The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 16, 1922, Image 2

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    ARTHUR O. MOE. Publisher.
Subscription, 82.00 Per Tear.
Display advertising, per inch, 25 cents first
irao ana ai cents ior Kama buy.
Ucai readijiK notices, 10 cents per line first
lBRertton, 5 cents per line same reader kkuui.
naaatfled Aris.-2ft cents for one iuHertlon, I
lines or lens; 10 cents foreach additional inter.
lion of same ad.
When subscribers desire a change In address
this oliice should be nounen promptly, aim a
wek before If oossible. Always (rive old ad
dress as well as (lie new. Also, Hood Klver
subscribers should notify thlsofflee atonce
when changiUK their address rrotn onerurai
root to another, or from city delivery to
country delivery, or vice versa. If you do not
get your paper promptly, notify us by mall or
lelepnoue ana me matter win wiuvouiiiu
Hood River has Bent out the good
news that its taxes will be cut by a
considerable figure this year. This
news will interest prospective home
seekers, we think, as much as any in
formation we have forwarded from
our fair city in many years. Many
Oregon municipalities are announcing
that they will be able to get by this
year without utilizing all of their six
per cent increase. In many towns the
demands of the people have resulted in
a heavy additional tax burden the com
ing year.
Hood River, however, will cut ex
penses, and it ia gratifying to note
that thelcut will be'made without any
great sacrifice. The city school board
and the citylofflciaU are applying busi
ness methods in theirppropriation of
funds. We see no reason why we can
not get back to a normal.Ievel.of the
tax rate. It is an end thatill aid us
in many ways. It will result in an in
creased construction of homes here,
thus adding to the assessable property
This will automatically aid in a fur
ther reduction of taxes. It will In
crease our population. Industry fights
shy of a town where the tax burden is
like unto a yoke. A low tax will stim
ulate other business enterprise here,
New business will call for additional
payrolls. At present we have a house
shortage that is serious. Our popula
tion would be greater had.we sufficient
houses for peopltjto live in. Citizens
are not going to build houses for rent,
when they face taxes so heavy. But
lower taxes will result in these needed
new homes.
This is Children's Book Week. Let
us heed the instructions of educators
librarians and sociologists and make
this week the beginning of a new sys
tem in our homes. We are asked to
see that every school child reads at
least one good book this week. Why
not start with those a little younger
and begin in the evening the reading
of excerpts of good stories or the
poems of such lovers of children as
James Whitcomb Riley or Eugene
Field to the little fellows who have
not yet learned to read.
The love of reading can be paused on
as a heritage to children by habit of
their elders. Cultivate and stimulate
in the children the habit of spending
some time with good books. They will
be better for it. You will be reward
ed in days to come when they grow
older. Instead of delving for adven
ture on the street and among associ
ates, whose evil tendencies may lead
their feet on forbidden paths is it not
better that they become possessed of a
love of finding this adventure, of stim
ulating the imagination of youth with
good books?
The question of a community hos
pital to replace the one which now
seems to be inadequate for thejneeda
of Hood River county has been dis
cussed favorably by the American Le
gion, and a hospital committee was ap
pointed to do anything it could to help
the matter along. This committee's
attention has been called to the enter
tainments beinz eken at the Uialto
ihintr November iiZ and at a date to
ha announced bv the Methodist and
Community church mens' forums, the
proceeds of which will be added to the
$5,000 already on hand for this pur
pose. The Legion hospital committee
wants to suggest to the citizens of
Hood River county and the members of
the American Legion that mis is a nne
opportunity to enjoy a good entertain
mmt and at the same time contribute
in a most worthv CSUSe.
American Legion Ho?pital Committee.
Members of the Gun Club are now
practicing for the big turkey shoot to
be held next Sunday. It is anticipated
that many shooters will be present
from various mid-Columbia points.
Hood River county as a whole should
be proud of Russell Dowd and Robert
Beal. The latter boy has three first
prizes to his credit. He was first at
the local school fair, at the state fair
at Salem and last week at the big
Portland land show. He won out over
the entire Northwest in Portland.
The City Water Department is an
institution of which the citizens should
be proud. It pays its own way. The
coming year it will furnish, in addi
tion, a $2,800 appropriation'fur a sink
ing fund, which in former years was
created by taxation.
We failed to mention the re-election
last week of our good citizen and faith
ful servant, Constable dinger. .Mr.
OlinRer is the dean of Northwestern
peace officers. He is a man who never
grows old. The votes he always gets
attest to bis lasting popularity.
Hood River has started off on the
Governor Elect Pierce program all
right. The city school board and the
city budget board are all reducing
taxes. If the county budget board
w ill do likewise, we will all be happy.
The lesson of Lester Warren, a bad
check artist who was caught and who
is now at Salem, where be will reside
at the penitentiary for a year and
three months, should be a warning to
other overly careless young
Friday and Saturday, November 17
and 18, the Rialto Theatre proudly
presents one of the screens' greatest
.nnturflH. "In the Name of the Law,
one of the most gripping pictures of
fomili; life ever shown, iwo soiia
weeks at the Blue Mouse, Portland.
Also Topics, International News and
Aesop's Fables. Matinees, 10 and 35
cents. Evenings, 30 and 50 cents.
Sunday only, November 19, Betty
Compson in "At the End of the
World." Also Pathe Review and Hall
room boys' comedy, "Wild, Wild Wom
Monday and Tuesday, November 20
and 21, Wallace Reid. fcSebe Daniels,
Coniad Nagle. and Julia aye in -iNice
People." a great big knockout special
production from the Ue Mille studies.
A so Kound MX or me iemner rumi-
. . l ',. i
era . and congressman uump in iue
Gumps' Moving Day.'
Note "Nice People" played the
Columbia in Portland at B0 cents. We
will show "Nice People," "the Leath
er Pushers," and "Congressman Andy
Gump" all in one bill at usual prices,
10 and 35c. Beat this bill for a show
that is 100 per cent. It can't be done.
Wednesday matinee only, November
22, a George Melford production, " Ihe
Woman That Walked Alone," with
Dorothy Dalton, taken from the story,
The Cat That walked Alone." aiso
Episode 4 of "The Miracles of the
Jungle" entitled "The Leopard's Ven
geance," and "Cured" Century com
Wednesday evening, November 22,
the Mary Adel Hays Opera Company.
Seats now being reserved at the the
Thursday matinee and evening, No
vember 23, same bill as Wednesday
matinee. See above.
Coming, direct from Rivoli theatre,
Portland, Prisrilla Dean in "Under
Two Flags." Miss Dean as Cigarette,
the daughter of the Regiment, in
Ouida'a famous story. Here Friday
and Saturday, November 24 and 25.
Watch Portland papers for ads.
Vera Kolstad and the Wurlitzer daily.
Matinee every day, 2 p.
Friday and Saturday, November 17
and 18, Alice Calhoun in "The Matri
monal Web." Also Buffalo Bill, "The
Hand of Justice."
Sunday only, November 19. Herbert
Rawlinson in the Booth Tarkington
story. "You'll Find It Everywhere,"
and Pathe News.
FrankMunroe at the piano.
Boys Arrested on Liquor Charge
Sheriff Johnson and City Marshal
Hart and deputies believe they have
ended widecpiead illicit liquor opera
tions in thearrest of nine boys, all 18
and 19 years of age. Dean Hatch was
assessed a $100 fine and'given a D0-day
jail sentence. The jail sentence was
suspended on his good behavior. Stu
art Heath, Portland boy, was given a
suspended 90-day sentence. He was
sent to his home, where he will be al
lowed to remain unmolested as long as
he behaves himself. S. H. Matheson
and M. R. Vanderwort wero released
on $50 bail. J. M. Abbott, George
Marshall and John Wilder paid fines of
$50. Ray Boardman was released to
his father until his trial later, and
Francis Odell remains in jail awaiting
Young Odell, according to officers,
was using an'abandoned garage in the
heart of the residence district for the
baee of operations. Others of the boys
had their liquor cached just back of
the courthouse.
The 1'ary Add Hays concert wiil te
worth the n.orey the tickets cost You
will enjoy the rerfcrmance doubly
knowing that the fund will go to the
Community Hoc;ita!.
Now save up for the good time you
have in propft at the eighteenth an-!
nual ball cf the Hood River Volunteer j
Fire Department. j
From the number of drncki arrested
there Saturday tight, it a;pc&is that
Portland dues not knew bow to handle
her liatior.
The I lord River Bow lirg team, the
f lue Diamond, are properly named.
They are of standard ral.ey q iality.
Wallace Reid
Babe Daniels
Conrad Nagle
Julia Faye in
also Round 6
"56g Leather
and Congressman-Elect
Andy Gump in
"Moving Day"
HON. and TIES. Nov. 20-21
Usual Prices lO and 35c
"Nice People" just played
at Columbia, Portland at 50c
We show it with other at
tractions at 35c.
Library Notes
The Hood River County Library is
again the recipient of a generous gift,
this time the "History of Oregon"
by Judge Charles H. Carey, of Port
land. Judire Carey stipulated to his
publishers that a copy of this book was
to be given to every library in uregon,
This particular gift volume is to be
kept at the library for reference use
but if the demand ia sufficient to war
rant, a second copy may be purchased
for circulation.
November 12 to November 18 is
"Children's Book Week." A number
of new books have been placed on the
shelves for the children. Other old fa
vorites have returned from the bindery
and will again be nut in circulation.
The new "Rental Collection," du
plicates of the fiction recently added to
the library, is also ready and the pub
lie may brorow these books by paying
two cents a day for their use.
Anne C. Haxby, Librarian
V Mm,imt
Children's Clinic Tomorrow
The regular clinic and conference for
children below school age will be held
at the county library tomorrow, fri
day. The children will be weighed
measured and given a thorough physi
cal examination by a physician. All
mothers in the county are invited to
bring their pre-school children.
is here and we have everything
you need for making it.
New Crop Raisins
New Currants
New Crop Walnuts
New Citron
New Lemon and
Orange Peels
Fresh and Boiled Cider
Ready-Made Mincemeat
in Bulk and Packages
Better make that Mincemeat now
so it will be ready for the
Holidays. Order from
Hie Star Grocery
"Good Things to Eat"
Hood Klver Oommsndery no. 12, K.T
Meets every Drat Tuesday evening
ear n month. A. u. Lewis, c. (J.
A. M. Cannon, Recorder.
MT. HOOD COUNCIL No. 8. R. H. M. Meets
In Masonic Hull every third Tuesday Id
each month.
W. F. Laraway. 1 . I. M,
A. Canfleld, Recorder.
MT. HO.MK CAMP SUM, R. N. A., meet ser-ond
and rourtti t rlday or each moutlt at old K
o( 1'. hall.
Mm. Emma Jones. Recorder.
Mr. Elizabeth Rodger, O.
Meeta second and fourth Tnesday evening
of each mouth. Visitor cordially welcomed
Mil l', u. tiiaucuar, w. M
Lois U. Fuller, k"ec'y.
IDI.KWILDK I-ODUE NO. 107, I. O. O. r.-M-
lu Fraternal hall, every Thursday
tilKDU A. It. (hsinbera, xn.u.
Uo. W. Thomson. Secretary.
Mwu the find and third Tuesday evening In
each month In the Odd Fellows Hall, aeveu
nil lea south of Hood Klver. R. 1. I
Mr. tieo. rileghaupt, N. U,
Mrs. Dane Kemp, ac.
of woodcraft Meeta at K. of P. hall on the
first and Third Tuesdays of each month.
Mrs. Katherlne blavena, U. N.
Mrs. F. 11. Blagg, Clerk.
Meets the iifind and fourth Thursdays of
earn mount at k.nt r hall.
A Ida Haldwtn, K. C.
Mrs. Florence Rand, M. of R. and C.
Pout. American Legion, No. 2!. Meets Wp.
m. 1st Saturday of each month at Library
Hall. Mrs. Ueo. Vt utur. Pres.; Mrs. Dr.
Abraham, Hec
Hevnlar meeting second and fourth Mondsya
of each month. K. M. Noble, C P.
Ueo, W. 1 boruaon. Scribe.
KEMP LOPUE. No. 1K1, 1. O. O. F.-MeUln
Odell Odd Fellows' hall every Hatnr-
day nlgbt. Visitors cordially welcomed.
Wm Hannah, N. O.
R. E. Cresou, V. O.
H. H. Caotthey, Secretary.
Ueo. Clark, 1 reaaurer.
HMU KIVER CAMP, NO. 7,7(8, M. W. A
Meets In K.of P. hail every lal and rd Wed
of each month. J. E. Mowers, K. C.
W.T. F ranter. Clerk.
M. Elmt and Ibird Wednesday n')(bt of
-wt u ii in. fx . n . muctmir, w . j.
Kent hboemaler. Pec y.
ho) ki v ek c Haiti k no. r?. r. a. m -
Meeta first and third trlday n'Khu of each
month, o. R. Nye, H. P.
W. H. Mcuulre, Secretary.
W. O. W. Reeular meetlnra are neid the f)rt
and third Mondays ol each month at K. ot
P. bail. Visitors cordlaily Invited, a. C C.
O. W. Karton, C C
1. 1. Biagg. Clerk.
In K.. of P. bail every Tnesdsy night
A. U. Thompson, C. C
L M. l.!dtn. K.of K and H.
Met la firal and third Mfiln)i en-h
Mr. Csara Coiby
Mrs. Nettie Mw, S
I O O F.
For M'e-One ;n of l'f ht work vt
aiuit lint erti, f..i ftniK-ra tnke in work
a. rifle or to r:de; cd ID. wacor. hoi and
aiTiiig aeat con-ie; ml M tirechtnc work
brtie- nmpiH- it'x1 (t r wt b -afia and
ooirt.ui:ii ht a iroy roeitev. in.
Odell iri
For Sole j-'i weeks oid r--1 a:i VS. I'. J.
Ye k. Hood Klver. dT
Forfait In Hood R; vr. irnom honw!th
ha-merit. m'la. op t 1t. fm:r fcru and
g aragr, ht a ,e or rent. a.l t.i-i 1. 1 . bi u
Fir se H waettoid rcrEUare. A. C Mr.
rnL i lli i t.i
to Wear
The Store
Retailers of 5V TT A TO) t 1TAI1 nfTZst
Everything Qf)Q JTWKJ K JT&& 11 Vali
We are prepared to take care of your every want.
T A .Tf?C, P.O A TC New ones arriving each week direct Irom tne maicer
JL A.llllfO JJ J 1 O of the newest materials and latest styles.
The Coat must fuanish warmth as well as a stylish appearance. Our assortment of
Winter Coats are a happy combination of smartness and warmth, which with their high
quality make them unusually desirable garments.
For the outdoor hours during the cold weather season,
one of our splendid high quality Wool Scarfs will provide
warm protection against the wintry blasts. Come in and see them. New shipment just in.
We have arranged a Special Baby Department on the 2nd Floor, where you will find
every wanted article, arranged and displayed in such a way that it will make it most easy
and convenient for you to make your selections.
Layette Sets, Bands, Undershirts, Dresses, Coats, Bootees, Hose,
Shoes, Knitted Jackets, Sweaters, Hoods,
and dozens of other articles necessary for the infant.
Come in and see what we have in this line. We will be pleased to show you.
Tl?l?r.T 17 A7f-D If In our Infants' Wear Department you will always find
llllr'llUL.ll VV UlvIV a completejine of Stamped Pieces of every description,
and embroidery threads, We have a big assortment for you to choose from. Make your
selections now.
Bring your Hemstitching, Ruffling and Dressmaking to our Dressmaking Depart
ment Mrs. Florence Simonton in charge. All work guaranteed.
i tr'kMr
For Sale U50, 1921 Ford touring car J new
Urea, i spares; 160 worth ot extras. For quli-k
sale, im Terms. Flione SOU or call iu 1225
Hberman ave. u"
For Hale Two ranch horses, weight about
i.u.t . . . iiiui. I .i i. .... cn nnH rfl ivnunn
J I RJ ttjlll HIM, ftDU I I, ." . .. i..,-.
win uiii nhuun r will Irade for wood. J.L.
Johnson, tel. 2842. n90
For Sale-CnlD Plan Store, Cord Tires: 80x8.
f9; 0xS, m: 32x4 and 81x4, 1U; 33x5, f 30. Fa
bric: 30X3, n; juny, .
Foi Hale One span of work horses, 5 and 6
years old, weight 'MiO I bs ; one nearly new set
of work harness; new S'4 truck wagon. Troy
Bhelley. Odell 2U3. nl6
For Rale A No. 1 Guernsey cow. eives (rood
quantity of very rich milk; has six weeks old
Heller call, rnone a. j. urau, tet. iiwu
For Bale Team of horses, bay weighing
about 2J00 pounds. Call Cbss. Bavo, mile
south of Oak Orove Wtore. Tel. bom. nju
Wanted To lease good orchard place, west
g!de preferred. Will lease for five years with
option to buy. Address Rancher, care Ola.
cier. nl6
J.'S Reward The onderslgned will pay the
above reward for evidence that wl 11 convict
the person who removed a Hydraulic Ham
from bis place at Clifton Psrk. The perpe
tratorM known but evidence to convict Is
wanted; hence the reward. M. R. Noble. c23
Strayed front the Rose Odell pasture, 1
miles south of the MU Hood store by the
bridge, one dark Jersey heifer, two years old,
to be fresh In a month. Phone Farkdale 3i.
J.B. Dlmlck. n30
Lost At Blue Diamond Bowling Alley, a
Co'ikllo fountain pen. Finder please leave
with Goodwin at alley. Dili
I have two or three good gentle hors that
1 will let out for their feed this winter to re
sponsible parties. Let me hear at once. Will
drive or ride. Gilbert Kdgington., tel. 373. n23
Lost Two white pigs nine weeks old. Re
ward for information. Troy Shelley, phone
Odell 2W3. nl
Lo8t-l side curtain from Ford between Ad
veuttstchurch and Tucker's Bridge. Under
return to Ouy Crapper, Jerlco Lane. p23
Pasture and straw at The Dslles for winter
feed for horses. Will make a drive about
Thanksgiving. Inquire of J. U, Kdgington,
Hood River. n23
To buy your home in Portland, see H. P.
Allen, 1139 Belmont Ht. Phone residence. Ta
bor 0276. Office, Tabor 9407. 28tf
Ford Drivers: Here Is where you aave your
money. Culp Plan Htore.
Cord Tires 30x3, Jl; 30x3, 112: 81x4, 116:
32x4, 16; 33x5. m
Kabrlcs-80x3, 17. 30x3, 19.
With each tire you get a tube for $1.00, at 109
Fourth street, nl6
Real Estate Loans
C LOANS may be secured for any par
pose on farm lands, Irrigated lands, to buy
or build homes, Cltv or Farm, under our
first mortgage certificates. Bankers Reserve
Deposit Company, Gas fc Electric Bldg , Den
ver. Colo. &16
Vnr Sale-J M lvorv enameled bedlwlth spring
and mattress. UBed only few weeks. Phone
33wl. n1B
For Sale In Underwood, my hotel building,
baru, Jitney, cars, pool room or restaurant,
iriinituheit nr nnfnmlshed. Will also consider
lease to respectable, responsible parties who
nipurAA ainess and exnect to stav. Good lu-
nutUin mr barber. No irlflers. Call and see
me at hotel. Mrs. Mary v. Lane. mo
For Main nr Trade Dras Baw. Want Cream
Heparator.stnmp puller, lumber or what nave
you. it, U. INOei, Aieiuouist l.hud. uu
KorHalenv owner, ten acres on the F.ast
aide. 4U miles from town. Oood buildings
snd lu good condition. Very reasonable If sold
soon. Address Owner, care of Glacier. nl6
For Sale-One milk goat giving 2J-i quarts a
day; one female Togeuherg kid; lei. 354. n2tf
Kr Hale A-l Holsteln-Jertiey cow.
591M. H. L. Murphy.
For Sale One team, weight about 1100 each
oue tnllch cow.oheap. Phone jb.)3. um
R,.r MaiAKord trnck. a easoline wood saw
tm for both. Phone 4531, o26tf
For Sale I.ewla' Trapnested Reds. Records
tip to Jfiv eggs per year; iioca nvcit?,
C. ckerels, $2.50 to f7.50 each. Buy now ana
save money. Kaiph R. Lewis, phoue Odell 98.
v.uul. a lis.tnn ttemihtln truck In good
running order, complete with apple rack, or
.in ia. tr.irl tiinrinir rsr as imrt pay.
Chas. Struck, Lyle, Wash., P. O. box 118. dl4
ir.. u.u tirmi hmiM on terms: now va
cant. Hee A. V. Morrill, 10a5 Hull; tel. 33i2. n23
ir..r u.ia nab dlnlnar room set. oak folding
bed and one baby buggy. 107 K. Wtale Ht, or
phone -Jb'M. o"U
For Sale-I hava for sale a 2-ton Btandard
truck. Ills In first class condition ana naa
i.tneh (londrlch tires. Give me a note,
acceptable to the bank and yon can name
your own lime, wmo ur iiuo . .
den, Mosier, Ore. Phone . sl4lf
Vnr H.ismnm modern bungalow with
. , tn.niu'll I'w.i lota. 50X11)0
each. Phone 8&l. W. A. Lockman. al7tf
r woiHarrelt District, one acre, A-room
house, furulHied, out buildings, never falling
well modern chicken house accomodating
2H). el.etnclty. Address h.. 1 unmw.yv
N. K. liilh St., rortiaoa. urs, jj""
r. u.i. rr anrl nine lft-ln. and 4 ft. wood.
delivered anywhere within two miles of Hood
River. K. Beaurenard., tel. Odell . mlHlf
u . i . i lnia ftir unitt In all Darts of
theclty, price right. A. W. Onthank AOo. a!4tf
ForHle-AtaBsraln modern residence.
Iwo blocks from center of bUKlnem district, 12
rooms. Including four large bedrooms, large
double sitting room, kiicnen pan iry, large
closeis. bathroom and enclosed trch. Muip-
ied with furnace ana naa couveuieut Kiri.Ko.
II W.J. Dft.
For Rent Two furnished rooms and a sleep
i porch with beat and bath. Mrs. J. hdgtng
u. l boneHTfti. Dl,,lf
D...nnnmi rlnM In. Wllh OT WllhOUt
meals. 6i4 Cascade sve phone 3t54. nlBlf
rf Kent limine room and kitchen. A
good opportunity for somebody to run a
txiardltig house, fall at Glacier office. n:
For Rent Two light housekeeping rooms.
and cola water, iaq aun mnu a.v., i-u-.u
2 51
or Rent A piano Call Mrs. Ueo. H. Me-
Mullln.iTui. o-XU
Wanted A home for good work team fit
Ibeir keep this winter. Tel. Udells.. nit-U
u . nied-Wood in ent by contract 1 have
he twt equipment in tt'e valley Write and ;
1 wm rail. Lewi R. knat p, Koate x, !4.x ;
, Hotd River. Ore. men j
Finerlenced womon with two small chil- '
dren. unit snd a J er. woold I'ke r"H).-n.
rore ar a nome ii'w
Writ Mrs. M.B Kergent. Odell, Ore. Bj I
Vtanied-Men to bny wfll filled backeia oo
Thnrla right, ov. 21 at the l"ioe Umve
Grant Haii. 1
W snled T rent a nood rno for ( months. '
Geo f. Msckeusi. ptkoue Mit til ,
Wnril-I t reticed msi tn handle pear
fTrrd at M e.1 ( ird. Hee e, i. ituon, Ho.m1 ,
River, phone lI. B2tl
Wiuted-Tn boy four osed tni n'tnre. tove
snd run (uh or Dew goods In exrbanca. .
L A. r raos ia. im
A sn'ed omsn f rnrI bonework for '
rM or a.l time. Mrs. W , R. Woo pert, phone i
Don't be worried. "What shall I do for Thanksgiving Dinner P"
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last week It's a comfort to look over a well stocked pantry, now,
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DATES, per package, 15c, Camel Brand, new Stock
CITRON PEEL, pound 58c, Best imported Corsica
FIG PUDDING, small 21c, medium 45c, Heinz variety
PRUNES, 2 pounds 25c, 1922 crop, large size
LEMON AND ORANGE PEEL, 35c lb., Flag Brand, of course the best
MINCE MEAT, No. 2 cans, 15c, Pride Brand
BLACK FIGS, pound 20c, 25 lb. box $4.75, Choice Stock
LAYER FIGS, pound 25c
CANNED MILK, Your choice Federal, Darimade or Alpine
Per can 9c, limit 10 cans
COCOA, 3 pounds 25c, pure bulk
CHOCOLATE, pound 15c
HONEY, pint jars, 29c, 1922 crop, light color
ROYAL BAKING POWDER, 12 oz. 40c, 2 lb. $1.19, 5 lb. $2.35
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FILBERTS, New Crop, special 20c per lb., 5 lbs. 95c
WALNUTS, Groners' Extra Fancy Budded Oregon Growth
Best by 5 years' test, 40c, 5 lbs. $1.90
Groners' 2X Brand, 33c, 2 lbs. 65c-Groners No. 2 quality 28c, 2 lbs. 55c
ALMONDS, lb. 30c, 5 lbs. $1.40, paper-shelled variety
Good Standard Tomatoes, Cut String Beans, Peas or Corn, 2 cans 25c
MAZOLA OIL, pts. 29c, qts. 55c, Ever a faithful friend to careful cooks
DEL MONTE BEANS, Buffet size, 5c
OYSTERS, can 15c, 5 oz. size, Can you beat it?
CATSUP, Preferred Stock, new stock, pint bottle, each 25c
Why drink Moonshine? 20th Century Coffee has the kick and furnishes
the shock absorber. No harm done and all the benefits received. Per
lb. 33c, 2 lbs. 65c. Roasted today by us, on your table tomorrow.
FLOUR, Crown, Olympic, Vim. Fletchers', 49 lb. sack $1.88
P & G NAPTHA, All purpose soap, 6 bars 25c
SWIFT'S WHITE SOAP, 8 bars 25c
OREGON DRY ONIONS, 5 lbs. for 10c, $1.85 per 100 lbs.
FANCY SWEET POTATOES, 7 pounds for 25c
If it is good to eat and to be had, it is at these stores and
priced as only a system liKe ours can afford to.