The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1922, Image 2

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ARTHUR D. MOE. PuMlaher.
Subscription, 82.00 Per Tear.
The annual Mount Hood Legion
Climb, while but two years old, has
arrived. We were amazed at the en
ergy put into the new born idea
throughout last year. The Legion
committee, however, has begun its
preparations for next year's climb with
a vim that surpasses anything of a
year ago. They are putting brawn as
well as brain into their work.- Their
enthusiasm has turned them into hardy
explorers of the wilds they aim to ex
ploit for the benefit of Hood River.
That trip they Lave just taken around
the hoary snowpcak was a task of great
The Legion Climb is going to become
an Oregon institution of nationwide
note. The Hood River Legson Post has
given it a Hood River brand. They
have made it our enterprise. Get sol
idly behind them and back them in the
worthy venture. If they announce
plans that you think might result in
more ultimate good by revision or mod
ification tell them so. We are sure
they will welcome constructive criti
cism. If you have some new sugges
tion to make, shoot it to the open
forum. The Legion Climb is something
that all of us in Hood River should take
an interest in and boost just as hard as
ever we have boosted the district s
premier apples.
(By Leroy Chil3s)
Codling moths are still depositing
eggs in numbers and there will be
hatching of eggs for a long period.
For this reason it will be necessary to
apply another spray in order to pre
vent serious loss from this insert
Growers in the Lower Valley should
plan to have this spray on the trees by
the 15th. This will be 20 days later
than the last recommended spray, and
growers who finished earlier than this
time should spray a little earlier.
Those who sprayed later than the 25th
can delay the application proportion
ately. Expeiimental work carried on last
year indicates that much benefit re
sults, in preventing anthracnose rot
developing on the apples in storage,
We note that the valley's dairymen
in their announcement of an increase
in milk prices last week stated that
loss of bottles was one of the reasons
for higher milk. Housewives, they
say, held back too many bottles. In
one instance, it was stated, a customer
of a dairyman, who used a pint per
day, accumulated 24 bottles.
This tendency of the modern house
wife to let the tradesman do the work
or Bubmit to worry plays no small part
in creating our high cost of living. It
hat developed our expensive delivery
systems. It is so easy to step to the
telephone and order five cents worth of
spice at pickle making time. It is
much easier to prepare a piece of high
priced broiling meat than to assemble
a stew and make it toothsome. Cer
tainly we a have high cost of living.
The old fashioned housewife, who
prided herself on her shopping and her
abiltiy to buy and prepare appetizing
meals on a minimum of expense is to
day an oddity, she is so rare.
following the use of the summer Bor
deaux spray. Growers who have much
anthracnose in their orchards should
use this application by all means, as it
will not only improve the keeping
quality of the fruit but materially as
sist in the control of the disease on the
Woolly aphis is now becoming prev
alent in tome orchards and is in a
stage daring which time it can be
readily hit with spray. Black leaf can
be used at the rate of 1-1230 with a
great deal of benefit. Arsenate of
lead should be used in the regular
strentfth of two pounds to the 100 gal
lons. If Bordeaux is used, the 3-4-50
formulae (three bluestone, four lime)
should be employed. The caseinate
spreader is recommended where the
arsenate of lead only is used. Where
the Bordeaux is being used it might be
tested out in a small way. We, how
ever, do not have sufficient informa
tion on this point to recommend its use
at this time.
This recommendation applies through
out the Ixwer Valley. Where worms
are noticeable in me higher elevations
further spraying will be necessary if
good control is to be obtained.
No good roads party has ever ex
pressed greater enthusiasm than did
six Hood River citizens, who with
John B. Yeon, Oregon State Highway
Commissioner, returned Tuesday night
from a day's inspection of portions of
the new Mount Adams Highway, now
being pushed north from Gler.wood,
Wash., across the gorges of the Klick
itat and Muddy rivers to connect Yaki
ma with the Columbia River Highway
by a route only 100 miles long.
lhe trip to me," said Mr. Yeon.
"was a revelation. It demonstrated
to me that we of Oregon haven't
monopoly on scenery, me views up
ana aown tne mighty canyons, carved
in the rugged depths of the northeast
base of Mount Adams by the Klickitat
and Muddy rivers, were inspiring. But
to me it seems that the new highway
win De aeciaeaiy utilitarian, it will
draw Yakima 50 miles closer to Port
land, and the Columbia Kiver High
way will be available to the motorists
of that great horticultural and agri
cultural district."
The local men journeyed to Glen-
wood for the purpose of tendering to
the Mt. Adams Highway Association a
check for a fund of $855 subscribed re
cently by local people for completing
tne roaa some three miles from Muddy
river south toward Glen wood.
"We gave the work a thorough in
spection," says Truman Butler, "and
we were very glad to leave the money
with the north Klickitat county road
boosters. The people of Yakima have
agreed to take up the road work north
of Muddy river and make a passable
road on across the Simcoe Indian res
ervation by way of White Swan to
their fruit district metropolis. The
development is going to mean much
for Yakims, we think, and it will
stimulate a new interest in the devel
opment of the landed.area about Mount
Adams, lhe distance, on the opening
of the new route, from Yakima to
Hood River will be cut 58 miles by the
shortest route at present available.
This route, however, is exceedingly
rougn, ana ine distance, as compared
dv tne route most irequently traveled.
win De cut 7o mues."
It had been anticipated that a motor
caravan oi several hundred Yakima
Citizen! Would tmir into Portland n
Local friends have received news of the North Bank Hiehwav. after having
Retailers of
mers oi TT A
Evi Une FA
The Store
of Biggest
Are now on display. The largest and best
line ever shown m the city. Materials suita
ble for any purpose and our prices are the
lowest. Come in and see them, whether you
are just ready to buy or not.
New Tailored Waists for Ladie
A splendid assortment to choose from.
Second Floor.
One Half Price
You all know of the superior quality, un
excelled workmanship, style and snap of these
dresses. We were fortunate in securing a lot
of these so that we can sell them to you at
one half their regular price. Don't miss this
opportunity. They wont last long at the rate
they are going.
One Half Price
MISS KENNARD from New York will pay us a visit for a few days.
THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. She will be in our Pattern De
partment and she will gladly tell you about the wonderful new
now enclosed with all new Standard-Designer Patterns. It saves time, money
and material on every dress you make. And it will enable you to give your own
costumes the charm, the swing, the dash, the perfect fit of the Parisian modiste.
Be sure to take advantage of Miss Kennard's visit.
the wedding of John Elder, ex-University
of Oregon student. and Miss Louiee
Nelson, in Portland Tuesday of last
week. The bride is a daughter of
Peter Nelson, pioneer lumber man of
this county, who is now residing at
Z Mr. Elder, who has been employed at
the Dee office of the Oregon Lumber
Co. but who plans on making his home
with his bride in Portland, is a member
of the Sigma Chi fraternity.
The wedding of D. H. Peacock and
Miss Violet Thomas, both of Odell,
where they will make their home, oc
curred Thursday, July 27, at the par
sonage of Riverside Community church,
Rev. Boddv officiating. Mr. and Mrs.
Peacock spent a short honeymoon on a o'clock Tuesday morning, eatine break-
traveled down to White Salmon by the
new route, and return home by way of
trie uoiumnia Kiver Highway this fall.
It is likely, however, that the new
route will not permit of such an ambi
tious schedule this year. The road, it
is anticipated, will be opened bv Ser
1. 1 V-l-I . -
teuiuer i, bb iiiKima citizens are rush
ing their part of the understanding.
but it will probably remain so rough
this year that travel over it will be
discouraged. The local road boosters
returned to White Salmon by way of
lrout Lake. It was the first time Mr.
Yeon had ever glimpsed this section.
and he declared it a scenic paradise.
inner local men in the party were
Amos Benson, C. C. Anderson, Mark
Cameron, C. A. Bell, O. C. Hughes
ana c. a. weoster.
lhe party left Hood River at 6
mountain camping trip.
As a result of unfounded reports last
week local folk were led to believe
that The Dalles folk were miffed at
Hood River because only a few of the
delegates of the International Apple
Shippers' Association visited the
neighboring ctiy. Writing to Judge
Gunning, head of the Wasco county
committee preparing for the entertain
ment of visitors, P. F. Clark assured
Wasco people that no local group or
individual had attempted to block The
Dalles' plans. Mr. Clark expressed
regret at any feeling of resentment of
any supposed such acta here. Reply
ing, Mr. Gunning, as well as Mr. Wat
son, secretary of The Dalles Chamber
of Commerce, expressed surprise at
the prevalence of the unfounded re
ports. It was true, both stated, that
only two apple shippers visited The
Dalles, but in the failure of the plans
of Wasco county the people themselves
were to blame, it was declared. Both
men expresed an appreciation for Hood
River's efforts at cooperation in the
entertainment of fruit shippers and de
clared that they hope the friendly rela
tionships between the two communities
would exist throughout the future.
. Byers-Wittenberg
Friends here have received news of
the wedding in Portland at 12.30 p. m.
Saturday, of Miss Lucile Wittenberg,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Wit
tenberg and Otto K. Byers, graduate
of the Hood River high school, where
he was formerly a prominent athlete.
The ceremony occurred at St. Stephen's
Fro-Cathedral, Episcopal. Dean Kam
sey ofliciating. The bride is one of the
city's popular young women. Mr. By
ers is the son of Mrs. John Byers, of
N w Haven, Kas.
After a honeymoon at coast resorts,
Mr. and Mrs. Byers will be at home
here after October 1.
m I a 1 J m 1
ine omeraay we ncara someone re
marking that he had observed a nation
wide tendency on the part of officers
who uphold peace and dignity and stay
he hand of violators to abet illegal
practice, in order that their own activ
ity might be magnified by arrests, pros
ecutions and convictions. His was a
comment that one frequently hears.
The evidence of the tendency noted Is
something of which we should not be
t.roud. There should be no parley with
inherent erminaiity, and any harshness
in bringing felons to the bar of justice
should be encouraged rather than criti
cised. Yet we have many laws to gov
ern our over-complex modern society,
with :ts myriads of motor cars and
other evolutio',3 cf the age, the viola
tion cf which merely marks us as care-
les and thouhties. LiHtend of set
;.,.. .ana i I..
.in,; lio( o w iJIC us on, I'. WWOUIU I '.
Letter, and would gain greater sll
round respect for law enforcement, if
the cuntsitued officers would coi sider
themselves in the light of teachers and
frl I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H
Hill HI I I t 111 I H I 1 1 1 1 11 '
Reports from the fish wheels on the
Columbia in the vicinity of Cascade
Locks, now out of commission as result
of low water, are that the season's
catch was large. The wheels of the
Warren Packing Co. caught an esti
mated 200 tons, private wheels and
those operated by the McGowan Com
pany are said to have taken 300 tons.
Private fishermen sold their fish for
15 cents per pound at the wheels.
fast at the Coburn Hotel, White Salm
on. After a three-mile hike over the
newly constructed grade, they re
turned to the Glenwood Hotel for din
ner at 2 p. m. Although most of the
junketers are men who are used to
sedentary lives, they ate with tho ap
petites of harvest hands. The invig
orating atmospnere or the region
around- the Klickitat county hotels,
according to ooniiaces of the section.
always produces a good appetite, and
tne nosteiries, as the boosters attest.
know how to appease it. Mr. Bell and
Mr. Yeon are said to have specialized
on apple sauce, both for breakfast and
dinner. Their fellow travelers declare
those two men consumed several heap
ing dmhes of toothsome sauce. The
otherjmen played no favorites, but eft
bare huge platters oi fried beefsteak,
potatoes vegetables and fritters. Mr.
Bell and Mr. Benson declare they
wouia nave to revise tneir culinary
department u all their guests at
tacked their meals with the voracious
appetites that characterized their own
meal time hours of Tuesday.
Smithson Tells of Telephone Business
At the Tuesday Lunch Club meeting
at the Pheasant this week, J. E.
Smithson, manager of the Oregon
Washington Teleuhone Co.. chairman
of the day, gave an interesting talk on
the general industry. He cited how the
expenses of telephone concerns were
multiplied as the number of subscrib
ers was increased. A number of guests
were present, among them W. C
Keck, who extended a general invita
tion to the Pine Grove Harvest Moon
festival, and R. P. Loo mi a, here spend
ing the summer on his Lava Bed place.
A. L. Jackson, newly associated with
the Hood River Canning Co.. was vot
ed to membership.
For Bale-85 year old White Leghorn hens, 2S
turkeys, 1 UueroHey cow. Also Overland car
In first clam shape. Apply at C. 15. Keed'a
ranch. Bant Hide. Phone 473G. al7
For Sale Ifyon are thinking or coming to
Portland to buy a home I have an good llHting
as anyone, all properly appralaed and sold at
the right price, alxo good b)iHlneng chances,
rent, etc. I can help yon. Office 1151 Belmont
aiiiHiu. Kesldence 1507 East Pine. Pnone office
i aoor Wtfa, rea. Tabor 27J. H. P. Allen. Je2i)tf
For Hale 20 acres in one of lhe best sections
of the Valley. Mood prospects for a crop tills
year, neasonaoie price ana very liberal term.
r . m. JMiwarua, a., v. i. mysu
For Rent Housekeeping rooms for rent at
815 State HI. alO
For Sale A team of medium welch, ranch
horses. Have purchased tractors and wish to
mate immediate sale.. A bargain ottered.
u. r . Humner, puone Odell 85. Jeltf
For Bae A bargain. 14-acre orchard In Oak
Urove district. Big block of Delicious. fesy
terms, ruoue DUtf, jeltf
For Bale Fine Jersey cow and lUIHKord
touring car; or will trade both for larger car.
H. H. Culp, Rd. 4. aUl
For Male Ford bug.
Inquire Delta Htudlo.
For Hale on around 4 ft- and lfl In. fir won.1
Tel. Odell IM, U. W. Kollaa. aloif
For Sale Are yoo looking for a rural home
with the best of school advantages? Here's
your opportunity! Westslde home of ten
acres lor sale, finely located one mile south of
city 1 1 ni I la. ror particulars see, Mrs. Mary
Howell Coleman, Rd. 2, Hood Kiver. a3l
For Sale M V Studebaker all In A-l cnnril-
tlon. Oood tires, two extras. W4I1 exchange
for team, haruesa, and wagon; team not less
than SOtiO. Phone 4(121 11. U. ai7
! or Hale 120 acre homestead, excellently
located, under Irrigation ditch, at ivou au
acre, Ixrolis like hue chance to double or
treble your money In very short time. J.W.
trues. aiotf
For Hale Klgln Scout Hlx guaranteed best
of condition, disc wheels, aide windshields,
newnres. f 1275. easy terma. Will take llabt
car or plHno in trade. Tel. 192X alt)
The Giscier carries this week speci
! ations of certain street improve
ments proposed by the cuuncii. It is
suggested that prt.j-er'y owners follow
rlofe'y s'l rroeeea infra connected with
this im; rovement. A full unJcrstar.d-
ing of aii partie w ill avoid the regret
Ub'e tpijode of recent assessments for
street wcirk.
According to the contemporary press
last week, Edw. W. Van Horn was de
clared to have created a sensation when
he appeared on the streets of The
Dalles during the Legion convention
with a parrot in a cage. Mr. Van Horn
cUima an alibi and oilers as Exhibit A
among his proofs a tiny cage, the home
of a wee canary. He saya he won the
little songster, which, however, does
not sing, at a shooting gallery at The
Dalles. He admits carrying his bird
on the street, where some of the other
Hood River contingent, among them
ty fconnichsen beheld him and demand
ed a look. Legionnaires on that even
ing were not viewing the world through
a glaxs darkly, and thus the ultimate
magnitude of the almost microscopic
I'ert.ert Campbell, publisher and ed
itor J the Vancouver Columbian, ac-
con -panied by Mrs. Campbell and baby
a;-d Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hanawalt and
theif baby, of Portland, passed through
here Monday returning from Clear
LmVc. where the party spent a week
fiMhug. They declared the lake fishing
had tMA-ti excellent, and as a result of
tr.tir griod luck a number of Portland
iV-Miffs received messes of fine trout.
The return trip was made by way of
the cid Barlow trail. Wapinitia and
The Dalles.
"I have never seen finer fishing."
said Mr. Campbell, "but the trout
there ae very particular about their
Pies. They refuse absolutely to take
snvUiin.r but a Blue Upright. One day
nij rat'ner caught zZ beauties in half
an I our of casting." . "
Company C held regular drill Tues
day night instead of Monday because
of the Legion meetinar on the later
date. Three men are now attending
urni regularly irom ine ualles.
Sgt. William Bailey has qualified at
r i lie practice as a sharpshooter.
The following men have qualified as
marksmen: Uapt- rJdward W. Van
Horn, score 2G8: Sgt. lvsn 11. Scheer,
246; Pvt. IstlCl. James a Harmon,
The following men have scores over
Pvt. 1st CI. Howard Shoemaker, 223;
Pvt 1st CI. Francis W. Absten, 221 ;
Pvt. 1st CI. R. M. Blackman, 214;
Pvt. 1st CI. N. T. Shrum. 205.
Next drill will be'held Monday night
cveryoody come and bring a recruit
and an appetite for watermelon. All
you can eat after drill.
For Hale Must sell one half or whole Inter
est in a 2-ton Master truck. A good haul goes
witb truck. Terms. 8. A. Jouu. Underwood
Wash. a31
For Sale Nineteen Qmptv Studebaker fnur.
Ing car for 1100 If taken this week. Will re
duce tlie price S2& on August 14 and f eac.b
week thereafter. If you want a car for the
price of a bungy, come quickly. C. King lien.
ton, phone5w. alOif
For Hale Hlg Chief power plus motor, fully
equipped electrically, only run s thousand
miles. ery cheap. Add reus, Kt. S. Box &0. ah)
For Hale Cure bred Jersey cow. fresh aonn
Tel. Odell U26. W. H. Shelrbon. alu '
For Hale-Fir and pine Ifl-ln. and 4-ft. wood,
delivered anywhere within two miles of Hood
itiver. Beauregard., tel. Odell SOfl. mlUtf
roroaie uooa lots ror sale In all parts ot
the city, prices right, A. W. Onthank A Co. al4tf
For wood sawing call Felton and Reynolds,
Phone Felton 4Wi4 or Reynolds 47. Our aim.
"To Satisfy." jeU
For Hale Shingles and cedar posts. Phone
IS31, F. Davenport Jr.. Hood Kiver Abstract
ForHale AtaHsrgaln a modern residence,
two blocks from center of business district, 12
rooms. Including four large bedrooms, large
double sitting room, kitchen pantry, large
closets, bathroom and enclosed porch. Equip
ped with furnace and has convenient garage.
Call W.J. Baker. ni24tl
For Rent The old Coe property on Sher
man Ave. Bee J. W. Crites. alUtf
Furnished Room To Rent One of best lo
cation with furnace heat, electrio light and
and bath. 821 Oak Ht., phone 2443. jmf
For Rent To responsible party, I
2K.-2, Mrs. C. K. Marshall.
piano, call
Wanted Place to work for board outside of
school hours, by high school student. Address
box 66, Underwood, Wn. a!7
Wanted Work as camp cooks,
man and wife, Rd. 4, Hood Kiver.
J. . Har-a24
Wanted-To buy your used furniture, stoves
and rni(S. Cash or new goods la exebsnge.
K. A. Franx Co. s20lf
I am wanting reliable married man familiar
with orchard and tractor, work. Permanent
place. Separate bouse, pafHly furnished. Ex
tras In shapeof wood, fruit, milk. etc. watres.
175 per month. O. P. Morden, M order. Ore.
Phone 299. alO
Wanted Bookkeeper. Hood River Harare.
Phone 4444. . Jy27U
Wanted Family with no other children to
board girl of nine ho will attend school. R
W.Caldwell, Wlllard, Wa. alO
Wanted-To sell or rent a 150-acre ranch, 6
miles above Dee on the road to Lost Lake. M rs.
J. K. Mckelsen, phone bXy. JeHlf
Wanted A nsed Cntler grader in good con
dition. Call Odell VM. K. H. Wheeler. Je2tf
Wanted-To make your boxes. First class
work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Phone
Odell lx. t&u
Exchange Would take nsed Ford or other
light car in payment on good acre tract at the
edge of town. J.W. Crites. alOif
Lost Between The Dalles and Rowena, a 22
calibre high power Havage rifle. Finder please
notify ti. M. Wyatt, Thellailea, for reward alt)
1iHt New desert water bag and doable bit
ted Winchester axe, on road to Mt, Hood.
Finder please telephone 3123. ' aid
Lost Will the party who picked ud the
package containing Masonic picture, please
communicate with Mrs. Virginia K. Hess.
610 Oak 8t.,Tel.24l. a 10
Lost From Alameda ranch, bay horse colt
wltn a white star on his forehead. Finder
please notify Alameda ranub. K.F.D. t. Jo2S
Lewis' S. C. R. I. Red traD nested the voitr
round, fired for eggs, size and color. Cock.
erels raised to order, priced according to re
cords of their mother and their age. Ralph
K. Lewis. Phone Odell VS. auir 31
For Kale-Jersey-Onernser cow and
ling. L. K. look, 1610 Taylor St.
For Hale 1& acres level land. 10 acres In cul
tivation, 1 acre bearing orchard, t acres In
strawtierrlm. 7-room house, free water for Irrl.
gallon, located on North Bank Highway.
III con-Oder house and lot or good touring
car as part payment. Must have some casti.
rrice m i, oy owner. M. At. Kusseil, llood
River, ore. a24
For Sale Studebaker In good condition, frtso
Phone 2:112. alO
For Hale Jersey cow, gives very rich tullk.
Telephone evenings 5i44. al
For Sale A team of horses, harness and wa
gon, one 2-aeated bark, rubber tired buggy,
fi-enl) cow, heavy milker, one 17-month old
Heifer. W 111 sell or trade for pigs, V. T.
I teau regard, phone 4fl7V.
Quotations Good For
The successful past of the 20th Century Stores is but the
forerunner of a more successful future. The Different Policy of
mese stores, the greater enthusiasm and more correct treat
ment of the trade have made them favorites with Food Buyers.
Genuine Ball Mason Jars, equipped-with Porcelain Lined Zinc Caps, Pints,
per dozen 78c, quarts 88c.
Onions, Walla Walla Globes, 5 pounds 8c, 10 pounds 15c.
Crystal White Soap, 5
3 bars Ivory and 3 bars P. &
G. Soap for
To Deaths ia Moonshine Raid
'V E. PonVn, deputy gherifT of
Clarke county, Wi.h.. and 1'tul Hick
tj, rr.onrjhintr, were killed in raid
by prf 'biMlion oiTWr near Stevenson,
VVh., Monday. VV. A. Morgan, pe
nal p-r.bibiticn citicer, wm darg-erot.s-h
uurded. bullet from the rife (f
JlirkiT strikine bia arm and thutfter
rutting a severe trash in his fca'p. A
lsrpe ti;t wm found in the LrusUarid
f.-irg full tlast.
I r a:
LsdJers For Rough Ground
Hr.-'Iio ladders are built for use in
orciiaMa where the conditions are inch
ths. on!v (lie U-st equipment can with
ttar. 1 '.lie rtrain and hard usage to mhirh
they are f uhjected. An extra w ide haw
and p ial ftrong construction areuM!.
reni.e'.t brothers. alOtf
Friday and Saturday, August ll.'and
it, a screen version of "The Storm.
J: . - t -
uireci itura in cnenomenai success in
roruanu. tne screens DiRgest pic
ture. Also Aesops Falhes, Topics of
the Day, International News. Adults
50o, Children 30c.
bunday, one cay only, August 13,
Agnes Ayres in "The OrdeaL" Also
I'athe News and Review.
Monday and Tuesday, August 14 and
15, double star bill. James Oliver Cur
wood's "Flower of the North." Also
Larry.'Semon in "The Sawmill." Us
ual prices.
Wednesday and Thursday, August 16
ana if, uorotny Ureen in "The Good
Had Wife." Also Episode Four, "The
Timber yueen," entitled. Go Get our
Man and Urownie, the wonder dog,
in m entury comeay.
V era Kolstad and the V urliUer daily
Matinee every day, 2 p. m.
KorKHle-Kentucky Wonder beaoi for ran
mug. I'liona 27.'U. JyiT
Aonlr Growrra Attention Hava nw one.
toil irui'k for your farm lianlina; at a prlre
that will let truck pay for luwlf'tLla Vail.
k'.my teriun. Add rata I). 8. Fleming, care of
Hood Kiver Ulacler. alO
Kor Mule At a bargain Air raah, S3 bead of
extra well bred Angora goata. Terma If de
aired. W. U. Nona, 1U. t, phone ' alo
For Hale Cutler 4-iwtlon
new, niourr included. Mra. 1.
trader, a 1 moat
1, Keara, pbone
Kor Sale Barrett Dlalrlct. one. acre, frroom
boiiae, furuuhed, out bulldlnga, never falling
well, modern cblrken bouse accomodatliiK
a, elwtrli-ity. Addreoa K. L. Baratow. 4 ill
N. K 16th SU. Tortiand. Ore. J.Y27U
20TII CENTURY COFFEE-Its goodness most appreciated where it'
the best. Pound 33c, 3 pounds 95c.
s known
Church's Grape Juice-With a bouquet in each glass. Pint bottle ...25c.
Blookers Cocoa-Genuine Dutch Importation. 15c, 30c and 58c.
For Hale A rood young home. Will work
anywhere, dfiible or alngle. J. C. Bogga, K.
F. I) 4, hood Kiver, Ore. alT
Milk, tall
for 25c
Old Dutch Cleanser
Ror Sle-ir While bet horn bena. Phone
Odell 1.x, evening. Jyu
Kor Ha1? Kit her Ford i'na ne or Hapmoblle'
i pawenger, W ill trade for real ewtate or mort-1
gage. lr. Humble. J-J'lf ;
. 1
or Sale Newell apple erader. IWI model.
J rrnde, good aa new. trice rlgbl, I'bone ,
Odell HI; Jjtf
Campbell's Soups, any
variety, lOc
Best Cane Sugar, 13 pounds $i.00, 100 pounds $7.35.
CRISCO-1V.....25C. iys 37c. 3s 73c. C's $1.37. 9's 31.99.
This Store Closed AH Day
August 16th.
Creams, lees and Drick. Ice
:;j for t artK. d,r,n-ri aad frxH-ial
occeiicoe. The l'teasar.t. jeltf
Card of Thanls
We ih to thank our many friends
ana rwvhbora who, by their kind
words of sympathy, offers of help and
beautiful floral offering did much to
asure our (rrief for the ks of our
dear hatiand and father.
Mra. John Elder,
Mrs. B. W. Veatch,
Mrs. S. M. Defrate,
IJizie Elder,
K. C. Elder,
J. C Elder.
Friday and Saturday. Auirust 11 and
12. David Butler in "Girla Don't
Gamble." and Episode 15, "W innera of
the West
Sunday, A ucuit 13, the big Coldwyn
Buperfpeciai, -a laie or i wo Worlds,'
and a one-reel I'athe Kolin comedy.
Dorothy W issinper at the piano.
KorSi Raucb and personal
Tel. aX6 odell.
properly. !
For Sale-V-C In. end 4 fa.
Tel. Odeil ltfe. K. A. Mi
Iron water pipe.
Kor Sale My Rarrett borne. No PTtttey
home lor.ilon In Valley, t.dna El lea Wri hi
llioue or ad drew KL . J,if
For Saie-i belfera and a cow.
K. Kugene t-t-ilood River, Ore.
Cbaa. Ie,
Hide! Hides! Higlieat price paid
H ill call at any place in Valiey Why
give them to the junk man? Jnt tele
phone b39, and 11. Breeaw ill call. htf
Kor Sale- 1'nlTerae.l and a I'rearent rante
Telephone ert m.vtf
For Hale or Trarte Five and tJVWO acea on
A vau.n Way, two mr-n ainiwherTte. atiii
!'' apple tixea, M pear tree, three eher
rw. Want to eil od aodHiBt of heme too old
to do the work e owner on lb tremiM. 1
I U C. Uaaiker. K.F.D. i. IbAU !