The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 01, 1926, Image 3

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Material Below Cost
^imited number^of
12x14 GM 1H 12 Lt. Window*, $2.75
10x12 GM 1H 12 Lt. Windows, ; 2.00
If 2-6 X 6*6 Screen Doors.
2-8 X 6-8 Screen Door*.
\ v
All f. o. b. our yard.
No. 2 Common 2 inch Dimension Lumber
Random Width* and Random Length*
delivered to your door
$15.00 per M feet
(Prom The Glattsr of July fl. lfldl)
Emils Schanno, horticultural comml
stoner for the fourth district, was here
last week, inspecting the orchards of
the valley. Mr. Schanno reports that
the prospects give promise of a good
apple crop, though not so large as the
record breaking yield of last year.
G.,R. Costner Is building a 1<J by 20-
foot addition to bis dwelling bouse.
He to also building an apple bouse to
care for hie big crop.
To Cloud Cap Inn In an automobile
waa a means of locomotion not thought
of a few, yean ago, though Wednesday
morning such a trip was acrotnplHhed
by HL Y. Judd, of Boston, with a triple
cylinder, 12-horse gas power machine
and constructed for heavy mountain
roads. Mr. Judd is president of the
Pendleton Woollen Mills, and although
h resident of Boston, spends most of
his summers In Oregon and makes an­
nual tripe to Mount Hoed.
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Butler, accom-
pauied by Mrs. Butler's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. William Learner, of IxOomp-
ton, Kans., left yesterday for Seattle,
where they wUl take a stumer for a
three weeks’ trip to Alaska.
. r
I* D. Boyed baa been given the non.
tractto furnish RM),000 bricks, for the
new two-story building to be erected by
John Otten, of Chehalis, Wash., on the
property he reivutly purchased from
Brorius and Early.
Thia is bright new lumber
wtown and
lie distribu­
_ _
tion on Newtowns readied »«O.iMM).
The distribution brings tbe AMocta-
tlon’s return to growers on tbe 1926
crop to U,Tse,ooo.
■ •. ■ —
' Highest cash price paid for vour used
furniture, stoves and ruga. Cail McClain
ri g, A. Fraaa Co.
The balance
Nsttee of Finn! Hearing
Noltes to hsrsby given that tbo tm-
dersigtMMi admintotretpr ef the Estate
of OttiUfe W. Zwrigurt. dco-sired, has
«led bto acuount and report aa such
admlntatrator. and that Friday, the
23rd day of July.
at the hour of
10 o'clock a. DU. at tbs office of the
County Judge, has been fixed by the
County Court as the time and place
for bearing objections to said report
ami the settlement of said estate.
Dated June 24th, 1996.
Fred P- Zwelgart.
No. 20682
Nattesaf Rate
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Multnomah.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Bblgeichi Kasabara, uofW tlui es known
as 8. Kasabara, De nU ifl
Notice la bembg given that the un-
dbrsigned, tbo administrator of the es­
tate of Bhlguichi Kasabara. sometimes
known na 8. Kasabara, Deceased, by
virtue of and under aatbdrity of a cer­
tain order made by the Honorable
Judge Taswell, Judge of the above on-
titied Court, on tire 14th day of June,
IMS, in the above enrttluri estate, the
undersigned on the 24th day of July,
Cail 6699 when yoa heed stenographic MMMI, at the hour of 1:M o'clock P. M.
of said date, wlU sell at public auction
all of the following desc ri bed property
belonging to the above entitled estate,
situated in Hood River Oouuty, State
of Oregon, to-wit:
. . >
Southwest one-fourth (8W%) of
the Northwest one-fourth (NW%)
of the Northeast oae-fourth (NE
*4) of Section Nine (9) in Town­
ship Two (2), North of (tange Ten
(10) East of the Willamette Mer­
idian. also the Northwest one-
fourth (NWM) of the Southwest
one-fourth (8W%) of the North­
east one-fourth (NB1*
i) of * said
Section Nine (9), conh lnlug twen-
ty (20) acres, more or IgM, accord­
Ing to the United 81 iteli survey
thereof ; reserving, ~ hawwer,
; MH
a strip
of land six (0) feet wide along the
north side of above descril»'U prem­
ises, for flume purposes, and Sub-*
jert, to the right and easement of
School DLnrlct No. 4, bt Hood Rlv-
er County, Oregon, to maintain a
pipeline under the gtxmpd near the -
southeast corner, running westerly
from the east line of said prpperty
a distance of about, sigh», (8) feet
to a spriag; and to «ake and con­
vey water therethrough from said
' spring, in the manner that same
now la and has been done.
That said property will be sold to
the highest bidder, at public auction,
subject to confirmation by the above
entitled court and the terms of Mid
sale shall beti Ten per cent (10%) of
tbe amount bld to be paid to tbe under
signed at the time-of Mid Mie, tbe re-
Sluing ninety per rent (90%) to be
d in cash on confirmation of Mid
sale; or, in the alternating th« bidder
will pay ten per rent (10%) of tbe
amount bid at the time of tbe Mie,
forty per cent (40%) in cash on con­
firmation of Mid Mie and tbe remain­
ing fifty per rent (60%) by means of
a promissory note, tn l»*come due not
mere than five years after date, to bear
interest at the rate of seven per rent
per annum, «aid pronilaHpry note to be
secured by a mortgage, Mid mortgage
and note tn tie in the usual form of
note and mortgage ns<*d generally in
and abnut tbe State of Oregon in such
Everything to Build Anything
Phone 2181
Gravity Conveyer
In Every Packing House.
There are three types of CUTLER GRAVITY CON
VE/ER. The angle iron rail with close spaced wheels; the
angle iron rail with wheels spaced five inches apart and stag­
gered; and the straight rail with wheels spaced five inches
AU types use the same heavy bolt through the wheel
ie heavy duty ball bearing.
—- .• .7—
There to a CUTLER CONVEYER that will fill your re­
quirements at a PRICE 80 LOW that you cannot afford to
Kelly Bros. Co., I
Complete stock of Orchard and Harvest Supplies.
All the leading brands of Sprays and
materials for Pest Control.
Waaes Mas Pumping Unit
Tbo first cooperative pumping unit
for irrigation purposes in Wasco coun­
ty was effected last week, when the
Cherry HUI Dlirict Improvement Co.
was. incorporated. W. .W. Starkey was
elected temporary ’chairman and W. 8.
Nelson named treasurer.
Stockholders In the incorporation are
J, E. Thorndike, Dr. O. O. Doane, W. J, i
Collins and Mr. Starkey. The orchard-
let« have sunk a well, from which they
will distribute water to orchard own­
ers. A celebration la iitHiuied when the
pumping system is ready to Ire put Into
Building Blocks and Brick
We mates Concrete Building Blocks.which make an ideal
wall, whether it ba for a retaining wall, basement, ware­
house, garage or residence.
If you are going to build, and want a building for per­
manency, Fire Proof, Bad aa near Frost Proof as can be
made, we wotfld be glad for you to come in and we will give
you an estimated coat.
We have most everything In Concrete Building Material.
Soft Drinks
Draught Luxo
H mm
R. O. Garber, who is to take over
the work of recreational director of
II. h -I River, will start his program
July 8. He will have a definite sched­
ule of work arranged for every day of
the week, the most Important item of
it being swimming, Parry Davis, who
is employed at Koberg's beach as life
guard, will assist Mr. Oarber in thia
work. It is the aim of- the instructors
to make every child who takes train­
ing with Mr. Garber a awl miner. This
Is an excellent thing for the local chil­
dren, as it gives them good body build­
ing exercises scientifically worked out
for the beet results.
The program for each week will be
as foljfon:
Monday, in ths morning the boys will
tueet at the high school for recreational
play. Tins girls will nwet at Park
street school tn the afternoon for tbs
Hume purpose.
Tuesday, from 9 till 12, will be de­
voted to swimming classes for girls.
From 2 till 5 In the afternoon will be
devoted to swimming daaaee for Ixiys.
Wednesday will be taken up entirely
by hike« for boys.
Thursday will Ire taken up by hikes
for girls. Tlrere will be a woman
chaperon on all girls* hikes.
Friday. 9 till 12, swimming for boys.
From 2 till 5, swimming for girls.
Saturday, in the morning the girls
will have recreational play at the Park
street school grounds. In the after­
noon tire treys will uieet for play at the
high school.
Swimming classes will be divided in­
to three* mala divisions. There will Ire
one class for pupils who cannot swim
at all, one for swimmers wire are not
expert, and onw far advanced swim­
mers. Pupils who do not sign up for
the regular course In physical educa­
tion, are privileged to take these swim-
tiling lessons.
In line with the usual policy of the
Ford Motor company, to give the buyer
of Ford products the very greatest
value for bls dollar, a new low price on
Ford cars and trucks became effective
June 19.
' The reduction ranges from »40 to »66,
and in commenting on thia, R. Bartel,
tire local Ford dealer, considers it al­
most unbelievable that a new Improved
Ford truck equipped with balloon tires
and starter can now ire had for »4S1M
delivered In Hood Hirer. This same
ehaaala With tire all-steel rinsed cab
only costa fl667.fl6. Should the pur­
chaser wtolrto build his own cab, and
feels that be needs no starter he can
buy the balloon equipped chassis for
»411.06 delivered in Hood River full of
gas and oil and ready for work.
The new style Tudor, a flve-passeai-
rer closed car, now sells for »000 A. Y.
D. full of gas and oil, balloon tires,
starter complete ready for the road.
Thia uow |»ri«e Is »U7*hws money than
this model sold for eight months past.
The irew roadster, balloon tire and
starter equipped, wtttr all steel body
and all steel I red, whicii is balled the
half-ton oonnoerrial truck, ropreeentH a
real buy to anyone nee<ling a small,
light trw-k. This car complete sella
for let foci ready to go out and do a
big job of work.
•Since this price drop,” Mr. Bartol
adds, "several deilverieo have been
made, and there is piling Up a good
wised bunch of orders waiting for the
half-year license coat after July 1.
Huslneea to picking up and getting bet­
ter every day, and we are going to be
out ot <«rs before the first of July,
ami perhaps for some time thereafter.”
Not So Long Ago
The Fighting Edge
“The Talker," which comes to the
Rialto theatre Sunday, is of more than
interest to Tully Marshall, wbo plays
an important rote In this drama of do­
mestic life.
First, Marlon Fairfax, who not only
wrote Th« Talker” as a stage play but
also adapted it to the screen, In private
life is Mrs. Tully Marshall.
Tlren comes the interesting fact that
Marshall produced the play originally
in Cleveland wh e re be headed a stock
company, but later .produced It in New
York, In each instance playing the lead­
ing male role that Is assigned to that
distinguished actor, Lewis 8. Stone, In
the screen version. It is equally inter­
esting to note that Stone likewise
played hla screen role on the stage
when be was the leading man for the
Belasco stor k company In lx* Angeles.
Marshall always preferred the role
of the henpecked husband. Henry Fell«,
which he now enacts for the screen.
h-rh»|w bls liking la due to his tiare
for unusual types.
The Talked' tssksta a brilliant cast
headed 'by Anna Q. Nilsson and Stone,
as well as Shirley Mason, Tully Mar­
i shall, Barbara Bedford. Ian Keith. Ger­
trude .Short. Harold Goodwin. I.ydla
Yeamana Titus, Cecilie Brans, E H.
Calvert, Charles West and Lloyd Whit­
_________ »
from the novel “Once to Every
Man,” by Larry Evana.
A story of resolution vs. the gay
-white way, with
J. Farrell Macdonald, Billie Dove,
Diana Miller, Victor Maclaglen,
James Marcus.
Friday Mat, 10c-25c
Ev’ng and All Day Sat, 10-35-50
Sunday, July 4
She make« men
t—she makes
women cheat —
j breaks her
husband’s heart—all because she
talks—talks—TALKS I
A strong drama of today's ultra
modern women, with Anna Q.
Nilsson, Lewis Stone. Shirtoy
Mason. Tully Manhail, Ian Keith.
in “Oaroftxl Please”
Another of thoee top-notch
Hamilton (’omedies.
Prices 10-35 >50
Continuous Bunday * to 10 a SX
M oh .-T umw July 5-6
“Ob! What A Nurse!”
and under the Kling lights and the
shooting of thonaands òf feet eC extra
Do you want to make yourself
rick laughing? Well then, see
“Oh I What a Nurse-------
Munday and Tuesday the Rialto of­
fering wUl be Hid Chaplain in "Oh,
/ And for Comedy
What a Nurse I” Also Paths Comedy,
"Daddy Goes a Gruntlag.” Uoutluuoua
Monday, July 6.
Virginie PI»« Propesei
The Hood River Tmflte association
has derided to adopt the so-called Vir­
ginia plan of orchard inspection. In
order to handle tbe spray residue situ­
ation Apples will be Inspected before
harvest, In order to ascertain bow bad­
ly they may be coated . with may.
Wiping machines will bs employed
here tills year in the preparation of
practically all apple*. •
The traffic association has appointed
tbe following delegates to a meeting of
the Regional Advisory Board of tbe
American Railway Association which
will be held noon in Tacoma: A. F. 8.
Seete, R. W. Kelly, H. M. Dexter end
C. T. Baker.
t '
The activities of the trafite body will
be financed by a small per car a aaeae
ment on shippers and a nominal per
box assooHBMU on growers.
Friday-Saturday, July 2-3
Lloyd Hamilton, Disk Sutherland
Louiee Garver and Marcella Daly
There is a <*ertaiu glamor about top-
uoUb<-n in every prufeesion, but es-
pectoliy so it is true ot movie cetobri-
Ex< urslous over new mountain trails Ittos. One of the greatest wwoteru stars
and trips of exploration to the gtaclers is Hoot Giboun, who will appegr In
proved a diversion the past week for "The Phantom Bullet” at the Rialto
the guests at Homestead inn. The full theatre Wednesday and Thursday.
gueet list tbe past week included:
Hoot to a young man, yst in a few
J. IL Hinton. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. short years he has risen from the amoks
Brown, Mr. and Mra. J. A. Holmes, Mr. of the lowly range riders to Ute fore­
and Mrs O. H. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. most western luminary of the screen.
N. B. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. After a thorough schooling in the craft
Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Steele, of the cowboy, lie began to develop tbe
Dr. and Mrs. C. 8. Weet, Mr. and Mrs. wpectaitiea of the tattle man and before
K. 11. Koehler, Virginia and Barbara long be was tbe best rider, roper and
Koehler, Mrs. line Sefaloefoer, Miss Grander, not only In hto own outfit but
Maida Belbruch, Mtes Jane Hampton, of the entire surrounding country.
Mias Henrietta Osterman, E. A. Kleg,
Hla reputation grew as be defeated
Said Mie will take pfaos si tbe time William P. Ally». John Alvrens, Miss challenger after challenger, and be
above mentioned, on the said premises Kate Alvrens. Jo«. Krugman, Mr. and finally entered pruftssiiinal compati-
so to be sold And at the dwelling house Mta. A. R. Gatle, Mr. and'Mra. E. M. tlona and rodeo exhibitions. In thia
situated thereon.
Hoffnell, II. W. Todhunter, II. Glenn line of work lie far outdistanced hto
Dated tbe 10th day of June, 1926.
I’arker, Mrs. J. B. Lewthwalte, Jkck closest pursuers. And in 1914 I m cli­
- First publication June 24, 1920.
Ixiwthwalte, Mr. and Mrs. A. JI. Bene­ maxed an adventurous career - by cap­
Last publication July
dict. Bill Chandler, aU of Portland; turing tbe title of World Champion
Mias Helen Kelly, of Minneapolis, Cowboy at the celebrated Roundup at
Minn.; Miss Ellen Donahue, 8t. Paul,
G. E. Hamaker, Attorney,
Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Goodrich,
It waa but a step from western
1004 Chamlier of Commerce Building,
Iscroy L. Wahls, Mn. C. A. Bell, Fred shows to tiie movies und before tong
Portland, Oregon.
H. BeU,'all of Hood River; Mr. and the daring youth had made an impres­
Mrs. L. K. Fennell, Winnepeg, Canada; sion on the hearts of western movie
Mrs. O. N. French, of Sefcrd, Arta.; fans. From short reel subjects be grad­
F. M. Colman, of Corvallis; Mr. anfl uated Into five-reel ithotoplays, then In­
Mra a E. Noble and Mr. and Mrs. R. to features and now he is a promiasnt
B. Cottrell, of Heattie; Prof, and Mra member of that galaxy of stars who
IL *. LangHie, <rf Berkeley. Calif.; appear in Jewel productions.
Mrs. M ' Klinker, of Hen Francisco;
In “The Phantom Bullet" be appears
Mr. and Mn. turns. I toering, of Oak­ to best advantage, it Is probably tbe
land. CaRf.; Mr. and Mrs. J. Helse, of first western feature In which a star
Chteega, and Mr. and Mra R. J. Mo­ Is given opportunities to do more than
lasse, of Parkdale.
just riding and roping and Gibson dem­
—- '
1 - 1 —
onstrates that be ie an actor of more
than ordinary ability. Were be not a
wnetern champion he wotdd probably
I m * gracing the screen as * farce com
edlan, at which type of entertainment
be excels.
The dmt comprise« some of the moot
noted names in tllmdouv including
including Rlleen Percy, Alton Forrest,
Pat Harmon, Nelson McDowell, Wil­
liam H. Turner, John T. Prince, Gilbert
“Pewee" Holmes, Rosemary Cooper and
others.------------ -
Full Line of Supplies
conceivable type of character which ne-
reeritates either an extraordinary or
grotesque makeup, but for tire first
time in his screen career be applied his
makeup art to bia ears in this picture.
In thia production bo wean the pugi-
llstlcally popular "cauliflower ears."
In the character of Dennison, talka­
tive priae light promoter in "The right­
ing Heart,” Mr. Clark effectively trans­
forms his two perfectly good ears into
the common "tin” variety.
George O'Brien portrays the leading
with Kenneth Harlan, Patsy
role in the Ford production and Billie
Miller, Heinie Conklin and
Dore, Victor MacLagtaa, J.
- -
Pat Hartigan.
MacDonald. Bert Woodruff. James
Marcus, Francis rowers, Diana Miller FOX NEWS AND SHORTS.
and Francis Ford an cast in prominent
Matinee 10-85; Evening 10-85-50
supporting roles.
Daddy Goes A Grunting
Continuous Monday, July 5th
2 till 10.
Prices 10-35-50
Tuesday Matinee. 10-25
Wecf-Thura^ July 7 and 8
Attraction Extraordinary
“Ik Hunton Met”
AND. '
iu “Lovey Mary”
actually producing a pidture an
the stage with local and Holly­
wood talent Direct from tee
California Studios. See youraelf
in the movies. The greatest at­
traction ever.
Picture matinee, 10c-35c.
Night with the Berkova Company
Kids 25c; Balcony 50c;
Lower Floor 75c.
are over half gone. They will be
given away every Saturday aad
Sunday at tbe Liberty and- every
matinee and evening at the
Rialto. We want to see soiae
lucky youngster get this dandy
little car soon. Ask for keys
every time you go to the show.
....... .
The RIALTO will inaugurate a
policy of summer matinee price*.
All matinees will be 10 and 25c
with the exception of the 'Volga
Boatman” and Saturdays, Sun­
days and Holidays.
’ - -
Rialto matinee* 10c and He
with exception* noted above.
The Rialto will be ope* centfn-
uously every, Sunday, aiao M«n-
day, July 5th.
E/>eLibert: 2
is now open every Saturday flflkt
Sunday, Matinee and Evening.
ba on­
Speaking of "white mule,” The Jest­
er relates that two rustic eporta were
uncertainly fllwerlng their way home
to reject any from the county seat "MU," said
Henry, “I wanrtia to be very careful.
First thing y'know you'll have us In
the ditch.
“Me?” said BUI ia aatoa-
ishment. "Why, I thought you was
driving.”—The Spectator.
. Clerk.