The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 28, 1926, Image 10

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lb. pails.... Sl-00;
10 lb. pail«
60 lb. cans.... $9.16; Bulk Lard, lb. -22c
Bacon Stripe, lb.......................- -......
Mild Cured Breakfast Bacon, lb........... 40c
Swift’s Pi emium Bacon Backs, lb....... 43c
“ Bacon. % or whole side ..62c
Sliced Bacon, % or 1 lb. pkg 62c
Economy Fork Bausage is better
Bulk Sauaage, lb.............................
Little* Pir Link Sausage, lb...........
We invite the public to inspect our market
at any time. We are proud of the clean, sani­
tary condition that our modem equipment en­
ables us to keep our market
The following clipped from the Laui-
ron 1» self-explanatory: “Beta Phi
Omega—Monday evening the girls of
our organization held their first a»eet-
lng for the winter term. New officer»
elected are: Vivian Hagen, president;
Florrtue Drew, vice president; Hilda
Dixon, aecretorv and treasurer; Ines
Birney Betler, 0. N. S. representative;
Ellen Rydlng, sergeant-at-arms, and
Irene Eakola, reporter. Although Mias
Hagen Just entered the Normal school
this term she haa already taken an
active Interest In our house aad started
us off for the new semester with a de­
sire to make of it a su ro es s Mias
Drew, of Bandon, is also a naw Mu-
dent and a member of Beta Phi
Omega.” Mias Hagen graduated from
Odell high school last year and her
frietids here are glad to bear good res
port« regarding her standing with th»-
students of Monmouth Normal.
Odell Cash store, Lafferty A Wood,
proprietors, has a new Dodge delivery,
the third of these popular buainem cars
they have owned and have la turn ex­
changed for new ones of similar style
and later mo»iel.
Neil Cushman, of Bend, is »pending
a week visiting relatives and friends in
Odell. He has been for several years
In the employ af Brooks-Scanlon Lum
l»er Co.
Glenn Cunningham and 0. 8. Cush­
man motored to Portland Sunday for
the day.
Rev. and Mm Troy Shelley enjoye»!
an afternoon Thursday with a Japan­
ese minister whom their neighbor, K.
Shltnra, brought to their home. This
minister, 80 years of age, had been con­
verted and was stoned and persecuteil
tor his religion but held fast his faith
over these many years. He and Rev
Shelley were near the sama age and
while neither spoke the other's lan
guagi* conversed pleasantly through
Mr. Khitara as Interpreter.
Many expressions of appreciation
have lieen heard regarding the grotto
manly demeanor of the Goldendale
Maroona who played the Winged O
team here Saturday night. The Wlnge»l
fl's won two games last week, one
Wednesday night, Mosier vs. (»dell, and
Saturday night, Goldendale vs. Odell.
Mrs. A. N. Daria went to Portland
Saturday to visit her husband who
had hero uuder surgical care for the
week previous
Prof, and Mrs. Franklin Folts, of
Eugene, motored here from Portland
Saturday morning for a short visit at
the home of Mrs. Folto' parrots Mr.
and Mrs. L. D. Hoyed.
Having found that h$ could more
mliafartnrily continue his course in
civil »‘ngliKering at O. A. C., where he
had previously l*ro a student, Roy
Holman chose that colh-g»- instead of
U. of W.
After having spent the past several
week» motor touring In California, Mr.
and Mrs. R. W. Hkibbe rrturned home
Troy Shelley, Jr., leader for Junior
church neat Sunday.
Odell Community M
Special. Mias Taylor will deliver be­
fore both Junior and adult congrega­
tions, "The Other W’lse Man." All
must be la the church by 10.46 to bear
it Morning worship at 11 o'clock,
the pastor preaching. Young people's
forum and devotional hour at 7 p. m.
Special evening service beginning at
8 p. m., auspices W. 0, T. U. Mm.
Crulo, Beattie pastor-evangelist, will
»{leak. Choir rehearsal Wednesday at
7.30 p. in. Music lovers who slag are
invited to Join. You are Invited to
attend our church. School night social
Thursday at 6 p. m.
(Dorothy Pemberton)
The semester examinations were giv­
en Monday and Tuesday of thia week
and school was resumed Wednesday.
Tomorrow evening, Friday, the high
school basketball teams will meet the
Mosier high school teams in the Odell
high school teams in the Odell high
school gymnasium.
The play, “Mr. Bob" will be (re­
sented in the grange hall Wednesday,
February 3. The following are the
members of th* cast: Mary Shute,
Mary Kollas, Pearl Johnson, Dorothy
Pemberton, Harold Kellogg, George A.
Fletcher and James Edstrom.
Those who have promised beaaa, cab-
chocolate, oniona and tomatoes
for the hot lunches are asked to bring
them to the school thia week. A date
wiU tie announced later when the own
erw may call for their Jara.
Mias Clara Thomsen, who Is attend­
ing the U. of W., spent the week end
at home.
* Elma Yakota has completed the
eighth grade and haa entered high
school thia week with an average of
V. W. Tompkins, of Cascade Locks,
was a visitor at the F. II. Blackman
home Sunday.
8. R. McDonald has been 111 the past
week but is recovering slowly. His
brother, L. F. McDonald, of Hood Riv­
er, has been here for several days.
Rev. James Kaye caene from Prine-
v 111,- yesterday end win remain during
the community institute and assist
with the music.
W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. A. I.
Mason next Thursday.
Morse Riddell, of Portland, has been
visiting the family of his aunt, Mr». E.
E. Inge
Several adults have l*en suffering
from mumps. A. A. Mohr has lieen
very ill thia week. Mrs. Hugo Paasch
la recovering from a severe attack. Mr
Paasch and J. R. Vannler are HL
Mrs. Vidor Thomsen is visiting her
parents In The Dalles.
Mrs. Kllbuck was in Salem last week
to visit Mary Michael, who la ill at
the sanitarium.
Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Vannler were
in Haleni the first part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Vining, of Mon­
tana, 'visited their cousins, Mr. and
Mrs. T. D. Calkins, last week, going on
to Portland where they will visit other
relative» before returning bom».
Mrs. Marshall Isenberg is in Port­
land having her Injured hand treated
by a specialist.
Mrs. Clarence Carnes gave her hus­
band a birthday surprise party last
Saturday evening. The neighborhood
folks all had a Jolly time and an excel­
lent lunch.
, ■>
The Four leaf Clover Hub haa a bir-
day party Thursday, this afternoon, at
the home of Mrs. E. J. Copper on the
Columlda River highway, known as the
DeHart place.
C. M. Larson returned to his work
Monday as sawyer at the mill at Wil­
ls rd, Wash.
‘fe, ,,*■
The < hk ken and turkey pens of Mr.
and Mrs. Bruno Frans were torn open
snd sll chickens and turkeys stolen last
Wednesday evening, The pen» had
padlocks on but the door» were re-
The Infant son of Mr.
and _____
Archie Eastman has passed away. The
babe weighed 3*4 pounds at birth.
Miss Elsie Malaer spent the week
end with her father and brother.
Mr. and Mrs. Hannagan, of Hberman
county, »¡»ent the week end with Mr».
Hatinagan’» parents, Mr. and Mr».
Granville Phillipa.
•Harry Hackett is recovering from a
<«se of mumps
Mr. and Mrs C. K. Benton spent
part of last week in Portland.
A number of grangers and their fam­
ilies gathered at Rockford grange Fri­
day evening. Bupt. Crites spoke on
the value of Boys' and Girls' dab work
Mrs. Wm. Munroe gave an Interesting
talk on the “Locarno Peace Pact." 8.
G. Oxborrow rendered a pleasing solo,
"The Worthy Master.” S. K.
“ “
»poke on grange activities After the
program refYeehoXMita and a social
time were eajoyed by all. The next
biiHiueee meeting of Roekford grange
will be February 10.
At the Joint Installation of Pine
Grove, Odell and Rockford grange of­
ficer«, the following were installed aa
officers fbr Rockford grange for the
ensuing year: S. K. Fatter, worthy
master; 8. G. Oxborrow, overseer;
Mrs H. D. Steele, worthy lecturer;
F. N. Taylor, secretary ; V. C. Orow,
treasurer; Mrs. Geo. Pa I tn Lt er, chap­
lain; Geo. Creswell, steward; August
- - — steward; Mm
Crow, lady assistant steward; Alice
Merrill, door keeper; for Pomona,
Ceres and Flora, Meadames Bosse,
Wing and Reed.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Palmiter have
I»,«n away
_ several days
grange affairs.
Mr. and Mrs. August Gulgnard and
»laughter. Mm. Afigust Bosse, spent
last week In Portland.
Mm Alliert Krieg, assisted by Mm.
Laura Bosse and Mm J. R. Forden,
entertained the Hinomlr committee of
the grange Wednesday afternoon. Mr».
Alliert Krieg has been appointed presi­
dent of the committee for the ensuing,
year. Mm. Win. Munroe will entertain
for the February meeting.
The Boy Bcout Troop of Barrett and
Oak Grove is holding meetings in
Bteele'» ¡lacking house at Rockford
It. Krug has moved to the Isbell
ranch In Frankton.
Everett King and family are now
*tttot on the King ranch on Portland
Miss Marian Johnson is spending a
few days in Portland.
The Camp Fire Oiría met at the
home of E Barrett, guardian, Friday
afternoon after school.
Mr». II. D. Bteele, lecturer of Rock­
ford grange, has turned the February
•oclal grange meeting over to the men
of the grange, who will be hosts to the
grangers and public that evening. The
refreshments, amusements for social
hour and the program will be arranged
by various committees, under direction
of Roy E. Hayes. Robt O. Frey and
C. K. Benton. Thia promises to be a
big event, and you cannot afford to
miss it. February 2d.
The Ixiyal Workers of Advent Chris­
tian church enjoyed a box social at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Thorn-
bury Wednesday night. A good time
was enjoyed by all.
Mrs Roy Hays entertained her Sun­
day school class Saturday afternoon.
C. L. Swaruistedt and John Griffith
are pulling part of the orchard on the
Wm. Hull ranch.
Elder O. W. Jones, of la Grande.
Held secretary of the Oregon Christian
Missionary convention, la visiting the
nienilier» of the Christian chnrehee of
the Hood River valley. While here he
is making hie home with Elder and
Mm. A. F. Linn.
Mrs. Guy. Crapper has been quite
sick suffering from gall atones.
Mrs. J. P, Kuhnley took sick in
churrii Sunday morning.
Nrttrly every family in the vicinity
has some member of the family sick
with grip or flu.
Geranl Oxtiorrow is the latest vic*
tlm of the mumps. Harold Forden baa
Just recovered.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Harvey and chil­
dren. of Wamic, were here recently at
the old Isenlerg home, visiting Miss
Bess Isenberg and other relatives in
the neighborhood.
Mrs. Alliert Krieg entertained th«
Home Economies dub of tbs grange
Wednesday afternoon of last nil.
Mrs. Bosse end Mr», Forden assisted In
receiving and serving. Yesterday Mrs.
D. H. McClain was hostess for a lunch­
eon honoring the retiring officers and
reel ring the new ones. Old fashioned
costumes ware much In evidence.
E H. Moller and Rhodes went to
Pert la nd last Saturday to hear Sousa’»
parents and children have our sympa­
thy. and may the casea be of a very
light character and of short duration.
Mrs. H. A. Sylvester returned Mon­
day from several days’ visit In Port­
land. She was a guest of her stater,
Mias Olive Moss. While there she had
the pleasure of hearing Sousa's band.
The Mothers' Hub met at the home
of Mrs. Oscar Cameron last Thursday,
14 members bring present. Mrs. Wm.
Otlkeraon was received as a new mem­
ber. Plans were discussed for an en-
tert a lament to lie given in the near
future. The next meeting will be held
at the home of Mm Chester Chevron,
ofJjMell, Thursday, February 4.
The aad news was received recently
of the passing away of Mr. Niehaus In
Chicago, where he with bls family had
made his home since leaving the val­
ley. For several yearn Mr. Niehans
and family lived In Central Vale and
endeared themselves to their neighbors
and many friends. TO the wife and
daughters, Margaret and Ella, who
live In Chicago, and to the son. Walter,
of Seattle, we extend our heartiest
sympathy in the loss of their dear one.
A pleasant meeting of the P.-T. A.
was held at the school house Monday
evening. The progruin was in charge
of the men member» and the topic of
dlscuHsion was In regard to club work.
Mm Schweizer and Mm Ingalls were
»■horen leaders of the Canning club
and Wllburt Gllkerson offered to be­
come the leader of the Gqyden club.
TMb girls who won first prizes last year
read interesting papers of their trip
to the state fair last fall.
Schweizer reported on her observations
and deplored the fact that the Hood
River valley was no scantily repre­
sented at the fair. The subject of or­
ganizing two other clubs. Homemaking
and Rabbit Rabiing, was discussed but
waa left for further deliberation. The
subject of the P.-T. A. raising money
to send two additional members, be­
sides the club workers, to the state
fair was dtscusaed, but no definite
artion taken.
O. H. Hill is In Portland for a sinus
Orchardista from all parts of the val­
ley and many from other tnld-ColUmbia
fruit sections were here Tuesday to see
the demonstration of the new Been
stationary spraying outfit at the Hood
River Garage. Earl Franz waa kept
busy throughout the day greeting inter­
ested fruitgrower» and the following
representatives of the Bren company
were here to explain the mechanism:
William Abilgaard and J. Horner, fac­
tory representatives, and Walter Abil­
gaard, territory representative.
The stationary units have been used
successfully in various other North Pa­
cific fruit sections. They bid fair to
become popular here.
The extra heavy duty Bean pumps,
the Super-Quad and the Super-Giant,
are adapted to the large and medium
acreages The Giant Triplex and Du­
plex for the smaller places Insures cor­
rect pressures at the end of pipe lines.
The engines used are governor con­
trolled, Insuring constant speed at all
times. Thia feature together with the
Bean pressure regulator does away
with the necessity of keeping an oper­
ator at tlie plant.
Mr». Henry Fretwell and daughter,
Mina, and Miss Mabel Sunaten made a
business trip to Hood River Saturday.
Mm V. Tompkins and daughter,
Virginia, »pent Sunday in Stevenson.
The 500 party given by the Rebek­
ahs Saturday night was enjoyed by
everyone present. Mr. Lange and Mr».
F. Anderson received the bead prises
and Mm A. Sunaten and Mr. Scortee
received the consolation prizes.
Mr. and Mm Farmer and sou, Fran­
cis, of Ixingview, Wash., spent several
days with Mm Ftarmer’» sister; Mm
Last Wednesday evening the high
whool baHkrtball teems played Steven­
son on the local floor. Both teams
were victorious.
Mr. and Mm Ditterbrandt spent sev­
eral days in Portland last week.
O. D. Glover, who has been visiting
his brother, Wallace Glover, at Mon­
mouth, haa returned.
Mm. W. C. Ba»<on, who hda liven
nursing her sick daughter at Etho,
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
returned Saturday.
First Mate, 8 a. m. and second Maaa
The local basketball team» played at
Park»iale Friday evening. The local at 10.30 each Sunday morning. Tel.
Father Joe Smith, Pastor.
girl» won by a large score while the 3132.
boys were beaten by twu points.
Mrs Anna Sprague ami 1». Mum-
power spent the week end at the home
Vouai services at II a. m. The Sun­
of Mr. and Mm L. Day.
day school meets at 10.30 a. m.
Rev. P. Hllgendorf, Pastor.
Mi»» I JI Ilan Mallory spent the week
end with her sister. Mm. A. Sunaten.
Several new families have moved
into town owing to the fact that work
haa started on the Wauna toll bri«lgo.
The grade ecboo) boys' basketball
teem played at Odell Friday night
They were victorious by a score of
9 to A
The ladies’ Aid society held a meet­
ing thia afternoon at the home at Mm
Chas, llaggblom.
The I. O. O. F. lodge la giving a
benefit dance here Saturday night for
an unfortunate member.
---- - '
' T
It 1» uncertdin whether Bunday will t<
the la»t time the present pastor will
preach. The following Sunday our an­
nual inlssionary convention begins,
which it is expected will last over two
Bundays, and a change of pastors may
First Church st Christ, »dentist
be made by that time. A cordial wel­
Services in church building Sunday, come await» you at all of our services.
Arthur E. Hall, Pastor.
11 a. m. Sunday school the same hour.
The reading room is maintained in the
Davidson building. Room 8 is open
The Baptist Church
week days from 0 to 5, with an attend­
Next Bunday evening both the
ant in charge from 3 to 5. Wednesday church and the B. Y. P. U. will attend
evening service at 8 o’clock. Lesson the iii<-etlng of the Young People's
subject, “Love."_____
Hood River County Union to be held
at the Rh-endde church. The young
Christian Churches
people's meeting begins at. 6.30 and
Bible school 9.45, Communion 10.50. the general meeting at 7.30. Sunday
preaching 11.15. We shall be glad to school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at
you worshiping with us. .All even­ 11. Subject of the sermon, “The Stone
ing services will be suspended in defer­ and the Rock." Special music by the
ence to the union young peoples' meet­ men’» choir. - Junior B. Y. P. U. at 4
ing af the Riverside Community church p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at
Sunday evening. Bible lecture and 7.30 p. m. Pray for the world wide
study every Thursday evening at 7.30 revival. This Includes Hood River.
The Livingstone».
C. R. Delepine, Pastor.
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Sabbath school Saturday 10 a. tn.
Preaching service 1115 a. m. Prayer
meeting. Wednesday 7.45 p m. All
are welcome.
Riverside Church
Services Sunday at the usual hours.
Church school 9.45, I. R. Acheson, Bupt.
Classes for young and old. Thursday
evening prayer meeting at 7.30 o’clock.
Church worship at 11 a. m. Sunday.
The pastor occupies the pulpit 8unday
morning, having for his subject, "Hid­
den Water»." Christian Endeavor rally
Sunday night at the Methodist church.
The public is cordially Invited to at­
tend all the services at Riverside.
Alliance Tabernacle _
Services for next, Sunday will be aa
follows: Sunday school at 9.45, preach­
ing at 11, young people's Alliance at
6.30. and evangelistic message at 7.30.
Asbury Methodist Church
The Bunday school .will meet at the
usual hour, 10 a. in., L. A. Bennett,
Bupt. The pastor will preach at 11
o’clock, aubJei-L “Conditions Prior to
Methodism." The union meeting of all
the young people's societies In the val­
ley will be held in the evening at 6.30.
At 7.30 Dr. J. C. Spencer, of Portland,
will preach the sermon. The public is
invited. Tuesday evening, February 2,
at 8 o'clock, the Willamette University
Glee club will appear at the church
with a concert that will be of intereat
to all. Get your ticket» from the
young people who ale selling or phone
2582. This 1» one of the best glee
cluli» In the Northwest.
Mrs. E. O. Blanchar, president of
the local Woman's club, will be absent
February 3. Mrs. J. R. Nick risen will
preside. Mrs. L.' M. Bentley, chairman
for the day, is arranging an interesting
program. Refreshments will be served.
The Woman’s dub contemplate« hav­
ing an afternoon for mothers and
daughters In the near future.
Did Yau See the Gypsies?
The Keiohe (imp Fire Giris, who
were dr e ss e d as gypsies with their
lunches tied in bandanna handker­
chiefs at the end of a pole which they
placed over their shoulders, and with
red silk handkercbii-f» tied around
their heads, took an enjoyable hike
recently toward The Dalles
About three miles up the highway
the girls decided to eat their lunches
W«» k 1 waa obtained from the forest,
and a glowing camp fir» waa built to
roast the delirious wieners. After the
girls had been filled they continued
their hike, tramping with many a song
on their lipa until they reached the to®
of one of the typical western moun­
tain«. where marshmallow» were toadi­
ed, and an intereating Indian pow wow
was held.
Heecending the mountain while Jok­
ing and laughing, the gypaiea hastened
to retrace their atepa toward home be
fore dark. As the group entered the
city they sang:
"Ob! we are the hikers the hiker».
the hikers
Oh! we are the hiker«, We’re come
from afar.
We've come over bills and down
through the valleys
Oh! we are the hikers the hikers wo
A RealS
AKLAND presents a dashins naw
Sport Roadster with Body by Fisher,
outclassing in style, distinction and color­
ful beauty any automobile in its field.
Long, low, racy lines impart an air of extra­
ordinary fteatness. A striking two-tone
color combination. Mount Royal Blue and
El Paso Tan —employed on fenders and
splash apron as well as body—contrasts
smartly with nickeled radiator and lamps.
A comfortable auxiliary seat in the rear
deck accommodates two extra passengers
—while a locked compartment in the side
of the body perm its the carrying of luggage,
golf dubs, etc.
Speed—flashing acceleration—power—un­
matched freedom from vibration—qualities
so esaential in a car of this type—are t
ural characteristics of the Oakland Six.
To see this new car is to desire it—and
that desire is intensified by its low price,
only *1175, at factory. Now on display at
Oakland dealers* salesrooms.
Card of Uranin
Wo wish to thank the friends, neigh­
bors and especially the Rebekahs for
their- kindness to onr beloved wife,
mother and stater during her last 111-
n<wa and
rt Roadster— *117 5