The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 01, 1921, Image 9

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ain Reduces Price
Sxtra Si$e 30x32 1622
Firestone first made the low price
of I13.W on the Standard Non-Skid,
May 2. Unusual purchasing power
through big volume of business, and
the great efficiency of its $7,000,089
Plant No. 2, manufacturing exclu
sively 30x3 M size, made this possible,
i Now, the production of the Extra
Size 30x3 Yi tire has been transferred
t k
to Plant No. 2. This permits the
rrice reduction on this tire from
16.65 to $13.95. No such value has
ever before been offered tire users.
If your dealer hasn't the Extra
Size in stock ask for our Stand
ard Non-Skid type at the same
price. You will still be getting aa
unusual tire value.
Cords That Don't Blow Out
Tou feel secure on Firestone Cords.
Pecause Firestone Cords don't blow
t. Your repair man will tell you
hasn't seen a blowout this past
year 10,009, 15,010 and 20,099
miles, and the tires still going
strong. See your Firestone dealer
today. Name below.
Firestone Cord Tire are being sold at lowest prices In cord
tire history: 30x3 $34.5 324 $44.39 34x4 $54.9S
The Highway Auto Company
Freight Advance
Since War
Present Lumber Prices
Now Same as
Pre-War Prices Freight Advance
Pre War Frt. Advance Present Price
Buy Lumber now for any building need !
Prices on Lumber can't go lower !
No other commodity has fallen in price
more than Lumber!
Our Free Building Helps are valuable !
( IQl )
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co,
"Materials with Plans for Homes and Farm Buildings"
5 1 0 Cascade Avenue
PHONE 4121
Now Rock Bottom
Two of Portland's most lifted yountf
women, Mias Katharine Laidlaw and
Miss Constance Piper, will appear here
Friday evening at the Open Air the
atre in Chatauqua park.
The program, which will be given
for the benefit of St. Mark's Guild,
will be held at the High School audit
orium in case of inclement weather.
Miss Piper is known throughout the
country for her piano playing. Her
renditions are interpreted by the tal
ented Miss Laidlaw. The program of
Saturday evening will be practically
the same as rendered by Misses Piper
anu i.aiaiaw in t'oriiana at the Heilig
theatre last June. The following com
ment on that concert, written by Leone
Cass Baer, appeared in the Oregonian :
Too often the music provided to ac
company dance ideas, or the dances
provided to accompany music, are like
the results of amateur carving as de
scribed by some one who said that the
"gravy so seldom matches the wall
paper. "
Not only does it seldom match, but
all too frequently it is in seeming di
rect conflict. Ixing before any of us
thought of matching the gravy with
the wall paper, Mark Twain used to
tell a story of the magic lantern with
scriptural slides and the pianist whose
idea of incidental music for the scene
representing Lazarus rising from the
dead, was to play "Come, Wake Up
wiiiiam Kiiey anu waih Along With
A splendid exception to this old and
haphazard method of throwing the mu
sic aner me ounce or ai u, trailing a
measure behind here and a step ahead
there, with dance and music never end
ing simultaneously and ammrentlv
bearing no relationship while they
were going on, was afforded in the
program offered at the Heilig last
night, in which KathHrine Laidlaw
gave a terpsichorean illustration of
music played by Constance Piner.
The contrast of moods in the char
acteristic music of Beethoven, Chopin.
Moszkowski. Grieg. Masuanet. Saint
Saens, Hammond, Owen, Brahms.
Cluck, Amani, Debussey and Strauss,
surely a widely varying program of
distinct character, provided excellent
subjects for illustration in dance by
Miss Laidlaw, and certainly proved
Miss Piper's virtuosity joined to a
technique of high attainment, a tech
nique that has become moving because
of its own fine perfection.
w ithout artifice of expression Miss
Piper traced in the air melody curves
of joy, of tenderness, of whimsical
gayeties, of merriment and even of
loneliness and sadness and Miss Laid-
aw and her pupils conveyed to our de
ighted senses the movements of the
soul of the music. The steps and the
gestures of the dances blended in
perfect communion of color and melody
with the music in an expression of art
the most elevated, most disinterested
and most spiritual.
Miss Laidlaw s solo dances revealed
her keen imairerv in conception and
xecution, including nature rvthms
and exotic dances, modern evolutions
and fantastic dance creations. On sev
eral occasions clever little dance moods
revealed Miss Laidlaw with a real gift
tor humor. Her own program was em
phasized by depth, charm and vigor of
xpression, and a well defined sense of
the dramatic. Her dancing is more
than picturesque posturing and iB a
ne combining of the spiritual and the
hysical. two of Chopin s numbers,
Minute Waltz" and a "Schottisch. "
roved quaint conceits gay in color and
mood. "A Juggerless" was a humor
ous conceit, in which to Moszowski's
music Miss l.aildaw portrayed for ub a
swift moving body deftly juggling
imaginary pellets in the air.
A colorful and dashing dance idea
was Massenet's "Aragonaise," and
the last of her solos, a legendary bit
from the oriental, to Amanis' music,
stand out notably for discrimination in
taste and originality.
Mrs. Nellie Bryant, of Cherokee and
Delaware descent, who came here a
year ago, from Oklahoma with her
husband, E. E. Bryant, has just re
ceived word from her father that she
will share in two huge estates, involv
ing Indian oil land. The young ma
tron, who is employed at the Pheasant,
says the news of the inheritance came
as a'great surprise to her. The aggre
gate amount of the two estates, she
says, will reach several millions.
Mrs. Bryant has received papers in
dicating that the portion of the allot
ment accruing from her father s side
of the house will reach an approximate
$50,000. Her father's forebears
were Cherokee. The estate on her
mother's side involves Indian lands al
loted to Delawares.
Mrs. Bryant is very happy in her an
ticipation of the great good fortune.
Discussing it she says:
"The receipt of papers from my
folks in Oklahoma, announcing the
proposed division of the money was a
great surprise at the time. I do not
know just when we will get the funds.
1 am going to keep right ahead with
my work here.
"No, we are not going to return to
Oklahoma. My husband has already
bought a home in Portland. We like
Uregon and we expect
permanent home here."
to make ou
hvery grower should ee the "Kmal
Growers Model," Cutler grader now b
log displayed at the lit. Hood Motor O
show room. Requires small amount of
space to operate and small amount of
cash to buy. jnWHf
Motorist's Plaint Declared Unfounded
The complaint of Charles Malone.
traveling salesman for a Portland pa
per iohhmi? hnuxe who reiuirtcii ti ,i
he was unable to secure aid in vetMni'
hill Alltnmnltilo WmnAmwmA hnn ft. ntwr.
liMt SlimlMV itifiim luut u. h Art tha nrunl
shaft broke south of I'arkdale, back to
flood Kiver. has aroused the ire of
Upper Valley residents. Ranchers of
the neighborhood declare that Mr.
Malone has given an absolutely false
iraumiiun ov nis stories 01 me inci
dent. While the visitor stated that he
was unable to secure any help, al
though he offered to pay liberally, it is
i - - . .... i , ., iimm i.ifi.1
buy who was visiting the ranch of his
I U ...I Tl I l tt A A. I
uruiuer, mu m. mowers, towea im
I c r : : i,-il I maihino KuoL (n I'urLHol..
where a garage was equipped to make
icuitirB, wiwioui maKing any cnarge
for the service.
Spokane Harvest Wages Cut
Reductions in wages for fruit pickers
I have been agreed upon by a number
of Spokane valley growers. They are
expected to be adopted generally.
1 he scale for picking is reduced to
30 cents from 40 and BO cents an hour
last year. Laborers wilt receive 30
cents an hour, compared with 50 cents
in urn. Packing will be paid for at
the rate of 4 to 6 cents a box. Last
year 6 to S cents was paid. Sorters
will receive &r cents an hour. They
received 40 and 45 cents last year.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale
By virtue of an Execution in Kore
closure duly issued by the Clerk of the
Circuit Court for Hcod River Countv.
Oregon, dated on the 22nd day of Aug
ust, in a certain suit in said Cir
cuit Court wherein T. I). Tweedy, Ad
mimstrator of the Estate of James M.
Lhitty, Deceased, was plaintiff, and
Llisha L. Welsh, et al, were defend
ants, and wherein on the 18th dHV of
August, 1921, said plaintiff as adminis
trator recovered judgment against de
fendants Elisha L. Welsh and Ada L
Welsh for the sum of One Thousand
Dollars with interest thereon at the
rate of 8 per cent per annum from the
A)th day of August, PJ20. until paid
and for the sum of $100.00. attorney's
fees, and for the further sum of
$37.40, costs and disbursements taxed
in said suit ; and judgment and decree
against defendants, Elisha L. Welsh.
Ada L. Welsh. E. C. Laughlin. Jane
W. Laughlin, E. E. Vallier, Elizabeth
Vallier, E. U. Cate and W. F. Har-
trampf. Assignee, for the foreclosure
of that certain mortgage set out in the
Complaint in said suit and the sale as
upon execution of the real property
therein described. Notice is hereby
given that 1 will on Saturday, the 24th
day of September, 1921, at the East
rront door of the Court house in the
City of Hood River, Hood River Coun
ty, Oregon, at 10.00 o'clock in the
forenoon of said day, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for cash,
a. I M- 11 ' J a '
ine iuuowing oesrrined real estate so
ordered sold as aforesaid, to-wit: Lots
Ten (10) and Thirteen (13) of Shen-
lar's Subdivision of Block One (1).
Pleasant View Addition to the Citv of
Hood River. Oregon, or so much there
of as may belnecessarv to satisfy said
juugmeni, interest and costs due there
on in favor of said plaintiff and
against said defendants, together with
all costs and expenses which have or
mav accrue.
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1921
Thomas F. Johnson,
Sheriff of Hood River County, Ore
gon. a2.rs22
Canadian Crop Is Large
Rntiph Crfiliimhin if pxrwrtinir in
ship 5.000 carloads of am. lea containing
3.750.000 boxes in 1921. t his quantity
will be double the amount of the ship
ments last vear and rorstitute the
largest export the province haa ever
tX 4 . . - , .
( in ' iea. n. partial realization 01 tne
development of the British Columbia
apple industry may be reached when
one takes into consideration that 20
years ago the province was importing
this fruit.
The Dalles Melons Here
Wasco county watermelons, general
favorites among Hood folk, are
on the market. The melons are going
strong at 2f cents per pound. Grocers
send their motor delivery wagons over
the Hiffhwav direct to patches of
farmers who reside in the vicinity of
The Dalles.
ftabsmate Off. re
Say what you will ai ;t druggists
offering something "just aa good" be-
cause it pays s better profit, the fact
still star da that ninety nine oat of a
hundred druggists recommend Cham
berlain 'a Colic and Diarrhoea .Remedy,
when the best medicine for diarrhoea
is asked for, and do so because they
know from what their customers say
of it, that it can be depended upon.
S tomach - Kidneys-Heart-Liver
Keep the vital organs healthy by
regularly taking the world's stand
ard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
-a l
The National Remedy of Holland for
nturiss and endorsed by Queen Wifhef
mina. At all druggists, three sizes.
Look for tho sure Gold Modal on or box
ad accopt no imitation
Hood River Box Co.
For Your Boxes
Waucoma Lumber Co.
General Lumber Business
Telephone No. Ml 2
Represented by
1312 13th Street, Hood River, Ore.
Telephone 1023
Have you ever thought of the
work the Telephone eliminates
during apple harvest ?
Oregon -Washington
Telephone Co.
Woodworking and
Blacksmith ing
Tel. 2W1 Fourth and Columbia Sts.
The Stidebaker Line
Cameron Motor Co.
Tel. 2431
If von have anv kind of aoto f-lrrtri-
cal trouble. 8. U. Cameron can find
ahere it is and fix il for i n or it mill
cost you nothing if be fails at Cam-ade
Carafe. jj21tf
We will be glad to see
you and your friends at
any time at
School Shoes
With Soles That Last
Of course, your boy does'nt
hold his shoes against a grind
stone but it often does seem like
it. Why not get him a pair of
-shoes that not only wear but
are good styles and that he'll be
proud to take care of.
Wc appreciate your business
807 Park Street
Phone 3262
(Also in Davidson BIdg.)
I must see LISTUR about Nursery stock.
He says, "First come, first served," and I
want ood stock so must get an order to him
at once.
The Experiment Station advises the use
of a
Caseinate Spreader
with your next Lead Spray.
Hood River Spreader
BESIDES It is put up in packages containing just the rinrlit
amount for your spray tank. You don't have to
measure or guess at it.
Ask your dealer or get it from us direct
Phone 2421
Parkdale Auto Stage
Phone 1201
Leaves Hood Hw dailv at
4.30 p. m.
Leaves Parkdale Daily at 8
a. m. (except Sunday).
Every Saturday Leaves
Parkdale at 6 p. m.
W. J. Baker & Co.
Dealer in
Fruit and Farm