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Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mills of Salem
motored bere Saturday to spend the
tveek-ecd and Christmas Day at th
home of tbi-ir . son, 'Waldo O. Mills.
They returned home Tuesday.
Mary Elden, the bary daughter of
Mr. aud Mrs. W. o. Mills, was ten
months' old at this time and thta was
Mrs. Mills senior tenth visit here
since the baby's arrival.
Misa Greta Teague, of Portland, is
home for the week enjoying a Christ
mas vacation with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Teague.
Mr. and Mr3. A. B. Shelley of The
Dalles wtih their daunter, Marguer
ite, and sons, Lawrence and Troy,
ispent Christmas here with the lioyeds
mid Shellejs.
Mr. J. II. Eggert and son, Louis, of
Itond, Elmer Egbert, of Portland, and
Fred Fagert, of Hood River, were din
ner gaests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Ehrck, Christmas Day.
Mr. and . Mis. Duane Wieden of
Portland were prevented from coming
here for Christmas by the seirotis ill
ness of their small son who is suffer
ing from an attack of pneumonia.
A pretty wedding was celebrated at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fergu
son last Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock
when Mary Alice Honors became the
bride of Mr. J. Thurlo Tompkins. Jtev.
AV. S. Gleiser read the ceremony.
The bride and groom were attended
by Miss Dorothy Ilasklns, bridesmaid
and Mr. Horace Gillcerson best man.
Only relatives and immediate friends
witnessed the ceremony. Preceding
the ceremony Mrs. A. II. Ferguson
sang "i ijove xou uruiy." miss
Blauche Tucker played the wedding
Following the ceremony refresh
ments were served, Mrs. J. E. Fergu
son presiding at the bride's table.
Misses Martha Ferguson, Blanche
Tucker and Lois Ickes assisted in the
dining room.
The home was beautifully decorated
for the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. ThompKins left on the
afternoon train for the home of the
bride's parents at Toledo, Oregon. Af
ter January 1st, they will be at home
in Odell.
The bride is teacher of . domestic
science and other subjects in the High
school, now serving in that capacity
for the third year. -The groom has
sjciit practically his entire life in
Odell and vicinity. They have" the
iK'st wishes of many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Johnson have
lented their house and have moved
into the Dostofflee property which
they have leased for a term of years,
The Men's Third Annual Banquet
will .be held Friday evening at 0:30
o'clock in the church dining room
Price 50 cents a plate. The following
committees have charge: Publicity,
.1. 10. Ferguson; meat and gravy, AVil-
lis yheirbon: salads, VUlUam Kemp
vegetables. Allison rietcher: bread
and butter, Henry Itodamar; pie, An
drew Weinhelmer. Head waiter, V. S
Gleiser. Everybody welcome.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. next Sun
day. A special lnvlration is extended
to "all pupils lietweei,. the ages of nine
and llfteen, as Miss Martha Ferguson
will give them some work. At 11 a. in.
a New Year's sermon by lie v. W. S
It is our wish that all
of the people of Hood River
may have a
Tel. 2551
We have attained the goal on which we set our hearts
a year ago. Our new home is ready. We hope that we
attain the ends, during 1923, those of making the Hood
River Creamery just a little bit better institution every
day and every week, on which we have set our hearts.
We hope that such result may obtain for all of you
in every way, in domestic and business life, during the
New Year that each day may be just a little better and
the outlook a little brighter than the day precccding.
Eht tmutmjcr nf tltr
(Sramjc (Siwiprrattur Slnrr
mm until the rlrrlta
in tuwlttug all thrir patrmts a
Sramm mtii JJnnuirnma
We wish you a
We have evciythLig for the Christmas dinner. Remember
thai, you mil have to order Saturday for two days. Phone
us your fists C2rly and we will do the rest.
Gleiser. Special music. Epworth
League at 7 :15 p. in. Watch Night for
Myself, My Chapter, My Church. Eve
ning sermon at 8 o'clock. Special
On Christmas Day Thomas A. Boles,
proprietor of the Oftell Hotel, started
for Fernando, Calif., where he will
visit his son, brother and father.
Mr. and Mrs. It. J. Stretcher spent
part of the week in Portland.
The net proceeds of the Operetta on
Friday evening amounted to more tha
$00. Those in charge wish to express
their appreciation of the liberal pat
ronaee of the public. On the other
hand, those who attended felt that the
few hours were well spent. Those
carrying parts in the operetta did ex
ceptionally well,
Mr. and Mrs. Rolert II. Waugh were
out from town Kixwding the holiday
with relatives and friends.
Fred Tooley and family were dow
from Kowena spending the holidayi
with Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Mason, Mrs
Tooley's parents.
Robert Freeman and Gerald Jarvis
are lip from Benson Polytechnic spend'
Ing the holidays with their respective
families. Mr. Freeman, who was ac
conipanied by Paul JSosey, who joined
his family here for the holidays,
brought the new Freeman automobile
up from Portland.
Mixs Barbara Toder, a Lincoln High
student in Portland, is here sending
the holidays with her parents, Mr
and Mrs. Ilerzog.
Al. Graff is spending the holiday
with friends in Spokane.
Joe Cozad, who has been Indisposed
with grip the past week is reKirted
Nearly 00 neighbors gathered at
Grange hall Friday evening in a fare
well party for Dr. and Mrs. Thrane
and Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Ma Hoy. Mr
and Mrs. Malloy will remove this
week to their new home on the Stew
art Kimball ranch at Summit.
Miss Junke is spending a few days
in Portland.
Alice Andrews Rient Christmas
with her narents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E,
Andrews, returning to Portland yes
Miss Mary Hawkes, who Is teach
lng at Kelso, Wash., is home for the
Henry Lage of Sacramento Is
spending the holidays with his broth
er, E. E. Lage.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson of
Portland sient Christmas with Mr,
and Mrs. "Walter Wells.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Dragseth were
called to Portland Tuesday evening
because of the illness of Mrs. Drag-
seth's mother, Mrs. Wagner.
M. M. Hill Is spending the holidays
with his daughter. Miss Ruth, of
Mills College, Calif.
Mrs. Hazel Gibson and children,
Ralph, Louise, Marin and Hazel, left
for Los Angeles Frldny to spend the
holidays with Mr. Gibson.
Jimniie Wishart is here from Arllng-
on visiting his mother, Mrs. Ivan
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Dimmlck, Mrs
Ross Ringer and R. N. Hanna were
lood River visitors Thursday.
Miss Helen Anhert came home from
Monmouth Saturday jo spend Christ
mas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
aul Aubert.
W. T. Wyatt and George Hand were
Christinas shoppers at Hood River
on Saturday.
Jim Dimmlck went to Fossil to
sicnd Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis and
daughter. Miss Fannie, were over
from Parkdnlc to upend Christmas
with the J. II. Doggett family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Sheldrake and
sons, Johnnie aud Tommy, and Miss
Anclorjr Everson of Parkdale spent
Sunday with Mrs. Ida F. Everson and
School closed here last Tuesday for
a two weeks' vacation, with a program
aud a Christmas tree, and a treat of
candy and nuts by the teachers and
oranges by the Mount Hood Sunday
Oiiite a numlxT from here attended
the school program at Parkdale Friday
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Parr and (laugh
ter, Wiliun, have gone to Hood River
to sicnd the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. W .T. Wyntt enter
tained the Will Gardner family at
Christinas dinner.
Dect mlM-r 20, 1022.
W. W. Fa widish, of Willow Flat,
went to Portland last Friday to siend
Hie holidays with his family.
A very pleasing program was given
at the schoolhonse last Thursday
night by the pupils. A large attend
ance of parents and patrons were
present. So large that it was an evi
dence of the need of a community
house in our district. When the pro
gram was over Santa arrived and
distributed the gifts from the, tree.
The school lmard contributed bags of
candy and nuts enough for every child
tin-re and Home to the elders. The
teachers gave n holly lx of candy to
each pupil, and the teachers each re
ceived a fountain jcn from their pu
pils. The decorations holly wreaths
and crejie taiH-r streamer were very
profuse. Miss Gleiser left for her
home in Pa louse. Wash., on Friday,
and Mrs. Smith for Portland Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Chevron entertained
friends and relatives from Portland
Sunday atid Monday and gave a fam
ily Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs.
Chapman of Odell were also present
at dinner.
O. W. Hoffman spent the holidays
with bis sister in Portland.
G. A. Hoffman sjn-nt the holidays
with Lis sister in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Moss held a family
reunion at Mowsacres during the holi
days. Miss Oilve came from Port
land, Ioyd from Mfdford. Miss Flor
ence from IId River, and Miss l?cr-
nice (utiie from (rvalli; Mr. and
Mrs. Sylvester and children, Peir-n
and I ia ii forth, drove up from GoMo
arriving in time for dinner Saturday.
A woman, visiting a neighlmr one
day. did not find anyone at home. The
next moraine s!ie culled up to tell
jtliem she had ln-cn there. The man of
jthe family answered the phone and
(said: 0, I mw the tracks around
the bouse, but thought the cow had
gotten out,"
evening after a short stay with friends
and relatives in Seattle.
Mrs. II. G. Whipple had for her
week-end guest Mrs. F. Still of The
Miss Pearl McClure returned to
Pendleton after spending a few days
with her mother, Mm. Wm. McClure,
Henry Densmore of Redmond, for
nierly of Mosier, was a business visitor
here this week.
Miss Alice Shogren, who attends O
A. C, is spending her holiday vacation
at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Shogren.
Miss Frances Weller, who attends
St. Helens Hull, is spending a couple
of weeks at Mayerdale.
Frank Proctor returned Saturday
from Portland where he has been un
der a doctor's care at the U. S. Vet
eran Hospital..
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ingstrom,
Tuesday, a daughter.
Russell Henry of Nortons, Oregon
spent a couple of days as guest of
Francis Howard here, en route to Al
berta, where he will spend the winter,
Miss Una Riehlieu left Sunday for
Dufur where she will spend Christ
Miss Iva Howey left for Corvallis
Saturday, where she will spend a week
with her parents.
Mrs. Buchanan will spend her boll
day vacation at The Dalles.
Mrs. Mabel. Mathews and children
will spend the holidays In Seattle with
Both the Emanuel Church and the
Church of Christ had Christinas pro
grams Sunday.
Mrs. R. S. Covert of Chatfield spent
Wednesday at the home of Mrs. JL O
Whipple here, where she met her
mother, Mrs. Denslinger of Seaside,
who will spend Christinas at Chatfield
Miss Mildred Nichol, Miss Ida Niel
sen and Darrell Evans, who attend the
University of Oregon, are home for the
The Y. W. C. A. Minstrels will con
tinue their practice Monday and Wed
nesday nights under the direction of
Miss June Graves until December 28,
when they will stage a show at the
High School Auditorium. This event
is anticipated as the crowning event
of the season.
Dr. C. A. Macrum left Tuesday for
Portland and will join Mrs. Macrum at
Eugene where they expect to spend
the holidays.
Miss Florence Evans and Miss Lou
ise Morganson, students of the Pacific
University at Forest Grove, are spend
ing a couple of weeks at their homes
in Mosier.
George Forrest returned, to Mosier
from Portland Tuesday evening. Mr
Forrest is making his home with his
sister, Mrs. A. J. Herr.
Tuesday visitors to Hood River were
Mrs. W. O. Moore, Mrs. Fred Shogren
and daughters, Alice and Jeanne.
Mrs. S. E. Evans and daughter, Mrs.
J. Wilcox, were in Hood River Mon
Fred Moore was in The Dalles Tues-
H. G. Whipple returned home from
drtland Sunday and will spend t he
holidays with his family.
A Christinas dance was given by the
Mayerdale Orchestra Saturday night
at the Highway Hall. .
Beresford Proctor was a Hood River
visitor on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Clarke were In
Hood River Saturday.
Ralph Connely returned from Yaki
ma this week.
Robert Simpson is spending a few
days in Portland at the Sliriners cir-
us and Christmas festival.
Miss Laura Kibble of Vancouver,
Wash., Is siicnding the holidays at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Proctor
Mrs. W. E. Clarke and son, Wheeler,
siicnt Friday in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Burgland of Portland
re visiting their daughter, Mrs. R. G.
Dr. Sifton of Hood River made a
irofcHsional visit here Monday to Mrs.
F. A. Allington, who is suffering from-
ronchial pneumonia. Mrs. Allington
Is much improved at present.
The large audience that attended the
Mosier school Christmas program little
xpected the great treat that was In
store for them. Teh pupils and teach
rs had for weeks leen plotting and
iract icing and the product of their ef
forts was wonderful. Each grade had
t least one numlxT on the program,
which consisted of playlets and Christ
mas songs, dances and drills. The lit
tie folks in the pajama drill received
iiecial applause and the work of the
hiirher trades was very pleasing. The
igh school portrayed in tableaux the
scenes which transpired at the Birth
f Christ. The colored light flashed
pon these scenes made them beautiful
At the close of the evening the presents
were taken fronv baskets under two
onutlfully decorated trees. Every
liild received a gift. A surprise was
iven every child by the teachers in
rm of a candy-nlled cornucopia.
Corner Grocery Club
Hernia n Pregge has not given us
ny definite Information as to what he
is going to do with the two cub liears
he is keening under cover. Pregge
savs he has named them Johnnie Jones
nd his sister Soo, and says they are
aid of loaf sugar. Anyone wishing
to donate 25 or '.M pounds can send to
him by arcel post.
W. I Nichols and wife were out in
the Oak Grove district to eat goose
nd we learned that he almost drove
IT the embankment at the Anderson
ranch on account of the dangerous
condition of this corner. Mrs. Nichols
said that was certainly the limit and
her husband and road supervisor.
The Greenpoint road is about ready
or gravel.
Quarterly muster and inspection will
e held Friday, tomorrow evening at
o'clock. All menilxTs of the win-
any are urged to In present.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Herr and daugh
ter, Margaret JeweL returned Monday
By Kathryn Morrison
The Junior Class gave their annual
party last Friday. Doeemt-r 13. The
Auditorium was tastefully decorated
in Christmas color, and alout the
usual program was carried out.
Wliile dancing was going on in the
auditorium, games were N-ing played
in the D.mewtie Art deiwrtineut by
tlo.s,. that dhl not care to dance. A
prvs-'ram was given between nine and
ten o'clock, also games were played
and punch nerved. After the program
the daudng continued until eleven
, till I
For Our
371 Stores
January Economies
For the Whole Family
There it no better month in the whole year than January to
prove for yourself that the economies your, whole family can enjoy
at this store are actually greater than it is possible to find elsewhere.
There is unfailing evidence in every department.
Prices are not only uniformly low but the quality of our mer
chandise is of the kind that assures service over the longer period
of time, thus enabling you to get a greater., return out of every
dollar expended here.
You can ALWAYS go to a J. C Penney Company Store confi
dent that you will get a full 100 cents worth for every dollar!
The Christmas program of the
High School will he given by the Lit
erary Society this Friday afternoon,
Deeemiier 22, at 1! o clock, to which
the public is invited. The Christmas
programs in the schools will lie held,
early Friday afternoon, in their re
spective buildings, for the special de
light of the school children.
The Christinas vacation as fixed by
the school board extends from dis
missal Friday, Ieceniler 22, to
Tuesday morning, January 2.
Miss Beatrice Fogue, of the Park
Street school, has been from her
classes during the past three weeks
because of the serious illness of her
mother at Forest Grove. Mrs. H. G.
Ball, Mrs. ltoger Moo, Mrs. Effie
Green, have been substituting.
A student body, meeting was held
last Friday morning at which a com
mittee was apiHiinted to revise the
constitution, and it was voted to send
a bouquet of flowers to Miss Phillips,
who taught here last year and is now
in a snnitorium in Salem. The fol
lowing reiMirt of the football season
was read by the treasurer, Edwin
Bryan :
Receipts All games, $1,327.70.
October 1, Franklin game, $.10 ; Oc
tober 13, Greshani trip, $50; October
20, Stevenson game, $57 ; October 27,
Goldendule trip, $40; November
Dufur trip, $40; November 11, The
Dalles game, $1,020; November i 17,
Centerville trip, $40. Total receipts,
Team expenses $ 478.40 J
Equipment expenses 145.00
Miscellaneous 134.40
Total expenses
Paid American Legion
Season profit
820.98 I
This is the first time that the sea
son has returned a pront due, un
doubtedly, to the Armistice Duy game.
Last year the deficit was over two
hundred dollars, and the year before
it was even more.
The cooking class under Miss Helen
Frense has been serving hot 10-cent
unches at the High school during the
past two weeks to about one hundred
pupils daily. These will be resumed
after the holidays and continue until
about the first of March.
To take care of the overflow stu
dents in the study hull aliout twenty
extra desks will lie placed In the li
brary during the holidays.
Alleged Moonshiners Out on Bail
Melvln and Itoliert Andrews, Cas-
nde Locks meat market men, arrested
Saturday night by men from the of
fices of Sheriff Johnson and City Mar
shal Hart, with aliout 30 gallons of
moonshine, were released yesterday
on $1000 bond each. Morris MaytichL
aptured with the Andrews brothers.
was released. The trial of the two
men will lie held on January 3.
Iii the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Hood River.
Caroline W. Watts, Plaintiff, vs.
.'lay ton W. Hooker, Bird Mae Hooker,
Martha M. Moore and C. F. Randolph,
By virtue of a writ of execution In
'oreclosure duly issued by the Clerk
f the Circuit Court of Hood River,
Oregon, on the 22nd day of Iiereuiticr,
1922, in a certain suit wherein Caro
line W. Watts is plaintiff, and Clayton
W. Hooker, Bird Mae Hooker, Mar
tha M. Moore and C. F. Randolph are
defendants, wherein the plaintiff re
covered judgment on the 4th day of
Deeemiier, 1922, against the said de
fendant Martha M. Moore for the sum
f $1,000.00, with Interest thereon at
the rate of six per cent per annum
from May 22, 1922. and for the suiq of
100.00 as attorney's fees and for
25.73 costs and disbursements, I am
commanded as Sheriff to make sale
f the property therein described and
hereinafter descriliett, to satisfy said
uilcment; wherefore.
Notice is hereby given, that I will,
t the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore
noon on tne - t n day or January,
1923. at the east front door of the
'ounty Court Housn. in the City of
Hood River, Hood River County, Ore
gon, sell at pulilic auction to tne
ighest bidder for cash the following
lccriled real proterty, situated in
lood River County, Oregon, to-wit:
The Southwest Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of the Northwest
narter of Section 15 In Township 2
North of Range 10 East of the Will-
met te Meridian.
Topthcr with all and singular the
tenements, hereditaments and appnr
tenaiKvs thereunto belonging, or so
much thereof as may le no-ssary to
satisfy said judgment and accruing
costs. Said proju-rty will eb sold sni
ject to confirmatioa nd redemption,
as providd by law.
Dated Docemlier 22nd. 1922.
Sheriff of Hood River County, Oregon.
(123 J25 ,
a ua i-VE r smYcxa
Nearly one hundred
Fordson Tractors
in the Hood Kiver Valley have made
the Fordson Tractor the machine of
popular favor.
Its small investment, its wonderful
performance; its economy in main
tainanco, backed by an unusual ser
vice have made it the universal choice
of Hood River ranchers.
Do not delay, order now.
"The Home of Uunusual Service.'
IS almost here and 1922 is fast slipping back into his
tory. It is a time of checking up and looking for
ward with new' hopes and aspirations. We hope that
we have measured up to your desires - as a standard
place of business during the past year. It is our de
termination to apply all our resources and efforts to
give you an ever better service the coming year.
May 1923 and each of its passing days bring to all
of you a full realization of your desires.
- The Hood River Market
Phone 4311
Happy New Year
Phone 4141.
O. C. Hughes, Prop.
yiIAT the New Year will be a happy one for all of the folk
of Hood River. I wish to prosper myself, but by so
doing I want to help every one else prosper, realizing that
business thus built h respected.
Cash and Carry Grocery