The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 05, 1922, Image 4

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Personal shopping has advantages over ordering from the
home. Some think only of the trouble, but they have a change
of mind after they try personal shopping on account of the sav
ings. It's enjoyable, brightens up the week like those big red
apples brighten up the sideboard gives the table a touch which
the home shopper misses.
owMany Will Give
One Dollar ?
y ALTER M. PIERCE is making a
gallant fight, almost single handed,
to be elected Governor of Oregon. He
has no funds to pay the expenses of
his campaign.
The issue he makes is Reduced Taxes, and he prom
ises, if elected, to use every power vested in the Governor
to lessen the taxation that now rests so heavily upon the
backs of the people.
No powerful corporations are behind Pierce; nobody
but the plain people. His election depends upon them
alone. Don't you feel it your duty to help him in his
worthv fight by contributing One Dollar to his expenses ?
It isn't much for any one to give, but there are many plain
people, and if you help a little the battle will be won. It
will make a clean campaign and elect a clean man.
Please send YOUR dollar today, together with your
name and address, and the contribution will be acknowl
edged by return mail.
Putting Pierce in means
putting your taxes down!
Write your
Name here'..
Write your
Address here .
Tald Adv.
Cut this notice out and pin a dollar hill to it and muil to
T. H. CRAWFORD, Manager
Plerce-for-Governor Campaign
Gordon Building, Portland, Oregon
Quick service to Upper Valley on
In an address under auspices of the
Sunday Evening Club of Riverside
Community church Sunday night.
Judge Jacob Kanzler, who presides
over the Multnomah County Court of
Domestic Relations, strongly scored
divorce, declaring that 90 per cent of
the 2,200 children who pass through
his court annually are the product of
broken homes. He characterized the
ease with which divorce decrees can be
secured as one of the worst evils of
the t'mes. fie cited that frequently
poor people, after securmglan easy di
vorce, remarry, and bring about a
double overhead 'expense in their
homes by duplication of families. Too
often, he declared, some of the chil
dren, uncared for at home, become
wards of the state.
Judge Kanzler also touched on the
feeble minded. He urged legislation
that would give the state 100 per cent
supervision of feeble minded through
out their lives. He declared that 60
per cent of the subnormals can be ren
dered useful by special education.
Judge Kanzler declared that those
presiding over such courts as his must
be guided by three principles, brains.
heart and common sense. No child, be
said, is ever judged in a technical
sense. He declared that the children.
witmn a few minutes after their ar
rival in his court in nearly all in
stances tell him what they have done
and make a clean breast of their trans
It is our aim," said Judge Kanzler,
to get at the reason and cause of the
delinquencies. We are more concerned
with this than the guilt or innocence
of the youngster. We want to apply
some cure. We will not tolerate the
name juvenile court. It is a misnom
er. Ihe responsibility for children s
crimes rests upon adults."
Ihe spirit or fairness, as shown by
Judge Kanzler in his address, lm
pressed the audience ai much as the
sincerity and appeal of the speech it
self. The meeting was declared one
of the most impressive ever held by
the bunday Evening Club. Many citi
zens, following the address, gathered
to discuss problems with Judge Kanz
The Court of Domestic Relations, as
Judge Kanzler cited Sunday night, is
not open to the public. Ihe unfortun
ates who are brought before him are
escorted into a kind of reception room,
where in privacy they unfold to him
their stories.
Next Sunday evening Rev. Boddy
will give an evening sermon address
The meeting of last Sunday night was
made interesting by songs of children
under direction of Mrs. lienney.
C. C. Crew, who has just returned
from a trip through the middle west
and Canadian points. Bays the cam
paign of publicity waged for the 1925
Portland fair nas attracted a wide
sDread attention to the Northwest
"I find that the Columbia River
Highway, the Columbia Gorge Hotel
and Portland are well known through
out the grain belt," says Mr. Crew.
"and without exception every family
is saving up money for an automobile
trip out here. Although the corn crop
of Iowa and Kansas is pretty good this
year, finances are slow in those dis
tricts. The sameness of climate and
unattractivenpes of scenery are caus
ing many ranchers to look toward the
Northwest with longing.
"Up in Canada I find the wheat
ranchers engaged in a wonderful bar
vest. Their crops will yield from 20 to
50 bushels per acre, although they will
not get over 75 cents per bushel at the
elevators. The Canadians, just like
their American cousins, are all eagerly
looking forward to tne time when they
can come out on a visit.
Mr. Crew visited relatives in Kansas
and then nroceeded to Imperial. Sask..
where Mrs. Crew and children are vis
iting her mother. They will return to
Hood River later. An editor of a Kan
sas paper, an old tiincum or Mr. Crew.
penned the following during tne week
of his visit:
"Charles Crew, a native son of Man-
kato,.who has been in California and
Oregon for a number of years, and
now living at Hood River, Oregon, is
here for a few days' visit. That clear
eyed, smiling, happy and genial coun
tenance of Charley Crew looks mighty
good to the temporary 'smelling com
mittee' of the Advocate. It recalls the
days of Jim Crew, Deacon Metz, Sam
Peters, Tommy Chapman, Trilby Aus
tin, Kid and Sandy Riemon, Charlie
Glick, Bert and Charlie McRoberts,
Harry Trump and a number of others
who made .up the boy crowd of we
don't believe we'll Bay how many years
ago. Those were tne days when Good
fellows knew how to have fun with
out having to burn up a lot of gas,
Woman t it be a woncieriui time n we
could get the old gang together again?
Would there be something doing? Yes,
Boy I Wish we could gather down at
Jimmie Austin's barn and roast just
one more hen, or tend a meeting of
the old High bchool Literary society.
Those were the glad times, but the
tears come to our eyes and a lump in
our throat, for there are many sad
thoughts connected with those old days.
and the only consolation we have is in
the thought that when the day of final
reckoning comes and the Court of Last
Resort sits in final judgment, the old
crowd may get together again.
As the result of action of District
Attorney Baker Monday, when the
trial of Georee Roberts and Ed Phelps,
arrested on a charge of trespass be
cause of alleged participation in a re
cent charivari at the home of a newly
wed Belmont couple, the matter wlil
be transferred to the grand jury, which
will meet November 1. Twenty-five
other young men of the neighborhood
announced that they were participants
in tne charivari and that tbey were
equally guilty with those placed under
arrest. 1 hey demanded that tbey also
be made defendants.
While the charge was made that the
men engaged in the charivari knocked
apples from trees and engaged iu other
acts of violence, the charivari party
declares that its activities were lim
ited to innocent fun.
Phone your orders for
Picking" Bags, Orchard Ladders
Box Hatchets, Box Nails
Camp Stoves, Beds, Springs
Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts
They will be rushed out by first post, jitney or
St. Mary's Catholic Church.
Daily Mass, 7 a. m.: Sunday, 8 and
10:110 a. m.: On first Sunday, only one
Mass, at 8 a. in. : first Friday, Mans at
H a. in. ; Saturday at 9 a. in., instruction
for the children. General Communion
Day, firbt Sumlav; Communion day for
children, third Sunday.
1'arkdale Church Mass and Com
munion Service at 10 a. m. each First
Sunday. Franciscan Fathers,
Tel. 3132 709 Seventh Street.
A comprehensive outline of plans of
the Hood River Woman's Club was an
nounced last week by Mrs. J. E. Fer
gusun president of the organization, at
the initial meeting of the season. Two
piano solos were rendered by Miss
Gladys Miller, and Mrs. Frank Glibert
gave two vocal solos. A luncheon of
cake, ice cream and coffee was served
by !a committee headed by Mrs. A. S.
Keir. Library hall, where the club
women hold their sessions, was dec
orated in green and gold. Mrs. E. H.
Hartwig had charge of the decorations,
the club a next meeting will be held
Wednesday. October 11, when Mrs,
William Munroe will tell of a tour of
Europe the past summer.
At the recent annual meeting of the
Underwood Woman's Club officers were
elected for the ensuing year as fol
lows: Mrs. II. A. Hussey, president;
Mrs. K. II. Haselton, vice-president.
and Mrs. P. I. Packard, secretary
treasurer. The meeting was held at
the home of Mrs. Haselton, who was
assisted in serving refreshments by
Misses Dorothy Hall and Mildred
We are now agents for the MAGIC WASH
ING POWDER, formerly sold by Mr. Geo. Led
ford. A Magic Marvel and a big repeater.
Remember the place when there is need of
Magic Marvel Fowder.
U)o Sanitary Market
Phone 1811
A Speeding Fool
rounding a sharp curve is
the source of many acci
dents. In avoiding him
you may hit another car,
a fence, or a post.
Seldom Escapes Wreck
The most careful driver seldom
escapes a collision during the
life of his car. Other drivers,
slippery pavements, mechani
cal defects, and hundreds of
other things cause collisions.
If your car i insured against
collision, if wrecked you get
cash to repair or replace it.
You need automobile insur
ance against fire, theft, liabil
ity, property damage and col
lision. This agency sells
"Two Hartfords" policies.
Telephone 2S04 ,
The 200 employes of Camp Two last
week presented a handsome gold watch
to the camp foreman, Louis Happy.
The presentation speech was made by
George W. Cowden. Mr. Happy is de
clared the most popular man on the big
works, and every man shared in the
watch fund.
Leo P. Munly, who has been a mem
ber of the office force, left last Thurs
day to re-enter the University of Ore
The general cement shortage is caus
ing considerable delay in the con
struction of the dam. The forms are
all set for pouring, but shipments of
cement are far behind. The construe
tion outfit states that relief is expected
Rer. Cole Goes to California
Rev. W. C Cole, evangelist of Des
Moines. la., who has been here the
naat thro n'ppk enlaced in evince!
istic meetings at the First Christian
rhnrrh anH Mr a. Cole, who has con
ducted the song services, lett Monday
for Lindsay, Calif., where tbey will
hold a senei of meetings, a total ol
119 conversions were rtported here.
Twenty-si a responded cn the doting
day. Sunday. Eighteen pledged them
selves for ministerial or missionary
First Church or Christ. Scientist
Services will be held in Chnrch
Building, 9th and Eugene, Sunday, 11 :00
a. m. object: Keality.
Sunday School at 11a. m.
Wednesday service, 8 p. m.
The reading room is open daily from 3
to 5 p. m., in the Church.
Come in and see the new Buick 1923
models. Siats, Hi"; Fours, lu75.
Hood Kiver Garage.
adam, Kaisnns
Cost Less Now
So Get Their Benefits and Their Flavor in Scores
of Attractive, Money-Saving Foods
DUE to greatly increased crops, even
though production costs are still much
higher than in pre-war days, raisins now cost
almost as little as before the war.
Use this luscious, energizing, healthful food
lavishly, therefore, in scores of "plain foods"
like rice pudding, boiled rice, bread pudding,
Indian pudding, and in cake, cookies, pie, and
with the children's cereals, to give them "lux
ury flavors" at "plain food" costs..
Raisins are both good and good for you.
So take advantage of these lower prices
Not More Than 20c
Your retailer should sell
you Sun-Maid Seeded Rai
sins in IS oz. blue package
for not more than 20c.
Sun -Maid
Seeded Seedless Clusters
Not More Than 18c
Your retailer should sell you
Sun-Maid Seedless Raisins
in IS oz. red package for not
more than 18c
New 11 oz. Package
Your retailer should sell
you Sun-Ma id Seeded and
Seedless Raisins in 11 oz.
packages for not more than
Packed under most sani
tary conditions in fresh, clean
cartons. Very highest qual
' ity. Insist on Sun-Maid
Brand, the kind that you
know is good.
Established 18G9
General Offices
202-204 Franklin Street
New York, N. Y.
C. VV. McCoLLAon,
Northwestern Sales Mgr.
Spalding Building
Portland, Oregon
Hood River Office
Elliot Building
Phone 1001
District Representatives
Sgobel & Day maintain a
high class sales force with a
wide acquaintance among
We give a cash advance,
payable when you want it.
Immediate returns in full
on completion of the sales.
An American concern selling
apples all over the world.
A reputation and rating
second to none. No pool
ing. Your fruit sells on its
ivmi n
. II
They Wear
Like Iron
The best of materials go
into "Ball-Band" Rubber
Boots and the best of
workmanship. That's why
you can depend on them for
long wear, as well as com
fort and satisfying fit
Soles are extra tough,
heels on to stay; specially
reinforced in the vamp and
at the ankle, to prevent
Come in and select your
pair of "Ball-Band" Boots.
1 " 3
.... jje!i-j
J. C. Johnsen
The Dairy Food
points out the way to health
and happiness. A perfect
mealtime joy is assured you
and your family if you will
purchase your butter wants
of us. All of our pure but
ter is of a high quality. One
order will emphasize the
truth of this statement.
1 1 1 3
Get acquainted with TCcstinc.
koue Attention the differ
ent kind of battery service
built on the Idea of keeping
your prrwit battery on the
job to the last and at the
least possible eost to yon.
Gibbs' Battery Station
a Curade Avtoue
Glacier office makes rubber Han-pa.
Investigate our organization before dis
posing of your crop. We have our own
Sales Department and do not consign
our shipments. Office and warehouse at
Phone: Odell 252
Rubber Stamp Ink at Glacier Office