The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 04, 1926, Image 4

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    rtj.Hi HMD II,^IRI
• hl* home In Long Beach. Calif., where
| he has been living fur several years
I with his sister, Mrs. Booth.
; ’
Rd ward Mansfield and family were
I Bunday visitors at,the Buch Crash
I camp ground. Northwestern lake.
iBdiiatious point to some extra good
I flShing in the ' White
....... -
river and
I Northwestern lake during the coming
I season. The season opens in April,
I Reports have reached the game cum-
I mission, r iu White Salmon that a holding
| Hood River fisherman ushered in the and topic« of special Interest to men
I season Bunday, February 21, and while the women wwe entertained at
I caught 54 trout aud made a get-away. the large churches with mu«lc, style
I As a result, deputy gaud? wardens are shows and subjects of first Interest to
I patroilng the various streams all
I booked up for a real scrap, if necea- them.
At the big meetings of the evening,
I sary, to protect the game lawn, an- the large auditorium was packed to the
I abling decent anglers from Oregon and doors, long before the hour announced
I other states to enjoy some good sport for the evening performance, and the
I when the season ojmhis ,
visitors were treated to a real feast of
Bunday. March 7, has (»ecu chosen band music, community singing and of
I aa Good Hoads day in Buck creek, big men handling big subjects of vital
district, and many have offered theta Interest to thia special district.
services in improving the narrow*
From this vast melting pot of differ­
rough road leading to Buck creek from ent nationalities was rendered, in
the main highway. The road will be national costumes, folk songs and
widened, graded and graveled and special music from France, Holland,
should prove a good asset to White Scandinavia. Scotland, Ireland and
Salmon's playground. The movement Germany, giving to our American civ­
is sponsored by Bert Heaman and the ilisation the Iteneflt of the deep rooted
Wilke boys. Some residents of The love of classical music which their
Italic«, who have a cottage on the lake, I taren ta had brought with them from
have signified their intention to motor the homelands.
down Sunday morning to assist in the
On the spacious elevated platform
work. Bring your lunch along and was arranged an orchestra and a
take another look at the beautiful chorus of 150 male voices, so altogether
place for honrat-to-goodneaa recreation the program was colorful and varied.
during the summer months, even if you 1« it any wvnder that out of a com­
do not care to help a little with the munity spirit of this quality has
good work. Many Hood Rlveritea have evolved St. Olaf's choir, a musical body
visited this charming place during the of national importance?
past and are more than welcome.
In order to balance this program,
Ira E. Hyde and wife have estab­ the organisation had provided noted
lished residence in Detroit, Mich« speakers, men with national reputa­
where Mr. Hyde has accepted a'good tions, to talk on subjects of vital im­
real estate position. The family went portance to the economic development
to Florida early in the winter expect­ of the district. , Frank O. Lowden,
ing to reside there, where Mr. Hyde former governor of'Illinois, spoke one
expected to enter the real estate busi­ evening on the subject of crop sur­
Before , a crowded bouse he
ness, bnt after investigating conditions plus.
he decided that the boom had burst. urged cooperative marketing with fed­
In a recent letter to friends here. Mrs. eral aid as farmers* means of elim­
Hyde stated that no "Fountain of inating bugaboo of crop surplus;' no
Youth” or “Pot of Gold” are to be surplus over any period of five years.
Another evening a former governor
found in the state of Florida. The
winter was very wet and cold. The of Iowa, W. L. Harding, addressed a
summers are exceedingly hot.
full house on the Great Lakes-St. Law­
Our northwest climate is hard to rence Tidewater Projert—the Way to
beat and It is predicted that many who the Bea. After listening to which I
have left this district will return even­ concluded that we still believe In
miracles since the great middle west
hopee to relieve Its excessive freight
4 patterns 9x12, sell at
The second annual spring concert of rate« by bringing the Atlantic ocean
the Western Klickitat Community cho- to Chicago and Ddiuth.
rua was held Tuesday evening and
To all of this local cooperation I
proved a 'real event. The entertain­ should like to add a sugestión or two;
ment was given at the high school gym­ that the people of the Red River val­
nasium and Miss Laura Soper was the ley would coordinate with ua who live
across the mountains and out near the
The White Salmon Amateur Athletic western sea, In Hood River valley;
team defeated Webfoot Camp, W. O. that fliey decorate their bread baskets
W. team, of Portland, In a fast and with colorful red apples; that they
furions basketball game Friday night; balance their diet with Juicy apple pie;
score, 40 to 88. Mr. Lafferty, of Hood that they generously flavor their cream
River, was the only Hood River fan desserts with strawberry Jani and
who came over to witness the game. when they are full of all this good
Thia was the last game of the season mixture that they should tuck their
on the home floor.
families into their touring cars and
D. H. Sorter, of the flrm of Sorter & come to our “Enchanted Valley" and
Irwin, automobile dealers and garage feast their eyes and senses on our won­
men here, returned from Detroit, Mich., derful Ar clad mountain side« with
Saturday. Mr. Sorter has been enjoy­ beautiful waterfalls, along the Colum­
ing an extended visit with his mother, bia River highway, one of the scenic
also recuperating from illness. He has highways of the world, and spend a
entirely recovered from his siege of In- few days at the new tourist hotel,
fluensa. Mr. Sorter is a member of the fl,000 feet above the sea level, between
Isiard of county commissioners
the forest and snow line on beautful
FjCik* and Walter Wilke have also
Suit has been brought by Orllla Mount Hood, where they may rest and
recreate themselves.
completed their cottage adjoining the Negaard, through her father, II. T.
Let us all shout for cooperation.
Heamana' on the ahore of the lake and Negaard. a« guardian ad lltum, against
the two families spent the greater part Dr. W. H. Warner and wife, of White
First Poly Student: Have you wired
of the day In cleaning up the debris Salmon. Damages are asked to the ex­ your dad for money?
tent of 85.500. It is claimed that War­
on tlielr lots.
Hill M. A. Student: Yes, I tele­
ner Improperly performed an operation
J. II. law, formerly of Uwi Corner, on the minor plaintiff for the removal graphed him, “Where Is that money I
wrote for?” Here's the answer, "In
Burdoin Heights, la suffering from cat­ of her adenoids and tonsils.
my Inside pocket,”
aracts on both eyes and-ls nearly blind.
Service« and interment for the late
Mr. Jaiw is Hl yggm of age and is J. P. Salmon, aged «2. who died aboard
otherwise enjoying splendid health at an O.-W. R. A N. train February 23
cnmplng grounds, Northwestern lake were held Wednesday, February 24, at
Odd Fellow« cemetery here.
Harry Beal, of The Dalle«. held
services at the Christian Assembly in
White Salmon last week.
Dr. J. 8. McQueen preached at the
Methodist church, White Salmon, Sun­
day. Dr. McQueen is district superin­
School election will be held here
Saturday. March fl. Two directors are
bi W viWMI lipttll “
L. H. Breedlove has returned from
California, having spent the winter in
Tulare. Bakersfield and other towns.
He says Hood River and White Salmon
are good enough for him.
Field assessors in this district start­
ci work Monday.
Mr. and-Mrs. R. M. Krepps, Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Peck. Mr. and Mra. A. Pet-
zenlierger and John G. Wyers attended
the 35th wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. F. L. Ronegrant in Portland
Thursday night.
Mrs. Steve F. Wnnk has returned
from Portland, where she has been ill.
She is improved in health.
Bell Bro«, at Mountain Brook have
resumed sawing at their mill.
Wm. Claterboe went to Goldendale
Tuesday night to take the Red Cross
and Malta degrees of the Commandeey
in the Masonic lodge. He was accom-
isinied by John G. Wyers, J. C. McCoy
and C. J. Rylander.
The Mountain Brook club held a
social meeting Saturday evening A
ball game was part of the entertain­
ment, the Mountatn’brookltes playing
The Wyers Stage Co. has again re­
ceived thte contract for handling U. 8.
mail from Bingen and White Salmon.
Mr. Wyers has purchased several new
trucks for the service.
IL Lauterbach has returned to White
Salmon from the Hood River hospital
and is showing some Improvement.
Seamless Axminster
Tapestry Brussel
Seamless Axminster
Wilton Velvet
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Cooperative weather report for 24-
hour period ending at 5 p. in. Sunday :
Maximum temperature fid, minimum 31
above aero; clear; wind east. Mini­
mum temperature early Monday a. m.,
31%; clear; wind southeast.
Matt Clark and one of his tlmlier
cruisers, Mr. Oox, of Portland, were
visitor« at Bates Bro«.’ ranch, Kabe-
kona, Burdoin Heights district, during
the middle of the week. They were
accompanied by a friend of Mr. Clark.
Prior to coming to White Salmon tlie
party vtidted The Italics on timber
Mr. and Mrs. Bert M. Heaman and
family, Mrs. Wendorf and daughter,
Dorothy, and W. 8. Batea enjoyed a
tine dinner at the Heaman cottage at
Northwestern lake Sumlay. B. M. haw
Just completed the structure, which is
a real work of art
Butternuts, English Walnuts, Japanese
and Black Walnuts bear abundant crops
of select English Walnuts Filberts and
Hazels made to bear heavily of large
thin-shelled nuts. Have your trees grafted
by “The Nut Man” and realize several
hundred per cent by so doing.
Will be in Hood River the later part
of March. All work guaranteed and ref­
erences furnished in White Salmon and
Route 5
Fine Shoe Repairing.
Next to Post Office
Axminster Rugs
Phone 8411
We have a complete
line of Flower and Gar-
“The Home of Quality Groceries'
for Economical Transportation
u)j' '
uced Prie
Coupe -
Coach •
Sedan -
i Truck
I. Only)
«.i Truck
(CAauü Only)
Think how low the recent re­
duction of Chevrolet prices
brings the cost of a fully
equipped automobile. Com­
pare what you get for Chev­
rolet’s new low prices with
any other car in the world.
Remember that Chevrolet
equipment includes speedo­
meter, Fisher body and bal­
loon tires on closed models,
Duco finish, Alemite lubrica­
tion system and scores of
other features essential on a
modern motor car.
Now more than ever before,
check price for price and value
for value—and you will buy a
Chevrolet. Come in. Get a
Hood River, Oregon
Always at your service