The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 20, 1924, Image 9

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I I 11 I I 11 I | | | | | | | | | | | 11
Good Things to Eat
for Thanksgiving
In anticipation of your Holiday want*, we have
purchased a wonderful assortment of seasonable
•upplies that will please you.
Study this list.
Fancy Celery-Sweet Potatoes-Cranberries
Fresh Eastern Oysters-Layer Raisins-New Figs
New Dates-Fine Mince Meat-Plum Pudding
Fruit Cakes-New Nuts-Garnisbing Cherries
Cocktail Sauce-Ripe and Green Olives-Picldes
Next Thursday you will want many of these
and if we supply them you’ll have no regrets
The Star Grocery
Peri go & Son
We dose all dayr Thursday, Nov. 27
for Thanksgiving.
Y ours To S erve
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co
L umber B ill ,
Cash & Carry Grocery
H. GROSS, Prop’r.
Located in the Gross Bldg.
Tel. 1032
Specials for Sat. and Mon
Nov. 22 and 24
Fishers’ Extra Cream Rolled Oats, 9 lb. sk......... 55c
Albers’ White or Yellow Cornmeal, 9 lb. sk. .... 45c
Princess Farina, 9 pound sack........... ....... .... 5Oc
Morrell’s Sugar Cured Ham, per pound....... .... 25c
Swifts’ Premiun Ham, per pound............... .... 28c
Armours’ Full Cream Cheese, per pound..... .... 25c
Royal Red Solid Pack Tomatoes, No 2!4 cans .... 15c
Golden West or Shillings’ Coffee, 1 lb. can .. .... 53c
Split Peas or Green Peas in bulk, per pound . .... lOc
Large Tapioca in bulk, per pound................. .... lOc
Green, Black or Gunpowder Tea in bulk, lb.
Dates in bulk, f-esh crop, 2 lbs. for.............. .... 25c
2 oz. package Orange Pekoe Tea.................. .... lOc
Oregon Cranberries, per pound..................... .... 15c
We reserve the right not to sell to any merchant
Mrs. Quinney Van Why Wishes t o
Inform bar patrons that she can be
reached by phone 3171.
I deliver sweet cider in gallon Iota or
by tbe barrel. Walter Wells. Phone
Take the Heights Jitney when you
want to co up on the hill. Tel. 1191
or 1232
The Woman's Union of Riverside
church Will hold a candy and bake
sale at Frasier's Grocery Saturday,
November 22.
Remember the American Idioti
Auxiliary bazaar at the old 20th Cen­
tury quarters In the Mt. Hood annex
Baturday, December fl. Candy tooth,
fancy articles, general bazaar
For Sale—A corner lot 00 by 100
with 0-room house, 12th and A Sts.
on the Heights. Must be sold im­
mediately. TeL J. H. Haslett. 1282.
Get your fancy article, at the
H. L. Hasbrouck. optometrist.
American Legion Auxiliary bazaar,
We have several good buys in used old 20th Century quartern, Mt. Hood
radio sots. Read's Radio Shop.
annex. Baturday. December 0.
Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Edgington have
Save Thanksgiving night for tbe
returued from s month's trip with
21st annual 'Firemeu's Ball.
f rienda in Indiana
Peacock Beamy parlor, Richards’ relatives i and frienda
mm E r declare that the journey
apt«. Tel. 2921.
east was a very delightful one. *’
For Rent—Five-room bouse, 408 Her-
H. W. Daggatt. Lyle. Wash., apple
tontine road Call 4311.
shf| ¡icr and grower, and E. 8. Bar-
Dry box wood for «aie.
Schindler num. a grower of the Waahington
Transfer Co. Tel. 28«!.
section, wen* btudueea visitors in
Save Thanksgiving night for the Iloc.d River last week.
21st annual Firemeu's Ball.
A- L. Anderson, chief auditor of
For Bpirella corsets, Mr». Fred Howe, the Tum-A-Lum Luuitor Co., is spend­
613 Cascade ave. Phone 2464.
ing this week in central Oregon, tak­
Read’s Radio Shop will be open Sat­ ing an inventory of stocks at branch­
urday until 9 p. m.
’__ _ <16
es of tbe big lumber concern there.
Rev. Father Smith, who bad spent
Mrs. Forbes, the dressmaker, 714 9th
two weeks at 8t. Vincent's hospital
Save Thanksgiving night for the in Portland, returned Baturday even­
He resumed his duties at 8t.
21st annual Firemen's Ball.
Mary'* church Sunday morning.
We have several good buy a in used
Your Photograph will carry the
radio sets. Read's Radio Hbop.
true sentiment of Christmas,
J. W. Morton, Attorney and Coun- are not so busy—we are not so busy
seler at tow. Hood River, Oregon.
as we will to in ltecvuilsr
Take the Heights Jitney when you Eby’s Studio for an early appoint­
want to go up on the hill. Tel. 1181 ment. Phone 3T52.
or 1232.
E. L. Meitougal and John F. llell-
William Irwin, who han l*eeii indis- ley, representing the defendant, and
l*ose<l. is again aU his post at the John Kaste and Irving Halid, for the
Apple Growers Association.
plaintiff, were here from Portland
W. N. Soule, the athletic director, l»»t week in the Brady-Oregon Lum­
has secured quarters for a gymna­ ber Co. case.
sium In the Brosius building.
After a vacation spent here with
Next to a itersoual vlait semi pho- Mrs. Palmateer's |>a rents, Mr. and
tographs. Make your appolntiuent to- Mrs. A. D. Moe. Mr. and Mrs. O. E.
Pa I ma tee r aud little sou. Robert, left
day at Eby’s Studio.
Huggins is making a special price the latter part uf last week for their
of 31 cents per pound on whole Swift home in Salem, where Mr. Palmat*x*r
Premium hams. Call him. Tel 2134. is with the Standard Oil Co.
W. H. Marshall, of I»ee, returned
B. H. Huntington, on the way from
The Dalles to Portland, was here the home Monday from Portland.
first of the week calling on friends. stated that he had seen J. O. Ilanuum
and that tbe latter reported that lx*s
Highest market prices paid for
heavy hens. Holman 4 Davis, Tel. Angeles capital was becoming Inter­
ested in Mount llood hotel <|<velop-
Odell 182.
The next meeting of the Tuesday
The following men were in Siilem
Lunch duh will to held at the Mt.
Monday to confer , with the state
Hood hotel.
budget committee over the proposed
W. K Hnckabay wag called to state maintenliuce of a pefuianent
Newtorg over the week end becaiwe experiment station:
Howard Shoe-
of tlie Herioua illm*«a of hia mother. maker, George 81iep|>ard, D. L. Pier
Corbett Alexander, who was 111 son and A. F. 8. Steele.
with a «even* cold and' tonsilitis, has
Mrs. I j . O. Meacham left last week
for Chicago for a vlsH whh relatives
MI hh Bexsle Henry and Miss Emm» and frienda. Mrs. Meacham plans to
B. ' Peck left______
Monday ____
for __
IJt ______
Jolla, spend some time In v<x-al study In
C«llfM to apend the winter.
Europe before returning to Hood
A. O. Herahey haa moved to North River. Mr. M<aeham will leave later
Plaina, in the Willamette valley, to spend Lto Christ mas holidays in
the east.
where he la now ofieratfng a farm.
A very ttniqne aervice will lx* held
Higlieat market price« paid for
heavy hena. Holman A Da via, Tel. at the First Christian church Sunday
at 11 o’clock. It is called'The Feast”
Odell 182.
The Woman'a Union of Rivemide and will to highly interesting to old
church > will bold a candy and bake and young alike. In the evening the
aale at Frasier's Grocery Saturday. pantomime. “Oh Zion Haste" will to
presented in addition to the regular
November 22.
We pay cash for your old furniture or
Tbe Ontral Vale Mothers' club
make a litoral allowance on new goods.
Call Hackett S411, Kelly Bro«. Oo Fur­ will give their annual dinner at the
Odell Grange ball at 6.30 o'clock Fri­
niture Exchange.
Searches ot records and reliable ab­ day evening. These annual dinners
of the good cooks of the Central Vale
stracts make by Oregon A be tract Coin-
district have made a countywide rep­
A. W. Phone
1521. Manager, 306 utation. Many .merchauta and thtlr
families, of the city, are expected to
The Woman’s Union of Riverside journey to Odell Friday evening to
church will hold a candy and bake ¡»artake of the feast.
sale at Frasier's Grocery Satnrda*.
Air. W. Donald Nickel sen last week
Novemtor 22.
lost radium to the value of $2JXM).
Lnnch will to nerved bj- the Amer­ While he was busy with a special
ican Legion Auxiliary at their bazaar Instrument from the Reed College de­
at the old 20th Century quarters. Mt. partment of phyaicn, tbe son of a
Hood annex, Baturday, December fl.
patient brought in the small needle
Mrs. D. W. Pen<e, who underwent in which the radium is contained.
Hoerleln Bros., whose ranch place
a serious operation at the Hood Riv­ It had somehow canght in the gar­
er hospital Tuesday, is reported to ments of his mother and had dropped in the Oak Grove district is known
statewide, did their l>est last week to
to resting well.
on the floor on her arrival home.
If von do not receive yonr Oregonfan
T. A. Boles, Odell hotelman. here represent Hood River at the Pselfic
regularly or wish to subscribe for sum«, Monday oti business, declared that International livestock Show. Their
either by carrier or mail, please call the central valley section will handle display of apples caused much envi­
Oregonian agent. Phone 2303. f 2ltf
a record tonnage thia season.
Mr. able comment. They took prises as
Tel. 1014 and have Meyer A King call Boles says that the harvest work la follows;
A 25-tox Bpitzenburg display, first
for your suit.
It will be cleaned and practically complete, and rnokt of the
preened and returned ready for immedi­ apples have already rolled to market. award. 3123: 5-hox Bpitzenburg din­
ate wear.
Ills hostelry. filled to overflowing dur­ play. first. $50, and 1-tox Bpitzenburg
display. $10.
Remember Rastun tn the Radio ing the rush of apple pickln* and
The Hood River Fox Farm wan
Hhop at the Rialto theatre next packing, is’ now getting tock to nor­ also represented at ' the exposition
Mr. Boles declared
Thursday night as . the feature of mal, he said,
that he had never seen weather con­ with a creditable display. -
Isenberg 4 Thornton's advershow.
ditions totter for tile apple harvest
The Woman's Union of Riverside than those of this season.
church will hold a candy and bake
The Wesley club wil meet Saturday
sale at Frasier's Grocery Saturday,
November 22.
Kohler-Ba rrier
tion room in the basement of the
A. Y. Zoller, publisher of the Dufur
This meeting , August Kntiler. mechanic of the
Di«|>atch. en route to Portland on
was postponed from Tuesday night, Oregon Lumber Coni|>any's mill at
bnnlnens. ntopped here last Friday
which is the regular meeting night Dee. and Mrs. Helen Barrier, an
for a visit.
of the organization. Baturday night's employe of the company hotel there,
Born — To Mr. nnd Mrs. R. E. program includes a talk on the stars were married Thursday at high noon
Whiteman. Wednesday, Novemtor 12. by Dr. J. L. Black and two educa­ at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M.
a non. who has been named Robert tional .reels on astronomy presented Wilkie. Judge Fred W. Wilson, here
by Victor C. Follenlus. The meeting from The Italics for a term of cir­
M. R. Catherwood wan down from is open to all. A basketball bwm is cuit court, officiated. Mr. and Mrs.
Dee Monday. He stated that crews being developed from tbe group by Kohler left Immediately for Portland
were busy completing the new dam Coach Hattborn. The toys are going on a honeymoon.
of the Oregon Lumber Co.
to Mosier tonight for a practice
Mm. J. H. McVay, who han been game, the first game of the season,
suffering from a nervous breakdown, Memtorshlp in the Wesley club la
Friends here Monday received an-
left Monday for Hot Lake for treat­ open to all toys tot ween the ages of noumements of the wedding In Port­
12 to 18. inclusive.
land Monday, November 10. of Henry
K. I»ve. former Underwood orchard­
L. L. Gooch, according to an an­
lot. and Mlns Marjorie Pond, of Park-
nouncement from Balem. received the
The wedding, witnessed only
numtor 500 on his automobile license
by meuitors of the Immedlat- families
plate for 1025.
and «lose friends, was solemnized at
Ilpe fittings, auto enamel, paint
I » I I I I I n t »
the First Presbyterian church, Port­
and varnlah. bolts, tires, tubes and
motor acceanories.
Holmen Service
Many little boys, hs well as girls land. the pastor. Rev. Harold L. Bow­
and adults of both sexes. have looked man, officiating. The bride was ar­
The Woman’s Union of Riverside at one of the big Frans windows the eompanied by a sister, ami Mr. Love's
church will hold a candy and bake past several days longingly at a dis­ best man was Gerald Becto, bls for-
sale at Frasier’s Grocery Baturday, play of 10 toautiful German police mer orchard partner.
Mr. and Mrs. Love will make their
puppies. The animals, toautiful ca­
Novemtor 22.
home In Seattle. where Mr. Love Is
Special sale on Swift's premium
engaged with a bond house.
hams Baturday.
Only 32 cents ner of A. Annals. The puppies romp and
pound for half of whole ham. Tiu- play like a bunch of happy children,
When they grow tired they all pile
Laurnell Market. Tel. 1811.
np for a pap.
The wedding of Floyd Wright, son
Remember Rast ns in the _____
of Mr. and Mrs. F,<1 Wright, and
Shop at the Rialto theatre next
Mias State Deaderlck. daughter of
Thursday night as the feature of
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Deaderlck, of
Inentorg 4 Thornton’s advershow.
Hood river Bunday after the gainey Baker county, was solemnized here
On the way from Walla Walla to salmon trout.
E. .1. Middlcswart. Bunday afternoon, Novemtor fl. Dr.
Portland. Geo. W. Diralck. former dean of mid-Columbla fishermen, who James A. Fraser, pastor of Riverside
Upfier Valley pioneer, stopped over despite tto fact that he approaches Community church, officiating. The
Monday to call on frienda.
three score snd 10. landed two toanti- wedding occurred at a new bunga­
low on Cascade avenue, just pur­
E. R. Pooley has turned over to fnl specimens.
the fin* department the huge moose
Ixs-al nlinrods continue to seek chased by Mr. Wright.
Miss Gladys Wright, slater of the
head which formerly adorned the ducks In the Columbia sloughs. The
walls of the Chamber of Comerce.
game fowl, however, have not sought groom, came from Portland to to
The Woman'a Union of Riverside the cover of local coves In any num- hrldramaid. Kelly Deaderlck. of Se­
church wdll hold a candy and bake tors to date. Arthur Johnsen killed attle. a student at the University of
Washington, was here to to tost man.
sale at Frasier's Grocery Baturday, a large mallard Bunday,
Mr. nnd Mm. Wright left Immediate­
November 22.
Members of Ito Hood River Gun ly for southern California on ■» .notor
Remember Rastus 1 q the Radio
Bhop at the Rialto theatre next cl •inb are grooming themselves for a honeymoon.
Mr. Wright, engaged hero In com­
Thursday night as the feature of turkey shoot to be held on the West
Hide place of T. J. Miller next Sun­ mercial fishing, was formerly a «In­
Isenberg A Thornton’s advershow.
day. A trap will to placed on the dent at Whitman College, where he
Ollie Theater, of Odell, has left "for ranch premises. Mr. and Mrs. Miller was a member of Beta Theta Pi fra­
Boise. Ida., where he will enter a annually raise one of the finest tur­ ternity.
hospital for disabled soldiers,
He key flocks in. ¡he county, and the past
has been ill for two yean.
two years It has been the custom
Oak Grave to Nerve Hot Lunche«
Miss Margaret IMneo will have a for trap shooters to use the tost of
The teachers of the Òak Grove
gift shop of plain and far*'— gifts the birds for prize« for a trap shoot.
school are the first In the connty
for Christmas at the “Margaritte
thia ¡_ year to start providing hot
Rhoppe" at the Hood River Drug Co.,
The Oregon Btate Game Commla- lunches for the children. Last year
December fl.
sion has announced the following ad­ hot lunches were served at various
The Pythian Hinter, will hold S ditional iMiunti«*« : Wolf. $25; cougar, valley schools, and a marked Im­
benefit tea Friday afternoon, tomor­ $25. and wild cat, $3. These bounties provement In the condition of the
row, at the home of Mn. J. P. Wend­ are In addition to those jmld by the children was noted almost immedi­
All sisten and frienda are various conntie«. Hides must be pre­ ately.
sented to the county clerk snd affi­
“The hot lunches will prevent un­
Mn. J. B. Blade, who with her davit of aneb klling to made nnd derweight and undernourished chil­
family has moved from Husum to forwarded to the Btate Game Com- dren.” says County Nurse Whftteker.
their winter home here, wda in Port­ miasion. All wolf hides must to for- "They will help very much in keep­
land last week for the Love-Pond ■ warded to State Game < ommlasion ing un the resistance of the children
I for Identification.
to colds and other illness.
HI I I I I I I I I || | HHI I N I I ►
Knit Sets
Jacket and
The linen closet, always a source of
facination to the housewife, comes
in for considerable attention prior
to the festive holidays. Additions
are in order at this time, and our
stocks evidence this fact with at
tractive assortments.
Plain white in checks and designs,
white with neat blué border, checks
in dainty yellow and orange
Belgian Imported Tea Cloths
New arrivals in the latest ties for
Thanksgiving wear in Arabian Art
Patterns, Diagonal Stripes, Polka
Dots, eto.
You know. Mr. Man, a new dress
shirt is just the garment to feel clean
and comfortable in when eating that
Mra. M. Scroggins and Darsy have
gone to Port laud and Woodland to
s|>end the winter.
Miss Helen Garrett spent Tuesday
with home folks at the ranch.
John Griffith and tbe Garrett toys
spent their vacation butchering.
Theodore 'Gervais returned from
Portland Wednesday. He had been
visiting in Portland the [>ast month.
John Garrétt spent Tuesday at
John Brleky baa been suffering
from an attack of tonsilitis.
C.’ E. Nesbit started Friday night
for Des Moines, la.
Is. He Intends to
come Itack the southern route and
spend the winter in California.
Miss Edith Anderson, of Portland,
visited her sinter, Mrs. Roy Hays, the
l*ast week.
We have a full supply.
Let us furnish your Harvest
Supplies for School Children.
The Heights Confed»
Telephone 2374
Harold aud Esther Hagen spent
the week end at Blaylock.
returned Bunday with Edgar. who
went up Hsturds,V with a load of
apples. Harold will return Thursday
loaded with geese.
-Bazaar afternoon and evening at
Grange hall. Odell, Friday. Hupper
at fl.30 p. m. Adults, 35 cents; chil­
dren, 2<> cents, under the auspices of
the Willow Flat and Central Vale
Mothers' club. Everyone has a cor­
dial invitation to to there and par­
take of a good supper.
James and Leonard Fletcher, Man­
rice and Percy Bucklin spent th«
week end at Blaylock.
James Henderson. fl5. clerk of the
school toard and manager of the
local telephone office, met with a seri­
ous accident Katurtlay night in which
his right leg was crushed nnd several
rito broken.
He had just stepped
from the sidewalk when an auto l>e-
Ing driven without Jlghts .truck him.
The front fender was lorn off the
auto, and although the driver would
not give his name, he stop|s*d to see
what damage he bad done. George
Hagglebloom, who witnessed the ac­
cident, obtained the license’ number,
which was an Oregon license, No.
Rastus in Radio Shop Tonight
"Rastus In a Radio Shop" will
the offering of Isenberg 4 Thornton
in their advershow nt the Rialto the­
atre tonight.
H. B. Rend of the
Radio Shop, will provide the enter­
tainers with a full radio equipment,
and It is anticipated that Col. Thorn­
ton, the coon of the company, will
pull some good stuff.
Next week's advershow will to held
Wednesday evening, In order not to
An old
conflict with Thanksgiving,
fashioned cake walk will he the fea­
ture of the show that evening.
The initial advershow went over
big last Thursday night. Isentorg 4
Thornton are giving away a depend-
able line of merchandise. Their ad-
vertising service to their clientele
was reaL
The Farmers’ Irrigating Co., the
system of which waters a large por­
West Bide orchard dia­
tion of * K
trlct da now completing a new flOO-
foot ditch near the headworks. Last
year the ditch concern, which noverai
years ago launched a policy of per­
manent improvement, completed a
solid rock tunnel of approximately
the same length, The new stretch
of ditch will to approximately IS
feet deep,
Except for two feet at
tke bottom, which la rock and will
have to be­ blasted, the ditch la to­
ing ofiened by hydraulic pressure.
A head of atout 200 feet was Ba­
_ _ headworks
__ M
of the
Irrigation ’system, and the captured
water has rendered the opening pf
the ent economical and speedy.
The irrigation concern two yeara
ago authorized a bond issue of $00.-
OfiO for refunding Indebtedness and
carrying on improvement. With the
Butler Banking Co. as fiscal agent
an approximate $40.000 worth of the
bonds has already l>een sold, and
wtth apple return* coming In with
greater promise than at any time for
the.past fire years, it is ahticlpated
that the balance will be sold locally.
Moat of the bonds already taken have
torn purchased by local investors.
The bonds, which are selling at par,
draw 6V4 per cent.
Roy Hays Is foreman of the ditch
construction camp. Atout 10 men are
employed on the job.
I)ee Dam la Rising
With a crew of 140 men still en­
gaged at the plant, the Oregon Lum­
ber Cd. la fast bringing to comple­
tion a new concrete dam at its Dee
sawmill. Tlie new dam will replace
an old wooden structure.
It will
raise water for a logging pond and
for the hydro-electric system, whlsh
generates power by which the ma­
chinery of the mill Is operated.
No Community Dance Next Week ■
In deference to Ito Hood Rivqr
Volunteer Fire Department, the an­
nual hop of which will to held
Thanksgiving night the Mt. Hood
Community hall will forego the dance
of Friday evening. November 28. Tbe
last November dance will to held
Friday evening, tomorrow, when a
Have Yow Radio in Yew Home?
record crowd is anticipated.
Keltsie Devin says that Howard's
Snow will soon be ben* and radio
Acea of Melody orchestra Will to all will be appreciated by all of the fam­
ready for the big crowd the first ily. At your service, H. B. Read,
Friday in December,
The Radio Shop of Hood River.