The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 28, 1926, Image 6

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Plana are being drawn by L, M.
Baldwin for construction of a *20,000
new school house in the Pine Grove
district. The building will be 80 by
130 feet, with full basement, which
will <<>ntain a playroom and kitchen
for providing hot lunches. Six class
rooms will lie made available. Con­
struction will be of concrete and the
building will have all-steel sash in the
windows. The plant will be ready for
occupancy by next fall.
The structure will be financed by the
warrant system.
Woman Seeks Supertatendenry
Another candidate has announced
for Republican nomination for state
suiieriutendeut of public instruction.
It Is Mra. Emma Bryant, of Hillsboro.
Mrs. Bryant aaya:
"I am 42 year» of age, a married
woman and the mother of four chili
dreii, three of whom are attending col­
lege lu this state and one attending
high school. Nt. Paul, Minu., Is my
birthplace, but 1 was reared in the
city of Portland, Ore., corning there
at the age of five yeara I attended
tlie public schools of that <4ty, being
a graduate of the old Portland high
school located at Fourteenth and Mor­
ison streets.
“I have liad many yeara of experi­
ence in tlie rural school« of this state
and the state of Washlugton as well
a» experience in the city schools. 1
have served as prindpal of a city
school and am uow serving my fifth
year as superintendent of schools of
Wiislilugtun county.
"One of the big problems before the
lieople of Oregon today is to devise
l more equitable tax division for
echoed administration purposes.
‘lected, I will put forth all possible
effort to meet thia problem, and will
lo my utmost to further all the educa­
tional liiten«ta of the state. Another
big problem which will occupy me will
'*e the problem of equalising educu-
iuiial opisirtuiiltiea between the urban
ind the. rural child.
“I am a memtier of the Congrega-
ionsi church, of the Women’s Anxil-
iary to the Spanish-American War Vet-
Tans, of the local, county and state
¿range. of our local Woman's club and
Parent-Teacher association. Iam pres­
ident of the Hlate Association ot Coun­
ty School Superintendents.”
Oregon Trull Cota Proposed
Coinage of 50-cent piece« in iummem-
oration of pioneer» who traveled the
Oregon trail to the far west was pro-
I*oM*d in a itili in congre*« Monday by
Representative Killer, Republican, of
These coinè will be issued only upon
request of the Oregon Trail Memorial
association of New Torit.
jor Economical Transportation
f/XtoST folks buy th-ir cars on the inAallment
plan The General Motors Cvriv ration, with assets
of over a Half Billion Dollars and One Hundred and
Thirty Million Dollars tn cash on hand, with no loans
from banks or other outside sources, offers to the
public what we believe is the lowest charge possible
to obtain anywhere for a purchaser who desires to
buy on terms. All Chevrolet Dealers have the Gen­
eral Motors Time Payment Plan available to their
customers If you buy on time, (as mo# purchasers
do) you certainly should investigate and compare
General Motors' charges for time nnancing as again#
any other. In many in&ances your present car will
be of sufficient value to cover the down payment to­
ward a new Chevrolet
H ere A re the N ew R educed P rices
8 *
Stop Table Grief with Lundin Leaf
One ot the outstanding speakers at
the annual meattag of the New York
State Horticultural society at Roches­
ter recently, waa B. W. J. Hearty, of
New York city, former president of the
International Apple Shippers' associa­
tion and a tnemher of the firm of May­
nard A Child. Mr. Bearty spoke on th«
“Apple Export Situation." There U
reason to beU«v« that after be had
finished a comfortable part of the large
audience had a new slant on the for­
eign market and its needs and the con­
sistent disregard of its requirements by
hundreds of producers and shippers
who instead should be stimulating de­
mand from that quarter by the most
careful attention.
In the courae of the address, Mr.
Hearty said:
“The commercial Importance of ex­
port markets dates back to 18H0, dur­
ing which time the development baa'
t»eea steady in the broad interpreta­
tion of the world. The total yearly
shipments have varied in keeping with
the extent of our crops. Export ship­
ments of the past two years represent
about 15 per rant of the total commer­
cial crops. It I« qulte impossible In
particular terms to calculate the bene­
fits that accrue to the producer of
American apples by reason of thia
demand, at least we ran view themes
tremendous factors lu establishing
value snd In stabilising domestic mar-,
"Markets that consume 13 to 16 per
rant of our commercial production at
which carries its own leaves under the
once spring into prominence aa moat!
important factors tn maintaining the.
top, ready to swing up into instant use,
well being of the Industry. But little
is the greatest improvement in Dining
consideration haa been given to this
channel of distribution and to its bear-.
Tables in a generation. All leaves are
ing on the whole atructure of values.'
Furthermore, there seems to tie In the |
fitted in the factory to their own table,
barrel states, an utter disregard of the
and are of the same wood and finish
requirements of foreign markets. 'For- i
eign markets are natural and legiti­
as the top.
mate outlets for a part of our apple
production and If from no other angle,
they should be viewed as markets for ■
otur surplus even If monetary returns
are less than domestic values.
"If I aenae production manufacture
correctly, the alm is to produce at the
lowest possible unit cost. To accom-I
pllah thia, an output in excess of do-'
meatlc requirements is often necessary '
and manufacturers are usually glad
of opportunities to sell in foreign mar-1
bets, such exceaaee at no profits what­
soever—thus enabling them to handle
profitably the balance of their produc- i
lion domestically at the lower ¡>riras
made possible through a lower unit
cost. It strikes me that thia is all per­
fectly logical and applies no lews ford- I
Idy In theory to the distribution of
apples; but what about it lu practice?
"The manufacturer exjmrts his sur-
Idua, determined as nearly as possible
by the demand, but he doc» not at­
tempt to satisfy that demand by ship­
ping goods that have* tceen damaged
in the making or otherwise defective.
In other words, foreign markets to
him are real markets, not dumps. So
far as the flow of exports of apple» la
concerned thia somehow or other takes
care of itself, although most unscien­
Reciprocal Members Held Partners In
tifically; but what is not taking care
of Itself and needs remedying without
Recent Decisions
delay la the mental attitude of grow­
ers and shippers of this state toward
foreign markets. Many have come to
view them aa dunqw. Perhaps that Is
•« rood a name for them as anything
else, bnt if that Is what they are, what
made them an, A ‘dump’ is a place
where rubbish is deposited. Surely
Partnership liability of members of a reciprocal in­
plenty of rubbish has been exported
and perhaps no section has Iceen more
surance exchange—promises to he a real issue sooner Re­
guilty within the past few years than
ciprocal subscribers have been held to be partners in
Miss Gould is Thrta Sigma Phi
hestc-ru New York, and what recruits?
recent coiyt decisions, with all the financial and other
Margaret Gould, of Hood River, has
No monetary gain and tremendous loss
responsibilities which that relationship involve«. Judge
of prestige. New England has been been initiated Into Theta Rigma Phi,
running you a cioae secund and as national honorary and professional
Wilkerson of the Federal Court in Chicago, who is try­
evidence we find that the Baldwin in journalistic fraternity foe women.
to straighten out the tangled affairs of the AsaoHated
foreign markets now holds relatively Mias Gould Is registered at Oregon
Employes Reciprocal, the Sherman A Ellis concern, has
low position- almoat discredited,where- Agricultural College as a sojihomore in
as once.its i>osltlon waa among the commerce.
di-riared that the tnembers an* liable' to third [lersons as
eminent Our grading taws provide a
Eligibility for membership is based
partners and among themselves, according to agreement.
most liberal tolerance for human qr- on proficiency and journalistic work,
ror, but it would almost seem as if good character, and scholarship. Theta
Inter-insurance exchanges are group« of persons who
it had liecome the aim to avail of the Sigma Phi has a new silver loving cup
exchange, through an attorney-in-fact, individual prom-,
maximum of tolerance of the law offered each term to the industrial
ises of indemnity. A limit is placed in the codtract qn ■ ;
rather than to alm at perfection. I journalism student showing the great-
~"— thin to 2______
to a shortsighted
ixU, tfltnroficiency In feature story writing.
the liability of the tnembers among tlietiucelves.tmt vrfwnr * *
l*T and rent1 which "wilL Traci tone
Theta Sigma l’hl was originally
a third party is concerned the members are liable to
advancement of our prosperity, rather Scribe, local journalistic society, which
him as jartners, and any limitation of liability doe« not
quite to the contrary.
made Its appearance on the campus in
apply to the claim of the third party. This greatly
“You are sin<4y giving a helping March, 1921. Scribe waa Installed in
hand to your competitors, who are un­ October by Mrs. Helen Rises lance, of
increases the personal liability of members of reciprocal
der economic pressure to grade high. Seattle, first national president of the
It must be a basically sound conclu- ' organisation. With the Initiation of
aiem that cine cannot create benefit* four new members Into Theta Sigma
through the medium of poor quality Phi, 10 women are members of the
Mejidiera of automobile reciprocals are the ones
and grading. I do not mean to convey Alpha Eta chapter on the campus.
that poor grading and picking are uni­
chiefly interested in this partnership liability. In fire
versal. but surely a tremendous quan­
insurance it is not so serious as the relation la between
tity of (><>or quality fruit has been
the parti«» to the contract, but in automobile taauranoe
marketed. There must he improve­
ment in grading and handling if we I
most of the claims are from outsiders, or third parties,
want to hold and extend foreign mar-
who are not bound by any limitation of individual lia­
bility. The leading decision on this question of partner­
“The immediate future of the for­
ship liability of membera of a reciprocal la from Sargent
eign markets, so far aa Baldwins are
ranrarnecl, is somewhat clouded be­
vs. Goldsmith, 221 8. W. 259. In that case the Texas
cause- of pes>r quality of thoae shipped,
Supreme Court said;
and I fear values may he affected
until such time aa confidence in the
quality tigs Ix-en restored. I know in
my own rase- Important contracts for
shipments to Norway, Sweden and
other continental markets have been
cancelled, tn every- Instance due to the
general <11 «satisfaction of previous
This Beautiful 8-Piece
Walnut Dining Suite
The Lundin Leaf Table
Furniture Department