The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 29, 1924, Image 9

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»♦♦4 $■»♦ •lll» lll l l ll|«||lt
rn i» «u $ll l l l ll|| HU u
nioblle last week, left the car in S
Zw aS
"•«’■•0 1!
PI? xllfj-ItVlX NI?W
ULI uUURJCaJ 10 Liu" o
I"“'1 Republican parties to plan
1 their platforms a plank favoring our
round of that
I drained
tbe tbe
last receptacle
of bis gas. had been
I A bill to prohibit signa and adver-
B. L. Haabruuck, optometrist.
1 tlsemsnte within tha limits of state
FbrSpimlla corsets, Mrs. Fr«d Howe, »> 7?1* Aluer,«,n Leglou Auxiliary will
highways and country, roads was
filS CsBOade av«. Phono 24A4.
“t Ik« Cham-
"When it costa more to market prod- backed
in another ,___
resolution. The bill
*r of Commerce Monday night. Fol­
a cooperative
will . provide
that ___
_ _
______ ___
___ 2i_ 22_.
j signa cannot be
A. B. Rbelley "was here from The lowing the business sessions a social acts through
^'heiiL pro*ram *’1th
I*glon will lion than through the present market- put on private property without writ­
Dalle« last week calllug on friends.
ing system, that organisation will nev-l ten consent of the owner, and will pro-
Jan»« Eagen and Ed EcKles left last
H. 8. Braakman does painting, paper er get very far.” Thia was aet out ia bibit placing then where they obstruct
Friday for Spokane.
hanging Bn(J jlecor.ti,,*’ Have y^i a letter prepared by C. E„ Spence, views of crossings or curves. It au
Mrs. Fred Moore has Jeft for Mt
state market agent, which was re-1 thorizes the state highway commission
an<1 <>u"'ide ’i,b reived at the executive department at to designate natural scenic beauty
Hoed Lodge, where site will spend a
parpeJ,8miH h ’- m “’6' P aint and W al ' Salem recently. His statement fol- places, prohibiting signa and adter
•»>*»: w
tisements where they obstruct beeutt-
Charles Gumm, veteran local cafe paper, binith Building,
There sre too many organizations in fill views, and providing a penalty for
owner, who «pent the past year In
Miss Grace Wilson sustained a brok- this condition. They have their or-1 violation.
China, has returned home.
an "JrH
<W'*k Whe,‘ g,"‘
gauizations. offices, warehouses and
Universal membership of dubs in
au attic stairway. Ml»« Wilson was
officials, but when returns from the the Oregon federation in the General
Dee. attended the Galli Curci concert I hTv’ii'w .¡b^i"?
B,tlc' Wlth market products come in they are no Federation of Women’s dubs was
in Portland last week.
J stairsatriu',*'d •be tripped on the better, and often lees, than could have adopted, and the constitution of the
Shelley will participate in been received by marketing through | state federation amended to provide
Dr. M. Ttirane has returned from
for the 'payment of 10 cents per capita
Portland, where ho bad spent a 10- tl»e"animH<i>i?,‘'*'
- ’ — the regular commlaeion bouses.
_ Cooperative organizations are not dues to the national federation.
day vacation.
toi P1 iJnH
Fair and unbiased teaching of his­
Bun I^wia, of Tacoma, is .pending a who eroded til plains in ¡M^^li going to be very successful until they
are able to take over proflta between
Into’lE LdaMr.°l^reiWit
" ““r‘H*
‘"nation at th^formS the grower and eater. Between three tory to children was urged to prevent
creation of national prejudice In an­
ent«, Mr. and Mr«. A. G. Lewi*.
program of the pioneers,
is-the field for reel cooperativereeulte. other resolution adopted.
Hal K. Hoss, president of the Ore-1
Collective selling to the same onl ageu-
ciee doesn't get the farmer anywhere. gon Editorial association, told the club
It simply makes it better and easier women how to handle publicity for
their organizations through the news-
Eocene Coal Oil atop, .moking and he was engaged In cansuter wort? for the agencies.
Theee organizations have got to pepers.
tmelliug oil stoves. In bulk at Franz He sustained a concussion. Mrs E<1.
w of
_ ____
A definite
dub _______
women ___
m29tf I Button was called to* Portland to lx* have embraced in their program tbe
wholesaling end, the commission end, I motion picture« was urged by Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert IxMilie, of Port- wl1*1 her father.
and distributing end. They have got I Castuer. Personal morals of motion
tend, were gueste test week of Mr.
A crew te-gun yesterday t<> pour c«n- to find their own market« and handle picture actors and actrenaes ahould l»e
and Mrs. J. R. Norton.
J crete at tin- basement of the Asbury their products all the way through to considered in rei-ouimt-udlng* pictures,
Mr4. James Camp and children, of “etbodlst church. Preparations are those markets. When the grower gets was the consensus of opinion In an in-
Mosier, were In the city Monday call-1 gymnasium
*H‘bl>* Il|||de there
for inenilters
a well organized
for tin-
of the but five cents for his prunes and they Lformal discussion. Mrs. Caatner ad-
Ing on friends.
»rre retailed in the Willamette valley, vocated a state board of motion pics
Wesley club, a boys' organization.
Mr. nnd Mrs. I. D. Parkins s | h nt
We have just received a shipment ol altuoet in sight of the orchards where ture censors, in presenting the rets>rt
. Bunday at their ranch ¡»lace on Dt-e the old reliable Eastern White Oak sole they are grown, for 27 cento, it is time I of the American citizenship depart-
leather. lor those who prefer leather to go further with marketing organize-1 ment, of which she is chairman,
-r 1
j ■■■. .
— i
E. P. Black and Arthur Johnsen mo­ on the bottoms of their shoes, there is tions. It is time to do business direct
tored to Portland test week to see the nothing tetter. We’ll piit sole* on yon r with the heads of the big chain stores niVE'PPE'M'T DILI CQ
wrestling match at the Heilig theatre. ►Jioes while you wait. T. C. Smith’* and other great concerns and iop off U1V ulkuull I IlUUjM
a tn pion Shoe Shop.
f 14tf
tills almost 500 per cent between the
nnttrwinn (loninninn/,
Eves aciantifically examined by H. L.
Hasbrouck, Optometrist Heilbronner I ,G. R. Merriam, representing the in­
spection department of Oregon Are
any product of the farm.
-- ----------
Highest cash price paid tor yonr used underwriters, la here this week, can­
This change cannot be brought
With the tremendous increase in the
furniture, stoveaend rugs. Call McClain vassing the* .business houses snd man­ ainiut in a day, but if organizations number of automobiles on tbe road
at E. A. Franz Co.
s20ft ufacturing plants. lie r<t»ort8 that would make the selling end of equal this spring, the multitude of divergent
| lu- Amis citizens alive to tire protection
Women and girls wanted for stem­ and that buildings are in good con­ importance with growers’ contracts, state and mutftcipal ordinances regu-
ming strawberries. Good wages. Hood dition.
resuita would come quicker. A menu- Hating traffic will cause a great deal
River Canning Co. Phone 3531. . tf
facturing concern knows where it is of unnecessary confusion to motori-isl
Mrs. J. II. Kroegher, of Pittsburgh,
Miss Josephine Smith, who has l»een lias arrived here for a summer visit going to sell it's goods before it builds migrating 'from state to state and |
attending schotr] in Tacoma. Wash., with lier cousin, Mrs J. II. McVay it’s factory, and it knows it is going I coast to coast.
I C. P. Nephler, general sales man­
to have a profit on tiie output.
lias arrived home for the vacation.
and Dr. McVay. Mrs. Kroegher, wiio
ager of the Oakland Motor Car com-1
Alec Ronaln, fornu-r Mt. Hood' was here several years ago, deciare's
recently met with the state pany, thinks that some uniformity of
rancher, la now head chef at tiie Mult­ tiiat no American climate or scenery sociation
market agenfto discuss why their or­ state and municipal laws and regula­
nomah hotel in Portland.
is more ..beautiful than that of the ganization was not getting results. tions applying to motor traffic ahould
J. P. Naumes was a bill news visitor Hood River valley.
The statement was made that the Ite adopted, either through coaferen<-e
in Portland tbe latter part of last
L. G. Morgan was in Portland on growers had lost money on every ship­ or otherwise, to help the motorist a lu
business Monday. He happened to lie ment made during the year, yet their their sincere desire to comply with all
Women and girls wanted for stem­ at a Are station when an alarm sound­ sales agent was ¡mid $500 a month regulations.
ming strawberries. Good wages. Iiood ed. On one of the big motorized for running them in debt. The com­
The vast majority of motor tourists
River Canning Co. Phone 8S31.
tf trucks Mr. Morgan rode* with a com­ mittee stated the growers would be are not willful violators of the laws,
Mrs. II. B. Riley and son were up pany up Washington street. It was far better off if they had no organ!-1 he points out They try to conform to
from Ismgview test week visiting Iler thrilling to travel up (be congested zation and were free to sell where all local regulations but soon become
street at n 25-mile sia-ed, he* says.
they might
liefuddled. What is lawful In one
father, A. W. Stone.
This organization has much capi- place is forbidden in another. Yet
The Royal Neighbors will meet at
_____ ______________ ____ _
tai inv<*st<‘d in buildings and equlp- ignoramv of the law ia no excuse.
the <fl*i K. P. ball at 2 p. in. Sunday for man tiie other dav when he accosted ment, and it sells under heavy over­
Until such conformity comes about,
their annual memorial exercises.
three Indians well tanked up on de­ head expenses. And it sells very Mr. N'eidiler suggests that automobile
Max L. Moore lias been indbqs)sed naiured alcohol. He finally rounded largely through the same channels c I u I mi and associations do all in their
the ¡»ast week, suffering from the ¡siln-1 up (lie Redmen, who were apparently that tbe individuals sold through be­ power to assist the motorist by spread­
fnl after effects of having his tonsils ready for a war dance near the con­ fore the organization was st a rted. In ing Information concerning traffic reg­
Crete bridge over Hood river, and thin case the growers added the ulations___________ ___ ______ .•
Harry Munemato, well known Jap herded them to jail. Th<- poison fire- overhead expensea onto themselves
“A plan is now being worked out in
aneee truck gardener, has Just re-h'“«''r- »I'Parently, had no Imd effects without any benefit in selling prices. Racine, Wis.,” cites Mr. Nephler,
The grower who was not a memls-r "wfclch is not only courteous to the
turned from a visit of more than n ,,n H»em.
year in Japan.
W. E. Hull, a ncighlsir and advance was better off. The sales agent and motorists who para through the town
If you do not receive your Oregonian >nan for ‘'Pussyfoot” Johnson, was tbe other employes were the oifi.v but is profitable also to-the local au­
tomobile merchants as well as other
regularly or wish to rubicribe for same, here Tuesday arranging for a meeting ones who were well off.
this high-priced sales manager. business houses and hotels.
either by carrier or mail, please call to is* addressed by Mr. Johnson at (lie
"The Association of Commerce, re­
2303. Cured
f2ltf Ly Considerable
Asbury Methodist
night. the general manager and all others
Smoky and
Oil Stoves
is Is-lng
who draw good salaries regardlees of tail merchants and city officials are
using E *cene Oil. Try this high grade here In the coming of Mr Johnson, and results received pay in proportion to cooperating lu extending a welcome to
coal oil next time and see tbe-di(Terence Hi
anticipated tiiat the big church the profit showing of the business, per­ out-of-town visitors. Guest cards are
Any quantity, gallon to barrel, at E. A. auditorium will tie crowded.
haps the year's output would not have distributed by the merchants and
Will you wear a poppy May 30? Iw-en sold at less than the production mailed by them to their out-of-town
Frans Co.
N. II. MacMillan, who lias recov­ It's just a little token of reverence and cost. If a sales manager has not customers. These cards are in the
of open
ered from a rei-ent illness, is again on remembrance for’our own American enough ability to have his salary based form of a key,
‘ today
ever will re­ on results, then he ia not the man for I pltality to tbe city, and are designed
duty as manager of the Grange Coop- ‘ boys who
are. and
.1 main
the ¡»lace. It doe« not require a $5000-1 to be attached to the steering wheel,
era five store.
fields of Flanders. Remember how
(>ne of * these
official cards,
man to give away goods.
_1_. when
.1__ __ so
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hearth, of they marched away for yon and me a-year
Cooperation is bound to work when attached, gives its possessor assurance
Sisters, were here last week visit­ and their Uncle Sam? They won’t it is worked out all right. It must that policemen, “
firemen, ____
ing Mrs. 8<-arth'a ¡»rents, Dr. and come liack. ever again. Those are the start on a solid foundation. Too many I and citizens generally
not only wel-
Mrs. Jerne Edgington.
Isiya you are going to wear the red start out Kith high salaries and ex-1 come him but are willing to do what
We pay cash for jour old furniture or I sippy for.
is necessary to make his stay pleas-
penHes first.
make a liberal allowance on new gootis.
It will take more than a lot of I ant.
Earl Hughes, t»f Hood River, a
Call Hackett 8411, Kelly Bro*. Co. Fur­
"Himilar plans will make a visiting
junior In the department of medicine producers signing up contracts to
niture Exchange.
at the University of Oregon, has re­ bring all their products to one place. I motorist feel, at least, that the city
Searches of records and reliable ab­ ceived a commission of ciipf&in in the to make collective selling ¡»ay. It will or town is not hostile to him and will
stracts made by Oregon Abstract Com­ Reserve Officers Training Corps at take men to break into the middle- excuse pardonable mistakes in falling
pany, A. W. Onthank, Manager, 306 Oregon. Thirty-four cadet officers were profit comiiinatlon and get them* prof-1 to comply with the traffic rcgulatiq^e,
Oak Street. Phone 1621.
granted commissions In the R. O. T. its for the cooperators. It will take I l»eeauae mistake« are seldom
Mrs. L. O. Meacham, wbe spent the Ip an<j w,v,,n w-nlors in the military men with good, sound sense to start | Intentionally.’’
winter and spring in Chicago and other ,|,,I)nrtlll(,nt nt the university will re­ the organization right, keep the costs
eastern points visiting relatives and|(1,(ve (,immissions as second lfeuten- in proportion to the profits of the bus
friends, has returned to the city.
nnts in the Reserve tlfficers Corps of Iness. Invade the middle men's field,
and gradually and safely find profit­
Ing of Jerseys. He will officially be-
Mr. and Mrs. C. Guler, Mrs. C. F. the United States army.
able markets.
gin his duties June 1, anil this will be
Coate and Mrs. Uarve "Welty motored
Rev. W. N. Byars, accompanying his
bia "weh-ome home.” after Ills "ordlna-
here from Trout Lake. Wash., Tues­ father. W. F. Byars, of Gtildendale.
tkin" by tbe parent organization.
day on a business trip.
will joiirtiey to Salem tomorrow to < I I I If b l I I I I I I I I I I I I I »
Albert Hutson, aged (i.1, of Parkdale,
Both Mayor John Giesy, of Halem.
Miss Ignore Gregory announces a s|M’i»d Memorial day with bte grand­ f FINS. Fl RS AND FEATHERS t
was a victim of a skidding automobile • nd Governor Pierce, will welcome the
recital of her pupils Saturday, June 7, mother. Mrs. Emma A. Byars, a pio-
he waa driving Baturday 25 miles west breeders, and tbe second day Gov­
2.30 p. tn., at Library hall. Tlssw „eer of ¡.*443. The elder Mr. Byars tt IIIIHHU VdHI 11 HH »t* of
ernor Pierce will deliver a most inter­
whs formerly m|yor of Goldendalc.
interested are cordially invited.
Fishing on tin* White Salmon river. I . ’V* P“"**1 4n «»tomobile in which esting address on “How the Meat Eat­
Mrs. F. C. Wittenberg has arrived He at one tipie published the Golden- Klickitat county. Washington, is re- £ J1' »«"■’’n. employe of the Pacific ing and Milk Using Nations Have Civ­
from Salem to spend two weeks here dale Sentinel. Mr. Byars, accompan­ ported fine by lorn I fishermen who
* Telegraph eom- ilized and Now Rule the World.” Mr.
with her children. Mrs. Ott Byers. ied by Ills old friend. Judge N. B. bave visited there the past «everal *"T. “,,d, W'lbur Hood, member of Loughary will outline the Aeld work
Mrs. Earl Weber and Hal Wittenberg. Brooks, now mayor of the Klickitat davs. A limit catch was made Run
-PArlttot caae. of the American Jersey Cattle club.
county capital, «¡»ent Sunday here with
Bruce M. Billings, of the l>ee coun­ Hie family of his son.
dav by each of the following
r°^t’ A review of the accomplishments of
try, accompanied by A. B. Billings, of
anglers: C. L. Howard. Arthur John
^ *«.*”*"* t, " wLM.'"*16!! Oregon Jerseys will be given by a well
The Dalles, was a business visitor in
«*• ".««'hine skidded and known Oregon breeder, and addreanes
Mr. «nd Mrs. O. C. Sales, of Portland, sen, Frank Moore and Ernest J. Smith. ■ turned crosswise
a<To«a tbe pavement, on breeding as a business, the econom­
the city the first of the week.
who were motoring through to Walla
John Baker the past week has .l»een Willis. Wash., were inet Tuesday at
Racramento. Calif.. authorities re­ rolling over and fracturing the skull ic condition of the dairy busines«, will
be ma tie by business men and college
displaying some beautiful moss roues. the Columbia Gorge hotel by W. M. cently fonnd the most unusual occu­ of the driver.
Death waa inatantaneous. Identi­ professors. Dr. Lytle, state veterin­
Tiie handsome roses, a favorite of old­ Wliile. the ¡»arty taking lunch at the pants of a Issitlegglng establishment
fication Was establiabed by cards In arian. will discuss the foot and mouth
en days, are rare here now.
hostelry. Mr. McWaters and Mr. Sales There were six tiny kittens being the poeketa of Mr. Hntaon. Hood and disease, and Mrs. F. E. Lynn, of Per­
John E. Matthews, co-publisher of are respectively manager and sales
Hansen were witnesses of tbe accident rydale, will nay a tribute to the
the Yaqulna Bay News, was here last manager of the Portland branch of the Red hen. Officers were called to a and went immediately to the aid of beauty of the Jersey cow.
week to attend the Odd Fellow Grand Zellerbai h Paper Co. Mr. White, who
tbe unfortunate automobiliat but their
is well known here, has represented city to investigate a Are occasioned by concern was of no avail.
the explosion of a still. Owners of the
The Dalles Judge Elk Hag Orator
The Riverside community church
The automobile driven by Mr. Hnt-
still had taken flight, but in the chick­
will start a rummage Rale Saturday in ritory.
Judge R. R. Butler, of The Dalles,
en coop the officers found Biddy, feath­
the ML Hood Annex In the store room
.Gills-rt Edgington, Mount ITood ers ruffled and ready to give tiettie. of n slight IncHne up which the car will he the orator de luxe at the Port­
formerly occupied by the 20th Century pack horse operator, who returned Snuggled close to her were six black rolled a short distance. Instead of land Elks Flag day celebration June
going over an emimnkment of many 12. These exercise« will
___ 22. lie 2.___
last w<sk from Warm springs, whore kittens fast asleep.
held _ in
feet, tiie death car held to the grade lieu of the regular Thursday night
Chicken or salmon dinners, special he wintered lite teams, says that the
‘ gathering
luncheons. The Rapids, Cascade 1-ocks. trails on tbe east aide of Mount Hood
Yesterday Katherine Frailer, daugh­ and spilled its unlucky occupant upon meeting of the Elks. At this
Breakfaata, too, are our specialty. Try in the vicinity of Ixsikont mountain ter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Frazier. Jr., tbe pavement where be was killed. will be awarded the silver cut* and
us the next time you get up early and nnd Badger lake are open, nnd that hoard her fox terrier dog, Jimmie, The* body waa taken in charge by the other prises to be given winners of
their Elks Amerh-an Flag essay contest
fishing parties will begin entering the barking in the backyard of their Multnomah county coroner's office.
start out lor Portland.
Funeral service« were held at the held in Portland itoboote. Circuit-Judge
A cool airy screened porch is the rtiost lilglilnnd fore«« earlier by several Frankjon borne. Investigating she dis­
delightful spot in any home during hot weeks this year than nsual. While covered- that Jimmie was herding a Anderson parlors. Monday afternoon. George Rossman will make presenta­
weather. Why not baild yours now and tiie snow on Lookout mountain is usu­ turtle up to the house. The turtle, of Rev. It. A. Hutchinson officiating. Mr. tion speeches at the prize awarding.
enjoy it during the entire «ummer Em- ally five fi-et deep nt this date, tiie the hardshell species, measured about Hutson, who left here early Baturday
drifts are fairly well melted out at six inches across the bsck. On his morning to visit a daughter on tbe
Association Distributes $125,SM
ry Lamber A Fuel Company.
lower river, waa one of the beat liked
shell was carved the Initials "N. I.” men of the Upper Valley. He wm
Rev. Lindley H. Miller returned yes­ present,* Mr. Edgington says.
Checks aggregating $12.1,000 have
and the date, 1923.
terday from Ban Joee, Calif., where he
known far and wide for his genial just been mailed by the Apple Growers
New I-oeka Eating Place
Mr. Frailer says the owner of the dlstsialtion and hi« philoaophical views Association to Its affiliated growers on
attended the Synod of the Province of
A new place for giving the pnbUc turtle may claim him by calling.
the Pacific Coast. Rev. Miller was a
the second cash distribution of the
of the problems of life."
delegate from the eastern Oregon dio- chicken nnd salmon dinners has just
year on the 1923 crop. The first dis­
been established by Mrs. Gene Rund-
ceee of the church.
seven sous and two daughters. Twenty- tribution several weeks ago readied
sten snd W. II. Dutton at Cascade
$90,000. Pools have been dosed on all
four grandchildren survive.
Mr«. William Barney, daughter of Locks. The* Rapids, as it has been
apples, except Newtowns. Arkansas
’ District Attorney Baker, has been ap­ named, is located on the north side
Blacks. Hydes King, Ben Davis, Gaaos
pointed librarian at the Eugene Bible of the highway at the east edge of
and Black Twigs. Final statements
University. Her husliand is a student the highway town. A specialty will
snd settlements will be made as soon
for tbe ministry there. Mrs. Barney nlso lie made in serving thick English
The Oregon Federation of Women's
Probably the most Importsnt event as the pools on these varieties are
is a graduate of tbe institution. ,
Is mb chops. Luncheons will also be dubs by unanimous "vote went on rec­ in the history of “Jerseydom" In Ore­ dosed.
R. Alexander, pioneer Pendleton served.
ord in convention at. Oregon City last gon will lie the “Jersey Chautauqua,"
mervhant, while here last week called ’ Mrs. Sundsten thinks the new place week as favoring the entrance of the to be held <at the state fair grounds.
New Fraternity Instituted
on hi« old friend. Judge Haabronck will strike a popular appeal here with Unjted RtatrB Info 'the world court. Seiein, May 2S and 29. This will lie
Mr. Alexander was here for the Odd breakfasts. She states that many peo­ The resolution was proposed by Mrs. a true chautanqua, with the educa­
Gamma Rigma Kappa, local frater­
ple leaving here early for Portland Chss. II. Csstner. past president and tional features kept In the forefront, nity, was Installed at O. A. C. recently
Fellows convention.
Mni. Allen Mnrra.v. of Moro, who. will la* glad to atop at Cascade Ixwks chairman of the American dtizenahip and at ths same time with plenty of as Omega chapter of Rigma Pl, na­
with her baby, has been visiting her if they are sure of finding an appetiz­ department of the federation, and read entertainment features. But the two tional men’s fraternity. This will be
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hart, says ing breakfast awaiting them. Rbe de­ in part as follows:
big ideas will be the reception to the tfie 2l)th nstional then's fraternity on
"Be it resolved that the Oregon Fed­ new fieldmen, appoined by the Amer- thia campus and the 24th chanter of
thd drouth 1« seriously affecting „the clares that The Rapids will purchase
eration of Women's organisations go i<an Jersey Cattle dub, to work in Rigma PL Mark E. Moe was present at
wheat crop in that section of eastern only the best of foods.
on record as heartily favoring the en­ Oregon, Washington and northern the institution of the new fraternity.
1,/qiior Censes Fine
trance of the United Rtates into the California, and the Jersey calf club Prof. Curtis GouM1. ef the high school
Flv 8cre«a«—It's easy to screen your
ia another Hood River county
windows if you phone your order* to ns. . H. I K. Davis. Mosier youth, arrested world court, and be it further resolved Judging, for which prime ef over $100 faculty,
Factory-built screens are sturdy ano at a Mt. Hood dance hall recently that we earnestly appeal to every dub have been offered.
made to last. Entry Lnmber A Fuel Co. on a charge of possessing liquor, was and to each individual member of these
Ivsn Ixtughary, the new fieldman. la
Moaré Displays Electric Range
ike articulate to the United an Oregon boy, born on a Polk county
Manafacturers of eash, doors .and Aned $.Th by Justice of the Peace On- clubs to
farm, educated in the Oregon Agri
Interest was created
n a a
— a * — — ^a»^aMa HHta a '
11 ami
A. Pelkey, while engaged in the Davis following tip« from The Dalle« the world court, and to petition the cultural college, and for some years among honaewlvea the past week by
national committees of the Democratic • partner with his father in the breed the demonstrations of the Universal
task of changing tanka on his anto- and Mosier.
» , *
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3 Shirts for
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trips, gray or
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’ 2 Sarto for
electric rang«' by the -Moore Electric
Co. Miss Murdock, skilled in the cul-
inary art. made deli-ions cakes, pas­
tries and breads, and showed how the
housewife can aave time and money by
the use of the Universal.
The Twentieth
Century ■ Grocery
•tore la now In new quarters in the
First National Bank building on Third
street, next to The Glacier offii’e. The
store room formerly occupied by the
Pacific Power A Light Co.' has been
entirely overhauled and equipfied with
conveniently arranged shelving. Every
shelf Is a display space.
The customers of the popular gro­
cery concern, one of the largeat chain
organlxatlona of the Northwest, are al­
ready becoming familiar with the new
ks-ation. and Third street is becoming
a busy place.
Patriarchs' Hospital Busy Place
Thehospltsl maintained at the High­
way Auto Co. this week by the Patri­
archs Militant has, supplied a real
need. Major E. Woertendyke. of Port­
land. has been In charge. Dr. II. L.
I tumble was attending physician. The
hospital hail more than OO calls. and
a number were carried by ambulance
from meeting halla. The most serious
case, however, was that of James
Robeson, of Portland, wln> sustained a
bruised back and sprained arm when
his automobile turned turtle seven
miles west of the city on the liighv.ay.
A. G. A. Reservoir Being Cleaned
A crew of fnen. ’with two huge
pumps. Is engaged in clearing an ac­
cumulation of MU' from the reservoir
of he Apple Growers Association on
the Heights. The reservoir, fed liy«
ditch from Indian creek, furnishes
power for driving the Association's big
icemaking plants, now engaged in
turning out ice for strawiierry ship­
ments. A triplex pump stirs up the
mass of silt, while a sand pump is uwul
in drawing it from the bottom of the
big reservoir.
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Our Store will be closed
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The Star Grocery
Good Things to Eat
Phone 8561
Dr. Roddy's Leaving Jtegre.'d
At a recent meeting of tl»e Hood
River Ministerial aaaoclation rraolu*
tions were adopted expressing regret
nt tbe decision of Dr. Boddy to lesv«
hen- for Chicago. The resolution wad
as follows:
Resolved that tbe Ministerial «a«o-
ciatlon of Hood River desir«« to «■•
press to Rev. W. H. Buddy. D. D . «■
appreciation of bis wurk ancl fellow­
ship for us. their regret' upon kis de­
parture and their beat wishes for hi«
succcm In hi« new work.
Lindley II. Miller, piwsldent,
W. Nesbitt Byars, secrattry.
Mrs. Donnerberg Makes Toppies
The basement at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. Dethman has had the ap»
pea ranee of a florist shop thia week.
Mrs. Fred W. Donnerbcrg has been
manufacturing poppie« for the Amer­
ican f-egion post for use tn decorating
the graves of dc|Nirted veterans. Mrs.
Donnerbcrg will have ready 100 la-gut 1-
Mrs. George Gould and little sc__
fill Memorial day ¡topples for tomor­ Georg»* and David, of Portland, were
here last week visiting relatives.