The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 03, 1924, Image 3

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The Touch of Spring
-It is on the Und and our appetite has a
hankering for green things.
Our stock of vegetables is always fresh
and contains a full assortment *
Whenyou want something real goodx try
8ome_of our homemade Boston Brown
Bread—there was never any better made.
We are distributors for the
P. & O. Walking and Tractor Plow#
Harrows <
Nitrate of Soda
Arsenate of Lead
Orchard Supplies
Fully Guaranteed
Our Gas and Oil Service Will Please You
Auto Electric Shop in Connection
W. L. HUCKABAY, Proprietor
Indications ar* that t
¿.(From The Dajlea Chronicle)
An oflkial atatement, setting at teat class of tbe Hood River high school
ruiuora which have gMkad circulation tbe coming Jsns will be BO per cent
'that Congressman N. J. Sinnott has larger than any class over turned out
not been as active aa he might be in of tbe Institution. E. Ttagelstad, prln
sponsoring farm relief legislation, cipal of tbe school, announced last
was made (Friday) by Har­ week that 27 boys and 87 girls were
bert Egbert, president of the State carrying the required tenter subjects
and doing accepts»* Week They are
mera' Union.
considered candidates for graduation
Mr.»Egbert explained that be Vas Mr. Ttagelstad said that several other
not, as president of the farmer body, names might be added to the list later.
Indorsing Mr. Sinnott's or anyone
Tbe prospective girl graduates are.:
else’« candidacy, but that he desired HRja Annala, Rena Barney. Mildred
in tbe luterest of fair play to present Benson. Irene Bower. Kathleen Car
the fagta aa he had seen them at ton,
t dipping. Dorothy Daven­
Washington, while lobbying for the’ port, Margaret .Davsngnrt, Dorothy
McNsry-Haugen bill.
Doane. Leona Finch. Mattie Gerdes,
Mr. Egbert's stateinetit follow«:
Gertrude Goin, Hattie Hackett, Violet
“I wus rather surprised to learn HhkSri, Esther Hutson, Hattie How­
that there seems to be a rumor afloat ard. Alleen Johnson, Norma Larson,
that tends to deprecate . the interest Helen McCauley, Elva Merrill, Cora
that Representative Sinnott has taken Miller, Irma Miller. Alverta Mill*,
in recent proposed farm relief legisla­ (’wile Mowers, GenaTra Nicketeen,
tion. As you. probably know, I bad Anna Palmer,
_ Margaret
T. _
the good fdj-tutie to spend a mourn in Iaiura Peterson, Ethel Samuel, Zoe
Washington, D. C„ M*ce the first Bf Brobee, Mark K. Scott. Elisabeth
the year, and I am pleased to bq able Thomson. Jennie Bletton, Onalee Turn­
to My that I found Mr. Sinnott very bull. Mildred Van Born, Audrey
earnestly and very effectively support­ Young, and Frances Zolin.
ing our endeavors to obtain farm re­
The boys with prospects for grad­
lief through the medium Of ths so- uation art: Roscoe Anderson, Clar­
called McNary-Haugen bill.
ence Buff am, George Corwin, Lewis
“I feel that it is only justice to Mr. Eastman, Floyd Dixon, Rahlro
Sinnott for me to aay frankly that it . Inw
Veov Hie'
k'OTCl, 5A IL
ing. fliwipauV
Ueorge Frey,
was eblefiy through tbe able assist­ inuth Olbson, Glenn
__ , Elwia
ance, good will and courtesy of him House. Glenn Hughs*.
ino Hukari,
that I was able to meet many promi­ Walter Isenberg, W
Keck. Rob
nent members of congress and to gain ert Kirk. John Mohr,
liigsley Rob-
their confidence. It was through their erts, Francis Sandman,
arles Taft,
great respect and admiration for him I.eonard Thomson,
I Tomkin*
as a fellow nmmber of congreM that Harry Tomlinson, Ed
J was able to accomplish what I did. Stanley Wack, Hal W^tenberg, and
"It whs a vefy gratifying thing to Robert Wtlbar.
leaxi), for I had never before realised
bow extremely fortunate we really
are in this er* of national readjust­
ment with Its many momentous prob­
lems, to have as our loyal champions
in the halls of congress men of such
sterling worth and wisdom as Charles
3TH. 1924
McNary and 'Nick' Sinnott.
Notice is hereby given that the Anr
“And, as an expreMion of my sin­
cere appreciation of the many valu­ nual Meeting of th* Members and
able services rendered by these emi­ Stockholders of th* Apple Grower*
nent statesmen, I am asking tbe ptesa Association will be held at Pythia*
of this district and state if they will Hall, in the City of Hood River. Ore­
in the Interest of justice kindly give gon, on Saturday, April 5th, 1924,- xt
tfin o'clock a. m., for tbe purpose of
the public this statement.
electing a full Board of Directors M
"Herbert Egtort,
the ensuing year, and for the transac­
“Oregon State President,
tion of such other tawim-ss as mat
“Farmers Union.”
come before the said meeting.
Wrotem R<mte Get Fruit C*ra
By C. King Benton, Secretary.
At a co*t of about 86,600,000, 3700 Approved :
new refrigerator cara will be built
R. -J. Mclaaac, President.
for the Western FWlít Exprera Com­
pany and the Fruit Growers Exprera
Geninuè Fqrd parts at FrAtm Co.’«.
I’/Otnpany, controlled ' by the Great
Northern and affiliated railway sys­
Notice to Creditors
tem* according to announcement by
County Court of the State
Ralph Budd, presidan! of the Great
Northern. This new equipment will of Oregoh for Hood River County.
In the matter of the Estate of
gtake a total of 24,290 "reefers” avail­
able by the Great Northern for move­ Charles H. Sproat, Deceased
Notice is hereby given that the un­
ment of frnit and other perishables
In tbe Northwest reglón the coming dersigned lias l»een appointed admin­
istratrix of the Estate ut Charles H.
It is not yet known whether any Hproat, Deceased, by the Judge of the
of these rara will be built at the Port­ above <-ntitled Court All persons
land and Heattie shop* of the Pacific having claims against Mid estate are
Car A Foundry Company which hereby required to present the same,
passed to tbe control of the American duly verified, to th* (Undersigned ad­
Car A Foundry Company April 1 and ministratrix within six month« from
which is building 957 refrigerator the date of the first Tohlication of
cara for the Pacific Fruit Express this notice, at the offitepf A. J. Derby.
(tompany. owned by the Union Pacific First National Bank Building, Hood
and Bddthern Pacific railways, but it River.
First published' Marat If th, 1924.
is Mid that the required flr> liuiÜM-r
Nettie A. Sproat,^
for their construction will be ordered
• 1 >■ , ' .
Notice to Creditors
The Gift
an Elgin Watch
Elgin Time is “train
time” in the hands of
thousands of railroad
men, all over the world.
Such a present as an
Elgin is a gift of a life­
time. Nothing else will
ever take its place—it’s
z A f gift supreme.
Established in ISM
Spray, Nitrate of Soda
Orchard Supplies
We are now arranging accounts for the coming
season. Call and see us
No one in Hood. River who suffers
headaches or distressing urinary ills
can afford to ignore this Hood River
woman's twice told story. It is con­
firmed testimony that no Hood River
resident can doubt.
Mrs. M. A. Douglas. 14th A C 8t*J
says, “At the time 1 took Doan's I was
more or less subject to backache. Dur­
ing this trouble with my back, my kid­
neys werq, irregular and I fek gen­
erally depressed and had no ambition.
Two boxes of Doan's Pills mado me
n-ci like a different person. The mis­
ery in my hack stopped and my kid­
neys have never caused me any trouble
(Statement given May 4,
14ay 3. 1921), Mrs. Douglas added:
“Doan’s Pills always help me when
my kidneys get ont of order, so I al­
ways recommend them.”
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don’t
simply'ask for a kidney remedy—get
DoAn’a Pills—tbe same that Mrs.
Douglas had.
Foster-Milburn Co.,
Mfgra., Buffalo, N.Y.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Hood River County.
In the matter of the Estate of Cut­
tie CL Paddock, Deceased.
Notice Ta hereby given that the un­
dersigned lias been nppoiuted execu­
trix of the List Will and Testament
of Curtis C. Paddock, deceased, and
that all persons having claims against
aaid estate are hereby required to pre­
sent tbe same to the executrix, duly
verified within Tlx months from the
date of the first publication of thia
notice, which is the 6th te of March,
1924, at the office of A. JWerhy, First
National Bank Building, Hood River,
Clara E. Paddock.
Notice to Creditor*
Notice is hereby given that the un-
dciwlgned has been a ¡»pointed by the
County Court of Hood River County,
Oregon. administratrix of the estate
of William Davidson, deceased, and
having fully qualified an such, further
notice la hereby given that creditors
of and all persons having daims
against said estate shall present them
to the undersigned at the office of
Ernest C. Smith, attorney for said
estate, in the Hall Building, In the
City of Hood River, Oregon, verified
as required by law, within six (fl)
months of the daté of the flrat publi­
cation of this notice.
The date < t the first publication of
thia notice is March 20th. 1924.
Isabella Davidson,
Bids Wanted
As a result of the recent meeting
of the Trout Lake Development Asso­
ciation called at the instance of -For­
est Buperviaot Wright, a petition for
the building of the remaining portion
of the Husum-Trout lAke road is
practically signed up and the finish­
ing of tbe road is assured. George
Cecil, (district forester, ^nd_F. II.
Brundage, district supervisor of rosds
snd trails, besides Supervisor Weight,
represeuted tbe forest service and all
three commissioners of -Klickitat
county represented the county.
The forest service has already
built 5.1 miles of this road at * cost
of 350,000 and now the couiRy and
local district will complete it at a
cost of 3121.OOQ. Tbe state also spent
321,500 on this road last season, sur­
facing the portion graded by the for­
est., service.
These are days when you are thinking of them.
We have nearly everything In the staple line you
may desire. If you want anything special, we’ll get
it lor you.
Anderson Undertaking Co.
»rice paid tor your u**d
Highest cash price
and ruga. Call McClain
at E. A. Frans Co.
Notice *f Sheriff*« Sale
In tbe Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for tbe County of Hood River
in Equity.
North Pacific Mortgage Company, a
corporation. Plaintiff, vs. Frank II.
Stanton and R. V. Shearer, Defend­
By virtue of an execution, judgment
order, decree and order of sale issued
out-of the above entitled Q>urt in the
above entitled cause, to me directed,
dated tbe 3rd day of March, 1924.
npon a judgment and decree entered
in said Court on the 23rd day of Feb­
ruary, 1924, in favor of tbe plaintiff
above named and against the defend­
ant Frank H. Stanton for the follow­
ing sums, namely : 110,000.00 with in­
terest thereon at the rate of eight per
cent per annum from August 1st. 1928 ;
321.33, "being interest at the rate of
ten per cent per annum on th* sum of
from August 1st. 1023, to No­
vember 30th, 1928; *354.09 with inter­
est thereon at the rate of ten per cent
per annum from November 30th, 1923;
8750.00, attorney’s fee; $21-83 coots
and disburaetnenta herein taxed in
favor of plaintiff ; and tbe costa of and
upon said writ, commanding me to
make sale of that certain real property
aittete in Hood River County, Oregon,
and more particularly bounded and
described as follows, to-wit:
AU of the north half of the north­
east quarter (N^of NEU) of Section
twenty-two (22), in Township two <B> ■
North of Range ten (10), East of Wil­
lamette Meridian, containing eighty
(NO) acres, more or lean, together witli
a water right for twenty inches of
water deeded by one Roscoe Miller,
and Mve and excepting a right for a
djtch line now used by one Louis Ptog
or hia successors in interest,
together with all *pd singular the ten­
ements, privileges, hereditaments and
appurtenances thereunto belonging or
in any wise appertaining.
Now, Therefore, by virtue of said
execution, judgment order, decree and
order of sale and in compliance with
the commands of said writ, 1 will, on
Friday, the 4th day of April, 1924, at
1.80 o'clock p. m., at th* front door
of the County Court House in Hood
River. Oregon, sell at public auction,
subject to redemption, to the highest
bidder, for cash tn hand, all th* right,
title or interest which the defendants
in tbe above named stilt, or either of
them, had on July 30th, 1913, the date
of the mortgage therein foreclosed, or
since sgld date had in or to the above
described property or any part thereof
to satisfy said execution, judgment
order sad decree, interest, costs and
accruing costs.
Dated this 6th day of March, 1924.
First publication, March fl, 1924.
Last publication, April 3, 1924.
Thoe. F. Johnson,
Sheriff of Hood River County, Ore­
- -------------------
Parkdale Auto Stage
C. C. ANDERSON, Soto Proprietor
Licensed Embalmer and F »acral Director
L umber B ill , Mgr. ■
P honi UZI- that ' s our self - started
We have an extra good buy tn *a
1923 Dodge Brothers touring ter,
equipped with Hassler Hhock Absorb­
ers, -Bumpers, Spotlight, Automatic
Windshield Wiper. This car haa had
exceptionally good car* and shows it.
Bennett Brothers.
PboBe 1201
Notice is hereby given that the
State Land Board of the State of Ore­
Leaves Hood River daily at
gon will receive sealed bids at its
office in the Capitol Building at Salem, 4.30 p. m.
Oregon, up to 11:00 o’clock a. m..
April 29, 1924, for all the State’s in­
Leaves Parkdale Daily at 8
terest in tbe Ylver front lands herein­ a. m. (except Sunday).
after described. giving, however, to the
Every Saturday Leaves
Hail Inaurane». Rea R. E. Scott. mflif owner or owners of any lands abutting
or fronting thereon, the preference Parkdale at 6 p. m.
right to purchase at tbe highest price
offered, provided such offer ie made Hu
in good faith; tbe Board reserving
the right to reject any and all bids:
Said lands are situated In Hood
River County, Oregon and described
as follows:
Beginning at tbe meander corner
We have just received a car
common to Sections 81 and 82, T. 8 N.
of Land Plaster which we offer
R. 10 E. of W. M.. thence 8. 75 degrees,
rbrehouae at
40 minutes E. 1119.1 feet to 2x4x18
inch fir stake; 8; 12 degrees 47 min­
$14.00 per Too
utes E. 326.5 feet to 2x4x18 inch flr
stake; 8. 43 degrees 28 minutes E.
We also have a complete line
150.8 feet to % Inch iron bar; N. AS
of Fertilizers for Orchards, Berries,
degrees 51 minutes E. 252.3 feet to
Gardena and Lawns—
cross on rock; 8. 74 degree* 4 minutes
202.4 feet to cross on rock; 8. 78
Tankage, Fish Meal, Sheep Guano, E.
degrees 44 minutes E. 406.0 feet to
“Our* b the Creed]bfAClean
cross on rock; 8. .11 deg»*** 54 min­
Muriate* Potash, Nu pa rp h up hate
utes E. 871.0 feet; 8. 88 degrees 0
Cletbeu," sayi Kaptain Klein
minutes W. feet to G ot . meander­
‘Clean clothes at a moderate
Thence returning on Gov. meander
charge and strict attention to_
line to place of beginning containing
4.27 acres store, lands in NW14 Bee, ..datait«.” Thia business ot clevh .
32, T. 8 N. R. 11 E. W. M.
Ing and dyeing to «nit tbe public
Applications should be accompanied
Call, H mm or Write
» preference and purse ie a matter
by check or draft of the amount of
that receives our c treful, conscien­
bld and should be addressed to G. G.
tious consideration.
Brown, Clerk of the State Land Board,
tloa and bld to purchase River front
G. G. Brown.
Clerk State land Board.
Dated at Salem. Oregon,
February 13, 1(»2€ - — f21a24 ’
Tomato Special
Clark Special
ACCORDING to plans arid specifica-
| tk>ns of the Supreme Architect,
i Noah built an Ark that withstood
the rain for forty days and forty
nights. The plans called for lum­
ber of certain dimensions. The
water prevailed upon the earth
and beat against the Ark. Every living
thing perished except those in the Ark.
Can you find a better building material
than Lumber ? Can you find a better silo
than the ones made of lumber, put up by
the Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co ? We nave
thrce men in Hood River Valley that were
at wise as Noah. After carefully investi­
gating silos last year, Messrs. Geo. Cham­
berlin, L. A. Giikerson and H. S. Caughey
decided to put up Turn-A-Lunf silos.
We hope others will profit as they have
by insisting on a Tum-A-vLum Silo. We’ve
plansand specifications with every silo and
are ready to show plans for any kind of
building desired—always at your service.
Fine Dodge Brothers Car
Office Supplies
Hundred* of orchardist* tbelr field
work interrupted Vy the precipitation,
in town Saturday shopping, expressed
jubilation over tl»e snowfall that
struck tbe valley Friday night and
Saturday morning, leaving a blanket
ranging from three Inches in . the
Lxtwer Valley to five in the Upper Val­
ley around Parkdale.- Tbe fruitgrow­
ers deviated that the precipitation,
which, 'melting slowly, soaked into the
earth, was invaluable to orcharda and
strawberry tracts.
The anowstorm was as intense while
it lasted as any of the past winter.
The temperature remained above the
freezing point, and no frulte. not even
blossoming apricots, were injured.
'Th* following seven Hood River
men ware Initiated into' Tbe Dalles
Elks Lodge last Thursday night :
Geo. W. Thomson. Waiter Ford. Fred
W. Dona*rberg. Carl Baud. Ilbury
Julius, C. 8. Morgan and Win. Ald­
ridge.- They were accompanied by 48
city and valley members of thè fra­
The Dalles Ixaige of Elks, total
members state, plau ou bolding cere­
monial here during late April when a
class of about 10 candidates will be
initiated. *
IE old reliable market, where the dollar or any
multiple of it does its full duty, A full line
of all the staples for your table, and as well
the special articles of food that you so often
Kippered Salmon and Smoked Salmon
.. ——
Telephono 4311
What will it cost ?
Know before the work starts what it’s going to
coat you. I’ll give a flat priee and a guarantee oh
any job you may bring in, whether it is a small adr
justment or a complete overhaul.
MT Satisf**ftion Always mp
Shop IMI
Rea. 3721
Is Five Cents on the
Dollar of Valuation
Too Much to Earn?
If a business worth $10,000 earned $500 net income
in a year (or $41 a month), would it be considered an
unreasonable profit and proof that its prices were too
high ?
The railroads are in that situation today.
The 1923 net return for the whole country was leas
than 5 per cent. Aa of December 31, 1919, the Inter­
state Commerce Commia«in«l gave to the railroads a ten­
tative valuation of $18,900,000,000. With actual figures
far 1920, 1921, 1922, and with 1923 conservatively esti­
mated as $1,100,000,000, there has been invested in the
railways since this tentative valuation a net amount of
$2,371,583,000, making the value aa of December 31,
1923, $21,271,583,000. On this amount the Railways
in 1923 earned an aggregate net operating income of
approximately $997,610,000, or 4.69 per cent.
The Government guarantee of earnings expired Aug­
ust 31, 1920. If this guarantee had been continued—
as repeatedly but erroneously claimed—the Government
.would owe the railroads more than a billion dollar*.
Last year the roads handled a record volume of busi­
ness but could not earn the fair return of 5% Per cent
to which the Interstate Commerce Commission, under
the Transportation Act, has found they are entitled.
If the roads cannot earn 5 )4 Per cent *n a hig year, what
will they do in a small year?
The Transportation Act provides that if a road in any
year earns more than 6 per cent it shall pay one-half of
the excess to the Government. The Act, is, therefore,
a limitation rather than a guarantee.
Give Transportation Act Fair Trial
The THirisportatton Act should be given a fair test and Its
merits Judged by the result* of a normal period of reasonafiie
length. The year 1M3 was the first since the war under eondi
tlona appmu< lilng stabilization.
What ihe railroad situation demands just now Is not more law
but more confidence. The railroads have emerged from the wel­
ter of the war, rwtorefi their morale, made enormous tavern
meats of new money, and in 1923 handled a peak business With
universal safisfactlfio.
The Transportation Act is the only really constructive railroad
legislation of a generation. Previous acta were almost solely re­
pressive. In framing the Act the public Interest was paramount.
The Act directs the Interstate Commerce Commission to give due
consideration to th* transportation needs of the country and the
necessity of enlarging railway facilities in order to provide th*
people of the United Htates with adequate transportation.”
Give the Act « chance. Don't amend it. If the roads are ie'
•hm«- tto-y idionlii SHtee S« geod a
r- s t ll e l eaoy this-paar. ..
aa last.
Conatrnctlve Kiiggestions are always welco
Omaha. Nebraska,
April 1. 1924.