The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, February 25, 1926, Image 10

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<• (Skamania County Pioneer)
The relic found last week by Mrs.
Paul Miller, It wae learned through the
efforts of Sheriff Gordon, was a doe-
oratlon of an Indian grave. Mr. Gor­
don took the relic to Mrs. Virginia
Miller at Home Valley and the aged
Indian lady says such things were
used ss grave decorations and told the
sheriff how the Indians made them.
At the annual meeting of the West
Coast Power company recently held,
Ernest Jaculmon, of Chicago, was elect­
ed president and has moved to Port­
land where he will reside and have
direct management of the power com­
pany which supplira current to Carson,
Mtevenson, Cascade Locks and vicinity.
Mr. Jacobeon has for years been con­
nected with the operation and control
of power companies and la no novice
In tlie business. He has been for 29
years connected with the Insult or­
ganisation of Chicago; Iowa Southern
Utility company and the United Gas
and Improvement company, of Phila­
delphia, Pa. Tbe company has plans
for a wide extension of its service in
all places where they operate and also
an extensive expansion program which
will include tlmir operation in this
county. Since this con^any acquired
the electric bolding In Skamania coun­
ty they have spent many thousands of
dollars iu lx*ttering and improving the
plant and extending their service up
and down the river. According to in­
formation from Chicago to the Pioneer
their local plant is included in and will
aee a very large expansion, th«* details
of which are not yet ready to be made
Through the «4Torts of tbe Skamania
County Chamber of Commerce the
North Bank Highway aaaoclation was
organised at Stevenson last Thursday
evening at an intensely interesting
meeting of people boosting for the com­
pletion of this wonderful road. In
reality it was the reorganisation of
the same body that had ita center of
activity in Camas until through its
efforts that portion of the North Bank
highway was paved from Ita intersec­
tion with the Pacific highway at Van­
couver to Cainas. The purpose of the
organisation is to aid and hasten the
highway construction not only through
Skamania county, but to have it com­
pleted to tbe ««st of the Yellowstone
trail at Kennewick and Pasro. The
policy of the assex-iation will be to
stimulate interest all over the state in
the completion of this road and hi aid
tbe M*curing of both state and federal
appropriations, until this road is paved
from east to west. C. C. Hutchins, sec­
retary of the Vancouver Chamber of
Commerce and also representative of
the Washington Auto dub was the first
speaker introduced by Chairman Web­
ster. Mr. Hut«-hins told of the splen­
did work the auto dub is doing in se­
curing better conditions for the motor­
ists in the way of l<*gislation, and its
plan of assistance to motorists In their
travels about the state. He also prom­
ised the auto club's support of the
highway asso«1ation. He was one of
the first men in the state to back the
North Bank highway and it ia largely
through his untiring efforts that the
road is now so w«*U and favorably
L. C. Heiter East Hide orcimrdixt,
has a patch of small daisies qn his
front lawn that have bloomed contin­
ually thoughout the winter. Oldtlmers
say this Is the first winter in which
the ground has never been frozen more
than a half Inch. Nor, they say, have
they ever seen a winter before during
which flowers bloomed constantly.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Hood River.
In the Matter of the Estate of Curtis
C. Paddock, Ibxs'ased.
Notice is hereby given that the un­
dersigned has tiled her final report
and accounting in the above entitled
Court and that the Court has fixed
Saturday, the 27th day of March, 1926,
at the County Courtroom in the City
of Hood River, County of Hood River,
State of Oregon, at the hour of 10:30
o'clock a. m. of said day, as the time
and place for the hearing and settle­
ment of the same.
Clara E. Paddock.
. t
Executrix. I
Dated and first publication:
February 26, 1920.
The card imrty for the scholarship
loan fund siwusor«! by the Hood Riv­
er Woman's club will be held at the
K. P. hall We«lne«<lay, March 3, at 2
p. m. Bridge and 090 will be played.
Entertainment will be arranged for
those who «lo not wish to play car«ls.
Anyone wishing to make reserva­
tions, phone Mrs. R. B. I’erigo 24S3,
Mrs. J. R. Nickelsen 6959, Mrs. F. 8.
Smith 694«, or Mrs. J. C. Meyer 3932
Bus Wreck Rumor Incorrect
Rumor was afloat here Sunday af­
ternoon that the Columbia stage, cn
route to-The Dallre and due in Hood
River in the late afternoon, had t»een
wrecked near Warrendale.
It was
stated that the bus turned on its side
when it met n tractor, on the wrong
aide of the highway, and a light coupe
also ap|>roaching on the right side.
'’Goldie Husbands, the driver, stated
that he was forced to take the ditch,
but that bls vehicle did not overturn,
as was reported Two wheels of the
big bua remained on the highway.
Apple Meat iron
Iron is an essential element in food,
but, as it occurs in small quantity in
any one food, it is taken Into the sys­
tem in a variety of foods, one of the
chief MHirt^w being fresh and dried
fruits. The apple is one of the beet
sources of Iron for the diet. Raisins
have been advertised for their Iron
content It is true that both fresh
grapes and raisins, as well as plums
and prune«, furnish this element but
the apple is the heaviest iron-carrying
fruit, having 39-100 of one per cent of
iron in Its make-up.
Paul SIHton Baseball Manager
One of the moat active students at
tbe llnlveraity of Oregon ia Paul Hlet-
ton, non of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bletton.
He ia now manager of the haeeball
team, and in busy snaking preparations,
Leather Belt»
Notions for 8c
For Men and Boys
Workman's Lunch Kite
Nation-wide Values
Lingerie Tape in eolors, 8 yards.
Cameo Lingerie Com bi nett»*.
Brass Pins, 300 in paper, assort’d sites
Balety Pins, siaee 00 to 8, good quality.
Wire Hair Pins, different sisee.
Eagle Crochet Hooks, priced at less.
White town Bias Tape, sites 2 to B
Rick-Rack, in white cotton and col­
ored mercerised.
Shoulder Straps, variety of colors.
Men's Shirt Buttons, good quality.
School children as wall as
workman find this kit moot con­
venient. Lid hsa fastener to hold
vacuum bottle.
SiM 10ix4j inchas.
Kit_____________ 1____ 49/
1 Pt Icy Hot Bottle
59c to
Stamped Frocks
’ The Best Makes For Less
Ready to Embroider
JFort/iy Values
Pond's Vanishing or
Cold Cream________ 29/
Pompeian Massage or
-- Day Cream_________ 39/
Hind's Honey and Al-
, < mond Cream, large „ 89/
Coty's Powder, assor­
ted shades_________ 89/
Colgate's Tooth Paste,
large______________ 19/
Ipana, Pepsodent and
Pebecco Tooth Paste. 39/
Kora Konia Powder___ 39/
The envelope contains
one stamped dress, a belt,
the necessary embroidery
thread, and an embroidery
needle I
Everything is
there, for only,
Savings in Toilet Qpods
Mavis______________ 28/
Mennen's Talc_______
boxes of
stationery 1
Good quality
paper and
new style
Every Requisite For Snaring
Bobbed Hair Accessories
William's Mug Shaving Soap ...4c
’Pslmolive Shaving Cream...... 29c
Williams* Shaving Cream...... 29c
Blue Beard Stropper............... >1.98
Gilette and Auto Strop Blades,
at................................................ 39c
Curlex-Ivory-White Handle
with silk cord and two-piece
plug, complete_______ 98/
Curlex Hairdressing Set, 4-
piece Ivory, white..... $1.19
SEEDS —in Sack Lots
in Sack Lots
Mt. Hood Scratch.............................. $2.90 per cwt
Wheat................................................... $3.00
Cracked Corn.................................... .2.60
Whole Corn....................................... ...2.50
Egg Producer................. .................... *2.75
Oyster Shell, Eastern...................... * .1.40 -w
Chick Feed.......................................... .3.60 ' 99
Chick Mash......................................... a m
Charcoal................................................ 2.00 per ack.
Daixy Ration.....
.... 2.35
.... 1.35
......... 95
Beet Pulp............
Alfalfa Meal.......
Rolled Oats........
.... 1.35
Ground Oats......
Rolled Barley....
1 »55
Cround Barley..
$3.60 per cwt
.....2.30 - 99
OU Meal.
Dry Land Alfalfa
23c oer Lb.
Fancy Alfalfa..
Grimm Alfalfa
• 6
Alsike Clover
Red Clover......
White Clover.........................
Kentucky Blue Grass.........
Lawn .Grass............................ ................. 60c
Millet.......................................... .................. He
Orchard Grass......................... ................. 25c
Timothy.................................... ................. He
Beardless Barley................... .................. 4Xc
Oats (Gray)........................... .................... 3c
.i “
Rye (Spring).:................ ........
Rye ( Rosen)......................... .................. 3kc
Vetch (Common)..................
Vetch (Hairy)......................... ..................13c
iteeee eeeeeoe««»»
a aaas•••••a•«1
>••««« eeeeaoee ••
• eeooeeeeoee • • • • e •
Wheat (Bluestem)
Oats (Recleaned)..
•••••••••••••••»•«•a« • oae
Mra John A. McLean, foraar aaflM-
Dr. W. T. Johnson, poultry patbolo- ( ant protaasui of home economics at
gist of the Oregon Agricultural College, Aansa Uwiverslty Iowa, has Just ro*
spent part of the week in Hood River j turned from Port land, where she ad-
taking blood samples of sll of the ( dress«»d the Homemakers* Institute of
breeding stock on tbe C. D. Nickelsen tbe
Oregon State Federation of Worn
poultry farm. Mr. Nickelsen, who is ( en’s ctaba. Mrs. McLean, who ia a
president of the Oregon State Poultry graduate
of Stout Institute, Chicago, is
Association and in dose touch with the , author of “Meal Planning and Table
poultry Industry of tbe state, said:
Service” a book used In the larger
“All of the up to date poultry breed- , number of the schools bf home eco-|
era of tbe state are having their poul- , nomlcs throughout the country.
try used for breeding bled and subject­
Mrs. McLean and her husband, the;
ed to tbe blood test applicable. Poultry, latter aa oa-eervice man who was in
like all other creatures, ia subject to moot of the major drive« overseas dur-1
various chronic ills. Tuberculosis and ing ths great war, came here more!
bacillary white diarrhoea are the two than a year ago when Mr. McLean1
most common ills. The latter is un­ purchased an interest In the Hood
noticed in the individual hen. No ex­ River Drug Co. As her friends state,'
ternal evldeuce Is apparent. However, she gave up the promise of a brilliant
the toll is very great annually from career aa a teacher to become a home-
thia diaease.
In some of the easteni maker. She and Mr. McLean have al
Htates poultrymen practically were put young son, who recently celebrated hla
out of business as the result of the first birthday. This young man 'now [
ravages of this disease. The time ia claims tbe most of the attention of
at hand when the seller-- of' day-old- Mrs. McLean.
chicks must show his customers that
Mrs. Carnine Sells to Gilman
be holds a valid certificate accrediting
his flock as free from bacillary white
Mrs. 8. B. Online has sold her
diarrhoea.** .
eight-acre Avalon Way orchard home
While a large numt>er of the leading to M. M. Gilman, an expert orchardlst
poultry breeders in the Willamette val­ who has been caring for various fruit
ley have this year had* their flocks tracts for several years. The Cdrnine
tested, Mr. Nlckelsen is the only breed­ place, just southwest of the city, is
er in Hood River eouHty to have the one bf the most at tractive homesites of
t«*t made.
the district.
“I think the lime will come when the
Mrs. Canine, who had been visiting
egg-eating public will pay a premium her son, Sidney B. Carnine, sales man­
for eggs from flotks testing free from ager of the Wenatchee District Co-
tuberculosis, coccidiosls and bacillary operatlve association, an apple sales
white diarrhoea. Thtae are dhmgree- concern of the big -Washington section,
able names, and don’t help the fine will leave for Tort land to make her
flavor of tbe egg,” says Mr. Nickelsen. '1 residence temporarily.
■ -------------------------------------- -------- --------------
■ '-■■■
Tte faraward of a« invitation, i»
sued by the Lage children to th' baa-
SK to be given for their father next
nreday evening ia as follows:
“Marveling at tbe ap)«®dld progress
that has been made in tbe west aad
especially In our consmuaity, It may
(By A. D. Moe)
be well to pause auA-pay respect -
Ban Diego, Cat, Feb. 12, 1928.
those who have beei( permitted to do
Mr* and Mrs. Blancbar left for home their pa»* -the uUm<*rs.”
Tuesday morning and wiU spend sev­
Hans toge is s ptaneer.
eral days vUitlng frtends on the way,
going north by the coast route from
Los Angeles. Since then we have been
hunting up old acquaintances and vis­
iting Hood River frh-ndx Mr. and
Mr*. Geo. R. Caatner have been here
about three weeks and we are taking
in points of intereat together.
The chiropractic headlock of Billy
Mr and Mrs. H. M. Hosick have dis­ Edwards, the Kansas City Butcher
posed of their grocery store and are Boy, who Is known as the roughest of
living at 644 Twentieth street, near all tt>e wrest hrs and who now holds
the Mirasol apartments, where Mr. and the championship light licavywdght
Mrs. Casta «sc are staying
belt was too Tucwlay night for
Mrs. Isaac Jeffries la with her Hood River’s Durable Dane, Fred
daughter at 3977 Kansas street.
Mortensen. Fred withstood the champ
The Hood River sign on our car at* for 33 minutes during the first fail.
tract«-d the attention of two ixsrsous He broke Edwards holds repeatedly,
who have relatives in Hood River one and In a number of instances worried
day while itarked down town, and I Edwards with bolds of his own. The
found tb^m waiting to make inquiries champion, however, finally clamped one
when 1 got in the car. Mrs. Otto Ros­ and Fred was put out completely. Fred
well, of Chula Vista, Inquired about also sustained an Injured seek in a fall
her aunts, Mrs. W. F. toraway and in the flrat bout, und was In poor con­
Mrs. Jennie Hunt Bhe was In Hood dition when th«* second began.
River 1? years ago. J. E. Scolsee, of
The Butch«- Boy required only four
Balt Lake City, who has been touriug minutes to do execution In the secund
the Houthlapd this winfer,- bit twei try.
brothers in Ilood River, Dr. E. L. Bcu-
Cal Herman, of Portland, was the
bee and Wm. Hcobee. He intends to very efficient referee. Virgil Hamlin,
drive home through Hood River.
Portland wrestling promoter, was here
Ban Diego is a favorite winter re­ for the match, and Jack Routledge was
sort for The Dalles folk. Fen Battey, the announcer.
an old time hotel man of Tlie Dalles,
at one time a land own«*r in II«xxi Riv­
er, and still owning a large farm at
Wapanltia, has lived here for several
Seventh Day Adventist Church
years, and is headquarters for Wa«A>
county visitors. Joe Ward and wife,
Sabbath school Saturday at 10 a. l . m.
Wasco county fanners, are in the same Preaching service 11.1ft a. m. Prayer
apartment house with us. Mr. and meeting Wednesday, 7.4ft p. m. All
Mrs Vincent Kelly, of The Dalles, and are welcome.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guthrie, living
English Lutheran Church
uesr Moro, in Bhennsn county, are
also in Ban Diego. Bert Bagley, of
I*enten service« at 11 a. m. The ’
Tbe Dalles, has a bunch of horses at Munday schtxil metis at 19.39 a. m.
Tia Juana.
The todies’ Aid will serve a dinner
Besides these we have old acquaint­ Friday evenlug at 6.30.
ances from Dayton, Wash., Grand
Rev. P. Hllgendorf, Pastor.
Forks. N. D„ and relatives, sa It an
helps to make time pass quickly and
St. Mary's Catholic Church
pleasantly In the southland.
Regular Sunday services: Low Mass,
The weather has tx*en colder than Ma m.; High Maas, 19.30 a. m. In­
usual since we have been here, on ac­ structions in the doctrines of the Cath­
count of the severe storms that have olic church will be given each Wednes­
been raging off the Pacific coast, but day evening at 7.30 in St. Mary's
tlie residents here feel vary grateful church. AU who may be interested in
for the-rain that has fallen. A heavy such are cordially invited.
rainstorm prevailed all last night and
Father Thomas J. Marshall, Pastor.
clouds still threaten nmre rale today.
We are enjoying the fresh vegetables
First Church of Christ, Scientist
in tbe markets—gree.« peas, radishes,
in church building Sunday,
young onions, lettuce—in fact, every­
thing that we get from our home gar­ 11 a. m. Bunday school the same hour,
dens in the spring aud early summer. Tlie reading room is maintained in the
7%e cool spell we are having at pres­ Davidson building. Room 8 is open
ent, with partly cloudy days, reminds woek days from 9 to ft, with an attend
us of May weather at home. Many ant in charge from 3 to 6. Wednesday
flowers are In bloom, lawns and shrub­ evening service at 8 o’clock. : L<eeaon
bery in the yards surrounding homes subject, “Christ Jesus.”
are being cared for and pruned, and
The Baptist Church
for us the winter is over.
Sunday achooi at 10 a. m. Morning
The high tides, northerly winds and
heavy breakers rolling-up high against worship at 11. Subject of sermon,
the sandstone cliffs and along the “Jeaus." Special music by the men's
beaches have kept many away from choir. Evening worship at 7.30; sub­
the bea«h resorts, and they are pra«*- jett, “The Bible: Luke.’* Special mu-
tically deserted. A few bathers were alc by tbs young people’s choir. B. Y.
In the small cove at to Jolla and also P. U., junior, at 4 p m. B Y. P. U.,
a very tew at Ooronada when we were senior, at 6.30 p. m. Whom do you
there. Balboa park is well patronised, worship? God or Yourself? '
C. R. Deiepine, Pastor.
however. There are many sheltered
nooks where one can beak in the sun
Riverside Church
or in the shade, as the weather permits,
beside« tbe various amuaements pro­
Services at the usual hour. Church
vided. The afternoon organ recital school 9.46 a. m., I. R. Acheaon, Hupt.
always draws a crowd. The several Classes for young and old. Christian
museums have their attractions, and Endeavor society at 6.4ft p. m. All
outdoor checker and horseshoe game« young people of the church are invited.
h«v«* their devotee«.
Prayer meeting services Thursday
After all. Ban Diego has a lure that evening at 7.30. Major W. 8. Gilbert,
brings back year after year the same of Portland, will occupy the pulpit
crowd that has the leisure to winter Bunday morning. The public ia cor­
in the southland. The Florida boom dially invited to attend.
has apparently not affected the tourist
travel to San Diego thia year, although
Alliance Tabernade
there was some complaint heard at Lo«
The services at the tabernacle for
Angele«, tost year there whs a l«*««««! Sunday will be as follows: Sunday
Ing of eastern tourists to tbe Padfl« school at 9.46, preaching at 11. Young
coast, and it was noticed here, but this People's Alliance at 6.30, and preach­
year they are back again and hotel« ing at 7.30.
Sunday morning and
and apartment houses are fulL Ban evening we will bring our farewell
Diego has a climate all ita own. It U message« to the Hood River church,
a little warmer. Tbe semi-tropical having resigned from the work here
flower« and plants grow just a Utth* to take up work elsewhere. A hearty
' better. The Royal palms thrive here, invitation is extended to the public
and but few are seen farther* north. and to all of our friends to atteud
There is a little less froat damage, the these services.
Arthur E. Hall.
hills and monntaih rangra betweeti
here and Los Angeles shutting off the
Asbury Methodist Church
desert dust storms, while most of the
The pastor will have for hie subject
time sunny sklea turn winter into sum­
at the morning hour. “Methodism's Re­
sponsibility." Junior League at 3 p.
in. tot all the boya and girls come.
Tlie im st or will be there to help them
in their work. Epworth league at 6.30
p. m. The young people are invited.
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The pastor will have for hla subject at
dear a high rail fence. I saw
the evening service. “Sextuple Beings."
chance for venison and riming forth The choir meets Wednesday evening.
with a butcherknife killed th«* animal." All who alng are Invited to attend.
Mr. Tagc recalls with a shudder a Prayer meeting at 7.30 Thursday even­
near tragic incident at hla ploneex ing. We are studying the Acts of the
home one evening while he was away Apostles. Your premsice will be appre
on a trading trip at The Dalle«. Mrs «■la ted.
iMge was 111 In bed, a new lorn babe
St Mark's Church
at her side. A small daughter. Lanra.
The aecond Sunday In Lent will ad­
now Mrs. James Henderson. of Bingen
.Wash., had an intuition that the roof vance the ucqualnlan<t* of the congre­
of the little shanty was on fire. Bb<* gation and the new rector, Rev. Schuy­
ruahed to the yard and her cries ler Pratt, on the point, “Our Alm in
brought two older children to her aid Life," subject of the 11 a. m. service.
The kiddles carried water in buckets At Bunday school, 9.46 a. m., the rec­
from the spring and with a ladder ex­ tor's story will be the verse, “Good.
tinguished the flame« that had burne«l Better, Beet!” Thia afternoon, Thurs­
a large area of clapboard«. Mr. Lage day. at 2.30 p. m., will be held the first
was touched when he lirar<l the news conference of Sunday school teachers
and exprraeed thanks to Providence for with tbe rector. Tomorrow the Guild
a child’s Intuition He rewarded the will meet for its Lenten charitable sew­
children on hla next trip to The Dalle« ing at 10 a. m. After the luncheon the
with new Hothra. The girls received afternoon program will Include the dis
cuaalon of “The True Freedom for our
a bolt of gay cloth for dresses.
Some years after Mr. Lage and his Neighimr. Brazil." led by Mrs. Bchuyler
family bad settled on tlie East Side Pratt. At the quiet evening prayer.
plae^ the father became very home 3.19 p. ox, the brief meditation will be
sick. Neighbora had offered no eo on “Our Bible Types: I. Mary and
couragement. He was told that sever Martha.” Th« trip of the rector and
men had already been starved out in young people's chorus to hold service
the section and that he would be the in the school house at Un«ierwood Is
eighth. Their money was gone when postponed from this Sunday until
a visitor appeared and offered $900 for March 7.________________
the hoinraite.
Oil Rate Cut
“I told him that I would have to
At the request of the state highway
talk it over with Mama,” nays Mr
toge, “and found that she disagreed ■-onuuiaaion, the public service com­
mission has obtained from the Mount
with me. I wanted to take that
and go back to Iowa. She pointed out Hood railway a reduction from 21 to
that we would have n<> funds left on 74 cents a hun«ired In the freight rate
arrival thrve. We had good wood and on road oil from Hood River to Park-
water in Oregon, ahe told me, and th«* dale. Thia amounts to a reduction of
children were healthy. She thought about SUB a carload. The highway
It batter to be broke here than hack com mission Intends to use mrncli oil
In the middle west I took her advlre the coming summer in oiling the Mount
and we stayed. Indeed, «he told nx Hoo«l loop.
that the day would come when our
W. 0. W. Notes
farm would be worth more than
W. O. W. tn regular meeting 1AM
And, indeed, Mrs. toge was correct, Thursday evening Initiated a large
the plare today is worth several tltnra class, topping off with an «»ntertaiii-
that amount
ment and Inneh that was enjoyed by
Nine children were born to Mr. and all present. Thursday. March 4, after
Mrs. toge. Three of them and the the regular meeting, the A. D. K. from
mother have pane«
The Dalles will initiate a class and a
frontier. The llv
large number are expected from that
city including their orchestra, which
MH. J. CL^Koberg,
will furnish music for the occasion.
and Edwerd and 1
Mi Young. He knows.
SiHr. aad Mre.
A "r n
------------ 1
18 toto.
■— r
Lawn Fertilizer, 50 lb.,
; »I 1001b
Vegetable ”
50 lb.,*
100 ltf,
Vegetable ”
.. .11.85 per ack.
...... 3.50
...... r.75
Land Plaster.............
Sheep guano.............
Barnyard Manure..*.
Plant Food...............
$16.50 per ton
„...3.00 per (oad
........25 per pkg
Ask for prices on Cement, Sand, Gravel, Brick, Roofing and Drain Tile
Small Chick Feeds and Chick Supplies Now On Hand
a , .a;