The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 06, 1924, Image 5

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    W delivers
AWH oosier
around. Those helping with
I are Mrs. George BliHlgett.
Craven. Mrs. J. P. C< m >| ht ,
II. Ilanii, Mrs. A. L Boe,
Halliday. Mrs. J. T. Beal.
W. Sutton. Mr«. T. B. Cui-
M. O. Boe, Ia*ter Miller.
Magnuson. Rusnell Kelly-
Blake and Eugene Euwer.
i s
lit i-Tfe-
We offer the unusual terms and extra inducements
which have prevailed in our HOOSIER department
this week. Thèse are yours at no extra cost. The
low cash price prevails —a price kept down by the
mammoth production of the country’s largest exclu­
sive kitchen cabinet factory. Not a cent added to
cover “interest” or any other extra.
Change of venue was allowed Mon­
day by Judge Wilson, bolding a spe­
cial seaaiou of circuit court in the
case of Hood River county versus
Williams. Originally the defendant,
who is asking $18,(MM) for a tract of
land, known as the Blue take prop­
erty, on the Columbia River highway
near Wyeth, sought a change in
venue which* waa resisted by the
couqty. It la anticipated the cam*
will be tried tn Sherman county.
The county, which is seeking the
land for highway park purposes, lias
offered $2.500 for the property.
Announcements at the M. E. church
are as follows: Sunday school at 10
A. in. with F. M. Taylor as chorister
and Allison Fletcher superintendent.
Preaching services in charge of Rev.
W. 8. Gieiaer at 11 o'clock. Junior
church will be organised at <1.30.
The topic 1» "Day by 18ty." Epworth
League at 7.10; topic, “What Do I
Need to he a Christian?" Preaching
at 8 p. m. by Rev. Gieiaer.
Tuesday, November 11th, is Sun­
day school night. A 25-cent su|*per
will lie served at 0.30 in charge of
lira, F. M Taylor, Mrs. W. A. Mel-
viile and Mias Marie Fletcher. Fol-
lowing the supper, at 7.45. a program
consisting of music, readings and an
address will -be presented. The pub­
lic la invited to attend both the pro­
gram and supper.
The Ladlea' Aid aoeiety la making
plana fur the annual Father and 8< hi
banquet which will be held the last
of the month.
Announcements as usual from the
Christian church: Sumiay school at
10 a. m.; preaching at 11 o'riock by
Rev. C. W. Johnson; Christian En­
deavor at 7 p. m.; preaching services
at 8 p. m. in charge of. Rev. Johnson.
G eorgia
M instrels
Liberal Offer
Touring Cars
14-pc. Glassware Set
O. G. tauglilln. of
will begin a series
meetings at the
Include» Lécerne, Insurance and Standard
Special Terms qn All Models.
Delivers your
and all these
articles FREE.
If you’ve ever had any idea of making your kitchen work easier, you
owe it to yourself to come in during this sale.
Three Big Truck* Daily between
Special Service for Apple Tonnage.
It will pay you to call.
R. J. WUNER, Resident
Hood River Office: 12 Oak Street
the "distinction" of being a live skunk
catcher in the Mate of Washington,
he having caught and Imprisoned 15
of the •‘kittles” during his term of
service. These were fed and re­
moved to Trout Lake for the lad's
skunk farm. They were caught by
hand without the use of traps, a feat
that gave the Burdoin mountain folk
a thrill.
The following nimrothi have Just
returned from a hunting trip In east­
ern Oregon: J. C. Johnsen, Frank
Stratton. Max L. Moore and Ed
Wright. Mr. Moore and Mr. Stratton
each bagged a huge mule deer. Tlie
other two men had excellent luck
shooting geese and ducks.
Alleged depredation of Portland
hunters here to participate in pheas­
ant shooting has aroused the wrath
of orchardlats. who claim that the
unwek-ome visitors pay no heed to
"no trespassing" placards. Hunters
have peppere«! the ranch homes of
many rural residents with bird shot.
Local game wardens Tuesday is­
sued a warning to hunters in correct­
ing an error that has api*eared in
the Portland press to the effect that
the pheasant season will not close
until November HI. The season will
close November 10, it was stated.
While fishing on Hood river above
Tuckers bridge
recently. County
Roadmaster Nichole felt a tug at his
hook. He observed on lifting hie rod
that the hook had become cntaugled
In a line already lost In the river,
and atiddenly Rome feet down at ream
a trout split the water. For 30 min­
utée Mr. NkdiOla waa active in man­
ipulating hie rod and line. He was
rewarded by landing a Dolly Varden
that measured 23 inches. The big
trout had the hook of the former
fisherman, whose line he had broken,
firmly Imbedded In his Jaw.
Office: 214% Cascade Avenue
Phone 2861
Residence 3402
Garage: 12th Street, The Heights
-ThT subjects announced for his
nerinoiiH are thua far: Sunday, 11
a. tn.. “Creating an Atmosphere for
a Revival.” Sunday, 7.30 p. in.. “The
tast Art In Religion.” Monday. No-
vemlier 10, 7.30, “A Saint in Sack­
cloth.” Tuesday the mi-elings at the
Baptist church will lie intermitted so
that the church may unite with other
cburcliea in a big union meeting at
the Methodist IHiurelt for Armistice
iHiy. Rev. Livingstone, of the Chris­
tian church, will preach the sermon.
Wednesday. 7.30. "Gaining an Audi-’
erne with tig* King.” Thursday there
will tie an all day prayer meeting,
lieglrmlng at 10 a in. and continuing
till 4 p. m. -
Pa Ht or s of the church«*
In town will lead at different hours
of the day. the peopk* coming and
going as they may need At 7.30 the
subject of the sermon will lie "Bring­
ing Tilings to Pass by way of Heav­
en." There la a possibility, however,
that Dr. W. B. Hinson, of Portland,
may give the message that night,
Friday, 7.30 p. in.. "The Life Saving
Line." Sunday. November 10. at 10
a. m„ “Chalk Talk to the Sunday
school; 11 a. m "The White Ufe;’’
2 30 p. m “The Devi) and Worldly
Amusements,” and at 7.30 p. m..
“Bringing Success Ont of Failure. »»
Slide on Highway Saturday
Reports reached Night Marshal
Conover Saturday night that a large
slide of rocks and trees had i>artially
blocked the Columbia River higiiway
seveti mil«« west of here. He at
once communicated witli i. R. Nick­
elson, and the latter had the road
list rolled at the point the remainder
of the night. Tile slide wbh removed
Sunday and Monday.
delivered for shipment at once to avoid
fruit being shipped out in an over-ripe con­
dition. If you have these varieties to de­
liver do not delay sales longer.
Call at office in Waukoma Hotel Build
ing or phone 2501 ; Odell 229.
Skamania Grange Celebrates
'Memlieni of the Skamania. Wash.,
grange Sunday imrticipated In a cele­
bration attendant <>n the paying off
of their debt. The mortgage was
Immed. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Mills,
charter members of the grange, came
from Pasadena, Calif., to fiarticlpate
in the event.