The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 05, 1922, Image 3

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Till with RED CROWN
and nothing else
Motorists who follow this
rule in their gasoline buying
find that they not only save
money because "Red Crown"
yields more per gallon mileage
but improve the power and
stamina of the motor.
"Red Crown" enables your
car to develop the maximum of
power that its makers built into
it. It vaporizes rapidly and uni
formly in the carburetor, and
is consumed completely in the
cylinders. Uniform wherever
and whenever you buy it
(jQSotittP with carburetor adjustments.
Of Qualify Fillatthe Red Crown sign-
TV at Service Stations, garages,
and other dealers.
Apple Boxes, Dry Bordeaux,
Bluestone, Paper,
Orchard Supplies, Implements.
Why not ship your fruit
with us this season ?
The Hood River Fruit Co.
The Beauty of
Cut Glass
Its tinkle and the sparkle of Its crystal
What Is more attractive for the setting of
a summertime table?
See our stocks.
Our Cut Glass and Silverware offerings
can not be bettered In any Iare met
ropolitan jewelry store.
Anderson Undertaking Co.
C C ANDERSON, Sole Proprietor
Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director
licensed with Oregon's first class of Embalsiers. Phone I3SI, 3S2I
Says That it Made
A New Person
Of Her
Thousands of people needlessly en
dure a half-sick, nervous, run-dow
condition when they might enjoy
sturdv, robust health and all its mam
fold blessings if they only knew what
to do. People in this condition find
Tanlac soon ends their trouble and
builds up abundant strength, energy
and vitality. Mrs. Bertha Havde, 4717
N. Washington St., Spokane, Wash.
"My whole system was badly run
down. I had "no appetite, was very
nervous, suffered from severe head
ches and had rheumatism all over my
body. The results I got from Tanlac
were surprising. Why, I haven't an
ache or pain of any kind now, and
am enjoying the very best of health.'
Nervousness and a run down, tired
out feeling are but symptoms of a hid
den cause, which usually lies in the
stomach. Tanlac enables ycu to digest
your food properly and eliminate
waste, helps you regain your old time
strength and vigor. Get a bottle today
at any good druggist s.
Labor Officers Elected
The local affiliation of the American
Federation of Labor elected officers for
the ensuing year last week as follows
J. C. Symea, president: J. H. Allen
vice-president: A. M. Moore, financial
secretary ; W. R. Sagar, recording sec
retary ; G. D. Alford, treaurer ; E. L.
brubaker, guide: J. i. Lybarger, door
keeper: H. F. Peeler, W. Wallace and
G. D. Alford, trustees.
A publicity committee, including W.
R. Sagar, A. M. Moore and G. D. A I
ford, was appointed.
.before you buy an automobile you
should see the new Studcbaker at the
Cameron Motor Co.
12th Street South of Belmont Road
Notice is hereby given that Garrow
and Ward, contractors, have hied writ
ten notice this 23rd day of September,
1922, of the completion or the improve
ment of 12th Street all in acordance
with their contract entered into as
specified in Ordinance No. 630, to-wit
Grading and paving said 12th street
from the north line of Belmont Koad,
south 216 feet to the city limits of
Hood River. Oregon, and that the
amount. due the said conractors upon
its acceptance ia hereby stated to be
And notice is further given that any
objections to the acceptance of said
work under the contract with the said
contractors on the part of said city
may be filed in the office of the under
signed City Recorder by any interested
party at any time within 15 days from
the date of the first publication, to
wit, within in days from the 28th day
of September, 1922.
This notice is published in the Hood
River Glacier for two consecutive is
sues thereof the date of the first publi
cation thereof being the 28th day of
September. 1922.
li. b. Howe,
b28o5 City Recorder.
Notice of Bond Sale
Sealed bids will be received until the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m., the 14th day
of October, 1922, and immediately
thereafter publicly opened by the
County Court of Hood River County,
Oregon, at the office of said Court in
the County Courthouse in the City of
Hood River, Oregon, for the purchase
bonds of said County, issued for the
building of permanent roads therein in
the sum of $100,000, same beingjin de
nominations of 21.000 each, numbered
301 to 400 inclusive, said bonds to bear
date November 1, 1921, and to mature
bsolutelv without option of prior re
demption November 1, 1941, said bonds
to bear interest at not to exceed 6 per
cent per annum, payable semi-annually
on May and November first, principal
and interest payable in United states
gold coin at the Fiscal Agency of the
State of Oregon in New York City.
Said bids must be accompanied by a
certified check for five thousand dollars
($5,000) and mU6t be unconditional.
The approving legal opinion of
Messrs. Teal, Minor & Winfree, of
Portland. Oregon, will be furnished
the successful bidder.
The Court reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids.
Kent bboemaker,
821012 Clerk.
Traffic Officer Wood during the past
20 days has made 52 arrests, on the
Columbia River Highway, on county
roads and within the city. Most of the
traffic law infractions, however, have
been light, and fines for the most part
were the minimum.
The following arrests were made:
J. E. Malloy, no mirror; W. S. John,
no mirror; J. F. Oakland, Portland, no
mirror; F. A. Clark, parking on dan
gerous turn, no driver'a license; T.
Matsumoto, parking on pavement; H.
Patton, no driver's license; Samuel
Doughtry, no state license; A. R.
Hawley, Portland, no tail light; I. L.
Blagg, no tail light; Al Davenport, no
mirror: n. W. Farrell. no ariver'8 li
cense on person ; Mrs. crocK, improper
license; Franklin Garage, uniawtul ufe
of dealers' plates; Charles Uxley. no
driver's license on person; John Poag,
Portland, no mirror: liooa mver rrui
Co, speeding 36 miles an hour; J. J
Carr, La Grande, not dimming; W. O
Duncan. Portland, speeding with truck
A. J. Winkler. The Dalles, reckless
driving; A. E. Bennett, Portland
speeding and no mirror; C. D. Nickel
sen. no mirror : B. C. King, no mirror
J. M. Bringham. no certificate on daBh
California: H. S. Alexander, Mount
Hood, insufficient tire cushion; J. J
Ward, California. California license
dead ; E. U. Cate, no license plate and
no mirror; Oscar W. Magnuson, nn
mirror; D.Smith, no tail light; Cecil
Baker, no tail light ; Victor Richey,
no license plate in front of car ; Paul
Wmans. no mirror on truck ; H. J
Hagen, Odell. no mirror; Jack Warren,
no mirror: Kaldwin & bwope, no mir
ror: Childs & Graff, no mirror; J
Rogers, no mirror on truck ; J. Rogers,
improper license on car; nori, noi
stopping when in an accident, not re
porting; R. L. Cumming. no mirror on
truck. City violations: J., r. J nomas,
double parking;' Leonard Fletcher,
parking by fire hvdrant; Paul McKer
cher, cutting corner ; Glenn Greene, no
muffler; C. IS. Harding, parking in hre
zone; S. W. Gould, parking in inter
section; Ole Neleon, parking in non
parking zone; M. A. Altose, turning
in middle of block;
tail light; Bert Micbeal open muffler;
Thomas Rogers, no tail light; Thomas
Jackson, one eye and no tail light; G
. Haze, parking by hre hydrant.
In addition to the arrests, Mr. Wood
warned as many more motorists who
were displaying traits of ignorance or
Legal Guarantee Given,
No nmmj of Knife no pain continue work.
Ask to tee Gleo-nii Pile Treatment.
The Pheasant
Where you will find the
most appetizing
Steaks, Chops
and Roasts
tender and juicy-cooked
to perfection-and served
with a variety of
piquant sauces
The Pheasant
(By Addison Bennett in Oregonian)
No longer will the old buffalo nickel
carry one to or from Salem and the
fair grounds, for there is a string of
one-man-bob-tail, front-entrance cars,
cars that you can hear a half a mile or
so, and the motorman-conductor ex
tracts six cents from every customer
over hve years of age. isut the ser
vice is not by any means bad. In
fact, always there has been good set
vice, but'the owners of the franchise
must have lost a lot of money hereto
fore. Here's hoping they get it all
back with interest.
This was a two-bit day at the fair
grounds, and perhaps 3,000 to 4,000
paid their way in, although there was
not very much to see, only as people
generally like to see a how in its
making. I think the nearest to readi
ness was in some of (he dairy barns,
and Director Savage, who is always on
hand to help , one out, says both the
erseys and Holsteins will put en the
best show of all the 60 fairs that have
One can hardly get into the grounds
without paying respects to Mayor To-
r.ier. who bag about 700 tents pitched
in his domains. With the mayor is, of
course, the vice-mayor, the mayor pro
tern, that is mayor in the absence of
the regulation mayor Edith Tozier
Weathered. Mayor Albert is a very
busy man, let me tell you, and his sis
ter is also one of the busy ones. No
man knows when he was first elected
mayor, but it was during the early
days of the fair. The officials tried to
unfrock him a few years ago, but the
campers held an indignation meeting
and the dismissal was abrogated. So
will most likely hold the job. and
collect the stupendous emoluments, as
long as he lives, and then Edith, the
heir apparent, will become mayor.
That teems to be as far as the Tozier
dynasty can be' traced.
The Hood River high school football
team Saturday afternoon defeated the
ftrong Lincoln high school team
Portland by a score of 6 to 0. the singl
touch down having been made by Pat
Slavens, captain and star plajer of the
local aggregation. Because of th
weight of the Portland team and the
inexperience of the Hood River hoys
most of the game was played in Hood
Kiver territory. The local men die
played an admirable grit and a general
knowledge of football, but they have
much to learn of the finer technique
or me game. Numerous forward pass
es were tried in vain. One beautiful
and successful pass characterized the
last quarter. SlaveriB making a perfect
pass to Bill Roberts for a gain of 15
yards. Slavens' line plunges for long
distance gains formed the real sensa
tionl moments of tilav.
Coach Keeney, of the local team, ex
pressed himcelf as pleased with the
Hood River bunch in their first en
counter. Local fans predict champion
ship honors for the home team in the
mid-Columbia Interscholastic League.
The fighting of Dick Ford, the local
quarterback, won repeated cheers from
students and townsfolk rooters. Al
though stunned in a scrimmage in the
last quarter young Ford rallied, pulled
himeelf together and played until the
end. ford never railed on a tackle
when a Lincoln man passed through
trie line and penetrated the Hood River
DacK neld.
Hood River fans were anticipating
second score in the last half minute of
the last quarter. By steady line
plunges the ball was advanced to with
in two yards of a touch down, but was
lost by a fumble.
Ibe game was refereed by Earl
Weber, veteran Portland high school
player, who has done the honors here
for the past five years. Robert Mur
ray, of The Dalles, coach of the hiirh
school there, was here to see the Hood
Kiver boys in action. The Dalles
team, Hood River'a chief rival, will
play the locals here on Armistice Day,
mi i - - . . .
ine nne-UDs oi the two teams were
as follows :
Lincoln Position Hood River
Singleton e Pmrfl. ThnmRnn
Allen, Uichran I g Folts, Issel
Adams, Lawson, r g Bob Wilbur
Hughes 1 t . Roberts
Eilers r t Scobee
Schmeer, Lasley rh Carson, Stuart
signet 1 h Corwin
Patton 1 e Emiine
lempieton re Greene
Goe f b Slavens
Chiles q Ford
Jast Little Stories
The Glacier last week received a tel
egram from Judge T. H. Crawford,
campaign manager for Senator Walter
M. Pierce, gubernatorial candidate for
governor, which read as follows:
"Jesse Winburn, Ashland, Or., will
give non-partisan dinner to Hon. Wal
ter M. Pierce, candidate for governor
at Albany Hotel, Albany, Or., Wednes
day evening, October 4, at 8 o'clock.
Mr. Pierce will express to the press
his position on current state issues.
You are cordially invited to attend. If
unable please send representative of
your paper. Wire answer my ex
The Glacier wired the following ans
wer :
"We wish to thank you for invita
tion to Albany dinner, glen by Mi
Winburn and Mr. Mores in honor of
Senator Pierce. Please let us know if
Andy Gump will be preent No busi
ness pressure would be too great to
prevent us from having representation
at an assemblage graced by 'Mr. Moses,
Mr. Pierce and Mr. Gump. We wpuld
also like to know what beverages are
properly called for at a non-partisan
Printer's errors sometimes result in
comedy and sometimes in near trag
edy. The results of copy revision as
exemplified on the program of Rivcr-
idejeburrh last Sunday caused many
smiles. The original copy announced
that W. J. Collier, gifted young bari
tone, would sing, "The Publican."
This is election year and the printer
probably was thinking of political
parties instead of types cf Biblical
days. At lcat, when the rrogram
were delivered thev announced that
Mr. Collier-would "render, "The Republican."
JWith 80 managers of ( tores through
out Oregon. Washington, Idaho, Mon
tana and California in attendance, the
third of a series of conventions of the
J. C. Penney stores opened at the
Multnomah hotel in Portland last week
for a todays' session.
Problems pertaining to business and
outlining of work for the next six
months came up for discussion by vari
ous heads of the chain of stores. Fol-
owing the convention a dinner was
served at the Multnomah hotel. The
buyers for the company will arrive in
the citv next week with their samples
and will be met by the officers and
Among the officers who attended the
convention are J. C. Penney, chair
man; E. C. Sam . president: J. M
McDonald, vice-president, and G. G
White, head of the real estate and
equipment departments. These men
were on the program for discussion
during the convention.
L.. A. Bennett was present from here
for the gathering of managers of the
big chain mercantile establishment.
The Oregon Lumber Co. is now en
gaged in the construction of a log stor
age pond on the East Fork of Hood
river just above the sawmill at Dee
1 he pond will enable the company to
hold in reserve sufficient logs to run
the plant for at leant a month. The
mill the past summer has shipped an
average of four carloads of lumber
The companv is now logging in the
Oregon National Forest, where it pur
chased several years ago the largest
tract of Douglas Fir ever Bold at one
time by the government. The logs are
hauled to the mill by rail line, which
for a considerable distance extends
along the top of the east gorge of the
West fork of Hood river. The logging
camps are at the very base of Mount
Cull Apple Price $7 Per Ton
The Hood River Apple Vinegar Co.,
which utilizes the bulk of Hood Riv
er'a cull apple crop, has announced a
price i f $7 per ton for this class of
fruit delivered at its city plant. The
company will pay $6 per ton for fruit
delivered at the Mason warehouse on
the Mt. Hood R. K. Company'a line.
This price was paid for cull fruit.last
The company will begin
cull.applea October 9.
Riverside Church
A comradeship 4 worship and service.
Sividay school S:4ia in.
Morning worship 11 a. m.
Young porls meeting 7 p. m.
Sunday K.rEinclub-r:l", let and 3rd
Sundays Noremlur to March inclusive
M ulww-k Bibie Lecture Ti.ureday even
irt at 7:30.
Other mw-tings tulject to fpecial announcement.
Before yon buy
hfnld the nw
j Cameron Motor Co.
an antomobile yo
frtU'iebaker at the
Worm Damage Ileavj
Activity of codling moth in White
Salmon orchards will result in the yield
being cut 60 per cent from pre-harvest
estimates. The worm damage has
been found especially bad in Winter
Banana orchards, and in instances
growers will not pick the crops.
Inspection will be very rigid and
only fruit of the highest quality will
!e shipped, it is said.
Growers Mast Wipe Apples
The Apple Growers Asociation has
sent out a bulletin to growers advising
them to wipe their apples with ex
treme care this year. The bulletin
states that the United States Bureau
of Chemistry has announced that all
apples showirg traces of spray dtpoeit
will be condemned. Several cars of
California pears were condemned last
year because of spray left on the sur
face of the fruit.
Boy Skates Far
Jack Carson, Philadelphia boy. trav
eling by roller tkatef, paed "througH
Hood River lit week en route to Port
land. He left the City of Brotherly
Love May 2, 1SC1, and since that time
has traveled 4.446 nuled. His goal, be
ttated, is San Diego, Calif.
Searches of rHordi and reiiaW ah
atracte tr.a! bv Oregon Attract Com
pany, A. W. Oct!.ar.k, Mo?r, !
Oak ctreet. fLose 1521. jj-Uj
THE UM lilRriC A H
It is not always true that the
best is the cheapest but
Years of faithful, constant ser
vice has proven the Ford car
and truck the best means of trans
portation at the lowest cost.
"The Home of Unusual Service."
Greater Meat Values
Strictly Steer Beef
Best Pot Roast 1 5c Pork Chops 25c
Beef Boil lb. 10c 5 lbs. Lard 95c
Shoulder Steak ...I7c 10 lbs. Lard $1.85
Round Steak 22c Weinies 20c
Loin Steak 25c Bologna 20c
Special prices quoted on Quarters of Beef.
The Hood River Market
A. F. DAVENPORT, Prop. '
Phone 4311
We have the largest stock of lumber in
Hood River County to select from.
You will save money by letting
us quote on your require
ments. Yours for
prompt service.
General Blacksmithing
Machine Work, Wagon Work,
and especial attention paid to work
on Orchard and Farm Implements.
Automobile Work and the Repair of Springs -a Specialty.
I will be glad to greet my old Hood River friends again.
Phone 2723 Twelfth Street
Speed up operations, reduce cost of packing, and improve
appearance of your APPLES by installing
Bristle Brush Cleaner and Polisher
New 1922 model now ready, get yours at once.
R. II. WEBER, Distributor
Phones: 2321. Ode'.l 105 Hood River, Oregon
We irak tt al jest attetiiot to die followinj full fats al our s!ore:
Swift's Bacon, Hams and Lard
Del Monto Canned Goods
Ileinz's Full Lino
Hills Bros., Folger's and MJB Coffco
We hate a full line of gloves for apple pickers
L. H. HUG GINS n mi