The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 12, 1922, Image 5

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Our inventory has disclosed the fact that we are "long" on many items of Merchandise. These are all articles of
every day need and we are going to put them on sale at exceptional reductions in order to reduce our stock. The
quantities in most cases are not large and at these prices will not last long, so you will have to hurry if you want some
of these bargains. Many of these items are not in stock at our Odell Store, but will be taken there on special orders.
Dark Karo 2 lb., 18c, 2 for 35c
do 5 lbs., 35c, 3 for $1.00
do 10 lbs., 65c, 2 for 1.25
Light Karo 2 lb., 20c, 2 for 39c
do 5 lbs., 38c, 3 for $1.10
do 10 lbs., 72c, 2 for 1.40
Walnuts lb. 34c,
Almonds lb. 29c
Filberts lb. 21c,
Brazils lb. 20c,
Pecans lb. 29c,
3 for 98c
3 for 85c
3 for 60c
3 for 58c
3 for 85c
Sunkist Tiny Beets 22c,
Seline Peaches 18c,
Red Bibbon Apricots 27c,
Red Ribbon Sweet Potatoes 23c,
Pineapple Cubes No. 2 can, 18c,
Standard Peas 14c,
Solid Pack Tomatoes 19c,
Ripe Olives pint can, 24c,
Mountain Maid P. and Beans, 2 for 22c,
Libby's Apple Butter No. 1, 13c,
do No. 2, 22c,
for 63c
for 52c
3 for 78c
3 for 66c
for 51c
for 40c
for 54c
for 70c
doz. $1.26
3 for 37c
3 for 63c
Extra Special
Corn Meal, white or yellow, sk. 28c, 3 for 80c
Jap Rice 5 lbs. 35c, 10 lbs. 68c
Tree Tea 1 lb. 47c, 2 lbs. 92c
Bulk Corn Starch 4 lbs. 25c, 8 lbs. 47c
Bulk Cocoa 3 lbs. 33c, 6 lbs, 64c
Bulk Spaghetti 4 lbs. 25c, 8 lbs. 48c
Seedless Raisins pkg. 21c, 3 for 61c
Muscat Raisins 25 lb. box $4.87
Blue Ribbon Table Salt .8 lbs. 18c
" 50 lbs. 92c
Half Ground Salt 50 lbs. 53c
Swift's White Soap .5 for 19c, 27 for $1.00
White Wonder 6 for 24c, 26 for $1.00
Castile Soap 3 for 25c, doz. 95c
Rose City Glycerine 3 for 25c, doz. 95c
Wool Soap 3 for 23c, doz. 87c
Assorted Hand Soap 3 for 12c, doz. 45c
Swift's Pride W. Powder 22c, 3 for 59c
Sunbrite Cleanser 2 for 13c, 6 for 37c
Sapolio 3 for 27c, 6 for 53c
Plain Mixed lb. 17c, 3 for 50c
Christmas Mixed lb. 22c, 3 for 63c
Commercial Chocolates lb. 24c, 3 for 70c
Milo Gum-.: 5 pkgs. 10c
Jiffy Jell 3 for 27c, doz. $1.04
Toilet Paper, large roll 3 for 20c, doz. 75c
do. small roll 3 for 12c, doz. 45c
Dri Foot Oil, small 3 for 24c
English Breakfast Tea 1 lb. 35c
Rosedale Salmon, Vz lb., 3 for 34c, 6 for 66c
Fitz Shoe Polish 8c, 3 for 22c
Bulk Cocoanut lb. 19c, 2 for 36c
Cedar Polish small 18c, large 33c
These prices will be in effect one week beginning Thursday, January 12, subject to stock on hand. Get your share while they last
Consolidated Mercantile Company
A Few Questions For Thinking People
Is there anything Wrong with your eves, ears, nose or throat?
Hsive you stomach, liver, kidney or lxwel trouhle?
Have you pirns or loBltMgO, sometimes called "stitch In the hack?"
Have you rheumatism or any neuralgic pains of any nature?
Have you stiff joints or limbs, which you cannot DM naturally?
Have you female disease, or any disease which relates to sex?
Have you any di-ease that physicians have told vou is incurable?
Have you any sickness, dislocation, or pain for which you have
everything without permanent relief?
Have yon asthma or partial paialytds?
If j on answer yes to any of these questions, you cannot afford to
investigating and trying my new methods. Tin y will relieve you of
pain ami atcKMM of any kind ami make you well. Investigate.
Chiropractic, Electric and Stretching Treatments
Rooms 23-24-25 Pythian Bldg.
Hood River, Oregon
Telephone 1833
Beginning January 1, the name of the
SIocom-Donnerberg Co. will be changed to
All accounts of the old corporation have been taken over
by the new corporation, and must be paid on or before Feb
ruary 1. 1922.
The store under its new management aims to be all that
its name implies, a standard book and art store. W e will make
a specialty of affon'ing our patrons with the best of pictures
of Hood River Valley and Mid-Columbia Cascade scenery.
We ask your patronage, your hearty cooperation and con
structive suggestions.
It appears that those who would sup
port the candidacy of Geo. R. Wilbur
for joint senator the current year, have
been over hasty. No vacancy occurs In
this office the coming year. Senator
Niekelaen will hold over as joint sena
tor from the two mid-Columbia coun
ites. Mr. Wilbur, who was recently desig-
nated by the Oregon Department,
American Legion, to draft an initia
tive measure, which will place rigid
restrictions and prohibitions on the
i ownership or control by lease of real
' estate in Oregon, has, however, been
'. approached in an effort to secure his
candidacy for representative from
Hood River county. He announces at
present that he will not be a candid
ate. Formerly Hood Kiver and Wasco
counties had two joint representatives.
Under an apportionment made last
winter, however, each county is given
a single member in the lower house of
the legislature.
Steamer Madeline On Run
The steamer Madeline, according to
John Coultard, local agent of The
Dalles Transportation Co., was put
into commission on the Portland-The
Dalles run Tuesday. The Madeline
and the steamer lralda will run on al
ternate days.
The lralda, taken off the mid-Columbia
run just before the Christmas holi
days, resumed the run from Portland
to The Dalles last week.
Locomotive Derailed at Parkdale
The big Mikado locomotive of the
Mt. Hood K. H. Company's line was
derailed by a froien crossing at Park
dale Saturday. The locomotive com
letely blocked traffic of the main street
of the I'pper Valley terminus. It was
necessary to send here for another
engine to pull it back on the rails.
Marriages Far Exceed Divorces
Hood River marriages the past year
reached 7H. The total of divorces for
the year reached 23. The percentage
t-t divorces the year before was much
C. K. iraves announces that the Riser
roltirgraph which were on Mle at the
i IVrxik Store daring the week before
( In i-tmas for the Iwnefit of the Oregon
Nature Lowers Club can now lie in-ep-cted
or b-ugl t at the office of K. E.
!- tt under First National Hank. Hi
Besides full stocks in barn, we sell off the car
at prices that are right. See us before buying; we
will save you money. Cars on track almost daily.
While orchardists had begun to fret
under the burden of ceaseless snow
storms, they generally agree that the
weather conditions of the past seven
weeks hsve set the stage for a bumper
apple and strawberry crop next year.
The nine and a half feet of snow that
have prevailed since winter set in No
vember 18 have melted bo gradually
that most of the water has seeped into
the earth. The precipitation still re
mains piled to an immense depth in
the forested areas of high altitudes.
The sleet that prevailed during the No
vember storm drifted into such heaps
in places that it is likely that sunshine
and warm winds of the entire of next
summer will not eradicate them, ac
cording to those who are acquainted
with high forest conditions. No short
age of irrigation water will exist on
the Hood river watershed.
TlM temperature, reaching a mini
mum of 11 degrees above zero, and
this for only one night in November,
has not been sufficiently low to cause
anv damage to fruit trees, and straw
berris have ever been protected by the
snow blanket.
Riley Congratulates Post
Frank Branch Riley has written to
Kent Shoemaker, in charge of the an
nual legion ascent of Mount Hood
next summer, congratulating the Post
on preparations being made for the
event. Mr. Riley, who has accepted
an invitation to join the climbing party
and who will participate in a campfire
program the evening before the as
cent, writes :
"Any event that receives such care
ful preparation as you are going your
mountain party is assurred success. I
congratulate the I'ost on the Christmas
and New Year's greeting cards which
with as sent out to all parts of the
country in announcement of the 1V22,
July Mount Hood climb."
Park Grange Elects
G. A. Palmiter has been reelected
master of the Park grange. Other
officers named for the year were : H.
C. Wylie, O. : Mrs. John Stranahan,
L. ; E. M. Lafe, Sec. ; John Strana
han, Chap. ; Arnie Hukari, S. ; Geo.
Frey. G. ; Joe Horn, A. S. ; Helta Hu
kari, L A. S; Mrs. Fay Dtnsmoor, P. ;
Dorothy Frey, C. ; Crace Reed, F., and
V. A. Crow and L B. Gibson, tied for
vote on trustee. A building committee
to arrange for construction of a com
munity house for the Weat Side waa
named as followa: H. C. Wylie, John
Stranahan. Albert Kriejr. Aug. Guigr,
ard and Robert Frey. A feature of
the annual meeting was a basket din
ner at neon.
Blue Diamonds Wii Agaia
The Blue Diamond basketball. team
continues its successful career, last
Friday night'defeating the high school
U-am bv 32 to 16. Ott and Jack Byers
played forwards, Folts was center, and
guard positions were played by Samu
el. Wright, and Johnson.
The quintet, undefeated Tor the sea
son, will meet the White Salmon team
at the high school suditoriam Wednes
day r ight. As soon aa the local gy m
nasium is available, the local players
will stage garnet with the Multnomah
Athletic Aasociatfbn and other Port
Turn-A-Liim Lumber Co,
5 1 0 Cascade Avenue
PHONE 4121
( ion )
CI AD 1 a A A n We have some coming and
JLnD WUUIJ it is real wood. Good large
slabs, no edgings. Call us.
padh unnn Cut rom are trees and
VUKU ffUULI best wood money can buy.
V T Utah Lump, Hgg and Nut
V J x I I j Sizes. Let us deliver your
Winter supply.
Everything in the Building: Line
C iOL- )
Insist n gennine Ford part" h
having voar car repaired. Ii-kwr
Marsh Siotor Co. u25U