The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 29, 1926, Image 10

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to"run to Portland.
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HOOD RIVER GLACttft, THUttabAY, APRIL I 29? 1926
spread In honor of the occasion, when
Uol. Bucket turned and asked me to
come along. I replied that I didn’t
look fit. file said, ‘1 guess you look aa
fit a, w< do.’ Bo I went along and, we
had a big blowout.”
After the visitors had gone Engineer
Goffe started back with his engine, but
before he bad gone a mile be i«me up­
on a crowd of *W Indian« lined up pn
» ride of the frack. He say,: "Just
to 1 frighten them I puUed the whistle
t they did not sthr a muscle and I
Then a Me
blew it ii second time.
chief rushed down to tbe track end
called.out: ‘Hi you skookum, 81 wash,’
meaning *big chief.' I invited him
alMtard -and be liked riding so much
that I Could hardly get him off again.
Every morning for at least a year that
Indian was down there waiting for the
l*ony to come along so be could get a
A truce wad declared between tbe
JH rival companies in November, 1887
The Oregqu portage was dosed. Tbe
Mountain Buck took tbe place of the
, now aa intsraation-
Señorita and tbe Wasco was laid off,
singer, who recently
ir_ the profits to be equally divided. Thta
of bis audtenrea and
and arrangement tasted less than a year,
of criths when be was pre-
,*.‘e Ol*«”n l»ort*ge was again
opera in Waahindton,
trtd opened.
folk» here Ttair»«tay. M¡£ft Afr NUa-
Uaptain /. C, ABmworth and hte
aaaoctate« built a large« and mote
sen. a native of the valley, dff® flrat
powerful boat than bad ever been
singing fa a choir of the Belmont Meth­
operated from Portland. On her trial
odist church. He will ba paataaM
trip it was foi|iMl that she could easily
next weak nnder «»«pices of the Ameri­
< Umb tint raid^la as far U the middle
can Legion psat.
landing, or lower end of the Bradford
Tbe young Or<*gou singer, who. baa
Irirtage. An alliance waa made with
already toured Europe under direction
Captain 3. C. Ainsworth by the Brad­
of Jean De Be«zke, will leave aooft on
ford company and the Carrie Ladd was*
another etaeart tour. He will atag fa
put on the Portland roiRe.« The
Portland next Wednesday night and at
gon portage could not compete and
Wsita Walla, Wash, May 1. A brother
posed a ceuibteaUon and a nvw.
The Pony waa on the portage for
wan formed, known aa tbe Unten aboot a year, every day pulling an of tbe singar, Nels E. Nllsasa, ia man­
, Transportation Oo., beginning operation ftrera
. of 200 too« up. Ite freight go­ ager of tbe Oregou Lumber reangway’s
ghout May 12, 1880. There was no ing down was from 000 to 2.000 pounds mill at Baker.
Tbe interest already displayed in the
cureoratioa but only an agreement, but of gold dust, twice a week from the
coming of the Iio<ri River atager indi­
before (he year dosed th. partners ob­ Salmon river mines.
cates that jmnng Nilsson will be given
tained a «petal act of the Washington
1« 1HW2-3 a railroad was built on
r l^talatun- « resting a corpor- the Washington side with better rails an ovattoa next Thursday evening.
In a comment on Mr. Nllaaen’s oper­
d organi«-«!
organize«! near foe dose of ■nd Iteavler locomotives and the Pony
athm and
1800, under the title of Oregon Steam was sept to Celilo. Tills was the be- atic debut in WHshlngtoa tbe Wash­
ington Post said:
Navigation Company.
glDtoing uf prosjierou, days for the
"The matchl<*ss ;«>etry of Bhaka-
’ O. 8. A N. <<ompany. Fine steamers «i»*are apd the iu< lo<ll«*s of Gounod in
I nected with the Bradford Portage. The ' plowed the Columbia.
Population tile French roiuismer's ‘Romeo and
1 Oregon Portage was closed and the j«Hired into eastern Oregon, Washing­
- Mountain Buck was closed and the ton and Idaho, and .waste lands became Juliet* Were the mediums last night
at tbe new auditorium in a presenta­
g Mountain Buck and Wasco laid up. fruitful.
tion of that masterpiece by the Wash­
j The owners of the two portages had
ington Opera com|>any, which served
» l>ecome stockholders la the corporation
to bring into the musical limelight a
I but had no voice in the management
new operatic «tur in Blgurd Nilasen.
. of tbe portages. Tweuty dollars per
singing ‘Briar Lawrence.’ He waa de­
k ton was charged on all freight between
cidedly the first artist of tbe prodne-
> Portland and Tbe Dalles, *8 being al-
,1<’u* '
I lowed to tbe portaga reIIroad. .The
“Thia ‘find’ is said to be a dlttant
, Washington portage carried all tbe
of Christine Nliasen, of prima
I buslnei-s up to June. 1800, and re-
i» ayoungNorwegiaL
a young Norwegian-
> reived the *5—after that Ruckel and River County Health association held donna fame, and is
Olmstead received five-twelfths and Monday of last week at the Columbia American who wop*fnfaffrst laurels as
t ftitodftaei*'A Co. seven-twelftha A toa Gorge hotel, was most succereful. Re­ one of the De Iteezke singers and last
was determined usually by measure- porta from the various committee*« and night made his debut In grand opera.
"Mr. Nilsscn has a mellow bau-
' ment, 40 cubic feet l>eing a ton. The the coiunaunity groups «bowed that
' O. ft N. Co. controlled all the steamers much Interest had been shown-in th« barytone filled with expression and
Htock- work
worfc the
u>e past
P*“1 year,
J**r> and*
anU much
",ue” good
go<,a handled with consummate artistry. It
on the river, tbe owners being «tpek-
wortt accomplished. Dee, Pine Grove. was predicted on aU sides last night
hoi tiers. Tbe books of the coi minaidv/
that be will go far in gsand opera,
hare beeo preserved and information
successful result, from their hot school for he combiiM*« dramatic fervor and
cap ba secured by those interested.
lunches, and the reports of the child vocal ability, irre«latlble in an opera
Tbe Oregon Portage was badly dam­ «.-Units from each district were encour­
aged by the high water in 1880 and aging. County Health Nurse Weaver singer.”
repairs were in progress during tbe gave a splendid report, and the manner
winter of 18O>41.
in which her work is being received in
. January «^«til, Col. Ruckel, a direc­ every community group was gratifying.
tor fa the
N. company, Informed A vote of appreciation was given Mias
the board at a regular meeting that Weaver for her work.
“the railroad on tbe Oregon side of the
Amendments to the constitution pro­
Colombia riyer would be ready to re­ vide that the time of the fiscal year of
ceive and transport freight on Montiay, th«* association «hall be from June 1
Visitors who have made the Journey
ti>e third day of February next.” Then to June 1. Thus, the new officers chosen reccatly to Sanctuary takes, set in the
cams the high water of 1861, when will not take up their duties uutll that forested foothill« that enctoe«-li on the
even the Carrie could not make the date this year. Another amendment Columbia gorge just north of the North
middle Cascades. The last day of op-
the appointment of a member of Bank highway eaijt of Carson, have
eration of tbe Bradford ;«>rtage was carries
the county court, a nwmber of the city l>een struck with the great amount of
Msy 17, 1861. The daily Oregunian of council, the county school superintend­ ^improvement completed in the past
May 28th says: “Tbe railroad on the ent, the superintendent of the city year. John R. I’litUipe, who la now
Oregon side was flu is bed last week
busy clearing undergrowth, building
and cars passed‘over it Ail trans- school,, one member of the city school trails around the lake shores and mak­
lM>rtation will now be done over this the county health officer, as ex-officio ing more effective the native shrubbery.
One of the most attractive of recent
of the executive committee.
Bettiers on the Washington side of members
Mrs. Haidle Orr Dunbar, executive Sam-tnary acquisitions is the rustic
tl>e Cascades portage secured a apsctal secretary of the Oregon Tuberculosis cabin, erected netr the borne of Home­
act of the territorial Legislature char­ association, was present and gave an steader Bergnmn. who resided in tbe
tering the Cascades Railroad company encouraging address to the workers. district and furnislied early day Co­
to balM. a steam railroad <reer the Mrs. Glendora Blakely, state super­ lumbia steam«, with wood. The new
log house, Willi an Immense screened
visor of nurses, wn, also a guest.
The following are the members of th porch, has a targe living room, and
the new executive board': President, tbd enormous flreplare is declared by
Nelson Emry; vice president, Mrs. C. thorn who have «<-en it to be one of tbe
H. Cartner; secretary, Mrs. Roger Moe; most appealing in tbe mid-Columbta. 11
E. L. McCiain. Jr., here on a visit
treasurer, Harold Herehner; chairman
advisory committee, Dr. V. Il Abra- from his home in Ixw Angeiea, and
lam; finance committee, 8. J. Moors; Judge Derby «i>ent the week end, en­
education committee, Mrs. E. ft. Mol­ joying the qniet of Ranctuary lakes.
ler; nurse committee, Mrs. R. B. Per­
igo ; publicity committee, Mrs. J.” M.
Culbertson; supply committee, Mrs. R.
i). plan char.
-------------------- U-........................
May Day Is Health Day
Milton IT Moore, of Marshfield, and
May day 1 h to I m - observed aa health Harry Pappus, of the Htoslewood-Co.,
day by health worker, all over the in Portland,, were here last week and
by United State«, and Hood River county Joined Mr. Moore'« brother, Frank
ireh Trill do her part to observe the day in Moore, on a trip after trout on the
White Salmon river. They had excel­
poster« 1« to 1« held at the Keir drug lent luck.
■tore Saturday. Bpreial health «11 dee
will be shown at the picture show*,
Fishermen who «pent Sunday on the
■nd the following good health hint« are White
Halmoto report poor catches, due
offered for the home observance.
perhaps to the east wind and the full
moon whining throughout the night»
The DaUes.
Duff Staters at Odell
which )»*rmite trout tq feed. C. Ells­
To Captain T. W. Lyles, of San
1'ranciaco, one of the stockholders of
The Irish evangelist« were sflccetiafnl worth and John McLean spent the day
the O. 8. N. Co., be writes under date In Hood River, eupecially among th«' on the White Salmon, but returned
-*4 April 1, MM: "I am running two young. The tabernacle meetings kept with only a few trout
something to sat; some flour on board, Iwata every
to Cascade«, one each up well and the w?tvmd week was es­
Mr. and Mrs. A. I» Anderson have Air
«nd soda that she mix«-« and bake« day for stock alone. Buckel’s road pecially good. The Duff Bisters always
while doing hw part watching the chil­ will not be finished for three weeks; run two week, in a place as the re Airedale dog. Holm III. whose chief
dren and sick. She la a brave, true snow st the «hscaden 2>4 and 8 feet ■ults come fur the most part during worry in life 1« over'rthe bones he
buri«*« In t)w> lot on Hlxtli street near
woman, and I feel ashamed when I see deep with thiek crust on top, making the second week.
her energy and endurance; but I can’t It Impassable for tea
Hunday at 3 o’clock an opening ear- the crenmery. Hobo Is kept fastened In
at lower end.
■tny long from tbe sufferer in the lit The grand rush in Just beginning. I vice was held in the high school aud- a shed at night. Every morning, an
tie r<«>m. To die so! Can we itrolong have scarcely tii
to eat and everj^ Itoriom at'Odell and thia week extra M»>n an Mr. Anderson releene« Mm he
his life until help is reached?
chair« are required every night. Rev. visit« his honeyard to ascertain if any
lwdy connected with the company
' We have not time to think of tbe hurried an much.”
Walter Duff took part in the «ervice other <|o£ han dlsturiied his tree «tire
dear old home so recently devastated
Frank. B. Gill in Oregon Quarter!?» <*f the C ommu n i ty church at Parkdale. overnight
One morning tari week the Unde
a« wo glide slowly past. The night Vol. XXV, No. ft says:
"The little Rev. IIutchiiMon comes from the «a me
shadows are gathering now, and weari­ engine wan put on board a new wharf place in northers Ireland $nd was de­ Toni «how, with it« two Great Danes,
ness and well nigh despair come over boat which Ruckel and Olmstead bad lighted to nM>eC4Cvangellst Duff. KeV. moveii onto the lot while Hobo slept
me as I steal over the guards and curl built for use at the lower landing, and Hutchinson 'came down and took part and ilron med. The next morning when
down at the end of ths boat
<>n April 2S safely made the trip to the In the Odell service. Rev. Duff nlso Mr. AndecMri opened hla shed door,
J Rumor says The Dalles waa to be < 'ascadea at the end of a tow line from preached in the Odell M. E. church a floho. burking a warning to otlier dogs,
"attack«! at tbe same moment with the the Julia, or Carrie I>dd. The Moun­ week ago, and Bunday night spoke'a leaped away to his boneyard. Just as
Cascades. It waa just as unprepared, tain Buck, the Rival or the Independ­ short word at the «peel«) united Odd he turned thè corner at the big Turn
A-Ln in «bed ■ man came Up Sixth I
■o we may be met by hostile foes in- ence, all five of which steamboats were Fellows service in tile M. E. church.
atead of our Mdtods. If so. what can isied in transporting the buninem that
The program put on by the Duff sla­ ntr«'t. with the two Danes, tagging at
■we do? No friendly port within reach ! spring. So great was the rush for the ters n|ghtly Is greatly enjoyed, their leashes. Hobo met them face to race,
■We drop back to meet the foe almost gold mine«, that the city drays taking negro spirituals taking the house by and Hoho was the most rtartlcd dog
•anywhere on either side. There id no shipment of supplies and material«’ fo storm. Miss Helen Duff 1« preaching over seen in Hood River. It took him
outlet on either side of these lmpaas- the Oregon Steam Navigation com­ «ever,I nights this week and delighted several «cconda to decide Just wliat to
able mountain ranges. Wd almost hear pany’s wharf practically blockaded her audience with her Irish wit.
do. and then In a flash he darted home
ravage yella an we round rocky poll int« Front and Yamhill streets In Portland
Hunday afternoon a big evangelistic and wont under the floor. The Great
~ st»
steer nearer the shore, to avoid I •bi­ from early dawn until late' in the rally of all the young peoples’ societies Dane« had undisputed poseeaaioa of the
•swift t current ll ia quite dark now. evening, and the hotels were crowded is expected at Tuckers bridge at 3 l«>neyard the toeat of the week.
lie i man
In the __________
cabin has ceased to while many prospectors were camped o'clock wlten all the Christian Endeav­
__ _ ______
breathe. Lindsay la staking. . We for- In the suburbs of the town.”
ors and Epworth leagues in the val­
*s*t self as we try to ifilnigC.
Inister „
to —
Theodore A. Goffe luxilt the “Pony" ley will be invited to unite with a big
needs. We can give the cup of cold in Ban Francisco, came with It on its »Ing program. If cold or wet it will
water if nothing more. How we Wel­ voyage op the steamer Pacific to Port­ lie held in the high school at Odell.
(Continued from first page)
lcome the cry, “The Dalles! The Dalles! land and stayed with It as It« engineer
Meetings are expected right through
The lights are burning as usual. All while it was in use in Oregon. It next week. Saturday night the Pil­ of the ixmds. This new high school
is welL” What a crowd of citlaens is made its trial trip May 10, 1x02, and grim's Progress slides will be shown at will bring an annual revenue from the
on the shore, for word has reached
S o'clock. Friday will he grainmikr county tuition of »12.000 or more.
them by the little "Wasco” of our peril Mr. Goffe Just
“The intereat on the proposed bond
"I was .
' ‘
_ on that morn school night.—Contributed.
j® Issue at 5% will be »4.450 pei* year.
and probable eecape. How prectons Is
spin, when
kindness now. How keenly we appre ing before i making the trial «pin,
Thl« will fnereaec the tax 1.8 mills, or
date the upper room made ready for who should come along bat a lot of
»1.30 on each *1.000 of aMswned valua­
us by Mrs, Cushing. Lindsay la car­ the prominent officer« and stockhold­
tion Thia increased taxation is 2%
ried oo carefully to a room, and the ers «>f the company. There were Col.
of your present taxes; in other words,
Army surgeon is ready to do all that Buckle. W. S. Ladd. R. K. Thompson,
♦ ‘
- •* i
« '• v
if you are paying a total tax of *250
can be do- «Dor a long Ulsess he re- H. 0. Reed. Capt. Gilman. Put Brad
in thia district, county, city, state,
"lover«. The engineer has done a grand. ford and old John ffertonton and they meeting of the Boy Hoonts of America, school district and everything, it will
brave deed, for which I cannot think all l>egau to clamor vigorously for a Mid-Cohinibia council, will be held at Increase your tax by Just *5, making *
ride. ‘You’ll get dirty.’ I said, and
he was ever suitably rewarded."
promised to take them out next day, The Dalle« Elk* riuh. Reports of the total tax to per of *255. if your total
but oh no, they would not mind that: past year's activities of the council tax is now *100 it will then be *10*.
. Aa aoon as the wounded and dead
wanted to ride «n the first trip will he given. Including the president’s if vonr total fax is *25 now it will M>
' wfire
wwrv wreu
cared for,
tor, m.uiimi
Bradford axu
and voii>|muy
nothing but the eoglne would suit report, executive’« report, and finance »25 50. Tsa’t it worth »2 more per *100
X ¿Triad. In April, 18M. they bought and them. Weft, finally I had to consent, committee's statement. The year has of taxea to have this new building for
began rebuilding and improving their so I put the whole crowd In the tender been remarkably successful viewed Its educational value to our city and
toad. Ito April, 188ft they bought And and started out. For the first half- from practically every angle, and plans community? Isn’t it worth *2 per *100
rebuilt the wrecked Gaaelle, of Oregon mile all went well. Bat then we struck will be presented for the forthcoming of taxes to yon to be^able to point
-City, nenamlng her Señorita. She was ■ little up grade and the Pony began year. According to Scout Executive with pride fo 'our high school buiM-
put on the Portland run tn place of to spit water and smoke out of her. Schoulcoe. enlargement and growth of InxV We must eventually have a new
lhe Bella. Qn the middle river they stack in a regular stream. There was the council as well as a, greatly In­ high school. Why toot vote It now
'built the Hassaloe to take the place no caver on the cab thca, and all the creased local activity will l»e the prln when there la money enough on hand
cl pal feature, of these new plana.
to par nearly one-half of it. and whre
dirty water and «takers went right
Election of officers for the next year the Indebtedness for the other half cat
lack tn the tender where they were
be had for »nch a low rate of tn tereat?
I could hear them coughing
and Mowing thelf noses and I knew of an executive board. The summer If you are In favor of a new hlgij
school, then vote for the bonds."
perfectly well what was taking place
briefly. inrindtlifc tiurimnimer camp,
but I did not dare look hack and kept
ARrireff Check Artist Wanted *
her going until we reach«! the other
All iiionil»ers of the council and any
end of the line. Then I got down and
A warrant- was issued here Ratnr-
looked at them. They were aloolutely
day for W. <X Waldmer alleged to
the dlrtleat looking crowd I ever saw this meeting, which will he held at 8 have rives a check on a Yakima hank
ia my life. They all wore ping hats p. m. at the Elks temjde. The Dalles.
In which he had no funds. Wsldmsr.
■nd good dothea and their faces and
it. was stated, had the Check rwatood
Eocene Coal Oil stope smoking sac through fraternal organisation affilla
starched shirts were so black and
streaked yon could not have told that smelling oil stoves. la balk at Fran» tton. The man. it waa said, came here
“ »
from Portland.
. "
shm ... aaa
uäS? ■
Siä"?. ?
- •
3^ S
Dry Slab Wood, 4 ft, per cord $6.00
Dry Slab Wood, 16 in., per cord $7.00
Green Slab Wood, 4 ft, per cord $4.80
‘il >
' ‘V
Ask for
Phone 4251
Phone 4261
Hardware, Paint and Wall Paper
Garden Tools, Spades, Rakes and Hoes, Garden
Barrow, Camping Equipment, Auto and Wall
Tents, AlLKinds of Camp Stoves
All at Reductions .that will be worth
your participation.
‘ *»
Above prices for wood delivered within City Limits.
prices on wood to be delivered outside of City.
■ *
;•»« •
Dry Box Wood, per load...... .