The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 17, 1921, Image 2

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ARTHUR 1). MbE. Puhllihcr.
JOE n. THOM1SON, Editor
Subscription, 82.00 Per Year.
Hood River is interested in the out
come of the Portland election next
Saturday, when electors will deter
mine whether or not the 1925 world's
fair will be financed by taxation.
Hood River is interested because Hood
River is in a peculiar position to profit
by the great undertaking that will ad
vertise the state of Oregon.
Hood River to date is a quiet ob
server, or should be. The fair is pri
marily a problem for Portland, whose
taxpayers will bear the brunt of the
bills. If Portland votes the tax and
raises her subscriptions, as it now
seems certain she will, then it is the
duty of Oregon to follow and vote tne
statewide tax. Rather, we should say,
it will be the privilege of the rest of
the state to follow suit and help put
over this great scheme for bringing
Oregon to the forefront of Pacific
coast states.
The address of the President in
opening the disarmament conference
last week was characterized by its sub
mergence of self and personal desires.
lln voiced 11 houe of mankind, the
subsequent proposals of Secretary
Huirhes for limitations of armament
and on the proposed naval holiday were
explicit, concise and sincere. It
seems that a new era in world affairs
is setting in motion an era of frank
diplomacy. If the new world can teach
to the old this lesson, civilization will
have received a new lease. Rut after
all, will the enthusixsms that are Btim
ulated at the peace conference last? It
is not so much what the delegates to
the conference do while there. What
will they do afterward?
Bread is down a cent a loaf. That
means a aavinir of 10 cents every 10
days, provided you foster an accumula
tion of the pennies. The saving seems
small, and yet in a year's time it
reaches $H.6fi for the fumily that buys
a loaf of bread each day. If propor
tionate reductions are made in other
lines of food products and clothing, the
expense bill of a family will be mater
ially decreased.
Hood River grangers are progres
sive. They are :up and doing. The
county owes them a vote of thanks for
their efforts in telling the story of the
Hood River valley to their fellow
grangers, who will attend the national
convention of the organization in Port
land this week.
"On a throne of rock, in a robe of
cloud, with a diadem of snow," such is
the caption of a picture used by School
Superintendent Gibson in illustrating
the programs of the annual teachers
institute. The picture shows the Park
dale school during winter.
With turkey prices soaring, the wise
family will eat less expensive meat
next Thursday. .. They will be just as
happy and as well nourished,, aB .those
who demand the great American fowl
Huriah for the high school for the
work on Armistice day in defeating
the old enemy. The Dalles, and acquir
ing the mid-Columbia championship.
I he newly elected freak mayor of
Youngstown, )., is by no means the
only or biggest fool in the buckeye
The good weather has already cut
fair sized hole in winter, and all of us
are nlad for the sake of our pocket
i l"H H- H M i I I 'M-i-l-l 'i-H-M
I I "M-l-1-t I M I -l-l I I l -I .-..H-I"M
(Bf rjtrtfa Mills V)
Armistice day the high school team
lieat I lie PalU s eleven with a score of
2(1 to 0. the game WHS played at Th
Dalles, and the Hood River team had
by far the largest supixirt of rooters.
The local boys outplayed their rivals in
every stage of the game with the ihis
sible exception of yardage gained in
punting. The Dalles backs were slow
in getting punts off, and two of the
three touchdowns, scored by Hood
River, were made by blocking punts
attempted by The Dalles backs recov
ering the ball, and running for a
touchdown through an ojien field.
Glenn Greene, and Pat Slavens scored
for Hood River. The local team showed
wonderful organization and lots of
light and deserved to win.
Supt. Cannon, Prin. Conkle, M. D.
Rrode, Miss B. M. Hunter, R. C. Good
man, E. E. Korsythe, and Miss F. K.
Raker, of the high school faculty, were
in The Dalles Armistice day along
with l.0 high school students. This
was the first time in four years that
Hood River has won from The Dalles.
Supt. Cannon held his monthly teach
ers' meeting at the high school build
ing Tuesday.
Everyone wore a "Good English
Tag" lat Thursday. These little tags
helped to remind toe students that for
one day at least they should check up
on their English. It also helped them
to discover what kind of foundations
had been laid for expressing their
thoughts in pure, good English. Be
fore the day was oer many students
were suffering from ungrammatic and
expressions, for moat everyone
i to turn in a clean card. When I
student caught another using bad ,
a a - .
neor-r. write their i.amt s
on the sufferer's card. It will be an
nounced in the next aasemblv the stu
dent, or students, having the cleanest
A rally was called at 3 30 last Thurs
day afternoon for the purpose of in
stalling sorr pep and gireer. As th
Imays start things.
as called uum t..
give a short talk. The team was rep- Goose hunting in e
?TBtod, by,.llli"rn Swick, Harold ! around Arlington and t
Dixon. Jack ( ram and Cntin J.r. . ...- i,.,.
Johnson in peppy SDeechea- alias Kara miimJ Mm n..t
Hunter spoke for the facultv and l..r. a ,.,i.r .,r l.w
Mr. Crites, Mr. Wilbur and Mr. Van
Horn gave talks and told the team
that the tcWvn and legion were back
ing them and expected them to win.
After a good yell practice the assem
bly was dismissed with the assurance
that we would win theLVame from The
In! celebration of "Good English
WeeK." a nlav entitled "The Magic
Voice" was given bv the freshman and
sophomore English classes Wednesday.
The cast was as follows : Little Sam,
Frederick Hills; Young Columbia,
Harriet Fuller: Professor Good Eng
lish. Jim Epperson: Poor Speech,
Charles Taft: Efficiency, Imogene
Hishon: The Foreigner, Donald McEu
cas: Uncle Sam. Wilmuth Gibson : A
Soldier, Phillip von Lubkin ; A. E. I
O. U.. Kathleen Milakely, Georgians
Slocom, Werdna Isbell, Fern Alexan
der and Margaret Pierson ; English,
Frank Pierson. Lawrence Morgan and
Kenneth Mulloy; Slovenly Language,
l-iois Jean Sinclair; Mispronunciation,
Hazel Davenport; Inartieulation, ;John
Mohr; Vulgar Slang, Edward Naumes.
The members of the junior class re
ceived their new pins and rings Mon
day afternoonithrough'W. V. I.araway.
The design is both artistic and unique.
There were 12 rings nad 18 pins.
There will lie no school in Hood Riv
er city and valley Thanksgiving week.
The county institute will take up the
first three'davs and Thanksgiving holi
days of Thursday and Friday follow.
Next Friday Coach Fleishman will
take hiVfootball team to meet the Es
titcada high school on their grounds.
After defeating The Dalles the local
team is full of fight and ready to finis
up the season with two more victories
About 20 people attended the annua
school meeting in the auditorium o
the high school Monday night of thi
week to discuss the budget tor nex
year, which had been prepared by the
budget, committee early in October and
published as required by law. The
discussion brought out the fact that
the county high school tuition fund
was not sufficient to pay this district
for the tuition of non-resident pupils
in the high school for last year and
that this deficit would have to be car
ned bv the local district until such
time as an adequate levy could be
made by the countyjeourt and funds ob
tained. This will make necessary
slight increase in the total to be levied
bv School District No. ', but even
then the total tax to be collected Iwi
be 110.000 or $12,000 less than last
The students of the chemistry de
partment are now struggling with
'unknowns." Though hard, the work
. . .
is interesting.
The biology class is deeply interested
in the study of heredity, variation of
plants and animals.
The first certificates ot proficiency in
typing were awarded last week, by the
commercial department, to Irene
Downing. Nellie Ienard and Robert
Wilbur, all using I he Underwood ma
chine. Other certificates will bt
awarded to users ot other machines in
the near future.
Short Thanksgiving exercises will be
held in the various rooms of the grade
schools Friday afternoon, as school
will not be in session next week.
The junior high school will have
their program and assembly in the
high school auditorium at 3 o'clock
rriday afternoon.
The Legion men from Hood River
made a striking effect at The Dalles
last Friday. Several members of the
faculty belong to the Legion.
R. C. Goodman, manual training
teacher, a faithrul hunter, has never
missed a chance for hunting the last 10
days andahas missed every bird.
Notice to parents: The school law
provides that children of school age
should be in attendance at school ev
ery day of the school year, unless pre
vented by sickness or some other un
avoidable cause. The teachers are
made judges as to sufficiency of the
excuse. By practice and by rules of
this srhool the excusable absences are
illness of the pupil, illness or death in
the family, unavoidable accident, and
weather so bad the pupil cannot go to
All work missed should be made u
immediately so the pupil may not fall
behind bis class, and extra work may
be assigned in case of unexcupable ab
Kor 8!e-ItegiNtered .lerney bull 18 moultm
old ready for service. Orchard truck com
plete. 0. A. Powney, plioiie 47VI, Kid. 4, box
104, KgKennont. uH
For Sale 1 IS Model Chevrolet touring car.
Price, .:', or will trade for Ford roadMter.
PhOD S7J1. nlTlf
for Hule or Trade 70 acre of Kood hind near
Appleton, WunIi. Quod 5-room house, cellar,
barn and garage, 2 good ueres hearing
orchard; alno loganberries; ft acres In ulfalfa,
HI acres slashed and burned and logs takeu off
of one-half. Place, situated near mIiooI, store
church and Hslotrlce Knllre place (SBOSd
with woven wire. 1). W. ( atterlln, Hood 111 v.
er, Ore., Kid. 1. d8
Far Hale Kverbearlng raspberry plants.
Fruit in abundance from June until froat.
PnonsMSs, 11. Brssaw. ii
For Hale Two limber tracts, one of )!X) seres
on If If road; other of 14 acres on Neal creek,
both on county roads. Will sell former for
CMOand the 14 acres for 150. Phone Cxlell 4x1,
J. Ft. Khoadea. nl7tf
For Bals 17-inoa
cord. K. L. Noel
dry pine wood. HJO ner
Methodist Lane, n'U
For Hale Coru-fed turkeys.
I) Smith, Avalon Way.
I'boue 547H. FJ,
For Hale-A fine corner lot, south and east
frontage, cement sidewalk, all assessments
paid. Neat, new house and cellar. Double
garage and woodahed. nine little home. Come
and aee It. 1811 Thirteenth Ht. n!7
For Hale-Kldlng
pouy. W. W.
For Sale -A good single driving ho'ae, bug
Ky una naruess; or win trade lor pigs, chick
lis, cow, large worn horse, or what have you:
II. II. Culp, Hid. 4. Methodist Lane. nn
weight lbs
ic Udell VX1. can
For Sale Team of horses,
Cheap If taken at ouce. 1'ho
.1. M in k liu.
Dr. Allen to Address Sunday Club
Dr. E. T. Allen, who spent many
years as a missionary in I'ersia, will
be speaker at a meeting of the Sunday
ESvmiai club of Riverside church Sun
day evening, December 4. Dr. Allen
several years ago addressed members
of the congregation at a morning ser
vice. He will emphasize the need of
the peoples of the Near Last for relief
from America.
The Baptist Church
Sunday schKl at HI a. m. sharp.
Morning service at 11 a. m. Subject
it the sermon, I he Second ( onung of
"hrist." At night, the sermon will be
on "Pass It On." R. Y. P. U. at ti.U0
m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at
7.30 p. m. Come and make yourself at
For Hale or Trade ,r acres on Avalon Way
iu apple irees, a) pear trees, ii cherry trees,
acres strawberries f.Vtt). See owner 1'. miles
Southwest from ball ground. j21ll"
For HaU Dry body UVlH, fir wood delivered
We do haiilli'g with our i ton truck. Tel
4717. Halt.inuii liroa. Jh'Jlf
For Hale lly owner, Is 1-10 acres, North half
of lot (i, Heetlou ti, 2 miles out of White Hal
mini. Corner lot, overlooking new While
Salmon-Huowden road. High elevation, Hue
apple land, first growth Umber. W. J. llen-
dSfSOD, SJ0 Kaveuavlew Drive, Portland, Ore
gou. n.'l
Friday vas Armistice day for China
hcHsanta in the II I River valley.
he 10-day open season ended last
week, and the lordly cocks may return
to their orchard haunts from the ,-i;t
rounding rangeside copses.
Koosters by the hundreds fell here
luring those Id days, numerous hunters
having bagged the limit of 10 birds.
rut the slaughter this season, ranchers
say, has not been as heavy as last
ear, when the district was fairly
overrun with hunters from I ortland
snd Willamette valley points. Prac-
icallv all orchards have beeen posted
this year, and still many visiting hunt
ers, according to complaints of ranch
ers, have paid not the slightest atten
tion to "no hunting" signs but have
invaded ranches with apparent deliber
ate intent.
Deptuy State Game Warden Ixugh
ery has been stationed here during the
hunting season and has experienced a
nunsUr of tilts with nimrods. The
other dav Mr. Loughery, accompanied
by Capt. A. K. Rurghduff, state game
wanien, was visiting the Kast Side.
met two huntera.
I hev
licenses?"' asked Mr.
si line some pep and
girl- of toe school ali
"Got your
"Sure," replied the men in unison.
"Let's aee em." said I -m 1 ery.
One man stopped, but the other kept
walking right ahead. A short distance
away, he made a dash for the bushes.
Pursuit by the warden was futile.
bar. A number of local ni
bagging ducks along the
with tatr
nrods are
F'or Hale or Trade 70 acres ot gMl laud near
Appleton, Wash, (lood Vroom house, cellar,
barn and garage; two good wells, li acres of
bearing orchard and loganberries. 5 acres In
allalfa, 2i) acres slashed and burned and logs
taken oil ot one nail. Place situated near
school, church, store and sst office. Fail lie
place fenced with woveu wire. I). W. Catter
I In, Ibsid Hlver, ore., K. I). 1.
For Hale-F;iectrlc Hghl plant and a full line
of nursery stock. II. H. Ualligan, tel. Iii'ji.. nlDlf
F01 Sale Wood; 4-fl. oak, Sti.OU; (i.iu.
!HKI. II. I j. Noel, Methodist bane.
K or Hale- - Potatoes; order now; call 5ti44.
F'or Hale Burbank potatoes! delivered In
town once a week. Phone Odell !t!9. nllltl
11 HI
For Sale
Win 111 Hay.
Tum-A- Uum Lumber
For Half II lull grale double-bai relied shot
gnu In first-class condition. Phone even
ings or call at IKK) rrospeel Av. o7tf
F'or Hale Hay, beardless barley, llmolhv
cloverand oat; call W, A. Mills, tel. Odell 863, nil
For Hale or Trade - Mel. Itunaboul.
St., mile west lay lor s Htore.
foe Hale A 1 fa I fa hay, first, second and third
tilting, free from spray, not grown lu orchard.
). It, Craton, pbOMSTSB. obttf
F'nrs of ill 1 di'serl nt if ins eli'iineil mul n.i I.
eled Hklhed work guaranteed, 121 Oak Ht.,
Phone L7M. ol.'ltf
F'or Hale 6 acre tract, modern house, near
town lor salt; cheap, easy terms. H. I. Allen.
PbonsMV. oBtf
1 i
Furs of every description. A representative from one of the largest Fur Houses
1 the East will have his line of Furs on display at our store on
Saturday, November 19th
Come in and make a selection. Or if you do not want a fur come in anyway
You are always welcome at this store.
Shirts $2.98
City Woolen
Here is a special buy on Oregon City Woolen Shirts. An all
Oregon product that is mighty hard to beat. This is a clean-up
lot in different styles and colors. Some have lay down collars,
others button down and some are military styles, Colors are khaki,
dark brown, dark gray, and small stripe effect.
These are Real Bargains, right when you need this class of ar
tide. You get comfort, wear and good appearance in an all wool
Oregon City made shirt. All sizes from 14i to 18 neck. (11 Q O
and roomy. See our Window display. Your choice only W
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The Store
of Biggest
For Hale or Trade- III! acre wheat, notch in
Central Oregon, In cultivation, uhcI im
provements and some eiiulpmeiit 4 mil, s to
county seat. S'.'.KXI cash will handle. Hee H. i
ij. ( oramlnas. owner. Kfd. :i. Hood Kiver. il
For Hale Ata Karitaln a modern residence.
two Mocks from center of business district. 12
rooms. Including four large hedrnomx. I a rue i
double Hlltlnii room, kllclu-n nautrv. larire 1
closets, Imt 1 1 1 1 u on anil enclosed in eh. Iviu ip-
ped With turiinreaud has convenient garage,
call w. J. Baker. miiu
I ol Sale i, 1 fur sale in all parts Of
ineeny, prices rigni. A. . imtnank .v i o. alltt
For Male Two l-grade Ideal fruit graders.
Iiolh In good condition lnijulre Hood Klver
Fruit Co. 1'hone i'M. ntitf
For Hall Box W1 at :i a load. Also saw
dust for Hale. .1. A. Hehindler, Tel. illll.'. sstf
F'or Trade - Kor piano and s me cash, a
lulek H in gcsid condlllon. Address, I'ark.
luie, 1'. O. Hox SB, sltr
For Hale Fir and nine li. in. Hinl 4 ft. wood.
lellvered anywhere within two miles of Mood
Klver. 1). lleauregard., tel. Odell ;K. iiillllf
For Hale-Flesh oowh. Odell 2'Mi.
For Sale Orchard rake.
Ingle huggy and harness.
41 odell.
Oiilgnard grader,
K. J. Howard, Tel.
F'orHali- Light Ford runabout truck In gisid
irder; a bargain Call Hnlder phone UM4. n!7
F'or Sale-'JO acres all level brush land, some
timber, .l-S mile south of Parkdale on east side
il road at Kellev s mill. W rite or inunlie nt
H. K. J. Hleverkropp, llcsid Klver. Ore. nhoue
. nHtf
For Hale-Wi acres land 4', miles from City
ol I I l . i i.tti-t :.. -I In,,, I u-lit, 1
water, balance good pasture land not bonded ;
Rjf waler. van cords fir ahd oak wood stum- !
page, county road thru land, lair bui.dinu's.
Price per acre. J. K. Phillips, Phone!
WW ju24tf
Wanted I osltion by high school graduate, Wanted-To buy in acres or bearing orchard W'anled-To buy yonr used fui nllure, stoves
general office or typewriting. Tel. MH. u24 or strawberry land. J. II. Ilyland, K. I). I, and rugs. Cash or new goodn in exchange.
77, ; . 7z Box 16a, phone Odell 112. nl" B. A. F'ranz Co. 'lf
Wanted Clark Seedllnc strawberry plants -
Slate what you can furnish. W. K. Olbson A Wanted Bids on clearing live acres of land.
sons. Phone odell yx. ni7tf will tarnish honse to lire To. Bids to be made MISCELLANEOUS
aw w.. by Nov. IB. Oeo. F.Ogden, tel. Odell Mix. nlO
lXr lf ?t';: iliran'oly'er'pnlning'V VfSSMS
mont. nM leuce. 0 B. F;ak light, Cozy Hotel. nl7 rew-ro. L
,,.... r JjOHt Bunch of keys. Valuable lo owner
wanted- Uood tresh cow, Avalon F'arm, Wanted Pruning by the tree, the hour or only. Call 2101. Reward. BIT
Sherman J. Frank, plioneOliW, BlTtl the Job under contract. Better Tree Co., Hood
,,. r " River, Ore. n'24 For general masonry work, concrete, rock
Wanted -Bf buslnesH girl, housekeeping . or bricklaying, plastering, call Fred Moore
rooms Of naiiii with morning and evening Wanted -To rent a good farm with option lo Tel.ttT. or address 208 Fourth Ht. Bond
mean, cioseln. r". O. box 12ft. u!7 buy. (Jeo. FJ. Struck, I'arkdale. Ore nlO Klver, ore. J2Itf
For Kent-One large naim, furnished lor;
ngiu nouseeep:ug. call ill columiiia St.
Phone 1713. ul7
F or Kent Two
Ht. Phone 1111.
furnished rooms.
Fill Htale '
rooms, WV) Kb
tS Ht.
For Kent Fnrnlslied
Call evenings.
For Kiiit 2 furnished rooms In one of the j
best locations In Hood Klver; modern con
veniences, at reasonable price. Call K21 link
at., or lei. 2443. d2lf
Wauled To rent with option lo buy, di
rect from owner, city or country iplace.
Must he attractive proposition and comfort
able living q Barters, write to Homeaeeker,
care of Olacler. n.i
Overstocked On Groceries
We bought large shipmemts of high grade
groceries early in the year and the price is very
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E. E. HIM . Manager
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