The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 15, 1921, Image 9

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E. R. Moller,
Septebmer 7,
-J I -1 I I i I I 1 I I I I I I I
I I H t-HH I I I I i .i..i..i-v;-:4
cat ii mail who can iaik on any
subject, there are ninety who can't but
who do. - Manser Signs.
H. L. Hasbronek, Optometrist.
Dick Smith and Bardie nail itlipperi.
Bennatt lirotliers. t22
Por8plreIlOoreU Mm. Fred Howe,
III Cascade Avenue. Tel. 1781. jl'ltf
Careful attention paid to repairing au
tomobiles. Howell Bkm,, Tel. ,r).rl. a4tf
R, L. Foust was a business visitor in
Portland the first of the week.
Robert (J. McNary arid family have
returned from a vacation at Seaview.
Forbes does painting, lira work and
eaiotmiDiDK. Tel. 1014. mini
Holster spring! for orchard trucks.
Bennett Brother. s22
Misses' hair bobbing at the Modern
Barber Shop. John Galandra, I'rop tf
Misses Ignore and Dorothy Cram
were in The Dalles last week visiting
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Peters spent the
week end in Portland, seeking a house
maid. John Deere and llardie orchard trucks
ai oenneu Brothers. 1-22
We are giving a special discount on all
of our full line of fruit jars. It will pay
you to call L. II. Unggina, tel. 2134. a8
The Modern Barberahop is operating
two chairs. Children's hail catting a
specialty. John Galandra.
We are giving a special discount on all
of our full line of fruit jar.-. It will pay
you to call L. II. Hoggins, tel. 2114. aH
Amos Billings was down from his
Dee ranch last week visiting friends
and attending to matters of business.
Born- To Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Brett,
Saturday, September 10, in Portland,
a son.
Born- To Mr. and Mrs
in Portland, Wednesday,
a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dobson, who
will remain here for an extended visit,
arrived Saturday from Juneau, Alaska.
H. W. Hamlin, Underwood orchard
ist, was here the first of the week on
Joseph Irwin, of the Upper v'alley,
was a business visitor in the city last
See Howell Bros., Fourth and Colum
bia Streets, when vou want a mod inb
of repairing on your automobile. a-ttf
Dr. N. Plyler, Chiropractic and Elec
tric treatments. Booms 2M-24-25 Heil
bronner bldg., tele. 1833, Hood Kiver.
Insist on genuine Ford parts when
having your car repaired. Dickson
Marsh Motor Co. n25tf
Mrs. Geo. P. Pemberton, who has
been ill for some weeks, is at the Cot
tage hospital.
Special prices on Utah King Coal di
rect from the car. Phone 2181. Kmry
Lumber and fuel Co. tiff
B-Z and Portland picking hags com-
orianie, quick, convenient at Bennett
Brothers. 2
Mrs. W. A. Wendorf and little
daughter were here from Underwood
last Friday shopping.
W. E. Clark, of Mt." Hood,' was in
town last week exhibiting some fine
Gravenstein apples.
O. W. Peffer and wife left last week '
on a vacation. They planned on mo
toring into the Puget Sound district.
T. A. Culbertson, of the Upper Val
ley, was a business visitor in the city
last week.
George Blodgettrancherof the Up
per Valley, was here last week on bus
ed. Col. Dowd was down from his Upper
Valley orchard place the first of the
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Earle Doane
at the Storksnest, Friday, September
y, a J-pound daughter.
Mrs. F. L. Sanders and children, of
Oregon City, who have been visiting
her sister, Mrs. E. C. Mooney and
family, returned home last week.
insist on genuine Ford parts when
having your car repaired. Dickson
Marsh Motor Co. n25tf
The Hoyal Neighbors will hold a tea
this afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Fred Carnes on Taylor street.
Miss Marie Bartmess was in Port
land last week visiting her sister, Mrs.
W. B. Small, and family.
Mrs. Ida Howell, of Oakland. Calif.,
haB been here the guest of Mrs. S. E.
Mt. Home Camp MM, K. N. A. meets
Sad ami 4th Fridays of each month at
old K. of P. ball. Mrs. Emma Jones, Re
corder, Mrs. Elisabeth Rodger, (). ra)7tl
2 Reuben Zsehetzche, of Calumet coun
ty, wis., is now a member of the staff
at the Laraway Jewelry store.
Mrs. O. P. Dabney has arrived from
Loa Angeles for a visit with her
daughter, Mrs. W. J. A. Baker, and
Mrs. W. M. Slusher, of Portland, ac
companied by Mrs. Ida Lewis, was
here last week visiting her niece, Mrs.
('has. N. Clarke, and family.
Eugene C. Euwer, of the Upper Val
ley, returned home last Thursday after
an extensive motor tour of the Willam
ette valley.
We have secured the services of an ex
perienced mechanic ami can now take
care of all your automobile needs. How
ell Bros., Tel. 8661. a4tf
Wood fur the range or furnace. Dry,
sound slabs, Iti-in. bodv fir or cordwooii.
Kmiv Lumber a Fuel Co. Successor to
Hood River Fuel Co. a21tf
Highest quality coal is cheapest. Utah
King Coal is clean, hard and highest in
heat. Kmry Lumber & Fuel Co. Suc
cessor to Bond River Fuel Co. a21tf
Mrs. J. D. Wall was up from Port
land last week visiting the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Carson and other
old friends.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Merrill, of Seat
tle, arrived last week for a visit with
Mr. Merrill's brother, U. E. Merrill,
and family.
Mrs. K. Rood and daughter, Miss
Mildred Rood, are here from the Cooa
Bay region visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.
G. Bail.
II. S. Braakman is selling B. A H.
paint, best and cheapest on the coast.
Contracts small or large taken. Phone
2404. altf
Searches of records and reliable ab
stracts made by Oregon Abstract Com
pany, A. W. Onthank, Manager, ::05
Oak Street. Phone loll. jy20-tf
r J. W. Shipley, former Skamania
county commissioner and prominent
orcharclist ot the district, was here
last week on business.
lorn Cameron, service man for the
Chilcott-Nash Motor Co., of Seattle,
was here over Sunday visiting rela
tives and friends.
Place your order now for early de
liveries of World's Star Hosiery and
Klean-Knit Underwear. Miss Vernon
Shoemaker, phone 3782. slf
A. O. Adams and son. A. O. Adams,
Jr., were here from Cascade Locks
Saturday on business and visiting with
Harry Hilton is back at his duties
at the Consolidated Mercantile Co.,
following a vacation, a part of which
was spent at eastern Oregon points.
All films Lett with us up to 4 o'clock
p.m. are out the following day at 1 p.m.
In at four out at four. Slocom-Donner-berg
Co. jy22tf
We have a full stock of California
clamp warehouse trucks. Call and see
them or phone us for prices. Ideal
Fruit i Nursery Co., phone 5832. llti
A reception will be tendered at As
bury church tomorrow night for Rev.
Sykes, returned to the pastorate by
the Spokane conference. All friends
of the church are invited to attend.
Mrs John Bottrell, formerly Miss
Annette Allen, is now residing in Su
sanville, Calif., according to a letter
received last week by City Recorder
P. F. Chandler, publisher of 'the
Blue Mountain Eagle, of Canvon Citv.
visiieu tne uiaeier otlice luesday.
Thurston 'Laraway. who is now a;
student of the Medical School at Stan
ford University, arrived home last
week for a two weeks vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Laraway, W. F.
Cooper and family. W. J. Coliier and
family and B. J. Howland and family,
the later'of Portland, motored to Can
non Beach for an outing last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barker, of Bel
lingham.'Wash., en route home from a
vacation spent in southern California,
are visiting their daughter, Mrs. L. B.
Aplin, and tamily.
J. R. Crosby. Odell rancher, left
Monday for Boston, Brooklyn and
Maine and New Hampshire points,
where he will spend the winter visit
ing the families of brothers and sisters
and in visiting old friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy U. Veach and
sons, Jack and Billie, have arrived
from Great Falls, Mont., for a visit
with Mrs. Veach 's father, J. II. (ier
des, and family.
Miss Nancy Wade, of Oxnard, Calif.,
arrived last week for a visit with her I
brother, W. Wade. Harrison Wade,
who was recently here visiting, is ex- !
pected about the middle of the month
to make his home.
J. O. McLain, engaged with crews
on the Lost Lake road, was brought to
the Cottage hospital last week suffer
ing from a badly sprained shoulder,
sustained when he was engaged in lift
ing boulders from the right of way.
Kodak finishing Slocom-Donnerberg
Co. Out; up-to-date dark room, an up-to-date
expert finisher, a real 24. hour
service thats us. jy 22tf
Bids Wanted --To transfer at once
from 40 to 80 tons baled timothy hay
from Camas Prairie. Wash., to s ware
house in Hood KiVer, Oregon. Phone
4633. 0. T. Roberts. a4tf
Oregon State Fair; Salem, Sept. 2 to
Oct. 1-A wealth of agricultural, livestock
and industrial displays; an excellent ra
cing program; high class amusements
and attractions; ideal camping grounds.
$1.65 to
98c to
Buy Warm Underwear
Save on Your Doctor Bills
This is the season of the year when a small outlay for com
fortable underwear may save you from the inconvenience and
discomfort of a protracted illness. A bad cold is a stubborn ail
ment, and "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
are the standard of excellence and our new prices will astonish
you. No old goods to offer. New goods bought for cash and
sold with a small profit for cash. We can do this because our
expense is low, but our service is perfect.
New Sweaters
New Patterns
Judge Castner and A. II. Jewett,
the latter of White Salmon, will leave
next Thursday for Indianapolis to at
tend the national Grand Army encampment.
Mr.'and Mrs. J. F. Pealer'motored to
1 Viento Sunday afternoon for a visit
'with If. Ostergard, who is recovering
trom a broken leg, sustained several
weeks ago when he fell from a ladder.
Rev. Gabriel Sykes delivered a labor
sermon at Asbury church last Sunday.
A large number of members of the la
bor union here were present for the in
spiring address.
C. L. Nimans left yesterday for
Newberg and Sheridan, where he will
spend the next two months engaged in
supervising packing of apples for
growers who are affiliated with the
Dan W'uille Co.
We have a full stock California clamp
warehouse trucks. Call and sec them
or phone us for prices. Ideal Fruit &
Nursery Co., phone o832. sltf
Our kodak finishing is in charge of
Mr. Donnerberg - a finisher of experi
ence. If you are having kodak troubles
ask Ion about it. Mis experience is at
your service - with a smile. Slocom it
Donnerberg Co. jy22tf
Every grower should see the "Small
Growers Model," Cutler grader now be
ing displayed at the Mt. Hood Motor Co.
show room. Requires small amount of
space to operate and small amount of
cash to buy. jnHOtf
A. II. I.ea, Manager, Salem, Ore. (-29
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Richmond and
Mrs. Richmond's brother, George Hail
ey, came up by motor bus from Port
land Tuesday for a visit with old
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Richmond for
merly resided iere.
W. E. liyerlee, brother of Mrs. Susie
I. Lynn, and friend, Oscar Mason,
passed through here Tuesday en route
from Portland to Dee on a business
trip. Mr. Pyerlee is with the S. P. &
S. Co. in the Portland terminal office).
Citv Recorder Howe says the giant
beans reported last week by J. C.
Hoggs are not a novelty here. He savs
he has grown them for several years.
The variety is known as the Yount or
Oregon Giant, he savs. Seed may be
obtained from Oregon seedsmen.
Mrs. Annette Kntrican has arrived
from Los Angeles to spend the fall
here visiting her daughter, Mrs. E. H.
Hartwig, and family. Mrs. hntrican.
who formerly resided here, declares
that Hood River still holds a very
warm place in her heart.
I have just received from Sehweizer,
importer's samples of their new yarns,
silks, cottons, woollens, cretonnes, cur
tain scrims and nets, fine huck towel
ing and other materials attractively
priced. May I show them to you? Miss
Vernon Shoemaker, phone 3782. sl5
Strength and durability are the fea
tures of the Bardie orchard ladder.
Pickers who go up 'these ladders come
down the same route. They're safe. Al
so they will last for years. Ranchers
who nave used mem w ill nave no other.
At Bennett Brothers, 22
W. L. Tharp, West Side orehardist,
has sold his milk route and dairy par
aphernalia to Carl and Robert Copper.
The two young men will combine the
route with one of their own. They
plan on milking 30 cows and operating
one of the largest local dairy concerns.
Mrs. C. F. Annable, of Taft. Calif.,
sister of Mrs. Ralph George, who has
been visiting here for the past two
months, is well pleased with the scen
ery and climatic conditions of Hood
River. She states that her health has
been so greatly improved since coming
here that when she returns home she
will endeavor to induce her husband,
who is a driller in the oil fields near
Taft, to locate in Hood River.
Horace R. Skinner, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank E. Skinner, of the Oak
Grove district, is now located near
Vader, Wash., engaged in plotting six
townships of timber. Mr
University of California graduate and
great war veteran, having served with
the famed Gas and Flame Regiment,
writes that he devotes his time partly
to compass and partly to topographic-work.
The following Shrine members were
in Portland Saturday evening, having
escorted to the hot sands, Geo. F.
Mranahan, one of the initiates at a
big ceremonial: Geo. H. McMullin,
W. E. Sherman, C. H. Castner, Glen
B. Marsh, Kay W. Sinclair, C. P. Son
nichsen C. W. McCullagh and M. M.
Mrs. W. Lamoreaux. of Rattle Creek,
Mich., here a guest of the family of
County Commissioner Black man, was
taken down for a trip over the High
way Sunday. In the party, which par
ticipated in a picnic at Eagle Creek,
were Mr. and Mrs. Mack man and
grandson, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. A. I).
Moe and son,Roger. Mrs. I .arnoreau x
is a cousin of Mrs. Rlackman and Mr.
Avis llenton. of Portland, has re
sumed her Hood River piano class for
another season, and will be here every
Saturday. Her students will give a
program in October, and some of those
well advanced will also be heard in
Mr. and Mrs. ('has. Carson came up
the first of the week from Portland for
a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. K. ('arson. The former has just
disposed of his confectionery business
in St. Johns and is now look ins for a
new location.
America. He will spend the next sev
eral weeks at Mosier engaged in pack
ing apples there. Mr. Pierce declares I
that there was a lure to the Pacific
coast of the United States that he was
unable to overcome. He came here
from California where he had been en
gaged in the citrus groves. Mr.
Pierce accompanied Robert Scearce, of
the Mosier Valley Bank, to Hood River
Tuesday afternoon.
City Fire Marshal Morgan and
Chief Volstorn will attend the pro
posed fire prevention school to be held
at Salem as a feature of the state fair.
Mr. Morgan states that other members
of the local fire department will prob
ably attend the school.
J. S. Hunter, Bend timberinanjwho
arrived here yesterday for a visit with
his son. C. S. Hunter, and wife, had
just returned from the Montana oil
district, where, he is interested. He
stated that when he left a snowstorm
had just been raging. The depth of
the early blanket was eight inches,
but it had drifted in the wheat belt
near Lewiston to a level with the tops
01 wneat cocks.
Mrs. A. H. Kerry at a luncheon at
her West Side home Saturday an
nounced the engagement of her daugh
ter. Miss Margarei, and Neal Nun a
maker, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R
Nunamaker. The wedding, it is stated,
will be an event of early winter.
Miss Merry was formerly a student of
the University of Oregon. Mr. Nuna
maker has been attending the Univer
sity of California.
Dr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Skinner, ac
comparned by Mrs. D. M Kennedy and
daughter. Miss Nell Kennedy, and
Mrs. Geo. P. Skinner and son, Geo. 1).,
arrived last week from Hamilton, ().,
for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank K.
Skinner in the Oak Grove district.
Mrs. Kennedy and Dr. Skinner are sis
ter and brother of the local orchard
ists. The party has been en route for
Skinner, some time, having stopped at points of
scenic attraction along the (Janauian
Pacific line.
N. R. Pierce, who passed through
here two years ago, en route to his
home at llobart, Tasmania, from the
European' battle front, has returned to
You Will Like Our New Fall Goods
As Well As Being Better In Quality They Are Lower in Price
Yes, the New Fall Merchandise shows a greatly improved quality and mnch more reasonable
prices, and in the judgment of those best qualified to know the facts, it seems that prices arc as
low as they are going to be, in fact the raw products in many lines have advanced as you may have
noticed; this is especially so in regard to cotton.
You can buy here now with the assurance you are getting the lowest price
-consistent with the highest quality and service-
F. A. Massee, who returned Satur
day from a motor tour of the Yakima
valley, declares that the northwest ap
ple industry's greatest need is for
more adequate storage and warehous
ing facilities. Mr. Massee savs he
finds the apple market very inactive at
present. While buyers a few weeks
ago, he says, were making consider-
ame purchase, they are now apparent
ly not eager to buy at the exceedinliry
low'prices prevailing.
"It appears to me," says Mr. Mas
see, "that buyers are waiting for
growers to harvest their biir crop.
Then, with no place to take care of
their fruit, the orehardist will have to
let go. and price may be lower. The
Washington districts certainly need
additional facilities for handling their
crops. "
Mr. Massee, accompanied bv Dave
Le Bonte, journeyed to Seattle. He
planned also on visiting the Wenatchee
country, but was prevented by a block
ade of Blewelt Pass. He says a de
tour made it possible to reach the
Wenatchee country, but that the re
port at Cle Elum was that the detour
route was disastrous on tires and that
he cancelled that part of his trip.
Yakima, Mr. Massee says, "will
have 15,000 carloads of apples' of high
quality. Buyers are declining to pur
chase the general run of fruit at $iu
per ton, although from $!! to $1(1(1 per
ton has been paid for Delicious and
Bananas. "
Wanted a limited number of
culls, cash on delivery or when
wanted. See
W. J. Trudgen
Friday and Saturday at the Oregon Hotel.
58-in all pure wool Coatings
27-in heavy Outing Flannels
Ladies' Fine Black Silk Hose
Heavy Fine All Wool Navy Middies
Ladies' Munsing Silk Vests
58-in All Pure Wool Suitings
36-in Heavy Outing Flannels
Ladies' Fleeced Union Suits
Ladies' Heather Mixed Hose
Ladies' Munsing Silk Bloomers
44-in All Wool Serge
27-in Best Dress Ginghams
Boys' Heavy Rib Hose
Boys' Wool Sweaters
Boys' Sweater Coats
By a unanimous vote the members of
the Portland City Bowling League ac
corded Hood Kiver a most unusual fa
vor, when at the annual meeting held
Mondav night at the Oregon Bowling
Allevs, they agreed to transfer ten of
the regularly scheduled league matches
to the Blue Diamond Allevs.
As there will be six teams in the
league again this year that means that
ach of the other five teams in the
eague will roll one match in the fall
and one in the spring here with the
Blue Diamond team which has been
again accorded a place in the Portland
laical howlers are jubilant over this
agreement, as it not onlv saves them
ten trips to the city hut allows local
fans the pleasure of seeing their own
representatives in action at home
against each of the Portland teams in
turn. When it is understood that the
mere admission of the local team last
year was revolutionary, Hood Kiver
people will appreciate the compliment
the Portland men sre navinir their
Hood Kiver friends in this vear's ar
The league season this year will
cover ;i(l weeks instead of 25, making
a M game schedule, and calling for
each team to meet every other one six
times, in order to cover this lunger
schedule the leaugue howling will start
next Monday night with ail six teams
Bowline at the Oregon Alleys. Teams
entered are Madley-Silver. last year's
champions, Zellerhach Paper Co.. run-
ners-up, loke Point Oyster drill, lbod
Kiver Blue Diamonds, Kellv's Olym
pians, and the longshoremen. The
first four mentioned were members of
the league last year.
Str. J. N. Teal
Lv. for Portland Tues., Thurs., Sat. at 8:00 P . M.
Lv. for The Dalles Tues., Thurs., Sat. at 9:03 A. M.
Carrying freight and PASSENGERS.
Leaves Taylor St. Dock, Portland
Passenger Fare $1.00 & tax- Meals 50c- Berths 75c & $1.00
Twenty per cent on all wall paper;
odds and ends, 80c and up per room;
house paint, $2.90 per gallon and up;
contracts small and large.
H. S. Braakman
Smith Hlk, cor. 3rd and Oak
Phone 2404
price at
is $12 per
the low grade fruit, says the
present, for unsorted stocks,
everything below C grade,
Mr. Trudgen declares, however, that
the ranners are seeking only a limited
quantity of cull apples this year, and
the price, he says, may show a decline
when they have finished purchasing up
to the limit of their demands.
part JnOOd Kiver and part Portland
men the Blue Diamonds finished fifth,
in spite of the severe handicaps
against them. This year they will be
minus the services of Charley Kruse,
but Manager House is confident that
a I men have improved and seasoned
rlicicht lv to make a strong all-Hood
Kiver Ifcie-up. With the opportunity
of rolling part of their games on the
ral alleys, the locals should make a
rreilitHhle showing, especially as the
Portland bowling ranks have lost eight
of their high caliber men.
it was the intention of Mr. House to
hold a competition of some ort to
make up the local team, but the start
ing of the league so early compels him
to make a tentative selection to begin
with. This line-up will be subject to
change as needed, and other local men
who are going good will have oppor
tunity to fill in at various times as the
regular members are unable to make
Our Dress
and willing coop
Dressmaking, Hemstitching, Accordion and Knife Pleating
laking Department in charge of Mrs. M. Hwrn is prepared to give you the best of service, and inteli
Kor the first season the C. M. Kopp
o., apple buyers of Yakirrm, nave in
vaded the Hood Kiver territory. V. K.
Olleman, who has arrival to take
charge of the local business, says his
concern anticipates the handling of 100
carloads of Hood Kiver fruit this sea
"While we have never dealt directly
in Hood Kiver apples l. .r-," says
Mr. Olleman, "we have ourchased
them in former seasons from Fhippers.
We are well pleased with the Oregon
apples and hope to Increase our busi
ness in them each Mason. We now
control the fruit from one local tract.
the Middlecrest orchard, located in the
Middle Vallev."
Man Hurls Hock al Ohms
I eye Sell
Apparently angerei
Officer Woods turned i
him as he clambered t
up the Columbia grg
Highway, a man hurl
when Traffic
M-'tlight on
rough bushes
ode from the
i a :o-pound
.n.tav night.
urcycle when
! roadside snd
Seal Brand
It has a distinct tine flavor of its
OVa and is just a little letter iliau any
thing we ever HW in coffee.
I lb - 3 lb.- 5 lb. cans only
Join the bunch of f-cal Coffee
Drinkers and bs happj .
The Star Grocery
" Good Things to Eat "
Leather Front
Canvas Gloves
3D RivtB ON:
. .-, aniri-ii r -f H-srtTiiii
Mens Blue Denim
Bib Overalls
Annala, (ireen, Ik-Witt
( annrr Man Seeks Call Apples
W. J. Trudgen, representing
I r.iducers' Cannerv Co.. of Salem.
yant A Co., HftrtJand canners.
rivflrt here andj is active in the
pie deal. Mr.. Trudgen, who st
that ha will take hundreds of ton
wore brown trousers and a black
! backed out of the rays of the liitr.
tiefore Mr. Woods could rearrange it
and bring him again in foru-. the big
the rock was hurled. It struck at Mr.
and Woods' feet.
has The efficer fired three shot into the
call bushes and securing a flashlight tried
ites to trail the man thAugh the woods,
i of but he escaped.
Gblht r Honored
Members of the Eastern Star Chapt
I er initiated the fall and winter season
Tuesday nmht with a reception for
j Mfs. Charles H. Castner, associate
i matron of the Oregon grand chapter,
j The rooms of Masonic hall were besot -
iiuny decorated. A tuncneon was