The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 06, 1924, Image 10

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Much lntereat wax manifest In the
project from outside aources
all comment on the work. Mr. Bar­
rett and his civics class should feel
that their worfc has beeu quite sue-
<e*aful. not only from the standpoint
of the school, but from tlie Interest
provoked in patrons and parents,
many' of whom were present.
operation, featuring Ray Robinson
late of the Zlegfield Follies and hla
orchestra every night from eight un­
til nine, signing off for one hour fur
other eut«nrtalninent and coming on
again frytn ten to elev«n.
Wednesday night of Mich week
from 7 until 8 o’clock will be "Radio
Fan Night.” at which time an hour
program wlH- be given made up of
the majority of suggestion» received
from the radio fans of the Northwest.
The usual Tuesday assembly was
«tield. at the high school this week.
jAfter sum«* “peppy" yells by the stu­
dents led by Kelsey Slocum. Principal
(By courtesy First National Bunt
Cibstm presented the Boys’ Glee dub
Developments of the |>ast few
•for a number under ths direction of
weeks lu tlie farming comuiunltle»
• Mrs. Belle .llenuey with Clifton Em-
and the 'commodity marketing centers
Juel nt th«1 piano. Then Robert But­
of tlie country have dune more than
ler gave, a very inten*sting descrip­
any other agencies t<> hearten tip*
By Frederick D. Stricker. M. D..
tion of the Stanford-Idaho game ou
nation. Th«« lieueflt» reaped by the
-Multnomah field last Saturday. Da­ collalxirating epldeuiloioglst. Oregon
Radio fans throughout Oregon will iaruyrs Jyoni advancing prices, conie
nna Van Allen, of the history das», State Board of Health. In «»opera­ have opportunity to bear Miss Eliza-! led with thoxe derived from crop»
•gave a reading from a scroll puri»>rt- tion with The I’nite«! States Public Is<th G. Fox. national director public which exi-oeded th«* eatimated quan­
ing to l>e a neus|»aper pulillahed in . Health Hervi«x*>.
health nursing, Wednesday. Novem­ tities in many ca»>*. have centered
^Atlieiix in the time of l’ericles.
Diphtheria is more to lie feared ber 12, when she broadcast» at 8 attention upon the rural «ectiona and
The niemlier» of the |Hibiic »peaking titan any other coinmunlcabh* dim'll xc p. m. from KGW. Portland Oregonian. at tlie xamr time insured a satisfac­
Miss Fox Is not only one of the tory volume of liuxiue»» f<«* tin* coin­
Mdaases have startid work main their of childhood.
Pwiph* still die of
Ifct-mlniite address«*». Their subjects diphtheria, tixttally l>«*ctiu«e diagno»ix liest known women in tile nursing ing month».
trover a with* range of material and ix not math* early ami Ixx-am««* anti- profession, holding both national and
Farm pnaiperity ba» l*en urgently i
^will be ready for delivery by No- toxin is not given in time. Many un- international ixisitions of prominence, needed for three or four years tq re-1
^ X'niber - 81. Tlie debaters cumplded n«M«*xxary detiths from «Uplitlmrla oc­ but is a speaker of recognized ability store the baiam-e of tilings from more
heir preliminary tr.v-outx Wt'diiexdav cur. The early mw of antitoxin has and power. She lx president of the angle» than that of the farmer alone.
of hint wifk. 11 ix exi»'ct«'<l that tin* not made It a coutrollable disease, National Organization Public Health No group has lavii more aware of
Flimii team» will !»■ chosen uext week. but although it has redu«-d the num Nurses, twice elected, and member of till» than th«* farmers themselvc»—
' lloln'it Fuller an«! Jamie i’lerson tier of di'atlw greatly, statistics ‘ yet the Nursing Advisory Board, Istigue and th*' manner in which tjtey. set
ar«' charter nieiiii»»rx of tlie "High- allow that It is more prevalent than of Red Cross Hoel at b's as well as alxiut righting matter» through their
’Jtrow” society of Hie fre»iinuui eliixx ten years ago. Fifteen thousand chil­ national director in the American own efforts has iiixplrtxl tilt* entire
/Yu English. Tills wK'iet.v is coinpo»ed dren under 15 years of age «lie of Red Cross.
She is attending 10 > days on the
'of thoxe meinliers of tlu* cliisa who diphtheria annually in tin* Pnlted
cro|M virtually all harvested
liuixtor a salijc't qttl« kly, giving then» States. Over 109 die in Oregon an- Pacific coast, coming ’ to Portland and mnclr of th» furlu products sold,
js'i'uiixsion *to do oilier interesting nunlly from th!» pBeventable discus«'. frtmi San Frani'isco, i where alie ad- most of the farmers this year are 'In
things wliil«' the remainder of the Within tlu- ixixt four weeks then' dresseil numerous gatherings of health the most comfortable position they
have' «Mx-urred ill thia state
least authorities and public health nurses, have occuided for four or live years.
.«•lass drills on «'sseutinls.
Next Friday. Novemlier 14. the four doiths from «Hpldlierla which also meeting student nurses in the Re|x>rts from ’ all sections indicate
junior «lass will pul on a plot ure might have l>een prevenn*d had anti­ Bay dixtrictx at several receptions that borrowed money is Isdug re|>ul<l
arranged in her honor.
•how in the -high achool auditorium toxin be«ii given promptly.
in large quantities and mortgages
A sore throat may not seem of
«-onsisling of a s-ix-rM*! tilm. "Hix
which have la-en extended for a nqm-
Reflect ions After Harvest
Juist Ra«*,” f«*aturing "Map Killer” luiicll conscqiien«*. A gargle, an ex­
tier of years nr<*
ur<‘ Ix'lng whs-d out.
a wild iiorSl*. Tliere will also is- » ternal application of a liniment, a
nik de|M>shx of fnrtu-
Editor Glacier: I have found in In addition, laiuk
«•omedy of on«* or two reels. “Hlx ,-old compress, os som«* oth«*r bom«* <>ur culls a large percentage of stem ers are ascending
mi: steadily, iK-cortling
fiJuixt Ilace” is a great thrill drama remedy may be suggested. But don’t punctures, caused by tlie practice of to bankers^ _
put out lay Phil Goldstone witli an do it! Sen<l for the doctor! A sore the pickers to let the apples drop
1924 brought convincing proof of
all-star cast of players including throat, e.ven on«* thnt doesn’t hurt into tlie top open bag at u height of the wisdom of diversified farming.
Noilli Beery, Gladys Ilr<»*kwell, Rob­
almut three feet. I liad to discard which received Its first real" try-out
ert MeKim. Dh'k Stitlierland, Hurry mean tonxllltls and sometimes It may the Barrett tiaxket, which we former­ in many sections this year. Particu­
D«*|q>. I’nitTin«' Starke, uud others.
ly used, because of its uiqsipularit.v larly the southern states have Ix-ne-
A spii inl matin«* is to Is* given for safe way of telling th«* dangerous with the pickers; «Ince then I have fltted by tlie abandonment of "all
school children in tlu* afternoon at
that is not .daugeivu«. You cannot tried all the bags on tile market. ixitton,” and the income from dally­
2.45. Tlie night slow In-ginx at 7.30. afford
to guess when your child i« The Munroe bag lx undoubtedly the ing In Georgia and other southern
iuixt Friday Coa«*h Garrigim t«»>k sick. The
first symptoms aTf” fever, liest for the grower, ax this bug com states this year runs into big figures.
Ills high School team of fisabail play- loss of apiM'tite.
iiain in swallowing, jh 'II s the picker to deposit the fruit The south's fortunate ysisitlon in re­
ers to Goldendale. wher«* they met anti soreness and swelling of the in the »libw and prevents the high gard to dairying, due to the ease and
the Goldendale high achool team in glands of the neck. The throat i» drop; but till» bag is also unpopular cheapness with which fooil for the
an early afternoon gain«*. The-weath- inflam«>d and a small greyish-whit«' liecauxe it makes picking slower. The live stock can b<> raised, has been
'«•r ««ndtfions wen* not .favorable and membrane can be wen on on«* or liest liked bag is tlie Wenatchee with praised by northern farmers.
■brilliimt plays wer«* few.
At the both tonsils. In some children tin* its open top, the bag reaching down
With wheat, oats, rye and barley
end of tlML second half tlie »core WI1H tliroat may not I»* affected, but there to the knees of the user, who can prices at the highest figure« for sev­
.10-0 in favor of Goldendale. Tlie is a Idooti-tinged discharge from th«* pick with Ixith hands and let the eral years -past, and the Indicated
tea id returned to H imh I River in none, the so-called nasal diphtheria. apples drop from three to four feet, yields of these commoilities excwdlng
¿-time for the «enior-xophtnnore party. Again the first symptom» may I m * especially when standing on the estimate« made even ax late ax a
The new xcluslule of high xch<»>l honr»en<‘sx and a hav<l. eroupy cougli ground.
When an apple hits the month ago. farmers in large areas
• parties started off last Friday night with difficult breathing. Tills is a »tern at this dixtance it mean» a stem are facing the future with confidence.
with one t<ff th«* seniors and sopho­ very dangerous form and Ix known puncture and the larger and heavier Tlie fact In being driven home that
more« only. There wax a large at- as membranous croup or laryngeal the apple the more certain will be the national population ix Increasing
'tendance by the member» of them* diphtheria.
it» injury.
It should not lie neces­ steadily, while the amount of crop
two rlasxex and n numls r of imrents
The early use of antitoxin clears sary for the bag to hold a full I hix producing land remains practically
- and ti-iU'lierx. The decorationx wer«* the system of diphtheria poison like of apples
and shortening it would unchanged.
This means that in-
nniqoe iqui appropriate for Hallow­ magic, but if its ux<* ix jsistponed. it help some, although it would not creaxed per capita farm production
must take care of fei-dhig*the nation,
e'en. An ont<-rt'ainlng program wax Ix not »<» effective. The physician previmt all the trouble.
Some of the pickers are very ex­ and there is evr.v indication that this
put on by different groups. Refresh­ who immediately gives antitoxin 1«
The foundation for a *12.000 resi­
ment« of punch and cookies wer«* th«* life »aver. Cnw« of diphtheria acting. They go through the orchard will tie done on a rising scale of
dence in North White Salmon was
jWrv««!. Music wax furnished by the enrrierx and known contacts should liefore taking the job and inspect the prices.
•Gravenxteln orchestra.
Benefits which the farmer enjoys started tills w«s*k by Jeff Davis Mor­
I m * promptly isolated and »hoiild not size of your fruit, height of trm*
Tlie next big footliall game in lie released until two negative cnl- and your xupplie«, liecause they have through hlx life In the country like­ ris on hi» 20-acre tract of land on
I. Hood River will be played at 2 tur«*« taken on «inxecutlve days have come for “what there is in it.” If wise are receiving additional consid­ tlie Snowden r«>a«i just south of tlie
o*cl<M*k next Tuesday, November 11. l»*en secured and until all symptoms we growers could agree on one kind eration. influential farmers in many I. O. O. F. cemetery. The residence
of bag. preferably the Monroe, -or m'mmnnltlni pointing out thnt with will !»• of the Japanese tlenign of
Armistice Day, when the Hood River of the disease have di»ap|M‘ared.
high school teaai wilk m«*et the fast
For the prevention of diphtheria have the Wenatchee improved so it educational opportunities vastly ex­ nrcliitecture, of »lx rooms witli every
ham front Buckley high xch<»d, of two very important di»coveries have would eliminate the heavy loxs to panded. communication being ad­ modern convenience, such ax private
Baekley. Wash. Tlie visitor« nre re­ lx*en made: First, a t«*st known as ux, there would tie prevented a lot of vanced by lietter highways, modern electri«- power plant and automatic
put«! champions In their own dis­ the Rcliick text, by which it is pos­ argument with the pickers, We can comforts being made available to the oil heating plant. Mr. amt Mrs. Mor­
trict so Coach- Garrigux'x men are sible to show whether a person is well afford to discard all bugs on housewife, and the tremendous Joy ris arrived her«* last w«s*k from Port­
exp*s'tlng a very hard fight to win. naturally protect«1 and litiiuune from hand and get the kind that Have» the of working with nature’s creative land and exi»*ct to develop their
forces gaining appreciation, the lot holdings into one of tlie most liefliitl-
Although tills ix an Armistice Day diphtheria, ft has I hmti found that fruit.
I»*t u« discuss this matter and of the farmers lx one envied by great ful «iiintry pin«*» in this «Action.
game qnd a percentage of the pro- practically al) children betw«*<*n six
«•«•dx will 1>o given tlu* Aimvican months and 10 y«*arx of age are xub - adopt one kind of bag for this valley. numls'rs of those unable to ‘'share Mrs. Morris is immen»ely pleased
with the White Hiiimon «»untry and
ceptlhle to diphtheria. Tin* time to
A. J. Ilagen.
In n,
legion, popular prie«*x will prevail.
in nnxiously looking forward to tlie
fight diphtheria Ix long Wore the
completion of tlieir new home.
school age.
It is for this reason NEWS OF THE GOLFERS
Junior High Holds Fieri ion
Work on Hie White Salmon ap­
all pre-«<*ho«d children xhould Is*
Things have l»s*n moving rapidly that
proach to the Whit«* Salmon-Hood
At an organization meeting Mondny
Immunized against diphtheria. The
(From The Enterprise)
the past two wis'kx nt the junior second discovery wax a seriun. some­ night the ixiard of trustees of tlie
River bri«lg<> across tlie Columbia
October 29.
high twhool. esperlally In the elec­ time« known as toxin-antitoxin, which, H«»>d River Country club naiiKsl F. S
river was »tarteil Tu<*xda,v. October
tion project conducted in the civics when inject«*d in small doses, will Kelly as secretary, Harold Herxliner
Hixti*cn year ol«| appl«*s In the- 21, by tile Gilpin Construction .com^
elnssex under the direction of Mr. calix«* the I»»Iy to produce Its own wax named assistant secretary. E. o. or<-!tnr«1 of Tnwasentha ram-h nro pny upon securing of right of* way
Immnnlty ami protect it against diph­ Blanchar resigned from the director­ yielding from 40 to 45 Ixixes to th«* across Hi Mosher tr»<-t of lnml lie-
• Beginning with the conventions, theria.
ate and H. T. DeWitt wax ap|xdnted tr«*e. some going ns high ns 52 Ixixes. tw«*eri tlie end of the bridge and tlie
according to R. C. Julian, field suimt - ferry road. Tlie approach will lnml
candidates Coolidge and Davis were
No one n«*d have diphtheria. If to replace him.
approved of nud leaders ap|»>fnt<>d yon have l*een xiio-esHfuily vacci­
Committees apixdnted for the ensu­ intendent. A niimlM>r of tlu'xe apples on a rock formation aliout 490 f«*t
to campaign for their respective par­ nated for smallpox, yon n«*ed not Is* ing year were: Greens. Leroy Childs. arc on display In Tli«* Enterprise southeast of tlie Sliurte cornt'r. whi«-h
ties. llonald Ingalls acted ax chair­ afraid of smallpox.
If yon have A. W. Peters, II. T. DeWitt, Earl offiei* this week, having ls*en sent ill is nl»>v<‘ high water. From there a
man of the Republican campaign and ls*en
for Weber and C. II. Vaughan; entertain- by* Herls*rt Williams, of Tamens«*ii“ short piece of mad is to lie eon- I
Bertha Hodge served ax hlx n«*er<*- diphtheria, yon need not lx* nfrald meat. Mrs. E. O. Blanchar. Mrs. tlia fruit ranch, so that the strang«*r structed to Hie ferry road a t the
For tlie Democratic of di|»litberln. The diphtheria xnx- Banks Mortimer, Mrs. I*. L. Manser. within our gates «mid x«*e what sort Sliurt«* corner. Tin* grad«* crossing
campaign. Arthur Gannon ma«R> a ceptIbflity test and Immunization are Mrs. (’. H. Jenkins, Mrs. W. R. Collie. of fruit Is grown lion*. Tlu* fruit is Is to Is* Improved by leveling the
ferry mad on the south side of the
ca|ialde chairman, and with „ th«* ax- ls>th giMxl life prot«*ctors and have Mrs. William Skene ami Mrs. Trafford of beautiful «>Uir and large size.
A private fish hatelier.v Is being railroad track, doing away yvith the
sistanee of hlx secretary. ' Sidney saved thousands of lives.
E. Smith; allied s|s>rta, C. C. Ander­
Whorlow. made a strung defens«* for
son. E. K. Moller. W. A. Rooker, L. H. I'oiistrncted by B. C Ilnnfliton and' present short grade south of the
____ M__ _____
Mr. Davis. The I ji Follette group
Boyd and E. E. House; house and Amlv Rosenstt«*! at their fish farm1 crossing. It . ix also understood
grounds. Ernest 0. Smith. D. L. Pier­ Is'twiS'n laurel an«l Trout Lake. brush and oilier obstructions nt tlu*
wan led by Elizxlieth Derby, her as­
Millions of people in the Orient son. E. W. Birge. II. <1. Cooper and Tie y plnn to’ propagate thel*. own crossing will )«e «lone away with to
sistant Is-iug Mildred Trljolette,
Advertising matter was ms-nred by may x<x>n I»* sweeping th«* air for S. J. Moore; finance. Truman Butler. fish. Tlie thousands of little -trout give clearer view of the railroad
the «rmnUtteea appointed by .the American radio programs ax n result E. <>. Blanchar and Dr. V. R. Abra frys which they put In their ponds track cast nml west. Englms-rs Gray
early this summer arc now from two I nml Clinmller, who have charge of
_______ _________
chairman for that purpose. Thanks of re«'Ut tests I»*tw«*«‘n KGO, the ham.
to four imlii's long, nnil ar«' doing tlx* lirldg«*^ construction, were herel
to tin* jMinki-rs of ilyod Itlyer. and I’nclfic General Elwtrjc station, and
Monday closing the rlglit of way d<’*nl
other « nierprislng jmsln« ss men. the offlcinlx of the Jiipiincxe Ministry of ■“Join the Red Croan-1921 Roll Call. fin«' nml growing like weeds.
publicity <*onnnitt«-s w«*re abl<> to t'omnmnicatlons.
Confirming radiograms received a
<iuni>t it les
pampliletx, buttons nml other infor­ month ago. detailed re|»>rts by letter
mation «■oncoming the party candi­ were r«*ceive«1 last week by A. A
dates.' - Tills material wax displayed Isbell, manager of th«* Pnciflo divi­
of the Radio Otrporatlon of
in the «cbool rooms and left in «x»n- sion
America, from the Hon. Eitaro Yoko-
venlent pla«s in the actio«d for g«-n- ynmn, Japanese Ministry of Com-
e’ral use of all.
niiinicationx. covering reception of
Mas» meeting« were held Wednesday the International test broaden»! from
of last w«'«k. the Inst periml of tlie KGtl August 30.
After carefully
«lay being given over for Hint pnr- ehecklng flu* .In italics«' report with
]>osc. At that limo dlsi-nsslonn were tlie KGO contntl room records. <>ffl
«■nrrli'd on by the leader« to det.-r * inis of tlie General Electric Com
mine tlu* g«*m*ral status of their puny said (list no doubt exists
l*arty follower« and to secure materi­ that .In|Mincsc listi*ners tieard KGO'x
al «x debater*' from among the group. fall two*hour liroath-ant.
Ingalls, of the' R«*pubBeans, chose
Vxing a Hnper-Heterodyne rc«*eiver'
as hi? colleagues Donald Emry and operators of tlie lliraixo experimental
Charles IU*ed, Margaret Pineo alter sfntien of tlie Eh*«'tro-T«*chnieal Lab­
bating. They issu«'d a ciinlh'ng«* to oratory according to the report, xue-
Other parti«*« to debate tlie question. «•«sHfulIv picked up the KGO Inter­
“Resolved, Thnt tlie record of the Re­ national program and held It through­
publican party during the |M«xt four out. Tlie Hiraiso station lx situate«!
v«*a»« Justifies another form In <'ffl«e." about 5lM> miles northeaxt of Tokyo
Tlie Democrat» is»ued a formal note nml commands the Pacific o<enn.
of neeptnnee. nml Arthur Cannon
This 1» »aid to ite the first time in
«•ltoso an hlx e<dleaguew Bernice history, thnt a «•omplete program
Wright and Pliyllis West.
from an American radiophone sta­
. Ample material wax al the dlxpoxal tion lias l»'on lien rd in Japan. ’ Offi"
of th«* lenders as all followers an­ chilx of tlie Jnpanesc Ministry of
swered the call for Information on Commiinb'atlonn who r«*cefv«'d the
tin* question.
bronih-axt ar«* enthusiastic in their
Thanks to Mrs Waite, the librarian, requests for more broadcasts from
.much material otherwise overlook«*«! KGO, Hiid thnt the DX radio fun
wip put nt the «iminand of th«* de will soon put in his appearance in
eVritorx. . Back numbers, of magazine« the Orient ix to be expccte«l nx a
Were dug «mt from h< >i|«x nml zeal­ mi turn I development.
Th«* following in th«* Hon. E. Yoko-
ously used. All w««'k the work con-
tinvc«!. with the usual c«><*pcration of yiimn’x report of til«* August 30
ail departments of tlie school In br«Mideant In brief: ‘‘Punctually nt
jierfccting 'th«* xpis'chcx. delivery and • > p. m.. Japan time, the radiopliom*
ilrlil In argumentation, refutation and from KGO l»gaii to be heard loudly
and distinctly and continn«! for
.the g 'neral prlm lpl«-- of. debate.
Excitement «nine Io a «Umax Mon two hours until 8 p. m. The hearers
Any afternoon when the del«atc wan wore s> xuYprised nt the unexpected
held before the xtudenf body. Mrs loudness of the phone that they <*ould
B1ashfh)l,d. AUs Gray and Miss Mann not lielleve their «*ars. The stieech.
si-tod <aJ*f?k-os of the debut, nml Mr easy An. rlcan English, mid music
•Barrett, chairman.
Tim Democrats were the clearest over heard in this
put up some clever arguments, but by ... ttntry. As all the hearers unfortu­
stubborn defense the Republicans won nately have’ little musical itirrf and
are not accustomed to English speech­
the dccfxfori. two to one, •
es. sorry we cannot exactly cite what
Forthwith the Ln Follette organlza-. pieces of music wax transmitted and
Ildn challenged- the winners for a wliat sort of speech wax spoken.”
joint debate over a T.n F.dletto-Cool-
jdge issue. The Tu«*sday civics peri
KFqX lx the new pioneerini “loot)
:.0’«f was then devoted to this discus- waiter
” station of the Northwest,
Mon. the Ln Follette group having The locution of the broadcaster wax
,lbe edge in tlie argument.
chosen ns an ideal transmitting »ta­
For Tntoday’x election «ample hnl lion Iwing located in tlie Mount
lots were iisc«1 voting being comluet i linker <llstH<-t on a high bluff over-
«1 by an election board «insisting of looking I,nkc Washington, The xtn-
Bertha 1L*dgc. John Hoitnscll. Don- dlo and offices are on the 21xt floor
old .Einry. Ronhld Ingalls nml Arthur of the I,. O. Hmith building. Heattie.
in the downtown district mid are
. At the final count of 128 ballots connected by private telephone wires,
Cfi'-'t Mr C’xilldgc rcr-eiv«! <W votes, t'bnsiderable time has l»»*n si»*nt In
M?. Davis 45 and Mr La Follette 15 the draping mid accouxtical treat­
vote on the oleo bill wax yen, 11; ment of thia studio to make it per­
no. SI: on the Income tax'bill. yen. fect In every detail
A remote con­
2d: no. fl. N«>t all rooms vtded on trol line to tlie Bagdad cafe at Third
these two measures.
aud Madison is completed and in
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•tyled «trap pump* for women at unusually low pricaw
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for the approach. They re|»<rt thé
bridge will lie completed December 1.
November 1.
Thirty local slngerx met at thp
Metliodixt church la»t Friday even­
ing and organized a community chor-
ux witli A. E. Mills. pre»ident; Mr».
Geo. C. Gladden, secretary and treas­
urer, an<| ilixs Ho]M*r, of I.yle, di­
Mr. and Mr». O. I’. Kre|>». of
Laurel, entertained Mr. and Mrs. D.
W. I’ieri'e, of Portland, last Monday
with an anniversary dinner in honor
of their doubl«* wedding which oc-
«•iirr«*d in Climax Prairie October 27,
1887. Mrs. Krepx and Mrs. Pierce
nre sisters.
Their brother. Peter
VonlMiy, of Glenwood, wax among the
_ _______________
Armistice Day Program
1 to 6 P. M.
Geo. Washington, Jr
10c — 35c — 50c
7.30 Doors.
Curtiin 8.15
Moroni Olsen Players
Prices, $1.65 to 55c
Sult was filed last week in circuit
court by Sgolad & Day, New York
apple merchants, seeking Judgment
against the El Corregidor Orchard
Co., of the I’pper Valley, for $3112.81.
alleged to. be the difference in tire
sale prive of the defendant's npple
crop last season and advance« matte
for supplies and In cash.
The plaintiff cited a contract with
the defendant for handling the 1923
atiple crop. The defendant, too, It
was alleged, failed to cancel the con­
tract by April 1. 1924, although this
year's < mp Is la-ing marketeri through
another1 agency.
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2 to 10 P. M.
10c - 25c - 35c
Note—Shows will all be out
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