The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 25, 1921, Image 7

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    HOOD iUVi:K Ol.AriF.U TflDKHDAlj AUQUffl . 1921
U tvl a ft V teti
by dealers
The best fabric tire
made for heavy service
or rough roads
Extra Ply Heavy Tread
Reduction on all styles and sizes
A New Low Price on a
Known and Honest Product
Mm I '.lamia R I'm i ! Hcrorditlir to
ocal poultry fancier, hns one of the
I most remarkalile Hock of younp pullets
I in th Km tliwPNt. Mrs. Connie him
100 paiwbcH White I'horn pullets
that came from the incubator on April
:;. on July 17 one of them laid an
egg. Now 26 of the pullets are laying
every day. The egg are as large aa
those of ftdult hens.
Mrs. Coi nle has been engaged sev
eral years in building up a tloek of
heavy laying chickens. She is practic
ing trapnesting for the elimination of
"boarders.' The pullets now engiigcu
la cnf.h iirinu'iinis hivimrare descended
from a hen that, has a record of 880
eggs in a year.
Mrs. Copnie 8 Hoi k ol cniCM'ns tins
begun to attract a widespread atten
tion. Mrs. lielknap, ot Calgary, uiu.,
here the other day, had heard of them,
Numerous callers have visited the Kast
Side place recently. Mrs. Copple says
that callers are always welcome.
Forest Rangers Are Efficient
The forest service has an efficient
set of men on the job in this county.
The season is now well over and but
few fire9, and only one of them of
alarming proportions, have been re
ported. According to Kaymond E.
Smith, who is with the forestry ser
vice in the Lost Lake region, cigarette
stubs cause many tires. He writes:
"1 just reported a tire that had been
started by somebody's carelessness in
throwing a lighted cigarette stub from
a moving automobile. This habit has
caused a good many fires this summer.
Many Huckleberries Picked
According to estimates of members
of picking parties, local folk have
returned since Saturday with close to
2.0(H) gallons of huckleberries from the
bush-covered areas around Lost Lake.
"1 believe there were fullv 160 auto
mobile! in the forest around Cost Lake
Sunday," says Harry W. Karrell, who
was with a recreation party of 13.
"Most of the cars on the return wore
loaded with the luscious fruit. The
forestry service on Saturday opened to
picking a big area just west of the
PorfUpirelliOortett M. Fred Howe,
til.'! Cascade Avenue. Tel. 1783. j 1 1 f
Now Rock Bottom
I Freight Advance
Since War
Present Lumber Prices
Now Same as
Pre-War Prices Freight Advance
Pre-War Fit. Advance Present Price
Buy Lumber now for any building need !
Prices on Lumber can't go lower !
No other commodity has fallen in price
more than Lumber!
Our Free Building Helps are valuable !
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co,
'Materials tvtth Plans for Homes ami Farm Buildings"
5 1 0 Cascade Avenue
PHONE 4121
(From the Oregon Un)
Shorn of nightie, pillow case and
Cyeloiw with the big feet, old kintf
Kleagle Powell, himself, of the
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, still
holds forth in the Multnomah hotel, in
tent on organizing it powerful hand of
follower! in Iregon.
Devoid of mystic fol-de-rol. King
Kleagle is not u had rt, and displays
a very nftginR smile.
"How many members does the klan
claim in Portland?"
"A thousand ir two." was the rath-
. . o.l I
er indefinite assurance oi me ne puis
ultra of the local branch of the invici
able empire, when Men N i-ently.
But organiser are active throughout
the state and every community soon
will have its little band or rulers,
promised Kleagle. But be did not call
them "riders." In the flivver age the
Ku Kluxer probably motors to the
home of his victim, with faithful
clansmen heating the tar in the ton-
neaii. .
King Kleagle did nol have much in
formation to impart. He appeared to
think that prior august communica
tions have been treated with far too.
much levity. Organization of the Ku
Klux Klan is a mHou; matter to King
Kleagle. Even kii.n. mutt eut. A
"thniKanrl nr two" members at $1"
pitch BM not to be scoffed at. And
should the thousai, Is mount into the
twenty thousands, what joy it would
kvlnai tli the anlik of the imperial wiz-
r,i a AilimtH C.h.. to aav nothina of
Tim-Bo-Tim at room 553. Multnomah
hotel !
Tiuw it was that momentary ex-
nvaaainn nf slirnrise. lIllllL'led with CHU-
tion, flashed across the not onpleMlDg
countenance ot King Kleagle wnen a
reporter announced his inquisitive mis-
Hardly had this conversation started
when a genial gentleman with com
eves, seated at the far corner of King
! ..,,. ..'j cuni-tlim Kt ir .'i a l il t: II
I.I ' II I f ..... -
tarrooration of his own. He scented
iri (m -I.. iitTlntr mai lmn Was trie
visitor a member of a certain internal
annlntiuil H wh not. Of COUTSe.
the intruder unuersinou ui;u nitsiuiw
ship in that lodge was not a prerequi
. t . , ii nnlrtitiit tn I hi K I fill Yt:H.
CI I Ul l 1 1 1 1 ii ' v - '
ves. Did the voune man understand
the sutilime principles underlying me
ku Klux Klan? Very vaguely. lie
was not enlightened.
k'inir k' lfMirlf intermitted the inter
rimuinr who miirht. have been Cvclops,
. . 1 - . . . i ., , mi t:
for his teet tilled US 01U, or even n-
Ha.TIm, himsilf.
"Take this to vour emplovers and
tell them 1 will appreciate any punlie
ity they care to give it," commanded
the local wizard, handing the visitor a
typewritten document. I here was an
air of finality about tne lone which
tended to terminate the interview.
To all lovers of law and order,
peace and justice, and to an me peopie
of the United States," began the proc
lamation. King Kleagle flattered 1 he
Oregonian circulation debarment.
It was signed uv William josepn
Simmons, none other than the imperial
wizard of all kingdom, and was writ
ten in Atlanta (la. It bore two head
ings, possibly the result of some arch
itectural dispute. One read, "Imper
ial Castle," the other, "Imperial I'hI
ace.,' It left no doubt that tne docu
ment was prepared in the domicile of
the chief gazook.
. . i i i .i : ..
The wizard, il appeared, dm mr
. ..v i "an annarent nation-wide at-
temnt through the public statements
in the press and conduct of lawless oit
izens and traitors within our ranks" to
discredit the knights in the public eye.
Therefore the supreme committee, it
" composed "of citizens of un-
.nictiiineil character from the states
of New York, Illinois, North Carolina,
Georgia. Florida. Alabama, Mississip
pi, Louisiana and elsewhere," had de
cided that the imperial bazoo should
once again call attention to the real
iimniM nnrl uurk of the oreanizat ion.
Under solemn oath, the wizard avers
that the klan "does not encourage or
f,.ciur luudeKHncsM. racial I ire Hid ice or
religious intolerance, and is not de
signed to act in the capacity of a law
. nimri .ii, cut nr moral cotrection agency
except insofar as the members of the
Klan as citizens may be able to assist
the reirular olhcers of the law in the
annrehending of criminals and the up
holding aud sustaining of the majesty
of the laNv and the honor and integrity
of the stars and stripes and the BOfMKi
tiition of America.
"If we are all that our enemies
chati'e or even one-fourth as wicked
.ju c uinifil America has nothing to
fear from this organization, for it will
nerish " ia the enrourairinir comment.
mtroilueinir the conclusion which Ml
thinir to nav altout "the land of
the free and home of the nrave,
race, color or creed. "peace ami
happiness" and "liberty and justice
lot those who would criticize art
duly warned, "If we are being lied
about by those who are unworiny ana
i... ar not pure Americans at heart.
kfca 1 1 me will come w hen all their
falsehoods and serious statements will
re-act on them.
Klansmen. the hour has camt
Where are them pillows?
Twenty live New York citizens ciiin a Brooklyn Kagle party snd
made IxajMcrs for the Columbia river
bigliwav wbi-n tbey were guest- of the
Portland Chainlct of Comnieree recent-
following the luncheon MM TtailOTS
were taken on a tri through the Hom1
liivi r Vallev. At tne hour of Sunday
night the Chamber of Commerce eoiu
IB&tat meioUrH were guests of the
Kagle party at at a dinner in the Col
umbia torge hotel. Thereafter the
return to Portland was made ami the
party left for the Kast.
For a number of years it has been the
custom of the lirooklyn Kagle to ren
net an annual trip ior r"miii-iii.
Iliere was tierliaps more buSatUMS
done in boxed apples at the convention
icld m Uincinnaia imi wees um
anv previous meeting ot I lie internath n-
al pple Shippers' Association.
1 1 . i I i 4 1...
1 be largest sale inane so mr io
I'ncker man could learn was a block of
litl.lHH) boxes of eliatebec Iniit. at lie-
follow ing prices : l.vtta taiuy .Newtown
Pippins, size IWlor larger, ai i.nw '
liox : extra f'anc v .lopat bans, sue I 'O, ;il
f 1 st) per box; extra fancy gpitsenmrgs
it fl.ii.) per box ; extra lancv inenps,
sizes 10S Or larger, BJ.WO per iku, Bvr
fancv Delioinus, sises 150 or larger, 2.70
per box. I'll' above prices aie lower
than other sales reported because of the
large quantity.
Other sales were live cars n huiiikwiii
i...,..i,c..u i.vtm fancv . 15 per box;
, i , 1 1 1 . 1 1 , . . ...... -
eight cars extra iancy Delicious, sie (63,
or larger. IS.OU per ikix.
These ull were lmiivinuai saien. wne
operator sold about I'M cars, mostly
Idaho .lonatlions ami Koine neaiiner-,
extra iancy fruit, the .tonal intns al vk.iu
Uld tin' Bomes at 1.W per box.
The Packer man heard of a total of
about 11 HI additional cars selling in live
tnd ten-car lots at a range covered by
tiie above prices, all trim sold i. . o.
hipping station.
There wan a Wl-car sale of Idaho I'.l-
lievt.v peaches at if-.Stl per bushel.
All liluvs lelt with us up to 4 o'clock
p in. are out the following day at -i p.m.
In at four out at (our. Slocom-Po'inei
berg Co. Jr22'I
Notice ol Sheriff's Sale
By virtue of an Execution in l ore
closure duly issued by the Clerk of the
Circuit Court for Hood Kiver County,
Oregon, dated on the 22nd day of Aug
ust, 1981, in a certain suit in said Cir
cuit Court wherein T. D. Tweedy, Ad
ministrator of the Kstate of James M.
Chitty, Deceased, was plaint ill', and
Klisha 1.. Welsh, et al. were defend
ants, and wherein on the 1 St h day of
August, 1921, said plaintiff as adminis
trator recovered judgment against de
fendants Klisha L. Welsh and Ada U
Welsh for the sum of One Thousand
Dollars with interest thereon at the
rate of 8 per cent per annum from the
"0th day of August, 1980, until paid
snd for the sum of $100.HI, attorney's
fees, and for the further sum ot
$;17.40, costs and disbursements taxed
in said suit ; and judgment and decree
against defendants. Klisha U Welsh.
A.i.. i VV..1.1. I' C. LaiiL'hlin. Jane
nuu Ii. i ' v 1 - ...
W. Laughlin, E. K. Vallier, Eliiabetb
Vallier. EL U. Cate and W. F. Hat-
ra.imnf Auuitrnt't' fur the foreclosure
imiiii'i, ''" '-''" -
of that certain mortgage set out in the
Complaint in said suit and the sale as
. m .1 ...... I i I
upon execution oi tne nw
therein described. Notice is hereby
given that 1 will on Saturday, the 24th
day of September, 1021, at the Fast
front door of the Court house m the
City of Hood Kiver, Hood Kiver Coun
ty, Oregon, at to. uu o cioes in m
f ............ ,.f uui.1 Hmv sell at pubiii'
1VIW1VW wmmm - - - ' : i
auction to the highest bidder for cash,
the following described real estate so
ordered sold as aforesaid, to-wit: Lots
Ten (10) and Thirteen o-) oi sjnep-
lar's Subdivision of Block One (1),
ttlaaaant View Addition to the t 11 V OI
Hood Kiver, Oregon, or so much there
of as mav beecessary to satisty saio
judgment, interest and costs due there
on in lavor QI saui piaoiiui ni
against said defendants, together witii
all costs and ex)enses which have or
mav accrue. .
Dated this 22nd day ot August, ISaVl.
Thomas F. Johnson.
Sheriff of Hood Kiver County, Ore
If you are troubled with pain3 or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pass
age of urine, you will find relief in
-1 aV'JTSl
ft aa-
Th world's standard rmedy for kidney,
Hvsr, bladder and uric acid troubles and
National Remedy of Holland riia" l69n.
Three sizes, all dniggiats. Ouaranti kd
Look f..i h nsin C.rlit M !' ' .
aad accept o iir". I
j v. s (.PI-
Plant and ketch-- for all Classes of
Building Furnished.
Oaistniction Work and Allrati -n.
No Job T' Tog or 1 "Ml i I
Oar Work is Oor Recommendation.
Phone .tS
Parkdale Auto Stage
Phone 1201
Leaves Hood Rivtr daily at
4.30 p. rn.
Leaves Parkdale Daily at 8
a. m. (except Sunday I.
Every Saturday Leaves
Parkdale at 6 p. m.
W.J. Baker & Co.
I Itakifi in
Fruit and Farm
pernios of the cily
viaUam mm tk n ti
n turn mas MiS M
hen t he jurl
The members '( 1 1
merit W MlHiWI n
the l-t'-ili i-
V. J. Il. ffnian. II.
K i.t. M
O. w. m
Bmdle of
-Ik.- '.f I
Thi season tin
Honolulu and the
le from that place
d Purtlaml.
are: J. I.
H. Hsyes.
l. C VMM
rtlaml, an
Oregon's Higher Institution of
Fight Schools; Seventy Depsrtmc-nt
I AM. TfRM m Ns SHT 1.
fut inlmmilioo riir to ihr
Oregon Agricultural College
Hood River Box Co.
1 ir Your Boxes
Waucoma Lumber Co. l umber Busimss
KepretH-nled hy
1312 13th Street. Il l River, Ore.
Telephone 1 '
rf-on City, and u
Card o! Thanks
We wish
thanks to
word or ay i
- dunr b
to exi
ream our sincere
nda ror the kind
ind acta or kind-
nvement at the
Hae ou et-r thought of the
work the Telephone eliminales
during apple harvest ?
Telephone Co.
J R Watkin Trud'nta, aold by 'if.
jWil.Je. 1312 Mth t.eet. Tel. 1W23. jlSlf
Woodworking and
Tel. 2W1 Fourth and G.lunibia Sts.
7 cans peas
7 large cans tomatoes - 1.00
4 " 4 peaches - . .95
1 lb coffee - - - .35
1 pt sweet pickles 40c or 2 for .75
Salmon - 15c or 3 for .40
Diamond W tea 45c 1-2 lb, per lb. .85
Rinso per pkg 8c or 2 for .15
Toilet Soap 3 bars for - .25
Swift's Pride washing powder pkg .25
Free delivery at 9 A. M. and 3 P.M.
Phone your orders early. Call 1361
Country delivery Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
Genuine FORI) pafta, KORI) mechanics, FORD spe
cial tools and machinery, and FOBD charts, are an
unbeatable combination.
The most reliable after-service which is ever behind
FORI) cars, trucks and PORDSON tractors is positive
assurance to the owners of FORI) products of their con
slant use and service.
The most trifling as well as the most elaborate repair
job on FORD cars, trucks and FORDSON tractors can be
done better and at less cost in a genuine FORD shop
than anywhere else.
Dickson Motor Company, Inc.
The Home of lord Service
J $1.8 $2.85 $3.85
Save $2.00 r,r $3.00 on each tire by buying direct from us.
Sold on ti POSITIVE GUARANTEE or Money Back Basis.
the Largest Bike Tire Dealers in the Northwest.
For people who think for themselves, are the
groceries of quality. You will want the best at
the ritfht prices. Come in and we will see that
you are satisfied.