Goodlander of
mended for requiring the atudent body
Parkdale called on Mr. and Mra. Roas
dancea to dismiss at eleven o’clock.
Ringer, Bunday.
Mra. Shingerland and daughter.
Mr. Cheatham and family moved
Etaanor* ÓAT
* visited
‘ --- -------
---- Mrs.
from the J. D. Smullln ranch to Don
Shertr : over the week end.
It the annual meeting of the com­ Nuuauiaker’a on Willow Flat Tliura-
munity church some changes were day.
Mr. and Mra.""Rore Ringer and daugh­
made in the members of the official
boards and sq we give a list of names ter, Ml*« Haael, and Misses Haxel and
of all officers elected at that meeting Maysel DeLong spent Saturday at;
and other meetings so far reported: Hood River.
Charlie Sampson haa arrived home'
minister, Rev. F. G. Sherer; elders,
J. B. Doggett, J. F. Halliday, F. B. after spending the winter In eastern
Keating, Geo. Monroe, W. B. Smullln; Oregon.
clerk, A. J. Bruhqulst; deacons, L. H.
Paul Auliert, Jr., waa home from O.
Rose, G. Wertgen, Glenn Miller, J. D. A. C. a few days laat week.
Smullln, Eugene Euwer and J. p.
Mr. Bteete has returned from the
Cooper; trustees, 8. G. Babson, H. F.
Goodlander, Harold Mclaaac; financial «Willamette valley where he epent the
board, deacons and trustees; church winter.
Mrs. Edgar Kile ta alck with rheu­
treasurer, H. D. Marks; ushers, L. H.
Rose, W. C. Smullln; deaconesses, Mra. matism and blood potaon.
Balxon, Mra. Walton, Mrs. Gibbs;
Wallace Hanna has recovered suf­
board of education for the week day ficiently from hta recent operation and
school of religion, F. L. Keating, Mrs. Is here visiting hta parents, Mr. and
W. J. Gibbs, Mra. J. R. Mclsaac; Mrs. E. A. Hanna.
church school superintendent, W. C. . Fred Rose has traded his Oldsmobile
Smullln. At a meeting Tuesday even­
for a Chevrolet.
ing, other officers of the church school
Mr. and Mra. Roy Hale entertained
elected were: Mrs. J. R. Mclaaau
assistant superintendent; Mrs. W. Jr company Sunday.
Hazel and Margaret Sandman were
Gibbs, secretary-treasurer; (teorge Hig­
secretary-treasurer; up from Pine Grove to vtalt their aunt.
Frances Rmullln, Pianist; Katherine Mrs. W. M Rush, and attend the social
Rmullln, assistant pianist The Junior Friday evening. -
('hr lata in Endeavor elected officers last
Dorothy Wyatt, Aeva Scriven, Jeaw
week: president. Gertrude Rumbaugh; I^ngille. Isabelle Dimmlck, Merryl
vice president George Beal; secretary Hanna. Esse Cooper. Vera Jordan. Les­
treasurer, Coils Bea Boe; musician. lie Aubert. Robert Rush, Ervin John­
Lota Rose; mess sergeant, Roltert Rose. son. Arthur Brown, Edwin Shaw, and
At Mt. Hood Bunday school W. T. Ine» Rogers were the contestants In the
Wyatt is superintendent.
Other or­ speaking tryout Friday night. Merryl
ganisations of the church have not yet Hanna was given first place and will
elected officers but will do so soon, reprenent our school at Hood River
the names published, so that everyone Friday night. Irvin Johnson was given
may know what the whole church ac­ second pla<-e. The judges -were Mr. and
tivity Is. It is certainly a community Mrs. Harold Herahner and Mrs. Chas.
church both in its welcome of all people H. Castner, alf of Hood River.
to Its services and in Its effort to serve
Paul dandtnan of Pine Grove sang.
the entire community.
“My Bine Heaven” and “Among My
Palm Bunday sermon : “A Day of Souvenirs" at the social Friday eve­
Joy,” st 11 o’clock in the church. Next ning.
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock a spe­
Harold Herahner, County School Su­
cial service: “The Master Teacher",
Thursday. “Hla Last Supper” and cele­ perintendent Crites. Mrs. C. H. Castner
bration of the communion, Friday, and Miss Carlton, of the health board,
"The Old Rugged Crore”. The Run- of Hood River, gave short talks Friday
day evening programs will try to keep evening.
the spirit of the Easter season. The
pictures are: "The Passion of Christ”,
"The Good Ramarltan"
Samaritan" and
c ’ a short
There wan a very well attended and
feature, "Lest We Forget”. Mr. Mac- Interesting meeting last week at the
Donald 'has been requested to sing home of Mrs. C. B. Woolpert. There
"The Palms”.
were talks on the coming election, dis­
cussion of duties of officers and mea­
Parkdale School Notea
sures. Tennis Wyers, candidate for
Mr. Bommer drove his snow plow district attorney, asked for a few min­
around the high school Monday_____
inom- utes to dlncnss his platform. Members
ing to brash "the frost off the lawn. He from Pine Grove union talked for A. F.
is one of the beat frienda we have. Lacy a« a candidate for district attor­
Well, anyhow, it isn’t snowing snow ney. Mrs. Mary Fraxler Corwin spoke
to us, it’s snowing daffodils.
on the importance of community spirit,
Monday morning Mother Nature de­ making it a safe and happy place for
rided to give Mother Earth a new coat the young people. Mrs. McCauley and
of whiteness.
By nine o’clock there her committee served a delicious lunch­
was nearly five Inches of snow on the eon.
ground. Well. Mother, we would rather
In April there will be a luncheon at
have a new Spring coat of green just which Mrs. G. I,. Buland. state legis­
now.—A. D.
lative chairman, will speak. This meet­
Mr Boe and Mr. Cooper of the nchool ing will be devoted to preparation for
board. Mr. Gibson. Mr. Black, Mr. Mac­ intelligent voting. Any one may come
Donald. Mra Black, and Mins Johnston in during the afternoon. The place will
of the faculty, and several parenta and he designated later.
pupils attended the Odell-Pine Grove-
Miss Jane'Addams. of Hull House
Parkdale program Raturday night at fame, who has seen so many changes
0roTe.**chooL B,lly ¿‘«"dan, in the slums of Chicago.- says that she
J^JBCL.-Mary JEIaher, Gertrude|da.very much for the 18th. Amendment.
Rumbaugh, Helen Rutton. and Jean R pea king before the Ch I-ago Woman’«
Boe spoke for the Parkdale school. It club, she said that famlllc« get a fuller
was an excellent program. Parkdale «hart* of their wage earner’« income,
appreciates the courtesies no graciously thanks to the abolition of “treating”
giv^n by pine Grove.
at the bar. Children are more regular
A week ago Monday the senior clans, at school and politic« are taken out
Imbued with the holiday spirit, and a of tlie saloon
longing for the open places, induced
Rum Your Traah Now
by the* balmy weather, held a picnic at
which Miss Johnston and Miss Gilstrap
After April 1, when honneholders
and Mr. Crites were enthusiastic mem­ burn traah or rubbish. they must secure
bers. Though aeveral minor injuries a permit from the Are department. All
were suffered by a few. aa could be ex­ fires must be thoroughly extinguished
pected. all pronounced it “the best time at night. No night Area allowed.
ever.”—R. p.
L. G. Morgan. Fire Marshal
Track under Coach Black la going
of City of Hood River.
ahead with great strides.
LWe in*uranre. Talk with Young
there are no special stars a number
are expected to be developed, as track 10 to 70.
work la new to this high school.—G. B.
Mins Besley of the Oregon Tubercu-
loeis asaoeiaUon talked to the girls of
the high nchool and seventh and eighth
grades Tuesday afternoon. Rhe said
every girl should be as beautiful as
iswslhle and told them how they could
become so, illustrating her talk with
interesting poster». All the girls seemed
to be very much interested and may in
the future be more beautiful.—E. L.
The grade school glee club is work­
ing hard on the operetta, "The Main
and the Golden Slipper,” which ta to be
presented April IS. Mrs. Gibson and
M ss Corine are directing the music.
Mias Bayley la training the children in
the dances. Miss Romo has charge of
costuming, and Mrs. Black ia coaching
the dramatic«—D. D.
Miss Gilstrap and two students, Elta-
IK» Rose City over the week
end.—M. W.
The members of the sophomore clam
were guests of honor last Friday night
at." i1*
by th* **"t
school. Col. Steinhäuser supplied the
young people
did the rest. It was an unusually peppy
crowd and everyone left enveloped in
°* complete happiness— R. B.
"Ports getting started
the high stffiool has voted out funds to
equip the various activities. One dosen
basehalls and a vaulting pole have
. ,n.
f°r the boy» while the
girls wishes were satisfied when they
ordered balls, bats, mask and mitts.
He’*,ofore the girls have not done
much tn spring sports and Miss Gil­
strap thinks this new program will be
very beneficial.—R. R
At the Parent-Teacher association
meeting on Wednesday evening the pro­
gram was sponsored by certain work-
Health association.
Harold Herahner la a brief talk told
of the work of the county association.
Miss Besley gave an animated address
in health valuer Ned Van Nnys ap­
i peared in two readings. Miriem Knob­
lock gave an Interpretative dance Mra
»elections denght-
fnlly.. After the program the visitors
were treated to coffee, cake and ice
cream. We appreciate the visit of the
Hood River friends.
e 1928
April Foot’s dance Batnrday night.
has j K. of p. hall. It’s another baseball
club dance.
hk Ä- äleton
Arvteaf Tlsw There Mriar
^^HÌSVSFUa a-au
Arrtraf Par Tbase Mater
See Railroad Agent
at various points
en route for tickets
•nd information
H ôtel ,
’ill ••
- -
Ban Frsnciacu’» belve*
hotels. Adjoining Hotel St
Francia, in the heart oi lite the-
atrical and »hopping districi
Newly remodeled and reiurn.rii-
ad. Attractive lobby, lounge and
room». Rato» l.S0i with >»«l>
md J2..M)
•arv carline Ur tata»
I Can at nor evpen«*
Manatf«*r. Frstut«*-».
«fWlMIad H Ut «te
Hotel Sacramento
Hotel Land
Soft * Drinks
If we noticed little plessurce
Aa we notice little pains;
If we forgot all our looses
And remembered all our gains;
If we looked for people’s virtues
And their fanlta we failed to see
What snappy, cheerful. Jolly
Plnec this world wrnld come tn b«.
—H. R.
Draught Luxo
C A. Richards
111 2nd Street