The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 04, 1926, Image 10

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Grants Paas, wars weak end visitors at
the manse. Dr. Hart preached two
rill be no school Friday and very inspiring and b«4pful «ertuons in
trs will visit other schools.
tbe Community church Buuday. We
Threo Palmer merit pins were hop« he will come agalu.
awarded June Yoder. Margaret Biever-
The annual meeting of the Women's
o. J. Tboums has arrived from
kropp and Margaret Mohr last week. Mtaskmary soviet lee lu ««astern Oregon
These are the highest awards given will be heid here March 22 to 24. A White Salmon to take charge of the
grade cbildreu. Palmer merit buttons copy of the program will appear in new plant of the Union OU Co., bow
being eoinplet«*d on Railroad avenue
were also given five other pupils lu tbe this column next week.
eighth grade.
The cooperative observer’s monthly west of the Hixxl River spray ptant.
Speaking of Mr. Thomas’ (taparture
Mr. and Mra. J. D. McCully and Mias summary for February is as follows:
Eula were here from Condon for the temperature — Mean maximum 45.5, from White Halmon tbe White Salmon
week end.
meau minimum 31.9, mean Sif.T; maxi­ Enterprise said:,
Orgolis J. Thomas, of this city, went
Bernard Krohn and family have mum 62 degree* ou 27th, minimum 26 to Hood Rlv«r Monday to take charge
moved to tbe Russell McCully bunga­
do degrees Precipitation—Total 10.(M of the new Union Oil Co.‘B'«UM|ributiou
greatest in 24 hours 2.17 lnch- station just completed in that city.
Mr. and Mra. A. J. Grow, who have « intbes;
Mr. Thomas started working fur the
been la Ban lM»«o for several months, m ou 6th. Snow—One Inch. Number Uniun OH Co. a year or so ago W Bi n
retarned home last week.
ration 21, clear 8, part cloudy 6, and that company built a distribution ptant
at the deput here.
Mrs. Lee Boles, of Han Bernardino. cloudy 14. ’
He went un as a driver of a truck
Calif., ia visiting friends here.
At the meetiug of the library imso- and brought In lots of business through
The Aloha club will tie entertained etation last FrW. wllh M- °- Boe-
at luncheon at Mrs. Geo. Sheppard’s retiriug presid«-ut, in the chair, the sum»« good bard work. Ixxal people
next Wednesday by Mrs. Graff aufl tn-asurer'a report was r«-ad and ac- are sorry to have him move away, but
Mrs. Sheppard. Please notify the »i-pted. Our in*w constitution calls tor at the aame time glad to hear of hta
hosteaaes if you’cannot attend.
Lite election of one new member of the
- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mack and Miss board annually, but owing to the re-
Bernis McDonald silent last week end tlreuieut of Mra. W. B. Dowd last sum­
in Portland.
mer two new members had to be chos­
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore have re­ en. F. L. Keating was unanlmoualy
The annual mid-winter rally of the
elected for the three-year term and
turned to Pine Grove to live.
II. M. Vaunier and son. Frank, were Mrs. J. D. Smulllu for two years. Tbe Boy Scouts was held Saturday at
in Portland for several days this week. library will lie cleaned and painted tbe Hood River high school at 1.30
along With tt/e Parkdale clean-up p. tn. The. troops of the entire Hood
Mrs. Rowland Wiley entertained at a scheme. A drive fur new hooka will Hirer district had been active in
birthday dinner for her sister, Mra. A. ba Inaugurated this next week.
working ft»r this affair and many keen
I. Mason, Tuesday evening.
There is a big demand for straw­ competitions were expected. All par­
The new school building Ix-gins to berry plants again tills spring and ents and friends of the scouts and
seem a reality to the teachers and those who have a new iiatcii of plan
other boys were invited to attend tbe
children. Large bunkers have be»n fvili make quite a little from their rally, which was free of charge.
built on the grounds and are being I>lanta alone.
Htuue of the main events were as fol­
filled with sand.
Two goo«l fast basket l>a 11 games lows : First aid bandaging relay, sig­
Pine Grove Scouts won second place were played at Mosier last Friday nalling contest, knot tying for tender­
at the recent rally in Hood River and evening by the bx-al high ariiool stu- foot scouts, making fire by flint and
first In five separate ««vents.
dents. Our girls fighting against im- steel and by friction, and pyramid
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hawkes have re­ is>seible odds lost with the score at tmlldlng. A new feature this year
turned home after an extended trip 13 to 19. Our boys won with one tally was the rope throwing contest for ac­
through the south.
to spare in one of tile fast««t games of curacy. Several games were played
the major events to show the
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. the season; s»ore, 12 to 11. Refresh tx-tween
fun side of scouting as well.
ments were served to all visitors.
Lacey this afternoon.
Let’s fill the church again Bunday
The dance Friday night will furnish
morning. You won’t be »lisappointM.
both modern and old time dances.
The Mood ltiver Woman’s club ex­
8o»1al grange Saturday evening. The
program is in charge of Mrs Forrest cussion at 10 o’clock. Munday s»-liool tends an Invitatiun to the women of
s««Mion same time under tbe suis-rin- th« city, 'valley and surrounding dis­
Klngdon and J. M. Taylor.
tendency of W. C. Hinullln. Worship trict to attend a special club meeting
service at 11. Young people’s devo­ Thursday, March 1«, at 2.30 o'clock in
tional ><»ur at 7. Preaching service the club rooms In the library.
in the Mt Hood church at 8. Home­ Hara W. Prentiss, of O. A. C., will
H.-R. Auto Wi«ck«n,on the Height« thing" every Sunday until Easter. Bring speak on "Mow the Child Keeps his
the fatally.
Mental Health.'’ Mr. Prenttes is the
Parto lor all car«.
mother of two boys. Hhe has had
Some of tbe young folks help«>d Jo­
training at Chicago university and at
seph Smullin celet>nite hta 16th birth
the Merrell Palmer school in Detroit.
day laat Wednesday.
is an endowed school for research
Mrs. Ray Osborn Is sp»-nding several Tills
The Women's Mitadonary aociety
and teacher tainlng in child care and
<1 ilaya in Portland.
elected the following officers at their
developmeut. Mrs. Prentiss is giving
Mrs. A. Trill waa In Portland on a a successful series of lectures on child
meeting Wednesday for the coining
year: Mra. W. C. Smullin, president; buaineas trip Haturday.
training in Portland this winter.
Mra. J. E. Van Nuya, viro president,
A <»nv«*ntion of the K. of P. was
The Woman's club feels that this is
and Mrs. C. E. Craven, aecretary-treat» held here last Thurs<lay evening. At an excellent opportunity for every
8 o'clock a salmon dinner was had and woman to hear an authority discuss
Mr. and Mra. W. J. Gibba returned afterwards the ns-eting, over which A. the important problems of child care.
preaided, was After the lecture, there will be an
Wednesday from their Trip to Callfor W. Meyer, D. D. G.
nta. They report a pleasant trip and held. An entertaining program was open discussion at which time every­
given by the high sriusil girls. A. B. one will lie free to ask help with spe­
are liappy to be back home again.
Andrews, a charter member of Pytha­ cific cases.
Mrs. Lawrence 1 h spending Home time goras No. 46 was prepenh-d with a bou-
The home economics committee of
In Portland.
»iuet from hia lislge by Walter G. the Woman's club is in charge- of this
Eugene Euwer return«*»! Thursday Gleason. G. K. IL 8.
from hta trip to Pennsylvania and other
The inemtiers of the Business Wom­
Mra. W. Glover and daughter, Lu­
en's club will meet tonight for a card
cille, are visiting In Portland.
Mlaa Benke I »owning apent the
Mrs. Chas. Haggblom. and sons. party at the home of Mrs. John Calan­
week end in Portland with relatives Lawrence and Herbert, spent several dra on Columbia street. Mrs. H. G.
and friends.
Van Allen will be hostess with Mrs.
days In Linnton last week.
The community extends sympathy to
Mias Petrea Nelson spent Bunday in
Jack and Eric Gordon over the death Htevenson at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
of their mother, who died in the east. II. Cline.
Mrs. SturdyvanL of Stanfield, Is vis­
Cascade Locks grammar school tM>ya’
Seventh Day Adventist Church
iting her brothern, Warren and Wood and girls' teams played th«- Htevenson
Sabbath school Saturday at 10 a. m.
Gibbs, and her daughter, Mrs. Law- t<*ains on the local floor. The local
girls’ team was defeated by a score of Preaching service 11.15 a. m. Prayer
Mr. and Mrs. Sara Green are leaving 17 to 10, while the boys were victori­ meeting Wednesday, 7.45 p. in. All
are welcome.
this week to HpentT the summer. They ous by a smrtf' of 26 to 11.
have rented their ranch.
English Lutheran Church
Os»«r Bn (Ider, of The Dalles, spent
Frlen<la of Mr«. <k‘o. Monroe were Hurntay with hia father, T. W. Badder.
Ix-nteu service« at >1 a. in. The Bun
|>leascd to see her at church Huuday
Mlxeea Helen and Martha Gllnwater day sciiool meets at 10.30 a. in. The
after her illness.
Ijidies' Aid will in«-»*t Thursday at
M|«ent ths week efiff in Htevenson.
Mra. Jesse l’uddy and cbildreu. of
8<‘veral friends surpris«*d Mrs." F. 2.30 p. m. The ns-etlng of the Y. P. 8.
Hood River, visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Bacon
will b»> held Thursday evening at 8
on her birthday Saturday.
E. Van Nuys over the week end.
Rev. P. Hilgendorf, Pastor.
Mra. J. R. Plfer, of Portland, ÍR and Arthur, and Carl Reuterakoild
«pending aome time at Valley Creet
motored to Portland Saturday evening.
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Mr. and Mrs. Roland, of CtackamsH
Misa Verne Curtiss spent Sunday in
Sunday school 9 45 a. m. Morning
are vlalting Mr. and Mra. J. R. plfer
worship 11 a. in. Evangelistic service
at Valley Great.
Tlie Reliekahs gave a 600 party Sat­ 7.90 p. m. Young people's meeting 0.30
Mr. and Mr«. Harry Hettinger and urday
evening. Miss Hasel Meyer and p m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7.30
Stella Van Vlett attended the Is«gi<>n 1). Aclkiauu
h ea d pri ée s
. Hpecrtt nnuttr at «web sefvice
i n eet i ag at Heed Rfvrr Mrmttay even Mrs. Struble Wasta*
and Mr. Munson re»elv
Everybody welcome.
ti>e consolation prises.
H. P. Allen, of Portland, visited hiw
St. Mary's Catholic Church
The high w»-hool girls’ team will play
ranch the first of the week.
the Handy high school girls here to­
Regular Sunday services: Low Mass.
There was a re<v>rd meeting at tbe night.
8 a. m.; High Mass, 10.30 a. m. In­
grange Monday evening. Ieroy Child*
Tlie Hood River band Is giving s structions in the doctrines of the Cath­
gave the principal sddreHs, his subje»1
olic church will be given each Wednes­
being horticultural problems. State minstrel show here tomorrow night
day evening at 7.30 in St. Mary's
Grange Master Palmiter gave an In
church. All who may be lntervsu-d in
tercet Ing a»xx>nnt of the itrogreas of
Card 9t Thanks
such are cordially invited.
the grange movement In On-gon. Mr
We wish to thank our many rria-
Father Thomas J. Marshall, Pastor.
Hntchlnson spok«* briefly on tlie Ideal* tivex and frlcnda for the kindm-as and
of the grange organization. A oue-a< t sympathy shown during the illneM and
First Church of Christ, Scientist
play by Mr. and Mr». Robert Green death of our beloved daught«*r and
Hervla-s In church building Surnlay,
wan greatly enjo.vod. Mi>*l<-nl ho 1»*<- stater. We also wish to thank them
tlona were rendert-d by J. E. Van Nuys for the b»«utlful flowers and especial 11 a. m. Sunday school the same hour.
and Mrs. Perkin». Light refreshm<mt» ly tliank Rev. Hall for hia comforting The reading room is maintained in the
Davidson building. Room 8 is open
were served at the close of a dtlTgbtfiil words to us.
week days from 9 to 5. with an attend
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Walker.
ant In chargt- from 3 to 5. Wednesday
Dr. F. Gord«m Hart an»l wife, of
lh*U. Guy and Wilbnr Walker. evening service at 8 o’clock. Ix-eson
subject, "Man."
Asbury Methodist Church
Sunday school at 10 a. m- Th«*re is
a class for everyone. The pastor will
have for his subject at 11 a. m., "Tbe
Tempi»- Emblematical..” Junior Ix-ague
at 3 p. m. Epworth Ix-ague at 6.30.
Evening imrvi«« at 7,30; subject. "God’s
Banishe»! Ones." Prayer me»4ing at
7.30. Read the first half of the Ttb
cha|>ter of Ai-ts.
Riverside Church
Every new color
much talked of
is now being
$ 1 .OO Seamless.
Va/ue^U' 1 50 FuU Fwhioned
$1.85 Full Fashioned
Services at the usual hour. ACburch
school at 9.45 a. m., I. IL Acheson,
Hupt. Classes for young and old.
Christian Emh-avor society at 0.45, to
which all young people of the church
are invited. Morning worship at 11
o'clock. The pastor occupies the pul­
pit and will have for his subject, "A
Touch of Commonplace." The public
is cordially Invited to attend.
James A. Fraser, Pastor.
St. Mark's Church
The first Sunday morning general
aervl<-e of the Holy Communion of the
new rector, Rev. Schuyler Pratt, will
Iinark the observance of the Third Sun-
»lay in Lent. Th»- sermon subject will
lie "What We Rely On," and the Sun­
day school story verse, "Never Hay
Die!" The monthly buslm-sa meeting
of the Woman's Guild will be held to­
morrow at 2.30 p. in. following the
charitable sewing, from 10.30 on, and
noou luncheon.
tn a joint
shoot. The visitors and their respec­
tive scores were: Shock Hughes, 19
out of a possible 50: Roland Hasasrd,
82; J. Wachter, 29; G. HaasarC 84;
H. B. Hall, 29; McCuffisrty, 26; Hen
dryx, 81; C. Hazzard, 39; F. Wachter,
37, and C. Aalvik, 24. The Stevenson
shooters rec»-utly organised and have
not bad much practice on their ruige.
Hood River club men who panid-
pated In the shoot were: Ed Button,
J. G. Vogt, Joe Haviland, J. H. Surrett,
Allyn Button. A. G. Thompson, Frank
Bishop and James Wandllng. They,
defeated the visitors. Mr. Bishop, aged
72, is one of the oldest trap shooters
in the State. ________
G ul dub aaemi-ers Bunday
Irate dog owners living along the
west side of tbe city are endeavoring
to apprehend a dog [»olsoner. During
the past week wveral fine dogs have
died from poisoning. Owners dedare
that the miscreants, if caught, will be
prosecuted to tbe fullest extent of the
Geo. T. Prather claims anvegg rec­
ord that surimi»»«-« anything ever chron­
icled by Elbert Bede, the sage of Cot­
tage Greve. B»-de's stori»-s have been
without peer iiltlierto. Mr. Prather's
yarn puts them iu eclipse.
"We had a big fat Plymouth Rock
hen," said Mr. Prather, "and my wife
and I both be»-an»e disgusted when she
failed to lay. Saturday we decided on
her for Bunday dinner. I used the old
axe In the traditional manner, and
then Mrs. Prather dream-d the fat hen.
Imagine our surprise when we found
seven perfect eggs while exploring the
Interior of the hen. Through souse
physiological defect an obstruction bad
prevented her from laying. We had
more than enough eggs for breakfast
as well as our Sunday dinner. Seven
eggs in one day from a single ben, I
think, ia a record.”
Spray Talk
(By Leroy Chillis)
Many grower* are making enquiry
tire to the spraying program to be
used this year. The station is recom­
mending the use of a 1-10 11m«» sulfur
spray on appli-s, particularly New-
towna, when- the blister mitV-haa ts-en
giving trouble. Where the blister mite
is under control, the . Bordeaux-oil
combination would probably be the
tx-Ht spray to use. This combination
will handle the brown aphids, San
Jose and oyst«-r shell wale, leaf-roller
and will probably assist somewhat in
the destruction of wooly aphids which
have overwintered in considerable In the Lower VaUey. Where the leaf Ing 1925. Comparing this national to­
numbers owing to tbe mild weather. roller la present, «-100 oil should be tal with the figures for tbe fir districts
The Bordeaux will also lie of much lined immediately. Oil should not be I of Washington and Oregon, as compiled
benefit in handling the anthracnose sit­ lined on pears after tbe brown hunks by the 4L, would indicate that close to
uation. Bordeaux tl-6-50 is re<-oinmend- lx>ttin dropping.
50 per cent of the softwood cut in this
ed together with tt-100 oil. The oil
country was produced west of the Cas­
should be in<-r<-aH<-<l seven or eight gal­
cade mountains in tbe two states
Lumber Cut Heavy
lons with the occurrence of cold or
»lamp weather..
Sawmills of the fir districts of west­
Included with the fir lnmtier pro­
Apple scab caused some trouble In ern Oregon and Washington produced duced In the Pacific slope districts of
the valley last season and It is prob­ 10.751,(MX).ooo feet of lumber during the two states were large quantities of
ably desirable Unit itwcontrol Is- given 1925, and in connection with logging cedar, larch, hemlock and spruces.
some attention this year. In using the campe In the same territory-gave em­
Bordeaux combination it is reeoni- ployment to 71,000 men and paid more
Slide Quickly Chared
na-nded that this spray l>e delay»-d un­ than $100.000.000 In wages for the
Responding Immediately Monday _ a
til the buds have burst«-»! slightly. It period, according to figures prepared by
will then aerve as a <k-lay«*d dormant the 4L organisation and made public in patrol crew on the Columtita River
npftlicatlon In our scab control pro­ Portland Monday. It is pointed out highway in 30 minutes cleared for
that them* figures are for the logging traffic the Rnthton hill grade, where a
A dormant applk-atlon on p»-ars of and lumbering Industries of the fir portion of a rock cliffside caved off.
lime sulfur H0 is directed toward districts only, and do not take Into All the debris was removed before
the control of the blister mite an»l consideration the pine operations of night. Three weeks ago at the same
San Jose scale. Where th««e troubl»« »entrai and eastern Oregon and the point a maw of Itoulders crashed on
the highway during the night.
are well In hand, it is not n»*<*w»ary Inlund Empire of Washington.
to make an application. Where spray­
Htatbdicians have estimated that 23,-
ing is ne»t-ssary this should la* done (XXJ.OOO.OOO feet of softwood lumber
Let a Coin Controlled Clock help you
within tin- next ten days or two weeks ' was produced in the United States dur- save. See Allyn Button or tel. 4242. jlfltf
-.......... .......... .
Notice ef Annual Primary Meeting ef
Apple Growers Association
Hood,, River, Oregon.
March 1, 1926.
Notice is hereby given that the An­
nual Primary of the Members of the
Apple Growers Association will be held
in the Pythian Building < Pythian
Hall), In the City of Hood River, on
Saturday, March 13th, 1926, at ten
(10) o’clock A. M., for the purpose of
nominating eleven (U-)^Directors to be
voted upon at the following Annual
Meeting of the Members, and to trans­
act such other business as shall prop­
erly com»- liefore the Primary.
This Primary Is very important and
every Memi>er is urge»l to be present.
Statements covering the past season's
business and the affairs of the Associa­
tion up to the present time will be
Yours very truly,
t By Arvo Hukari, Secretary.
Now Is The Time To Buy Seeds
in flood River
Bulk and in Packets
All these in Ferry’s, Lilly’s, Inland, Northrup-King, Morse’s and Gill Bros.
__ ______________ _
_______ _ _____________,,
_ __
__________ ■
FLOWERS— Flower seeds of every description. Morse’s Famous Spen
cer Mixëd Sweet Peas and Dwarf and Trailing Nasturtiums in bulk.
LAWN SEED— White Clover, Kentucky Blue Grass, Lawn Grass Mix­
tures, Imported and Coos Bay Bent
FIELD SEEDS— Alfalfa, Grimm Alfalfa, Alsike' Clover, Red Clover, White
and Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover, scarified and of high germination tests,
Timothy, Millet, Common and Hairy Vetch.
FERTILIZERS— To put your ground in shape, use our fertilizers; Nitrate
of Soda, Sulphate of Ammonia, Tankage, Steam Bone Meal, Potash, Acid
Phosphate, Land Plaster,'Orchard Dressing and Sheep Guano
Christian Church««
Hood River’s next Community Sale ia March 17th—
and the biggest yet ! • Watch for the sheet.
Your Sunday determines your week;
an hour in worship will help a week
of work. Bible school 9.45. Commu­
nion 10.50, preaching 11.15. Christian
Endeavor meeting 6 p. m.. 30 minutes
of social gathering. We will have an
Orthophonlc Vlctrola concert at 7 p. m.
followed by song service and preach­
ing. You will thoroughly enjoy the
evening program. Subject of the'even-
lug sermon. "Religion in the Home.
Come and worship with us.
The Uvlngatonre.